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We would like to welcome our readers back to the blog after the Christmas holidays. We hope it was a time to value the presence of your loved ones as well as a gruelling and torturous marathon of delicious treats for the body.

We’re in 2014. That means that this year, in May, Maddie can be declared officially dead. If an application for a declaration is made as it will be 7 years that she’s been missing.

We don't think there will be a need for such an application. We anticipate that Maddie will be considered, officially, dead before May 2014.

Via her parents being charged.

We think the charges will be manslaughter, illegal disposal of body and continued obstruction of justice. Can’t be more official than that.

During our holidays, we kept monitoring things and watched attentively all stokes and pokes on the Maddie Affair fire to keep it alive.

As we have said before, nothing is random in this affair, even the most apparently ridiculous poke had a meaning, a message

The McCann v Amaral trial is becoming a neverending story. However, we think the timelines are deeply interlinked with the randomness, which we're sure is driving many crazy, of the Portuguese Justice System.

The Maddie Affair became, as we have shown in our conversations with Fred posts, a game. A cat and mouse game.

The cat first attempted to pounce on the rats immediately after Maddie’s body was disposed of. He was really enthusiastic going about it. The cat even used dogs.

But was forced to change his mind in September 2007. Without a body, the deed couldn't be contained only to the targeted rats.

These rats never knew what had almost befallen on them. They were indeed frightened but completely mistook from where the real threat came from. It wasn't from Portugal, the Portuguese Justice System or even the PJ.

In May 2011 the cat, after a long period retracting his claws and waiting for an opportunity, decided to pounce, openly and decisively.

This was proved to be completely mistimed, disastrously so.

But the game, like the show, had to go on.

As of the beginning of last year (with the 6-cleaner news) it seems the cat has decided for closure on this case.

We have followed the game attentively and have provided our opinions along the way.

While we were on our Christmas break we noted four things.

The first was the cat saying it was paying particular attention to phone records between 21.00 – 22.00 May 3 2007. This for us is clearly a message saying “We have phone records of calls between people who were supposed to be sitting next to, or very near, each other”.

The second was the Sunday Times apology. Very important move by the cat. First, because of the “seriousness” of the medium used. Second, because it says two things: “We have revised very attentively all we wrote” and “we confirm ALL we wrote except that we were wrong about the McCanns being the solely responsible for the 2008 e-fits to be only made public in October 2013, isn’t that so, Leicestershire Constabulary? Please note we CONFIRM all the rest.”.

At least we got to know that Leicester Police is on the “rat” side of things. Not a big surprise there.

The third is the 3 burglars, a rehashed story, now minus the gypsies, after a series of hysterical gypsy child-snatchers headlines. The 3 burglars story for us is just a poke on the fire to keep it alive by saying “we know that there were 3 main players that night”. It’s our belief that Gerry McCann, Jane Tanner and Robert Murat received this message with special interest.

The fourth was a TV program about criminal liars. All closed cases except one. Doubly unprofessional. First by making a professional judgement (Sharon Leal: the McCanns are 100% innocent (from my point of view)”) about 2 people involved in an unclosed case. Second by making a professional judgement (“100% innocent (from my point of view)”) about 2 people based solely on a very short video footage without any sort of replay.

Sharon Leal's view on McCanns should have been, if anything at all, “the clip shown doesn't point to the guilt of the McCanns because...”, leaving it open for other deductions to be drawn from other clips.

Anyway, as the Portuguese say, “só se justifica quem perde” which translates into “only those who lose justify themselves”, basically stating that there’s only a justification when there’s something to justify. To justify that the McCanns are innocent is only because the general public has the exact opposite perception about them.

This TV documentary has baffled us because of its origins. We know its origins but its motives do baffle us. We can’t make up our minds. We don’t know if it’s from the cat by over-ridiculing things with the objective of further enhancing the hostility against the couple, or if it’s from the rats in a very lame and disastrous attempt to fight back.

Whether intentional or not the result was the same: it has made the hostility against the couple rise. 

The cat is after the rats. There’s no question about that.

The erosion on the defending walls is evident. They are about to cave in.

But the question is what rats exactly the cat is after.

The cat wants closure. It’s been almost 3 years since he’s been commissioned to have this meal and it’s been taunting him since.

There’s a couple of rats that are doomed. That is obvious and certain. These 2 were doomed from the very start.

At first the cat was told by his master(s) to swallow them in a single, spectacular gulp. This was in 2007.

But soon after this initial order he was told to back off as these rats were no longer rats or, at least, shouldn’t be treated as the rats they were.

But pretending that rats aren’t rats didn’t work out. They never stopped being rats and everyone saw they were rats. Even calling them mice didn’t fool anyone. A rat is a rat.

So the cat has been told, for almost a year now, that a meal has to take place and it’s mandatory that it’s rat.

However, how many rats will be on the cat’s plate, we don’t know.

That couple of rats are certain to be served. That's about all that's certain.

But many others rats are lurking in the background, seeking every nook and cranny in the sewers to hide in desperate hope to not be noticed. No rat wants to be part of the meal. Not even the couple but they are doomed indeed.

From what we have been able to understand the cat was told not to go very deep into the hole.

One would think, after all that has been written, that the cat would have planned this meal by starting with the couple as appetizers, followed by a “grill-of-7” and, for dessert, maybe a rat caught here and another there, or maybe, like grapes, many other little, unimportant rats.

Nothing too heavy. A light meal, easy on the rats. Important that important rats not be touched.

And where we see things going, we’re afraid that the cat may now have been told to be on a strict diet. Told to cut down drastically on rat. To have more than 1 rat but never 3.

He is to avoid absolutely any more than 2. Design his menu for that amount and only that amount.

Only under very, very exceptional circumstances is the fire to be lit to grill the other 7. More than 7 is not mission impossible but not even a possibility.

We, as you know, enjoy being spoil-sports. Today we will tell you what we think the cat thinks of doing to solve his rat problem. Just telling it to spoil his fun.

The scenario for a 2-rat-only meal, what we think will be Scotland Yards' version of things:

Either Gerry or Kate accidentally kill Maddie. Who it will be, we will never know because one will say it was the other. The location of the accident will be the same: the couch near the window.

Death happened in between 18.30 – 19.30.

When all the other T7 couples were in their apartments getting ready for the usual dinner at 20.30 at Tapas. They are unaware of the tragedy. To this day.

Gerry and Kate decide to go for the abduction thesis.

While Kate cleans up the apartment and puts Maddie’s body in the closet ready to be disposed, Gerry goes out and recces where he can dispose of the body.

The T9 meet at Tapas for the usual dinner, all sitting around the BRT.

The checks on the children take place as said later by the T9, in their statements. Others checking on the McCann's children and the McCanns checking none other than their own.

At around 21.10 – 21.20, Gerry gets up from the BRT to initiate the disposal of Maddie’s body, something only known by Kate.

He goes into the apartment, picks up Maddie's body and exits by the back door. Realises that Jez Wilkins is  on the road. Lays Maddie’s body on the flower bed and walks out pretending he’s going back to Tapas. It’s 21.20 – 21.30.

Gerry and Jez engage in conversation. Neither is aware that Jane Tanner passes by them nor of Creche Dad on his way home who Tanner sees walking at the end of the street.

At this point the Smiths are having dinner at Dolphins. They get up and head for Kelly’s. Martin is the last to leave as he has to pay, which he does at 21.27.

The conversation between Gerry and Jez finishes and Gerry waits for Jez to get out of sight. It’s 21.30 – 21.40. He heads, unaware, for the Smith Sighting.

The Smiths, stop very briefly at Kelly’s. One very quick drink or not even that. Peter’s wife is feeling ill and Peter has to fly back to Ireland the next day. So they leave Kelly’s at around 21.40 – 21.45.

The Smiths are in Rua Escola Primária at 21.45 – 21.50.That is exactly when Gerry is coming down that road.

He crosses with the Smiths, heading towards the beach, down Rua 25 de Abril. Not the stairs.

He reaches the beach and dumps the body at sea.

Makes his way back to Tapas via the quickest route.

Sits at Tapas at around 22.00 – 22.10. He’s been away for almost an hour and 2 Tapas employees notice this absense but think he's only been absent for half an hour.

The friends, entertained by the conversation, don’t notice he was absent that long.

At 22.15 – 22.20, Kate gets up to set off the alarm and convince everyone, including the T7, that an abduction has taken place.

And there you have what we think will be Scotland Yard’s official version of what happened. A preview, so to speak.

Please note that the scenario proposed is NOT what we think happened or wish for, but feel may be the one chosen by SY. We have made this “prediction” to do our part in avoiding it coming true. So it's hardly a prophecy.

The plot may have 2 and only 2 variations. One minor, the other relevant.

The minor is to have Gerry, when crossing with the Smiths, go down the stairs and not Rua 25 de Abril. This will justify him crossing the road to where AS is instead of keeping to the left hand side of the road, which would be the most logical route for someone who walks down Rua da Escola Primaria and wanted to turn... left.

The drawback of is having Gerry walk further away from Tapas or he has to return, so allowing him less time to do so after dumping the body at sea.

After watching UK Crimewatch it’s unlikely this variation will be adopted.

The relevant variation is to involve the T7. By having Maddie die between 18.15 – 18.45 and even possibly involving Payne in Maddie’s death.

This would mean that the T7 were in on the game during the dinner around the BRT at Tapas.

This variation, 2 + “grilled 7”, would appease the general public, just leaving the “DP Gang” rather unhappy, a “WH” group that has worked so hard these years.

The UK Crimewatch seems to be against the adoption of this variation but public opinion and Mr Amaral's CMTV video might change that even if it leaves whoever is protecting Payne very unhappy.

Those, all other “WH”, who seek to keep the guests, Ocean Club and ex-Pats out of the mess would be very, very pleased with the 2 + “grilled 7” solution. That's what they have been striving for all this time.

There you have it.

But as good sports that we are, we will give SY a heads-up about the problems with this story.

There's the problem that there were no Tapas dinners. The (in)famous fictional BRT, the absurd Quiz Nights and the ridiculousness of the Tapas reservation sheets prove that beyond any doubt. Only the T9 and the Tapas employees make it real but as you know, we are sure that they are all involved in the cover-up, so all singing from the same hymn music sheet when it came to lie about what really happened.

There's the problem of time. Not only to justify why Gerry's absence of approximately an hour was only noticed by 2 Tapas employees and even then at an estimated half an hour only but time is a problem for him to complete all tasks he has to do. Remember what he has to accomplish: leave the BRT, go to the apartment and pick up Maddie, entertain Jez Wilkins, walk to be seen be the Smiths, walk up to the sea and dump the body and then come back to the Tapas.

Knowing he was seen, it would be natural for him to go to the apartment to change clothes. We will accept that since he’s trying his best to keep his absence from the table being noticed, his priority is to sit again at the BRT as quickly as he can manage, so he skips this hoping no one will notice what he's wearing that night at Tapas. No one does.

There’s the time tweaking problem. To have this all fit, one must delay Gerry leaving the table, anticipate the Smith sighting and delay the alarm. Gerry has to leave the BRT later than 21.00, the Smith sighting to be before 22.00 and the alarm after 22.00.

The plot is limited by the payment made by Martin Smith at 21:27 at Dolphins. We know that after this all the 9 Smiths enter another establishment, Kelly's, have a drink (sit, ask, get served and consume), pay for the drinks, exit Kelly's and walk up a stairs to be at the destined rendezvous at Rua da Escola Primária before 22.00.

To make it happen is quite hard. You have to hurry the people along to finish their drinks. Maybe have only Martin and Peter drinking and the rest standing by the door waiting. But even then you have a 4yr old walking up those stairs pretty quickly.

The later the Smith sighting happens, the later the alarm afterwards is given. After all, Gerry is at Tapas when it was raised. And after the sighting he still has to walk all the way to the sea, dump the body and get back to Tapas.

There’s the door problem. Why come out of the apartment at the backgate, which is South-East, when his intention is to go North/North-West and the apartment's front door faces... North? Why not go via this door which is a shorter and more direct route plus it provides better initial coverage? And when at the backgate why not simply turn right and go down Rua Dr. Professor Gentil Martins towards the beach, instead of turning left to turn left on Rua Agostinho da Silva? It seems that Gerry has a similar problem with orientation as Creche Dad does.

There’s the Creche Dad problem. Why is an innocent dad carrying a shoeless and coatless child on a chilly night (him wearing a coat) and going towards the Creche instead of moving away from it? Who was this character (oh, you've already said you are sure that it is a referenced and identified tourist), what was he doing there and why was he carrying a child and walking in that direction?

Rua Primeiro de Maio (Blue) v Rua Escola Primária (Red) to head for the beach via PdL Church area.
There’s the recce problem. If Gerry did recce the route and is running tight in time plus being late after the Jez encounter, why did he choose to go via Rua da Escola Primária, then Rua 25 de Abril and then Rua Primeiro de Maio, instead of going simply and immediately down Rua Primeiro de Maio in the first place, which is a much shorter and direct way to reach the beach via church area?

And if he did recce and decided to go down Rua da Escola Primaria and then turn left on Rua 25 de Abril, then what was all that zig-zagging about when he encountered the Smiths? And why did he cross the road towards AS? He crosses Peter Smith on the left side of the road, so why not stay on the left? He supposedly does want to go left and supposedly knows he wants to go left.

You can fix half of this particular problem by having Gerry going down those stairs but you still can’t explain why he crosses the street, from left to right, between Peter and Martin Smith. And if he goes down the stairs, how he manages to get back in time.

If he didn’t recce you simply can’t fit the time to hesitate and for hands-on discovery with the tight timeline Gerry has to follow to make the thing minimally realistic.

There’s the intentionality problem. Why doesn’t Gerry avoid the encounter with the Smiths? He has time (distance) and plenty of opportunities to escape contact: alley on the right, Rua Ema Vieira Alvernaz on the left, unnamed street on the right and small stairs on the left.

There’s the body debunking problem. How did Gerry know that the sea wouldn’t return the body? The body found would show lesions not compatible with an abduction (remember Gerry is playing out an abduction). They are both doctors, they both know that. And if he didn’t throw the body at sea, where did he put it knowing he might not be able to return to it? And why it wasn't found when the whole area was combed with a very fine tooth-comb?

Finally, there’s the fine print problem. Two things that were photographed inside the parent’s room that in the same night were no longer there: the beige pants on the bed and the tennis bag in the closet. Why a now-you-see-now-you-don’t act with those two things? We all know there’s no such thing as magic, only illusion. So those things do exist. Where were they that night and where are they now?

Well, we think that if you can solve all these 9 minor problems then, Scotland Yard, you have a story you can sell.

You have had almost 3 years to do so and you do have, supposedly, the best criminal minds in the country, so we’re sure you will be able to pull it off. A Prime-Minister wanting to be re-elected breathing down your neck and over £6 million from the tax-payers should be enough motivation.

Oh, one last problem. To say that by killing 2 or 7 rats you will able to say that you’ve killed the whole lot is rather wishful thinking. You see, the droppings will always show there were many, many more.

Nice dinner, cat. We know you have to show results at some point in time...

And you'd better shape up. This is The Independent simply reflecting what the general public thinks of Scotland Yard.


  1. Welcome back! Missed you!!
    Good to see you managed to synch with The Independent article. It's really shocking stuff .
    HH wants permission to use water cannons on rioters. I suggest he uses them to hose down SY.

  2. You have indeed been missed! BUT ,todays brilliant observations gave me some much needed hope that you are not the only ones to have reached these very important conclusions (Andy & co ???),I often wondered why they needed those much publicized beach walks,(running being Kates preferred option )was it really to recee the "flotsam" from the tides ?if the twins had been with them,it would have been "less sinister" imo anyway,but welcome back Textusa,interesting times indeed,if only the trial proceeds ,in Amarals favour of course,soon.

    1. Thank you Lynn for your comment.

      Note that we don't say that there was any recce to the beach, with or without the twins.

      In beginning of May, we don't think there were any beach trips, with the exception of the one made to Paraíso on the fateful day. Besides that, I imagine that the nearest the T9 got to the beach was Chaplin's.

      We also believe that the furthest Gerry (Smithman) went was to the middle of the stairs where he waited for the Smiths to get well in Rua da Escola Primária before he made his way back to the Apartment. And he made his way back in a hurry because the alarm had been raised.

      What we wrote in this post is what we believe Scotland Yard is going to tell (hopefully not, after this post) us all that was what happened.

      To clarify new readers: we think Gerry was taking Maddie's body to a nearby house when he was interrupted be Jez Wilkins. A task he completed when Jez left (which originated Tannerman, the man Tanner sees not from the street as she claims but from inside 5A where she really was).

      After that he returned to the apartment, picked up Tanner's daughter and went to the busiest part of PdL in the hope to be seen to have an alibi by being at Tapas while having an abductor seen. And making the abductor real.

      He had just been seen by the Smiths, so away from the apartment, when the alarm was raised.

    2. About the DNA in the car, it's likely the SY will confirm it's Maddie's and probably say the contamination was from bloody clothes that the couple got rid of but at some point in time were in the trunk.

      Note that we also didn't mention DNA in apartment as a problem. Stain 3 allows for the blood to be Maddie's. Not only allows it as it states in the Sept 07 FSS Interim Report that stain 3A was Maddie's. That's why we said the SY will say the location of the accident will obviously be the couch.

  3. Happy New Year Textusa!

    There may be another problem with the 2-rat meal (or the additional 7-rat variant) which feels to me like a rather major objection: how about the cadaver scent in the car boot?

    You may say that it’s not an issue because the general public has already been made to doubt the sniffer dog’s reliability and/or to buy the rotten meat story told by the McCanns (or other excuses that I am not aware of). From a pure logical perspective, I would agree with that: if you didn’t believe in the sniffer dogs while you thought that the McCanns were innocent, you have no logical reason to change your mind once you are told that they are not.

    However, that’s pure logical thinking and it completely ignores the psychological side of things. Human psychology dictates that, as soon as the McCanns are charged, many people will inevitably start thinking that the dogs were “right”, hence speculating that Maddie’s body was indeed present in the car boot. Then SY have a serious problem: how could the McCanns or T9 hide the body during 3 weeks? If they are to restore their credibility, they'd better come up with a convincing explanation for that.

    That’s the same old problem as back in 2007 and possibly (although I know you might not exactly agree with this) the reason why the hunt was called off at the time. Would the dogs have not responded in that car, would the saga have lasted so long?

    Perhaps naively, I would imagine that the problem can be solved with minimal collateral damage by adding just another rat to the lot: Murat. But the fact that it did not happen in 2007 suggests that, for some reason, it was not considered a valid option or maybe not an option at all. Is this man protected? Is he truly innocent? I have no clue, but why would have things changed in the meantime? This makes me feel a bit puzzled regarding the McCanns being brought into justice at this point.


  4. Excellent article Textusa and Happy New Year. Quite agree with all you state and that's a good point that the rest of the Tapas group all checked on the Mccann children but the Mccanns never checked on the rest of the other children!!! This would suggest that they were all involved in the cover up otherwise why would they be checking on the Mccann children and stating they were in the apartment asleep even though one of them stood outside the door and didn't enter the bedroom, very suspicious. Obviously pre-planned and arranged to fit in with the McScammers version. The jogging up and down the beach everyday was odd, if they believed their child had been taken by peado's how could they even focus on jogging, IMO they were checking the rocks at the far end of the beach. I always felt she had been hidden amongst those rocks, some of them probably go back quite far and are not easily accessible. The church played a part they used that as an office knowing that they would not be overheard. The Mccann should have been locked up years ago, the Portuguese should have been allowed to carry on with the investigation without the interference of the media and UK. We all know the McCanns are guilty, their body language and just listening to them trying to blame others when they are the ones who are to blame, they have latched onto any charity with the pretence that they are victims with the aim of making more money.They were never victims. The tax payers money wasted on this case in the UK is obsence that money could have helped hospitals forced to close wards, cancelled operations etc. The Mccanns have no shame.


    The above link is worth reading its from Jez Wilkins partner note she states 'during my second pregancy I worked on new investigations for Crimewatch' isnt that a coincidence. Also her recollection of events reads like a Mills and Boon book and very similar to Kates fantasy book 'Madeleine'.


    Fund accounts have been published at mccannfiles.

  7. A little of subject Tex but can you tell me how far it is from the Smiths seeing the man with a child to the excavation site of a roman bath all i know is it is up some steps and over a wall Thank you.

    1. Anonymous 11 Jan 2014 07:36:00

      Thank you for your comment.

      We don’t know where the ruins you speak of are exactly. Googling it we found 2 indications. By coincidence, both linked to what we're saying.

      In our post Debunking Body Disposal, Part II - The Beach we called the tow beaches of Luz, Beach B, the small one at East and Beach A, the bigger one where Paraíso is.

      According to google there’s an archeological station near Beach B and ruins in Av. Dos Pescadores, in Beach A.

      So, to answer your question, it would be similar distances. However, to reach Beach B, one has to have very good knowledge of the terrain as one has to go around housing. In the dark.

      To put in ruins in Beach A, it would mean simply a bigger walk. But why would anyone dump her here, knowing everyone would be searching the terrain very shortly?

      And, if, as we ask in the post, one’s intention is to go to Beach A, why be in Rua da Escola Primária when Rua Primeiro de Maio is the direct route?

      We have seen the possibility of the abandoned house in Rua 25 de Abril, at the crossing with Rua da Escola Primária (where the Smith Sighting happened), which has a quite large yard, to be the place where the body could have been placed.

      For that to be so, Smithan would have turned right at the end of the Rua da Escola Primária and he crosses the street by turning left towards AS. To say that he does this to cause the impression of doing the opposite of what he really does then that would further confirm that this man never panicked and could have avoided contact.

    2. Tex thank you getting my info from reweiws on peoples comments on reveiws the exact wording is the beach is lined with cafes/bars and shops and a little further up is an excavation of an ancient roman bath but you have to look hard to find it as it is up
      some steps and behind a wall. Could a body have been taken there prior to the so called tapas dinner

    3. Anonymous 12 Jan 2014 07:45:00

      The wording then refers to the ruins in Beach A, the biggest beach. It's quite easy to find on google maps. It's in the middle of the "boardwalk" (Av. dos Pescadores).

      There's something which we have referred in our Body Disposal debunking posts that eliminates ALL and ANY possibility of the body having been left, even if only for a few hours, in any pubicly accessible location: stray dogs.

  8. Huge rats we have here Textusa :)
    Corpse was never in the beach, the corpse was hidden in an apartment fridge. Imagine that Murat is somehow related with OC owners and has access to many apartments, maybe he was the right person to give an hand in this trouble days… an empty apartment, let's say in Burgau, not close not far from the crime scene, a perfect place to hide a secret or many secrets, waiting for a window of opportunity to remove the secret again…

    1. Anonymous11 Jan 2014 09:28:00

      Thank you for your comment.

      Burgau was too far away. To take Maddie’s body to Burgau a vehicle is required.

      The “hiding” had, in our opinion, 2 stages.

      The first, was the urgency to get the body out of the house. The location would have to obey two conditions: one, guarantee that the body wouldn’t be found in the initial searches done by the police and two, to be nearby where Kate could feel its proximity and so not fall apart in those critical initial moments.

      To assure the first condition, the body could NOT have been dumped or “dumped” anywhere. The only location to guarantee that would be a house with people living in it.

      The second would have been to move, as quickly as possible, the body away from the apartment 5A (area which would naturally draw attention).

      This could have been done in 2 steps. First a house somewhere in Luz until it was decided where the final location where the body would rest would be, and then taken there when appropriate.

      It is said that Robert Murat, a realtor, could provide access to many houses/apartments. True. But that is also saying that someone with access to a bank vault would allow it’s use to hide a body.

      It’s not easy for a realtor to use the keys of another person’s property. There are very strict rules about that.

      Imagine you’re selling a house in which you don’t live in. The handing over the keys is an act of big responsibility and trust. Imagine that there’s a burglary in the house (say you’re a dishonest person and you use your own key and try to put the blame on the realtor) he has to be able to prove that the keys you gave him never left the premises of his establishment. Realtors follow very strict rules. To defend themselves.

      There’s the professional risk. One thing is to allow my house to be used for criminal purposes and another, completely different, is me risking ruining my professional life over a single event that doesn’t even pertains to me directly.

      Lastly, about the freezer. In our opinion it had to be an horizontal freezer with quite a large capacity. It had to have enough space to fit Maddie’s body with dignity as we believe Kate visited many times before it was disposed of.

  9. Unpublished Anon at 11 Jan 2014 10:02:00

    We argue against neglect theory but other blogs who do may be interested in posting the link.


    Here Sandy Cameron mentions about taking black bin sacks to the rubbish tip in the back of the scenic and how he spilt fish blood in the scenic.

    Also as Madeleine is a ward of court why are the Mccanns allowed to make representations for her as they have given up their parental responsibilities when she became a ward of court. In theory they have no claim or responsibility towards her and should not be allowed to make money from her name that should be classed as 'misrepresentation'. They are trying to ruin Amaral with their court case when what he states is probably the truth. They should not be named as Madeleines parents in news articles because they are not her parents they passed her over as a ward of court. Why is this all kept out of the papers.

    Kate IMO is a very unbalanced person she struggled to look after three small children and needed additional help this is confirmed in statements from friends, grand parents and Gerry states he had time off work as she found it hard going, all this is in statements on the internet.

    Why did such a large group of people go on holiday together out of season some of the group had never met the Mccann couple before. Payne was known to everyone he stayed with the Mccanns when Madeleine disappeared could be he was afraid their wife swapping antics would be revealed and their careers and reputations would suffer, clearly none of them cared about Madeleine otherwise why lie so much if they had nothing to hide.

    Tapas friends also gave their newspaper payout back to the Mccanns knowing they were not entitled to it. Hard up couples that go on budget holidays out of season with some people they hardly know do not give away thousands of pounds.

  11. Well with all these requirements I only see the Anglican Priest and his lovely wife's or Murat's house…? A part from this group would be too risky? The police was investigating some apartments that McCanns used to go but they failed to pick the right one...

  12. Welcome back my friend. I trust you and your family had a wonderful New Year.

    Great article.

    I agree there are bigger 'rats' involved in this 'affair'. I also agree that there will be a 'token' sacrifice. However what will happen when the McCanns inevitably start to drop names ?

    You may recall the 'story' that the video equipment wasn't recording Russell O'briens first rogatory interview. I don't believe this for a second. What did Russell O'brien say in his initial interview that was so dangerous ? Did he perhaps let the 'cat' out of the bag so to speak ?

    Good to have you back my friend.

  13. If Ocean Club were involved and had to call someone that they trust that person would be Robert Murat. After all what's the family is for?

  14. Unpublished Anonymous at 11 Jan 2014 20:20:00

    Thank you for your comment.

    We are not publishing it as it will be the subject of a future post.

    Besides that moment being considered neglect, we would agree totally with the rest of your comment.

    And Maddie wasn't 3. She was just a few days shy of 4. It's not an irrelevant detail. A year was a quarter of her life. Besides being very tragic, this has significance in terms of her size and weight.

  15. I still think that there is a fragile possibility Maddie has been buried instead of her body being totally destroyed, except of course, cremation is a common act, when a child in Ireland, or North of England die. I still believe that a funeral ceremony has take place somewhere in time and something tells me that was in PdL. It would be important to explore this part of this sad story. I believe that if we find the place near OC that includes a fridge to conserve with dignity Madeleine until her funeral we will able to discover the most important persons that took the risk and helped them to hide a body when police was looking for a possible abductor, and we finally may understand where are or where were the remains on Madeleine McCann. Although will be possible to dis-construct the abduction theory and we did already in the past, finding the remains or bring into daylight the persons involved in her material disappearance and making a huge pressure in this theme - I believe - will be a good contribution to the case. Destroying the body would mean a deep profanation of the youngest body maybe she still there....

    1. Anonymous 12 Jan 2014 11:39:00

      Totally respect your feelings. Unfortunately feelings count for very little in the real world. "A deep profanation of the youngest body" is but a very, very tiny obstacle that surmounts to very, very little to overcome when it comes to protect higher and very, very real interests.

      Lest we forget, as we have pointed out here, the ONLY real big crime in this affair is the obstruction of justice AFTER Maddie died. By her parents, by the T7 but mainly by people that we are certain had absolutely nothing to do with Maddie's death.

      SY would have it's work faciliated If Maddie was buried in PdL. If that was the case, we would have had closure in June 2011.

      The whole problem that SY has it's there's indeed no body. It's disappearance can't be explained without the T9 having had external help.

      We believe the freezer, although in PdL whereabouts (so that Kate could visit), to have been the furthest possible away from OC (where all public attention was).

    2. This post ,to me,is mind blowing,I have been back several times already,but now feel convinced your theory re Madeleines pen ultimate final resting place could have been in a freezer In the PdL area,so that Kate(not Gerry???) could visit,makes more sense than my previous thoughts,could that explain her visits back to see her friends in PdL .My son was on the same plane on one occasion,but he,s pro Ma Caan,and felt so sorry for her,and obviously thinks his mum is "not very nice" in searching searching for justice for Madeleine.Of course ,because they live in a village near to him,no one there wants to believe that Drs would ever harm their children !!! Textusa,feel free to not publish this comment ,but it really is a relevation to read your posts,thanks so much.

    3. Lynn, thank you for your comment.

      We believe that Kate's visit to PdL has nothing to do with a visit to a "shrine".

      And as "shrine" we only mean the place where Maddie was kept until her body was disposed of.

      We believe that Kate (and Gerry) made real friends in PdL during her ordeal. No matter how much one condemns her behaviour, one must recognise it was an ordeal.

      One that has remained to this day and will find closure with the TRUE truth. The TRUE truth and not the scenario we have described in the current post.

      So, to visit friends is a reason we believe she has to visit PdL.

      But we think that the main reason for her to go to PdL is for situational awereness. Or, as the Americans say, to touch base.

      To update all those ex-Pats that participated actively in the cover-up.

      And there weren't that few.

      The ex-Pat community, both in PdL as well as the rest of the Algarve, unfortunately for all, them and us, closed ranks and helped whoever was in need of help. Not the T9 but whoever.

      Some ex-Pats were at a certain point Deciders (see our post - The Deciders) but very quickly were only Enablers (see our post - The Enablers) although maintaining some of their influence in the early days.

      But their importance very rapidly degraded to a level that they weren't even included in "Hunt the McCanns Party 2007".

      These days the only way they have to have some sort of notion of what is going on is through the couple.

      And the only way they are sure conversations aren't listened to is by mouth to ear conversations.

    4. .Thanks Tex,my goodness,that was quite a thing for the ex pats to do for their fellow countryman/woman !!! hope they,ll find "forgiveness" as easy,when they are faced with the horrible truth.Must now read The Deciders and The Enablers posts.

  16. Welcome back Textusa and Sisters - I hope you had an enjoyable holiday and are well rested.

    I have to say though I wasn't expecting this post - what an almost "lightening bolt from the sky" post!

    I really thought we had far to go .... and that we would not see such a revealing, intricate and difficult affair displayed for us to digest.

    I have to say I am utterly stunned.

  17. Cadaver’s decomposition time:
    Outdoor - 2-6 weeks; bones two years - risk of being found
    Under the earth - nine months to five years - already seven years ago but risky could be found.
    Deep sea - up to 10 years ...
    Swamp - indefinitely - slows the decomposition; Acid swamps - I don't know!
    Worms - accelerate the decomposition, but takes time.
    Cremation - few hours ! How to get there?

  18. Will SY interview the Moyes about The "3 Burglars" ? They were sitting on their balcony above 5A that night, but heard and saw nothing.

  19. Do burglars normally work in threes? Do they usually do their robbing in the evening when inhabitants are active and dwellings are occupied?

  20. Siga o circo. Desta vez são os "3 Mosqueteiros". Devem estar sentados num qualquer bar, à espera que o Redwood chegue para os prender.
    Eh! Eh! Vai ser desta que o sr. Gerry Mccann tira da cartola o saco de ténis ( que teimou em negar) para dizer que foi o único objecto roubado com Maddie?
    É bastante fértil a imaginação da policia inglesa, quando se trata de fantasiar para esconder a verdade. Vai atirando a bola para a frente dos pés, mas esta teima em não se dirigir para a baliza. Com tanta fantasia, já se esqueceram que tudo começou com mais de 100 pistas a investigar. Quantas investigaram até agora? Tirando a xenofobia contra ciganos e negros, népia. É assim....uma grande produtora que nem consegue criar uma história que tenha pés e cabeça e possa ser digna de meia página nos panfletos que costumavam deleitar os frequentadores das feiras semanais, ávidos de histórias terrificas e incrivéis.

  21. Porreiro pá! O Rogério Alves está com mau aspecto. Envelheceu à conta deste caso. Cautelosamente, já vai dizendo que não tem esperança, que é melhor não alimentar esperanças, não acredita...
    Querem melhor confissão do que esta, para claramente assumirmos que esta é mais uma jogada da policia inglesa para entreter o povão?
    É sina nesta saga, os raptores terem de ser plurais e masculinos, mesmo quando os manuais nos ensinam que " pedófilos, agem sóxinhos, movidos pelo comportamento desviante do " individuo só"".
    Ainda hão-de vir com um valor bizarro para Maddie. Um diamante em Maio na PDL, apetitoso para os gostos dos "3 Mosqueteiros" que a raptarem tão precioso bem, já deviam ter um destinatário para a transacionarem.
    Os cães é que estragam tudo. Mas como qualquer história de "faca e alguidar" tem de haver sempre um "mau da fita" que dificulta o enredo.


    Drunk mother left five-year-old autistic son home alone before crashing her car

    The woman's lawyer argued her case by saying Madeleine McCann's parents 'were guilty of child neglect' but not prosecuted

    A drunken mother left her five-year-old son who suffered with Asperger's syndrome home alone at night - but was caught after a road rage row with another driver.

    The professional woman, 44, was over the limit when she went out for a drive leaving her little boy asleep on the settee.

    But she was so drunk she crashed into a car at traffic lights - and when police went to her home they found the "vulnerable" little boy all alone.

    The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted child neglect and was facing a jail term.

    But her lawyer pleaded for her freedom - because Kate and Gerry McCann were never prosecuted for leaving daughter Madeleine alone in their holiday apartment.

    A court heard the mother had been drinking heavily when she drove to a supermarket cashpoint shortly before midnight.

    On the way back she smashed into the rear of a car being driven by swimming coach Bronnie-May Dunn, 21, who had stopped at a red traffic lightMiss Dunn suffered head injuries in the crash but the drunken mum shouted at her: "That was your f****** fault."

    The airbags on the woman's Ford Mondeo were inflated but she sped off leaving Miss Dunn injured in her car.

    Police followed the woman home to arrest her but she told them: "I can't be arrested, my son is in the house and he's only five."

    Prosecutor Stephen Head said: "Sure enough when police went into the house they found the five-year-old boy asleep under a blanket on the settee.

    "She told police she had driven to the cashpoint to get money to buy herself a takeaway meal and had left the little boy with her niece.

    "But her niece was not in the house and her son, who has Asperger's syndrome, was all alone."

    Magistrates at Merthyr Tydfil heard the woman, who was held in high regard by her employers, was more than two-and-a-half times over the drink drive limit.

    Mr Head told the court: "She told police she left the scene of the accident because she wanted to get back to her son."

    Probation officer Graham Craig said the little boy, an only child, was "extremely vulnerable" because of his Asperger's syndrome.

    Mr Craig said: "His mother accepts full responsibility and knows that a potentially catastrophic situation could have developed at home while she was out.

    "She accepts making a series of poor decisions and that alcohol was a factor."

    Gareth Morgan, defending, asked the magistrates not to impose a custodial sentence saying the woman had not touched a drop of alcohol since the night she left her son alone last October 30.

    He said: "The parents of Madeleine McCann were guilty of child neglect for leaving their little girl much longer than my client.

    "They were never prosecuted for it.

    "The mother in this case is ashamed and remorseful at putting her young child at risk in the way she did."

    The woman, from Merthyr Tydfil, admitted child neglect, drink driving and leaving the scene of an accident.


  23. (cont)

    She was given a 12-month supervision order, ordered to carry out 120 hours unpaid work and told to attend 15 sessions on a thinking skills course.

    She was also banned from driving for 22 months.

    The court heard she had been suspended from the her job with a local authority and was expecting to be dismissed at a disciplinary hearing after 14 years of employment.

    The crash victim Miss Dunn suffered a head injury and whiplash when the woman hit her at traffic lights.

    Miss Dunn said after the case: "I couldn't believe it when she hit me from behind then drove off with her air bags inflated.

    "I was off work for a while with head injuries but I think the most important person in all this is her little boy.

    "The road accident led to the authorities discovering she had left her vulnerable five-year-old boy alone at night."


    Madeleine McCann: Lawyer says 'Kate and Gerry McCann guilty of neglect for leaving her - and they weren't charged'

    Gareth Morgan made the shocking claim while acting for a drink-driving mum who left her five-year-old son, who has Asperger syndrome, home alone at night

    A lawyer accused Madeleine McCann’s parents of child neglect as he defended his own client in an “outrageous” courtroom speech.

    Gareth Morgan made the shocking claim while acting for a drink-driving mum who left her five-year-old son, who has Asperger syndrome, home alone at night.

    Yesterday a friend of Kate and Gerry McCann, both 45, blasted the comparison as ­“insensitive and plain wrong”.

    The mum, 44, was caught after she crashed into a car at traffic lights. When the police went to her home they found the “extremely vulnerable” boy there.

    The woman, who cannot be named, admitted neglect and was spared jail. But Mr Morgan pleaded for her freedom on the basis that Kate and Gerry McCann were never prosecuted for leaving daughter Madeleine alone in their holiday flat.

    He told magistrates in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales: “The parents of Madeleine McCann were guilty of child neglect for leaving their little girl much longer than my client. They were never prosecuted.

    "The mother in this case is ashamed and remorseful at putting her young child at risk in the way she did.”

    The McCanns left three-year-old Madeleine in their apartment in Portugal’s Praia da Luz while they dined with friends at a nearby tapas bar in May 2007.

    Last night a close pal of the couple, of Rothley, Leics, said: “The comments are insensitive and plain wrong. Kate and Gerry will be furious. The circumstances are totally different and not comparable.

    “If Kate and Gerry were guilty of child neglect, and they were absolutely not, they would have been dealt with. As it is, there are two police inquiries in two different countries trying to find out what happened to Madeleine, and comments made by a lawyer in an unrelated case is offensive, outrageous and inaccurate.

    "It is his opinion, but it is a disgrace that a defence lawyer is commenting on Kate and Gerry in this way. They will not be happy about that.”

    Merthyr Tydfil magistrates heard the mum was more than two-and-a-half times the limit when she drove to a supermarket cashpoint shortly before midnight.

    On the way back she smashed into the rear of a car being driven by Bronnie-May Dunn, 21, who had stopped at a red traffic light.

    Miss Dunn suffered head injuries in the crash but the woman shouted at her: “That was your f****** fault.”

    Police followed the woman home but she told them: “I can’t be arrested, my son is in the house and he’s only five.”

    Prosecutor Stephen Head said: “Sure enough, when police went into the house they found the boy asleep under a blanket on the settee.”

    The woman pleaded guilty to child neglect, drink-driving and leaving an accident. She got a 12-month supervision order, was ordered to carry out 120 hours’ unpaid work and told to attend a course. She was also banned from driving for 22 months.

    Probation officer Graham Craig said: “His mother accepts full responsibility and knows a potentially catastrophic situation could have developed while she was out.”

    The McCanns would not be drawn on Mr Morgan’s claim last night. Spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “We will not comment on details in a court case.” Mr Morgan could not be reached.

    Meanwhile, British police hunting for Madeleine are poised to make their first arrests. They are heading to the Algarve and want to quiz three burglars behind raids in Praia da Luz. Records show the men made numerous calls to each other after she disappeared.


    Madeleine McCann: lawyer claims parents 'guilty of neglect' for leaving her

    A lawyer accused Madeleine McCann's parents of child neglect after defending his own client in an "outrageous" speech in court.

    Gareth Morgan compared his client, a mother who was more than two times the drink-driving limit when she drove to a cashpoint leaving her five-year-old son home alone, to Kate and Gerry McCann.

    When the mother, 44, crashed into a car at traffic lights, police went to to her home to find the "extremely vulnearble" boy, who suffers from Asperger syndrome.

    The woman, who cannot be named, admitted neglect but Mr Morgan pleaded for her freedom on the grounds that Kate and Gerry McCann were never prosecuted for leaving daughter Madeleine alone in their holiday flat.

    The mother, who was driving to a supermarket cashpoint shortly before midnight when she crashed, was spared jail.

    Mr Morgan told magistrates in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales: "The parents of Madeleine McCann were guilty of child neglect for leaving their little girl much longer than my client. They were never prosecuted. The mother in this case is ashamed and remorseful at putting her young child at risk in the way she did."

    However, friends of the McCanns described the comparision as "insensitive and plain wrong".

    A close friend of the couple told The Mirror said: "Kate and Gerry will be furious. The circumstances are totally different and not comparable.

    "If Kate and Gerry were guilty of child neglect, and they were absolutely not, they would have been dealt with. As it is, there are two police inquiries in two different countries trying to find out what happened to Madeleine, and comments made by a lawyer in an unrelated case is offensive, outrageous and inaccurate.

    "It is his opinion, but it is a disgrace that a defence lawyer is commenting on Kate and Gerry in this way. They will not be happy about that."

    The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “We will not comment on details in a court case.”

  26. The Guardian clearly points the finger to the McCann “spokesman” as the origin of the “arrests”. Doesn’t that just say all?

    British police 'preparing to make arrests' in Madeleine McCann case

    Police are ready to arrest and interview suspects over girl's disappearance in Portugal, says parents' spokesman

    Haroon Siddique
    Monday 13 January 2014 12.23 GMT

    British police are reportedly preparing the ground to make the first arrests in their investigations into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    A spokesman for Madeleine's parents told the Daily Mirror that police were ready to arrest and interview "key suspects". Scotland Yard confirmed that it had sent an international letter of request to the Portuguese authorities but would not elaborate on its contents.

    However, the Mirror said officers were preparing to fly to the Algarve on Sunday night to speak to three burglars who carried out raids in the Portuguese resort where Madeleine, then three years old, vanished on 3 May 2007.

    The Metropolitan police launched its own investigation into her disappearance in July last year and in October, when new developments in the case were put to air on the BBC

    Crimewatch programme, officers said they were seeking to track down the people behind a series of burglaries around the Ocean Club complex, mainly in the early months of 2007.

    There was also an incident almost exactly a year before the abduction when children in a ground-floor apartment saw an intruder break in through a patio door and stare into a travel cot, stealing nothing.

    Earlier this month, the Mail reported that analysis of mobile phone data suggested that a burglary gang was operating very near to where Madeleine vanished and made an unusually high number of calls to each other in the hours after she was reported missing.

    The spokesman for Kate and Gerry McCann said: "The letter is a significant development. It is necessary for British police to request the Portuguese authorities allow them to operate on their turf.

    "It means they have the intention of arresting and interviewing X, Y or Z. We don't know who they have their sights on but it's likely it is the burglars."

    He said Madeleine's parents did not want to get their hopes up but "realised it could be a significant new lead". He also said it was not a formality that the Portuguese authorities would co-operate.

    Portuguese police, who once falsely treated the parents as suspects, reopened their investigation in October last year, more than three years after it was shelved. Their investigation is running in parallel with the Scotland Yard inquiry but the Met police commissioner has called for the two forces to join together as one team

  27. One fact this case has undeniably proved is that we cannot trust our media to print factual news. I laugh at the Express it has become a McCann comic puppet with many others papers in tow. If people want the truth they should and do look on the internet and not pay money for propaganda stories printed in our corrupt media. The journalists that write the rubbish the mccanns PR team spin them should be ashamed they bring nothing but discredit to their profession.

    It is the general opinion that the McCanns are involved in Madeleines disappearance, if they were innocent they would have taken a completely different approach, they would have nothing to fear or hide. Instead they employed expensive lawyers and sued anybody that dared question their unbelieveable version of events. They may never be charged for their crimes but in most peoples minds they are as guilty as hell.

  28. "...saw an intruder break in through a patio door and stare into a travel cot, stealing nothing"

    Don't they read what they write when they write this sort of garbage?!?
    Who was inside the apartment that saw an intruder looking at a cot?
    And based only on the number of calls made, let's FIRST arrest them and then interview. FIRST arrest and then get the facts straight.
    What is an unusual amount of calls? 2/3 or 10/20. Why would someone make 10/20 calls when involved in an abduction? How many calls would the abductor have made on the 3rd?
    1st call, I'm inside, in the corridor
    2nd call, I'm inside the room
    3rd call, I see 3 kids... which one is to abduct?
    4th call, going to be a little late, the dad is peeing and I'm hiding behind the door
    5th call, the girls is blonde, is it this the one?
    6th call, coloboma? don't know, her eyes are closed
    7th call, sorry, have to hang up, jammying a window
    8th call, hard to speak... carrying the girl...

  29. Good point anon 11:22

    Imagine you are a gang of 3 burglairs used with that activity and knowing well the location, did you put all the activity at tisk by making several calls on the same night, exactely from the location you are doing the crime?
    Off course not.
    That fairy tale just fits the intents of the british police - fooling a certain type of british media readers, who still believing in witches, Santa and fairys, but could one day wake up ans ask where went the millions of Pounds wasted on that case, while they still loosing their jobs, enlarging the unemployed cake or looking at their pensions going small and small. Exactely like the portuguese, who are paying a large bill on the actual crise but did not believe on Fairy tales, then, no temptation from the government to waste one more Euro in a case where all the picture is known and who has some responsibility on the events refuse to cooperate with the police.


    Reino Unido
    Advogado britânico acusa pais de ‘Maddie’ de negligência
    Hoje, 13h19
    Por:Cátia Carmo

    Gareth Morgan recorreu ao caso do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann para defender, em tribunal, uma mãe que deixou o filho sozinho em casa.

    O advogado britânico Gareth Morgan acusou os pais de 'Maddie', Kate e Gerry McCann, de negligência enquanto defendia, em tribunal, uma mãe que deixou o filho, de cinco anos e com Síndrome de Asperger, sozinho em casa à noite.

    “Os pais de Madeleine McCann são muito mais culpados de negligência infantil por deixarem a sua filha sozinha do que a minha cliente. E eles nunca foram processados. A mãe, neste caso, está envergonhada e arrependida de ter colocado a criança em risco”, argumentou Gareth Morgan em tribunal, avança o jornal ‘Daily Mirror’.

    Face à argumentação utilizada por Gareth Morgan, e uma vez que a sua cliente admitiu o ato de neglicência, o tribunal acabou por não condenar a mulher, de 44 anos.

    Rothley Leics, um amigo próximo do casal McCann, já reagiu às declarações do advogado, acrescentando que “os comentários são insensíveis” e que os pais de 'Maddie' “vão ficar furiosos”.

    Recorde-se que Madeleine McCann, de três anos, desapareceu depois de Kate e Gerry a terem deixado sozinha num apartamento na Praia da Luz, no Algarve, em maio de 2007.

  31. The burglar story is so far fetched, do they really expect people to believe that a group of three burglars would bother with holiday apartments that are full of nothing except furniture and clothing. No body in their right mind would take valuables on holiday and leave them lying in an unlocked apartment. We are supposed to believe that arrests are imminent what a joke this farce has turned into. The Portuguese should have been allowed to conduct the investigation without the UK plods interferring, those guilty would have been arrested years ago and by that I am talking about Kate and Gerry the No.1 suspects.

    If a child had not died I would find the story telling rather amusing how they duck and dive but since Maddie lost her life to this group of self gratuitous moroons it is a tragic that grown people can act in such a inhumane and selfish way.

  32. "...British police prepared to arrest in Portugal..."

    Since when the British police could operate in portuguese soil? The bad cooperation from the pass on the same case, vaccinate the portuguese police against that virus.
    Just see what happen with the lawyers... They were forced to hire portuguese lawyers.

    What is a shame is to see the british police playing a dirty game while they know to who all the evidences pointed to.


    As a result of appeal on Mc programme, dogs brought in and found body of woman in concrete at family home, after husband appealed on programme for his wife to return.
    What an own goal for the Mcs!

    1. Me again, the husband confessed!

    2. DOGS ROCK!!!

      Ask the dogs, Gerry...

  34. Thank you Tex for your interesting and informative blog read it everyday - justice for Maddie

  35. Hi, while it took me a long time to realize what had happened to Madeleine, I finally did, with the help of Joana's blog and this one. I am concerned that just a couple of days ago there was a news story on that claimed the police were on the verge of an arrest. Not, however, the McCanns, but Portuguese burglars. Are SY finally on to the McCanns or not?

    1. Anonymous 15 Jan 2014 22:56:00

      Thank you for your comment.

      If, when you say "on to the McCanns", you mean if they know what the McCanns did that night, yes they are. Have always been since May 3rd, 2007.

      But so is the PJ.

      If you mean are they going to arrest the McCanns... well, we'll just say they're doing their best.

  36. Who do you think is trying to stop them?


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