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Serial Journalism

Remember our May 2009 post “The McCann Game, shortly out of tricks?” where we tried to show how every “trick” played meant there was one less to be played?

That post is now 56 months old.

With the exception of the book (a possibility we never thought possible to be stupid enough to write such a thing) we have all this time witnessed repeats of the same tricks, over and over again: another sighting, another documentary, another presence in a TV show and another suspect.

A sick and desperate merry-go-round to stall the inevitable: the material truth as to what happened.

But this is having another effect. One that complicates all for the Black Hats.

With each bogus scenario, SY moves away from any possible simple solution. With each absurd story the final version moves closer to having Maddie being abducted by aliens. That’s about the only thing that we haven’t seen in the papers. Yet.

You see, absurdity comes at a price. Absurdity eliminates absurdity. For example, we had a burglar and now we have a gang of 3. Will we have a gang of 5 next? Or will we have another gang of 3 in the area in direct competition with the first one?

No, the burglar theme has run dry with the 3 Burglars.

We had Hewlett. We had a family, from Brazil if we’re not mistaken. We have had gypsies.

And we had Tractorman. About this man it must be said that a human being has passed away never realizing that his name will forever be linked to the crime of 21st Century for absolutely no reason at all besides having worked once in the resort from where Maddie died and then disappeared.

Lest we forget, Tractorman had exactly the same media coverage the 3 Burglars are having. National news. Mainstream Media.

With Tractorman and the 3 Burglars, whoever is responsible for such nonsense, has achieved one thing: whoever made Maddie disappear can only be a Genius of Evil.

Only a Genius of Evil could force into to the role of fools 2 criminal police forces of 2 countries: PJ and Scotland Yard.

Neither force was able to solve this problem no matter the ridiculous amounts of time and resources made available to them.

In 2007, cell phone calls in Portugal were expensive. We don’t know the number of inhabitants PdL had at the time nor how many of them had cell phones but taking into account an elderly rural population and fixed lines in residences, saying there were thousands of calls from cell phones from East of Lagos to Sagres on May 3rd is ridiculous. To state this about PdL alone is to be in a hallucinogenic state and having accepted the role of court jester.

To come up with the 3 Burglars from cell phone information, unless proven otherwise, the only info provided by this type of info is number of destination, hour of call, duration of call and nearest antenna, staggers the mind.

One can only state publicly such a thing when one simply doesn’t care about one’s credibility anymore.

Then, not enough, a burglary ends up in an abduction without anything being reported missing besides a human being. The term “burglary” automatically excludes any pre-planning as to what pertains to the alleged abduction.

Either it was an unexpected abduction resulting from a bungled burglary or it was an abduction in the first place.

Apartment 5A is not exactly the Louvre. Not exactly filled with corridors filled with objects worth millions from which one has to choose as one cannot simply take all. In an apartment where tourists are staying there are two locations maybe: the parent’s bedroom and the living-room.

As nothing was reported stolen, nor was anything dropped on the floor, it seems the burglar was surprised at the start of the burglary.

To state that a burglar, surprised by a 4 yr old, would choose, when fleeing, to pick up a worthless 15kg package is, again, only when one simply doesn’t care about one’s credibility anymore.

Even if the burglar was needlessly violent to the child who surprised him to the point of killing her why on earth would he pick the body up and take it with him?

The 3 Burglar is doubly over-ridiculous. It can ONLY come from someone who simply doesn’t care about his credibility anymore.

The 3 Burglar story has one immediate consequence: the official version, if persisting in falsehood, simply cannot be simple anymore.

As we said, only a Genius of Evil could drive a national police force into such an embarrassing position. Befuddling and confounding the SY into mistaking him for a rif-raf gang of 3.

And a Genius of Evil simply cannot have tied knots around 2 police forces, for 7 years and after literally millions and millions of taxpayer dollars (to use this currency as reference) and millions of private ones, with a simple plot. It has to be complex, very complex.

It will make history as to how brilliantly masterminded it was. It just has to be.

SY did sift through “thousands” of cell phone calls and selected those of 3 people. For that to be so, ALL others were deemed less important. Now, after this painstaking analysis, to come up with OTHER important calls is beyond ridiculous.

After each ridiculous episode the next ridiculousness to be used has to be more ridiculous than the last. There’s no limit to ridiculousness but there is such a thing as being too ridiculous. A threshold of absurdity that leaves absolutely no doubt about its non-veracity.

After Pimpleman there can’t be any more lurkers to be spotted. After the 3 Burglars there can’t be more burglars.

They have run out of stories. The well dried up with Tractorman. A literally far-fetched character (he, in our opinion, did serve a purpose which we will abstain from referring to here) with an imagination-pulling connection to the affair.

Tractorman was already stretching it too far. After Tractorman, it’s no longer stretching, it’s plainly and openly fibbing, no longer caring if one is seen lying.

And this care-factor is very important because losing it means we start to witness openly and transparently one of humanity’s oldest crimes: the Serial-Journalism.

This is when a news medium uses its space to intentionally deceive. This is very much used in countries overtly non-democratic or in those of suspicious democratic regimes. But is also used in those said democratic.
With Maddie, it was worldwide. Simply staggering.

Lest the media forgets, or pretend not to notice, in the Maddie Affair they are accessories to obstruction of justice.

Yes, we all know that the Mainstream Media (MSM) has been covering up for the BH from day 1.

On those first days, short-leashed but with the foot pressed hard on the gas pedal, it exploited all possible sentimentalism from the parents’ “sufferance”.

Loose-leashed during the “McCann Hunting Party 2007”, they went for the McCann jugular.

Short-leashed again during the “Great Maddie War”, they tried to prove that rats weren’t rats when everyone could see that they were rats. Never has humanity witnessed such collective behaviour.

On the current “McCann Hunting Party 2011”, their position has been ambiguous. Simply because no one has known on which side of the fence to sit. But to be on the safe side, the leash is short.

Very quickly it was realized that the McCanns were far from being the easy fish to bring in as they appeared to be. Not because of themselves but because of those who stepped forward to cover up the events in PdL. The couple are still criminals at large.

About Maddie, as of day 1, the MSM hasn’t published news but propaganda. Hard, raw propaganda.

Propaganda has always a master, an enabler and a target.

We, the public, were the target, the MSM the enabler. Whoever is the master and why the master became a master is not up to the target to clarify but for the enabler to do so.

This propaganda, disguised as news, is to one day to be justified by the MSM playing the offended virgin, claiming they were fooled by the most disgusting people on earth, the McCanns.

The 3 Burglar story has stopped that short. Or better said, the 3 Burglar story AFTER Tractorman.

To publish such ridiculous stories, even if only to keep the issue alive, the MSM has demonstrated that it simply doesn’t care anymore about its credibility.

This absence of a minimum amount of care takes them from fooled to foolers. Premeditated foolers. About the death of a little British girl.

Having overcome the threshold of ridiculousness, they went from prisoners of interests into collaborationists. From victims into aggressors.

Into active participants of a criminal cover-up. The biggest cover-up of all time. The first global cover-up, because it was them that made it global.

Even if with the stories published the MSM was used, and is being used, as message boards, as we think it was and is, sending useful messages to selected destinations so as to move us all towards the path of truth, all is but a game.

A sick game that should have never have taken place. A game played with a light heart forgetting the board where the dice is thrown is laid upon the crime of covering up the death of a little British girl, daughter of two medical doctors.

Serial-Journalism at its best and its worst.

With Maddie, the media became the main instrument to commit the crime of obstruction of justice. A platform of crime.

It’s no longer looking the other way, it is taking active part in the criminal activity.

Each story a crime. Each journalist a criminal.

The excuse of saying that you are just saying what others have said is beyond lame. You know you have your own public so you're actively and intentionally disseminating a deceiftful message. One that you know beforehand that is deceiving.

Obviously, the MSM won’t ever be prosecuted for this crime but it won’t avoid the condemnation from the public trial that is now ongoing. Not one involving a mob with ropes or tar and feathers, but the one that is being made at this very moment by intelligent people, all civilized and responsible, who have lost faith in a justice system that has allowed this even to have existed and no longer seek the MSM to know credible news.

Today people use social networking to obtain their news and look at MSM to see if it's endorsed. Tomorrow not even that.

Negligence 1

We are witnessing in other parts of the internet that people are coming around to this blog’s position back in March 2010, with our post THE CHARGE WILL BE :::::SIMULATED NEGLECT TO PROVE ABDUCTION

Then we said that negligence was simulated by the T9 as for each night one of the Ts was reported being absent from the BRT. This meant that the T9 could later claim that they had lied about the motive of these absences as the real reason they would say was to watch over the children

What we now call negligence-but-not-negligence or simulated negligence intra-T9.

It’s been said no parents would make themselves look bad by saying they left their children alone several nights in succession.

As Kate's book makes it clear, she believes in pre-planned abduction, after the abductor read a note in the reception book, saying children left unattended. The note we claim did not  exist, and yet Kate claims she saw it when reading the PJ Files.

The T9 had to allow for a habit of leaving the children on more than one night for the abductor to detect a particular pattern of checking.

The neglect scenario was the only option that allowed for this, and it had to be more than one night.

How strange if they had said, the one night we left the children unattended was the night she was taken.

Persistent neglect was a huge gamble, as it risked other charges, hence the checking routine was devised and shoe-horned into the 2 timelines.

But it was the necessary price to establish the pre-planned abduction. This is their triumph.

The word neglect is synonymous with the Maddie case. Some support it because it has been hammered home so successfully, others because of ulterior motives.

What has changed in our opinion since March 2010? Very little.

We still think that the “negligence” theory was concocted by very few. In March 2010 we thought it was only the T9, now we think it was the T9 plus a couple of people, three at the most. The “negligence” theory was born hand in hand with the abduction theory.

There's a problem with this negligence-but-not-negligence or simulated negligence intra-T9 theory and that is it still does implicate negligence. Real negligence.

One doesn’t leave children alone because of fear of abduction. That is bogeyman given life by the Maddie affair.

One doesn’t leave children alone because of fear of accidents.

If the T9 have only lied about the motive why an adult was absent from the Tapas dinners, then they have to justify why ALL the children were left alone on May 3rd.

According to their statements, ALL T9 were present for dinner that night. So between the time the Paynes left their apartment (last to arrive at dinner) and the time the first check was made, ALL the T9 children were left ABSOLUTELY alone in the apartments.

Left alone, not to go to the end of the street to get something quickly but to have dinner.

According to themselves, all T9 are guilty of negligence no matter how one looks at their statements. Exactly on what would become THE fateful night.

Also, IF there was an adult tending to the children, how was it possible for Maddie to have disappeared?

Was she set aside from the others? Why? Because she was difficult? That’s an odd way to punish such behaviour… to leave her alone in a strange apartment in a strange country.

And, if so, doesn’t that constitute negligence by itself?

The simulated negligence intra-T9 or negligence-but-not-negligence is as fictitious as the abduction. It was a story, with very small legs, made up to lean on when the charge of negligence was to come.

What pleases us is seeing people slowly catching up with all our theories. Even if pretending that they didn’t read it here first.

Now, there's only a small step to take before coming to the same conclusion as we: there was never any neglect with any of the T9 children, in the nights they were taken care of by professionals along with other guests' children

Negligence 2

The Maddie case has benchmarked many things. Whenever a child goes missing, we think of Maddie. Whenever there's child neglect, we think of her too.

On Jan 13, WalesOnline reported that it was used by the defense in Court that because of the McCanns it shouldn’t be considered neglect leaving a 5 yr old child alone at home.

We will not comment on the details of the case and will trust the Probation Officer’s recommendation as we trust investigated all circumstances surrounding the case.

What is relevant to us is the adequateness of the argument.

This case will forever more haunt Britain. Even when the parents will be charged, among other things, with neglect, it will still have to be explained why it took so many years to discover the obvious.

Dogs in Germany

Another Maddie benchmark. Whenever we see cadaver dogs doing their wonderful work, we think of Maddie. Be it in a human tragedy or in any criminal case.

On Jan 16, MailOnline reported that in Germany, cadaver dogs found a body hidden behind a wall: ‘As a result of this we decided to do some investigations at the family home in Konigswinter, near Bonn in North Rhine-Westphalia. That included using a digger and dogs specially trained in looking for corpses, which resulted in a new cellar wall being dug out, and as a result a woman's body was found.’

It just couldn’t get more ironic. The guilty husband came forward responding to the appeal made by Maddie’s German Crimewatch, claiming that his wife had disappeared.

He forgot he was in Germany. If he had been in Britain, he might just not only have gone away with it as could have ended up a national hero.


  1. Never believed in tapas dining. By their own accounts, the whole party didn't assemble until 9, had to decide on orders, call the waiter and place orders, then wait for dishes to be cooked. And if others queued for reservations, we must assume freshly cooked and delicious food. The dishes arrived as they said what they were eating, yet by 10 the alarm was raised.
    For those who say how could they eat after covering up, how did they have time to do it? The answer is, because they were not dining that night.
    As for drinking to excess, experienced police can detect that when speaking to witnesses/offenders. There was no mention by PJ that any of T9 seemed drunk or smelled of alcohol. I don't believe they drank to excess either.


    Britain's most senior policeman has told Sky News he was "embarrassed" by the Plebgate affair but has insisted the public can have faith that alleged wrongdoing by officers is investigated properly. Sky's Ian Woods has been speaking to the Met Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe.

  3. Tex maybe there was a burglar just one found Maddie in the wardrobe where he was looking for goodies terrified ran out phoned friends asking what to do , answer keep your mouth shut but but but no say nothing to no one keep shut,go away and live with it.
    Scotland yard have said to try and elliminate everyone just a thought.

  4. The tabloids should be ashamed of themselves for their rubbish journalism on this case. When the McCanns gave their first TV Interview outside their apartment they were both uncomfortable, Kate hardly said a word both looked guilty. Now 7 years later they have amassed a vast fortune thanks to the disgusting non-journalism from our corrupt media and the pair are so arrogant in the knowledge that they believe nobody can touch them because they have employed top lawyers and PR spin Carter Ruck. What does this say about UK justice when its rotten to the core protecting likes of the McCanns.

    The UK media should hang its head in shame it has printed false misleading stories and stopped justice from reaching its rightful conclusion with its trashy journalism. It's not called 'The Gutter Press' for nothing!


    "IT WOULD have been “practically impossible” for three-year-old Mikaeel Kular to leave his home on his own, a missing persons expert has claimed.

    John Moses, a former detective and ex-Royal Military Police officer, said the evidence in the case pointed towards a “professional abduction”.

    Mr Moses, now a private missing persons investigator, said forensic officers would have already established whether Mikaeel’s fingerprints were on the doors at the family home.

    He said: “The biggest concern is, how can a child of three years of age actually walk out of a premises at that time in the morning?

    “To be totally honest with you, it’s practically impossible. So police will be opening up the net and looking elsewhere as well.”

    He went on: “I personally don’t think a child would have been able to orchestrate this themselves – as in, open the door and work their way through the system.

    “I believe that forensics would have picked up the hand print of the child, clawing at the door, actually opening the door and working its way out.

    “So forensics will be one step ahead at this time and it will give them a better understanding at this stage, which won’t be disclosed, about where they should be looking.”"

    So all pointed to professional abduction... where have we heard this before?

  6. no caso de Mikaeel o corpo foi encontrado.

    no caso de April Jones o corpo não foi encontrado mas encontraram um culpado;

    no caso de Tia Sharp , o corpo apenas foi encontrado, quase 10 dias depois porque um jovem Polícia propôs levar os cães………. e, com o Mark W. Thomas por lá a fazer reportagens

  7. The Sun headline yesterday looks pretty stupid now- the taxi driver who said he smiled at Mikaeel. We were beginning to get the " sightings phenomena" which the media whipped up in the McCann case.

    The Scottish police seem to have handled the investigation very well and refused to be pushed into an abduction scenario. The assistant chief constable, struggling to maintain his composure when announcing the finding of a body was in marked contrast to the demeanour of the McCanns in all their interviews, particularly when first facing the media on May 4th


    'Too hot’ report on police leaks to media was buried as Leveson Inquiry ignored Met’s bombshell intelligence report

    Bombshell file on Met links to News International was dismissed by Leveson Inquiry - classified 2006 document alleged senior officer passed secret information on Met chief’s decisions to the ‘News of the World’

    Why am I not surprised?
    Brian Hurst, who gave evidence at Leveson said Brian Leveson was playing silly little games since the opening day of the Inquiry. Some things were too hot to handle...
    Allegation in files dating back to 2006 concerned a very senior officer in a corrupt relationship with News International.

  9. Note on how MSM media is behaving. The Mc word was assiduously avoided.
    No attempt to relate the suffering and shared experience of the respective mothers, no shots of the sniffer dogs used in the search, or quotes from Missing People charity. Nothing from Gordon Brown either.

  10. I am not a big fan of statistics because numbers can be twisted and presented conveniently but there is one that I have to say is very true: children are most harmed by those closest to them. With Mikaeel this was again confirmed.
    I think too much credit is being given to the Scot police. Not they didn't do a job well done, they did and must be congratulated. The point is they didn't have 7 neighbours coming forward confirming they saw the mother put Mikaeel to bed, didn't have an ambassador flying in on the scene and didn't have the hostility of the press defending the mother immediately.
    In Mikaeel's case, the mother was made a suspect from the start and the press didn't go after the cops for doing so.
    Let's be honest and say that if the Scot police had the sort of pressure put on PJ, today we would be seeing the birth of a new website asking for donations.
    That's the reality

    1. I quite agree with your comment - if the pj had been allowed to investigate the McCanns without the involvement of the media then it is very likely that Madeleines body would have been found and those guilty charged.

      Why the McCanns keep on about the burglar story is nothing short of an insult to all those people that see through their lies. Mikaeel's mother attempted the 'abduction from the bedroom story' but because the police were allowed to investigate they were able to ascertain who was guilty and follow their lines of enquiry, unlike in Madeleines case when the media came crashing in printing misinformation with sightings of Madeleine all over the globe. Mikaeel's story is a classic example of letting the authorities do their proper jobs and bringing those guilty to justice. God bless little Mikaeel and Madeleine RIP.

  11. The MSM not mentioning the McCanns in Mikaeel's case is as ridiculous as the 3 burglar story and tractorman put together.

  12. Let me say that I think that your post is spot on once again.
    The media are behaving "normally" (except about not mentioning the Maddie for comparison with Mikaeel) as they're reporting what they should about the liitle boy. What was not normal was the way Maddie was reported. If they had done their job with Maddie like they did with Mikaeel the McCanns would be under arrest right then.
    I also seen your blog being discussed on jill havern and a poster seems to say that you support Birch«s theory that Mafddie's body is buried under the Murat's driveway. I have checked the blog and seen nothing of the sort. Am I missing something? If you believe that she is buried there could you please provide a link to a post where you speak of this if you have?

    1. Anonymous 19 Jan 2014 17:45:00

      Thank you for the heads-up.

      Nowhere have said such a thing. We were one of the first to denounce Birch for what he is: full of hot air.

      It's our opinion that Murat's may have been a temporary stop for Maddie's body on the night of the 3rd and only for a few hours that night (21.15 to 04.00) after which it was taken somewhere further away from the Apartment 5A's wherabouts.

      Having those opinions, that Birch is on a misinformation mission and that Murat's may only have been a point of passage, we couldn't ever say that with think Maddie is buried under Murat's driveway.

    2. About what we think of the body in the driveway:

      About what we think of Birch:

      It seems like some are putting words into our mouths.

  13. News International is the organisation that rules UK. Cameron and government officials are News International puppets, they know the media can break or make their careers.

    Spineless journalists and MP ever wanting to please the corrupt media which in turn ensures them good publicity. The McCanns would and should have been found guilty back in 2007 but for 7 years they have made a mockery of justice, they believe they are above the law with their arrogance paid for from the public purse. If ever two criminals deserved to be sent to prison its Kate and Gerry, but unfortunately there PR team continually spoon feed the media stories which in turn sells papers. Carter Ruck paid for by the public the whole sick sorry saga seems to be never ending.

  14. Dog seen going into house in Fife with handler.Springer spaniel, like Grime's dogs. That can only be a blood or cadaver dog. An unwelcome sight for some.
    It can't be a search dog because the body has been found, so logically it can only be a blood or cadaver dog. I can't imagine it's a drugs dog, the only other possibility, given that the main priority will be to establish if the child was taken into the property at any stage. Or taken straight to the woodland.

  15. "
    O corpo sem vida do pequeno Mikaeel Kular, de três anos, dado como desaparecido há três dias em Edimburgo, na Escócia, foi encontrado nas traseiras da casa da uma tia. A polícia deteve a própria mãe da criança, suspeita de ter matado o filho e de ter simulado o seu desaparecimento.
    Após dois dias de buscas desesperadas por centenas de voluntários, o cadáver de Mikaeel foi encontrado numa zona de mato por detrás da casa de uma tia em Fife, a cerca de 64 quilómetros da casa da criança. Uma vizinha disse que viu a mãe do menino, Rosdeep Kular, perto dessa habitação na terça ou na quarta-feira de manhã, o que levantou as suspeitas da polícia.
    Inicialmente, a mãe disse que Mikaeel tinha desaparecido de casa durante a noite. A polícia acredita agora que ela o terá matado, desconhecendo-se o motivo."

    "Màe escocesa acusada de matar o filho, presa pela policia " in CM

    Os comentários, invariavelmente conectam o caso com o caso Mccann.



    "So, why doesn't Scotland Yard like the dead, black man? I can only come up with only three reasons:

    1) Scotland Yard can't have Portugal solve the case after reopening it just a few months ago when they have spent ten million dollars and two years working on the review.

    2) Portugal can't solve the case because that is for Scotland Yard to do; after all, the Portuguese police have been proven to be incompetent and they must remain incompetent while the top police agency in the world, Scotland Yard, comes in to save the day.

    3) The black guy just doesn't look a bit like Gerry McCann."


    "Police to dig into Kate and Gerry McCann's past"

    "British detectives have been asked to investigate the backgrounds of Kate and Gerry McCann."

    1. Interesting. Could this finally be the beginning of the turn? Are the MSM anticipating their change of attitude towards this pair?

    2. DO NOT PUBLISH Anon,

      We confirm that the Mail article link refers to 2007 and is not connected with any recent events.

  18. "Pais da bebé desaparecida na Madeira levado pela PJ" - CM
    Mais uma história estranha e uma criança desaparecida. Acidente por negligência ou crime?

  19. Mikaeel's mother has been charged with "murder and attempting to defeat the ends of justice."

    She gave no plea. Next hearing will be January 28th in private.

    No comments on this case will be accepted, other than factual information reported from court proceedings.

  20. "Attempting to defeat the ends of justice" from Scotland for a Scottish, Gerry McCann, to read every syllable.

  21. I think it is terrible how the Portuguese have been portrayed in the McCann scenario. The Portuguese people gave their time looking and searching for Madeleine, the pj did a good and thorough job, and it was the British media that has spread so much misinformation about the Portuguese and that alone is a crime in itself.

    The McCanns have plenty to answer to what they did to the people living in the quiet little cobbled streets of pdl and all those people that worked and made a living from the tourist trade was destroyed by the McCanns. The McCanns have no conscience they are disgraceful people for what they did and hid about their beautiful daughter and the treatment they dished out to the people of pdl.

  22. Hi
    Only found this site a week ago and have been steadily reading my way through it. I feel so much better having found it because finally I see a cohesive picture with no gaping holes or pieces that dont fit. Thanks for what must have been a huge effort. Most of the forums are still discussing neglect and its so frustrating because even the good ideas get lost in the clutter. Anyway, I've been researching the guests at PdL that week and have now established who jetted off - so its all making sense. I just wonder if the swinging could be substituted with another activity? Maybe not. I also wonder whether all of the 9 'TAPAS friends were being initiated ? Even MO? I dont know why but he strikes me as just plain normal, The only other comment I have is that you refer to them as upper class doctors and I would have to disagree. They were working class with aspirations to ascend in status. I really dont think they were even middle class. Our class system is confusing and they had all done well professionally but would still be labelled lower middle class from working class roots...anyway look forward to seeing more posts. Thanks

  23. Anon. 20 Jan 14 20:56:00

    I agree I think the McCanns et al treated the Portuguese and the PJ and all those who offered their help, sincerely in the hope of finding their child, with the utmost contempt. Even as the PJ fought to find out what happened to her they were systematically obscuring and disrupting the investigation. But even so, even with all this, GA and his team gave respect to their position as the parents of a "lost child". I find it hard to describe my admiration for the Portuguese because they are so far above what we experience here in the UK. More pity us!

  24. Censored comment:

    "Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Serial Journalism":

    (censored) In the case of the Mccanns you could tell from the start they had something to hide , sooner or later the truth will come out . Only hope that when it does all the people who supported them get charged for aiding and abetting and serve long prison sentences . Some of us are not brainwashed with what we read or hear these days and have enough common sense to see how people behave after they report a child missing as in the Mccanns case.

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 21 Jan 2014 08:20:00"

    Reason for censorship: ref to an ongoing case, thank you for understanding.

  25. Watch the demonisation of the woman in the ongoing court case and appreciate what the McCanns must have feared.

  26. I wonder if, in hindsight, that admitting the death of Maddie meant that the swinging scenario had to be revealed. For instance did DP ask for assistance in covering up death with the argument that if they did not receive assistance the swinging would be exposed. Or did the Important Guests say that you must hide the death or our swinging will be exposed. Which way around.. do they (the guests) regret this now - could they not have let the death be exposed and let swinging rumours be swinging rumours

  27. Those who maintain the NEGLECT story are assisting SY in a cover- up.
    Smithman becomes the abductor, if they can find a dead suspect who fits the required criteria. They have over 500 to check out, so it may take a while. Tractorman was their best option, but being black ruled him out.
    Without neglect/dining/checking, death in the apartment points in one direction only. So, if you want to assist SY, keep promoting the neglect story.
    The checking discrepancies waste all our time debating something which never happened.


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