Friday, 24 January 2014

Daniel Abreu

Daniel Abreu, the little 18 month old missing boy in Madeira was found alive. That is VERY good news.

Really good news indeed.

He was found Wednesday, the 22nd, around 08.00 by a worker, Manuel Teixeira, around 30/40 yards from the pathway near a small water canal, levada, more than a mile from his house.

TVI Reporter near the levada where Daniel was found

The Madeira Island, the main one of the Madeira Archipelago, is an island with enormous amounts of water resources.

It also has a very steep terrain. These levadas were built so to allow the water to be taken out to sea. As they have to be regularly checked for clogging, there are pathways alongside them.

These pathways are used not only by workers responsible to keep the water flowing as it has become quite a tourist attraction, the Madeira Levada Walks. They are used for trekking along Madeira’s very green and mountainous terrain and highly recommended.

Tourist walking on the pathway near where Daniel was found

Daniel was found by a working party of 7. Mr Teixeira, the man who found him said that he heard a child cry. He told the others to keep silent and they all heard the crying. Immediately they understood it was Daniel.

Arrow pointing where Mr Teixeira indicated he found Daniel

They cried out for him but he had gone silent. The area where the crying came from was downhill and had some high shrub. The 7 men split up and finally found him.

Manuel Teixeira, 61, the man who first heard the cries and then found Daniel

Evidently cold but no signs of having been harmed, which later would be confirmed in the health centre.

He went missing Sunday afternoon. Found on Wednesday morning. This means that if he had wondered off, an 18 month old child would have been alone for 65-70 hours, over 2 full days and 3 nights.

When found, besides cold, he would be completely dehydrated, hungry and absolutely soiled. And he wouldn’t be in condition to be released from the hospital two days later, today, Friday the 24th and returned to his parents.

Evidently the scenario of him wondering off, is not unlikely nor even virtually impossible. It’s absolutely impossible.

No way has a child that age, who has just learned to walk, wondered off that distance unnoticed. Even in the unlikelihood of having left of his own accord, he would very quickly felt frightened and cried, making himself heard by the search parties. 

He didn’t leave the house of his own accord. That’s a fact.

The fact that when he was found his dummy was few yards away, means clearly that he left the pathway and wondered off to a realistic and expected distance by a child that age. Fortunately he followed the instincts to go downhill and not follow the pathway where he could have tripped and fall into the canal.

He was taken. Besides that fact we will not give any other opinion about the case. PJ has said it has all options open and we will respect that.

He was taken and left where he could be found. This was only possible because the searches were called off by the PJ on Monday.

What a risky and courageous decision. The reasoning was simple. It was evident he was taken as no child that age would get very far on his own. With the airport and port closely watched by the authorities, it was impossible to get Daniel off the island without being noticed.

Whoever held him quickly realised that Daniel had become a huge problem. Realising that, the PJ decided to “show” this person (or people) that Daniel could be returned without harming him. A huge gamble but one that paid off. A bow of the head to the decider. Much more important than to catch the criminal(s) was to have the child returned alive and well.

Mind you, we are only stating an opinion. We're sure that the search was called off for a good reason but PJ haven't said why yet.

This calling off the search was highly criticised. And the reason it was is what we would like to highlight.

It certainly appeared premature to do that.

For that the PJ was criticised because this time they seemed focused almost exclusively on the parents.

This time?

What was the other time? Need we answer it?

Maddie has become the yardstick used to measure anything related to criminal cases involving children.

Tia, Shannon, Mikaeel and now Daniel.

For the general public the PJ had called off the search for Daniel on Monday because it didn’t want to be fooled again and so this time they just focused on the parents.

This is very telling.

The perception that the public has about the McCanns is that they are guilty. Of what, they don’t exactly know. They know Maddie was not abducted and they know that Maddie is dead. They think that the McCanns are involved in both. In the lying about the abduction and in her death.

They think that the McCanns are protected by “the powerful” and that’s why they have escaped justice all this time.

But the biggest guilt the general public point towards the McCanns is that they have fooled the PJ, Portugal and the Portuguese.

Fooled in a very offensive way.

When the search for Daniel was called off, people thought that the PJ didn’t want to be fooled again by those people called… “parents”. So they had, according to the public perception, simply abandoned the searches on the terrain so they could focus entirely on Daniel’s “Gerry & Kate”.

Interesting to see how all arguments for the criticism were based on assuming as FACT that the McCanns were guilty and had fooled the PJ.

The “Maddie pressure” was and is a constant.

Maddie has completely benchmarked any and all issues related with missing children.

The silence from the couple from Rothley is inexplicable.

Here we have a carbon copy case of their own with the best possible outcome and the McCanns seemed to be distracted with things with similar importance as watching butterflies.

A blond child was taken from his home while the parents were in the backyard, well within a responsible parenting distance, having a meal. Sound familiar? It is.

That child was returned safely 3 days after.

It would be expected for the McCanns to, if not rejoice, feel vindicated for all that has been said about them faking the abduction.

Now was the time to rub that in all our faces, especially in those like ours who have for years proclaimed, in writing, the their guilt about lying about their daughter's fate.

Instead, they’re silent. Deafeningly silent. Their name being thrown about (in all Portuguese MSM) and them pretending that it’s nothing to do with them.

Their silence is understandable.

We will overlook the fact that Daniel’s responsible parenting distance was much shorter than Maddie’s.

We will overlook the fact that Daniel has 3 yr old blonde sister but it was him, about the same age as the McCann twins at the time, who was targeted.

The problem is that in Daniel’s case, all points very clearly to him being taken, while with Maddie all points, clearly again, that she wasn’t.

The McCanns cannot discuss details. The deepest they can go into that is to say only that Maddie is “missing”.

One important final note.

The main reason the person or people holding Daniel to have released him was the fact they realised that they couldn’t move the boy away from the island.

Daniel’s face became only really known in Madeira, much less so in Portugal’s mainland and Açores. If Daniel could have been moved away from Madeira and Portugal, he could have been easily integrated elsewhere.

But the airport and port were closely watched and monitored. That determined Daniel’s fate.

By calling off the search and so giving the possibility of Daniel NOT be killed, the PJ saved his life.

To those saying that Daniel’s case differs from Maddie’s in terms of location because Madeira is an island and Algarve isn’t, allow us to disagree.

With Maddie the whole world became an island. An island much smaller than Madeira.

Maddie’s face was very, very well known worldwide 3 days after she went missing. A lot better known than Daniel’s face ever was even in Madeira.

The MSM made sure of that. Maddie’s face and coloboma quickly became a worldwide icon, while with Daniel he was only a very vague “a blonde 18 month old boy”.

With Maddie, all “airports & ports” worldwide were closely watched and monitored. Every 4 yr old blonde little girl closely examined to see if they were Maddie.

Whatever pressure those holding Daniel felt, it wasn’t comparable with what would have been felt by anyone holding Maddie.

A live Maddie, that is.

A dead Maddie, as we know, was easily hidden away.

Post Scriptum (Sat Jan 25 10:00:00)

In the post above we have written that Daniel would have been returned to his parents, yesterday. He hasn't. He is still in Hospital.

We wrote that based on a Correia da Manhã news report, here.

We hesitated in including this in the post but opted to highlight that apparently the PJ was indeed looking at all possible avenues.

Meanwhile we have learned the boy remains in hospital. We have an opinion about it but will refrain to express it

Post-Post Scriptum (Sat Jan 25 11:40:00)

In the news piece from which we captured the screen-shots of current post, Mr Teixeira threw a stone to show where exactly he had found Daniel. From the images we formulated the opinion expressed in the post: the boy had been left in the pathway and made his way to the spot where he was found.

Since then Mr. Teixeira has walked with another TV crew from the pathway to where he found Daniel.

It's impossible for Daniel to have walked from the pathway to there on his own. There are tree trunks lying down which he could not overcome.

With this new piece of information our opinion has, evidently changed. He was not left on the pathway. We now believe that he was left on or near where dummy found. Just a few yards away from where he was found.

It's our opinion that whoever left him there, did it to avoid having Daniel fall into the levada and drown, trusting that his cries would be heard by either workers or tourists.

Post-Post-Post Scriptum (Mon Jan 27 12:55:00)

We have received and published the following comment:

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Daniel Abreu":

You are insane,
They screwed up, called off the search too early and now all their pathetic acolytes are scurrying like mice to retrofit a ridiculous story that it was a deliberate plan!!!
That child could and may well have found his own way there, an eminent paediatrician has confirmed he is suffering from exposure. Exactly what you would expect.
And now your glorious cops admit they took photos of Daniel and SOLD them.

Thank god for the levada men, thank god for the toughness and will to survive of the poor.

Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 27 Jan 2014 10:59:00"

The picture referred to in the comment is this one, shown yesterady on RTP:

We see absolutely nothing wrong with the taking of this picture. In fact, we find it very fortunate it was taken as it tells us much.

We obviously condemn the attempt, if proven, to make a profit out of it by the policeman. He alleges the money was destined to help Daniel's family.

It's an allegation if proven true should deserve full approval from the BH as it's exactly something that some people thought of doing, in a much bigger scale, more than 6 and half years ago relative to a case very similar to Daniel's.

This picture seems to have been taken very shortly after Daniel was found. It is taken outdoors and is before the boy was put in an ambulance to be taken to hospital.

The picture shows a perfectly healthy boy, who appears like to have just been found in a backyard after crawling out of a house via backdoor and not 3 days after he went missing.

According to Insane, this is what a cold, wet, exhausted, dehydrated, hungry and soiled 18 month old child looks like after having spent 3 nights and almost 3 days, outside in winter and alone:

John Rambo, you're just a sissy when compared to Daniel.

This picture also tells us very clearly that there was no sense of urgency in taking Daniel to the hospital. If was found cold, wet, exhausted, dehydrated, hungry and soiled, no one would stop a second to take a picture. The priority would be to rush him as quickly as possible to the nearest ambulance.

This also tells us that the excuse for Daniel not to have been released from Hospital due to "muscle fatigue" seems not to be, in our humble opinion, the real reason.

And it begs the question, why does it bother the BH so that Daniel was abducted and did not wander off by himself?


  1. Yes, thoroughly agree.

    Have been thinking lately of your blog relating to the Mc Canns at the time when they were desperately wishing for the Smith family to come forward and indicate that they had witnessed a man carrying a child (Maddie) towards the beach. They appealed to the 'Irish' in an attempt to provoke the Smiths to 'wake up and remember'.
    Anyway, as we have seen on that occaision, TM try to manipulate things to happen how they wish, according to their 'story' of events. Therefore it is useful to look for other instances of how they manipulate things to occur. For instance, I have always thought that there would be a time when they wished that the body would be found and that they would manipulate 'us' into finding it. Now that Textusa has opened my eyes to how they operate, it makes it easier to analyse their discourse in order to see what they want us to see and how truth has been manipulated...

  2. Meanwhile, back in the UK, Tannerman still appears on the official Madeleine site. With a stated blessing from SY. Redwood's revelatory moment about Crechedad, identified as a tourist carrying a 2 year old girl in what I describe as the dead child position, was only "almost certainly" the man Tanner saw.
    Leaving room for the site to encourage people to look for another man carrying a child in pyjamas, in the dead child position, who passed by at the same time.
    Should Crimewatch producers be made aware of this? Is it remotely likely that 2 men passed by that night?
    2 possibilities- TM are mocking Redwood
    Redwood is encouraging this confusion.
    Who is Redwood reporting to, since the fairly recent departure of 2 officers senior to him in Op Grange? They obviously weren't anticipating a satisfactory end to this fiasco, covered in glory as they finished their careers?

  3. When they put out Maddie's face the way they did, as a "good marketng ploy", they knew they were condemning to death a live Maddie. It was the opposite of what PJ did with Daniel. The search for Maddie could not be called off because everyone was participating in it. There was no way Maddie could be released like Daniel was. The abductor didn't have any room to breath. The McCanns knew that by exposing their daughter's face that way it wouldn't compensate to hold her alive and it woulg make it impossible for the abductor to let her go without things coming back to him. The McCanns only did the marketing ploy because they knew they weren't condemning Maddie because they already knew her dead.

  4. The "other time" PJ wanted to turn their attention to the parents and it wasn't allowed to do so. This time we don't know as to where PJ has turned its attention. It could be the parents or not. We don't know. What the media says can't be trusted. We have learned that from Maddie.

    1. More will become known about how this child was taken. It's better not to attack or defend parents and then look foolish if events prove you wrong.

  5. Yes, by inverting their truth, we are able to slowly unpeel the shroud to reveal the truth

  6. I would like to congratulate the PJ on its decision to call off search. Right decisions under pressure are what make the difference.
    To politicisns, please back off and allow the police to be police.

  7. You are correct Tex when you state that the Maddie case is now a yardstick for similar cases, and that is what I find so baffling because the internet and pj files screams that the McCanns are involved and guilty of a coverup but why they are never charged is beyond me. They set up a fund, no questions asked, they sue anybody that disagrees with their rubbish abductor story and again no questions are asked by the media or authorities that have a duty to safeguard children. Redwood or Deadwood as he is now known is a joke and has brought nothing but discredit to SY. What is going on with this couple? Other people would have been locked up years ago, but the McCanns continue almost 7 years later spouting on about 'there is no evidence that she has been harmed' what nonsense we all know she is dead, probably been dead years so why the cover up. I cannot believe the pro McCanns stories printed in the media, how any journalist can write such tripe and put their name to it is in itself humiliating. Surely there must be somebody that can start procedings against this ghastly couple and get to the bottom of what happened to Madeleine.

  8. 7 years is way too long to resist laying to rest a young little girl. If this is for the sake of the
    very important guests wanting to keep their swinging secret then hey, swinging is fine. Research shows that swingers are psychologically normal people so we have no problem with you swinging. But please can we stop this charade and allow our money to reach a worthwhile cause. Let Maddie's death be resolved and so she can be finally at rest. Let the guilty parties be punished as appropriate and stop treated the general public as fools

  9. Assim que ouvi a noticia sobre o Daniel, o primeiro pensamento que me ocorreu foi "pobre PJ, mais uma vitima inocente e uns pais a tentarem fazer tudo para condicionar o trabalho da policia". Os Mccann deixaram este legado, que vai ficar gravado como um sindrome.
    Foi um golpe de mestre, a decisão de terminar as buscas e dar uma única conferência de imprensa, lacónica, onde todas as hipóteses cabiam e depois remeter-se ao silêncio. Um silêncio que deixou que outros factos falassem, que algumas personagens entrassem em jogo e que o stress se instalasse. Ainda bem que a criança apareceu viva e que a deixaram num local onde tinham a certeza que seria encontrada. Mas não quero imaginar a tortura que foi para a criança, ficar naquele lugar de madrugada, às escuras e debaixo das condições climatéricas que têm sido descritas. Quem o fez, ainda que não tenha feito mal à criança, tem uma pedra no lugar do coração e cometeu um grave erro se pensou que com isso escapava ao faro das autoridades. Vai ser apanhado e podia ter reduzido a sua culpa em muito, se tivesse entregue a criança sob outras condiçoes.
    A PJ, já terá por certo o " cenário que explica os acontecimentos" e por alguma razão tem sido cautelosa a libertar informação e por alguma razão o Daniel vai ficar mais tempo à guarda do hospital ( porque precisa mesmo ou porque é preciso dar tempo à policia para descobrir tudo, tendo em conta " o superior interesse da criança" que neste caso, é saber para onde a enviar depois do hospital de modo a que tenha futuro) .
    Do que sabemos é um facto que:
    - A criança não saiu pelo seu pé. Os cães pisteiros perderam-lhe o rasto à saida da porta.
    - Não esteve sózinha enquanto esteve desaparecida.
    - Apareceu perto do local onde desapareceu, provando que quem a levou nào teve hipótese de ir longe e teve-a escondida numa casa por ali.
    - O tio, na reconstituição feita pela RTP tentou convencer a jornalista que a criança abriu 2 ou 3 portas sozinha antes de sair de casa, mesmo quando a jornalista o confrontou com a altura da criança versus a altura das fechaduras. Outra vez poderes ocultos a sobredotar personagens reais para que estas encaixem num programa previamente delineado.
    - O pai, falou sempre muito ( demais em meu entender) e cedo começou a culpar a PJ, quando deveria estar solidário com o trabalho da policia e não procurar tanto protagonismo com as TVs. Porque stressou? Só porque o filho estava desaparecido ou porque a policia se fechou e assim deixou de saber o que andava a PJ a fazer?
    Peço imensa desculpa, pelo meu comentário, mas há qualquer coisa na atitude deste pai que cheira mal desde o inicio. Primeiro culpa a PJ, depois não quer sair da " pocilga" onde vive porque depois vai "viver do quê"? Do rendimento minimo de inserção, obviamente, como dizem tem vivido até aqui. Aproveitando as circunstâncias, quer mais dinheiro ( Hum ...) Pode ser que seja só a sua ileteracia, mas de facto, tem uma conversa e uma atitude que cheiram muito mal.
    Que Deus ilumine o caminho da PJ para descobrir toda a verdade de modo a poder proteger o menino e a irmã daqui para a frente. Quem o teve, tirou-o de dentro da casa sem forçar nada e teve-o em casa, por ali perto sem que se criassem muitas ondas. Conseguiu calar o choro da criança que é sempre dificil de ser controlado por alguém, se for um estranho e conseguiu que a vizinhança não desse por nada. Coincidências a mais para serem menosprezadas.

  10. We call to the attention of our readers that we have just published a Post Scriptum to this post.


    "A tia do pequeno Daniel (bebé que desapareceu no domingo à tarde, na freguesia do Estreito da Calheta), disse ao DIÁRIO que foi literalmente "impedida" de ver o seu sobrinho quando esta tarde se deslocou propositadamente do concelho da Calheta à cidade Funchal. Conceição Abreu garante que ao entrar no hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça "uma assistente social" ter-lhe-á transmitido "ordens superiores" e igualmente "instruções da própria Polícia Judiciária", no sentido de impedir esta parente directa de poder ver o menino de apenas 18 meses. Revoltada pela atitude, Conceição Abreu disse ao nosso jornal ter pedido explicações detalhadas pelo embaraço causado, todavia, referiu que as justificações que foram prestadas foram escassas."

    1. My opinion is that this is Maddie's carbon copy case: parents involved but not only them. I will wait and see what PJ finds.

  12. We call to the attention of our readers that we have just published a Post-Post Scriptum to this post.

  13. In this case, it concerns a child from working class PORTUGUESE parents, VERY POOR parents, which were already under scrutiny from the social workers (that's what it was said in a tv channel), so, this time there were no barriers set upon the PJ, the investigation is running freely, unhindered by pressures from politicians, ambassadors, consuls, the media, and so on!
    I saw some footage of the "house" the family lives in, and it can hardly be called a house, it's a tin shack, my heart shrank as I saw little Daniel's bed, pushed against the bare tin "wall", the bitter cold in the Winter and the scorching heat in the Summer that family must endure, it is terrible. I also saw the toys scattered all over the place outside the house, covered in dirt, all very bad and unsanitary, the family lives in apaling conditions, they are the living portrait of the "other side" of touristy Madeira, the wrong side, not shown in postcards and tourism advertising. Shame on the regional government, who throws away the tax payers money sponsoring the "official" football club but turns a blind eye to the families who live in the most abject conditions in "houses" which are not fit for animals, let alone human beings!
    There are alredy rumours of the parents selling the child, or someone from the family taking the child for that purpose. I do not want to point the finger and make false accusations of wrong-doing, but the times I watched the father and the mother speaking on camera, something felt not quite right...their words did not match their body language, their facial expressions were so blank! Coaxed by the reporters to tell of how they felt when they had word that their son was alive and well, their mouths spoke common-place words of "yes, very happy, etc", but there was no enthusiasm, no "over the moon" delight, no tears of joy, nothing. Also, I saw no complaint of not being able to join their son immediately at the hospital, no demand, no desperation, no overwhelming urge to be reunited with the child! If it was me, first I would be jumping up and down with joy and relief knowing my child is alive and well, second, I would be shouting and crying from the top of my lungs to be reunited with my child, and if the authorities would not allow I would use the media to express my anger! Those parents looked robotic! I might be unfair, but that's how they came across to me...

    Final thoughts: the PJ, when left alone unhindered, they DO do their job well, they "connect the dots" this case and in many others! An example of that is the "Meco tragedy", where 6 young lives where lost, and what at first seemed to be a freak accident, now has become something much more complex, the investigation has progressed to a crime investigation. The PJ IS competent, it only takes no outside INTERFERENCE!

  14. Esta história tem a familia directa envolvida e para mim, não seria surpresa nenhuma se a PJ descobrisse que o pai foi parte importante de toda a jogada. O sr, parece ávido por dinheiro e não está muito interessado em ter trabalho ou um emprego para melhorar as condições da familia e viver honestamente, em vez de ser mais um subsidiodependente com idade e condição fisica BOA para trabalhar.
    Faz bem o papel de vitima, a ver se usurpa a segurança social para lhe aumentarem os rendimentos à custa de todos nós. Se tem habilidade para esta jogada, quem garante que não teve habilidade para outra mais bem obscura para a criança e que correu mal?
    As primeiras entrevistas às vizinhas, não foram muito positivas para a familia. Embora salientassem que nunca deram conta que as crianças fossem maltratadas ou negligenciadas em termos alimentares, parece que os vizinhos tinham medo deles. Porquê?
    Depois as noticias sistemáticamente referenciam que o pai apenas ontem visitou a criança e só por 5 minutos. E ninguém diz que foi impedido pelas autoridades. Está mais interessado em dar entrevistas e ver se se faz de vitima. Só falta montarem-lhe um Fundo e começar a faturar donativos. Tem uma grande escola mas não me convence.
    A policia que aperte o cerco à familia para saber quem foram os mestres da jogada porque se se confirmarem as minhas dúvidas, todas as crianças à guarda deste grupo correm perigo e têm de ser monitorizadas.
    Só faltava que esta história também tivesse um tentáculo dos Mccann para provar que há raptos em Portugal e que a PJ é incompetente. Afinal um dos seus mais activos defensores no passado, não é um madeirense sem escrúpulos que até se ofereceu para defender a Leonor Cipriano e assinou em nome do irmão desta, uma falsa confissão? Já nada me surpreende. O mundo ficou pequeno demais no caso Maddie e até o impensável começa a ter de ser equacionado. O tempo está a escassear sem conseguirem encontrar qualquer culpa de GA que justifique a perseguição que lhe têm feito. E o madeirense foi um dos mais activos perseguidores, em nome dos Mccann.

  15. Alguns portugueses já começam a deixar-se iludir pela situação. Alguns, nos comentários deixados em jornais pedem ao governo da Madeira que dê uma casa aos pais. Quem paga a casa? Os nossos impostos? Os impostos de quem trabalhou a vida toda para ter uma casa, e dá no duro todos os dias para mostrar resultados e não perder o emprego? Dêm-lhes um trabalho e proponham-lhes uma casa em que possam pagar a renda. Há falta de empregos mas não há falta de trabalho para quem precisa e quer viver honestamente, sem ser à custa da Segurança Social. Um tabalho igual ao do sr que encontrou a criança, é de certeza possivel e não os afasta da zona onde querem viver. Lanço balões se este par aceitar uma proposta dessas. Chega de sermos otários e tentar defender e ajudar quem quer viver a custa....Por isso não me admira que a PJ suspeite que a criança era para venda. O que eu não acredito é que fosse um estranho a querer vendê-la.

  16. Hi
    Over the last 2 - 3 weeks I have (I think) read most of the posts here on this site and wholeheartedly accept the theory has being the only one that logically accounts for the events and happenings of this case. If David Cameron has a decision to make in determining when and whether to reveal the factual truth or a version of the truth, then I am wondering if the Mc Cann couple would be wise to pre-empt the revealing of the 'truth' by in fact revealing the truth and handing themselves in? Just wondering.

  17. and just to had to my previous comment.. now that I believe I know the truth of what happened (so far, anyway) I am surprised to learn that it doesn't make me feel good, excited, pleased that I am no longer being deceived, happy that I am no longer frustrated at not understanding... instead I just feel sad and even a little depressed for everyone involved, including the McCanns

  18. It's great to see the comments in Potuguese. It means you have the attention of people in Portugal. Other sites speak for the UK but Textusa speaks for both countries. This post will be very important if a family link is finally revealed.
    Again, well done for choosing this post.
    It could have been tricky if it was an abductor, but Textusa didn't avoid the potential for BHs to gloat. It was an honest post, showing you don't avoid what might not be in your favour

  19. Segundo RTP ( Bom dia Portugal), Daniel regressa hoje a casa. Espero que nào seja mais uma Vanessa e que daqui por uns tempos não volte a ser noticia pelas piores razões.
    Entretanto já estão a transformar em caso, a estupidez do policia que indevidamente se fotografou com a criança e vendeu a foto. Ainda vào acabar por punir mais o policia ( nào que não deva ser sancionado) do que o criminoso que levou a criança .

  20. You are insane,
    They screwed up, called off the search too early and now all their pathetic acolytes are scurrying like mice to retrofit a ridiculous story that it was a deliberate plan!!!
    That child could and may well have found his own way there, an eminent paediatrician has confirmed he is suffering from exposure. Exactly what you would expect.
    And now your glorious cops admit they took photos of Daniel and SOLD them.

    Thank god for the levada men, thank god for the toughness and will to survive of the poor.

    1. We will leave up to our readers to make their judgment about your words and as to why would someone even write them.

    2. This Insane comment illustrates what the comment said about BHs gloating.
      So they believe he wandered off and wasn't abducted? That's a first
      A baby manages not to lose his dummy over 3 days! Most babies are constantly dropping them within minutes.
      I can't support selling a photo to the press, if that's what happened.

    3. At some point over 3 days an abandoned baby would be sobbing and would lose his dummy. He may have suffered some exposure if he had been left for some hours in the early and cold morning.
      Was the eminent paediatrician the same person who examined him?
      Or someone giving an opinion on a possibility?

    4. We call to the attention of our readers that, because of the comment from Anonymous 27 Jan 2014 10:59:00, we have just published a Post-Post-Post Scriptum to this post.

    5. Daniel has just been returned to his parents.

  21. Brilliant post scriptum. Shows Daniel not in a critical state when found. And even in a fit state to be held. If he'd been in a terribly soiled state, the first priority would be hospital, as he would have been covered in sores and urine burns. If hypothermia, he would need urgent treatment to raise his temperature slowly and safely.
    Babies need to eat more frequently than adults. An adult body would withstand 3 day starvation, but a baby would suffer.

  22. They should make the paediatrician walk from where Daniel was taken to where he was found and then have a camera crew ask him if he confirms what he's said...

    1. Either the paediatrician was very unfortunate or should have his licence removed.

  23. So did the finder have a nappy with him him to change the baby so he could hold him?

  24. "thank god for the toughness and will to survive of the poor"
    Daniel would have survived 3 days because he was POOR?!?
    What an absurd and insensitive thing to say!!
    Let me guess, if Daniel was poor AND a gypsy, would he survive a week or more?
    In what world does this person live in?

  25. Acho que vale a pena ouvir o princípio do caso Daniel. O SEF atento aos angolanos que chegam a Lisboa com " filhos" e a chamada de atenção do Hernâni Carvalho para SEF/Crianças da Madeira ( histórias antigas e más) .

    Tb de ouvir as perguntas à progenitora do Daniel e a ...... resposta.


    Una desaparición como la de 'Maddie'..., pero con final feliz

    Daniel, el bebé portugués de 18 meses que desapareció la semana pasada en la isla de Madeira, ha salido este lunes del hospital y ha vuelto ya a casa de sus padres. Una historia en parte similar a la de la niña británica Madeleine McCann -que desapareció en un apartamento en el Algarve en 2007-, pero con final feliz. La policía judicial portuguesa investiga ahora el extraño caso de la desaparición de Daniel y la tesis del rapto no consumado es la que de momento pesa más, aunque todas las hipótesis están sobre la mesa.

    Daniel desapareció de la casa en la que sus padres estaban comiendo con unos familiares y durante tres días lo estuvieron buscando por los alrededores del pueblo madeirense en el que se le vio por última vez. Pero no hubo suerte, a pesar del rastreo de toda la zona, tanto por la policía como por los vecinos. Hasta que tres días después, a dos kilómetros del lugar en el que se le había visto por última vez -zona que había sido rastreada- reapareció sin más. Estaba sentado, llorando, con hambre, con señales de frío y con el pañal sucio. Pero no parecía haber sufrido malos tratos ni haber pasado hambre, pues tenía niveles normales de azúcar en la sangre, como confirmaron después los médicos del hospital en el que fue internado.

    Es decir, que no había señales de que el niño hubiera estado vagando solo durante aquellos tres días en el que sus padres le perdieron la pista, en una zona en la que por la noche las temperaturas bajan a los 2 o 3 grados. Los médicos, de hecho, consideraban muy difícil que, de haber sido así, el niño hubiera conseguido sobrevivir. Al contrario, todo apuntaba a que habría estado con alguien que lo habría alimentado. La única herida que presentaba era un eritema del pañal por la falta de higiene de esos días, y fue encontrado con la misma ropa que llevaba el día que desapareció.

    Así que ahora la policía portuguesa investiga dónde estuvo el niño y, sobre todo, con quién. Durante los días que estuvieron buscándolo, los perros, nada más salir de la casa en la que había estado el niño, le perdían el rastro, por lo que la policía baraja la posibilidad de que alguien se lo llevara en coche. El caso fue rápidamente divulgado por todos los medios de comunicación en Portugal, como sucedió con el caso de 'Maddie', y, por eso, la policía cree que el presunto autor del rapto podría optar por dar marcha atrás debido al exceso de noticias.

    El niño pertenece a una familia humilde de Madeira. El padre está en el paro y la madre, de 24 años, tuvo un pasado problemático y estuvo en un local de acogida, según el semanario 'Sol'. Sin embargo, el cura que bautizó al pequeño Daniel dice que ahora está "extremadamente equilibrada y seria". La familia vive en una casa precaria con los abuelos paternos del niño y su hermana mayor, de 3 años. La Seguridad Social ya ha mostrado su disponibilidad para ayudar a la familia.

    Durante la desaparición, en uno de los interrogatorios, el padre de Daniel se mostró indignado cuando los policías colocaron encima de la mesa la hipótesis de que la familia pudiera haber intentando vender al niño, que al final ha podido regresar a su casa, sano y salvo, pero por su temprana edad, sin poder contar dónde estuvo esos tres misteriosos días y quién pudo querer llevárselo.

    Mientras tanto, las imágenes del reencuentro de Daniel con su madre fueron publicadas en primera página en la revista del corazón 'Nova Gente' y al parecer fue uno de los agentes que lo encontró quien se las vendió a los medios de comunicación. La policía ha abierto una investigación y el policía en cuestión publicó en las redes sociales que las vendió para conseguir dinero con el que ayudar a la familia.


    Copiado ipsis verbis.

    E queixam- se da lentidão da net. Lol!

  28. O comentário maldoso colocado hoje do Anonymous27 Jan 2014 10:59:00 é típico da acção concertada dos muito receosos e dos muito proMcs. Só escrevem frases sem sentido e cheias de ignorância propositadamente. A instrução escolar, a falta de educação moral e cívica foram os principais requisitos para serem seleccionados para o grupo de "atacantes".

    É de passar à frente porque há assuntos muito sérios que têm de ser resolvidos e analisados . Não se pode perder tempo com gente desta e não podemos gastar a nossa energia e empenho assim com " isto"/ gente.

    mc n


  30. "SEF apanha traficantes de crianças no aeroporto de Lisboa"- CM

    Brilhante trabalho do SEF. Um dos traficantes trazia as crianças ( rapazes e raparigas) de Africa com destino a Paris, cobrava milhares de Dolares pelo transporte destas e trazia consigo uma avultada quantia de dinheiro e cartões de crédito. O outro viajou de Paris para retomar as crianças em Lisboa. Falta saber o destino destas crianças ( prostituição, pedofilia ou trabalho escravo na agricultura e construção civil, onde tomam os lugares dos adultos mas auferem um baixo salário e nào pesam aos patrões com encargos de Segurança Social e contratos de trabalho. E falta saber a origem destas crianças. Entraram neste esquema, com ou sem autorização dos familiares? Quanto dinheiro foi entregue a montante, a quem arranjou a documentação e providenciou estas crianças? Nenhuma delas é loira e aposto que bem nascida. Também aposto que nenhuma delas foi retirada do quarto de um hotel enquanto dormia, ou seduzida por um estranho dentro de uma habitaçào, enquanto decorria um almoço. Nenhuma delas é bébé ou criança de tenra idade. Bébés e crianças pequenas, dào muito trabalho, despesa e chatice no transporte..... Panicam facilmente e não entendem intimidações ou ameaças.
    Vamos ver se os Mccann se colam a esta "bola". Bem que lhes dava jeito, uma rede de tráfico a operar na Europa, mas como convém, fora da rota do reino de Sua Majestade.

  31. "
    Zé do Burro
    »Moro aqui a poucas centenas de metros...vivem à minha custa(RSI), passam o dia nas esplanadas fumando, tomando "café" comprando guloseimas para os "pequenos" e com viaturas próprias porque, andar a pé "cansa". Agora vão receber mais uns milhares...Por favor, não gozem com o meu BURRO...."

    (Comentário de um leitor do CM à noticia da chegada do Daniel a casa. Infelizmente, comungo da mesma indignação. Fizeram o circo, alimentaram-no e agora colhem os dividendos. Onde é que já vimos isto, com um pouco mais de glamour?
    Pois eu esperava que as autoridades portuguesas tivessem aprendido a lição e que em vez de dinheiro, dessem aos pais um trabalho. Têm corpo e idade para serem produtivos e reduzirem os encargos da Segurança Social. Há de certeza trabalho que possam fazer, quanto mais nào seja, a limparem as Levadas onde o filho foi encontrado. Assim, podem experimentar um pouco do frio que o pequeno dever ter suportou madrugada dentro, quando ali foi deixado.
    Como diz o provérbio chinês... Ensinem a familia a pescar em vez de lhes darem peixe.
    Esta história, toda mal contada, conseguiu surtir o efeito que a familia quis. 15000 euros já lá cantam e mais o dinheiro que o PSP fez com a foto( por acaso uma imagem ternurenta em meu entender, como nào vi nenhum dos pais tirar com a criança, nem quando esta etava em convalescença no hospital). Mas o policia é que é o único mau da fita, como sempre.
    Vivem numa casa suja e miserável, mas têm dinheiro para carros e vida de ócio no café. Afinal é bom o RSI. Mau, é o nosso salário, que honestamente saímos todos os dias, enfrentando todas as adversidades para termos pão na mesa e somos sancionados se faltarmos ou não desempenharmos bem o nosso papel enquanto empregados e cidadãos.

    1. Anonymous 28 Jan 2014 06:30:00

      Thank you for your comment.

      We have refrained, and will continue to do so, to provide an opinion about who is(are) culprit(s) in Daniel’s case.

      About what happened to him we have only two certainties: he was taken and he was dropped near a levada on early Wednesday morning.

      As to determine who did what and when we trust PJ’s work.

      And we’re not expecting results soon.

      We believe the PJ already knows who the culprit(s) is(are) but is unable to prove it. Sometimes criminal cases end up in such predicament.

      Even in that, the Maddie case is an example. We, here, are certain that Maddie’s death happened in the presence of 2 adults: Kate McCann and David Payne.

      But which of the 2 to charge with what happened to Maddie?

      We know one did it and the other didn’t but we don’t know who the one or the other are.

      Unless there’s a confession (for closure’s sake there’s a possibility the culprit will be instructed to confess) neither can be charged even though it will be clear one of them is guilty of what only a court can decide after hearing evidence of events surrounding the death.

      We felt that Daniel was returned under PJ’s frustration. We are not saying we think the parents are involved or that PJ thinks they are.

      But Daniel’s return is, in the worst case scenario, handing him over to those they know have harmed him or, in the best case, publicly admitting the “elimination” of parents while at the same time revealing its incapability to prosecute anyone else.

      The parents may or may not be involved. We have our opinion.

      If the parents are involved, we believe the PJ knows this but cannot prove it at the moment. If they are not, they will be the first to understand PJ’s frustration and it will be in their interest that this be solved and so are expected to cooperate fully with the investigation.

      Either way, the parents are joined at the hip with PJ on Daniel’s case and will remain so until PJ’s frustration ends. And it will only end with closure.

      Whoever is guilty knows that they have a frustrated PJ on their heels. They cannot and will not rest.

      About the money given to the family we must say that we believe that is all but the result of society’s hypocrisy. Back in 2005, a CNN reporter was asked why the importance given at the time to Natalee Hathaway’s disappearance and he simply said that some cases were lucky while others were not.

      Maddie was an exception. It was assured that it was a “lucky” case by the MSM itself.

      Would Daniel be headlines if there hadn’t be a Maddie? We don’t know. We know that Rui Pedro went missing and only became news much later and that only due to his mother’s efforts.

      Once in the headlines, Daniel’s shocking reality became known. The “solidarity” reaction we now witness is nothing but a hypocritical exercise of conscience cleansing that we have witnessed so many times.

      Many now “worried” with Daniel's welfare are the same who willingly participate in Maddie’s pantomime.

      About the policeman, we think it was a moment of misfortune. Everyone has one, or, like me, many. What we would like to know is if it was him who approached the media to sell, irrelevant of motive, the picture or was he made an offer for it.

      To our non-Portuguese readers the RSI (Rendimento Social de Inserção) is a very controversial subsidy introduced by Antonio Guterres in the late 90’s. It’s basically a permanent sort of unemployment subsidy given to poor families.

      It’s controversial because many have pretended to be poor in order to receive it and many others use it as a reason to not even try to find work.

    2. Speaking of Rui Pedro, he would be 27 yrs today:

  32. In the policeman's picture I see only a celebration of a joyous moment: a child-victim had been found well and alive.
    I also believe he was contacted to sell.
    The press now condemning him have sold many copies of their papers with pictures with no moral integrity by those who took and sold them.

  33. the mccanns must realise that their phones would definitely have been hacked! Hacking apparently was common place onwards from 2005 by journalist desperate for news stories anybody in the news would have been hacked, so why are they so strangely silent on this subject? Especially with McCanns views on Levinson.

    Andy Coulsdon,Rebecca Brookes the old Murdoch clan were fed news stories by the McCann family, friends and PR. The McCanns would not have been aware of phone hacking back in 2007 but on the news today one of the journalist stated quite catagorically 'I hacked any and every phone' to get news stories. The love triangle with Sienna Miller, Daniel Craig and Jude Law their phones were hacked. This is where the McCanns are going to come unstuck they believed they were invincible and in control but now they are very vulnerable, how long before they are dragged into the phone hacking scandal. Madeleine McCann front page, sold newspapers they were the No 1 news story for years and cannot kid themselves that their phones were not hacked and now their silence speaks volumes......

  34. Daniel has brought back to my memory the gypsy little girl used as a campaign last year:

    Then the tabloids called Maria the 'Greek Maddy'. Why wasn't Daniel considered 'Portuguese Maddy' by the same tabloids?


    "Desaparecido em 1998, Rui Pedro completava hoje 27 anos"

    With video campaign made by the APCD - Associação Portuguesa de Crianças Desaparecidas
    (portuguese missing children association)

    Um abraço solidário do tamanho do mundo para Filomena e um muito obrigada e bem-hajam para Paulo Pires e Ana Padrão por darem a cara por esta causa.


  36. Rui Pedro
    Complete APCD campaign video here:

  37. It's very little what I can offer to Filomena except prayer. My thoughts are with you on this painful day.

  38. A ideia partiu da realizadora Cláudia Clemente.

    E contou com a colaboração de cerca de uma dúzia de pessoas,

    incluindo os actores Paulo Pires e Ana Padrão.

    Todos trabalharam de graça.

    1. No need for Missing People nor Find Madeleine websites.
      Pure and honest people paying respect to Rui Pedro and Filomena

    2. A very nice gesture indeed

  39. Rui Pedro and Filomena - our thoughts are with you - God bless x

    Apelo de Filomena Teixeira no dia em que Rui Pedro faz 27 anos- uma verdadeira mãe coragem, cuja degradação fisica temos acompanhado ao longo destes 16 anos e não pode deixar ninguém indeferente. Como é que a pessoa que lhe levou o filho, consegue olhar para estes factos e não ter um pingo de coração?


    Siga o circo. Policia inglesa no Algarve para interrogar ladrões suspeitos. Que ladrões mais estúpidos.... Com tantas moradias recheadas de bens e fechadas ou habitadas por idosos, fizeram de um resort mediocre frequentado por turistas de " pacotes com desconto para escapadelas semanais" um target.
    Esta teoria só cabe na cabeça de uma policia com agenda pré-programada, ansiosa por encontrar um fio onde possa fazer um nó e fechar o caso de qualquer maneira.
    Se juntarmos todos os ingredientes que a mesma policia pretende servir no manjar, então a história fica mesmo surreal- imaginem 3 ladrões em acção + um grupo akargado de hospedes jantando ao ar livre no Tapas + A sra Fenn à varanda mesmo em cima do 5A + 2 casais de hospedes jantando noutra varanda o take away que encomendaram no Tapas + Jeremy W passeando o carrinho de bébé para adormecer o filho + Tapas 7 indo e vindo de 15 em 15 minutos no controle aos filhos( dos Mccann)..... Que poderes paranormais vão ser atribuidos aos ladrões, além de terem feito isto tudo de meias, luvas e gorros para não fazerem barulho nem deixarem qualquer vestigio? Aguardemos as cenas dos próximos capitulos de mais uma "dead story".

    1. Since Spring last year, but with particular acuteness as of from its Fall, the UK is really finding it difficult to come to terms as to what "imminent" really means. As in "imminent arrests".

  42. Em 6 anos, nunca vimos os Mccann fazerem qualquer apelo semelhante ao de Filomena Teixeira. Têm sido só jogadas concertadas com jornalistas e tabloides que olham para o caso Maddie apenas como um bom negócio.

    1. Agree. Never the McCann well paid marketing machine (one received an international prize and the Portuguese one was represented in the trial) never came up with a spontaneous video directed to move people to look for their daughter. All was about selling stuff and justifying themselves. The only initiatives I remember from them were marathon running and candle lighting. And that outdoor balloon.


    Daniel, de apenas 18 meses, recebeu ainda uma camisola do clube, o cartão de sócio e uma matrícula de um ano letivo no respetivo Colégio.

    Sábado, no jogo com o FC Porto, o bebé vai entrar em campo com a equipa do Marítimo.
    O departamento de marketing do clube e o Colégio do Marítimo deslocaram-se esta segunda-feira à casa dos pais do menino, onde ofereceram alguns bens, com o apoio de uma empresa regional.

    1. Os benefícios materiais e o futebol........ Isto faz-me lembrar outro caso...........

      Qual será?

      A idade realmente não perdoa.

  44. From comments in the post it's evident that Portugal hasn't let go of Maddie. The wounds left by the McCanns are still very fresh.


    This is the McCanns at their lying best recalling the events of the 3rd.

  46. What is glaringly evident is that the same people who loath the McCanns share Filomena Teixeira's pain. Why? Why the sympathy for one and total disgust for the others? Is the inhumanity in us or in them, the McCanns? Daniel and Rui Pedro show that people care! They just don't care about those who lie.

  47. The more I read and see of the McCanns they make me feel physically sick. Here are two 'parents' (for want of a better word) who have done nothing except court the media and arrange meetings with ambassadors or dignataries just days after their beautiful daughter went 'missing'. Why were they not distraught or out searching, how could they have a mind to waste time and effort writing a blog or jogging no searching on their part ever took place, as Kate said ' it was too dark' to bother to go out an look because they knew exactly what had happened to her. They may have fooled the public in 2007 but now their lies are so evident and public opinion is well and truly against them.Gerry the controlling egotistical freak with Kate the unbalanced who knows what. This pair should have been thoroughly investigated they have guilty written all over their arrogant faces. Sales of the Daily Mirrir must have dropped considerably today front page was the ridiculous headline that the Met were off to pdl to arrest three burglars in connection with Madeleines disappearance. The Mccanns are a pair of scheming manipulators, they have squandered millions that could have been put to much better use. They are the scum of our society and all those that have lied for them deserved to be locked up and the keys thrown away.

  48. Russel O'Briens statement is pure fabrication, he expects us to believe that his small daughter was sick and he still went out with his partner and had an evening dinner with the McCanns and friends. What father would leave a sick child alone in an apartment being sick whilst he and his partner went out drinking and eating with friends. What will this child think when she is old enough to understand how irresponsible her father was. She could had died choking on her vomit, but did Russell care, no, just so long as he could have his wine and food it did not matter about his poor child left alone in an apartment sick and ill. Why did Matthew Oldfield say to the McCanns 'I'll check on Maddie for you' when he did his 'supposed' 9.30 check, why did he not say' I'll check on your CHILDREN'. It's all lies and fabrication.
    Another odd aspect to this case is how much the McCanns have relied on the media and social media networks. Some of these sites which are definitely pro-McCann and set up to influence opinion do not question the McCanns version of events considering there is nothing to substantiate anything Kate and Gerry have said concerning the 'abduction'. Public opinion is now very much against the McCanns. The public are forbidden from commenting on their on-line news articles or from having an opinion that differs from the abuductor story. Whilst other sites seek justice and truth. The few (and they are few) pro-mccann sites have the same couple of posters commenting, surely these posters could be traced and investigated to ascertain their true intentions or if they have any connection to this case. Also there must be transcripts of the McCanns phone records, at present presumably superinjunctions enforced by the lawyers acting for the McCanns prohibit their publication but undoubtedly they do exist considering the media hype surrounding this case.
    The truth will come out we just want justice for an innocent child.

  49. "Já ouviram o Payne?" - Manuel Catarino em CM
    ( A policia tem um suspeito em Inglaterra, amigo dos pais).

    Tenho pena de não poder aceder ao artigo para ver o que diz Manuel Catarino. Finalmente, os jornalistas começam publicamente a questionar.

  50. "Ingleses pedem contas bancárias do caso ‘Maddie’"- CM

    Afinal vieram para perseguir 3 ladrões ou para pedir as contas bancárias? Quais contas bancárias? As dos Mccann e amigos? Mas essas não são inglesas e não foram negadas à PJ há 6 anos?
    Só se for para ver as contas bancárias do Tapas e de outros restaurantes na PDL, como o Chaplins, onde deve haver registos dos cartoes de crédito, ao contrário do Tapas que terá sido uma fabricação.

  51. "Bebé Daniel impedido de ver jogo Marítimo - FC Porto"
    "Comissão de Proteção de menores impediu os pais de levar a criança ao jogo."
    ( deve ser por a CPM confiar nos pais e não haver fortes suspeitas sobre a segurança da criança nas mão destes 2. Vivem 8 adultos parasitas na casa dos pais que não tem as minimas condições de habitabilidade e nenhum deles pôs o pé ao caminho para trabalhar e dar algum conforto às crianças e aos velhotes.
    Estes pais tb não me convencem. São a versão mais barata dos Mccann e mesmo assim já conseguiram tocar o coração de uns otários que pedem que o governo e a população os ajude. Ajudar em quê ? A alimentar ainda mais a preguiça e o ócio para ficarem mesmo convencidos que há crimes que compensam, sobretudo quando a vitima é um menor indefeso e sem idade capaz de o pôr a falar para contar o que lhe fizeram.
    Interessante que neste caso, a irmã estava mais dentro da idade que possibilita o rapto por estranhos- podia ter saido da casa por distração dos adultos e ser apanhada na rua por um estranho, numa infeliz coincidência. Mas não... Foi o mais pequenino. Que conveniente, não fala bem ainda e tem memória curta para revelar quem o guardou durante 3 dias.

  52. "
    Amanda Knox de novo condenada
    A norte-americana foi sentenciada a 28 anios e meio de prisão e o ex-namorado a 25. Tribunal considerou-os cupados pela morte da estudante Meredith Kercher, em 2007."
    In Espresso

    ( nem a intervenção de Hilary Clinton a safou de ser condenada em Itália. Agora vamos ver se a América a extradita para cumprir pena em Itâlia, ou se vai na sua arrogäncia de superioridade, proteger uma criminosa e deixá-la em liberdade, só porque tem passaporte americano.
    Esta vergonhosa atitude de alguns paises em relação a outros, dá muito jeito a muitos com contas a fazer com a justiça. E Portugal que o diga, desde Maio de 2007.


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