Friday, 1 November 2013

DNA - The Bar Code

In our last post, Remarkable Marksmanship, we saw that the DNA found in 7 out of a possible 15 stains in the corner of the living room of apartment 5A came from more than 1 person.

This is according to FSS Final Report, signed by John Lowe, that is in the PJ Files.

John Lowe doesn't give any differentiation or connection as to who these people may be, with the exception of one, CG.

FSS tells us that we have 3 single-DNA stains: stain 1 from unknown male, stain 4 from an unknown female and stain 9 from CG, a 2 yr old boy.

As we showed in our Superkid post, it's near impossible for CG to have contributed to stain 9. The only way he would have contributed would have been for someone to have planted his DNA there and that would have absurd implications.

So let's forget about CG for the moment and consider only that the male from stain #1 is not the same male from stain #9.

We know that stain #4 is from a female.

We also know that stain #15 is from, at least, 3 people, 2 male and the other unknown.

That means that, at least, 3 people, 2 male and 1 female, contributed with their DNA to 10 out of the 15 stains. 

10 stains because 7 are multiple-DNA and 3 are single-DNA.

So this would be a possible scenario for 3 people:

Putting some fictional names (taken from here) to the stains, it would mean this:

One can, obviously juggle the Pickles, Plaskitt and Birtwhistle names around, as long as one respects the singularity and differentiation of stains 1, 4 and 9 (stain 4 being from a female and stains 1 and 9 from different males).

But as we said, FSS hasn't made any connection between these stains, so each stain could come from a different person:

Again, by putting fictional names to the stains, we would get this:

And by putting the 2 hypothesis side by side:

As the saying goes, 2 is company 3 is a crowd, so we can say that, according to FSS, a crowd from 3 to 18 people left their DNA in an inaccessible corner of the living room in apartment 5A.

Remember that we're not taking into account all 15 stains but only those 10 that FSS said had DNA.

Having come to the conclusion, on our DNA is... DNA post, that the DNA found in those stains could only have come from blood (or cerebrospinal fluid but that we'll leave that one out for now until opportune to bring it in again) then we have to say that in that particular, inaccessible corner of the living room of apartment 5A, Vampire Parties surely must have taken place!!

We see no other explanation to justify the enormous variety of samples albeit all being tiny, minuscule and invisible to the eye!

A new myth is born: it was vampires who abducted Maddie!!

Unbeknownst to Maddie’s parents, Thursday nights were Vampire Night in Apartment 5A and they went and left their children alone while going to dine at Tapas.

Please don't mock this ridiculous theory as Thursday's Vampire Nights in 5A are as REAL as the McCanns having left their children alone in the apartment or as the T9 having had dinner that week at Tapas.

Look at it this way, the BHs invented the Quiz Nights at Tapas and we've invented Thursday's Vampire Nights in 5A.

Both are equally real. NOT.

The difference being that the Quiz Nights have come out of the blue while we've based our invention on an OFFICIAL document that's an integral part of the PJ Files: UK's FSS Final Report.

Otherwise, is there any other explanation for so many to have given, in so many places in such a small area (all tiny, minuscule and invisible to the eye), so little of their blood?

Officially, we've been told that only one person has bled in that apartment: Mr Paul Gordon.

He recognizes that fact: "While we were in Portugal there were no incidents worthy of record, beyond this man that I have described, however there was one occasion when I cut myself shaving in the bathroom of the apartment. I would say that the cut bled for about 45 minutes and that it took some time until the cut stopped bleeding, during which period I walked around the apartment with paper tissues trying to stop the blood. Aside from this, to the best of my knowledge no one else cut themselves nor did anyone die in the apartment." 

His wife, Saleigh Gordon, confirms this: "During our stay Paul cut his face whilst shaving and the cut bled for some time. Neither the children nor I injured ourselves and as far as I know nobody died in the apartment.” 

We'll disregard that we find it very strange for Saleigh to remember Paul cutting himself shaving on a holiday. I say this because if I was asked to recall how many times Fred cut himself shaving just last week I wouldn't be able to answer the literally bloody question!.

But either Mr Gordon very, very rarely cuts himself shaving or in that occasion he memorably bled profusely, for 45 minutes it seems, the fact is that Mrs Gordon proves to have an excellent memory.

So when Saleigh Gordon says that no one else in her family has hurt themselves, we must take that as fact.

What we simply cannot understand (of course we can...) is how her 2yr old son, CG, is linked to a stain (swabs 9 A & B) on the North wall (where he can't possibly reach) as the FSS Final Report so clearly and adamantly states.

Either Mrs Gordon is lying or the FSS is.

As you know, we believe that Saleigh Gordon is being truthful when she says that little CG didn't hurt himself on that holiday.

Officially then, we have many bleeders but only one identified, Paul Gordon, who happens to not be linked to any of the stains as there’s no forensic evidence found in the apartment of his 45 minute bleeding odyssey.

Strange... but then again, Vampires are a strange lot.

Is this as absurd as it seems?

Absurd is the fact that this information has gone uncontested for so long, the discussion about forensics being maintained well centred exclusively around the evidence found in the Scenic and, apparently, taking it for granted that these stains belonged to Paul Gordon.

How ever could they belong only to Paul Gordon and to "more than one person" escapes us completely.

But the information about these stains on FSS Final Report (besides the one related to CG) isn't absurd.

It's specious but not absurd.

And it's John Lowe who unveils this mistery and shows us why all of the above, although a possible and realistic reading of what is written, isn't exactly what he wrote.

He does this when he speaks of swabs 3 A & B, one that FSS thinks the DNA in it has originated from “more than one person“: “Departing from the principle that all confirmed DNA components within the scope of this result originated from a single source and if the DNA within the scope of this result originated from more than one person

So there you have it.

The expression “more than one person” can mean that it's different components of DNA from the same person (single source) or different components of DNA from different people.

What is the common ground? That more than one component of DNA was found in those stains.

To extrapolate that into saying that the DNA from those different components is only from "more than one person" is absolutely abusive. And what is applicable to stain 3 is applicable to all other stains.

Let’s imagine that our DNA is a bar code, like this one:

We all have a unique one, just like our fingerprints.

In theory, what was found were partial components of a particular bar code (someone’s partial bits of DNA). We'll call one of them, sample X:

Imagine that you have 4 bar codes from which we can compare sample X with: bar codes A, B, C and D:

In this case, the partial bar code, or sample X, is compatible with a part of bar codes A and B.

With bar code A:

With bar code B:

The problem is that it can be from both but without confirming from which it is:

Sample X may originate from more than one bar code, more specifically from either bar code A or bar code B.

Now compare our “may originate from more than one bar code” with Lowe’s “apparently originating from more than one person”.

Aren't they exactly the same? Yes they are.

So, in this case, we have shown how a single sample can be connected to more than one person.

This usually happens when comparing samples with DNA from same family members.

So “a single source” is perfectly compatible with more than one person being linked to a particular stain.

Yes, say you, but John Lowe speaks of components, in the plural, so not just a single sample. 

Imagine then that there are 2 different samples, sample A and sample B:

These 2 different samples can come from the same bar code, in this case, bar code X:

As you can see, samples A and B originated from a single source, bar code X.

Compare our "samples A and B originated from a single source" with Lowe's "components within the scope of this result originated from a single source". 

Aren't they exactly the same? Yes they are.

So the plural, components, is perfectly compatible with them being linked to a single person.

The different components may just be pieces of the same puzzle as is said in the case of "all confirmed DNA components within the scope of this result originated from a single source"

When Lowe says “apparently originating from at least two people”, “two persons” and “more than person”, as he says so often, he’s being speciousplaying with words so that your brain assumes that the “two people” referred are ALWAYS from sample found and NOT about the DNA with which the sample, or samples, was, or were, compared with. 

Neat and crafty little trick, isn’t it?

It makes you think, like we know you did, that the samples obtained from the swabs are from a soup-effect phenomenon rather than being just from a single person.

Deconstructing this "illusion" means that the scenario of a single person contributing to the DNA found in all stains is as possible as having those with crowds from 3 to 18 people:

But the single source scenario is much more realistic than those of crowds 3 -18.

Taking into account:

- the inaccessibleness of the living room area where the tiny, minuscule and invisible stains were found;

- the fact that blood is the only body fluid possible to have originated such specks, as we showed you here;

- the statiscal mpossibility, due to size, location and number of those particular spots, for the DNA found in each  to have originated from more than one sourceas we showed you here;

we have to conclude that the only realitic scenario is for the DNA on all those stains to have come from a single source.

So realistic that up to now it was taken for granted that they belonged to a single person, Paul Gordon, who, we repeat, is not referred in the UK's FSS Final Report that's in the PJ Files.

The whole idea behind "Lowe's Specious Style" is to deceive using the truth with the objective of  having what the deceiver says appear to be what the deceiver wants the deceived to hear what the deceiver has said. For example, have a section of 1 person's DNA appear to be from 2 or 3 different people.

He certainly doesn’t want to be clarifying. On the contrary, his intent is to mystify.

He intends to push truth even deeper into the dark bowels of mythology, where, once there, it cannot be salvaged.

As we said before the wrapping in which a message is presented is much more important than the message itself.

We realize that this post takes some digesting as it’s exposing the complication Lowe’s words deliberately cause. Unlike Lowe, we seek to clarify.

The Maddie Affair revolves exclusively around a resource known to all but understood by very few: Information.

That information resource has been masterfully well handled and very rarely has it been mishandled in the Maddie case.

This post is not about the mishandling of the truth, but about deconstructing the way it has been handled. In particular, how it was handled just to fool you.

The same exact words, or set of words, DO always have two distinct meanings: the one is I intend to tell you and the other what you actually hear I've said.

Knowing that, I can reword my message in a way that you'll hear not what I've said but what I want you to hear.

And if I only use the truth I can tell you a blatant lie without uttering a false word.

Sounds complex? It is. That's the reason why it's said that a half-truth is 10 times more deceptive than a lie.


  1. This post will undoubtedly attract a commen, or comments, from a familiar source, saying it's wrong, but never explaining why.

    As a person admittedly unqualified in forensic science, an explanation of why it's wrong would be welcome.

    But just telling someone they are wrong because you say they are is neither acceptable nor scientific.

    1. You have a fundamental problem - you are writing about a subject you don't understand and about which you have virtually no understanding. To explain what is wrong and why it is wrong is impossible without you understanding that it is ALL wrong.

      I suggest you start with your completely false assumption that the source of the DNA has to be blood. Because you really have gone fundamentally wrong from that point onward.

      Perhaps if you make some attempt to educate yourself about DNA and the potential sources of DNA one would expect to find in a residence then you might make some progress. As it stands, I merely feel embarrassed for you that you are willing to display your ignorance to this extent.

    2. Please answer this question. A simple question:

      What do the stains consist of?

      We await your superior knowledge on the subject.

      Thank you for not swearing.

  2. You have made it very clear although I had to read your post very carefully. At the beginning I was saying to myself, who and why are all those people in such a confined area. But when reaching the end I understood completely.

    Of course we know why there is no FSS now - but I wonder where is Lowe hiding?

  3. Mr. Paul Gordon bled from a shaving cut for 45 MINUTES?! Gosh! Did he cut through a MAJOR blood vessel?! And what did he use to press the wound and help stop the bleeding? Bathroom towels perhaps...? It must have been a terrible sight, those blood drenched towels! Yet, not one single Ocean Club staff mentioned far as I'm aware.
    If I were Mr. Gordon I would go and get some blood tests done, he might have a SERIOUS BLOOD CLOTTING DISORDER!

  4. I'm getting more and more disappointed that this is in fact just a massive cover-up and I can't understand why such lengths are gone to.
    If the death was accidental, it's as though something else - which is very, very serious has to be prevented from coming to light.

    With so many different people and organisations apparently coming together to assist in a cover-up, it's starting to look like the Dutroux/Nihoul affair in Belgium. I'm not saying that the same thing is being covered up, it is the modus operandi of the possible cover-up I am comparing to, rather than the possible motive.

    I start to wonder if some sort of genuine prosecution begins of those culpable, whether there will start to be suspicous deaths to silence it all.

    I don't want to believe this is a cover-up - it's so very dark and depressing if it is. With the reopening of the case by the PJ, I started to get more hopeful.
    However, I keep getting a disheartening feeling that hope for justice in this case, is futile.
    I hope I am wrong in that.

    1. Trouble with SY is that they don't know the files and press reports anywhere near as well as bloggers. Consequently, they are useless at setting up a cover up. They can't get anything to match with facts and reality. Redwood is an example of Peter principle, the theory that states people are often promoted to a post at a level above their capabilities... Something along these lines

    2. Do you mean you think it's more shambles/incompetence than cover up or do you mean it's attempted cover up which isn't working, due to incompetence?
      Apologies if you feel your original comment was clear.

    3. It's the second! No apologies needed.
      We all get confused by all this spin. That's their intention

    4. Thank you.
      I know we're all just commenting on blogs and forums, the feeling of disempowerment (is that a word) in the face of all this manipulation over an infant's death, is so depressing.

  5. Textusa this is a brilliant post all those people together goes some way to explain why they are desperate to keep the truth hidden, as for the shaving incident it reminded me of the wallet incident where gerry claimed to have had it stolen, none of it rings true and Paul Gordon trying to explain the blood splatters, what rubbish does anybody believe him. Why do these people believe its fine to lie and spread misinformation this is a serious case whereby a child has probably died in 5a not some pantomine covering adult activities.

    Well done Tex you hit the nail on the head each time.

  6. DO NOT PUBLISH at 1 Nov 2013 10:16:00,

    Thank you for your comment. We shall, hopefully, address the issues you raise in forthcoming posts.

  7. You make it sound so logic, so easy, so self-evident that I can't believe that I didn't see it myself but I didn't.
    I can only be grateful for having you open my eyes a bit by bit with each post. Can't wait for the next one!
    Thank you!

  8. Whenever I see photographs of apartment 5a I can't help but think it looks really cheap and basic not the sort of holiday apartment that middle class doctors would stay at. In Crimewatch it was made to look much classier with big family atmosphere. I always felt that the apartment was not right, it looks small, dirty and cheap and out of season holiday in 5a would have been so cheap.
    Now look at the Mccanns they act as if money is no object staying in 5* hotels paid for by the fund or tax payers mixing with dignitaries, all those interviews they have done sitting back smug in the knowledge they know they are well protected. They have introduced so many different characters and abductors and timelines it makes the mid boggle at the pure fantasy of it all.
    The tapas friends have stayed silent which would indiciate that they are involved and are not innocent. The Mccanns come across in interviews as lacking a decent education through their inability to answer questions or hold a conversation, Gerry's sister looks like she has stepped off the Jeremy Kyle show, so why are they afforded such preferential treatment when they are clearly involved in the cover-up. There are so many suspicions surrounding them and their version of an abductor, and SY seem powerless to do anything positive about them.

  9. Euclides Monteiro mentioned on Mercedes blog today.
    From article by Jerry Lawton Daily Star today

    What on earth- 2 tractor drivers?!!

    1. And 2 tractor drivers from OC with presidential pardons, same age, from Cape Verde!

    2. More strange facts.
      Euclides brother in law says widow Portuguese born.
      Virginia of Mill kitchen born in Cape Verde, so may not be the wife, but a strange coincidence.

      Antonio Alberto Carvalho da Silva was the man written about in 2009.
      Are press saying he used different names?

      This is just so bizarre
      Even the Mcs gave no comment answer!

    3. Kate and Gerry McCann say reports that hotel worker kidnapped Madeleine are "pure speculation"

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    4. Telegraph today:

      Tractor man not named but searches for Maddie's BODY are being conducted on this new evidence.
      Sex crime or retaliation possibilities.
      No comment from Mcs , SY or PJ.

      Interesting that the man isn't named, are they or aren't they the 2 tractor men Silva and Monteiro from Cape Verde?
      2 faced e fit... but not black men
      Crimewash not shown in Portugal, but tractorman/men are.

      What a circus!

    5. Sorry, I can't find any mention to 2 tractor drivers in Mercedes blog! Am I not looking properly or what the heck, am I going blind?!
      Please do point me in the right direction, or even better, please copy and paste here the sentences where it is mentioned there are 2 men who drove tractors and got killed!

    6. Anonymous1 Nov 2013 22:53:00

      My mistake.
      When I said that Mercedes referred to 2 tractormen, I wanted to say that she was referring, in her translation, to a second tractorman being the first Antonio Alberto Carvalho da Silva
      Silva’s name came up in JH:
      Originated from this CdM article:
      It seems that he's a different person from a different accident from Euclides Monteiro, the man from Cape Verde who died aged 40 in a tractor accident four years ago.
      Apologies for the confusion caused. Mercedes has done a great job with recent news.


    BBC promoting saint kate !!!!!

  11. "Maddie: Viúva de suspeito acusa PJ de procurar bode expiatório

    1 de Novembro, 2013por Felícia Cabrita* - In Sol

    "A ex-companheira do homem que a PJ suspeita ter raptado Maddie acusa a Polícia de estar à procura de um «bode expiatório». E garante que o cabo-verdiano, que morreu em 2009, era «incapaz de tocar numa criança».
    «Com tanta gente de quem já se falou, mete nojo irem buscar um morto para servir de bode expiatório» – lamenta a mulher, que não quer que o seu nome seja divulgado. A ex-companheira do suspeito, de 40 anos, foi surpreendida na semana passada ao ser convocada pela PJ para ser ouvida, em Lagos, no âmbito do inquérito entretanto reaberto. Uma inspectora disse-lhe que estavam a investigar o homem com quem viveu até 2009, ano em que o agora suspeito morreu num acidente de trabalho, com um tractor, em Bragança.

    «Passados quatro anos de ele ter morrido de forma trágica, aparecem e dão a entender que ele está a ser investigado por estar referenciado no processo pelo desaparecimento da menina. Ele já nem trabalhava no Ocean Club quando isso aconteceu. Fizeram-me perguntas atrás de perguntas: quando é que lá trabalhou, quando deixou de trabalhar... Mas já passou tanto tempo que tenho de fazer um esforço para precisar».

    *com Sónia Graça

    Parece que está mesmo em curso uma grande operação de lavagem e mais uma vez são os portugueses a pagar.

  12. I caaan't beeelieve it ! This has got to be the most idiotic title ever! Tomorrow's Daily Star:

    Well, you can't accuse the D. Star's churnalists of not being creative!

    From the news that "tractorman" was fired from the Ocean Club for allegedly stealing 5 euros they jumped to that title! What a cheap abductor, such a low fee!

    See the newspaper front in Sky News page:

    Gallery: Saturday's Newspaper Front Pages (image 11)

  13. Don't the Mccanns realise how ridiculous they have become with their never ending fake abductors. It's so obvious what went on in that apartment between consenting adults. I despair at SY trying to gloss over facts and introduce new 'facts' to fit in with the fictional abductor. Children do not get taken out of their beds in quiet holiday resorts by mysterious abductors. All this publicity is because of the Lisbon court case the Mccanns trying to appear as grieving innocent parents, (and pocket one million euros)from a decent police officer who dared to question their fairy story version of events but just look at the internet and how people ridicule the Mccanns they should just stop it now, its run its course they conned the public out of millions and SY was paid millions of tax payers money for a none search. SY and BBC are losing all credibility for goodness sake just stop the spin you have all become a laughing stock.
    On Sunday Kate Mccann is making an appeal on the radio for missing people
    how ironic that they chose such a disgusting role model and they are asking for donations, I doubt with Kate Mccann at the helm of any appeal people would be daft enough to part with their hard earned cash.

  14. Acho que o raciocinio de Textusa tem muita lógica, sobretudo se adicionarmos a conclusão do primeiro relatório do FSS: do material recolhido no apartamento foi encontado DNA que correspondia ao de Maddie nesta proporção- 15 em 17 alelos pertenciam ao seu DNA. Porquê 15 em 17 alelos? Da leitura atenta, depreende-se que não seria por contaminação mas porque a amostra tinha a sequência cortada. Portanto alguém andou a brincar com o DNA e a cortar sequências. Quem o fez, sabia do assunto e teve um objetivo claro com isso. Não foi o cabo verdiano ou outro qualquer raptor.
    Gostava de saber se a policia cientifica portuguesa também analisou os mesmos locais e sinalizou as mesmas amostras. Se a análise forense portuguesa não encontrou estes resultados, prova que o relatório da FSS foi forjado para a densidade de amostras no quarto de Maddie. Provavelmente para retirar conteúdo e peso ao DNA encontrado na sala, onde se pensa que Maddie terá falecido.
    A análise aos cabelos encontrados no apartamento ( disponivel no blog Gazeta digital) mostra cabelos de Kate, Gerry e outro Tapas 7. Não li nada que indicasse a presença de cabelos de Maddie. Portanto o apartamento foi meticulosamente limpo depois do incidente e já depois da limpeza, estes 3 personagens andaram pelo apartamento. Nada estranho, se pensarmos que uns eram os inquilinos do apartamento e o outro um amigo. Mas então porque nào cabelos do resto do grupo, sobretudo de Fiona que disse ter estado com Kate no apartamento depois do desaparecimento de Maddie para confortar Kate?
    Alguns Tapas 7, cuidadosamente, colocaram-se fora do radar dos vestigios forenses, não importa as mentiras que disseram quando confrontados com certas perguntas. Se se colocaram fora do radar dos vestigios, é porque sabiam que poderia haver uma investigação a esses vestigios e portanto o melhor era não correr riscos. Ajudaram nas mentiras e no que se passou fora do apartamento. Dentro do apartamento atuaram 3 mais a multidão que levaram lá para dentro já depois do alarme para dificultar o trabalho dq policia.

    1. Nada de cabelos de Madeleine, nem escova ou pente de cabelo, nem escova de dentes, nem ADN na cama onde supostamente dormia (daí a vinda da tal almofada de Rothley...) e, quando foi pedido algo da menina para dar a cheirar aos cães pisteiros da GNR, oque foi que Kate arranjou...? Uma toalha de banho!!! Não um peça de roupa que a Madeleine tivesse usado naquele dia, um pijama, umas sandálias, não senhora...uma toalha de banho, que vá-se lá saber, talvez também tivesse sido usada pelos gémeos! Se aparentemente partilhavam todos o mesmo pente e escova de dentes...porque não usariam todos a mesma toalha...? Kate parece ser muito económica no uso de certos objectos...uma autêntica "Tio Patinhas" !


    Estou com os Cabos Verdeanos e com todos que injustamente estão a ser usados para branquear os verdadeiros culpados. Ainda não vi o CM fazer um esforço para explicar como é que cada destes suspeitos entrou na vivenda dos Mccann, no carro alugado por eles e como teve acesso as roupas de Kate e ao cuddle cat, onde vestigios da criança morta foram detetados pelos cães famosos por não falharem e por ajudarem várias policias a resolver casos complicados.
    Espero que a Felicia Cabrita com o seu jornalismo de investigação desmascare o que está a ser cozinhado nos bastidores desta pseudo- investigação.

  16. What I feel is that this has become a circus
    But circuses attract crowds
    Crowds tend to see what the show is about
    On seeing what the show is about, they can think for themselves
    Anyone with a brain will realise what’s going on
    Will not understand why this has been covered up
    And will pressure for justice.
    An intentional circus?

    (just some relevant snippets)

    "The Cape-Verdean community in Portugal is “shocked” and “repudiates” the news divulged today in the Portuguese press, containing a Judiciary Police source, stating that a Cape-Verdian man was the author of Maddie McCann's abduction. More: They demand “serious and evidenced” investigations."

    "In a statement in name of the Federation of the Organizations of Cape Verde, of the Congress of the Cape-Verdeans in the Diaspora and of the Cape-Verdean Association of Lisbon, the community deplores “that a citizen who has died is being set up as a scapegoat”."

    "They appeal to the whole community to “be vigilant”, because this “serious accusation”, in a process that is being investigated also by the English police “maybe be an alibi to excuse the incompetence of the investigations or to cover up lobbies whose purposes are unclear”."

    "The representatives of the associations that represent the Cape-Verdeans in Portugal added that they “have always defended the natural course of Justice” and that they strive that illegal behaviours always have an adequate and corresponding legal punishment. However, they do not conform with an “accusation, that is not proven”, involving an immigrant that “cannot defend himself of the accusations, which in the Maddie case, may, opportunely, excuse and rest some consciences”. They verify, that, “once again history repeats itself: there is a Cape-Verdean suspect (until when?) and a community that feels sullied, again”. "

    in A Semana - Cape-Verdean newspaper, November 1, 2013

    BRAVO !!! Telling it like it is!

  18. In one press report his "friend" talks about him robbing apartments.
    A tall black guy and nobody noticed him? Talk about racial profiling... Cape Verde should really do something about this.
    I feel the 6 PJ officers who have been assigned to the limited task of assisting with SYs rogatory requests are like the young boy starting his first job and being sent on an errand to ask for a long weight (wait) as an initiation joke.
    This nonsense in the papers is getting beyond a joke.

  19. Went to a party this evening and part of the discussion was about Rebecca Brooks and Andy Coulson and how the tabloids are very disappointing towards their readers in the spin stories they publish and not publishing factual news stories. the recent developements concerning the Madeleine Mccann case were brought up and again people were dismissing the tabloids as spin and stating if Kate was a worried mother she would not have suppressed the information gained by her PI team as mentioned in the ST papers or indeed refused to answer the 48 questions by pj but the point I wanted to make was this; guests were stating that on the internet especially Textusa and Joana Morais how these two blogs are bringing forward valid information and showing public opinion concerning the suspicions of the parents and why are SY and others creating a whole new storyline and dismissing how the general public feel concerning the duplicity of team mccann,and the whole episode needs proper investigating not just the whitewash that we have all witnessed.

    Textusa you were praised this evening in our dinner party for your work, you were mentioned by many others, you have much support in UK and your work is appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Anonymous 2 Nov 2013 22:22:00

      Collective blush. Thank you.


    Isn’t the Express just proving your point?
    “British residents Julie and Colin Kimber have been trying to work out why an abductor would risk taking a three-year-old into a fairly busy area of bars and restaurants just before 10pm on May 3, 2007.
    Looking at the exact point of the sighting, Mr Kimber said: “You have to ask yourself why he was heading down the hill in this direction when he must have known there were more people about.”
    And then further on down the article “Mr Kimber added: “Ever since the Crimewatch programme, which placed great emphasis on this key sighting, we have been trying to work it out, but the route is baffling.”
    The Express is recognising that it's not natural for Smithman to be in that street as it’s the busiest part of town as you have pointed out. He had to have a reason to walk there with a girl identical to Maddie there.

    1. Anonymous 3 Nov 2013 09:00:00

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, it appears that to be the case.

      They are recognising that part as the busiest part of town. Like we showed in our EastEnders, WestEnders & NoEnders post back in May 2010. (

      They speak of a burglar when they know they're speaking to a public who just isn't swallowing the abduction or the tractorman theory.

      So if he’s not a burglar, then what was he doing there in the busiest part of town with a Maddie lookalike in his arms?

      I think we explained it all very thouroughly in our various Smith Sighting posts.

    2. She was injured? I thought the BHs insisted that it wasn't blood in 5A? It's a mad idea. You injure a child and then take her? Why not an anon call to emergency services if you have a conscience and leave her where she is? Or to a place nearby when you know everyone will be searching.

    3. This also suggests she must be dead. If injured and taken to a doctor it must mean badly injured. Then why take the risk and then not follow through with it and dump her at the doctor's?
      There would be some blood for Portuguese dogs to follow.
      If she died en route, her body would be abandoned
      How would locals know this abandoned place wasn't searched at the time?

    4. Anon's 3 Nov 2013 09:37:00 and 3 Nov 2013 09:43:00

      Seems a desperate attempt to explain blood in the apartment.

      But if it was bloodstained, why clean it?

      It would be vital evidence.

    5. Seeds planted
      Not tractorman
      M injured therefore blood. A tragic accident that led to injuries.
      M died.
      M is nearby - Luz searches
      Injury and doctors

      If M was treated for injuries because they didn't want medics called in, but treatment obviously unsuccessful, anyone treating her is implicated.
      All the docs in the T9 would try to help, so they and partners implicated. A pact of silence. Agree to checking routine at
      fake dinner. Panic as they draw up timeline. Then more panic as it has to accommodate bundleman. So redraft.

      If they hadn't been stupid enough to try to assist, they could have refused to take part in cover up
      The swinging would be kept quiet.
      The Mcs could have said it was a terrible accident, that happened when she fell, after she was pushed by another child, when they were in another room.
      But they knew her injuries wouldn't easily be accounted for. They got their friends involved in trying to save her

    6. Anonymous 3 Nov 2013 10:58:00

      Thank you for such a nice summary!

      We agree with all, with the exception of your perception that there was a hypothesis to save her.

      From what we have investigated, and we must underline that we're not in any way forensic experts, we believe that Maddie’s death was immediate, resulting, as you say, from a tragic accident.

      Nothing in this case is fortuitous. Not even tractors.

    7. Who are these Kimbers? Why were they picked to give an opinion about Maddie?
      I'm asking because I find it really hard to believe that there are still people out there still willing to lend their names to help out this whitewashing circus!

    8. Anonymous 3 Nov 2013 12:20:00,

      Like we said, there are no coincidences. Not even tractors.

    9. From Rachel Oldfield's rogatory interview:

      1578 “Okay. Did you want to mention something about Doctors in the group”?

      Reply “Yeah I was just going to say that, you know Kate and Gerry are both Doctors and you know there were three other medics in the group, erm four others actually sorry, four others, erm you know so if by any chance they’d accidentally done anything to Madeleine or she was ill or erm you know something wasn’t quite right, I mean they wouldn’t have just left her and sort of tried to cover it up as an accident or you know, they would of sort of you know, come and got Matt and Russell and Dave and Fi, erm I mean you know, not just because they are Doctors, because you know they’re parents and you’d kind of go to anyone to see who could help but if you’ve got, you know Doctors as friends who were there as well, erm you know there were kind of six people there who if Madeleine had accidentally been bumped on the head or you know whatever the theories are supposed to be, erm you know, there were plenty of people there who could of you know, tried to revive a child, erm”.
      1578 “Okay”.
      Reply “You know and Gerry, Gerry and Kate would certainly have done that, erm”."


      Why REVIVE? Why not HELP or GIVE ASSISTANCE to the child? Rachel's weird choice of word implies a fatal accident! What a freudian slip!


    some of the Mccanns 'best moments'


    Bits from a Felicia Cabrita's article in SOL newspaper:

    ..."Initially, in 2007 that cell phone, like many others, wasn't associated to any person. However, analysts from the PJ in Oporto would have now identified its owner and, possibly due to his criminal records, they have researched and found that number in the mobile traffic listings from the tourist resort area. The former employee became a suspect, apparently only because he had a criminal record and not because he was in that area. On the other hand, Monteiro, lived in Lagos, just five kilometres (in a straight line) to Praia da Luz and has always worked in that area. The PJ, nevertheless, believe that he would have abducted the child, who was at the time three years old, but they have not yet determined for which motive: if for committing a sex crime or to take revenge on the Ocean Club, to place in question the security of the tourist resort.

    Police sources contacted by SOL warn, nonetheless, that it is important to find other elements to enable the substantiation of his presence in that area, namely, the period of time in which the cell phone was identified in that area and the comparison of the police records with vestiges that were gathered.

    Meanwhile, the former partner of the suspect is going to take legal action, an injunction, to keep journalists away from her house. «If the police told me that the case is in secrecy of Justice, how come journalists are at my door, bothering my family?» questions the woman, who until now has remained silent. «When so many children are abducted in Portugal, how come the police is only after the English child?»"

    Sol, November 1, 2013 | Paper edition, pages 18 and 19

    About "trilateration", which I had no idea of what it meant or how it is done, someome posted a comment explaining:

    "For ref.


    Cell phones are still traceable even without a GPS chip, using a process called trilateration. Trilateration determines absolute or relative position of an object by measuring distance using the geometry of spheres or triangles. With cell phones, distance is measured from cell phone towers that have received a signal from the phone. Distance is determined by the time it takes for the signal to travel to the cell phone; distance traveled = speed x time. The cell phone is then known to exist within a set circle around the tower. Using a second cell phone tower and measuring the distance to the phone, another circle is drawn. Where the two circles intersect is the location of the cell phone. Adding the distance from a third tower can give you an absolute location."

    And, in Joana Morais there's also a post " SENHORA ARQUIBADORA"Conversas Imaginárias aos Sábados
    ("Esta é uma estória de ficção, uma paródia se quiserem. São fragmentos imaginados de conversas impossíveis, qualquer semelhança com a realidade é mera coincidência. ")

    A fictional tale of an imagined conversation between 2 characters, but what surprised me was this bit of information, which I did not know about:

    "Moina Quim Tripeiro – Certo doutora, mas olhe doutora, e donde é que a gente desencantou o número do morcão? É que bi na wikipedia que a Aldeia da Light tem 3 500 alminhas e o número do telemóbel dele não está no processo e parece que lá pela Ouropa não se pode ter dados de tráfego retidos para inbestigação por mais de dois anos e depois ainda há a questão da motibação…"

    The fictional character "Moina Quim Tripeiro" says that according to the european laws it is not allowed to keep records of communications traffic for purposes of investigation for more than 2 did the police get the "suspect's" phone number and how come the information was still available now in 2013? If the legal limit is 2 years, how come data from 2007 was still accessible...?

  23. More and more people feel like this about the Mccanns.

  24. This post explains perfectly why the Tapas friends have stayed silent, and Gerrys arrogance and inability to keep his mouth shut will be their downfall, he believes he is untouchable with his narcissic behaviour. We are witnessing the final days of the mccann spin. The police that lied over plebgate have been exposed as will SY over this mccann mess.


    The resemblance... the uncanny similarity with what Smiths have described. I really think they have found their man!!!!
    Mistery finally solved!

    1. Is it ALL FOOLS DAY???? I thought I had woken up on April 1st!

    2. "His picture looks nothing like two e-fit images issued by Scotland Yard"

    3. So he's also been in prison - ex jailbird.
      None of the lurkers have ever been described as black.
      Gypsies, spottyman,... Another racist stereotype now.

      Scenario this week - using all the ingredients variously mentioned in the press.
      Black heroin addict jailbird tractorman preplans burglary and enters moments before Kate., injures Maddie, takes her to Luzdoc 24 hr emergency service but doesn't actually get there. Presumably realises M is now dead and takes her...? Where?
      Smithman was white so Tractorman must have passed her to a Gerry look-alike.
      This reminds me of the dark comedy series League of Gentlemen, where a circus owner in black make-up used to steal wives and take them back to the circus.
      There is nothing remotely funny, however, in this media circus presentation

    4. From MC's blog:

      Warning, this is not in Portuguese but in Cape Verde's Crioulo.

      A indignação de Cabo Verde.


      Finadu cabo-verdiano suspeito di ter assassinado Maddie Mcann na Portugal
      Noticia foi publicado na jornal sensasionalista di Lisboa “ Correio da Manhă” , na Cabo Verde jornal “Asemana” repruduzi sen cansa cabeça ku analiza txêu... Noticia ta fla ma policia judiciária português ta acredita ma Maddie McCann, ês criancinha inglėsa ki desaparece na Algarve na 2007, ma Maddie Mc Cann foi raptado y dipôs assassinado pa un imigrante cabo-verdiano, ki na altura tinha 26 anos y era casado ku un portuguėsa. Segundo ês fla, ês cabo-verdiano tinha motivo y teve oportunidade pa rapta Maggie y matal.
      Matal go segundo policia ka staba na plano, ês kriolo teria “ calado” Maggie pamodi cuzas ultrapassa si controlo, sobretudo ku mediatizason di caso .
      So ki noticia ka ta fla qual foi motivo, único pista ki ê ta dexa ê pamodi ez imigrante cabo-verdiano staba desempregadu, mas si kel li ê motivo 2 milhon di portugueses ki sta na desemprego tinha tambė mesmo motivos. Oportunidade pa cumete ês crime? Segundo jornal es imigrante cabo-verdiano foi despidido di hotel undi pais di Maggie staba hospedadu, ê conxeba lugar dretu y ê conxeba tambė rotina di hóspedes di hotel .
      Kel li tambė ka ta panha pamodi na ês caso tudo empregados di hotel, di presente y di passado, teve tambė oportunidade...
      Más caricato ê ki ês “ suspeito” dja morri, ê morri na 2009 na un acidente di trator, o ki ta fazi di el un “suspeito” perfeito, ki ka podi nen difende, inda por cima cabo-verdiano, ku tudo fama ki nu ten na Portugal , inda por cima ês suspeito ka ten ficha limpo, ê tinha sido condenado por roubo y dipôs indultado pa Presidente Jorge Sampaio na Natal di 2006. Será ki casal Mcann, ki desaparecimento di sês fidja dexaz milionário, será ki ês casal ta prucessa Sampaio pa pidi indmizason?
      Ês “revelason” di policia português surgi alguns dias dipôs di policia di inglaterra ter divulgado un retrato robot ki ta mostra presumivel raptor di Maggie Mcann, un retrato ki ka ten nada a ver ku rosto di un cabo-verdiano. Mas como na Portugal tuda cuza ê badiu, pa policia ka ten midjor bode expiatoria ki un imigrante cabo-verdiano ..morto.
      Já agora, primero culpadu na desaparecimento di Maggie Mccann ê si mai ku si pai , ês ka tinha nada ki dexa un criança di menos di 4 anos abandonados di noti na un quarto di hotel ku 2 irmons gėmeos di 2 ano.

  26. Mirror confirms that the McCanns aren't YET "assistentes". They're applying:

    "Last week it was revealed Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry, are to apply under Portuguese law to become private “prosecutors”.
    It may help them influence the course of the investigation and any future prosecution."

    Influence is an interesting choice of word, with a sting in the tail?

  27. Stop press: new paper!!!
    The Morning Madness
    "New suspect is Chinese dwarf."

    He used to work in the laundry of OC (first racial stereotype) Stole Maddie to sell to a white slave gang (second). He was a known opium user (third) He was able to fit through a small window of opportunity. Unfortunately, he met an untimely death, having been mown down by an ice-cream van in 2007.
    His widow is unavailable for comment but is said to be consulting her lawyer Confuscius.

    1. Anon 4 Nov 2013 10:18:00

      If you know the editor of "TheMorning Madness" please tell him he's got the plot wrong.

      It wasn't to sell to a "white slave gang" but to a Moroccan household employee gang.

      According to Danny Collins, quoting a US report in his book Vanished, pg 137, "45 per cent of household employees were between the ages 10 and 12 and 26 per cent were under the age of 10"

      That means that 71% of household employees in Morocco are, according to Danny Collins, under the age of 12.

  28. OH, those f´****** Mirror bastards! How dare they print the Man's photo? Is it legal? Can they do it? How did they get that photo? Someone sold it to them? A relative perhaps...? What a betrayal to his widow and young son! How I wish his wife will sue them, how I wish someone with the power to do something about it will make them pay! The McCanns and Isabel Duarte are so interested in the protection of their personality rights, what about this man's rights, even if he's no longer alive does anyone have the right to use his image for whatever reason? And his widow and his young son, don't they have rights?
    F****** bastards!

    (sorry, my fellow Textusa readers, sorry Textusa, I'm just so angry!)

  29. I seriously think SY have lost control of their own agenda. Kirsty Young, Crimewatch presenter, must be shaking her head in disbelief. Maybe it will make her think hard about what was going on.

  30. They just won't stop.
    Is this to ridicule SY or a sick prank on the McCanns?
    Whatever it is, it's gone over any level of common sense. Alice in wonderland makes more sense than this.
    Britain, hope you realise how the continent is laughing at you.

    "Madeleine McCann suspect 'a violent thug who was a threat to children’
    THE new suspect in the disappearance of Madeliene McCann suspect 'a violent thug who was a threat to children’ had a violent past and a track record of “suspicious behaviour with children”, according to a Portuguese police profile revealed yesterday.

    Further revelations have heightened police fears about the man, an immigrant thief killed in a tractor accident two years after Madeleine vanished.

    Leading Portuguese daily paper Correio da Manha said the police profile identified the suspect as a worker who had been sacked by the Ocean Club, the Algarve holiday complex in Praia da Luz where Madeleine disappeared on May 3, 2007.

    Portuguese officers are examining the possibility that the man, who has not been named by the authorities, may have kidnapped the three-year-old in an act of revenge against his former employers.

    The suspect was a father-of-one who emigrated to Portugal from his native Cape Verde off west Africa and was convicted of theft in 1996.

    The newspaper Correio da Manha claimed yesterday: “Portuguese police inspectors who studied the case and asked for its recent re-opening put together a profile of the suspect, who died aged 40 in 2009, and concluded the character traits they identified strengthened the possibility he could have been the author of the crime.”

    The paper claimed the man had a past “marked by some episodes of violence” and had “suspicious behaviour with children” – but offered no more details.

    It also claimed the man’s family had refused to help police.

    Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, from Rothley, Leics, are aware of the reports but continue to believe their daughter is alive and a separate exhaustive investigation by Scotland Yard detectives, codenamed Operation Grange, continues.

    Portuguese detectives re-opened their investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance following a decision last month by the country’s Attorney General, more than five years after it was shelved. The suspect’s family ­yesterday threatened to sue the Portuguese state over leaks to the media, insisting he was ­innocent.

    His brother-in-law, speaking outside his country home at the end of a dirt track a short drive from Praia da Luz, said: “It was a shock to us all when we read the police suspected my late brother-in-law of kidnapping and killing Madeleine.

    “He wasn’t named in the newspaper reports but we knew immediately who they were talking about.

    “My brother-in-law was sacked from the Ocean Club and I can understand why the police would want to have a look at him, especially if they then discover he has a criminal conviction. But I strongly believe that if the police do consider he is a suspect in the Madeleine McCann case, they are looking at the wrong man.

    “The idea he did it to get revenge on the Ocean Club makes no sense at all. It wasn’t as if what happened there with him losing his job destroyed his life. He got work elsewhere soon afterwards. He was working at the time he died.

    “He is not around to defend his reputation so others have to do it for him.”"

  31. Will 'Hacked Off' complain about this kind of treatment and falsehood...!? We know the answer to that...

  32. Os representantes das associações cabo-verdianas em Portugal afirmam que “sempre defenderam o normal funcionamento da Justiça” e pugnam para que os comportamentos desviantes tenham a correspondente e adequada punição legal. No entanto, não se conformam "com um denúncia, não comprovada, envolvendo um imigrante que “não se pode defender de acusações que, no caso Maddie, poderão, oportunamente, desculpabilizar e descansar algumas consciências”. Constatam que, “mais uma vez, a história se repete: há um cabo-verdiano suspeito (até quando?) e uma comunidade que se sente, de novo, enlameada”. (OL)

    Cabo-verdianos em Portugal “repudiam acusações” contra um membro da comunidade e exigem “investigação séria” 01 Novembro 2013
    “A notícia enlameia todos os cabo-verdianos” e “ não é credível”, até pela sua cultura e sofistificação do crime, que tenha sido um imigrante cabo-verdiano”. Isto, num processo que decorreu “sob investigação de duas corporações de polícias de estados soberanos e com forte participação mediática”.

    Num comunidado em nome da Federação da Organizações de Cabo Verde, Congresso de Quadros cabo-verdianos na Diáspora e Associação Caboverdeana de Lisboa, a comunidade lamenta “estar a ser bode expiatório um cidadão que já morreu”.

    Apela a toda a comunidade para “estar vigilante”, pois esta “denúncia grave”, num processo que está a ser investigado ” também pela polícia inglesa “, pode “estar a ser um alibi para desculpar incompetências de investigação ou para encobrir lobies cujos desígnios são pouco claros”.

    A nota subscrita pelas associações representativas dos cabo-verdianos em Portugal afirma ainda que todos foram supreendidos pela noticia divulgada pelo Correio da Manhá, citando fonte da Polícia Judiciária portuguesa, de que o suspeito do mediático desaparecimento, em 2007, de Madeleine (Maddie) McCann da Aldeia da Luz, no Algarve, é um imigrante cabo-verdiano, entretanto falecido num acidente em 2009.

    O nome de uma comunidade na lama

    Os caboverdianos “ dentro e fora do país” estão a ser “enlameados” com estas afirmações sem quaisquer provas consistentes, “ num aproveitamento descarado” e de quem “já não pode defender-se”, insurgem-se os representantes das associações cabo-verdianas em Portugal.

    O comunicado recorda que toda a comunidade caboverdiana sofreu idêntico ”enlameamento” quando há duas décadas, foi também publicado em Portugal, que “um seu membro tinha assassinado uma criança em Odivelas para lhe comer os fígados”, facto que “foi desmentido em nota de rodapé de página interior pelo mesmo jornal que lhe tinha dado honra de primeira página,”

  33. Relatives of Euclides Monteiro have hit back after

  34. Monteiro's sister Paula claims he may have sold the phone to someone else before Madeleine disappeared.

    Speaking from her home in Argozelo, northern Portugal, she said: "Because of his mobile phone use, he was always swapping or selling his phones around that time.

    "I can consider myself lucky not to have been arrested because at the time I even lent him a mobile which was still in my name.

    "The phone isn't proof he was near Madeleine McCann's apartment. I know he wasn't there."

    She added: "I want this to be clarified so my brother's name can be cleared.

    "We might be poor but things have got to be cleared up once and for all because he's dead now and can't defend himself."

  35. foto galeria no mirror mas vindas da SIC que tiveram a delicadeza e ética de pixelarem o rosto de mais uma vítima dos Mcs.


    Paula Batista quer defender a honra do irmão que já morreu há quatro anos e pede que a investigação deixe tudo esclarecido.

  37. I have just viewed Jeremy Paxman interview with Gerry Mccann on YouTube and Gerry looks definitely evil, when Paxman states they created a media circus Mccann smirks and looks pleased with himself, Mccann is a disgusting piece of work. I quite believe this group were swingers but how any woman could ever go with a creep like Gerry Mccann is unbelieveable. He is a liar and full of contempt, he shows no emotion or respect for anybody, but hopefully he will soon be locked away for all his many crimes.
    SY should check through the Mccanns PI files, if they have suppressed this one piece of information mentioned in ST then there is probably other info that they did not want passed on to the relevant authorities. This pair as so guilty, all polls state they are guilty of involvement in Madeleine disappearance. This recent flurry of abductors and e-fits is nothing new as it is how the Mccanns operate via the media. Kate and Gerry are a pair of very sick in the head individuals never physically searching for their daughter only ever searching for more money, this is not the behaviour of innocent parents.

  38. O comportamento mais recente do CM também merece alguma reflexão. Noto que desde que a Felicia Cabrita e o jornal Sol decidiram dar voz aos familiares do suspeito Cabo Verdeano, o CM remeteu-se ao silêncio e deixou de dar cobertura às cenas dos próximos capítulos. Porquê? Porque estava a informar os seus leitores, ou porque estava envolvido numa campanha com objetivos dubios? Se o objetivo era informar, imperava que desse voz às cenas dos capitulos subsequentes e também noticiasse a revolta da familia e a indignação da comunidade cabo verdeana. Não o fez e isso legitima as dúvidas sobre quem estaria por trás da campanha. A mim, só me ocorre uma origem- os Mccann pela mão dos seus advogados.
    Também noto o extraordinário cuidado em não envolver, como fonte da informação, a PJ de Portimão que é afinal aquela que por direito óbvio detém a investigação. Sistemáticamente, a fonte ou não é nomeada, ou se é, ligam-na à PJ Porto. Porque será? Será porque mais uma vez GA teve razão quando disse que há colegas da PJ que perseguem outros? Os do Porto estão lá para baralhar e bloquear os passos da PJ de Portimão e entram no circo "à la carte"? Já nada me surpreende nesta palhaçada. Nem mesmo a forma vergonhosa e abusiva, com que são usados por vezes os nossos impostos.
    Mas a PJ Porto e o método aparentemente usado para chegar a este suspeito também merece a nossa atenção- uma amálgama que juntou um registo criminal e um telemóvel...6 anos depois? Quantos registos criminais e telemóveis podem ser combinados nas mesmas condições, para o mesmo crime? Todos os que cabem na área geográfica de Portugal e no sul de Espanha, já que as distâncias se alargam ou encurtam de acordo com o que é desejado. Mas a mesma PJ Porto, tem uma mancha no curriculo por não ter conseguido usar a ferramenta TM no esclarecimento de um outro crime que afinal se revelaria um acidente. E não tinham decorrido 6 anos sobre o fatidico dia. Falo da rapariga de Lamego que faleceu vitima de um despiste. Quantos meses levaram a descobrir o corpo e o carro na ravina? Quantas histórias de raptos e fugas se alimentaram? Perdi a conta. Então não conseguiram usar e descodificar a ferramenta TM para resolver um caso em que não sofriam pressões e tinha acabado de acontecer e são agora responsáveis pela descoberta fantástica de um suspeito, 6 anos depois? Ou estão a ser usados pela SY para dar cobertura às charadas que constam nas cartas rogatórias? É que quando alguém quer vender banha da cobra, tem de escolher bem o vendedor. Foi isso que a SY fez... Escolheu a PJ Porto, baseada num curriculo de incompetência, depois bastou juntar um tablóide sem escrupulos e a missão estava cumprida. Repetiu-se a fórmula Murdhoc que como sempre, dá muito jeito e serve os interesses de uma fração.
    Pobre Madeleine que continua a ser explorada enquanto ignoram os seus direitos.
    Parabéns à familia do suspeito que se indignou e resolveu dar-lhe a voz que os Mccann julgaram já não ter.

  39. McCann case: Anger over new suspect Algarve Newswatch
    Posted by Len Port
    Monday, November 4, 2013 at 9:17 PM

    'When Scotland Yard launched its Madeleine McCann investigation, it called for 'restraint' from the British media. Also, a Portuguese law forbids police here from divulging inside information about criminal investigations. So how come newspapers in both Britain and Portugal have identified and published sensational stories about another implausible 'prime suspect' in this case?
    The stories are causing outrage, especially among relatives of the now deceased 'suspect,' but also in the much wider community in Portugal.
    Hard on the heels of reports in the UK that police were looking variously for a paedophile gang, foreign perverts, gypsy robbers, English cleaners and some fair-haired individuals possibly from Germany or Holland, the Portuguese tabloid Correio da Manhã last week began publishing a series of articles claiming police were investigating an African man.
    The 'new suspect' was a former employee of the resort where the McCanns stayed in 2007. Phone records placed him near Praia da Luz at the time. As an immigrant from the former Portuguese colony of Cape Verde, he was living with his partner and their son in the nearest town, Lagos. He was arrested in 1996 for petty theft, but had no record of any serious offence.
    The Correio da Manhã stories were copied and in some cases embellished in many British and other foreign newspapers. The Daily Express, for example, claimed the suspect was "a violent thug who was a threat to children." It gave a Portuguese 'police profile' as the source of this information.
    In many of the regurgitated reports, Portuguese detectives were said to be examining the possibility that the 'suspect' had kidnapped Madeleine in an act of revenge against his former employers for his dismissal a year earlier.
    This idea made no sense at all, said the brother of the Cape Verdean's Portuguese partner. "It wasn't as if what happened there with him losing his job destroyed his life. He got work elsewhere soon afterwards."
    A Portuguese TV reporter calmly and sensibly described the recently discovered information about the man's cell phone use as "a loose end that needs to be tied up."
    But the British tabloids went overboard. More personal details about the man emerged, including his name. The Daily Mirror published a close-up photograph - but of course he looked nothing like either of the five-year-old e-fit images released by Scotland Yard three weeks ago.
    The 'new suspect' died in a tractor accident in the north of Portugal in 2009, two years after Madeleine disappeared. There is that old saying, "you can't defame the dead," but what about the torment and humiliation these stories have inflicted upon those left behind?
    This again raises serious questions about the workings and integrity of both the press and the police. How and why did details of this individual and the Polícia Judiciária’s interest in him become available? Has this man really become 'key' to the investigation, or is this just part of some cunning tactic?
    The 'suspect's widow told the Portuguese weekly newspaper, Sol: "It is disgusting that they are now trying to set up a dead man as a scapegoat."
    The Federation of the Organisations of Cape Verde based in Lisbon also believes the dead man is being used as a scapegoat. It described the allegations against him as "shocking" and "not credible."
    The truth about this matter needs to be told. Sadly, the truth about most aspects of this extraordinary six and a half year old mystery is as cloudy as ever.'

    1. As things stand the most obvious people who are guilty are the parents. Why are the police dithering around and nor making an arrest
      What with the blood evidence now proved why are they still dithering around. If a person well known to the public e.g. member of parliament, Royalty or entertainer is involved would there be another cover up?


  41. Andam à caça de gambozinos
    A fraca impressão que tenho da Scotland Yard fica a dever-se ao desprezo que o astuto Sherlock Holmes dispensava ao inspetor Lestrade, polícia esforçado, dotado da tenacidade e determinação de um buldogue, mas absolutamente desprovido de capacidade para resolver crimes com algum grau de dificuldade.
    Como todos sabemos, não há uma segunda oportunidade para deixar uma boa primeira impressão e, como agravante, a má conta em que tinha a Scotland Yard, fabricada na leitura de Conan Doyle, não melhorou (pelo contrário) após ter sido apresentado ao bronco inspetor Claud Eustace Teal, que está sempre a ser ridicularizado por Simon Templar nas aventuras do Santo, de Leslie Charteris.
    Esta minha opinião piorou mal soube que, na vida real, a Scotland Yard já gastou 6,5 milhões de euros na enorme caçada aos gambozinos, denominada Operação Grange, em que mantém entretidos, sob o comando do inspetor-chefe Andy Redwood, 37 detetives que seguem 195 linhas de investigação, definidas a partir de 40 mil pistas e documentos recolhidos em Portugal desde que Maddie desapareceu na noite de 2 maio de 2007, de um aldeamento na praia da Luz, em Lagos.
    O caso Maddie ganhou um novo fôlego com o recorde de audiências (7,3 milhões de espectadores) do programa Crimewatch da BBC e as mil chamadas telefónicas de pessoas que se acharam na posse de informações sobre o assunto que deviam partilhar com as autoridades.
    O desaparecimento de Maddie, que ainda não tinha quatro anos, quando imprudentemente os pais a deixaram sozinha em casa com os irmãos mais novos, teve a maior cobertura mediática de sempre - toda a gente tinha uma opinião sobre o assunto - destronando o célebre rapto do bebé Lindbergh deste triste Guinness.
    Seis anos depois, esta telenovela da vida real continua em exibição, porque garante boas audiências e vai sendo alimentada com novos ingredientes, como a tese do rapto, por um trio de ciganos ou um cabo-verdiano que convenientemente morreu no entretanto, e a publicitação de retratos--robô que transformam em possíveis suspeitos todos os homens de cabelo castanho, entre 20 e 40 anos, de estatura média e sem sinais particulares.
    Em face de um ultimatum britânico, apresentado com vaselina (não ameaçaram dinamitar a Velha Aliança, como os outros fizeram com a tal parceria estratégica), a PJ não só reabriu a investigação como, orgulhosa, revelou ter há dois anos, no Porto, cinco inspetores a reanalisar permanentemente o caso (será que a troika sabe disso?).
    Os ingleses são muito bons a fazer novelas, mas apesar de tudo prefiro mil vezes o Downton Abbey à novela Maddie, que precisa urgentemente de um fim definitivo, sem porta aberta para nova sequela.
    Para o efeito, sugiro à Scotland Yard a contratação de Sherlock Holmes (encontram-no amanhã à noite na Fox, a partir das 22.15 h), imbatível a resolver mistérios com a sua lógica dedutiva e métodos científicos. E aconselho Kate e Gerry a largarem o vício de beber o sofrimento por uma palhinha - e a perceberem que está bem chorar os mortos, mas também temos de os deixar partir.

  42. @Anonymous5 Nov 2013 07:06:00

    This is just the media smothering what is about to happen at the Libel Trial. It confirms all we know about TM and that SY is a whitewash. This is just enquiries requested by SY. So no secrecy involved just McCannwash.

    Everything that has come out in Correio da Manhã, and was today echoed in the UK media with extras that do not appear in the original article, is part of the rogatory letter requests sent by the English police, being carried out by a six man team of the PJ in Faro, who are working exclusively within the scope of that rogatory letter and nothing else.


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