Monday, 28 October 2013

Remarkable Marksmanship

As we have said, and we have said many things up to now and hopefully will continue to do so, we are an investigative blog.

This means we like to act and not react.

In the beginning of September we were analysing what, in our opinion, surrounded Maddie's death when our attention was diverted to more pressing issues: first, the ongoing McCann v Amaral Libel Trial and then the UK Crimewatch pantomine.

We felt we had to drop what we were doing and focus our efforts in helping man the wheel of our vessel, HMS Truth, as it was hit by one storm after the other. 

HMS Truth is now set on course. 

Yesterday's Sunday Times article was the first significant sign confirming that.

The compromising silence from Rothley and from star-puppet Clarence Mitchell, has underlined all.

Incomparably much less credible than any article from the Times but incomparably much more relevant in meaning is this Daily Star article today:

Let us remind you that this rag was the only one that gave a hand to the couple during the "McCann's Desert Crossing" back in the Summer of 2011.  From then on it became McCann's "last line of defense". That's why this article is particularly important.

But please be warned, those thinking that all is over and all is won, couldn't be further from the truth. The walk has just begun and it is a long winding road ahead as the beast will not concede easily.

If it does, it will be a surprise.

As nothing that is happening now isn’t anything we didn’t anticipate and as nothing that is being said isn't what we haven’t said before, we feel it’s our duty to return to our rightful posts and do our part in assuring that when truth is outed, it’s outed as a whole and not just convenient parts of it, leaving its largest chunks out of the spotlight. 

We can’t and won’t accept that. We would like to remind all those involved that no solution apart from truth fits the facts.

stains found on walls
In our DNA is... DNA post we said we were going to deconstruct all the information in the FSS Final Report about the stains found in the corner of apartment 5A that UK Crimewatch "forgot" to highlight  (Discrepancy 05 - The Living-Room Corner). 

We said were going to deconstruct it in 3 major areas "DNA Results", "Apparently Originating From" and "FSS' Opinion".

That early September post, DNA is... DNA, was about the first area, "DNA Results", today, is about the second: "Apparently Originating From".

The issue is just too complex for a single post, this being the first one about it.

Let's start with what FSS has to say about from where it APPARENTLY thinks the DNA in the stains originated:

Stains from the FLOOR:

#1 - “a male individual“ 
#2 - “at least two people“
#3 - “more than one person“

Stains from the EAST wall:

#4 - “a female individual“
#5 - “at least two persons“
#6 - “information was too meagre to permit a meaningful comparison“
#13 - “ no profile was obtained“

Stains from the NORTH wall:

#7 - “at least two persons“
#8 - “information was too meagre to permit a meaningful comparison“
#9 - “a male individual“
#10 - “at least two persons“
#11 - “no profile was obtained“
#12 - “at least two persons“

Stains from the COUCH:

#14 - “ not adequate for comparison purposes“
#15 - “at least three persons of whom at least two were male“

We can group them by the number of people that FSS thinks the DNA in the stains have originated from:

- THREE people (1 out of 15): stain 15

- TWO or MORE people (“at least two people”, “at least two persons” or “more than one person”) (6 of 15): stains: 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 12

- ONE person (“male individual” or “female individual”) (3 out 15): stains 1, 4 and 9

- UNQUANTIFIABLE (“information too meagre” or “not adequate for comparison”) (3 of 15): stains 6, 8 and 14

- NO PROFILE (2 of 15): stains 11 and 13

A staggering 47%, almost half of the tiny, minuscule and invisible to the eye stains had DNA from more than one person in them!

One cannot but wonder how many people provided DNA to those other 5 tiny, minuscule and invisible to the eye stains (6, 8, 11, 13 and 14) that were either deemed UNQUANTIFIABLE or had NO PROFILE found.

Statistically, half of them would also be from more than 1 person

Fact is that only 3 stains, out of a possible 15, had a single person DNA in them.

We don't think John Lowe realized that when he uses the expression "at least two persons", or similar ones to that, about the DNA in the stains, he's raising an hypothesis very damning to the BHs as we hope to show with this post.

We call it the “soup-effect”

As you know, a soup has many ingredients, and what happened is that in each one of those 7 tiny, minuscule and invisible to the eye stains a mixture of more than one "ingredient" was found.

This begs the question, where was each stain's "soup" made?

In loco, as in the floor, walls and couch, or somewhere else?

As far as we know, except in scientific experimentation and in proper labs, mixtures of anything, even soup, in tiny, minuscule and invisible to the eye quantities aren’t possible to be done, much less on a wall or on a couch.

So, for the DNA originating from different people to be in such tiny, minuscule and invisible to the eye spots, then the mixture had to be done somewhere else and then sprayed respectively on the floor, wall and couch.

What can possibly originate such a mixture of DNA? 

2 people bleeding together? Then carefully sprinkling their blood in tiny, minuscule and invisible to the naked eyes specks on walls, namely on one behind a couch, curtains and undercurtains?

And also the floor beneath that couch?

Various former guests had bled in the apartment and all were accident prone?

Was there a big fight? But who and why?

Nothing but mosquitos swats could have produced 2 samples in one spot.

But who goes and squashes mosquitos on a wall behind a couch, a curtain and a undercurtain? No one.

Who squashes mosquitos on the floor below a couch? Also no one.

Besides, a squashed mosquito makes a visible splat, having splattered a few myself. It produces a stain perfectly visible and not one that’s tiny, minuscule and invisible to the eye.

Mosquito splats, you could say, could be cleaned by a cleaner and eradicated to naked eye.

Well, true if the cleaners were "specialized cleaners", like we believe the "6-Cleaners" to have been, but then that would simply confirm their presence and the need for their expertise.

By the way, we believe that is exactly what happened: "specialized cleaners" eradicated all the vestiges of blood they could. They just let some tiny, minuscule and invisible to the naked eye remain where they were  found.

Not on purpose, obviously. They just slipped through the cracks.

If we're talking about cleaners from Ocean Club, one must remember that one is not exactly speaking about the Waldorf Astoria.

Hotel cleaning staff don't wash walls unless there are big smears on them. These extraordinary occurrences are normally reported by guests and taken care of as soon as possible, so not part of the routine room cleaning proceedings between change of occupants.

A squashed mosquito does make a visible stain to the naked eye but it isn't one that call one's attention.

With the exception of "specialized cleaners", as just referred, hotel cleaners do not account for the number and location of stains found.

Could the DNA be contaminated by a person collecting it (LPC) or subsequently handling it (FSS)?

This topic will be dealt with in our next post but we can anticipate that Lowe specifically implies that one of LPC's forensic experts, Mr. Fernando Viegas, of doing just that.

We're talking about the most talked about case in world at the time. This blood finding was an enormous media bomb!

Its explosive sensitivity was public and evident.

LPC, and we're sure they didn't require any sort of guidance in this matter, certainly took EXTRA care on how these samples were collected.

Had there been any mishap in collections, we're certain that it would have been mentioned on the diligence report.

For the exact same reasons we don't believe that any of the samples were contaminated at FSS.

So the biggest problem for the BHs about the stains is the absolutely impossible marksmanship required.

Remember Robin Hood’s famous arrow shot? The one in which he splits an arrow, that has hit the dead centre bullseye, with another?

For two people to hit with their DNA the exact same tiny, minuscule, invisible to the eye spot it’s nothing short of repeating Robin Hood’s impossible arrow shot.

To do that 6 times over is more than mesmerizing. An adequate adjective has yet to be found to qualify such absolutely unbelievable wonder!

And one has to be rendered absolutely speechless in awe if on top of those 6 times we have one arrow that splits one that had split another:

And that has happened with stain 15: at least three persons of whom at least two were male“!!

If we were to transpose what was said to be found in that inaccessible corner of the 5A’s living-room, to an archery shooting range, this is what we would have:

Lanes 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 12 would each get a GOLD STAR and lane 15 would have to get two of them!

Taking into account that lanes 6, 8, 11, 13 and 14 weren't shot, that is one outstanding show of “archery”!!

Enough to send Robin Hood back to Sherwood Forest, shoulders slumped, after having been so completely humiliated in front of Lady Marion

But we don't have to feel sympathy for Mr Hood as we know him to be a fictional character. Or at most a legend.

However, 5A marksmanship is very real. According to FSS that is.


  1. I have always wondered why no one paid much attention to these stains. It was just dismissed they belonged to a man that was in the apartment before the McCanns because of a shaving accident (???) .

  2. Interesting. I'd say there was a fight of some sort.
    A load of this mixed DNA was spread more widely and these specks were missed in cleaning due to irregularity of the walls etc.
    The more frequently I look at certain aspects of this case, the more I feel this was something a bit more sinister than a child having an accident.

    1. Aztec,

      Thank you for your comment.

      A fight is ruled out as soon as one of the stains has been deemed coming from a 2 yr old boy.

      Not seeing a woman (stain 4) also be involved in such a violent struggle, unless a victim.

      You assume, in our opinion correctly as we have assumed the same, that those walls and that floor were subject to a cleaning.

      Let us tell you that after our analysis, we maintain our conviction that there's absolutely nothing more sinister than a child having an accident.

      An accident from a singular episode of aggression under a momentary explosion of rage.

      We can only speculate as to what caused that particular and very unfortunate violent outburst, and we have already done that.

    2. "Accident" - it's the interpretation, I suppose. From your expansion, yes, that's the sort of occurrence I had in mind.
      I suppose I don't see it as accidental, but I probably am technically incorrect.

      The fight - I thought possible with a woman, possibly being present at the "accident" and responding to the agressor, either during or post.
      Such a person may have a lot of abrasions and bruising that they later attribute to some form of self harm done in distress later..

  3. Excellent analytical work T. Something occurred to me during the reading. If you were to wash a large, DNA stained area of a wall or floor, you would you be making a "soup", right? Of course you would!

    That said, it is important to realized the defunct FSS was a laboratory set up by the British government and, as all WH know, the British government there and there (and here and now) was/is associated with the McCanns (...)

    Anything FSS said and done, discard as "suspect and unreliable" - which is probably the point the facts of your analysis are about to prove...

    Please carry on...

  4. "PJ volta a procurar corpo de Maddie"
    In CM
    PJ is looking for Maddie body. The paper speaks again about the dogs and what they found on Mccann's car and clothes.

    A verdade é uma fatalidade. Ande a investigação por onde andar, a verdade bate-lhe a porta como a chuva miuda que parece que não chateia mas molha e não a podemos ignorar.
    Esta não é a segunda equipa de investigadores a olhar para a inconsistência dos depoimentos e para os indicios. Oficialmente é a 3a ou 4a. Muitas cabeças inteligentes já reviram o caso e o que é certo é que além dos 3 suspeitos iniciais, não foi adicionado nenhum outro nestes 6 anos. Isto é muito revelador.
    Julgo que a PJ, que cedo percebeu as intenções da policia inglesa, nåo terá enviado todos os indicios para Inglaterra. Muitos terão sido analisados em Portugal ou noutro país, mesmo depois do arquivamento. É esse o curso normal das investigações que nåo estão concluidas.
    Acho que eles já sabem o que aconteceu e quem é o culpado. Estào só a dar tempo e a
    visitar velhas capelas para não poderem ser criticados novamente. Costuma-se dizer que " vingança é um prato que se serve frio" . Neste caso substituo vingança por verdade. A verdade que já era do conhecimento da PJ em 2007 e que alguém silenciou/ escondeu.

    1. Por muito que eu goste de saber as "novidades" e o rumo que leva a investigação, algo me preocupa...o ministério público pediu segredo de justiça absoluto à investigação, e no entanto parece que "alguém" continua a fazer "leaks" que nem um "escorredor de massas" cá para fora! Lembram-se de toda a polémica e prejuízo que as "fontes" causaram à anterior investigação...? A ajudinha que deram ao processo de desacreditar os investigadores e a PJ no todo? Temo que este "pinga-pinga" de "a polícia está af azer isto e a investigar aqueloutro, sempre de fontes anónimas, sem comunicados de imprensa oficiais, seja mais uma vez um estratagema para fazer naufragar a investigação através do denegrir da integridade e idóneidade dos investigadores e da PJ enquanto instituição.
      Oxalá eu me engane, mas "gato escaldado"...

  5. Pressure should be put on the Tapas friends they know more than they are admitting. Its unbelieveable how these adults have acted towards the death of a child and to the justice system, they are all involved. Forever their names will always be linked to the death of Madeleine surrounded by suspictions what a legacy they all leave their families. Selfish swingers.

    1. Concerning this subject, here are the reports of their meeting, at the time:

      'Tapas 9' in secret McCann meeting"

      Kate and Gerry McCann secretly met the rest of the "Tapas Nine" amid reports Portuguese police are to re-interview them.
      «...The friends met last month for the first time since the McCanns' four-year-old daughter Madeleine vanished in Portugal seven months ago.

      They were all dining with the couple in a tapas bar near the holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, where Madeleine was sleeping with two-year-old twin brother and sister Sean and Amelie.

      Portuguese police were furious about the meeting. A source close to the investigation claimed it was "highly suspicious" that they had met up to "talk tactics".

      Detectives are said to be awaiting formal clearance to come to Britain and question the nine again about alleged discrepancies in their statements.

      But the couple's spokesman Clarence Mitchell denied that the nine had gathered to square their accounts before a police visit.

      He said the emotional reunion "a few weeks ago" at a hotel near the couple's home in Rothley, Leics "was just to discuss the overall situation.

      "They weren't comparing notes or doing anything untoward. It was an operational meeting to discuss what might be coming up in the next few weeks.

      "They are in touch all the time by phone and emails anyway but decided to meet face to face. They were together for a few hours and discussed the overall position. They wanted to see each other because they hadn't done so for some time."

      He added: "It was a private meeting and I therefore don't want to say more about it."

      The other seven members of the party are heart specialist Dr David Payne, 41, his doctor wife Fiona, 34, hospital consultant Dr Russell O'Brien, 36, his partner Jane Tanner, 37, endocrinologist Dr Matthew Oldfield, 37, and wife Rachael, 36, and Dr Payne's mother Dianne Webster.
      They are key witnesses who gave police crucial evidence supporting the couple's belief that Madeleine was kidnapped.

      Jane Tanner claims to have seen a man carrying a small child in pink pyjamas like Madeleine's away from the flat. Three have given statements claiming they saw Robert Murat, the first official suspect, outside the apartment - though he claimed he was at home with his mother.

      A friend of the couple claimed the meeting gave the lie to a rumour that some of the party had fallen out with the McCanns and were preparing to change their statements.

      The source said: "It was a show of solidarity under police claims that one or two had wanted to change their stories. That is not the case and the meeting showed that.

      "It was a meeting to express support by the friends and just to see each other again. They hadn't all seen each other for months."

      The friend said the reunion last month was kept secret because of the huge interest it would have generated...»


      Madeleine McCann: Tapas 9's secret meeting

  6. Brilliant Textusa - the Mccanns should know there is no such thing as the perfect crime, just lies heaped on more lies and buried beneath all the clutter is the truth. This case will not go away until the truth is found, and one way or another it will surface.


    Translated transcript of Mr. Amaral's interview in Gente Magazine

    1. Are you unhappy with the progress of the case?

      My sensible nature doesn’t allow me to jump to conclusions, I will wait for the courts’ decision with calmness and tranquility. However, the publicity and disinformation campaign, the intoxication along the way, by the parties who have initiated this case, seems to indicate that they are not happy with the progress of the case because they are trying to influence the final result.

    2. It was noted that the McCann friends who dined with them, the night Maddie disappeared that night, were not present in court.

      Perhaps it’s a strategy on their part, but their absence did not go amiss. At the end of the day, who better than those that holidayed with the McCanns, throughout the years, and were house friends prior to the 3rd of May 2007, to give evidence about the “before and after” effect of the case on their lives.

    3. Any witnesses important to your defense?

      It was important to unmask the Psychologist in court by discovering that he merely has a degree in Social Sciences, and did one Psychology subject, meaning, that he isn’t a psychologist and isn’t qualified to assess the case. Equally important was the testimony of my colleagues who worked with me on this missing case. They remembered an interview the McCanns gave to a weekly Portuguese magazine in September 2008, a month after the book was published, where they devalued its content, and said they would not sue me for it. Such is life.

      We were subject to the biggest slur on us personally and professionally, it was a shameful and vile the campaign against us.

  8. After the Sunday Times article other papers have started reporting on the suppressed info, the press are always one step ahead with events, for years there have been superinjunction in place forbidding them to publish any factual stories about team mccann, things are changing now and events are moving at a very fast pace, the Crimewash show proved how ridiculous this circus has become, the public know the Mccanns are withholding info about Madeleine but are stopped from commenting. Where ever comments are allowed they show public opinion is very much against Mccanns even the BH's numbers are dwindling. We have grown tired of the Mccanns they were not honest in the beginning and now their lies have come back to haunt them, PR attempts to put them in a good light but they are anything but. They are two devious, evil people who have tried to silence the world through expensive lawyers paid for by the public. Why government bodies come out in support of these two criminals is beyond comprehension, we all know they are involved, nothing they said in their statements was true and now SY have admitted it was all wrong. The abduction never happened, the sleepy town of pdl is just that, its a quiet holiday resort, common sense shows most of us that the abduction just could not happen, its all a cover up there is not one shred of proof that an abductor walked into their apartment. We all have an opinion on this case and everybody I have ever spoken to believes the parents are guilty and know what happened to Madeleine, if they had just been honest they would have saved themselves from being in the dark place they surely are now.
    The name Mccann will forever be linked by criminologists and the public to how money can buy the most expensive lawyers and PR but the parents still they look as guilty as ever.

  9. The white van, they so strongly are trying to find an explanation for it with gypsies, could be the cleaners van, coming from Spain because is too close and will not leave easy traces for PJ to investigate. Police will be foccus on the surrounds, before moving to other country.
    I always found strange the quick jump of the British lady who jumped to te media to talk about the first sight of Madeleine in Morroccos. Some investigation done by journalists said she/ her husband had connections with Gerry. That couple had a copany in the sud of Spain, which main job was dealing with door keys ( rescuing who get troubles with keys). She reacted very baddly when Paulo Reis ( Gazeta digital) suspected some activities from that lady. He refused to do what she demanded. Seems exagerated to my eyes, her reaction and the way she jumped to the case to support the abduction theory. I believe many clues are under the hands of the british comunnity around PDL and Spain. The world become too small when you are in troubles.
    on the other hand, the stains deposited on the floor and on the low wall, prove the bed was not there when they where deposited. then cannot be a result of any activity done by the abductor to the girl. The all room was set up after the specialized cleaning went on. And I believe, some workers from the OC have seen some suspected activities inside the flat that day, but they were treatned to remain in silence or say they don't see anything.
    other detail that call my attention when i read the statements on the PJ files, was the statements of thelaundry workers. They said, somebody send the clothes from the Mccann's to be cleanned and that happen only that time, but no any cloth from Madeleine. Why sending the clothes if they were at the end of their holidays? And why no bedsheets from O'Brien flat handed to the laundry, if he excused his absence with his daughter vomiting? Did Pj found that bedsheet? was there a bedsheet missing in Tanner flat?

  10. Anonymous 29 Oct 2013 00:22:00

    Thank you for such an understanding comment.

    We only have to correct, if we may, your perception on how the "soup" was made.

    The fact that there are 3 "singular" stains (1, 4 and 9, by coincidence one on each wall and the other on the floor) invalidates your thesis.

    They would have been caught up in the "mixture" that you say would result from the attempted cleaning.

    FSS clearly states that not only are they of singular DNA, as they are from 3 completely different people: #1, from an unknown male; #4 from a female and #9 from 2yr old boy, CG.

    In the following post we hope to explain all about this very interesting "soup".

    Excellent marksmanship in determining the objective of these posts: FSS was not a neutral player in this affair.

    By the way, one didn't expect for FSS to be neutral but absolutely biased in favour of truth and justice.

    That's what any citizen expects from their police forces and from their justice systems.

    But it's not enough to say it, we have to prove it.

  11. Enteresting to see that the 3rd most viewed story in the Telegraph is one dated 12 Jan 2010:

    Top 10 stories:
    1 - Pianist Maria Jo o Pires panics as she realises the orchestra has started the wrong concerto
    2 - Scientists discover 'Lost World' in Australia
    3 - Maddy McCann's death 'covered up by parents'
    4 - Hart dropped by City – and he may not return
    5 - Cameron 'seriously concerned' over Gibraltar
    6 - Britain must say 'no' to eastern European workers, says Cameron
    7 - Church plans Bible burning
    8 - Savile's chauffeur found dead on court date
    9 - Britain to become first non-Muslim country to launch sharia bond
    10 - Police talk to 'missing British man'

    1. Just checked... and it's now the number 2 story!!!!



      Madeleine McCann's death 'covered up by parents who faked kidnap', court hears

      Allegations against Kate and Gerry McCann presented in court on first day of couple's libel case against Portuguese detective

      By Fiona Govan in Lisbon

      10:30PM GMT 12 Jan 2010

      Update 29 October 2013: Since the publication of this article Gerry and Kate McCann have launched a libel action against former Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral over his allegation that they were involved in the disappearance of their daughter. The case is ongoing.

      Madeleine McCann died in an accident in her family's Algarve holiday apartment and her death was covered up by her parents who then concocted a tale of kidnap, a Portuguese court was told.

      Kate and Gerry McCann, both 41, were in court to hear how the detectives leading the investigation into their daughter’s disappearance believed they had lied to hide the truth.

      “She died in the apartment as a result of a tragic accident and the parents simulated an abduction after failing to care of their children,” Tavares de Almeida, former chief inspector at Portimao police station during the initial months of the investigation, told the court in Lisbon.

      “These were the conclusions of a police report signed by me on September 10 2007,” he added.

      The allegations against Kate and Gerry McCann, both 41, were presented in court on the first day of a hearing to challenge the publication of a book written by Algarve detective Goncalo Amaral.

      Lawyers for the detective, who led the team that made the McCanns arguidos – suspects – in their daughter’s disappearance, called witnesses to support the claims outlined in his book. The McCanns arguido status was lifted after ten months in July 2008 when the Attorney General ruled there was no evidence against them.

      The pair, from Rothley, Leics, came face to face with their detractor for the first time since they were officially made argiuidos in September 2007, four months after they daughter vanished days before her fourth birthday.

      Mr Amaral, 50, led the initial investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on May 3 2007 while her parents dined with friends at a tapas bar nearby. He was sacked from the case, which remains unsolved.

      His book, entitled “The Truth of The Lie”, published in July 2008 claims that Madeleine died in the apartment and questions her parents’ account of events that evening.

      It became a bestseller in Portugal selling more than 200,000 copies and went on to be published in six languages and made into a documentary film.


    3. (cont)

      After a year long campaign the McCanns succeeded in getting a temporary injunction banning further sales and it was withdrawn from shelves last September. The couple are suing for libel becuase they believe that the book is damaging the search for their daughter by asserting that she is already dead.

      They are expected to ask a judge for around £1million in damages which they will use to pay for their own continuing hunt for their daughter, who they believe was kidnapped and could still be alive and being held somewhere.

      Mr de Almeida told the court: “We have always spoken of a tragic accidental death – not homicide. The McCanns did not kill her but they concealed the body,”

      Mr de Almeida, who worked under Amaral and was also taken off the case in September 2007, said the decision to designate the McCanns 'arguidos' was made by police after sniffer dogs brought to Portugal from England had carried out their searches.

      Giving evidence, Mr de Almeida said that the dogs had identified blood and the scent of a human corpse inside the childrens’ bedroom and the dining room of the McCanns’ holiday flat.

      The animals also reacted to traces on a piece of cloth in a villa rented by the McCanns after they left the apartment and in the boot of a rental car hired by the family several weeks after Madeleine disappeared.

      Mr de Almeida also complained that Portuguese police efforts to investigate the McCanns had been frustrated by their British counterparts. “We were told that the UK would not accept any investigation of the McCanns – there was a lack of cooperation,” he said.


    4. (cont)

      But later he said that the theory that the parents had covered up Madeleine’s death as outlined in Amaral’s book was one reached by British police on the ground in Portugal too.

      “This wasn’t something invented by Amaral,” he insisted. “It was a conclusion reached by the team of Portuguese investigators as well as British police.”

      Mrs McCann wearing a dark coloured floral dress sat impassively in the front row of the court room beside her husband. The pair held hands and exchanged occasional whispers and nods as they were passed notes by interpreters informing them of court proceedings, which were carried out in Portuguese.

      Mr Amaral, dressed in a dark suit and purple tie, was seated at the bench beside his legal team, fifteen feet away from the couple. He spent much of the proceedings with his eyes closed avoiding the direct gaze of the McCanns.

      Tuesday’s court hearing in the Portuguese capital was an opportunity by Mr Amaral to have the temporary injunction against publication of his book overturned. Neither he nor the McCanns will be called to give evidence in the hearing which is expected to last a minimum of three days.

      A third witness said the turning point of the investigation came following a tearful call from Mrs McCann who, after a dream, told police where to search for her daughter’s body.

      Police Inspector Ricardo Paiva, who acted as a liason between the McCanns and Portuguese police in the days following their daughter’s disappearance told the court he had received the phone call in late July 2007.

      “Kate called me, she was alone as Gerry was away and she was crying,” he said. “She said she had dreamt that Madeleine was on a hill and that we should search for her there.

      “She gave the impression that she thought she was dead – it was a turning point for us.”

      The senior detective said the land was searched but nothing was found. “That is when we decided to send the specialist dogs in. British police informed us about how they could detect the scent of death.”

      He admitted that the police had been suspicious of the McCanns from the start of the investigation. “They disobeyed our request to keep quiet about the details of their daughter’s disappearance while we conducted our investigation. Instead they turned it into a media circus and that gave rise to some suspicions.”

      He said that the McCanns should have faced prosecution for leaving their children alone. “They should have been pursued for neglect. People have been arrested for far less – even in the UK.”

      The case continues.

      Related Articles

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      24 Sep 2009

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    5. This morning... number 1 most read story in Telegraph!!!!

  12. This morning on TVI news:
    English police looking for 3 gypsies linked to serial burglary at the time, according to ONE witness, evidence that was underestimated by PJ then.
    BUT all GNR sources contacted by TVI that worked in the area at the time have denied that there were such burglaries.
    AND “this when the couple is being accused of withholding vital evidence for years”

    Not all the whitewash in the world can now whitewash this. And if it can it will be even more scandalous than what happened in 2007 and will pile on top of it for historic purposes.
    This time not seeing anyone really interested coming in to rescue the couple. Sorry McCanns, now is the time to hide and pray that my name doesn’t come up.

    About this post. Textusa DO CARRY ON.
    FSS bow your head in shame. The institution no longer exists but those that were there are forever linked to this scandal. And FSS had its place in society (some other institution is doing this nationally essential job) and its place was not to pervert justice.

    1. This gipsy burglars lead comes from the shameful distortion of the testimony given to the PJ of one of the Ocean Club's workers, Luis Ferro:

      This is what he said about any suspicious persons seen around the place and the gypsies:

      "Regarding the presence of people or persons which presented with a strange conduct near the resort, in the past with special attention to the disappearance of the child, the deponent states that he noted nothing abnormal;
      . States that only about four months ago he noticed the presence of three gypsies close to a resort warehouse, situated close to the Millenium Restaurant, who were taking existing firewood from there; "
      . "The deponent knows that in that resort zone, as it is a zone of warehouse and also little traffic, it is frequented by individuals of gypsy origin looking for scrap;
      . Various robberies have already occurred in this zone and the deponent is of the conviction that the authors of these crimes are individuals of gypsy ethnicity whose identification he does now know;"

      I believe that when he says "robberies have occurred in this zone" he means the area near the Millenium restaurant, the warehouses and low-traffic area where people dump trash (like out of order home appliances, etc., which the gypsies collected to sell as scrap metal), NOT robberies in the apartments! He does not mention seeing any gypsies near the apartments acting suspiciously!


    pj are looking for Maddies remains, I hope they find them and she can be put to rest, those guilty charged. How SY can say the parents are not involved is frankly the understatment of the year, of course they are involved!


    Dr Amaral speaks out about how this case has affected his life, a very moving and true account.

  15. Unpublished Anon at 29 Oct 2013 16:41:00,

    I'm afraid we cannot publish your comment as its last paragraphs are about something that we have been very clear about.

    In our comment at 28 Oct 2013 10:53:00 in our UK Crimewatch - Discrepancies II we said:

    "We will not publish any more about Gerry's status as a doctor as we've answered that.

    It's an old story, well discussed.

    All one has to do is look at his research papers. He is never even the lead researcher.

    We don't set aside the possibility that his image as the father of the world's most famous abducted child was used by whomever but he obviously only gained such status after said "abduction"."

    We can't be more clear than that.

    Please, if you will, resubmit your comment without it.


    'McCanns could face court over report by Gerard Couzens

    THE parents of Madeleine McCann faced further pressure yesterday after ex-police chief Goncalo Amaral hinted he may fight them in court over a key report they allegedly held back.

    Gerry and Kate McCann were accused at the weekend of sidelining the 2008 report by former MI5 investigators they hired after it pinpointed `anomalies' in statements they and their friends made.

    The result was that e-fits of the prime suspect in Madeleine McCann's abduction - hidden for five years in the unpublished report - were only made public this month during a new Met Police appeal.

    The report said Irish holidaymaker Martin Smith's sighting of a man carrying a girl in pyjamas near the McCann's Algarve holiday apartment was `credible evidence' which had been `neglected for too long.'

    Mr Amaral's lawyer said last night he was considering raising the issue in the couple's ongoing libel trial against the former police.

    The McCanns are seeking one million pounds in damages over the ex-detective's claims in his July 2008 book The Truth of the Lie that they faked their daughter's abduction to cover up her death in their holiday flat.

    Vitor Santos de Oliveira, who is representing Mr Amaral, said: `We are aware of the revelations concerning this report by the McCanns' former investigators and believe they are very important.

    `It is possible I may try to submit it as evidence to defend my client but I haven't decided yet.

    `Nothing's been ruled out. We are analysing the relevance of the report and considering our position. We have no intention of introducing irrelevant material into this case because we respect the McCanns as people and have no intention of harming them for sake of it,' he said.

    `But I can tell you that if we feel something is relevant in disproving the McCanns' claims about my client then we will have no hesitation in using it.

    `I think the revelations about the suppression of this report are very important with regards to the ongoing criminal case.

    `It's a report written by McCann-hired investigators who make strong criticisms of the couple.

    `As far as the civil libel case is going we are very calm,' Mr de Oliveira continued.

    `My client's arguments in his book have been backed up in court by his former police colleagues who say it was the police position in 2008 when the book was published.'

    The ongoing libel case launched by the McCanns against Mr Amaral is due to restart next Tuesday.

    Irish Daily Mail, 29 October 2013'

  17. PJ looking for Madeleine's body, investigating the possibility of homicide in consequence of a kidnap for paedophile purposes. This would be a very convenient "solution" for all parrts involved, wouldn't it...? Madeleine's death pinned on the evil paedophile abductor! Whoever that poor devil might be...who will be the sacrificial lamb...? Or will it be a forever unknown culprit, a 21st century version of Jack the ripper?!

  18. Maddie. Casal McCann silenciou detectives durante cinco anos

  19. 'Maddie: Judiciária investiga pista de suspeito morto'

    'Ex-funcionário do Ocean Club é principal suspeito do rapto da menina. Os pormenores para acompanhar com o CM'
    In CM

    Este titulo merece umas notas:

    1- Como e que o CM sabe isto se o processo esta em segredo de justica ( anunciado por fonte oficial)

    2- Se este 'morto' ( desculpem a morbidez) fosse o verdadeiro raptor, tinha sido apanhado em 2007 quando ambas as policias e ambos os paises andavam desesperados por resolver o caso e encontrar a crianca.

    3- Os empregados do OC devem ter sido investigados ate ao tutano. A PJ e a policia inglesa simplesmente nao deixariam passar este suspeito. Querem fazer-nos acreditar que duas policias de topo e dois paises com altos creditos em investigacao criminal cometiam um erro de palmatoria? Oh CM conta outra que esta nao pega.

    4- A ser verdade, esta contra-informacao do CM, ja estava pregada em todos os jornais portugueses e na maioria da imprensa mundial.

    5- Olha que conveniente para os Mccann e seu team de advogados: O raptor esta morto, ja nao fala, nem para se defender nem para dizer onde esta a miuda. Com uma cajadada matam-se varios coelhos:
    -limpa-se a cara dos verdadeiros culpados
    -Nao se prende ninguem, como convem (se calhar era por isso que Rui Pereira disse que nao ia haver arguidos).
    -Nao se apresenta o corpo, nem se diz que destino teve, pois o morto levou o segredo para o inferno
    -Cala-se o publico porque se arruma o assunto ( aqui, acho que menosprezam o publico porque nao sei se se calara. )
    -Tentarao calar definitivamente GA e tambem nao sei se conseguirao.

    6- Se isto e verdade esta em marcha a maior lavagem da historia de todos os tempos, em investigacao criminal. Nem o assassinato de Kennedy teve uma lavagem tao descarada.

    7- E o morto nao tem familia? Nao me digam que fez tudo as escondidas da familia. Com esse QI o que fazia como empregado num Resort barato do Algarve?

    8- Quanto vao pagar a familia para fazer o morto assumir o crime e quem pagara, ja que o Fundo deve estar seco que nem seara em fim de estacao? Os contribuintes ingleses ou os portugueses? ou os dois para dividirem a vergonha?

    9- So nao sei o que o Eduardo Damaso faz nesta charada, em vez de desmascarar as jogadas que devem estar a acontecer, se o que publica e verdade.
    Tambem nao sei porque o seu jornal nao replica o que os jornais ingleses desmascararam, que os Mccann esconderam durante 5 anos um relatorio dos seus detetives privados, porque o conteudo do relatorio nao lhes era favoravel.
    Enfim, Eduardo Damaso,dando uma no cravo outra na ferradura? sobretudo depois de ter testemunhado em tribunal e de estar careca de saber o que todo o publico sabe, que ha inconsistencias nos depoimentos dos Mccann's e amigos, e se ha inconsistencias e porque ha inverdades. E todos sabemos o que leva alguem a contar inverdades a policia....nao e um quadro de inocencia concerteza.

    1. Nem mais! Os mortos não falam...e assim se resolve convenientemente a charada, sem ninguém perder a face...só espero que a família deste falecido levante a voz em sua defesa póstuma!

    2. Enviei um mail a Eduardo Dâmaso (contacto no CM) a dar conta do meu desagrado pelas "notícias" de treta que o CM tem vindo a publicar nos ultimos dias, e perguntando porque ignoraram o artigo saído no Sunday Times e que está a circular por todo o lado, menos no CM...mencionei também as aparentes fugas de informação sobre o trabalho da PJ, que supostamene está em segredo de justiça...fugas que tanto prejudicaram a anterior investigação.
      Vamos a ver se recebo resposta!

  20. 'Katie Hopkins favourite for Celebrity Big Brother 2014 as she blasts parents of Madeleine McCann UnReality TV' - Available at Mccannfiles

    ....'Katie continued her controversial tweeting yesterday, as she lashed out at Kate and Gerry McCann, parents of missing child Madeleine.

    She posted:

    "Crimewatch centred on a report the McCanns kept hidden away for 5 years. People phoned in in their thousands desperate to help these people."

    "Pay team of investigators to find your daughter. Don't like report. Block it. Forced to hand over. Find 'Revelations' Act pleased #McCanns"

    "To the 2400 that called in post Crimewatch. The McCanns could have provided this info in Nov 2008 but preferred to bury it as 'distracting'"

    "The public part funded the report that the McCanns hid away for 5yrs. I will not be silenced by their dubious editorial policy #McCanns"

    "I would take a lie detector test tomorrow – I have nothing to hide and no filter. Repulsive to some. But honest either way."



    See Katie comments on Twitter.

  22. Anonymous30 Oct 2013 06:10:00
    They also tried to do this with Hewlett and even had his son supporting it and see where it got them
    Yesterday it was 3 gypsies and paedo ring
    Today is an Ocean Club worker
    Why not an ex-pat? Aren't the Brits prone to paedophilia? Wasn't there an ITV report about a Brit sex-offender living in the area that PJ didn't arrest (had no reason) and the reporter took the opportunity to slander the PJ once again?
    When, I ask, is the turn for ex-pats to start to be slandered? Why can't they be suspects instead of being only witnesses?
    It's like every Brit in PDL was goodie two-shoes and every non Brit there is potentially evil

  23. I've been following a deeply black blog, so won't grace it with publicity, but it appears to suggest tactics that may be employed. Months ago, it predicted that an OC employee who had been given a false alibi by HIS partner would be in the frame.
    As the Portuguese process is covered by secrecy, I would suggest any stories like this are coming from elsewhere.
    This story was over 6 months ago, so he can't be such a significant suspect.
    I think this blog has given out some valuable clues as to SY review.

    1. Anonymous 30 Oct 2013 10:15:00

      Back in June 2011 (over two years ago) we antecipated the possibility of the blame falling on an OC employee in our "The Devil's Finger is in the Detail" post

      Here is the link:

      And this was the last sentence of that post:

      "So beware, Ocean Club employees, as the finger seems to be pointing back at you!"

  24. CM must be feeding his pages with sensationalist ' no news'. Better they respect more the trees and the brain of their readers. The process is under secrecy and no any other paper picks CM garbbage.
    In one week, see the amazing news if the source was truthful:
    -PJ wants to hear again the Tapas 7 and the OC workers
    -Mccann's ready for the reconstruction
    -PJ looking for British and portuguese Paedos
    -PJ looking for Maddie body
    -Pj suspecting 3 gypsies
    -PJ suspecting a death worker from the OC. Was he one of the gypsies?

    How that soup combine the ingredients? Spin and a cheap way to sale papers.
    The idea I build about Eduardo Damaso, after reading his statement in court, was washed off. Really? ... on the other side of your paper, you have readers with a brain. Don't try to certificate us with stupidity. That's why I stop buying that paper or any other with the Mccann's inside, unless the news clearly state, their and their friends are in Portugal to do the reconstruction, answer all the questions and face the consequences of that.


    I had to laugh when I read this article! Someone would abduct a child as revenge for losing his job????

    Why not kill her and leave her where she could be seen and the message understood?

    I think I’ve heard everything now!

    1. "They identified him as their main suspect after they discovered from tests on his mobile phone that he was around the McCanns' holiday apartment in Praia da Luz when Madeleine disappeared on May 3 2007, Correio da Manha claimed."

      As far as I know, the cell phone antennas indicate a general area and don't pinpoint a location.

    2. Anonymous30 Oct 2013 12:36:00,

      Exactly! It shows the man was in Luz, and activated the antena that covers the village. For instance, Gerry McCann's handset, (one of...'cause I have the feeling they used mobile phones not detected by the PJ)) on the 20th August 2007, activated the antena located in Ferreira do Alentejo...where there is the only crematorium in the Alentejo /Algarve provinces...does this mean that he was in the village of Ferreira do Alentejo, maybe "visiting" the crematorium...? Of course not, he was merely travelling on the A2 highway on his way to Lisbon, and used his phone as he was passing by F. do Alentejo...but if one goes by the same reasoning that made the dead man a possible suspect, we can say the Gerry was in Ferreira do Alentejo on that day and hour! Even if he only passed through, and at some distance!

      "It is only the 20th(August) that Gerald McCann again leaves the coverage area of the antennae of Luz. On this day at 10:04:23 and 10:06:08 only the antenna called "Lagos" is activated. They are the exceptions to the remaining 34 records.

      It remains in the Luz until 13:31:52 ("Praia da Luz") on 21st. On this day it comes to Lisbon. Along the way the [following] activations were made: "S.Bartolomeu de Messines" - 14:05:42; "Agueda A2" - 14:11:12; "Ferreira do Alentejo" - 14:36:30; "South Grandola" - 14:42:56 and 14:44:54; "Palmela A12" - 15:15:05 and 15:20:48; "Auto Europa" - 15:21:33; "Coina" - 15:22:40 and 15:23:34; "South Central" - 15:31:56; "Avenue of Nations" - 16:04:54, 18:05:00, 18:05:05, 18:05:39, 18:29:17, 18:44:37 and 18:55:52; "Telheiras South" - 19:13:54; and "Airport of Portela" - 19:20:19. The record following this last one occurs at 21:44:38 already on [back at] the antenna "Praia da Luz Centre". "

      If you're wondering why I came up with this example, of Gerry in Ferreira do Alentejo, it's because the subject was brought up by a comment made in a portuguese newspaper which mentioned the crematorium in F. do Alentejo and the possible connection with the case. Well, the comment was not about possibilities, it was quite affirmative!

      Original comment was made here, by someone named Luis Arriaga:

      Discussion here:

  26. The mccanns are desperate to find a scape goat. Since the Sunday Times article more people are becoming aware of their duplicity and realise the mccanns have lied and spread so much misinformation, they are a bitter vindictive pair. Once they were able to fool the public via their PR machine but that does not work any longer, public opinion is firmly against this pair of liars and manipulators. Piece by piece their abductor story is falling apart and they are looking even more ridiculous. All they have ever cared about is their public image and they have spent millions of £ trying to save it, and it was all spent in vain. That money could have been better used by a childrens charity or a hospital.
    What was once a whisper against Kate and Gerry is now a screaming deafening shout of 'guilty'.
    The Mccanns are a disgusting piece of work hiding behend PR and litigation lawyers.

  27. Kate and Gerry McCann must now be the most infamous 'parents' in the world thanks to their worldwide media campaign of misinformation. They will be written about in the future as a devious pair of litigatious dishonest people that used fund money donated by the public to pay for expensive PR. Nobody will want to be associated with the name Mccann.

  28. IMO not a day goes by without the McCanns or their Tapas crew thinking about the events of the 3rd, and why they chose to cover-up for each other, some of the Tapas crew may regret the path they took but they still carry on walking down that same wrong road oblivious to their part in the circus from hell.

  29. Anon 12:36,
    Around that time, thousands of people were around the OC if we include all guests of the Resort, workers, residents and people working or holidaying in other places. Wasn't that what we heard from the Mccann's spinnery, that PDL was full of people? Then why the mob of that guy become a target? And if he was a worker of the resort will be not strange if his mobile was activated. This is misinformation from Mccann's lawyers.
    They are making again the same error, ignoring the details. They are trying to pin a perfect crime done hypothetically by a very intelligent guy who managed to leave no traces and not disturb any of the 3 children, to an average guy who works in the resort as a cleanner or a maintenance worker. The perfect crime was in fact not perfect, because many traces and inconsistencies were left behind and don't fit any abduction, but because they don't fit an abduction, they need to be washed or hide. Hiding is the best adjectif to classify the story.

  30. This latest JCB man story screams of DECOY!

  31. The mcCanns have had this media blitz because of the Lisbon case they are attempting to sway the judge in their favour, what a pair!! this judge is not stupid and the sooner the Mccanns are in the witness box they should be asked all those awkward questions that they have avoided. Kate and Gerry McCann they are a laughing stock.
    Textusa thanks for your brilliant blog it is so refreshing to read something factual instead of the rubbish printed in our media.

  32. "Madeleine." The Gift that Keeps on least to a Profiler

    "(...)If my child had been abducted and was possibly being raped on a daily basis, just the thought of my child being terrified and tortured would have forced me to clear myself with the police, take a polygraph, do a reconstruction, AND, absolutely, AND release those e-fits to the public even if that suspect looked a lot like Maddie's dad. Hey, somebody who looks like Maddie's father might be raping my daughter right now!

    But, no, the McCanns did not clear themselves - they ran the country which resulted in the police no longer looking for someone who was raping the crap out of their daughter, they refused polygraphs, they refused a reconstruction, and they HID the e-fits from the public eye.

    It is exactly this kind of behavior that is a gift that keeps on giving to a profiler - evidence, true behavioral evidence - that makes this profiler find that the parents should be the top suspects in the disappearance of their daughter, Madeleine and not some long dead ex-hotel employee that happened to make a cell phone in Praia da Luz on the day Maddie went missing."

  33. What is very revealing this time, is the absence of sigthts of Madeleine or the abductor. That says it all about the genunity of the previous sights.
    I hope PJ stays aside of the pressures and the misinformation and just follow the truth.

    1. No more sightings here and me this says they are gradually steering away from the mantras "Madeleine has come to no harm" and "is a very findable lttle girl" to the next step: - Madeleine was killed by the abductor, but unfortunately the man is dead, he took his secrets to the grave, and we can't find her body!

  34. When the OC worker had acess to the Mccann's car and new villa to contaminate them with Madeleine blood and cadaverine? And when did he wear Kate black and white checkers trousers or had a go with cuddle cat?
    Any good explanation from the Mccann's for that? Was he one of his special guests?
    Or is the police going to ignore that and pin the crime in a dead man just because he is death?

  35. This scapegoat left the Ocean Club's employment a year before the "abduction".Long time to hold a grudge.It will be seen to be total garbage.

  36. Laughable the article in CM. What sticks out are again the coincidences:

    The man had 40 years old.
    Lived 15 minutes away of the complex
    Was sacked before the events
    Seek a revenche
    Died in a road accident
    Mccann's very careful on comments here when compared to Maria case. They said it is speculation.
    My opinion:
    CM is fabricating news, based on what and to serve who and why? God knows. I hope, only their incomes by trying to increase sales.
    It is mandatory that the suspect is dead and his age falls on the 40's . God knows why and the private detectives who made a report that did not please the Mccann's, and the Mccann's who hide it for 5 years, must know aswell.
    The suspect died suddenly in a road accident. That makes the spectacle even more spetacular and give no room for the guy to have talked to somebody about his secret. Even his wife. Ill people tend to break during the illness and reveal their secrets looking for some forgiveness and rest. An accident cuts that possibilities. Very convennient.
    His face must ressemble Gerry in some way. That is also mandatory.
    Hewllet is definetely buried? He was older then 40, did not look like Gerry and had a long illness.
    Now, I go for the best piece of that cake- the way the sacked guy decide to act against the OC- kidnap a dead foreigner girl during the night, transport her at opening eyes to the beach, and after that completely fade in anonimity... This, to not speak about the big troubles he created to himself, by having a body with him. A body, is something dificult to hide from closed family and friends, unless he was a serial killer or a person already with criminal register, who knows what to do with the body. All have been investigated by GA and that guy was not in the police records?
    From my memory, the story of a sacked guy is not new, but not sure where I heard it. Maybe on SIC or RTP report when they revisited the OC and interview some workers. In fact, that story is again a ressuscitation of a old ghost.
    I hope CM feed us with the next chapters: Why the dead guy kidnapped a dead girl and where he went with her body? What was the destinstion of the body?
    And I hope, they give us also a good explanation for the decision of the guy: why harming an innocent girl( no matter the parents said there was no harm) and her innocent family in a rev against his employer if he could get that in a very easy and annoying way, just by damaging the tires of his car and creating a very difficult day life? Why complicating what is too simple? We are waiting for that chapter.
    Kidnapers, normally love to be in the news, love to be noticeable and demand a random. The odd story had to have a random kidnaper, made qb to suit the evidences that fatally, police could not overpass.
    Who was selected to do the necessary photoshot on the dead guy and the changes that need to be done in his DNA and fingerprints, to meet the real suspect? A portuguese lab or a british lab? And who pays that fantasy? I hope, not my taxes, as a portuguese citizen who sees cuts in every bite of our daylife.

  37. ..."The unnamed man, who died aged 40 in a tractor accident in 2009, may have been motivated by revenge after being sacked by the hotel complex, Portugal's Correio da Manha newspaper said, citing police sources." The Telegraph

    British newspapers already start adding more spin ingredients to the fantasist article of CM- "citing police sources".
    The police said the case is under secrecy. Then, who is that police force? Again leaks from the british side?

  38. Suspeito do rapto de Maddie indultado
    Jorge Sampaio perdoou expulsão a imigrante que poderá depois ter raptado Maddie.
    Por:Eduardo Dâmaso/Tânia Laranjo-CM
    "O imigrante cabo-verdiano que é suspeito de ter raptado Maddie beneficiou de um indulto do Presidente da República, Jorge Sampaio, e não foi expulso do País em 1996, conforme determinava a justiça.
    O homem, que tinha então 26 anos, estava indiciado num processo por furto. A pena acessória seria a expulsão do nosso país, para o seu país de origem: Cabo Verde. Por alturas do Natal e como então era normal nos anos 90, o então Presidente da República escolheu uma série de cidadãos que acabaram beneficiados com perdões judiciais.
    Segundo o CM apurou, o imigrante foi depois para Lagos, onde acabou por construir a sua vida com a mulher, cidadã portuguesa. Em 2007, por alturas do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann, o homem tinha sido despedido do restaurante do aldeamento Ocean Club na Praia da Luz. Tinha motivo para o rapto e meios para o fazer. Sabia que os pais da menina e os amigos jantavam até tarde, conhecia até as rotinas de "vigia" aos quartos.
    Acredita ainda a polícia que embora o objetivo nunca tivesse sido matar Maddie, a verdade é que algo poderá ter fugido ao controlo do suspeito. Assustado com todo o mediatismo do caso, poderá ter sido obrigado a ‘calar' a criança. A Judiciária está a tentar descobrir o que terá feito ao cadáver.
    A morte deste homem, em 2009, num acidente de trator, vem agora baralhar a investigação. Só recentemente é que a pista foi seguida, depois de o seu telemóvel ter sido localizado nas imediações do aldeamento na altura do rapto. As antenas dão conta da sua localização junto ao apartamento. A PJ já ouviu a família, para perceber o comportamento do suspeito nos dias imediatamente a seguir. Tentam também perceber os locais onde aquele terá estado e onde poderá ter escondido a criança, então com três anos."
    CM continua a alimentar a novela. Em uma semana tivemos pedófilos ingleses e portugueses, ciganos, mortos e agora o morto é Cabo Verdiano. Faltava atacar a raça negra. Onde é que ele encaixa no retrato robot da Crimewatch/SY? Marcianos , ETs je Mortos-vivos, já estão na calha para a próxima semana.
    Gostei sobretudo desta parte: "...Acredita ainda a polícia que embora o objetivo nunca tivesse sido matar Maddie, a verdade é que algo poderá ter fugido ao controlo do suspeito. Assustado com todo o mediatismo do caso, poderá ter sido obrigado a ‘calar' a criança"...
    Assustado com todo o mediatismo? Qual mediatismo, se o alarme foi dado depois dela desaparecer e os vestigios de morte foram recolhidos do quarto? Morreu antes do mediatismo. Ou a seguir vão dizer que o raptor voltou com ela ao quarto morta, ou viva e foi lá que a matou? E quando é que ele teve acesso ao carro dos Mccann e as calças de Kate?
    Sinceramente, Eduardo Damaso, esperava um exercicio mais profissional. Este, até um miudo do 1o Ciclo fazia com mais imaginação e coerência.
    O que é que o CM ganha com isto? Estão com medo que GA perca o caso e ainda sobre para vocês, por isso tratam já de amaciar o pêlo aos advogados dos Mccann?
    O jornal está a ficar ridiculo e os ingleses reproduzem isto para os leitores deles que tb têm inteligencia para ver o que nós vemos. Dêem-se ao repeito porque é todo o país que perde.
    Agora entraram na caça a mais uma raça, a raça negra. Tenham vergonha, todos sabem quem deve ser investigado e esclarecer duvidas a policia, nomeadamente com uma reconstituicao da noite, baseada no que contaram na altura à PJ e não em alterações actuais, escritas pelos advogados.

  39. A culpa ainda vai ser do Dr. Jorge Sampaio que indultou o " raptor do Correio da Manhã". Mccann's, processem-no. Sinceramente, dar de presente de Natal a estadia em Portugal a um pofissional deste gabarito que havia de levar a menina loira inglesa, sem deixar rasto, É IMPERDOAVEL.
    Eu punha já o RA e ID a pedir explicações ao ex Presidente da Republica. Gostavamos de ver o que ele tem a dizer sobre este assunto.
    Até one vai a leviandade do CM. Pelo nos conseguiram uma coisa- publicidade. Da mais barata e mais baixa que pode haver. Eu, deixei de comprar o jornal e espero que outros portugueses façam o mesmo. Basta de desrespeitar as árvores.

  40. O que o Correio da Manhã se esqueceu de incluir no seu magnifico artigo( ?????)
    .... O raptor antes de sair com a Maddie morta ainda arranjou o quarto para baralhar a investigação: pôs a cómoda à frente de uma das cabeceiras da cama, pôs as camas contra as paredes, sendo que a de Maddie teve de ficar debaixo da janela mas como ele era acometido de poderes supra-normais conseguiu sair pela janela com o corpo sem pôr os pés em cima dq cama. Claro, também não se esqueceu de trazer devagarinho os berços dos gémeos para o quarto de Maddie, já que estes, por indicação de uma colega sua que fazia as limpezas, estariam no quarto dos Mccann na 4a Feira. Para tal terá dado um cheirinho de cachaça aos gémeos que lhes proporcionou uma boa noite de sono.
    E claro, como "bom ladrão indiciado por furto" deixou todos os pertences dos Mccann intocados, mesmo que facilmente acessiveis mas terá levado o saco de golf de Gerry com as roupas de Maddie( não fosse ela ressuscitar) e um par de calças bege mais um casaco com que se passeou nessa noite à frente dos Smith e da Jane Tanner. Estava era uma noite de tanto nevoeiro, que Smiths e Jane Tanner confundiram a cor de pele do raptor.
    Foi tudo por causa do mediatismo do caso. A uns deu para falar demais e a outros para calar sepulcralmente.

    1. Espero que o Sr. Eduardo Dâmaso e restantes editores do Correio da Manhã leiam este e outros blogs, leiam os comentários e corem de vergonha! Não enganam mais NINGUÉM, já todos topam o seu joguinho sujo do vale tudo para vender mais!

  41. Siga a novela no Correio da Manhã.
    Já foi drama, comédia, circo, documentário, agora é teâtro de fantoches. Adiciona-se ou retira-se um personagem a contento das hostes. E para que ninguém fique triste, há bonecos de todas as cores, loiros, negros, brancos, ciganos e uma ausência total de animais de 4 patas ou rodas. Nem cães, nem carros. Não são bem vindos à saga e só estragam o enredo. Ainda tentaram lá pôr uma " van branca" mas o artista que fazia o boneco não tinha jeito nenhum e ficava a estragar o cenário.
    A chatice, é que com uma história de fantoches tão bem montada e tanto colorido, os outros media portugueses, não fazem dela manchete de jornal. Preferem a Bárbara, mais tangível e mais real.
    Hoje ao peq almoço, já no saborear do café, o meu filho trouxe da mesa ao lado, o CM e o jornal Record. Oh não, a Maddie outra vez? Quem é que a roubou hoje? Pergunta inocente de criança. Pela primrira vez, dei comigo a ler o Record e a saborear o ser portuguesa. parabéns CR7 pelo teu "Hat-Trick". Foi a melhor resposta para o imbecil que te criticou.
    Noticias da menina loira? Espero que venham da PJ e que não seja uma grande lavagem. Estando o país em crise não há dinheiro para Tide, Skip ou Xau.

    1. Há sempre as "marcas brancas"...são mais em conta, lol !
      Ainda havemos de ver o Pai Natal, um marciano, o Yeti ou quiçás o chupacabras como "suspeitos"... isto está a tornar-se numa farsa de Gil Vicente! Até o seu jovem filho já se apercebe da palhaçada..."quem é que a roubou hoje?", isto diz tudo!

  42. What?! The dead man was from Cabo Verde? An african man, black?! How does he fit in as being the man seen in the E-fits?! The one on the left, with the pointy jaw? Because that's what the british rag, Daily Star is "selling" as this morning "catch":

  43. Unfortunately for Team McCann many of us have very long memories and have been following this case for 6.5 years since the parents first aroused our suspicions with their behaviour. This has got to be the case of the disgruntled employee who was reported in an anonymous letter to the Prince of Wales and was thoroughly checked out by the PJ at the time. TM are playing it cool this time in the hope we will think maybe their reaction is genuine. Try again Clarrie.



    But it has been established that the woman was sacked and left on bad terms with bosses at the resort
    Find the maid: New Maddie Suspect
    Find the maid: New Maddie Suspect:
    Amazing twist in investigation as cops hunt for suspect with a grudge
    30 September 2007
    The News of the World
    Lucy Panton, Crime editor

    * Sacked worker in 'revenge plot'

    * Anonymous tip to Prince Charles

    BRITISH cops launched an urgent hunt for a new suspect in the Maddie McCann case-after an astonishing tip-off from the PRINCE OF WALES.

    An anonymous email sent to the prince's official website insists three-year old Madeleine was kidnapped from the Mark Warner Ocean Club holiday resort in Portugal by a disgruntled ex-employee.

    The informant named a maid who was sacked from the apartment complex in Praia da Luz and claimed she snatched the child in a crazed revenge plot.

    British police are now liaising with Portuguese detectives over the dramatic new twist which is revealed 150 days after Maddie vanished.

    Officers believe the tipster entrusted the new information to Prince Charles because he and wife Camilla came out firmly in support of Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry.


    In a statement released from Clarence House in May, the royal couple said they had been following the case "closely and with deep concern" and "fervently hoped" Madeleine would be reunited with her family.

    As soon as the whistleblower's email arrived on the royal website aides passed it to Scotland Yard.

    Officers from Leicestershire police- the McCanns' local force-are now trying to trace the writer.

    The detectives have already established that the named ex-employee EXISTS and the checkable details appear to be ACCURATE.

    A police source said:
    "There have been hundreds of Madeleine theories, sightings and tips sent into UK cops from members of the public. But this one is different.

    "It's incredibly detailed and so far, from the inquiries being made in Portugal, it appears to be based on factual events.

    "UK officers have been taking a back seat in the hunt for Madeleine as it's a Portuguese inquiry. But they couldn't ignore this information.

    "Any clue which could shed new light on the case will be dealt with seriously. This could be very significant."

    After being told of the tip-off, McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said last night:
    "We have continually said that any lead with a shred of credibility should be swiftly and thoroughly investigated by the police.

    "Kate and Gerry are encouraged by any development that brings focus firmly on to finding Madeleine.

    "Legitimate police activity is entirely proper and hopefully will bring about an end to the rampant unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations that have been so hurtful and distracting in recent days and weeks."

    Yesterday it was not clear exactly how far Portuguese police have got with the new information. They have been given the name of the maid, who is thought to be Portuguese, but it is not known whether she has been physically traced.

    But it has been established that the woman was sacked and left on bad terms with bosses at the resort.

    The email tipster claimed the maid was incredibly bitter and wanted vengeance on her former employers.


  45. (cont)

    An inside source added:
    "The vital next step is for the police to track down the woman and either question her or put her under surveillance.

    "She needs to be ruled in or out of the inquiry as soon as possible."

    Meanwhile UK police are now focusing on tracing the informant who they feel may have MORE vital information which needs to be probed.

    The Madeleine mystery has been the No1 topic of conversation among the dozens of British and Portuguese workers employed at the Algarve complex, owned and managed by Mark Warner.

    Most of those hired as nannies, pool lifeguards, tennis coaches and front- of-house staff, such as receptionists, are young Brits. And the teams of maids, waiting and bar staff, pool cleaners and security officers are mainly Portuguese.

    The housekeeping staff are given keys to the apartments which are cleaned at least twice a week.

    There is no security monitoring of the staff who are free to come in and out of the complex unchecked.

    But they are easily identifiable and all wear uniforms-red shorts and Mark Warner T-shirts for the kids' club workers, white uniforms for maids and smart suits for receptionists.


    The new lead comes as desperate Portuguese police are STILL working on the discredited theory that Maddie may have been accidentally killed by mum Kate and then assisted by dad Gerry to cover it up.

    The cops' latest claim was that the body may have been kept in a fridge before being dumped.

    They are said to be focusing on a "mysterious and fatal period" of 90 minutes when they claim Kate was alone in the apartment with her children while Gerry played tennis.

    McCann spokesman Mitchell dismissed this latest line as "utterly ridiculous" and begged for an end to the smear campaign. The stress on the couple was visible yesterday as they went for a 20- minute jog together near their home in Rothley, Leicestershire. A local said:
    "It's great to see them back doing the things they love, but Kate looked dreadfully pale and thin. The strain shows."

    Portuguese police have come in for huge criticism for missing vital clues in the investigation. Crucial forensic tests which should have taken place in the first few hours were not carried out until several months after Maddie vanished on May 3.

    And door-to-door inquiries, documenting what locals and visitors saw, are still incomplete. The McCanns' apartment was described by one experienced cop as "the worst-preserved crime scene" he had ever witnessed.

    It was not taped off until 10am the next morning and was compromised by hundreds of people passing through.

    Family, friends and assorted helpers all wandered freely about the apartment and it was 48 hours before any fingerprinting was done.

  46. When we wrote "as nothing that is happening now isn’t anything we didn’t anticipate and as nothing that is being said isn't what we haven’t said before" we weren't expecting what was to follow by CdM.

    It caught us off-guard, a state that as you might imagine, we don't like to be in. And we confess it took us some time and thought to get our ideas in order.

    All we shall say about this is that, in our opinion, the ship remains on course and we certainly don't want to contribute for it to veer off by saying anything more on the subject.

    As such, we will continue with our investigative postings.

  47. The big problem for the Mccann's is the public has an elephant memory and they have talked too much in the pass on the attempt to fool everybody and clean their face. Their words and attitude will hunt them forever.


    McCanns dismiss witness. At least they could have said "We want to believe that it's all speculation as we want to continue to believe that our daughter is still alive" but they simply dismiss as pure speculation this abduction theory. Why? If they believe an abduction happened, why can't it be this man? Not pretty enough? Not ugly enough? Not the correct race (not a gypsy)?

    1. Independent page 2
      Mcs sceptical over kidnap reports
      "pure speculation"
      40 year old had been fired from OC.
      (but 45 in 2009)
      He may have been seeking revenge, according to daily Correio da Manha

    2. If the McCs point the finger at a person who may be a black man, after gyosies, it seems they are outright racists.

  49. Just lining up another Patsy, he cant defend himself can he

  50. The word now is kidnap!
    Suggesting an attempt to hold her to obtain money which went wrong

  51. So the disgruntled worker was a woman...? Now turned male, and dead! What comes next...? A COUPLE of abductors! Didn't Kate allegedly tell Yvonne Martin that a couple had taken Madeleine? And that will work a treat! It was proved to be impossible for just one person to take Madeleine out the window, it was even mentioned somewhere in the media that the abductor(Tannerman/bundleman) must have had an accomplice to whom he passed Madeleine to, Dave Edgar told that Tanner might have seen not a man, but a woman instead (Tannerwoman/bundlewoman)'ll will come to that!
    And there is also this:
    And this:

  52. How interesting the McCanns choke on speculation, when before they feasted on it.


    Everything that has come out in Correio da Manhã, and was today echoed in the UK media with extras that do not appear in the original article, is part of the rogatory letter requests sent by the English police, being carried out by a six man team of the PJ in Faro, who are working exclusively within the scope of that rogatory letter and nothing else.

    If Correio da Manhã was correct with the articles that they have published that means that even the search for Maddie's body, the questioning of witnesses, the paedophiles lead, the gipsy lead, the dead Ocean Club worker lead who was revealed today has being an immigrant from Cape Verde - and who for obvious reasons looks nothing like the e-fit suppressed by the McCanns in 2008, the triangulation of cell phones and phone masts and the reconstitution are all part of those requests made by the English authorities to the Portuguese.

    A Judiciary Police team has not yet been constituted to work in the process since it was reopened by the Public Ministry, that is, the official PJ investigation to the Maddie case has not yet been resumed.

  54. Well, then can we imply that all the garbbage delivered by CM has is origin in the British police? It is identified the source of the leaks, now and then.... What they do to protect a group of british criminals, when the crime happen outside the UK borders. If was in Uk, they were behind bars since minute one without giving them any oportunnity to call even the family. Up to where goes the british institutional xenophoby is really a shame. Was already looking for that end that Cameron went to Algarve the last summer and made a charming campaign while going to the fish market to buy squids? He must cover his face in shame, if there is one of his fingers on what appears to be, day after day, the biggest white wash in criminal history. An innocent girl lost her life and still treated like the most hediond animal because a dignificant funeral was prevented to her. She is being used, as an object, by the police of her country and by all the people that should care, at least for her memory.
    The only good Revenue from that miserable saga is, the british police will sink together with the parents and all group that protect them. Mccann's Karma.... Everything they touch, has a bad end. Exactely like the NOTW.

  55. who said that "a significant funeral was prevented to her" ?


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