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18 sexually assaulted British white 6-10 yr old little girls in Western Algarve.

What next?

That is the question that is on everyone’s mind. Not only to those interested in the issue but in the general public's mind.

It’s becoming impossible to determine what is serious and what is a joke.

It’s becoming harder and harder for news reporters to keep a straight face when on the air about this.

For them, it’s like having to report as a truest reality that a big bad wolf has been shot by a hunter while lying in grandmother’s bed, dressed in her nightgown, just before he could molest a little white girl that sources close to authorities have identified as being called Little Red Riding Hood.

This and what has been said about Maddie in the last few days have the exact same amount of truth and are equally newsworthy.

Now put yourself in their position and try to sell this story to the public, pretending that you’re unaware that on the other side every single person knows how ridiculous every single word you’re saying is.

But is it a joke?

No, we have said time and time again that there’s not a drop of humour in any of this. It’s serious and as there’s a dead human being involved, it’s dead serious.

At first, one may think that it’s a dead serious issue being handled like a joke. Or even that it’s joking around with dead serious issue. It’s neither. It’s simply serious. Or dead serious.

What you’re mistaking for “unfortunate” humour is desperation.

In March we had from SY twelve offences, there were four in Carvoeiro, six in the Vale de Parra, Praia da Gale district and two in Praia da Luz.”

Now, just a month later, at the end of April we now have 6 more: one in Praia da Luz, one in Carvoeiro, three in Praia da Galé/Vale de Parra/São Rafael (Albufeira region) and one in Vilamoura.

Only the Vilamoura one, according to SY, is “a new offence which has come to light since the March appeal”

That means all five, were already reported to the Portuguese Authorities when the March appeal aired. Why weren’t they announced then?

Why only 12 announcements in March when 17 could have been made?

Says, Redwood, according to CdM, that there may be processes “lost” in local polices stations, not known to the PJ.

What he's implying is that in many a drawer of many local police desks all over the Algarve there may be processes that the PJ hasn't been informed of.

The world’s most newscast crime ever, millions of euros spent in 2007 on it, a list of all possible paedo suspects made up and investigated and brilliant and competent SY (thanks to Crimewatch’s help, mind you) has been able to discover that local sardine-munching pot-bellied filthy moustached Portuguese local policemen have not taken a minute off their drinking to get their pudgy fingered greasy hands on all these reported processes of sexual molestation of British white 6-10 yr old little girls and then inform the PJ.

What disgraceful behaviour then, what brilliant police work now.

And what can one say about a criminal who with the world literally looking down on him still has the gall to continue to prey and sexually assault British white 6-10 yr old little girls in the exact same general area? That is not mocking the police, that is entering the Louvre in broad daylight, steal the Mona Lisa, walk out and come back the next day, also in broad daylight, and steal the painting next to it with the corridor filled with policemen and journalists!

By the way, if you happen to be British and white and have 6-10 yr old daughters, for heaven’s sake do NOT holiday in Albufeira! A staggering 50% of sexual assaults (9 out of 18) on British white girls aged 6-10 happened there.

We cannot make a similar warning to other race/nationalities as we don’t have the statistics of where sexual molestation occurred for British non-white 6-10 yr old little girls or for white or non-white little girls of that age of other nationalities. Sorry.

Best keep away from the Algarve altogether.

The good news is that British white girls aged 6-10 still have the whole of the East Algarve to enjoy. Just keep a safe distance from Vilamoura, and you’re fine. No one will enter the unlocked door of the villa you’re staying and sexually molest your daughter in the room next door while you’re sleeping.

On “UK CW's 2nd Update” post (21Mar14) we said that what was to be retained were 2 things: death and forensics.

That Maddie had left the apartment dead and that there was compromising DNA in Maddie’s crime scene.

That was when we were on a 12 on the “sexual assault scale”. Now we’re at 18. So what is there to retain now?

We would say this phrase from the CdM article: “Queremos consultar todos os processos para acrescentar à nossa investigação” or “We want to see all processes to add to our investigation”.

Or “Why are we out of the loop, PJ ?”

Or “What are you hiding from us, PJ ?”

Or the most feared one “What the hell are you doing or thinking of doing, PJ ?!?”

Understand that and you’ll understand why we went from a 12 to an 18 on the “sexual assault scale” in just one month.

But do understand why we started at a 12 on that same scale.

In our opinion, very simple and very straightforward. The British are telling the Portuguese “You act the way we want you to act and you do what we want you to do OR we will do all we can to ruin your tourism by creating the idea that no British child is safe from sexual predators in the Algarve.

Pure and simple blackmail.

It started at 12 and now we’re at 18. That’s a 50% increase in the “threat warning” to British tourists. In a single month. It denotes desperation.

Here, we would like to address a few words to just some we know read us regularly. When you decided to embark in calling for the help of a bully to preserve the “touristic” interests that were indeed at stake you should have realised that a bully, like everyone else, is only interested in his own interests. The difference between a bully and “everyone else” is that the bully usually has the power to impose his own interests. If he didn’t have that power, you wouldn’t have called on his help in the first place. The offset is that now you have to abide by his interests as yours have become irrelevant. Both the “touristic” and touristic.

Back to all readers.

The problem Britain is facing with the Maddie case is the same one it has refused to face since the last charge of the Light Brigade: it is no longer an Empire.

As it refuses to accept this reality, it seems to forget another: the sovereignty of another nation is none of Britain’s business. Irrelevant of the numbers of ex-Pats who may live there.

We don’t know under what conditions Portugal decided to reopen the process. We know that it’s not up to the PJ to decide such a thing. PJ is just the “working ant” in charge of the chore.

We know that the process was reopened. That, in turn, means that there will be results. Whatever they may be, they will have to be.

Let’s for a minute imagine that a humiliated PJ worked for a single goal: to reopen the process.

In doing so, it accepted ALL the conditions imposed by the British, just to have the green light to reopen. That they fully agreed not to investigate this or that and agreed that certain issues were off-limits to them. That they agreed to this and then to more. Just to get the process reopened, which happened last November.

Let’s continue to speculate and imagine that the same humiliated PJ, exactly because it was viciously and aggressively humiliated, has decided to now not keep its end of the bargain.

What can Britain do? It can cry and whine of betrayal but that can only be done privately.

It can exert pressure to have the Portimão team replaced by what it perceives as a tamer Oporto one. But things happened in the area clearly under Portimão’s jurisdiction so no way can the “working ant” be any different.

The same “working ant” that has had to put up with all the xenophobic humiliation handed out to them by the British.

So all that is left to the British is to blackmail Portugal. And that’s what it’s doing.

Forcing the Portuguese into forcing the PJ to tell SY what it’s up to.

SY, out of the loop, is almost losing its voice from hollering so loud in the press that everything about Maddie should be done “jointly”.

The British who withheld vital and crucial information from the PJ in 2007/2008 now demand to know all from the Portuguese.

“Demandmay be too strong of a word. What possible card can they play after this one? 24 British white 6-10 yr old little girls sexually assaulted? 30? 36? Or other multiples of 6...

They do want it to sound like a roar but to trained ears it comes as a whimpering. A desperate whimpering. And we're not talking about our ears, mind you. Ours aren't trained.

Does all this contradict in any way what we have been saying?

It doesn’t.

We said and maintain the opinion that Britain wants closure on this subject. It seeks it as of May 2011 and has been unable to achieve it for the reasons we have exposed in many posts.

But wants that closure on its own terms, and that is to reveal the truth up to only where it’s convenient and that can only be done if they’re in control.

And they have clearly lost all control over the “Portuguese” part. And losing that control means losing the control over the “amount” of truth that is to be revealed as well as the timelines in which to reveal it.

There's nothing to stop the Portuguese from coming up with an inconvenient report any minute.

Britain is now back to the 1st Semester of 2008 but with two big differences: the first is that it is out of the loop and the second is now PJ has previously been seriously humiliated on the subject in question.

It wants to go back to that “cooperative” mode of 2007/2008 but it seems that this time PJ seems to be unwilling to do so.

What the British “Imperialistic” minds fail to grasp is that no matter how submissive and cooperative the Portuguese politicians may be (and we’re not saying they are being so at this moment, just raising the possibility) they cannot tamper with the “working ant”.

They may, as they did back in July 2008, “adjust” the conclusions that the Public Ministry is to reach but they won’t risk tampering in any way with the “field work”.

Things in Portugal don’t work in the same way they seem work in Britain  and how hard it is for the British to understand that the world doesn’t turn around their bellybutton.

By the way, if you insult a country, at least have the manners to spell the names of places correctly. It’s Albufeira not Albuferia:

And Jardins Vale de Parra and São Rafael (not Sao Rafeal) aren’t locations. The first is a resort and the latter may be an hotel or a beach, both in Albufeira.

In March, SY said that six sexual assaults had happened in Vale de Parra. In April, it says that three happened in Praia da Galé/Vale de Parra/São Rafael, so we can only assume it was one in each. 

Vale de Parra

British white 6-10 yr old little girls, whatever you do, DO NOT spend your holidays in this hotel!!! Stay clear away from it!


Because Scotland Yard states very clearly that SEVEN British white 6-10 yr old little girls were sexually assaulted there!


  1. When Euclides Monteiro was accused, his family and the Cape Verde community immediately protested! They came on TV to claim his innocence and said that he was being used as a scapegoat. Now Monteiro is off the picture.
    Why hasn't Vale de Parra done the same? They were already being accused in March that 6 girls had been assaulted in their hotel. Shouldn't they have reacted then? And now? Why all this silence from the touristic resorts?
    My opinion? Everyone knows it's all one big lie, so why react? Scotland Yard your days are over. Shame on you!

  2. Picked this up from JH
    Portugal is getting tired of this
    Haynes Hubbard back for a THIRD time? 2005, 2007 and 2014?

    Maddie anniversary brings shock new revelations

    Posted by JOMAD on April 24, 2014

    Madeleine McCann

    Days before the 7th anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, British detectives say they now know of at least one other child "abused in her bed while on holiday in the heart of Praia da Luz".

    The news comes just as the village is getting ready for a fun-loving community sports event designed to kick off the season and bolster spirits after countless years in the Maddie shadow.

    But no matter how hard people try to move on, 'revelations' keep coming - particularly to coincide with the May 3 anniversary.

    This latest - announced to newspapers and news services on Wednesday - focuses on the pot-bellied male intruder with noticeable odour that Operation Grange, the Met’s special Maddie task force, revealed it was looking for last month.

    Originally, Grange boss Andy Redwood said his team had identified 12 break-ins between 2004 and 2010, four of which had involved the sexual assaults of five white British girls on holiday.

    Releasing the information, DCI Redwood appealed to the public for information.

    As a result, Operation Grange is reported to have received up to 500 calls. Among these they have learned of six further incidents in the Algarve during the same time frame, says Redwood: five of which involved sexual assaults on young British holidaymakers (all girls) and one of which was a 'near miss'.

    The fact that none of the assaults were made on children of Madeleine's age - nor were any of the girls removed from their beds never to be seen again - has not dissuaded investigators from the theory that they could all be linked to the little girl's disappearance in 2007.

    "In this new tranche of information we have got one crime which is very clearly in the heart of Praia da Luz in 2005, on a young, white, 10-year-old girl", Redwood told journalists.

    "Clearly the fact that we've now got an assault that is in the heart of Praia da Luz, very close to where a previous matter had been reported, means that we are even more interested in this as part of the inquiry."

    According to BBC news: "The case involving the 10-year-old was not reported to police in either country until now.

    "Overall, nine of the 18 break-ins involved alleged sexual assaults against British girls aged six to 12.

    "Three took place in Praia da Luz, five in Carvoeiro, nine in Albufeira and one in Vilamoura".

    As news services scramble to send the revelations all over the globe, residents in Luz are shaking their heads in disbelief.

    "When will this end?" One asked us, visibly crestfallen. "A NEW sexual assault on a child, in Luz? Why have we never heard about it until now? And why are we hearing about it just in time for the 7th anniversary of the disappearance?"


  3. cont

    Others were more belligerent. "These latest revelations are simply beyond belief", a former British policeman who has been actively following investigations told us.

    "The totally Flat man - who managed to hide behind the door against the wall when Gerry (Madeleine's father) entered the room to do his check (just before Madeleine went missing), and Tannerman who was of medium slim build, and Smithman, who was not potbellied, and the Heroin Blackman have all suddenly been dropped in favour of trying to trace potbellied Smellyman - a fat man who can leap in a single bound through a tiny window, and take a sleeping child, whilst sedating two others in a way unknown to modern medical science, and then leap out again and VANISH without leaving his distinctive smell.

    "It is all too ridiculous to even try to take on board"...

    But "take on board" has been the order of the day for years.

    News services simply repeat verbatim news purportedly coming from Scotland Yard, and occasionally even news reported to have come from PJ police in Portugal. And, as the little village of Praia da Luz bravely continues to try and turn the page, it appears likely to remain this way.

    The countdown has begun on a triathlon event that will bring together Portuguese and foreigners alike on Saturday.

    Meantime, British police, journalists, Madeleine McCann's parents, and even the former parish priest Haynes Hubbard - who befriended the couple when their little girl went missing - are all understood to be on their way back to Luz to focus attention once again on the world's most famous missing person.

  4. Hi Textusa
    Thanks for this post. My comment is that by SY seeking to blackmail and damage or threaten to damage tourism for Portugal (for the reasons you have outlined) I am a little happy to think that they are also damaging trade for some UK businessmen. There would seem to be a large contingent of UK businessman seeking to make a fortune (Vigia etc ) in the Algarve in terms of tourism / luxury golf resorts etc. Hopefully their trade will also be damaged. Thank goodness for PJ - thank goodness that Portugal does not work in the same way as UK - and as someone else said, shame on SY.


    Portuguese TV was blocked from screening CW, as this article shows, but the irony is that the latest leads are ALL based on Incidents in Portugal.

    Strangely all on British girls too.

    1. Maybe to keep the focus on holidaymakers, not residents of Portugal? If they were really serious about finding the abductor, CW would have been broadcast in Portugal as any possible victims apart from Maddie could have been Portuguese.
      And any sightings could have been reported by Portuguese residents.

      This way, SY just say they have jogged the memories of UK holidaymakers. The 10 year old girl being one of them. It keeps things more under their control. If indeed, they still have any control of the situation, which has rapidly descended into farce. The left hand doesn't seem to know what the right is doing


    Maybe the PJ didn't go as far as this!

  7. Continuing with the Redwood “3s”:
    Haynes Hubbard 3 times in Luz (if he comes this year)
    3 burglars.......! They disappeared?
    6 cleaners.....also gone?
    AND Redwood’s been in the job for 3 years!!!!

  8. bonjour Textusa, bonjour tout le monde,
    J'attends le retour de boomerang avec impatience sur SY, les politiciens et tous ceux qui contribuent à cette mascarade !!
    Quels fins limiers !! Je ne sais pas comment le Portugal fait pour supporter tout cela, j'avoue qu'à leur place, je les jetterais tous dehors !! oust : qu'ils retournent se geler dans leur pays !!! après tout, le soleil, ils n'ont qu'à le chercher ailleurs !! ils me mettent très en colère à sortir de soi-disant affaires de viol sur des enfants britanniques, c'est odieux de faire des choses pareilles !

  9. I agree with you, Textusa.

    It's pure conjecture on my part, however I have to believe that behind the scenes from the very inception of this case people have been blackmailed. How else can you explain the peculiar actions of politicians, police and journalists?

    The notion disseminated by the British media that the Algarve is a lawless place where paedophiles run amok is not new what is different this time is that SY is adding weight to the stories. The actions of SY suggest to me that the British government is once again attempting to blackmail the Portuguese government, but this time they have no compromising information on individuals currently in power.

    What did I say in 2007, oh yeah, if I was Portuguese prime-minister I would have told the English to leave the country because Portugal has a paedophile problem. I wouldn't make a good politician.

    What is going on with the trial? Could it be that the judge is still waiting for information from England on Madeleine's ward of court status, which is being withheld until the English get their way?

  10. 18 burglaries, 9 resulting in attacks on children.
    You are doing well. That's just the first line, and already a glaring error

    1. From Scotland Yard and not any newspaper:

      In March:

      “Whilst not identical, there are many similar aspects to each of the incidents in that in most cases there were no signs of forced entry to the property, NOTHING WAS TAKEN, and the intruder appeared in the early hours of the morning between 02.00hrs and 05.00hrs.”


      In April:

      “These NEW CASES ARE SIMILAR TO A NUMBER OF THE ORIGINALLY IDENTIFIED TWELVE OFFENCES whereby a male intruder has gained access to holiday villas occupied by UK families in the Western Algarve.

      Of the six new cases, all but one had been reported to the Portuguese police at the time of the offence. FIVE INVOLVE SEXUAL ASSAULTS on children and ONE WAS A ‘NEAR MISS'. Of particular interest to the team is that one of the new sexual assaults took place in Praia da Luz in 2005.”


    2. If the "burglaries" were not with the intent of going after the little girls then what is the relation between the burglar and them? If it was only to rob, why would then SY be interested in the burglary? I haven't any idea what a "near miss" is but assume the attempted rape was interrupted, so sexually related.
      It could be to kidnap but then the cases wouldn't be similar would they?

    3. Guardian 24/4/14
      James Meikle
      Madeleine McCann inquiry told of more assaults.
      Police .... say they now know of 9 sexual assaults and 3 "near misses" on British girls between the ages of 6 and 12 who were on holiday on the Algarve between 2004 and 2006...
      British investigators are looking at 18 potentially linked incidents in the Algarve, where an intruder entered rooms in holiday flTs occupied by British families. Little, if anything, was stolen. There were in all 9 sexual assaults, 3 near misses and 6 incidents where the intruder was disturbed.


    Listen to Paul Luckman from Portugal News as of 2:38!
    Someone should transcribe this!

  12. And the intruder is always the same person? How many years attacking on the same region without being caught or noticed by locals living there? Or there is a gang of intruders, all learning from the same school to act like copy cats and leave no traces?
    Locals in PDL said they never heard anything related to that intruder. They claim it is all about the vicinity of the date Maddie disappeared( May 3) to keep the saga alive.
    Some papers even add more piri-piri for Redwood to sanitize his tong, by saying that the intruder was a fat smelly man. This become a joke and papers don't care for what they are printing. If SY could deliver ridiculous claims, why should papers retrieve themselves? There is no rules on that game, everything is allowed to throw the ball out of Mccann's/ helpers field. That is the respect, a child who lost her life, deserves. Poor little girl.

  13. "Condé Nast Traveler volta a eleger Portugal como o melhor país do mundo para viajar"- in Sol
    Portugal, the best country to travel. Is that because there is burglars, intruders and childmunchers everywhere? The Spanish did not get contaminated by the bad publicity so hardly worked out by Redwood and SY. So, the Algarve will be packed this summer with tourists from all over the world, who don't care about all the british fabrications. The only one who should stay out of Portugal, are the Redwood british tourists" because they are irresponsible parents or paedoplhiles. This type, keep them at home to enjoy the cold foggy days.

  14. These are the comments we have received from Insane up to now:

    Not Textusa has left a new comment on your post "Blackmail":

    And where does it say, in your first cite from a forum, that all those cases involved an assault on a child?

    You have got this wrong, and you are going to look a bit of a twerp when you realise that and have to correct yourself

    Posted by Not Textusa to Textusa at 25 Apr 2014 19:43:00

    Not Textusa has left a new comment on your post "Blackmail":

    If you are still struggling textusa, to actually get your facts right, why don't the view the youtube clip from Crimewatch in March, where Andy Redwood clearly states that of the 12 break-ins they were already aware, 4 cases involved an assault on a child.

    I can send you a link to it if you are still finding it all a bit difficult.

    Posted by Not Textusa to Textusa at 25 Apr 2014 20:04:00

    Not Textusa has left a new comment on your post "Blackmail":

    They are probably interested because they believe they were committed by the same man.

    Is that difficult to understand?

    Posted by Not Textusa to Textusa at 25 Apr 2014 20:06:00

    Not Textusa has left a new comment on your post "Blackmail":

    At approximately 4'25'' and again at 7'30''

    Then you can correct your post and apologise. Intellectual honesty, remember.

    Posted by Not Textusa to Textusa at 25 Apr 2014 20:35:00


    We have published these comments so that all readers can make up their minds as to what Insane’s take on the subject is.

    SY in March and now in April is making a very clear statement that there was a stranger who presented a real threat to British 6-10 yr old girls in Western Algarve.

    What was the threat poised?

    Sexual assault.

    All of them consummated? We know that at least one was a “near miss”. So no. Does a “near miss” constitute a “sexual assault”? In terms of a potential tourist it certainly does.

    The aggressor may only have been allowed to only enter a house in the middle of the night without having, for whatever reason, sexually assaulted any little girl.

    But why did he enter that house in the first place?

    From what SY has told the general public it wasn’t to steal. It was to sexually assault British white 6-10 yr old girls.

    His modus operandi is not to burgle but to sexually assault in the middle of the night minors of a certain gender, certain nationality, certain race and certain age group.

    That was his intention. No other.

    If he consummated it or not is VERY relevant from the victim’s point of view but ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT to a potential visitor who happens to be a parent of a British white 6-10 yr old girl.

    Any parent of a British white 6-10 yr old girl who happens to believe in SY immediately strikes off Algarve off a possible holiday destination.

    No potential visitor will ask “Yes, there were 18 incidents but really, really how MANY did the man indeed sexually assault the girl? Oh, only 9? Oh, then that's fine. Feel safe to take my daughter then… I would only be worried if he really got to more than 10...”

    What the general public perceived from the SY’s words was that all 18 incidents are related with sexual assaults of British white 6-10 yr old girls, which is true, as that, according to SY, was the basis, or motivation, for all 18 incidents.

    In none does SY say it was just a burglary. On the contrary, it says that nothing was taken.

    Insane tries to divert attention from the two crucial points of the post: SY has launched a campaign of “sexual assaulting against British white 6-10 yr old girls” against the Algarve because, in our opinion, it has been left out of the loop of PJ’s investigation.

    It has repeatedly requested and “requested” for it to be “joint” and all has been refused by PJ. But in desperate times one just has to request and “request” over and over again.

    Conversation about this subject with Insane is over. He has his own playground as you know.

    1. There were 18 break ins according to radio prog. They say 5 alleged sexual assaults.
      Guardian says 18 break ins which are described as linked incidents with 9 sexual assaults and 3 near misses.
      SY were giving the impression that all 18 were linked - the same motivation therefore, otherwise some were just unrelated burglaries.
      The link was perceived motivation of intruder as sexual, as nothing taken.
      You say at the beginning 18 assaults to highlight this and I believe anyone with common sense read it that way.

    2. I want to split hairs with Insane about the number of sexual assaults.
      Based ONLY on what SY says.
      March appeal:
      “Twelve crimes which occurred between 2004 and 2010, mostly in low season, whereby a male intruder has gained access to mainly holiday villas occupied by UK families on holiday in the Western Algarve.
      In four cases between 2004 and 2006 the man sexually assaulted 5 white girls, aged between 7 and 10 years, whilst in their beds. On one of these occasions, he assaulted two girls in the same villa.
      Whilst not identical, there are many similar aspects to each of the incidents in that in most cases there were no signs of forced entry to the property, nothing was taken, and the intruder appeared in the early hours of the morning between 02.00hrs and 05.00hrs.”
      April appeal:
      “These new cases are similar to a number of the originally identified twelve offences whereby a male intruder has gained access to holiday villas occupied by UK families in the Western Algarve.
      Of the six new cases, all but one had been reported to the Portuguese police at the time of the offence. Five involve sexual assaults on children and one was a ‘near miss'. Of particular interest to the team is that one of the new sexual assaults took place in Praia da Luz in 2005.”
      What I read from the March appeal is that of the 12 incidents, 5 were of girls assaulted sexually in their beds. SY doesn’t say what happened in the other 7. In the April appeal, SY details all 6 new incidents: 5 were sexually assaults and 1 was a near miss.
      If the new 6 cases are SIMILAR to the initial 12 cases then the 7 ones in which there was no sexual assault in beds in March appeal can only be ‘near misses’. Near misses are attempted assaults. So reading SY’s words Textusa is totally correct: 18 incidents of sexual assault. All other numbers come from tabloids.
      And I’m splitting hairs here. Because I agree fully with Textusa when she says that the underlining motivation of all 18 incidents was to sexually assault even if numbers from tabloids are right.

    3. In all fairness we have to decided to publish the following comment from Insane.

      It's a comment in response to Anonymous 26 Apr 2014 09:13:00. We decided not to publish because we had put an end to the conversation with the character about this 18 or not 18 sexual assaults subject.

      But as we published Anonymous 27 Apr 2014 13:03:00, we feel obliged now to publish it:

      “Not Textusa has left a new comment on your post "Blackmail":

      No, she clearly states that 18 girls were assaulted and this, as you yourself hane confirmed, is untrue. Textusa made this rod for her own back by previously protesting about ''intellectual dishonesty'' and claiming that she welcomed the correction. Well, clearly she doesn't welcome it at all. All she had to do was to acknowledge the error and correct it - perfectly reasonable to expect someone to correct an error. Instead of which she has blown it up into this.

      SY did not give the impression that there were 18 assaults - they stated the number of assaults quite clearly. They also stated that they believed the other break-ins to be linked - that was never in dispute.
      All that is in dispute is Textusa's incorrect information amd her attempts to shoot the messenger. She has shown herself to be a total hypocrite

      Posted by Not Textusa to Textusa at 26 Apr 2014 10:27:00”

  15. Things have moved on since CW. According to Guardian article,Redwood says:
    "As a result of those 500 calls, we now have identified a further 5 sexual assaults and one near miss. None of those 6 matters we were aware of prior to our appeal."
    The appeal was last month.

    Insane doesn't seem to see when he is contradicted by facts

  16. Ah! Ah! Insane seems to be under the same desperation as SY and Redwood. SY and Red show no interest on ordinary burglars. It is mandatory to be Paedos and sexual assaults and very irrelevant if the act was consumated or not. They don't care about the victims. What is important is to have a limbo of Paedos who enter houses at night to assault children and keep the Mccann's and their helpers out of the scene.
    You ( Insane) may explain us why on Maddie case the burglar decide to take the children with him and why after all the media coverage and tight control of the police ( including the
    british) he decide to come back and keep doing more assaults until 2010?

    Really worth listening

      With thanks to Gillyspot at Jill Havern:

      “Rachel=British police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann say they are looking at 18 break ins into villas on the Algarve by a lone intruder.

      6 have come to light since an appeal last month, with 5 involving an alleged sexual assaults against young British girls.

      Paul Luckman is the publisher of the english newspaper the Portugal News and has followed this whole story and the whole investigation over the past few years very closely.

      Morning Paul. So do you thing the Met Police are genuinely onto something new here?

      PL – Em, I think I Have to question it. the Met. We have certainly heard nothing of these cases and anything involving foreigners comes pretty quickly to our ears. Its inevitable we are the largest English paper in Portugal you get to hear about these things. Em I noticed locally, certainly nationally, none of the national papers have picked up on this story and they have extremely good police contacts here. I don't think anybody here is taking this seriously and you really begin to wonder er I wonder after all the money that the Met have spent on this case if they're not looking to almost justify, I think we're looking what £7 million at the minute, on the investigation.

      Rachel – Yeah , just be clear you're saying that you doubt the reports of these break ins, or..just the fact that they might be connected in some way to the Madeleine McCann disappearance.

      PL – D'you know I am not in the position to, to say that definitely. But there have been no reports on this. Em at anytime I have found this extremely strange. I have searched through all our archives. Nothing has come to our ears or been reported.

      Rachel – What about this assault on a 10 year old girl back in 2005 in Praia Da Luz. Now that's only recent that information & we don't know why it's only come to light recently. There are all sorts of … potential explanations. It could be that the child herself didn't report it at the time, They have to look closely at something like that don't they.

      PL – Well the police will look closely and I think that the attitude, certainly the comments that I heard yesterday I believe eh will do little to create good relations between the English police and the Portuguese Police who are trying very hard to get this resolved. They have reopened the case

      Rachel (interrupts) – are they cooperating with the Met?

      PL – Yes, totally em this, this suggestion that they're not. I read headlines in the UK this morning arrests imminent … complete nonsense em the, the Met cannot make and I am sure they're not even claiming, they can't come into Portugal to make arrests mm you'll remember we had a situation like this 2, 3 months ago where there was mass coverage and they were arriving to make arrests and it just petered into nothing, there was nothing it was just a regular visit. Em we had a situation where er the Met stated that the police, the Portuguese police had not told them about a Cape Verdian who apparently was accused of three rapes of children and yet we had it directly from the police that in fact they had briefed the Met and the McCanns 6 months earlier in Lisbon even with a power point presentation on this case so these things don't do an awful lot to help relations and uh lets see what happens. Uh as I say I am very surprised there is no coverage at all not from any of the major dailies here in Portugal this morning and they are extroadinarly well connected much so than us ourselves of course. Just no mention at all.

      Rachel – (interrupts) as you say we'll wait to see what happens. Thank you very much Paul, nice to talk to you. "

    2. Am I reading Paul Luckman correctly? The Portuguese police gave the McCanns a power point presentation in Lisbon 6 months ago, but Operation Grange said they knew nothing about Euclides Monteiro, the Cape Verdean man?
      Bungling or botching?

    3. ..."We have certainly heard nothing of these cases and anything involving foreigners comes pretty quickly to our ears. Its inevitable we are the largest English paper in Portugal you get to hear about these things. Em I noticed locally, certainly nationally, none of the national papers have picked up on this story and they have extremely good police contacts here. I don't think anybody here is taking this seriously and you really begin to wonder er I wonder after all the money that the Met have spent on this case if they're not looking to almost justify, I think we're looking what £7 million at the minute, on the investigation."

      EXACTLY !!!
      After what happened to Madeleine, after her disappearance and all the media circus that followed since 2007 till now, ANY AND ALL possible attacks involving children, BRITISH children in the Algarve would have made the news immediately! Why have those never made public? The secrecy of law cannot account for the silence... people always talk, resort staff, nosy reporters, even police people, something always leaks out...except, it seems, in those cases, which could be in connection with the Maddie case, but no one seemed to care...unlike what happened with many other cases, which were immediately connected/glued to Maddie, when there was no evidence to support it!
      This stinks, and even the british expats in Algarve can smell the stench!

    4. So are you saying the Portuguese police have made these cases up? The majority were reported to the police at the time. Are you seriously suggesting the UK police and the Portuguese police have conspired together to invent them?

    5. NO, "not textusa"...all I'm saying is that both the PJ and the british police did NOT connect those cases with the Madeleine case at all. Or, if they did, then they did absolutely nothing about it...why doing it now?!

  18. Good post, quite relevant if you combine it with words from the newspaper Portugal News to british media today. Proving SY is only using information PJ passed on ages ago, releasing it to suit their agenda. Most likely info already checked and discarted by PJ, simply as a token of courtesy.



    Apr 25, 2014 22:31
    By Tracey Kandohla

    Kate and Gerry McCann are so encouraged by Scotland Yard’s fresh leads that they will not seek for a Certificate of Presumed Death

    Madeleine McCann’s parents have chosen not to apply for a death certificate – despite being entitled to one on the seventh anniversary of her disappearance next weekend.

    Kate and Gerry McCann are so encouraged by Scotland Yard’s fresh leads into her disappearance that they will not seek for a Certificate of Presumed Death which applies after that period.

    And they are so convinced Madeleine is still alive they are instead stepping up their efforts to find their daughter.

    Her gran Susan Healy told the Mirror yesterday: “She could be found.”

    And Kate herself has previously said: “Madeleine is still alive until someone proves otherwise.”

    A person can legally be declared dead after seven years under British law despite the absence of direct proof of the victim’s death. But friends of the couple, from Rothley, Leics, said that was the “last thing on their minds” as they prepare for next Saturday’s grim milestone.

    Their hopes of finding Madeleine, who would now be 10, have been boosted in recent months by the progress of a British police probe.

    Scotland Yard detectives are believed to be poised for a breakthrough after their own three-year review that sparked a fresh investigation.

    New evidence has come to light of a sex attack on a British girl of 10 in Praia da Luz two years before Madeleine disappeared there. It is one of five new Algarve assaults uncovered by senior British detectives.

    Madeleine vanished from her parents’ holiday apartment in the Portuguese resort on May 03, 2007, just nine days short of her fourth birthday.

    Despite no confirmed sightings of the youngster since that fateful night, Kate and Gerry cling to the hope she will be found alive.

    Former GP Kate has said: “There is nothing to suggest Madeleine is not alive. We have to keep looking for her.

    “We still have real hope. We all know cases of missing children, presumed dead and found alive years, sometimes decades, later.”

    Kate has told how she had been “buoyed” by the efforts of Met Police and “relieved” the case had been reopened in Portugal.

    Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said last night: “Kate and Gerry are fully aware of the declaration of death. They still believe Madeleine is alive and are not applying for a certificate presuming she is dead. That is the last thing on their minds.”

    The Presumption of Death Act, due to be reformed in October following a campaign, is based on a seven-year rule.

    A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: “If after seven years a person is still missing and there has been no sight or contact with them, they are presumed dead.

    “The family can then apply for a ¬Certificate of Presumed Death from a court which allows them to help resolve that person’s affairs or simply to help give them some closure.

    “This can be done without a body being found. No-one can prepare for the heartache and confusion which arises when a loved one disappears with no trace.”

    1. Very interesting discussion going on about this on JH:

    2. And Kate herself has previously said: 'Madeleine is still alive until someone proves otherwise.'

      The word UNTIL used here infers that this proof exists and one day WILL be revealed.

      She should have said: 'Madeleine is still alive UNLESS someone proves otherwise.'

      The word UNLESS would show that the speaker has no definite knowledge of the situation spoken of.

      Her subconscious 'telling the truth?'

      Another Freudian slip from Hot lips Healy?

  20. The Lie

    Textusa : ''We don’t know under what conditions Portugal decided to reopen the process. We know that it’s not up to the PJ to decide such a thing. PJ is just the “working ant” in charge of the chore.''

    The Truth

    Portugal's public prosecutors approved the move after a request from officers in Porto who have identified new lines of inquiry, witnesses who were never questioned during the original probe and several issues they want to clarify

    A spokesman for the Attorney General's office said: "The Public Ministry has determined the reopening of the inquiry relating to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann following a request from the Policia Judiciaria."

    1. Insane is just saying what Textusa has said. The decision was taken higher up, following a request from the PJ in Porto.

  21. The Public Prosecutor has to make the final decision. The PJ cannot decide to do that without authority? That clarifies the matter, without contradicting what you said.
    If Paul Luckman is correct, all the numbers of bulls-eyes/ near misses are worthless. They have as much credibility as anonymous sightings, which they seem to have replaced.
    They can't be directly challenged, as anonymity for victims would be required in any genuine case.
    Paul L has trawled through newspapers for accounts and found nothing so far. Why would all the children be of a specific type unless checked out first, yet no accounts of suspicious lurkers in other areas?
    And why wait until Crimewatch to come forward?

    1. In the UK I believe the police would decide whether to reopen a case, without permission from a higher authority. I stand to be corrected if wrong. So that's why I expressed some surprise that it was different in Portugal.
      I don't know if that would be the case in all cases in Portugal, or in this case in particular.

    2. You make too many assumptions.

      All the KNOWN attacks involved British children, Some of them were unreported prior to the Crimewatch appeal. Just because there are no other attacks against children of other nationalities, you can't assume that there were none - it is also possible they were not reported; it is unlikely that the response to an appeal would be as great outside the UK.
      You also do not know what the mix of guests is in the specific resorts - were they popular with visitors from the UK? Did they represent the majority of guests? If so, it would not be unexpected that the majority of victims would also be from the UK.

      Did he target children for the UK specifically? This is possible without ''lurking'', if he had access to visitor records, transported visitors from the airport, worked at the resort or even targeted specific dates coinciding with school holidays, which vary from country to country.

      If you confine your thinking to what is already in the box, then that is all you will ever see

    3. In Portugal, the PJ works under the directions/orders of the Public Ministry, it's the PM that "owns" the investigation. It's the PM that decides if a case is to be investigated, archive, reopned, whatever, NOT the PJ! The police can look for clues, evidence, developments in cases, and present those to the PM, and ask/suggest that those developments or new information are ground for a reopening, but it is ALWAYS subjected to the public prosecutor's decision.
      Even in archived cases, the police can receive information on those cases, at all times, for instance, tips from the public, new clues, new evidence, and all that information is investigated and added to the process. Whenever some of that new information is considered relevant and valid it is presented to the public prosecutor who was/is in charge of the case, and from then on it's in the hands of the Public Ministry, it's their "call". It's not like "oh, ok Sir/Madam, you have this or that information on case X, thank you, but we're not interested, you see...that case is archived, sorry..."

    4. Crimewatch was shown in in Holland and Germany, but no reports of children from either country being attacked came from the appeal? The intruder must have been very busy studying school timetables from different countries and selecting girls of a certain age from the paperwork he had access to! Maybe he chose resorts where the majority of guests were from the UK, because he knew UK parents were notoriously careless with their children.
      From the paperwork, he deduced which apartments to target, and which parents were unlikely to wake in the early hours of the morning.
      He also deduced which parents were unlikely to report the incidents to anyone. Brits are known for not liking to complain, so the best bet, rather than Americans, who are said to be good at complaining.
      He didn't speak other languages, apart from a little English, so he chose English speaking victims so he could have a little reassuring chat with them.
      I'm trying to think out of the box, as advised. But I don't think I'm doing a very good job.

    5. Luckman says no one there is taking it seriously. Who knows who lied? Only the liars themselves know that.

    6. Insane seems to believe in the abductor as he takes SY's serial lurker to be true. He seems to believe there were many more than these 18 similar incidents. These were only against Brit white girls. To these 18 we still have to pile on those that were against other nationalities and those that haven't been reported yet. It begs the question, was there any little girl between 2005 and 2010 that wasn't in an incident with this man? And of all 18+ incidents, not a single e-fit? Just a burgundy shirt?
      Also, as Insane states he's anti-Mcs he must be the only one who holds the couple responsible for what happened but believes in an abductor. Only those who believe in abduction can believe in the SY lurker.

    7. Luckman also says the Met knew about Monteiro. The Met apparently said they didn't. So which situation is true?

    8. Continuing to think out of the box as Insane asked.
      Were the apartments supposed to be unlocked? If so, that's another consideration for abductor to factor in.
      Maybe he was a locksmith ?


      Editor of Portuguese News Paul Luckman on BBC Radio 5 live Transcript with sound



    Apr 23, 2014 11:45
    By Tom Pettifor

    The British youngster was assaulted in the heart of Praia da Luz in 2005 but the incident has only come to light in the last few weeks

    Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are probing a sex attack on a 10-year-old girl in the town where she vanished.

    The British youngster was assaulted in the heart of Praia da Luz in 2005 but the incident has only come to light in the last few weeks.

    The attack is one of five further sex attacks reported to detectives following a Scotland Yard appeal last month.

    Shockingly, four of the incidents were reported to Portuguese police at the time but the details were not passed on to the current UK investigation.

    It brings the total number of assaults on the Algarve potentially being linked to Madeleine's disappearance to nine. Police are also examining three "near misses".

    All the sex attacks involved British girls aged between six and 12 and occurred between 2004 and 2006. Madeleine disappeared from her family's Praia da Luz holiday apartment in May 2007.

    Scotland Yard officers announced last month that they were looking for a man suspected of sexually assaulting five young British girls on holiday in the Algarve in the years before Madeleine disappeared from Praia da Luz in 2007.

    As well as the attacks on five girls before 2006, Scotland Yard said last month that they believe their suspect might also have carried out eight other break-ins between 2004 and 2010.

    Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, the senior investigating officer in charge of Operation Grange, said: "All these incidents predate the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and I am extremely positive. They give us a real, clear focus going forward."

    Deputy Assiatnt Commissioner Martin Hewitt, of Specialist Crime and Operations said he was hopeful his officers would soon be going to Portugal to help conduct a number of "actions" after a breakthrough.

    He said a number of requests made to the Portuguese authorities have now been authorised raising hopes of possible arrests in the coming months.

    1. The Mirror: “The British youngster was assaulted in the heart of PRAIA DA LUZ in 2005 but the incident HAS ONLY COME TO LIGHT IN THE LAST FEW WEEKS”

      Scotland Yard: “Sufficient characteristics between the cases lead them to now believe that 18 matters in total concerning children may be potentially linked.
      • Three incidents that took place in Praia de Luz - between 2005 and 2010
      • Five incidents that took place in Carvoeiro between 2004 and 2006
      • Nine incidents that took place in the Praia de Gale, Vale de Parra, Sao Rafeal (Albuferia district) between 2004 and 2008
      • One incident that took place in VILAMOURA in 2005, A NEW OFFENCE WHICH HAS COME TO LIGHT SINCE THE MARCH APPEAL.”

      So what is it SY? Is the new one from VILAMOURA ou PRAIA DA LUZ????
      Make up your minds!

    2. Only 4 incidents reported to Pj
      Were these actual attacks, near misses or disturbed?
      And what about the locations?

  23. You can sense that Paul Luckman was struggling within himself on how to convey to the interviewers that SY's declarations are BS. He decided to adopt a tone of incredulity in his voice. The man is convinced that if these purported attacks on Britons had taken place his paper would have known about it. He even went to the trouble of searching his archives, in which he found nothing.

    I was under the impression that it was SY that brought Mr. Euclides Monteiro to the attention of the Portuguese police. In an interview on RTP international Mrs. Helena Monteiro was asked why they were investigating Euclides, she replied that they were just tying up loose ends doing what SY had requested of them via a rogatory letter. So this story about the Portuguese police keeping SY in the dark about this man and the power point presentation is rather fishy.

    All this is about the libel trial, England wants the decision to go their way. I believe that the PJ and SY agreed to put this case behind them and lay the blame for its failure on the original investigators, but SY wants more, they want that decision in favour of the McCanns. And until they get what they want they will continue to drag Portugal through the mud.

    1. Guerra, they may want for things to go their way but the way team Mc behaved in court it's impossible to come to a decision that favours the Mcs. I think this delay has only to do with the lack of an answer from the UK about Maddie's WoC. GA had 12 days to provide the documentation but in reality all he had to do in those days was to prove he asked for them. You know how prone the Portuguese courts are to delays. That's why so many processes precribe. Anything justifies a delay and I think that until the answer about WoC is given there will not be a new trial session.
      The WoC is so confusing and strange that today we saw the Mcs take a decision about the certificate of death that it was not theirs to make. If Maddie is WoC then shouldn't have been the court to make this decision?

  24. And the rubbish from the tabloids continue...



    A FORMER Scotland Yard detective has uncovered a sensational clue that could help solve the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    By: James Murray
    Published: Sun, April 27, 2014

    Peter Bleksley believes the shirt worn by the prime suspect was a rare design produced by beer company Super Bock.

    It was not sold but given away to loyal customers and should be possible to trace.

    The suspect is a child sex attacker who has been operating for years in the area of Portugal where Madeleine vanished in 2007.

    His burgundy coloured top with a distinctive white ¬circle on the back was described by the families of two of his victims.

    The Yard has released a picture of the long-sleeve T-shirt.

    Mr Bleksley, 54, a founder member of the Yard’s undercover squad, said: “Some people have suggested it bore a resemblance to a strip once worn by the Arsenal football team.

    “However, I think a more likely explanation could be that the man was wearing one of these Super Bock promotional T-shirts.

    "From speaking to bar owners I know the design for these T-shirts changes every year and only a certain number are handed out to regular customers.

    “Therefore, it would be possible to check back on all the designs and the years they were produced and see which one bears most similarity to that witnessed by families of victims.

    “Then it would be possible to check the distribution of the T-shirts to see where they were given out.

    "Not all pubs bother with the promotion so through a process of elimination it may be possible to narrow down where such shirts may have been handed out and then bar owners could be asked about their customers.

    “We know that some victims said the man smelt of stale alcohol and tobacco and that he had a pot belly, so that would suggest he was a regular drinker or may have worked in a pub or restaurant.

    “The man appears to target his victims after watching families and working out how to get into their holiday apartments, suggesting he is methodical and has his own modus operandi.”

    The distinctive Super Bock logo of a white circle on a maroon background is used on signs outside pubs across Portugal.

    In the Algarve resort of Carvoeiro we found a tradesman wearing one of the shirts with the words Super Man on it. He said he had owned the shirt for a number of years.

    Last week the Sunday Express flew Mr Bleksley to the Algarve to assess the progress of the Yard’s investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance from her family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007, seven years ago this Saturday, when she was approaching her fourth birthday.

    He arrived just as Scotland Yard announced that there were five more attacks on British girls in and around Luz, including a disturbing sexual assault on a girl of 10 in 2005 in the very resort from where Madeleine disappeared two years later.


  26. cont

    The Yard are looking at 18 potentially linked cases of someone entering holiday homes.

    They are focusing on 12 break-ins during which nine girls were attacked and three other cases described as near-misses.

    Mr Bleksley said: “The Yard has a massive job on its hands to look into all these crimes and every tiny clue is important.

    "The one solid clue comes from two families who report the intruder as wearing the top with the distinctive white circle.”

    Mr Bleksley, whose book on unsolved murders, called Ten Most Wanted, highlighted shortcomings in police investigations, has analysed the McCann files for the Sunday Express.

    He suggested it was time to go back to square one, with a new forensic sweep of material from the holiday apartment where she vanished.

    Last week Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood revealed that some of the attacks on British girls had been reported to the GNR, the military-style police force that investigates minor crimes, but it appears the information was not passed on to the Policia Judiciaria, equivalent of the British CID.

    Mr Bleksley said: “I was very alarmed to hear Mr Redwood suggest there may be forensic material relating to some of these attacks sitting in a GNR cupboard somewhere.

    "Clearly, if this is the case these exhibits need to be found urgently.

    “In fact, I would go further and say there needs to be a full re-examination of all known material on all 18 of the break-ins and particularly those during which girls were assaulted.”

    He believes there should also be a full review of all forensics relating to Madeleine’s disappearance from apartment 5a of the Ocean Club

    “There was a case I looked into for my book where a review of all the forensics on the murder of a woman was re-examined 10 years after the crime and a breakthrough was made which led to a charge of murder.

    “Forensic techniques are continually evolving and improving and I think the Yard should consider whether there would be any value in conducting further forensic tests of material from apartment 5a.

    “An abductor may have come into contact with bed linen, door handles, door frames, walls, furniture and there could be minute traces from which it was not possible to obtain a profile then but may be possible now.

    “If a profile was obtained from 5a it would be very interesting to see if it matched profiles taken from scenes of crime where British girls were attacked in apartments or villas.

    “I sincerely hope the Met and the PJ work in tandem towards a shared goal. If these offences had happened in Britain, the victims would have been interviewed on video and the information processed and cross referenced to see if there were similarities to other reported offences and to see if a pattern emerged.

    “This obviously was not done in Portugal so the Yard had to go right back to square one.”

    1. Anonymous 27 Apr 2014 09:19:00

      Thank you for the comment.

      The bit about the shirt is ridiculous. Super-Bock is only one of the most popular beers in Portugal, Sagres being the other. It has hundreds of thousands of faithful consumers.

      But as always, the article should be read as it should be. Take these bits:

      “He suggested it was time to go back to square one, with a new forensic sweep of material from the holiday apartment where she vanished.

      He believes there should also be a full review of all forensics relating to Madeleine’s disappearance from apartment 5a of the Ocean Club

      “There was a case I looked into for my book where a review of all the forensics on the murder of a woman was re-examined 10 years after the crime and a breakthrough was made which led to a charge of murder.

      “Forensic techniques are continually evolving and improving and I think the Yard should consider whether there would be any value in conducting further forensic tests of material from apartment 5a.

      “An abductor may have come into contact with bed linen, door handles, door frames, walls, furniture and there could be minute traces from which it was not possible to obtain a profile then but may be possible now.

      “If a profile was obtained from 5a it would be very interesting to see if it matched profiles taken from scenes of crime where British girls were attacked in apartments or villas.”

      So much about forensics in article headlined about a shirt.

      So, NOW it is possible to obtain profiles from minute traces which it was not possible then… if that isn’t interesting, we don’t know what is.

    2. And also this:

      "He arrived just as Scotland Yard announced that there were five more attacks on British girls in and around Luz, including a disturbing sexual assault on a girl of 10 in 2005 in the very resort from where Madeleine disappeared two years later."

      So not only the "new" attack was not in VILAMOURA as SY announces on its page but also not from the "heart of Luz" as announced by the press. It seems it was in the Ocean Club itself.

      At this rate, we will find out that it was in Apartment 5A in 2005.

      Unlike with Vale de Parra, we don't think we have to warn parents of British white 6-10 yr old little girls to stay away from the Ocean Club at PdL.

      They have been well warned for the past 7 years, and not by us.

      As you know, we don't believe there were any abductions or sexual assaults there.

      Or in Vale de Parra, or in Carvoeiro, or in... wherever SY says there were

    3. According to article, it's Redwood suggesting GNR material is sitting in a cupboard.
      He's using the words you used in the post!! lol

    4. Sorry, you say drawer and he says cupboard! Let me correct that before Insane comes again furious splitting hairs!

    5. Super-Bock, being a well sold beer in Portugal, with thousands drinking that brand, shouldn't there be at least hundreds of people wearing those t-shitrs/polo shirts/sweaters?! I say, I NEVER saw one of those! I NEVER EVER saw anyone wearing one of those, or anything close to it, and I live in Lisbon, not in some secluded village in the "lawless portuguese countryside", you know, one of those places, full of hidden lairs...
      My son goes to the SUPER BOCK SUPER ROCK festival every year, he always brings home some "souvenirs", usually t-shirts, and there never was one with that white circle. Just google for SUPER BOCK T-SHIRTS, or SUPER BOCK RED WITH WHITE CIRCLE SHIRT and see if you find anything like it...

    6. Time for anyone in Portugal wearing that style T shirt to throw it away!
      My friend had a pub where the whole chain gave away promotional t shirts.
      She wouldn 't have a clue who she gave them to. As it's a brand sold over Portugal, they were probably handed out all over Portugal.

    7. And about this centering of the "new" attack on the Ocean Club we expect to see a new character... Ratman.



    A FORMER top Scotland Yard detective last night suggested the new investigation into the Madeleine McCann mystery is focused on a network of suspects involved in people-trafficking.

    By: James Murray
    Published: Sun, July 7, 2013

    Crime author and undercover operations expert Peter Bleksley, 53, says the fact that the Maddie squad has 38 potential suspects in the frame suggests they are closing in on an evil gang.

    “I don’t think we are looking at 38 people who are all unconnected to each other. Judging by the high number of people on their list of persons of interest, the detectives have a herculean task ahead of them,” Mr Bleksley told the Sunday Express.

    Calling it a “unique investigation”, he said: “In a child abduction case of this nature it is highly unusual to have so many potential suspects.

    “It suggests to me that the police are trying to work out who the main players are, and who are on the fringes of a possible people-trafficking gang. The detectives sound very bullish. Undoubtedly they are on to something major otherwise they would be setting themselves up for a big fall.”

    Last week Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, head of the Operation Grange team of 37 officers, said 12 of the 38 are British and were in Portugal when Madeleine was snatched from an apartment at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz on the Algarve on May 3, 2007.

    He added: “We continue to believe there is a possibility that Madeleine is alive.” Neither of Madeleine’s parents or any of their seven friends who accompanied them on holiday are among the 38 people.

    Mr Bleksley, a retired detective constable, was involved in countless murder inquiries and operations against organised crime gangs in his 21 years at the Yard.

    He said: “It’s very early to say but they appear to be closing in.”

    He also believes that old-fashioned police work will crack this most baffling of cases.

    “The fact that so many are British gives them all the justification they need to take the investigation into foreign countries,” he explained.
    “They will have to pursue their leads with the utmost care, working with the foreign police forces. If they get one thing wrong on the paperwork it could seriously damage the investigation. In the 21st century, abductions and murders are often solved through CCTV images, forensics, and phone and computer records, but in this case we know there is no CCTV of the abduction taking place and the forensics may have been forever compromised because the crime scene was not properly preserved.

    “The detectives will have to change their approach to the way we used to operate 20 years ago when you solved cases with witnesses and confessions.”

    By now, he added, detectives will be working on a large number of strands.

    “The hard work comes by linking people to the various strands you have running and then suddenly it all falls in to place. You have to be very patient”.

    He said he expects the investigation to gather pace now and believes the Operation Grange team will be better placed to judge which direction to take their inquiries by this autumn.

    He said a news blackout could be invoked so sensitive inquiries can be carried out in secrecy.

    Senior officers have not imposed a blackout but have appealed to the media to exercise “restraint” in the coming weeks, when some arrests are expected.

    1. Anonymous 27 Apr 2014 09:27:00,

      Thank you for your comment.

      What an interesting article. We have put in CAPS what we want to highlight:

      “Crime author and undercover operations expert Peter Bleksley, 53, says the fact that the Maddie squad has 38 potential suspects in the frame suggests they are closing in on an EVIL GANG.

      “I DON’T THINK WE ARE LOOKING AT 38 PEOPLE WHO ARE ALL UNCONNECTED TO EACH OTHER. Judging by the high number of people on their list of persons of interest, the detectives have a herculean task ahead of them,” Mr Bleksley told the Sunday Express.

      Calling it a “unique investigation”, he said: “In a child abduction case of this nature it is highly unusual TO HAVE SO MANY POTENTIAL SUSPECTS.

      “It suggests to me that the police are trying to work out WHO THE MAIN PLAYERS ARE, AND WHO ARE ON THE FRINGES of a possible people-trafficking gang. The detectives sound very bullish. Undoubtedly they are on to something major otherwise they would be setting themselves up for a big fall.”

      Last week Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, head of the Operation Grange team of 37 officers, SAID 12 OF THE 38 ARE BRITISH AND WERE IN PORTUGAL when Madeleine was snatched from an apartment at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz on the Algarve on May 3, 2007.


      He said he expects the investigation to gather pace now and believes the Operation Grange team will be better placed to judge which direction to take their inquiries BY THIS AUTUMN.”

      So, of the 38, 12 are Brits who were in Portugal as ex-Pats or as what? If ex-Pats why use the term “were” and not “are”? And the other 26… all Portuguese or other nationalities? Or maybe the 26 include the ex-Pats and the 12 were just there “temporarily”?

      26 Portuguese seems an exaggerated number for Portuguese participants in such an “Evil Gang”…

      And about Autumn… is it to finish by Christmas? We hope you don’t make the same mistake you did last year.

    2. To finish by Christmas if PJ doesn't come to its conclusions before that!

    3. There was a petition to change the "death certificate" of a “missing” Person

      I think this will be discussed in October.

      And if the girl is under the jurisdiction of the Government of UK just to Her 18 years old, the case will finish Autumn or Christmas 2022.

    4. He added: “We continue to believe there is a possibility that Madeleine is alive.”

      Really? This after stating only a few weeks ago that they believe there's a strong possibility that Madeleine was not alive when she was taken from the apartment.

      Talk about cover all the bases. Redwood probably backs all 40 horses in the Grand National then boasts to everyone that he picked the winner!

    5. "“The fact that so many are British gives them all the justification they need to take the investigation into foreign countries,” he explained."
      NO, IT DOESN'T!
      Please read Textusa: "the sovereignty of another nation is none of Britain’s business. Irrelevant of the numbers of ex-Pats who may live there."
      You ASK for national authorities to investigate and WAIT for them to do that.
      This shows how right Textusa has hit the nail on the head with this post: SY just keeps begging to be included in the loop!

  28. SY "finds" suspects left and right, but what about the work of the EVRD dogs??? Why no one ever dares to mention the dogs? How can Eddie and Keela's work be ignored as if it never happened?!

  29. I'm beginning to wonder if these articles aren't written by SY counting on your capabilities to decipher them. I imagine all interested are able to read in between the lines but having you translating them pubicly into plain English raises the pressure on them. Just to be clear, I think SY has been mandated to find and expose the truth and is, like you say it is, doing what it can in the power struggle with those opposing truth. And I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't using your capabilities too.

  30. Quando pensava já ter lido tudo o que é posivel escrever-se ou inventar-se sobre este caso, eis que o Correio da Manhã publica a ultima machadada que desacredita totalmente a investigaçào da SY e os seus porta-vozes- " uma TShirt da Super bock pode ser a chave para resolver o mistèrio Maddie"- seriously? E lá dentro, no corpo da noticia está o que de mais ridiculo se pode ler, a explicaçào do detective da SY, para tào "?inteligente?" assumpção- O mau da fita vestia uma T-Shirt vermelha com um circulo branco parecida com a do Arsenal mas era da Super Bock e tal t-shirt nao se vende, só se oferece a quem trabalha com... Ou consome Super Bock. Que conveniente, a tshirt que " lixa o mexilhào", português, pobre, trabalhador num bar ou restaurante. A TShirt que, se realmente existisse, tinha todos os ingredientes para ser do Arsenal, atendendo a que o crime é todo inglês.
    E o inteligente detective continuou a dar asas à sua imaginação- o dono da TShirt da Super Bock, era também um alcoolico e fumador compulsivo, deixando atrás de si o perfume nauseabundo que é o cocktail feito por estes 2 ingredientes. Esqueceu-se foi de nos dizer porque nem gente, nem cào, teve a capacidade de detectar tal cheiro dentro do 5A. Ao invés, detectaram sangue e cadaverina. Tambèm se esqueceu de nos contar como terá sido o percurso do alcoolico mal cheiroso com Maddie ao colo. Quantas vezes ziguezagueou, em quantas esquinas bateu, onde adormeceu e sobretudo para onde se transportou com a miuda?
    RIDICULA, ESTA SY. Não sei como os ingleses aguentam ter a sua inteligência tào insultada por este grupinho, já que é para os leitores ingleses que tudo isto é montado.

  31. A "PEOPLE SMUGGLING RING" made up of 38 people??? That is a very large criminal organization! And only 1 abduction? That means it must be part-time because it looks like they won't be making a living out of this criminal activity.
    38 people... all involved in the sexual assaults?

  32. Max Clifford found guilty on 8 charges of indecent assault on females as young as 15. More news later



    Madeleine McCann is most likely dead

    The parents of Madeleine McCann are refusing to file their daughter as legally dead even though she's been missing for seven years. It's interesting that they're not jumping at the opportunity to bring an end, once and for all, to the charade that is this internationally known case. They claim to still have hope that the missing girl is still alive after all these years -- and even though much of the evidence in this case has pointed in the direction of the girl's demise.

    Maddie McCann is most likely dead. Early in the investigation behind her disappearance cadaver and blood sniffing dogs 'hit' on multiple points in the family's rental apartment. The dogs also alerted to some of the child's belongings and then later in the trunk of the family's rental car. DNA was also obtained during the investigation that indicated a fatal injury may have occurred.

    As long as Kate and Gerry keep up the facade that Maddie is alive and being kept somewhere by phantom kidnappers, money will be made by them an wasted by Scotland Yard. Most civilized people can look at the evidence that's been widely publicized against them and tell for themselves that this case is a charade, so why keep it going any longer?


    Caso Madeleine McCann: ¿Quién es Peter Bleksley?


    Wardship in the Family Courts

    This post looks at the court's powers to make children wards of court, and at a recent example of how those powers can be misunderstood.

  36. Hi Textusa,is there any way to contact you,via email??

    1. Anon 28 Apr 2014 21:31:00,

      Please submit a DO NOT PUBLISH comment with your mail and we will contact you.

      Thank you

  37. "Maddie declared dead under UK law" in Correio da manhã, paper edition

    This is the ruin of the Fund and the online store.

    1. Anonymous28 Apr 2014 23:40:00

      Maddie can be declared dead after 7 years but there is no requirement to do so.

      This provision is used so estate of the deceased can be settled, or where relatives want closure.

      It would certainly mean the end of the fund if Maddie was declared dead.

    2. Never trust a Correio da Manhã is quite often misleading. It leads you to think one thing and when you actually get to read the entire article it is something quite happened to me some time ago, when I read one of those
      bombastic" headlines, it announced "caso tragédia do Meco arquivado" (the Meco tragedy case archived) and it was not at all true! The case is still active.
      The rag uses this misleading headlines to get readers attention and sell papers.

  38. In McCann Files, the newest Madeleine age-progressed picture!
    Gosh! Why are those pictures always sooo creepy?!

  39. Very interesting post by Mr. Bennett concerning Hamish Campbell here:

    We recommend also the Reading, also about this, of our “Friends Reunited” post (05Jun12:)

    However, we would like to draw attention to the correction we made later that Redwood was not involved in the Jill Dando investigation, our comment (Textusa 15 Oct 2013 14:56:00) to our post “Watching Crimewatch” (11Oct13)

    “Friends Reunited post and the way it was written suggests Redwood was with original the Dando investigation team and we let ourselves be taken by our own words.

    He joined the Review team, working with Hamish Campbell and Simon Foy, who were part of the Dando team. They have now left the Review team”

  40. I think this smearing campaign backfired against UK. If they had said 2 or maybe 3 girls were attacked between 2005/2010 it would have been effective. 18 is just taking things too far. Like trying to sell brand clothes as genuine in a flea market. All those who changed their minds about going to Algarve because of this aren't bright enough to leave their houses to go anywhere. On the other hand SY has ridiculed itself to such a point that it has embarrassed Britain. I can only imagine the faces ex-Pats have to put in Portugal everytime Maddie hits the news....

    1. It isn't 18, it's 9.

      Textusa is lying to you, as usual

  41. It may take years before Kate and Gerry are finally brought to justice, but eventually they will be charged for their crimes. Max Clifford has been charged for crimes carried out years ago that he assumed were long forgotten. 7 years after her disappearance the desperate Mccanns claim Maddie is still alive because if she is declared dead that’s the end of the fund and also the end of being able to afford the services of Carter Ruck. Who knows what really went on in pdl or why maddie never received support from the British justice system that every child is entitled to. The Maddie case made such a global impact, it became so obvious the parents and friends were involved in the child’s disappearance. The McCanns now receive no sympathy from the public and their lies have become their legacy to their remaining children. This group will always be remembered as the tapas group from pdl all full of their own self importance and their pact of silence when a child needed help shows them all for what they are greedy, disgusting individuals who put their own pleasure before that of a child. RIP Maddie you deserved so much more.


  42. Again, I've been away and subsequently out of the loop when the lunacy recommences.

    I think I'm glad I missed Crimewatch and I am always glad that I don't read any tabloids and have generally stopped paying much attention to the cut and paste churnalism elsewhere.

    This latest "update" sounds like nonsense. That's the least of it. The depths of this Scotland Yard manipulation - I have no words to describe it accurately.

    The police/press are always keen to highlight when a suspect is of a colour other than white, but omit the colour if the suspect is white. To repeatedly define the victims' colour, is somewhat unusual.
    What is the subtext? I don't think he means there are numerous non-white British girls who holiday in the Algarve, but this predator makes a point of avoiding them and targeting just the white ones.
    Would he perhaps be wanting to get a jingoistic fervour going in Britain? "They go around the Algarve, taking our jobs, attacking our white British girls..."

    Sounds like Andy Redwood is saying a lot by putting a lot of phrases together, but not saying anything that signifies any progress.

    No white Irish girls mentioned as yet.
    If I were Andy Redwood and I believed what I was saying, I would probably think that this predator (StinkyMan?) is likely to be British. Then I might cross-check for Brits visiting Portugal between 2004 and 2010 at the time of the assaults. Or Expats living there in that period. And maybe check whether they'd moved/died/gone to jail post 2010.
    That should keep him busy for a while.

  43. This journo needs to learn grammar.

    Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner ­Martin Hewitt confirmed the authorities in Lisbon have responded positively to a series of “international letters of request” from the Yard.

    He said: “In the relatively near future, we will start to see activity on behalf of the Portuguese with us involved as potential suspects in connection with 18 incidents."

    "us involved as potential suspects"!!!

    So... is Smelly/Potbelliedman an ex-SY cop?!? On all sex assaults and near misses?!?
    That would explain why SY knew why the near misses were near misses!!!

  44. I do not believe that the maddie case is involved with this prolific sex attacker of white English girls, he did not abduct any of the others. Also if my child fell victim to an abuser or even frightened by a burglar, I would report as of when, not wait 7 years. What parent would not immediately report a case of abuse on their child immediately. It doesn't make sense to me.

  45. Is kate traveling to PDL this weekend to feel close to her daughter or that is not anymore a good plot for their marketing? And where is the updated version of her book largely publicised years ago? The disastrous review done by SY, which produced nothing, did not deserve a word, a sentence, a mad feeling from the " caring parents"?
    And what about the Hubbards, are they going to fill up the church with pictures of Madeleine, fooling devotes with the idea of an alive children that needs to be recovered and handed to her parents? So much hypocrisy, desrespecting the memory of a child who became an object under the hands of who was suposed to defend her rights and treat her as an individual. Up to now, was everything about the Mccann's feeling, their sadness, their anguish....nothing about Madeleine. What are her feelings? This says alot about " her being alive". -She is dead, then her feelings are irrelevant- That is the only conclusion we should imply directly from the actions of her parents, her family, their freinds and their helpers( including the portuguese lawyers, who should cover their faces in shame for the bad work they are doing for the country and the children in general).

  46. I read the brilliant article/ research from T. Bennett at Jill Forum. So, the main specialization of the Squad appointed to review Maddie investigation is " CORRUPTION, PLANTING AND FABRICATING EVIDENCES, AND FRAMING INNOCENTS". well... Who from us, the public who attentivelly follow Maddie case since the beguining, did not smell this ingredients on that review? First Hewlet, after the gypsies, the blacks, the dismissed workers of the OC and now a serial sexual predator, who in 18 assaults decide to take the less interessant victim for his instincts.
    That to not speak about the last British forensic reports handed to PJ, which conclusions are very dubious and the absence of reports on the hair found on the scenic, which according to PJ belongs to Maddie.
    I hope PJ is aware of what Mr T. Bennett is revealing and this can explain why PJ is keeping themselves aside from this corrupted review of the British, which is leaving Sy in despair. SY should not touch any single piece/ house of any innocent they claimed as a suspect in Portugal, BECAUSE CLEARLY THEY WILL PLANT FORENSIC EVIDENCES OF MADDIE ON THE BELONGS OF THIS INNOCENTS TO INPUT THEM THE CRIME AND CLOSE THE CASE, WITH OR WITHOUT BODY.

    The British citizens must be affraid of their own police because any innocent could be a target to protect the real criminals. Disgusting that absence of humanity, respect of the life of others, and absence of justice. That is the completely discredit of SY and a question must emerge: HOW MANY INNOCENTS HAVE THEY WRONGLY CONVICTED?
    That is so serious as the wrongly shutting of the brazilian in the Metro and then excusing that with a circunstancial mistake or the wrong condemnation of the portuguese guy accused of killing his girlfriend.
    This corruption and bad play with justice, which involve polices and maybe some lawyers, seems to be applied on a regular basis, if the criminal is untouchable.
    That recalls my attention to one of the latest interviews Manuel Monteiro ( ex CDS PP) and Medina Carreira gave to Judite the Sousa, where they have highlighted the modus operandi of the corrupted politicians- who is in high positions has no other way then protecting who are under because those under, know too much. That's why we see them being promoted to different jobs and flying on their carreers. One protect the others. There is no difference between politics and some polices on high positions.


    Libel Trial: Update & Appeal

    As many of you will know, the trial of the action that opposes the McCann couple to Gonçalo Amaral, and others, has been suspended, awaiting information about the status of Madeleine McCann as a Ward of Court.

    The documentation that attests that status has been requested and obtained by Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer through a lawyer in London from the competent court, and will soon be delivered to the judge at the Civil Court of Lisbon.

    The obtainment of said evidence was time-consuming and expensive, and the costs will be fully met by Gonçalo Amaral.

    We appeal, once more, to those who are able to help us to collect the funds that are needed to cover this expense, to contribute through Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral.

    Thank you.
    astro at Wednesday, April 30, 2014

    1. I just can't understand why didn't he just pose the question about WoC via his lawyer, or question it before the case started?
      It may not be relevant in Portugal, but they may have been in contempt of court in UK if done without authority of the court, a serious matter. I can only assume, therefore, they did have authority. But that means the High Court have put their name to this action. It will raise some interesting questions here and in Portugal.
      I'm curious to know whether CdM and death certificate signed is some sort of hint that's what the High Court are proposing?
      But certificate can't be signed before May 3rd, so it can't exist yet.
      Looks like court will now have to arrange a date suitable for all parties, to listen to defence presenting their case and then giving her judgement.
      Just my opinion as I'm not legally qualified to say this.

  48. I'm not a lawyer, but I think a citizen could not request such information about Madeleine even if through his lawyer. And before the trial started, GA was just a citizen. Was the case, the Mccann's made against him in court that enpowered his lawyer to request all information considered important/ valid to build his defense.
    If he got it and is true that Maddie was WOC, one have to wonder why her parents have demanded that. Which problem the child had and why was it difficult for her parents to deal with?

    1. 17:30
      This link explains wardship.
      All was reported in the media in 2008.


    1 May 2014 Last updated at 05:50 GMT


    Ahead of the seventh anniversary of her daughter's disappearance, Mrs McCann also spoke of how she would prefer to know the truth about what happened Madeleine, even if it is "the worst case scenario".

    "If it was down to not knowing or finding out news that isn't what you want to hear? At the end of the day I can't change that. What would you rather?" she told the Sun.

    "I'm not underestimating the blow of hearing bad news that your child had been killed, because obviously we're not going to go, 'OK at least we know.' But I've spent hours thinking about that and, each time, I still come up thinking we need to know. Regardless we need to know."

    She added: "But there is always the worst case scenario. That's always been a possibility and anyone who thinks that we're blinkered doesn't know us."

    1. K speaks of rather knowing the TRUTH about what happened to her daughter, as opposed to the lie?
      I would say - I'd rather know what happened to her, rather than continue to believe ...
      Is truth about the way she died?

    2. Has K been told that High Court are going to apply for death certificate?

    3. K uses the word blow in the article.
      Meaning of course, the blow to their feelings, but it's an interesting word uppermost in her mind.

      She could have said, we would be devastated.
      Blow is used to express great disappointment.
      As in I failed my exams, it was a blow to my career.

      Always look at her choice of words. She leaks info. Liike saying M will be giving her captors her tuppenceworth highly inappropriate comment about an abducted daughter. It means giving someone your opinion in no uncertain terms but Tuppence is also a child's word for vagina. Much has been made of this by bloggers.

    4. Anon 12:35

      Agree. It reveals what is really on her mind!
      For example, I also noted Kate in the Sun article:
      "We're not going to go" - suggests they have already decided how they will react. There is a predictive meaning in this sentence.
      "We wouldn't go" is a conditional sentence construction that would be used to say - IF that scenario arose, this is what we would do. I would expect Kate to say this IF she hadn't decided how they would react.

      I'm not going to see her
      I wouldn't go to see her
      2 different meanings

      The first stands as a sentence on its own and you have already made a decision
      The second needs an addition IF / WHEN
      I wouldn't go to see her if she didn't want to see me.
      I wouldn't go to see her when she's busy.

      It's a very subtle distinction, but it's telling.

  50. And they keep begging PJ to let them work together with SY...
    Now it would be best because it would save the Portuguese some cash!
    I think this post was one of your most right on post ever Textusa

    Madeleine McCann parents 'frustrated' by lack of joint inquiry

    Mrs McCann said she had not been given a reason why a joint team had not been set up.
    'Parallel investigations'

    "To us, it makes sense that the two police forces should work together, to have a more streamlined approach to avoid duplication and basically to progress the investigation at a faster pace, she said.

    Her husband Gerry said: "What is very, very clear is that there are lots of lines of inquiry and a lot of further work needs to be done in Portugal.

    "The Met can only do so much with the information that they have."

    Mr McCann said it was a "big step forward" that the Portuguese investigation had been reopened but admitted the bureaucratic process was causing delays.

    "The concern that we have, and I think also that the Metropolitan Police have, is that at the minute, there's almost parallel investigations going on, which doesn't make sense," said Mr McCann.

    "We're not quite sure why there's resistance to the joint investigation team, because clearly resources in Portugal is an issue and this would be one mechanism by which they could have additional funding."

    1. "The Met can only do so much with the information that they have."

      So where are the imminent arrests??

  51. 'I just want to know if Madeleine's alive or dead... the worst thing is not knowing', says Kate McCann as the seven-year anniversary of her daughter's disappearance approaches

    Poor woman! She should start for the beginning and answer the 40 questions made by PJ, at the time ...
    How is it possible for a human being to perpetuate such cynicism!!!

  52. Main points on Kate and Gerry on ITV.
    Burgundy t shirt shown.
    Gerry emphasises linkage of break ins and thanks families for coming forward.
    Kate downplays links of incidents or to Maddie.
    That covers both possibilities by them!
    Want more cooperation between police, not giving up, as Gerry says earlier, lots of people who have been abducted have been found (how many were aged 3/4?)

    No difficult questions asked such as
    "How did you feel when Redwood of SY said Maddie may not have left te apartment alive?"
    "Why do you believe a predatory paedophile, who hasn't taken any other child, will be looking after her now?"
    Lorraine said they had been cleared. A common misunderstanding/ distortion of the facts.
    Gerry does suppress a smirk at the end of the interview.
    Kate stares at him intensely, as usual.
    They want better police cooperation.
    (which hopefully means the PJ aren't submitting to blackmail)


    BBC 20130501 McCann Interview with Fiona Bruce lunchtime

  54. Just saw both of them on BBC - clinging to each other for dear life, with Gerry looking indifferent and almost smirking, Kate pretending to be the aggrieved mother. You can see the odd, startled, expression in their eyes as they try to stick to the script. But, essentially, they are disgraceful - embedded in the veniality of what they've done, protected by it.

  55. Textusa and team,
    I saw this story on the BBC News iPhone App and thought you should see it.
    Different slant from Lorraine's show
    Complaining more overtly

    ** McCanns tell of police 'frustrations' **
    Missing Madeleine McCann's parents tell the BBC they are frustrated there is no joint police inquiry seven years on from their child's disappearance.
    < >

    1. Gerry now hopes taken by a caring couple!!
      He didn't say that to Lorraine. Maybe it's back to the Soothing Couple next.
      The story varies, depending on whether it's the newspapers, BBC or Lorraine. Take your pick of the spin.

    2. Gerry said on Lorraine that he thought the attacks on children were linked. To the BBC he speaks about a caring couple. So a predatory, repetitive paedophile has taken her home to his caring wife?
      You said it was difficult to separate the deadly serious from the joke.
      This is a sick joke.

  56. "we're not quite sure why there's resistance to the joint investigation team".... Maybe because PJ did not agree with what SY is doing to whitewash your accounts on the story.
    ...."because clearly resourses in Portugal is an issue and this would be a mechanism by which they could have adicional Fund"...... Well, that justification says a lot about the case and the person who said it. Why not a justification based on the lenght of the danger, the anguish, the feelings, their daughter is going through( if alive). Any delay on a rescue of child, caused by whatever, is clearly for any hoping parent, one more day in prison, one more day in pain, in life risk for the child.
    And what can we say about the subtil pressure and xenophobie, when he bring to his justification the resourses Portugal has for the case? What Gerry knows about the money Portugal has to alloccate to any crime? They are living under a crise but up to now, what history shows as a fact, MADDIE INVESTIGATION WAS THE MOST EXPENSIVE THE COUNTRY EVER HAD AND ALL RESOURSES WERE ACTIVATED IN ORDER TO BE SURE THAT NO STONE WILL BE LEFT UNTURNED. And the only stones unturned were prevented by people and police close to the Mccann's, including the Tapas 9 who refused the reconstruction.
    Treating PJ as Rabbits and showing them carrots to see if they bend their knees and undersign what SY is doing, says a lot about this parents. PJ, are clever foxes and the latest articles by SY and the Mccann's on the press shows that cleverness- they are giving time, rope, with a lot of pacience, for the british to dance until they fall exhausted by their own music and be forced to admit that their review produced nothing consistent and what really count is what PJ and the first joint investigation achieved- Mccann's, their friends and supporters, need to be framed and Properly investigated. END OF THE GAME.

    1. "(...)Mccann's, their friends and supporters, need to be framed and Properly investigated. END OF THE GAME."

      Just to reinforce.

  57. We would like to inform readers that we have decided only to post tomorrow, Saturday May 3rd, the 7th anniversary of Maddie's death,

  58. And they keep asking and asking and begging and begging...
    Kate McCann on FB today: "we really hope that this will turn into a concerted effort from the Portuguese authorities as we know there is still a lot to do. Working together is key to the progress of the investigation and a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) could provide a more streamlined way of working with less bureaucracy."
    Please, PJ, let the nice people from SY work with you. Let them see what you are doing and help you with YOUR investigation. They are so nice and they want to pay all your bills. Please? Pretty please?

    1. "but the passing of further weeks and months as a result of unnecessary delays and barriers are not only frustrating, they are incredibly distressing"
      says who during 4 years before the review and 2 after it (during the book trial) avoided answering any questions related the reopening of the process.
      Never, ever in history have a pair of criminals lied so blatantly in public for so long. And they know it. It's not only on the internet. Yesterday I was buying my paper and there was this elderly lady there. I pointed to the Sun and said "they got to be kidding". She turned, looked a muttered "f**k!". And elderly lady in public. She immediately realised what she had just said and apologised to us all and I just told her "don't worry, it's what everyone thinks". At least she put a smile on all of us there about such a disgusting pair.
      UK, a pot can only hold so much pressure...

  59. After hearing him say this to a bemused looking Fiona Bruce on the BBC interview, I couldn't believe my ears. A best case scenario was described.
    "She was taken by someone who wanted a child" and she "has been loved and cared for"

    He believes the sexual predator being investigated by SY is a credible link, according to his earlier interview with Lorraine Kelly. Later in the BBC interview, they say that high profile cases of missing women who were found after abduction gave them hope.
    Can anyone think of ANY case where the women found described being cared for and loved by their captors?
    They are an unbelievable pair.

    1. I'm anon 11:22

      When I say "him" I'm referring to Gerry. I started my comment with "Redwood should have a talk with Gerry" but deleted it because AR is as disgusting as the Mcs. Now reading the comment I see that I din't refer to G again. Sorry.


    Article with video interview

    1. At 01:23 Kate says "that's why we want an end to this as soon as possible"
      A request to whom it may concern?

  61. ** Clifford jailed for indecent assault **
    Celebrity publicist Max Clifford is jailed for a total of eight years for a string of indecent assaults against girls and young women.
    < >




      MAX CLIFFORD'S solicitor is "seriously" considering appealing after the PR guru was sentenced to eight years in prison.

      Published 2nd May 2014

      The 71-year-old was told on Friday that he will spend at least four years in prison after being found guilty on Monday of eight counts of indecent assault.

      During sentencing, Judge Anthony Leonard told the PR to the stars: “Your offending is not trivial but of a very serious nature.

      "I find your behaviour quite extraordinary and a further indication that you show no remorse."

      He accused the 71-year-old of having a "contemptuous attitude" towards the woman he targeted and outlined that if the offences had been committed at this time, he would have been looking at a 10-year sentence.

      Clifford, who became the first person convicted under the Met’s Operation Yewtree, was found guilty of eight counts of indecent assault on Monday after previously brandishing victims as "fantasists" and "opportunists".

      During the six-week-trial, jurors heard how Clifford was a "master in the art of intimidation" and took "what he wanted, when he wanted", using his celebrity contacts to "manipulate" young girls.

      He was said to use his Bond Street offices as a "sexual fiefdom", where "he toyed with their inexperience" to take advantage of them.

  62. "Era o suspeito número um da Polícia Judiciária no caso Maddie McCann e, apesar de ter entretanto morrido, levou à reabertura do processo há seis meses. A viúva de Euclides Monteiro quebra agora o silêncio e mostra, em exclusivo, ao programa Sexta às 9, da RTP, aquele que era o álibi do marido: um poema escrito por Euclides e guardado no computador pessoal às 21h00, uma hora antes de Madeleine ter desaparecido. "


    A britânica diz estar preparada para a notícia da morte de Madeleine e refere querer, acima de tudo, saber a verdade sobre o que aconteceu. A CMTV emite este sábado à noite, pelas 23h00, um especial de informação sobre os sete anos do desaparecimento de Maddie.

    Ler mais em:

  64. Video preparatório


    Sexta às 9 02May2014

    Thank you Maria!

  66. Liked what I saw.
    More than exempting Monteiro the program was about showng what a hoax the 18 sex crimes were.
    Let me see if I can get the facts:
    EM suspect due to cellphone calls from antennae. However he lived 2 kms from Luz so if he called from home the pings would have been the same.
    EM wrote a poem that was saved on his computer at 21.00 on 3 May
    EM moved around always in a scooter so unlikely to have transported M on it.
    EM's mother-in-law said that he didn't show any signs of having earned money around the time M disappeared.
    EM was questioned in 2008 by PJ about break-ins
    EM had DNA taken in 2008 and was ruled out (Why? This can only be if there is suspicious DNA to compare otherwise no one can be ruled out due to DNA)
    EM not linked to Maddie in 2008
    EM's widow ony questioned once by PJ Oporto
    PJ and SY have now 18 sex assault incidents (I thought it was only SY)
    Resident in Luz questioned said she never heard of these assaults
    GNR in Carvoeiro questioned, said he never registered any such incident nor has he heard any colleague register one
    Mark william Tomas, ex-cop, said that incidents very dubious. Why nione reported it to the GNR nor to the British Police when returning home?
    MWT thought SY over-confident at the beginning of Review
    MWT said that descrption of man described in sex assaults had nothing to do with EM
    EM still considered person of interest by PJ
    MWT said that at best relations between SY and PJ were tense, at worst cold.

    1. Anonymous 2 May 2014 22:20:00,

      Thank you!

  67. The U.K is making a fool of themself to continue and sell this *abductionstory*
    So.. They seem to 'know' where Maddie went, for some time, they claim.
    But..yeah..probaly still alive somewhere.
    Sure..So they wait?? selling it to the media.
    No 'abduction or undercover' to get her back needed??
    That would be a great story!!
    That would make a fool of Potrugal!

    Instead of getting her back.
    They still presenting new theory or E-fits.

    So why ' the need' to do it, instead of go get the girl, and bring her home?
    They can't bring her home..alive.
    She never made her birthday.

    The U.K do not cooperate, they are giving orders.
    The Portugese is not U.K property.
    But it seems there are no Portugese people living in PDL.
    Only Britisch Expats or Targets..
    So why blame the Portugese??
    Redwood said the children who are raped, were raped while parents are sleeping, or not locking their home at night,, not aware or,not botter to go 'get' the raper to beat him up?
    Not even go to the Police?
    Till now?
    All British?? never came forward.
    A shame..
    Bad U.K parenting what SY is investigating, telling or selling right now.
    You should leave the children alone, not lock the door, at night, sleeping well when your child is getting raped.
    Or let him walk (not run) out when he is done..
    Don't go to the Police?
    This Mccann story is not good.. to sell this U.K parenting/neglect.
    Then blame it to the Potugese..


    No prove of an abduction anyway.
    No broken shutters, parents who changing the story.
    Their other children exposing in the media.

    Well, a fine group of high educated people, who left their beloved children alone, with no care..each night to begin..
    It is not Portugal to blame this parenting lack of care.

  68. MRSFeeX

    Thank you for your comment.

    We would like to make it perfectly clear that it is this blog's absolute conviction that the T9 NEVER "left their beloved children alone, with no care..each night to begin..."

    That is the basis of the negligence thesis which we believe, and have repeatedly shown why, is not only not true but a very successfully implanted clutter campaign.

    We believe that whenever needed, the children (T9 and others) were left in the care of professionals.

    The only exception was on the night Maddie died when the T9 children were taken care of by the T9 themselves in 1 of their apartments.

  69. Well.. I do not think the British parents are so cold, to neglect.
    Leave them, or getting their raped while parents sleep next door in a unlocked home.
    (Drunk?) this story, the parenting skills are unusual.
    S.Y tells me, it is..true.
    I don't believe this.
    I don't understand how or why this story still sells..
    But it doesn't make the U.K reputation good..
    In my opinion.
    Not about a 3 year missing girl if you ask me.
    Or her safety..

  70. Textusa I agree no neglect. I also think JT threw a dig at GM when she stated the person carrying the child with no socks or blanket was a "bad parent." I think she was livid to have to hand over her child to this charade. I wish the PJ could have isolated her. She would have cracked if confronted with inconsistancies eventually.

    I am beginning to fear SY is going to eventually just call out a patsy and "solve" the case. There is great desperation to make this embarrassment of a case go away. They have to do it soon before they call out one too many suspects and the public grows weary.

    My heart wants justice but my brains tells me it won't happen. The people know there was no abductor but no one is crying out for the McCanns to be re-interviewed and confronted with discrepancies. No one is demanding that their tax dollars stop being wasted when the answers lie with the T9. I think there will be a patsy. The public will know it's a patsy, but will not fight for true justice. The BH's know this. They have seem the world swallow the lies. Even thought the lies are acknowledged, they are accepted by passive behavior. I just pray blogs like this are enough to scare them off from doing this.


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