Friday, 31 January 2014

Covering-up the Cover-up

There are two-words that are joined at the hip with the Maddie case: negligence and cover-up.

One, as we know, has been made up and is part of the second. However the second, cover-up, is not exactly true.  At least in the way that you are reading it.

That there’s a cover-up, is an unquestionable fact.

That a cover-up has the objective of hiding the knowledge of facts that have occurred is also not debatable.

But you may have the wrong perception of what IMPORTANT facts are being covered up.

The swinging? No, that was covered-up indeed and you would think that would be the important fact that cannot surface publicly and so the motive of a cover-up of massive proportions which we have witnessed.

The problem on UK’s hands is not the covering-up of the swinging event in 2007. The problem UK has is the cover-up of that covering-up.

The covering-up of a cover-up. That is the biggest problem UK has on its hands.

Let’s look at this in parts.

First, a girl died. Very inconveniently for the swingers. Irrelevant of circumstances of said death the swingers didn’t want any sort of attention drawn to the resort.

If the death could be related to sex, then it would no longer be a question of not wanting but one of not allowing it.

We believe the death was indeed related to sex. Not in any way of paedo nature but in the sequence of an interrupted sexual act between two consenting adults: Kate McCann and David Payne.

Evidence would show that Payne’s presence in that apartment was a very, very friendly one. Way too friendly for comfort to the swingers.

Time has proven that there were many other options to cover-up this death but the fantasist abduction option was the chosen one.

This initial cover-up mobilised a significant amount of means almost immediately. The presence of UK’s Ambassador to Portugal in PdL, in our opinion, to have a very short leash on what was being investigated was a sign of this.

What was the cover-up of swinging, quickly became the covering-up of the T9, the McCanns and friends.

But there was a subtle but important difference. While the swinging cover-up never lost its purpose, the intention of the T9 cover-up was ambiguous.

After all, the swingers knew that the T9 were responsible for Maddie’s death, independently in which circumstances it happened.

So, anything in the T9 cover-up that didn’t jeopardise the swinging one, was allowed to be given life.

In September 2007 everything changed. The fact that the McCanns couldn’t be prosecuted and Maddie’s death circumscribed to the T9 alone, meant that UK made a decision that would forever change history in the country.

The decision was to make the swinging cover-up and the T9 cover-up the one and the same.

From then on, UK, the whole of UK, put its shoulder to the task of assuring that the abduction lie be the truth. No matter how naked the emperor was, he was to be “dressed” in the most lavish clothes.

A whole nation started to play a game. A very sick one, played upon the board that was the death of a little British girl.

So UK, with ALL its political, judicial (legal and law-enforcement) and media sectors came together to embark on a collective lie with no historic precedence. All other sectors of British society turned a blind eye to what they were witnessing and so became accomplices by omission.

This cover-up of humungous proportions worked fine for UK.

Besides the fact that the McCanns damaged significantly UK’s image outside its borders, which we will speak about later in the post, the cover-up reached its objective: everyone condemned the McCanns for negligence and the rest of PdL (guests, Ocean Club and ex-Pats) remained with the most beatific of status. Not a word about swinging.

With the exception of a rogue blog, but that is something history will judge.

It worked fine also because the incompetence for the lack of results lay with the Portuguese, and they seemed to accept that quite well.

The sleeping dog was indeed lying but not peacefully, as this massive national cover-up had two direct effects.

The first, and most relevant, was that Maddie became historic. Whatever is to be exposed about it, it will always remain in history books.

It’s a subject that UK will not be able to shake off. Whether 2014 will be a proud moment for the UK on the case or not is only up to UK to decide.

The second is that Gerry and Kate McCann have become “Badwill Ambassadors” of UK. They represent the worst of UK. The worst that nepotism can invoke. Guilty in the international public eye but protected by the British Establishment.

John Bull became a bully when it came to the McCanns.

Maddie was (and is) an out-of-bounds topic in any international meeting involving Britain.

Gerry and Kate McCann have set back years and years of diplomatic work for the UK. They shame UK and UK is very aware of that.

So the lying dog could not have been left lying. Something had to be done about it.

David Cameron woke up this dog on May 2011. Disastrously so as time has proven.

What was supposed to be a ride in the park very quickly became a nightmare. We have explained why extensively in many posts in the blog.

What matters is that right now (please read right now as from the Spring of 2013 until the present) is the UK has found itself in the following predicament: if there isn’t a plausible thesis to support charging the McCanns alone (with or without the other T7) then a cover-up has to be exposed.

And that’s where the cover-up of the cover-up makes its debut.

What cover-up to expose? How much of the real cover-up?

How will the British public react when told that ALL the possible means of their nation were put to use to cover-up just a swinging event?

How could the nation be engulfed to simply protect one group of people, none of whom is really powerful? How to explain how things snowballed beyond control because of that?!?

Was it only because of a group of people avoiding being socially humiliated that the UK had humiliated Portugal? That had humiliated itself?

How could a nation be the subject of international very relevant criticism just to protect from social criticism a mere group of its nationals?

Understand now why UK’s problem is the covering-up of the cover-up?

What do you think SY has been, as we think it was, tasked to do soon after it discovered that the McCanns couldn’t be brought to the “gallows” alone?

We think it was to find a scenario to avoid any revelation of the real cover-up that happened.

As we can see, it wasn’t an easy task. We would go as far as saying it is an impossible one.

They are struggling but unable.

This latest meeting in the Algarve between SY and PJ is nothing more than an attempt to get both countries singing from the same hymn sheet when SY breaks with what it intends to break.

To decide on how much, or if any, of the cover-up will be uncovered. Assuring the rest of the cover-up remains covered.

The fact that the 3 Burglars have now become 3 Ocean Club workers lets us be slightly more optimistic as to the extent of what will be exposed.

What to cover and what to uncover that is the question.

The answer?

It’s up to UK.


  1. Amanda Knox case is now back in the spotlight, there can be no doubt that the Knox PR machine with its influencial hype and media stopped this case from reaching its rightful conclusion at the retrial and now the prosecution is looking to find Knox guilty. The truth will come out.
    The Knox family used the media to attempt to influence public opinion and turned the Knox trial into a circus, similar to the McCann circus.

    There has definitely been some sort of cover-up with the McCanns they used the media to get their fake abductor story out before the pj could begin to investigate properly.pj knew from the beginning it was not an abduction, the public know it was not an abduction, it is the papers that keep telling us it was an abduction, and those ever increasing ridiculous stories have made many papers loose all credability, they appear unable to report facts as facts. Take away the media hype and the McCanns are guilty, nobody knows exaqtly what went on, but Kate and Gerry have not helped themselves, he especially with his blogging which did nothing to search for his daughter the purpose of the blogging was to increase media hype and of course funding. Its all about money. The all important funding that keeps Carter Ruck on side.
    The McCanns will eventually be exposed for what they are they have made themselves too big to just disappear, we all want answers and we know they have lied from their first interview. Body language experts now use the McCanns as examples of people lying, so they have not fooled anybody, its just all the hype that has protected them, but now that is fading and what is left will soon be the truth. The McCanns are well and truly guilty and know far more about what happened to their daughter than they would have us believe.

  2. I think this post has summed everything up astutely. I don't have faith that our Prime Minister will be 'big and bold' enough to take on the mantle of exposing the cover up of the cover up. I feel we as a nation are doomed to frustration over this. For some reason, the establishment has never felt the UK public are strong enough to cope with such things. It always seems that we need protecting from the whole truth. However, that does not do us credit. I can no longer vote for this government if they protect me from the whole factual truth. This may be naive but do we only have one possibility? That of being fed what they want to feed us? Can we collectively act in any way to demand the truth over this...

  3. Maybe the only course of action I cant reasonably take over this, as a disgruntled and angry UK citizen, is to arrange to have an appointment with my MP Peter Tapsell (Father of the house) and explain how I feel.

  4. The McCanns have shown us just how corrupt our Government is. We all want the truth and get told nothing but lies. IMO all UK Government is corrupt, we are told what they want us to believe so they can get on and do want they want to do. They have no conscience and will do anything to achieve whatever needs to be achieved and protected. I will not be voting for this Government ever again and neither will my friends they have let us down so much, they are such a disappointment in all areas and with this McCann case it has proved that Cameron and Co are afraid of what the media might write about them so they have gone along with the lie and in doing so wasted millions of tax payers money that could be spent aiding our hospitals instead it has been wasted on a case that should have been left to the PJ to investigate and do the job they were doing effectively. By letting the media leak fake stories the press have destroyed the livlihoods of many workers and businesses in pdl and ridiculed the Portuguese. Those involved should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for being so weak and influenced by money. What they have done to the Portuguese people is in itself a disgrace and yet the press and McCann PR machine still continue with the lies that Madeleine was abducted and is still alive today. I dont know how these people sleep at night for the injustice they done to an innocent child.

  5. (parte 4 - 08.00 am)

    The (one of the many) McCanns lawyer, Rogério Alves, this morning in RTP1 morning news, speaking about the investigation of the Meco beach tragedy/crime:
    (not an exact quote):

    "it is the investigation's job to RECONSTITUTE what happened"

    "what the investigation has to do is NOT CLOSE THE DOOR ON ANY POSSIBILITY, to investigate with TOTAL OPENESS, to find out what REALLY HAPPENED, and with what motivation things happened, if it was an accident, if there was foul play from someone, if there was a fault, or an unpredictable accident"

    Well, well, well...Mr. Rogério Alves, how I wish to hear you say the same when it concerns the PJ's investigation on the McCann case!
    Double standards...

  6. Unpublished Anonymous at 31 Jan 2014 10:53:00

    Please resubmit your comment after removing the offensive word, as we know you object to your posts being censored by us.

  7. Ex-pat says 90% of apartments had experienced robberies. This relates to the latest 3 burglar embellished story in the Express today. Village of the Damned indeed. Not exactly the publicity Mark Warner would want.
    "Enjoy your family holiday with us. 90% chance of a robbery with some danger of associated abduction."


      "Former colleagues say Euclides Monteiro, 40, was asked to leave after taking tips meant to be shared with other waiters. Portuguese police are said to have discovered from mobile phone tracking that he was near the club when Madeleine disappeared, even though he was no longer working there and was living in Lagos, a 15-minute drive down the coast.

      Monteiro, an immigrant from the Cape Verde islands, 350 miles off the west coast of Africa, died in a tractor accident in 2009.

      The three new suspects are said to have made a number of phone calls to each other around the time Madeleine vanished. There were reports of several break-ins at the Ocean Club in the days running up to her disappearance."

      So it's Euclides PLUS 3 new suspects!
      And for sure the burglars-now-snatchers would have made large deposits in their bank accounts...
      Bank transfers identified by "Maddie snatching" so that SY/PJ will not confuse it with transfers from other snatching.

    2. That's a big jump: from Monteiro not sharing tips to abduction Quite a career move! From small thief to abductor!

    3. Oh dear...digging up the dead guy...again!
      It's a blasted (not so)merry-go-round! Soon it will go'round back to Hewllet...

  8. Many of my friends know I follow the Maddie case. Back in 2008/2009 they asked me questions about it but after a certain point stopped asking.
    Now they're asking uestions again. What's this with the burglars? Are they going to arrest someone soon? What is going on? What happened with that Cape-Verdian who died in a tractor accident?
    People are becoming interested but also fed-up with all this fact playing games. It's becoming really disgusting.


    Pat Brown sums up UK media.


    Well worth a read...

  11. Congratulations on your brilliant blog Textusa et al, your's is one of the best blogs for uncovering the truth about Madeleine.

  12. It's said that you should pay well for the first bribe. Because once the bribed accepts that payment he has sold his soul. The same happened with the British Gov once it accepted to help those in Luz. Once in, it couldn't get out and it just kept sinking in further and further.

  13. I have holidayed at Ocean Club PDL,and I can say that it is NOT a swinging resort,if it was surely it would advertise as an adult only resort out of season.

    1. Anon 15:47, obviously you're not important, well connected or wealthy enough to be invited to this exclusive club activity.

    2. Anon 15:47
      Could you please provide a link to any resort listed on tripadvisor that has advertised swinging as an activity?
      MW has advertised its holidays as adult holidays. I think it has more to do with having adult only facilities rather than swinging but your comment seems to implicate that resorts publicise easily swinging as one of its off-season attractions.

    3. I don't think swinger activities, by invitation only, are advertised as such.
      The whole point of events involving important people is discretion.
      Some events are more openly advertised. Even for doctors.
      Try googling the terms.
      I'm not Anon 15:47, just having my say.


    5. The "family oriented holiday resort" is the perfect front, children taken along on holidays with the parents are the perfect cover-up...of course, conveniently dispatched to the mini-clubs and to the care of the nannies!

  14. Unpublished Anonymous 31 Jan 2014 16:24:00,

    As we have repeatedly said we are not believers of either the paedophile scenario or the death before the 3rd one or any other scenario that suggests premeditation. Please take your comment to other sites where we're sure it will be appreciated.

  15. O caso do Meco mostra bem o jogo de poderes, envolvendo algumas forças e a comunicação social, com um único objectivo- confundir para branquear. Foi precisamente isto que também se fez no caso Maddie e que até agora funcionou.
    O que é também revoltante, é ver as mesmas personagens envolvidas na mesma estratégia de branqueamento: o caso do Meco está sobre investigação e em segredo de justiça mas a RTP pela mão de Sandra Felgueiras e do seu programa Sexta às nove, está empenhada em passar a tese de acidente e de ausência de qualquer praxe. Não seria melhor deixar a investigação correr sem estas interferências? Todos sabemos que há praxes e que muitas vezes são usadas no pior sentido.
    A mesma SF fez um péssimo trabalho no caso Maddie: deu imenso tempo de antena aos pais em diversas entrevistas e quase crucificou GA e a PJ num episódio da Praça da Alegria. Há portanto, muitos agentes branqueantes no branqueamento de casos que incomodam muita gente.
    Pessoalmente, no caso do Meco, parece-me mais credivel a reconstituição da TVI. Não foi para apreciar a paisagem e ver a lua, que os 7 estudantes andaram 7 Kms a pé e se meteram no mar. A noite estava fria e todos sabiam como o mar tem estado muito agitado.
    Convém a muitos poderes que não tenha sido praxe, do mesmo modo que convém a muitos que Madeleine tenha sido raptada, nem que para isso se tenha de deslocar um grupo de pseudo investigadores ingleses para alimentar a história surreal de ter carteiristas a raptar crianças.

    1. Anonymous 31 Jan 2014 19:05:00
      Please don't compare one case with the other.
      The Meco Student hasn't lied, apparently has remained silent. There is evidence the McCanns have lied.
      When the Meco Student speaks then we will know what he has to say. The biggest evidence against him is the fact that he had with him all his colleagues cellphones. That's an indication they were undergoing some sort of praxis cerimony and predictably would get wet. In the conditions the sea was that was a very stupid thing to do.
      The Meco Student will do a reconstitution. No T9 reconstitution.
      We don't know if the Meco Student will confess a stupid praxis cerimony.
      Please don't compare the corporate interest that may be involved in not having praxis involved in this incident and the interests of 2 nations protecting the interests of the McCanns.
      I have witnessed with the Meco Student a speculative persecution of the individual. All we have been told is what the press tells us. Maddie has shown us that they aren't to be trusted.
      I don't remember him saying that his colleagues died because someone else appeared at the beach and pushed them into the sea.
      If the Meco Student is guilty of anything he should be prosecuted.
      Agree that SF is a poor show of a journalist. But from where did we learn this? From her work with the McCanns. That's why she was for a long time the only reporter the McCanns allowed to interview them.

    2. To our English readers.

      In mid-December, 6 university students, were swallowed by the sea. Their bodies were found in the following day.

      There was 1 survivor. He happens to be the "Dux" or the leader of his univerity's praxis. This a series of rituals whereby older students "integrate" new ones in the university.

      Students have a choice to undertake such a process or not. Obviously, peer pressure makes the vast majority to submit to these activities. But it is a personal choice.

      As with everything freely decided by consensual adults, we will not give an opinion about this.

      The 6 unfortunate students were, on that particular weekend, undergoing a cerimonial to integrate the senior structure of the university's praxis.

      They were senior students and so had submitted to praxis others. This was, as far as we have been able to understand a submission to a cerimony which they knew exactly what they were going into. A similar cerimony happened every year.

      The fact that their cellphones were handed over to the "Dux" means that they knew they were going to get wet. Dangerously close to a very rough sea at 1.00 am.

      This has launched a very harsh debate about the existence of praxis.

      The survivor has been silent since the tragedy. His lawyer has said that he will tell all to the PJ.

      Today he was given the arguido status.

    3. Investigação jornalistica "à séria", ANA LEAL, da TVI
      Grande profissional!

    4. Obrigado Textusa pelo seu comentário. A minha intenção não foi comparar o caso do Meco com o caso Mccann mas sim comparar o mau jornalismo de Sandra Felgueiras e o mau papel da RTP em ambos os casos.
      Só o sobrevivente saberá como tudo se passou e só os pais enlutados têm o direito de julgar ou perdoar em função da dimensão da sua dor. O resto é especulação, fundamentada ou não. Mas o certo é que o Sexta as 9, baseado nos escassos dados que tem e no testemunho de meia duzia de miudos, que vale o que vale, está empenhado em passar um lado da história, logo no dia em que o sobrevivente passou ou requereu o estatuto de arguido. Se Tiver alguma culpa nos acontecimentos, o estatuto de arguido, é o que mais lhe convém pelos direitos que concede. Se ele for mesmo culpado, a RTP com este programa dá um tiro no pé.
      Há muito Skip na RTP. Só me aborrece que o salário da senhora também seja pago pelos meus impostos.

    5. Agree fully that the parents of the victims should be given closure. That is only possible to be provided by the sole survivor.

  16. Unpublished Anon 31 Jan 2014 22:23:00

    Thank you for your unpublished comment in which you highlighted some facts reported by TVI about the Meco case.

    We would like to warn our readers that we are NOT PUBLISHING any more comments about the Meco case for two reasons: first, we don't see any relationship about the case and the Maddie one and second, as far as we know, the arguido hasn't refused to cooperate with the authorities.

    We will not endorse in any way praxis but will not participate in the demonisation of this individual.

    He's entitled to a fair justice and so we will not join the mob in asking have him burned at the stake in the town square in the early hours of dawn.

    Like with the McCanns we desire only that those responsible should be confronted with the adequate and civilised accountability for their acts.

    As been said in a comment by a reader, the only existing information is the one based on the press, which in Maddie's case proved to be more than unreliable.

    For example, TVI seems to say the students submitted to the cerimony had their feet tied and yet were punished with each wrong answer with a step backwards towards the water.

    Note that it's an already a given FACT that there was a praxis cerimony. Not saying there was or wasn't one. It's LIKELY but not a fact yet.

    Until proven, we will refrain to subscribe any "press certainties" about the subject.

    If and when we will find ourselves in need to provide our opinion on it, we will certainly substanciate it, as we always have done.

    Anything said happened on that beach is pure speculation not based to date on any supporting data or facts.

    We trust in the PJ to do its job fully on the case and prosecute whoever should be prosecuted.

    Thank you for understanding.

  17. OC PDL is NOT a swinging resort,we've had holidays there,all fully booked with families from all over the world,it's ludicrous to suggest otherwise.Your blogs are usually quite informing,but re t swinging you've no credibility.

    1. Anonymous 1 Feb 2014 06:40:00 (and Anonymous 31 Jan 2014 15:47:00)

      How many people have absolutely shared their lives with another, both in marriage or committed relationships, only to find out that the person they most trusted was being unfaithful to them?

      Isn't it interesting to see how you're able to make such adamant statements about a resort in which, apparently, you simply spent a holiday?

    2. Actually we've had a few holidays at the OC PDL,it's a family resort,packed solid with families from all across the world.By the way,how are YOU able to make statements re swinging,what evidence do you have?

    3. Anonymous 1 Feb 2014 11:47:00

      Please correct our statement from "...adamant statements about a resort in which, apparently, you simply spent a holiday?" to "...adamant statements about a resort in which, apparently, you simply spent holidays?"

      We, unlike you, have never made adamant statements about there having been a swinging event.

      We have always expressed a belief, an opinion. It's a very strong belief but nonetheless it's only a belief.

      As with any other subject we cover, we have substantiated the reasons for having this particular belief in many posts of the blog.

      And hopefully soon we'll come back to this crucial subject. It deserves a revisit.

      About people subscribing or not our opinions is always up to each individual reader. You, for example, are one who doesn't.

      We write for free-thinkers and the feedback we have received through time is very encouraging.

  18. So typical of the British to look at sex in a sinful way. Of course that in the beds of OC there has been a lot of sex. Like in every hotel in the world. Between married and umarried between swingers and non-swingers. A bed doesn't ask what is going on or if it's "adequate" or not.
    We have all in our holidays seen groups on holiday together. What do we know about what they do behind closed doors? They could be swingers right before our eyes or they could all be completely monogamous. The truth is we don't know. And we don't have to know.
    I think it's very arrogant for anyone to say there was no swinging because I didn't witness (as if it's something to be witnessed by non participants) or because as I don't swing the places I spend my holidays in don't have that sort of filthy stuff!
    I bet that many times there have been small swinging groups staying in the same hotel at the same time completely unaware of what the others were up to.
    With Maddie I find it curious that all crazy far-fetched scenarios are discussed thouroughly but the swinging analysis goes as far as I wouldn't take the children with me so swinging is not a possibility.

  19. Research swinging on the internet and find out that most swinging holidays are family inclusive.
    Swinging like nudism is a subject filled with misconceptions.
    Nudism is not a sexual activity and swinging is. That's why children participate in nudism but don't participate in the swinging.
    Swingers arrange locations and personnel to take care of the children while engaging in their liberal sexual activity. As Textusa says, all consensual. And as she also says, very frowned upon.

  20. I dont understand such indignant responses to the belief that swinging occurred at OC, PdL.
    I've taken my family to Centerparcs in UK and Holland, and to many resorts and hotels.. I will not be surprised to learn that swinging has happened in these places too.
    You want to combine swinging with a nice location, facilities, easy to get to, sun and other sports available too, and especially childcare. Not many couples get to holiday 'sans infants', so if you want a week of swinging you will need to go where there is childcare. Other factors can be who lives near. If this is a very exclusive VIP swinging event then maybe a factor is who lives near / around the resort. If you are UK residents then you want it far away - somewhere that looks a natural place to take the kids. Maybe you can fit in some golf too.. all the better. Sometimes a bit of risk adds to the quality of the fun.. so lets mingle with ordinary tourists too...

    No, the OC PdL would be a great place for a week of swinging. Ticks all the boxes. And the tourists who may happen to be there will not be affected in the slightest. Swingers are ordinary people, not psychologically different. Also, this was in May - it was not in High Season, the weather would not be expected to be that hot and sunny. All the more likely this was a swinging week. All these people are just looking for something a little bit exciting, to brighten up their regular lives..

    If you think it was wrong to suspect this was a swinging event then I wonder why you feel so strongly about it ...

    1. Thank you, EdPhilpotts.

      It seems that swinging is a subject that definitely deserves a revisit on our part.

    2. It would appear that you have hit a raw nerve Textusa with the swinging, making the BH worried. Of course there was swinging Gerry was supposidely flirting with the games mistress why else would they all stay so silent and not cooperate with the police and make a pact of silence. IMO Payne organised the swinging within the group. Great post Textusa some people get upset because they know you are close to the truth otherwise why do they so strongly contradict your theory?

  21. Looking foward to read post about swinging.

  22. What I don't understand, if what you say is true is why did the government spend so much of our money covering this up? It is not Victorian times and we hear far worse on the Jeremy Kyle show every day, so why the big cover up?

    Why is the Prime Minister even involved?

    Why did the McCanns get a letter from Prince Charles and the one he is married to?

    Why so much protection for what are just two doctor's and their doctor friends?

    1. Because a lie needs 10 other lies to cover it-up. And each of these 10 lies need 10 lies.

      All becomes a tragic snowball of lies.

      After a while it's no longer lying to cover the initial lie but to not to be caught lying.

  23. The McCanns have had massive help from the media, they launched a media campaign that only ever set out to sell the abductor story, some people accept what the papers say as fact and never question anything, but over the years it has become apparant that the mccanns are far more involved in madeleines disappearance than they state. The money they have taken from the public has paid for the best lawyers and continued PR to reinforce the abductor story. The one thing their money cannot buy is their innocence, public opinion is now firmly against the mccanns, comments are not allowed from the public, they attempt to control everything that is written about them, in the hope that people will believe their story. The abductor story is full of holes and inconsistences and in the beginning was changing on a regular basis, this type of behaviour from the mccanns was the beginning of their downfall. The same can be said of the Amanda Knox case, her slick PR team and expensive lawyers were trying to influence public opinion and portray her as innocent. Both she and the mccanns wrote books, did fawning soft interviews, but neither showed any remorse or sympathy for their victims.

    The media has much to answer for, it has the power to make or break careers and reputations, many high powered people are afraid of upsetting or speaking out against the press for fear of retribution. The media should be more responsible in its reporting. If the media had not been involved in the McCann circus those guilty would now be in prison instead everything hangs in limbo until something positive is done to bring those guilty to justice.

    As much as 10 million of tax payers money is being wasted on this case, SY now look a bunch of idiots thanks to Redwood, whilst the government again turns a blind eye and does nothing.

    Here in UK people have been flooded out for a month because our rivers are not dredged because of cutbacks, hospital operations are cancelled, wards are closed, schools closed, so why oh why does Cameron keep throwing tax payers money at two very guilty and smug individuals Kate and Gerry Mccann who have done nothing to cooperate with the investigation?

  24. A vinda da SY a Portugal foi mais uma montanha que "pxxxx" um rato. Agora os 3 ladrões são 3 empregados do OC e, segundo alguns media, a SY pediu informações das contas bancârias destes. Porque razão há-de a PJ dar informaçõe das contas bancárias dos empregados do OC, se os UK recusaram as dos Tapas 9 há 6 anos? Dualidade de critério.
    Andou tudo a ser cozinhado desde a "peça de literatura mediocre" que é o livro de Kate. Foi ela que começou este novo capitulo do circo, provavelmente instruida pelos advogados e pelos "Gambles" da investigação.

  25. That is the 6 million dollar question Anon 12.43.......where is the directive coming from to spend all this tax payers money when we have food banks?

  26. "PJ procura motorista do hotel de onde desapareceu Maddie"
    por José Manuel Oliveira, in JN

    ( Continua a saga. A seguir vai ser o "Limpa chaminés, o caçador de ratos, o papão, etc, etc, temos novela para os próximos 20 anos. Só não sei quem anda a pagar os custos destas produções. Espero que não sejam os nossos impostos)

    Isto já para não falar no método sistemáticamente usado pela policia para dar continuidade à saga - " anunncia-se nos media o que se anda ou se vai fazer". Só pode ser porque nada disto é para se fazer. É só para fingir, para inglês ver.


    2. A notícia do DN coloca no título " procura" .

      No corpo do texto, o DN coloca " esteve à procura" .

      Sem dúvida que todos, digo TODOS, os que utilizaram o OC naquela altura e o próprio empreendimento turístico, contêm os segredos dos acontecimentos de Abril/Maio de 2007 .

    3. É a pergunta constante e nunca respondida neste país de "brandos costumes"...onde está o SEGREDO DE JUSTIÇA??? De onde saem, como saem e através de quem saem estas informações para os media?! Mais vale enfiar o segredo de justiça numa gaveta bem funda, deitá-lo ao lixo, já que não se cumpre nem respeita!

  27. Driver? What driver?
    Out of all employees heard by PJ was there a driver?

    1. Anonymous 3 Feb 2014 07:41:00,

      According to the PJ Files, or to be more precise according to the way some people conveniently read them, the Ocean Club had a number of drivers employed to drive its guests, in very small groups and on a daily basis, to the Slide & Splash waterpark:

    2. There's a Bernardino da Silva who was an OC driver.
      His statement tells us nothing of interest.
      So did he drive her to a gypsy camp?
      Always the gypsies. As if anyone would take her to a camp down the road. The PJ did check a nearby camp anyway.

  28. Interesting to see that the focus is being shifted ever so subtly but firmly towards the Luz Ocean Club.

    After Euclides Monteiro and the 3 "burglar-employees" we now have an OC driver.

    You know, the professsion that makes a living transporting things from one place to the other.

    We don't want to point the any fnger at Bernardino. For all we know he's just a guy earning an honest living.

    Let's sincerily hope we're not having a new Euclides.

  29. Hi, do you consider this shift towards the OC a cause for optimism ? In that there is still a chance of the truth (or partial truth) being revealed...what is the purpose of the subtle shift ?

    1. Anonymous 3 Feb 2014 11:59:00,

      A certain fact always says very little.

      Same fact together with others provide a meaning or many meanings. These meanings, all of them even, should be noted.

      Meanings together constitute intention.

      We are just noting meaning. So not being neither optimistic, nor pessimistic about intention, merely an observers.

      We think that the intention at this point in time is twofold: increase pressure and open up avenues.

      Our optimism lies in the fact that the Ocean Club is being brought into the picture. Public are now being stimulated into realising that the resort wasn't exactly an innocent bystander.

      Up to now we have been quite alone in this.

      We are also noting that the involvement referred is that of the small fish in the pond. But we're happy a pond is being mentioned.

      Hope we answered your question.

    2. Thanks Textusa
      I find it hard to think clearly about this sometimes, so your answer has helped, as do all of your observations. I suppose I am looking at this from the viewpoint that if a decider has to deliver at some point an account of the truth, be it factual, revised or partial, then they have to get from point B (ridiculousness) nearer to point A (factual truth). The more that they head towards OC the more they are en route for some place near to A. Thanks again

    3. Anonymous 3 Feb 2014 12:52:00,

      And you're absolutely spot-on!

      That's why we said "open up all avenues".

      Thank you so for your insight.

  30. Who is the inhabitant of PdL who told the paper about the visit of the 3 PJ to the minivan driver?
    Why always 3? Sounds like it was done at request of SY.
    It's always aimed at someone who isn't well off and an itinerant type of worker.
    Maybe his route passed the gypsy camp.
    "Hey, we've got some nice blonde girls coming tonight. Do you want me to get one for you? I'll see which family decide to leave their kids.
    You want a big one? That's a difficult task. It will need 3 people.

  31. Imo, this is all window-dressing, whittling down people of interest, and when you whittle down you must come to a point, and this point hopefully will be the true culprit or culprits.
    It makes sense, because as you marginalise your target, the target can not then point at others because they have been investigated and eliminated thus leaving what remains.

  32. From Belgium with disbelieve: when does this infamous story stops? Sorry, Portugal, but you could solve this 'cold case' in a minute. Read your own files!

  33. JM latest post, press reports puts everything in perspective and nothing came of interview with minivan driver:

  34. Se calhar até houve um motorista, inocentemente a transportar o que não devia e até sem saber na altura o que estava a transportar, executando uma ordem da entidade empregadora.
    Quando deu conta, era tarde demais. Já havia um circo instalado e um desequilibrio enorme de poderes onde o mexilhão é quem se trama. Por pressão dos envolvidos e das circunstâncias, teve de calar.
    Talvez esta seja uma jogada da PJ- lançar o pânico e apertar com o mexilhão. Encurralado, pode ser que fale ou que falem e conte quem o mandou fazer o quê.
    É de notar um facto muito importante- o magistral silêncio dos Mccann e do seu team. Não venham dizer-nos que à medida que o tempo passa e a memória do publico se esvanece, deixar de falar na filha é a melhor estratégia para ser encontrada. Tentar fazer senso com um contrasenso, é a especialidade do grupo.
    Agora, algo está num ponto que eles não têm a certeza de conseguir controlar - A PJ que reabriu a investigação e faz questão de se fechar em copas e mostrar que em terras lusas ainda mandam eles. A SY pode vir, mas só para ver. E seria uma bofetada de luva branca fazê-los ver, sem equívocos, que não há forma de contornar a queståo, quem tem de ser investigado é quem esteve com a criança no último dia e os cåes já disseram quem foi e os vários Euclides e motoristas estão ali para confirmar a tese dos cães.

  35. Os ingleses que têm fama de ser somiticos e organizados, fingem andar perdidos nesta saga. Milhões para rever uma investigação que já está super- revista é um exagero e eles sabem-no bem porque sabem a verdade. E a PJ também sabe. Do nosso lado, esta é a 3a equipa a olhar para as mesmas evidências e para os mesmos factos. Antes foi Paulo Rebelo, que não retirou nem acrescentou uma virgula à conclusão de GA. Assinou por baixo. Nos Uk, também já foram diversos a montar o puzzle, incluindo Stuart Prior que a dado momento desabafou dizendo que já tinha prendido gente com menos provas.
    Portanto, o que é este jogo? Nada mais que o jogo do pião que rodando em espiral se movimenta sem sair do sitio. A questão é como vai cair o pião.... A SY está interessada num rodopiar longo porque assim talvez o publico se canse e desista, e a sua queda seja suave e imperceptível. A PJ, estará interessada numa queda rápida, precipitada, até para ver como sai do buraco negro a SY. Para isso há que apertar o cerco ao local do crime, o OC e todos os que estiveram lá enquanto a criança lá esteve. Começam pelas peças menos importantes para poderem chegar às peças fulcrais do puzzle ( que sabem bem quais são). Quando todas as peças secundárias forem consideradas irrelevantes( note-se que o video do DN disponivel no blog da JM diz que nada de relevante foi encontrado) vão virar-se para as peças principais e pedir não só o acesso às chamadas telefónicas e contas bancárias, como a reconstituição do dia do crime. Aí, quero ver que desculpa os Mccann e amigos vão dar depois do mundo saber que a sua policia gastou milhões e que todos os "egg mans" estão descartados. Abre-se a panela de pressão e termina o pacto de silêncio. Os que acharem que ainda há uma chance de terem a sua culpa atenuada, vão abrir a boca e começar a relatar os acontecimentos em todos os lugares, policia, media, etc.
    Não devemos esquecer que a panela de pressão contém muito mais que os T9. Nela estão todos os clientes do OC, a direcção do mesmo e vários expatriados residentes na área.

  36. ...if...there is a driver the police should be interested in...what about the driver of the truck of a moving company who transported the McCanns things to the UK after they fled Portugal, the one which was arranged by Kate's cousin, if I'm not mistaken...who knows what travelled inside that truck, I believe it was not inspected by the police, either portuguese or british.

    1. Anon 11.35, about Kate's cousin, do you know how he is related to Kate? Given that her parents only seem to have one sibling each - Auntie Nora (father) Uncle Brian (mother)?
      Who is Sheila related to?


      Processos Volume XVI page 4199

      Email from Stuart Prior on 23 April 2008 to Ricardo Manuel Gonçalves Paiva

      Synopsis re statement of Michael Terrence WRIGHT 16th April 2008

      Michael's wife (Anne-Marie) is the cousin of Kate McCANN but has known her since she was about 8 years old when she used to holiday on The Isle of Man where he used to live. He has known Gerry since 1997 when he started to go out with Kate. They now generally meet up on key family events.
      The families stayed together in each others homes in 2006 and February 20117 and were planning a family holiday in the UK in June 2007.
      Sheila Cowell is Kate's aunt (thought to be Brian Healy's sister). She lives in Skipton. She is the mother of Anne-Marie Wright and Simon Cowell and was the one to alert both of her children to the news that Madeleine had disappeared. When the family returned to Rothley without Madeleine she said, said: "This was the hardest thing Kate has ever had to do. Being back home and seeing Madeleine's bedroom again was so emotional for her. But she's a strong person and will pull through."

    3. Anon 12:41, thank you for the reply, but I can't find a record of Brian Healy having a sister Sheila. Unless she's a half sister?

    4. Anon 12:31, me again. Kate also says in her book - Anne Marie and brothers, plural. I can only find Anne Marie and Simon. Unless they have a half-brother/s?


    "The police have a suspect alive in England: David Payne, one of the McCanns' friends on the holiday"

    by Manuel Catarino [Correio da Manhã editor-in-chief]

  38. Latest JBS on DP. He's on the same page as you as far as the Gaspar statements are concerned.
    JM blog has Catarino's blast about DP.
    You have him as the main person in the events of early evening.
    DP must be feeling the heat!

    1. Anonymous 4 Feb 2014 20:58:00

      Well, it seems the tide might turn for DP.

      It's like "someone" is saying, "Sorry David, we tried. Get ready to get on wagon too".

      This would change our "SY thesis" that we wrote in our post "Rats".

      There we said that Maddie's death would be contained in the couple McCann. This might now lean more towards the truth: death happened in the presence of David Payne and Kate McCann with Gerry playing "tennis".

  39. Textusa,
    If Maddie died whilst Gerry was playing 'tennis' in the company of her mother and DP - why would everyone cover this up? Especially the father of the child?

    1. Anonymous 5 Feb 2014 07:49:00,

      If you’re asking about the reasons of the cover-up we have extensively covered it various posts in the blog.

      Hopefully, our next post will deal with it too.

      If you’re not familiar with the subject you have a summary of the blog’s opinion on the top of right column on its front page in “MESSAGE to NEWCOMERS”

      If you’re questioning the absence of action of a father before his own daughter’s death, then the question should be addressed to Kate McCann also.

      And in some extent to David Payne as a person who knows the exact circumstances of her death and has lied about it.

      It just shows that all 3 had a lot to lose. The parents and the friend. If you are a parent then try and imagine what would make you hide your child’s death and lie about it.

      And please never say never. And we said to use the word “imagine”.

      Do keep in mind that judging the McCann’s behaviour, and that of the remainder T7, by their own is a very common mistake made by people looking at this issue.

      We think decent, caring parents struggle with the notion of covering up a beloved child's death. But these were highly ambitious people, surrounded by even more highly ambitious people.

      Their reasoning could only be - if we don't do as asked we will lose our other 2 children, jobs and reputations, and nothing we do now will bring her back, so let's go along with it.

      They are not an average couple. Even if their child had been actually abducted, their subsequent behaviour is so unlike the distraught behaviour expected. Their interviews have always struck many as unnatural, rehearsed, repetitive phrases, hand-clutching and avoidance of answering direct questions directly.

      As we said, we are revisiting the swinging issue.

      If you are addressing the infidelity issue of a betrayed husband, we believe there was nothing of the sort. There is no physical betrayal in people engaging in swinging. All is consensual.

  40. In your photo: the UK flag behind Gerry and Kate says a lot, IMO. As if it's literally 'behind' them; protecting them, but pushing them into the limelight, too.

  41. I am also interested in imagining the views, thoughts & reactions of DP's wife - FP.
    Effectively, she was in the same boat, with the same status / reputation etc to lose .. . However, even in small groups of friends who are all consenting in the same activities, there are usually some fall-outs / differences of opinion, and her husband was more directly involved in terms of the death.
    Also, we all (I dont care who we are) indulge in various behaviours and activities at certain stages in our lives and then, in subsequent years, we look back and wonder 'how could we..'. I am sure the same will lhappen to all of the Tapas 9. For teh rest of us, thankfully, our mistakes are not quite so public..

  42. Sometimes the "greater good" leaves no options.
    Marlon Brando's "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse" in the Godfather comes to mind.

  43. I do fear this case will end with someone being framed for the crime. I think the BH at this point know they cannot offer up GM and KH without their part being revealed, yet also know the public has become far too informed on the subject.

    I think this will end in someone (probably deceased, but not a given) being accused and case will close. I want the truth revealed but my heart tells me this will never happen.

    I cannot stress how much I respect the efforts of this blog to show a truly non cluttered explanation of research.


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