Friday, 3 May 2013

Poem for a Fallen Petal in May

The wind is tossing the lilacs,
The new leaves laugh in the sun,
And the petals fall on the orchard wall,
But for me the spring is done.

Beneath the apple blossoms
I go a wintry way,
For love that smiled in April
Is false to me in May.


  1. Good day!

    A lovely Memorial day to Her Soul.

    Lovely image and beautiful poem.

    Thanks for Her.

  2. God bless Madeleine and all the mssing children around the world. God bless all children, they are the world's most precious jewels.

    "For love that smiled in April
    Is false to me in May"

    Has love ever smiled to Madeleine...? Was she ever truly loved, wanted, desired...?
    I hope she was...

  3. Anon #2,

    We believe she was loved as much as any other normal child. We have no reason to think otherwise.

    The McCanns were, as far as we know, normal parents before the tragedy. With their own qualities and shortfalls, like any other parents in the world.

    What we know is that her memory wasn't respected including by those who should have respected it the most: the Kate and Gerald McCann.

  4. Textusa #3,

    Thank you for your reply to my comment. I too want to think that yes, she was desired and loved, but I cannot help the feeling that at some point things might have changed, and that feeling comes from that intriguing question the PJ put to Kate McCann:

    "41. Is it true that in England you even considered handing over Madeleine’s custody to a relative?"

    The PJ must have had a valid reason to include such a question, they must have had information that indicated Kate had at one time considered it. And I remember reading something about some declarations to the police (Leisceste police?) made by a relative, in the strickest confidence and with no wish to refer to the subject no further. What could that be about...? And why would Kate consider giving up Madeleine's custody? Extreme fatigue of coping with a difficult child and the twins at the same time? Maybe a hyperactive child...? And a post-natal depression?
    Just my random thoughts, maybe I'm completely mistaken, and, as they say in Brasil "procurando chifre em cabeça de cavalo"!

  5. Anon #4,

    On the previous post, we did raise the possibility that the CATS number question was that PJ's question to Kate about Maddie's care being taken on by a relative was asked for a reason.

    We would like to remind our readers that we don't, at this point in time, give much credibility to the CATS number.

    As we said, if it turns out that it is indeed important then we'll change our minds.

    Our view is that this scenario was suggested to the PJ, but we don't know where this suggestion came from.

    Neither do we know whether Kate had a period of post natal illness or if this was put forward as an attempt to mitigate Kate's behaviour on May 3rd.

    If the UK police were made aware of this possibility, a CATS registration may have been set up.

    This doesn't mean Maddie wasn't loved as post natal illness does not preclude loving the child.

    But this is only a possible scenario and we can't promote it without further information.

  6. I thought of her today, sweet girl.


    Madeleine world exclusive: 'Bring them all back to Portugal’
    ROBERT MURAT today appeals for Scotland Yard to stage a filmed reconstruction of all the events surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    Marking the sixth anniversary of her abduction, the Algarve-based businessman says a 48-hour timeline would help police conducting a £4.5million review of the case.

    Mr Murat, who was cleared as a suspect, said: “They need to start from the beginning.” So far the two-year review by more than 20 detectives in London has not led to a breakthrough.

    Portugal’s authorities have not been persuaded to reopen the investigation, although Policia Judiciaria policewoman Helena Monteiro liaises regularly with officers from the Yard’s Operation Grange.

    Mr Murat, 39, spoke to the Sunday Express while sipping tea in Casa ­Liliana, his elderly mother Jenny’s villa 150 yards from apartment 5a of the Ocean Club where Madeleine vanished.

    He said: “They need to speak to everybody, including myself, and they need to get the Portuguese involved in a much more constructive way.

    “To get somewhere now they need to have a joint team working here together in Praia da Luz. This is where it happened. It didn’t happen in England.

    “The reconstruction should cover the critical period just before and after the abduction.”

    Madeleine was three when she disappeared from the apartment at about 9.15pm while her parents Kate and Gerry McCann and seven friends ate at a tapas bar nearby. When the Judiciaria named the McCanns as suspects, they and their friends chose not to take part in a PJ-led reconstruction. It would be different now that they have been cleared, said Mr Murat.

    He said: “A reconstruction is a real necessity. I am sure it would fill in some of the missing pieces of the jigsaw. Even now after all this time, the timeline is still confused.”

    Thirteen days after Madeleine’s disappearance Mr Murat was named as a suspect. His mother’s home, where he lived then, was searched, his computers were taken, he was questioned for 19 hours by Portuguese police and his property business was wrecked.

    His eagerness to help with the original investigation, helping police with translations, aroused a journalist’s suspicions. Three of the McCanns’ friends believed they saw him on the night Madeleine vanished but his mother confirmed to police he was with her all night at Casa Liliana.

    After being cleared as a suspect in July 2008 he won substantial damages from newspapers.

    Despite his ordeal he believes Madeleine’s fate should be uppermost in everybody’s minds as another anniversary passes.

    He said: “You cannot lose sight of the fact that a child was taken and we need to know what happened to her.”

    He is still willing to be interviewed by the review team, which has made no effort to contact him. “I have no problem with that whatsoever,” he said emphatically.

    “I am available to help on the proper legal basis. I think everybody who was around at that time, holidaymakers and people at the Ocean Club, should be interviewed again. The timeline needs to be made crystal clear because there is still so much confusion, such a mess.”


  8. (cont)

    Asked if he thought Madeleine’s fate would ever be known, he brushed back his thick dark brown hair, rubbed his tanned chin and said: “I hope so, I believe it will come out one day.” He said Portugal’s financial crisis means “if the British do want to get to the bottom of this, it is a case of funding the Portuguese”.

    Mr Murat, who grew up in Devon and Portugal, now has a young family with wife Michaela. They were both victims of the relentless media frenzy when Madeleine vanished and it has left its scars. For the first time during the interview he became emotional and said in a whisper: “There is no way to describe the impact this has had on our lives. Six years later it still affects me. I wasn’t able to do much for years and years.

    “It was difficult getting back on the horse, so to speak, and do the stuff I was doing before.”

    His property business went, partly because his computers were held by the PJ for so long, but now he has built up Newteq, an Apple-authorised service provider on the Algarve. He said he and Michaela live a quiet life, staying away from some events because people still come up to him and say: “You’re that Mr Murat.”

    Before 2007 he says he was one of those people who was always eager to help others, to get involved in the community. Now he is more guarded.

    When the original police investigation was at its height, he bumped into a British man, Steve Carpenter, who persuaded him to meet the McCanns because they needed his language skills. He said: “I met Gerry and said: ‘I don’t know what to say, there is nothing I can say but I do speak Portuguese and English and I will help in any way I can’.”

    He helped Portugal’s GNR military officers to search the Ocean Club apartments and translated statements from key witnesses, giving him a unique inside perspective on the case.

    He said: “From the experiences of the interviews there are some points that could be looked at.

    “There needs to be much more transparency, much more openness to dissipate a lot of the stuff that has been talked about on the internet and on blogs.”

    He does not believe the results of the Yard’s work should be made available to the public.

    “The Yard needs to get together with the Portuguese police and ­produce a final report,” he said. “They need to sit down together and come up with a final version, a structured report.

    “The report should be done by the Portuguese with the support of the British.”

    Last week Prime Minister David Cameron had a private meeting with the McCanns in London, promising them the review would not fall foul of budget cuts and giving them enough confidence to say on their website that they hope for a significant breakthrough in the months ahead.

    On Friday night Kate and Gerry, both 45, gathered around a candle which burns night and day for Madeleine outside their home village of Rothley, Leicestershire. A 50-strong crowd supported them as they marked the anniversary with prayers with Madeleine’s ­siblings, eight-year-old twins Sean and Amelie.

    Mr Murat said: “It must be a ­tremendously difficult time of year for them and of course as a human being you feel for them and for the loss of their daughter.

    “At this time of year, like so many people on the Algarve, we have been thinking about this poor girl.

    “I just hope in the months ahead the PJ are fully involved because in my view that is the best way of solving the mystery.”

    At St Vincent’s church in Praia da Luz, where Kate and Gerry went regularly, worshippers also prayed for Madeleine, whose 10th birthday is on May 12.

    Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’ spokesman, declined to comment on Mr Murat’s views last night, saying the couple were happy with how Scotland Yard is conducting the review.

  9. Good day!

    I think all of us who created poems or beautiful images must stop!

    Because today a new " famous writer was born" - "Asked if he thought Madeleine’s fate would ever be known,

    he brushed back his thick dark brown hair, rubbed his tanned chin and said: ...... "

  10. They are insisting with much conviction and interest in the review, in the lady who took a month to find a body, almost right there in at the crash site. JM and RM enliven the festivities this Sunday. And James should be preparing to launch the book from Jenny. No, no. Jenny's book written by himself. And the circus continues full of very specific interests.

  11. The Pinky is deactivated for a long time and telepathic communications with the couple Mc are amazing.

  12. Six years after Robert M ask for a reconstruction.

    But can he ask for that? He was, like the couple, the 3 suspects.

    Before he let his cleaner image , he could ask to PJ from Portimão a reopen if he was really interested. Now he come with the PT crisis...... with UK Police working here. .. to Portugal not spend money. RM is a "charming" man. RM is helping the McCannCircus.


    Police must keep up effort to solve Madeleine riddle
    SIX years have now passed since Madeleine McCann went missing during a family holiday in Portugal.

    Despite their unimaginable suffering, parents Kate and Gerry have campaigned without rest to keep their daughter's case in the public eye and maintain pressure on the police for that vital resolution.

    So we can only hope that the couple are justified in their current belief that a significant breakthrough in the case is just around the corner.

    In two years, the £4.5million case review by homicide detectives at Scotland Yard has failed to shed new light on events of that evening in 2007 or to persuade the Portuguese authorities to reopen the investigation.

    No one expects Operation Grange to provide a running commentary on its review but revelations that Scotland Yard has yet to interview key witness and former suspect Robert Murat must surely raise questions.

    Mr Murat has rebuilt his life since he was cleared of all suspicion over Madeleine's disappearance and stands ready and willing to help.

    He cannot understand why a full reconstruction of the night has not been conducted and believes other key witnesses have also not been reinterviewed.

    No matter how terrible the case, Scotland Yard must account for the public money being spent in pursuit of the truth.

    Questions must be asked as to whether all key witnesses will be reinterviewed and, if not, why not? The passage of time must not render the search for Madeleine any less exhaustive.

  14. Kate looks far from refreshed and without worries in the pic in the article posted by anon 13.

  15. "No matter how terrible the case, Scotland Yard must account for the public money being spent in pursuit of the truth."

    Cameron wake up and smell the roses! Enough of this farce!

  16. Then Robert wants another review! A review utopic with Portuguese and others who lived those days of 2007. Because, he criticizes the revision of Port because they do not even heard him.
    Anyway, both have their minutes of fame with this article. The Murat ´s family revenge ? With the help from James M? uhnnnn

  17. Parece que Robert M. dá a entender não acreditar nas "conclusões" da revisão nortenha. Portanto, Investigação "revista" não irá apontar a verdade real.

    Mas isso já nós sabemos. Até foi alvo de uma rubrica de "A Justiça é cega" onde o próprio Bastonário afirmava que era para inglês ver. Bastonário/RM/JM ..... que confusão.


    Senior Tory MP Nigel Evans arrested on 2 rape charges on 2 men between 2006 and recently. Deputy speaker of House of Commons, aged 55.
    What on earth is going on in our society?
    I think power gives some people the idea they can do whatever they want, and until recently, that's been true.
    Maybe in austerity, tolerance of abuse of power is waning.
    Will wait and see if Evans is charged and how many other high profile figures are yet to come.
    If the Maddie hoax was made up by politicians or people close to them to protect those in Luz then let's up that this against Evans, if true, is a significant step to show that no one should be protected any further.

  19. Murat pressing for a reconstruction when he personally has nothing to gain from it. He says he was at home with his mother, so why this sudden interest in a reconstruction?
    The reconstruction will only put in check the T9 and help to out TRUTH.
    Then the same tabloid presses the SY for results, to out TRUTH.
    Murdoch knows that Cameron, for reasons we don't know, can't out TRUTH otherwise he would have done so by now.

  20. Murat's statement was a bolt from the blue and it's very telling that CM didn't want to make a comment about it but not surprising. Looks like Murat is being controlled by someone else, he didn't just decide to comment 6 years later without a reason. Maybe he has heard the case will be reopened in Portugal and he wants to show his approval beforehand to indicate his innocence. Or maybe it's a threat to team Mc that he's willing to tell what he knows to be the truth.

  21. Surprise, surprise! NO comments allowed for that Express interview with Murat..."the pink one" would not comment about the interview, but I bet he also made sure no one else would too...

  22. Robert Murat knows there is no danger of a reconstruction. He can say this to present himself as the injured party. The fact he's done this makes me more inclined to believe that nothing is going to happen. The fact he said SY haven't spoken to him is his way of saying they don't think there is anything of value in interviewing him= innocent.

  23. As for Mcs saying how well things are going and the budget is still available to carry on doesn’t ring true at all. Something is in the air and probably nothing like we would anticipate. What could possibly be going well apart from a cover up. Why would MET share their info if they have no intention of revealing the results of the review. Not revealing results means the end and no plans to search for Maddie and everything will go silent whereas in reality the results of a real review would be avenues to pursue and if they came to nothing the search would end. Obviously no-one would be alerted to the intention to follow leads until exhausted if it was for real. Results to me means final score.

  24. When I read about Madeleine or her parents in the press these articles are all controlled by team mccann, nothing is published by any media outlet that they do not approve of they have complete control over our weak media, so this Murat story is nothing more than another PR stunt from team mccann. The only problem with this type of rubbish journalism is that it has become so familiar to us its typical of the never ending sightings around the world of Madeleine and their endless search for more donations. It has been said many times before if the Mccanns had not been middle class doctors but a couple on benefits or the like this investigation would have been very different and the case solved years ago. Rich and powerful people control what is written about them they hide their crimes behind powerful media monitoring lawyers and slick PR they are the filth of our society and their greed for money knows no bounds!

  25. If Robert Murat was innocent he would have made these comments 6 years ago asking for a reconstruction. 6 years ago the liklihood of a reconstruction would have been a very real probability now it is very unlikely so he is safe in the knowledge knowing that it will never happen.
    He's done very well financially from the Maddie circus suing newspapers for £600,0000 pounds he omits to mention that small detail in his interview. He's as bad as the tapas friends they are all uncooperative if they were innocent they would have done everything in their power to assist the pj their silence is their guilt. Clarence Mitchell would be behind this interview from Murat its another publicity stunt on the anniversary of Maddies disappearance to create more funding for their dwindling bank account. Cameron has shown what a weak Prime Minister he is spending so much tax payers money on laughable operation grange the Mccanns and Co have walked all over him and made him look an even bigger fool than he already looks.

  26. A fotografia de Robert Murat ,nesta notícia de hoje, está uma maravilha de bonitinho. Não admira que James M. tenha descrito os gestos de RM quando respondeu a uma questão qualquer. Do tipo " puxou o cabelo escuro para trás e não sei quê do rosto ou peito bronzeado"
    Já o pelo menos coloca a foto do dito Robert M.

  27. Thank you, mc!

    Correio da Manhã condenado a pagar 15 mil euros a Robert Murat

    Ana Henriques

    06/05/2013 - 20:09

    Tribunal considera que jornal foi longe de mais nas notícias publicadas sobre cidadão britânico que chegou a ser arguido no caso Maddie.

    O Tribunal da Relação de Lisboa decidiu que o Correio da Manhã terá de pagar 15 mil euros de indemnização a Robert Murat, o britânico que morava a poucas dezenas de metros do apartamento de Lagos de onde Madeleine McCann foi raptada em 2007.

    “O objectivo de aumento de tiragens não pode obnubilar os deveres jornalísticos, de respeito pela presunção de inocência, de não recolha de declarações ou imagens que atinjam a dignidade das pessoas, bem como de publicação de notícias que suscitem discriminação”, observam os juízes num acórdão datado de meados do mês passado e agora tornado público.

    “Alto e cabelo claro, óculos, ar simpático e prestável, Robert Murat será afinal um predador que acedia a sites de violência sexual”, escrevia o Correio da Manhã em Maio de 2007. “É este inglês de 33 anos que a Polícia Judiciária acredita ter arrastado a pequena Maddie desde a cama em que dormia até à casa onde vive com a mãe.”

    Outro artigo da mesma altura conta como os investigadores haviam encontrado nas buscas à residência de Murat “cassetes pornográficas com imagens de ‘grande violência’ e ligações a sites de sexo com animais”.

    Para o Tribunal da Relação de Lisboa, o argumento do interesse público não pode ser usado para justificar “a urdidura de ‘factos’, insinuações” e conjecturas que atribuíram ao britânico — que chegou a ser constituído arguido no caso Maddie — “uma personalidade doentia da área não só da pedofilia como até da zooerastia, compatível com a prática de ilícito criminal relacionado com o desaparecimento da infortunada criança”.

    Como ficou provado que a divulgação das notícias em causa fizeram com que Murat se tivesse chegado a ter de disfarçar quando saía à rua para não ser identificado, chegando a receber telefonemas e cartas com ameaças à sua integridade física, os juízes condenam solidariamente ao pagamento da indemnização a empresa proprietária do jornal e os profissionais que assinaram as notícias.

    Logo em 2008, Robert Murat, a residir em Portugal há largos anos, recebeu uma indemnização de 757 mil euros dos tablóides britânicos também por difamação.

  28. and also from mc:

    O Tribunal da Relação de Lisboa condenou o jornal "Correio da Manhã" a pagar uma indemnização de 15 mil euros a Robert Murat, o primeiro arguido no caso do desaparecimento no Algarve da criança inglesa Madeleine McCann.

    Em causa os "danos morais" sofridos por Murat na sequência de várias notícias publicadas naquele jornal, que, segundo o tribunal, lhe atribuem "uma personalidade doentia, da área não só da pedofilia como até da zooerastia, compatível com a prática de ilícito criminal relacionado com o desaparecimento de infortunada criança".

    A indemnização, pela violação do direito à paz e ao sossego, será paga solidariamente pelos três jornalistas que assinaram as notícias e pela empresa proprietária do jornal.

    "O objetivo de aumento de tiragens não pode obnubilar os deveres jornalísticos, aliás de consagração estatutária, de respeito pela presunção de inocência, de não recolha de declarações ou imagens que atinjam a dignidade das pessoas, bem como de publicação de notícias que suscitem discriminação", refere o acórdão da Relação, a que a Lusa teve acesso.

    Madeleine McCann desapareceu do apartamento onde passava férias com os pais e os irmãos gémeos mais novos, no aldeamento turístico "Ocean Club", na Praia da Luz, Lagos, na noite de 3 de maio de 2007.

    Poucos dias depois, Robert Murat, um britânico que vivia a poucos metros daquele aldeamento e que entretanto se disponibilizara para ajudar os pais da criança, nomeadamente como tradutor, foi constituído arguido.

    O jornal escreveu, num artigo intitulado "Pedofilia é pista", que Murat seria "um predador" e que acederia a sites de violência sexual.

    "E é este inglês de 33 anos que a Polícia Judiciária acredita ter arrastado a pequena Maddie desde a cama em que dormia, no Ocean Club, até à casa onde vive com a mãe", acrescentava o CM.

    Murat esteve na condição de arguido até 21 de julho de 2008, data em que o Ministério Público decidiu arquivar o inquérito relativo ao desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann.

  29. No need to thanks, Text.

    I wish the best to Your´s Blog and to the Team.

  30. A indemnização, pela violação do direito à paz e ao sossego, será paga solidariamente pelos três jornalistas que assinaram as notícias e pela empresa proprietária do jornal.

    Impressão minha ou tornam a chamar a atenção para as parafilias?

    Algumas parafilias

  31. Trancript from comment #27

    “Outro artigo da mesma altura conta como os investigadores haviam encontrado nas buscas à residência de Murat “cassetes pornográficas com imagens de ‘grande violência’ e ligações a sites de sexo com animais”.

    Translates into:

    Another article at the same time says how the investigators had found in searches at the Murat’s residence of "tapes with pornographic images of 'serious violence' and links to sex sites with animals."

    Trancript from comment #28:

    Em causa os "danos morais" sofridos por Murat na sequência de várias notícias publicadas naquele jornal, que, segundo o tribunal, lhe atribuem "uma personalidade doentia, da área não só da pedofilia como até da zooerastia, compatível com a prática de ilícito criminal relacionado com o desaparecimento de infortunada criança".

    Translates into:

    At stake the "moral damage" suffered by Murat following several reports published in that newspaper, which according to the court, give him a "unhealthy personality, not only in the area of pedophilia as even the zoorasty (?) (zoophilia), consistent with the practice of criminal offense related to the disappearance of unfortunate child. "

    I don’t like Robert Murat but I think the sentence adequate.

  32. Sendo assim, eu desejo IMENSO que Gonçalo Amaral venha a ser indemnizado de toda a difamação e falta de respeito ao Seu direito e à Sua Paz e sossego.

    Se assim for, muitos serão os jornais e Tvs e opinadores

  33. Have the mccanns been paying Mr Marat now the money is running out Murat is prepared to tell i think it has something to do with the apartment in town owened by Murats relative.Some dna was found belonging to Jane tanner or her blood line in one of these apartments did Marat rent out apartments to the swingers and knew of many people rich and famous who liked this sort of entertainment and gerry did too.

  34. Anon 32,

    I'm anon 31. Agree totally with you! If Britain had a drop of decency GA should receive a fortune! Unfortunately facts have proved that there's no such decency in Britain when it comes to Maddie and Amaral.

  35. 34 : not only UK press but also PT......and a lot from My Country, Portugal.

    From 32


  36. A kate na PdL? Vem no Daily Star de amanhã

  37. Another one...

    Jimmy Tarbuck arrested in child sex abuse inquiry

    Comedian questioned by police in April over an allegation of child sex abuse in 1970s



    They look genuinely distressed. When compared with photos on M’s 4th birthday the contrast is remarkable.
    I think this Murat thing changed the board completely. After all 1 of he arguidos has asked for a reconstruction
    I don't think that look can be faked, but more for themselves than Maddie?



    MADELEINE McCann’s mum yesterday made an emotional return to the holiday resort where her daughter vanished.
    Kate McCann, 45, flew out to Portugal three days after collapsing in tears at a public prayer service to mark the sixth anniversary of the disappearance.

    One of her first visits will be to the Our Lady Of The Light church in Praia da Luz where the devout Catholic prayed daily for her daughter in the four months after she was snatched.

    A friend said yesterday: “She will spend a few days in Praia da Luz. She feels close to Madeleine there.’

    During the trip, Kate will be reunited with her English and Portuguese friends.

    But it is not known whether the former GP will visit the Ocean Club where her daughter disappeared during their holiday in May 2007. It is believed Kate has never ventured back into apartment 5a, where Madeleine was last seen asleep in bed.

    At the time Kate, husband Gerry, 44, and seven pals were dining in a nearby tapas restaurant.

    The returning mum is likely to find a resort with few reminders of her daughter. But Kate has asked the public: “Please don’t forget Madeleine.’’ And during TV interviews she urged: “Take posters of her when you go on holiday.

    “Please help keep her in the public eye.’’

    Kate is due to fly back to the Britain in time for Madeleine’s 10th birthday on Sunday.

  40. Good day.

    This is getting interesting for our ...... imagination.

    Robert M. speaks to the Express.

    The couple on the day of the memorial in Rothley shows disgust or fear.

    No! To me Kate shows anything like that: with a face simulated.

    But Gerry parace show pain. Today, I wonder if he is showing pain or worry and fear with the journey of Kate the PdL.

    Kate has been here for a week ........ What is the meaning?

    She comes to give a beating to Robert M. as she threatened in the book of fiction?

    She goes to PJ of Portimão? She goes to Court? She will meet with the lawyers? She will meet with the defendants that she threatened?

  41. Madeleine McCann update: Kate 'collapsed in tears' but why? - Las Vegas missing persons |

    On May 7, 2013 the UK Mirror reported that Kate McCann took a private trip by herself to Portugal where little Maddie McCann vanished six years ago. However, it's reported that she "collapsed in tears" shortly before her trip. Were her tears out of the despair of not knowing where Madeleine has gone, or were they tears of guilt from leaving her behind all those years ago to suffer whatever fate she experienced while all alone with her younger siblings? Furthermore, why isn't Gerry McCann going back to Portugal with her?

    The UK Mirror says that she "feels close" to the area because of what happened there, but it's not clear if she plans on visiting the apartment where she and Gerry abandoned Maddie and the twins the night she was allegedly "kidnapped." A friend close to Kate and Gerry McCann said the following:

    "It is a private trip alone, away from the spotlight, and a time for quiet reflection. She still has a lot of friends there."

    Could Kate's tears have anything to do with Rober Murat's recent request to film a reenactment? Kate, Gerry and the rest of the adults involved in the night Maddie vanished have famously refused to participate in such a thing, which only appeared to hinder the investigation. Now Robert Murat wants Scotland Yard to stage a filmed reenactment of the events of the night Kate and Gerry left the children alone in their vacation rental to drink with friends. If Scotland Yard decides to stage such a reenactment, it could be required of the adults and that means they may all be forced to reveal whether or not their stories match.


  42. No twitter os trolls proMcs já começaram a campanha ao aproveitarem as 3 adolescentes raptadas há anos à porta de casa, nos USA.

    Parece que um dos raptores era próximo da família de uma das raparigas.

    Os 3 irmãos são latinos..... Isto será uma apetência para o circo McCann.

    Vamos ter muita animação com a afronta da viagem da kate e com este caso das 3 adolescentes, agora já com mais idade.

    Ainda irão inventar uma M. de 20 e tal anos e com uma filha nos braços?

    Porque as amostras do ADN foram destruídas em Birmingham e o FSS acabou por fechar.

  43. GA in Lisbon in a TV today to comment on cases of crime analysis. Dramas .......

    And i am thinking: will be true K8 come really to Portugal ? In Portuguese press nothing yet. Only Mirror says she come. I don´t see more.

    Will be a private meeting with ID? To sign anything? But, if true, she come alone....... So.........


    “(CNN) -- Amanda Berry was last seen after finishing her shift at a Burger King in Cleveland in 2003. It was the eve of her 17th birthday.

    Georgina "Gina" DeJesus disappeared nearly a year later, in April 2004. She was 14.

    Michele Knight vanished in 2002, at age 19, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper.

    All three were found alive in a home in a Cleveland neighborhood Monday night, police announced in a development hailed as a miracle by their families.”

    "Help me, I am Amanda Berry," Berry told police in a frantic 911 call from a neighbor's house. "I've been kidnapped, and I've been missing for 10 years. And I'm here, I'm free now."

    Police swiftly moved in on the house where the three women said they had been and later arrested a 52-year-old man, identified as a former school bus driver. Two others, identified as his brothers, ages 50 and 54, also have been arrested, Deputy Police Chief Ed Tomba told reporters late Monday. Police believe only the middle brother lived at the home, he said.

    The men are being held in the city jail awaiting charges. An FBI team is collecting evidence in the house.”

    First of all, any safe return home of a human being is a joyous occasion that should be celebrated intensely. May these three girls have the capability to overcome the horrendous piece of life that was taken from them.

    Unfortunately, as expected, the Black Hats have wrongfully jumped on the bandwagon of this rightfully happy event.

    Even going as far as accusing "McCann Haters" of blaming the victims for what happened.

    It completely baffles one's mind how can anyone think anyone could possibly blame the victims, but that's how these people's minds seem to work.

    We won’t go into comparisons of what can’t be compared (age and circumstances of disappearance) between this case and that of Maddie. Or the fact that Maddie is not missing. She wasn’t ever, not even for a single minute, missing.

    But let’s compare what is comparable. Now the authorities are able to reconstruct, CONSISTENTLY, all that happened. They have made arrests and those accountable will have to explain, in detail and in cohesive manner, what they did, when they did, how they did and why they did what they did.

    If they were scapegoats, they wouldn’t be able to answer with precision to any of those questions.

    Amanda Berry, Georgina "Gina" DeJesus and Michele Knight should make the Black Hats bow their heads in shame.


    The Maddie farce has not only diverted resources that could be used to find these REAL victims as it has also taken some of the seriousness this subject deserves.

    The authorities need to focus on REAL victims and not on a case that everyone that matters knows what happened to Maddie.

  45. Thanks for the comment 44, Text.

    A link nightmare and no worry about some People

  46. A notícia é do jornal britânico The Mirror.

    A mãe de Maddie voltou na segunda-feira à praia do Algarve porque «se sente mais próxima da filha» no local onde a viu pela última vez.

  47. Correio da Manha has an article saying Kate Mccann is back to PDL, alone, because she " feel more close to Madeleine there". God knows why she feels more close to her daughter there. Can't be because she believes she was abducted by somebody who drove her around to places so far as NZ, Brazil or India. Pj must follow her steps or the steps of who his close to her. It is a common sense that "criminals" always come back to the crime scene.

  48. Bola e C da M copiaram o Mirror. E, são alinhados.......
    Resta saber se é mesmo verdade ou vingança de UK contra o expresso do James.

  49. Bem , eu não sei o que pensar da cópia feita quer pelo C da M, quer pela Bola. Ambos são muito próximos da PJ. Este é um 1º pensamento.

    Depois, até agora não há provas da estadia dela por cá -2º

    Depois, até que ponto o Mirror não retaliou ao Express do James?- Propõe uma reconstrução mas nós vamos " enviar " a embaixadora, nem que seja para ela cumprir a promessa de bater no Robert- 3º

    4º- não sei o que pensar e deduzir de tudo isto. Ainda não consegui perceber.

    Maio, doce Maio...... Junho...... Julho....... Verão quente ou, não?

  50. Visto neste momento. Parece uma "actualização " do motivo da vinda dela

    "A mãe de Maddie já visitou na manhã desta terça-feira o resort na Praia da Luz, em Lagos,……… Kate McCann terá chegado ao Algarve ontem e, ao que tudo indica, deverá regressar a Inglaterra amanhã.

    Mãe de Madeleine McCann já visitou apartamento de onde desapareceu a menina.

    Manhas do C da M ou reconstrução ?

  51. Bem, esta senhora prima pelas escolhas mórbidas. Qual é a mãe que visita o local onde a filha desapareceu na data em que desapareceu? Só mesmo Kate Mccann.
    Se fosse eu, detestaria aquele lugar e nunca mais lá quereria voltar. A não ser que algo me prendesse ali... e não poderia ser uma simples memória. De certeza que Rothley estará cheia de mais memórias e de memórias mais felizes do que a PDL, então porque voltar ao lugar da tortura onde o pesadelo aconteceu?
    Partilho a opinião dos que acreditam que Maddie nunca deixou o Algarve e está algures próximo da PDL. Há um remorso e não uma memória que a faz voltar. Há uma espécie de caminho interrompido, de percurso inacabado, de viagem infindável que cola Kate à PDL para o resto da sua vida.... a filha a quem decidiram não dar o " eterno repouso". É possivel conviver anos com isto mas não é possivel viver uma vida inteira à sombra disto.
    Acredito que um dia Kate terá a coragem de assumir a verdade para libertar as grades que a prendem dentro dela mesma. Não há pior prisão do que aquela que a mentira impõe.


    Is that Susan Hubbard in the photo with Kate in Luz? Whow! They really must be the best of friends for Mrs. Hubbard to come all the way from Canada to "pray" with Kate in PDL...unlike any of the Tapas "friends" who seem to have vanished from the radar!


    They just can't resist it, can they...?
    I was wondering when/how they would connect this to Madeleine's case...anything goes!
    The day will come when we'll see the McCmedia use some news of a missing pet reunited with its owners as an example of hope for Madeleine's safe return...

  54. I had a quick look on portuguese on- line papers, not very deep to be honest, but 2 main facts shine at my eyes:

    - Most of the papers did not pick " Kate trip to PDL". She become irrelevant. Her trip become irrelevant. One more to add to the circus that is not selling papers anymore and not a good plot to figure in any front page.

    -CM, pick the trip to highlight "KATE ALONE". "Kate viaja sózinha", "Kate reza sózinha", "Kate ficou em casa de uma amiga estrangeira". Was it S Hubbard or a new substitute? Where is the Anglican priest who was so kind and so helpfull to a ??devoted Catholic??. He didn't light a candle or pray for Madeleine that time?
    Well, "ALONE", must be the message CM wants to pass to the portuguese public.
    If she is alone, why Gerry gave up?
    - Book damages
    -Tired of so many lies
    - Starting another vitimization game, because I believe in Portugal, GA will be not a easy guy to stay quite and out of the Court room.

  55. Good day!

    52: If is Mrs Hubbard so she is the only friend....... To me, the Tapas are no more friends of her. If they could they will disappeared .

    53: good idea ! When a missing pet can be reunited with the owner i will use this. Was a very nice idea to do that.

    And IF the photo is from today or yesterday we have, like always, a very smiling woman. Very sad so much joy .

  56. Perhaps Kate had a word with unhelpful Murat in regard to his piece in the Express when she flew to Portugal.

  57. Just to now, no proofs she was in Algarve. The photo can be an old photo.

    The PT press spread the Uk news and continues to promote the version of MCs, even no more front page. A TVI vídeo...... none image about saint K8. And promoting her.....

    This is a nightmare !

  58. "Pais de Maddie esperançados com caso de Cleveland"
    In DN

    Já tardava. Dificil não fazerem um "aproveitamentozinho" das desgraças dos outros.
    Estas desapareceram da rua. Simplesmente não chegaram a casa, como os tipicos casos de rapto. Ninguém as levou de um quarto através de uma janela, e o peso e a idade são irrelevantes para a janela porque tão impossivel é passar através dela com uma criança de 4 anos como com uma adolescente.
    Mas afinal a Kate estava na PDL a rezar pela filha ou estava na campanha de auto-propaganda a colar-se ao caso de Cleveland?
    A ironia, é que a policia que investigou o caso dos USA, que parece ter muito para explicar, não recebeu nenhuma critica do casalinho. Este mesmo casalinho que quando quer atirar areia para os olhos dos seus compatriotas, vem com retratos robot da filha feitos pelos super-policias das terras do tio Sam. Afinal a policia tida como modelo, parece as vezes cometer erros de palmatória. Mas isto são detalhes que não convêm aos " business Mccannianos".
    A noticia que se segue, será a dos 3 sequestradores, ou pelo menos um deles, no Algarve em Maio de 2007. Estão safas as tiragens dos tabloides ingleses por uns dias.

  59. Precipitaram-se, os Mccann, ao colarem o seu caso ao de Cleveland. Ups.... Os sequestradores eram amigos dos pais das vitimas e a filha de Ariel Castro era amiga de Gina( uma das vitimas) e terá sido a ultima pessoa a vê-la antes do desaparecimento.
    Para Gerry e Kate, só servem raptores estranhos à familia ou empregados do Resort.
    Só não percebo porque têm cravos vermelhos na foto do DN. Agora também se comemora a revolução dos cravos nos UK?

  60. E, parece que a filha de ariel está na prisão por ter cortado a garganta ao filho de 11 meses. Felizmente a criança sobreviveu.

    De qualquer modo , acho que é no D. Fail que vem tudo isso .

    Quanto aos cravos vermelhos TALVEZ eu possa dizer alguma coisa:

    eu reconheci uma mulher no dia do lançamento do livro "Vidas sem defesa"

    Pareceu-me uma mulher obcecada e com problemas que tentou dialogar e explicar ....... o que nós sabemos. Reconheci-a dos vídeos que vi de 2010. Uma pessoa talvez com muitos problemas e que se agarra como uma carraça.

    A ironia é que ela, em 2010, à saída do Tribunal entregou ou amigas dela entregaram , os cravos vermelhos, símbolos da ditadura e repressão. Os tolos aceitaram sem perceberem a " mensagem" . Quem desdenhou foi o Salvador da Lifting C.

    Daí que a K8 diga que estiveram apenas mulheres idosas lá. O que e mentira.

    Não fui mas sei. Estavam Pessoas dos 30 aos 40 anos, que conheço pessoalmente.

  61. Kidnap suspect's daughter jailed for 25 years for attempted murder of her 11-month-old baby

    Read more:

  62. If Murat can ask for a reconstruction.... why can't the parents ask for one?

  63. I was always suspicious of the Hubbards, the previous priest left in a hurry he stated something along the lines that he had been taken in my the Mccanns (as many of us were!) and then the Hubbards appeared. Considering all that is happening in our media with celebrities and sex scandals and cover ups being exposed I no longer trust or believe the Hubbards no doubt they also will go down in history.
    Years ago I remember a poster stating about Gerry collecting the collection boxes left around pdl in hotels for madeleine (the ones that boosted the mccanns private bank accounts) and if they were empty or not very full he was very annoyed!!! Its things like that we never forget and the wallet incident - all lies and considering how the mccanns have treated the people of pdl who helped them and believed their lies, or how gerry sucked on a lollipop and joked about football results whilst being interviewed by the pj or how the couple laughed as they left the church on maddies birthday, or how gerry laughed on the balcony of their apartment unaware that he was being filmed, or the TV interview when he thought the filming was over(still freely available on youtube) and the cold behaviour of the mccanns employing clarence mitchell and carter ruck setting up a fund that has no transparency, selling rubbish on-line, all the scripted tv interviews, mccanns know so much more about the 3rd than they tell us. Kate in full make up and earrings on their first interview outside 5a she could not even bare to look at the camera. The problem was they invited the media into their ficticious abductor farce and immediately the public's imagination was captured by the stories fed to the media by mccann & co it gave the mccanns the time to set up the fund to pay for expensive CR and set the wheels in motion to manipulate the media via clarence mitchell, its all history now and we are all wiser with hindsight but the lies of the mccanns continue when will they be brought to justice? The mccanns will go down in history as two most evil and manipulative people on this earth who never once searched for their daughter but spend 6 years and more searching for more easy money!!! They are a disgrace and so are their weak, weak friends who should be ashamed to be part of this sick mccann money making saga but that is their legacy and one day their families will feel their guilt when all their lies are made public as they will be. God will always repay those especially when they least expect it!!

  64. us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    The above link is really interesting somebody is putting pressure on the tapas friends. It concerns their intercepted emails and that pj believed maddie was not abducted - drip by drip its all coming apart for mccann.

  65. 64: the link is from 2007. So?

    FIONA BARTON is one from The agony group

    Last updated at 11:12 09 August 2007

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  66. A mulher na foto é a

    Mrs McCann, accompanied by her mother Susan Healy,

    Resta saber se é de agora.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  67. that does not look like Susan Healy but the wife of vicar Hubbard. It has been reported Kate's mother is there, but elsewhere that Kate went alone from UK. All I know is these are interesting times.
    when checking photos of Healy family, I was struck by how very like her father Kate is.

  68. It seems that many people who speak English, whatever their country is helping the fictional campaign of mccann.
    Like i said , a perfect nightmare .

    Is too much. So many people without shame.

  69. 67: seems the hubbard´s wife, yes.

    D. Fail of course.... what a m.......

  70. 60,
    Então quer dizer que a foto do DN não é atual? Foi tirada quando o casal esteve em Lisboa a tentar calar GA no tribunal da 7a Vara? E a sra dos cravos é uma pro que tanto está a apoia-los no tribunal como a contestar GA quando este lança o seu livro? Muito empenho para uma simples simpatizante num país em crise. Quem lhe pagará tanta dedicação?
    Eu não acredito que a Kate tenha vindo à PDL. Se tivesse vindo, a RTP, que nos últimos tempos tem sido a vergonha dos contribuintes, não deixava passar esta viagem e a Sandra Felgueiras nåo perdia a oportunidade de queimar mais um pouco de Portugal com uns minutos do seu " 6a às 9" dedicado à mãe " mais infeliz e vitima, do mundo".
    O artigo do " the Mirror" parece-me encomendado pelo casal para contrapor o de Murat. Um dia, vai ter de começar a guerra entre os que viveram o 3 de Maio de 2007.

  71. 70:

    uma pro quê? Dos Mcs não é de certeza. E a contestar GA muito menos.

    A mensagem entregue aos Mcs através da entrega dos cravos foi uma maneira muito delicada de lhes dizer que eles eram contra a VERDADE do caso Madeleine, pois o que eles procuram a todo o custo é silenciar quem fala e tenta contar a verdade dos factos.

    De certeza que ninguém lhe paga nada.

    A foto do DN é de 2010.

    A Sandra está muito prenha.

    Mirror com James e Murat, mãe e filho= encomenda proMc para lançar a confusão.

    E Mirror, tão proMc com notícias da K8 vai tudo dar ao mesmo.

    Mais o D. Fail também tão proMc.

    E, não acho que o 60 esteja confusamente escrito. Apenas poderá estar para quem não acompanha os acontecimentos.

    70: se me conhece, entre em contacto pessoal comigo.

    Acho que está deliberadamente a criar confusão.

  72. 60, 71,
    Peço desculpa se as minhas questões criaram confusão. Essa não foi a minha intenção e muito menos deliberadamente. São dúvidas genuinas de alguém que vive fora de Portugal e vai acompanhando o caso de forma interrupta. De facto pensei que a sra dos cravos fosse Pro Mccann ( infelizmente também os há em Portugal) e que os cravos fossem um simbolo de apoio ao casal, daí o meu comentário. Afinal parece que foi o contrário, e aí tiro o chapéu à sra porque foi de uma perspicácia e oportunidade " maravilhosas".
    Obrigado pela sugestão de contacto, mas nao a (o) conheço e também acho que as questões não são relevantes para ter de importunar alguém.
    Acho que o que os pro ( Mccann's) tabloides ingleses continuam empenhados em lançar confusão e alguns jornais portugueses pegam nesse lixo para fazer jornalismo de encher chouriços.
    Continua o meu cepticismo em relação à Kate ter ido à PDL este ano. Ela deve saber que não é bem vinda. Não tem coragem para aparecer por lá, muito menos sózinha.
    Peço desculpa pela confusão, mas é dela que nasce a luz.

  73. 72: muito obrigado pela resposta.

    Quanto ao contacto , eu pensei que seria algum/a amiga pessoal Daí ter pedido que entrasse pessoalmente em contacto. Mas, não sendo eu sinto alívio pela Sua resposta já que foi esclarecido.

    Muito obrigado.

  74. That lady with Kate in Luz (article in the Daily Mail) cannot be her mother Susan Healy! No way!...unless she did a "nose job" that went terribly wrong, lol!!!
    That's Mrs. Hubbard, the vicar's wife. The article says Kate stayed at a friend's house, maybe that means the Hubbards still have a house in Luz, despite not living there any more, not permanently, I mean. In my opinion, the coming of the Hubbards to Luz in 2007 was not an innocent coincidence, they were placed there to serve a purpose, and this "return" of Mrs Hubbard all the way from Canada to support Kate and maybe to lodge her only makes my suspicions stronger, Canada it's not around the corner from Portugal, is it? No relatives or friends from the UK came to support Kate in her "pilgrimage", but Mrs. Hubbard, the wife of an ANGLICAN vicar, left her home, husband and children to keep company to a CATHOLIC woman she only knows for 6 years now...?


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