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A Relevant and Known Fleet Street Story?


Neil Wallis was informed in February 2013 that he was not being charged with any offences in relation to the phone hacking investigation.

Wallis previously had a contract to provide  Scotland Yard with "communication, advice and support"

We don't know what the unravelling saga in the middle of the Leveson Inquiry relates to.

What we do know is that when Leveson was set up, it was said that its recommendations should pass "The McCann Test", whatever that might be.

We can also assume that mainstream media cannot be relied upon to publish important and relevant disclosures.

Steve Hewlett interviews Neil Wallis on Radio 4 - 12.7.12

Steve Hewlett (SH) - It was 168 years old, Britain’s biggest selling newspaper and the cornerstone of Rupert Murdoch’s media business in the UK, but almost exactly a year ago, engulfed by the phone hacking scandal of its own making and amidst the unmistakeable whiff of corporate cover-up and corruption, the company abruptly closed it and the rest, as they say, is history.

200 people lost their jobs, scores have been arrested, with most still waiting to find out if they will face criminal charges and the government set up the Leveson Inquiry. But is Britain better off without its regular News of the Screws, as it used to be known?

Neil Wallis has a long career in tabloid newspapers, culminating in a spell as deputy editor of The News of the World.

I spoke to him a little earlier today and I should just make it clear he is currently on police bail as part of the phone hacking investigation, which explains why we couldn’t discuss any of these matters in detail.

I started by asking him if the NoW could have stayed open.

Neil Wallis (NH) - I think it would have been very bumpy and I think it would have taken a man of Rupert Murdoch’s deep pockets and determination, but the wrong suggestion that the voice mails had been deleted was beyond the pale and I think that they panicked.

SH - He has said since, just not long ago, that he wished he’d closed it sooner.

NH - Yes, I was disappointed that he said that and I was disappointed on hundreds of newspaper people who lost their jobs and whose careers had been wrapped up in it and I don’t believe he really meant it.

SH - Do you think we’ve missed it?

NH - Enormously. There is a huge human cost, which is that 200 terrific journalists lost their jobs and a great institution closed down and, yes, I absolutely understand that there have been issues that have tarnished the name of NoW, but let’s remember, that NoW is.... was nearly 200 years old. NoW was breaking enormous stories and setting the agenda and changing governments, long before the invention of the mobile phone.

SH - You say that, but most people’s recollections of NoW was, you know, vicars, knickers and what you might call tittle-tattle and a guilty pleasure at best maybe, but not, generally speaking, what you might call important stuff.

NH - That might be a Radio 4 interpretation of the memory, with respect to you Steve and it might be the chattering classes and the Whitehall village, but that’s you not understanding what the Great British Public are and what they like and the great skill, not only of NoW, which was the past master of it, but also the tabloid industry, which has been so damaged in the past year, actually understand them more than they care about what you think.

SH - So what do you think Britain has lost then?

NH - It’s going to do incalculable damage to every part of journalism in this country, unless you’re the BBC which is paid for by everybody else.

SH - Why is all journalism damaged? You could take the opposite view and say, well, as a result of NoW you could say…

NH - You could say but I wouldn’t agree with it...

SH - We have the Leveson Inquiry and finally, finally, the press’s dirty secrets are being turned over, aired and maybe some good will come..

NH - I can hear that view and it’s a view that is proposed primarily by the BBC, The Guardian, whose sales are plunging towards £200 thousand.. currently losing in the region of £50 million a year... The Independent, which loses a fortune. And the Great British Public don’t give a damn about what those people think.

SH - All I’m saying is what NoW and other newspapers have done on occasion, some of what they have done may be wholly laudable and very good, other things they have done weren’t very good and Leveson has at least exposed it.

NH - I think the British public has a pretty good idea of what they were buying into and what they bought. I think that there’s a number of things that have come out in Leveson I have sat there and winced at, without question, but any lawyer who has managed to pass his exams will tell you that single incidents don’t make good law. And I have no doubt at all, as my former colleague Neville Thurlbeck wrote in a blog the other day, that since the demise of NoW and since the Leveson law, came into effect, because that’s what we already have.. .

SH - You mean because people are reacting to the fact the Leveson exists?

NH - Newspapers are terrified of running stories

SH - So you think that the Leveson Inquiry in and of itself has what they describe as a chilling effect?

NH - What Michael Gove said is absolutely true. I know of at least three instances of astonishing stories which are widely known around Fleet Street that ought to have been aired, which haven’t been aired because newspapers are too scared of Leveson. I know a columnist who at least three times has had items removed from their column because they were asking questions to do with the Leveson Inquiry and the issues it raised and all of these issues..

SH - So, even stories critical of Leveson himself and his Inquiry are being pulled, you say?

NH - Absolutely they are. There’s an absolute classic Fleet Street story right in the middle of the Leveson Inquiry. Everyone knows about it, nobody is writing. It’s relevant to know how the whole saga has unravelled and let me say this...

SH - You don’t want to tell us what it is, I suppose?

NH - No, I don’t.


  1. Bom dia.

    Nem sei o que diga!

    Se o desemprego aconteceu no NoW , os restantes que aqui são mencionados são todos muito pro Mcs. Falo do Guardian e da BBC mais do D.Fail.

    Andam a cultivar o pessoal , induzindo-os apenas a comprar lixo.

    Li à pressa.

    E NH foi interrompido, não fosse ele explicar o que SH não queria.

    Andam todos com medo da english gag.

  2. Of course Fleet Street knows about Maddie's DEATH and whole hypocrisy around it.
    Of course all the Portuguese Media knows about Maddie's DEATH and whole hypocrisy around it.
    Of course all UK knows about Maddie's DEATH and whole hypocrisy around it.
    Of course all Portugal knows about Maddie's DEATH and whole hypocrisy around it.
    Of course the world knows about Maddie's DEATH and whole hypocrisy around it.
    Of course everyone knows the interests involved around Maddie's DEATH and whole hypocrisy around it.
    Everyone, except blogs, are quiet about it but everyone knows.

  3. What is Wallis complaining about? Didn't he and NoW contribute to the making up of this story?

  4. Anon @ 2 quite agree with you of course the press know the Mccanns are involved in Maddies disappearance but they are silenced or threatened with litigation. A few years ago I recall reading about a famous footballer who numerous affairs of course he denied it and threatened legal action against the press if they dare to print anything unfavourable journalists and his wife knew about his extra marital affairs but to protect his brand his affairs were kept out of the papers he wanted the image of a happy family man.The Mccanns are the same they want to silence the internet and call us trolls for not agreeing with their pack of lies. The very few supporters that they have I find are abusive and foul mouthed on the internet but the mccanns never comment about that issue. Through her book Kate has shown her true self vile, scheming and self serving akin to her supporters.

  5. What we need is a press that is not run be powerful rich men that hide behind PR and lawyers to protect their images.
    Fair investigative journalism that cannot be bought or silenced, some of those that backed Leveson want events in their lives that they are not proud of never to be reported on they cite press intrusion yet at the same time court the media when it suits them, double standards. They are the corrupt within our society attempting to control what is or is not written. Editors should not fear these people because they are all tomorrows big news stories whether they like it or not!

  6. with "googlês"!

    I do not have enough knowledge for me to analyze and comment on the power of the Press.

    But the power of the press has social and economic powers to try to change attitudes.

    I am in total agreement with the comment 2.

    On April 18 this year "celebrity" in: (ITV)

    K8 have a bag and it says : "I´m nuts about recycling" 18 April 2013

    So is also the D. M. from yesterday follows K8 : "I´m nuts about recycling" with news from 2008.

    The power behind the couple is still very scared, and the couple made the favor of silencing some tabloids. But silence only what they want hidden. Because the press remains with MCs.

    Even if it is by force. Or ........ learned from the couple to "recycle" the lies, slanders and make money as well.

    The McCann Test under oath more Leveson Inquiry ridicules and makes to low level of population Uk.

  7. E, isto?

    Clifford has likened the case to the McCanns.


    Max Clifford charged with 11 indecent assaults

  8. Speaking to Sky News Online, public relations consultant Max Clifford questioned the timing of the Prime Minister's announcement, coming in the same week as the child's parents launched Kate McCann's new book.

    7:27pm UK, Friday 13 May 2011

    Mr Clifford also suggested other families with missing children will now be wondering what the PM can do for them.

    Algo se passa no Reino de Sua Majestade.

    Não é a 1ª vez que é preso .

    E há posts aqui neste blog acerca dele.

  9. When this Mccann mystery is finally solved, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Kate and Gerry are involved in Operation Yewtree. The sniffer dogs used in the Mccann apartment were also the same dogs used in the Jersey childrens home cover-up. Max Clifford guru to the stars and Robert Murat (before they fell out) has been charged with sex offences today in connection with Operation Yewtree the Gaspars statements were held back from the Portuguese police until after Amaral was removed once Gordon Brown became involved. The Mccanns must have some info on people in high places, why else would they get such special treatment two average doctors (Kate worked just 2 days a week) even with the fund could not afford the ongoing services of a company such as Carter Ruck who is paying CR certainly not the Mccanns. Gerry's involvement with Leveson silencing the press. Somehow in the middle of Operation Yewtree and its sordid secrets are Kate and Gerry and their friends and piece by piece its all coming apart.

  10. Is this Fleet Street reference about the Mc Canns and new information, or information that was already there pre-Leveson? But now, with new restrictions in place (or threatened) its impossible or too dangerous to mention? Either way, it's a cesspool.


    Tex, you've always had the pulse on these people...

  12. Fleet Street:
    Fleet Street is a street in the City of London named after the River Fleet, London's largest underground river. It was the home of British national newspapers until the 1980s. Even though the last major British news office, Reuters, left in 2005, the term Fleet Street continues to be used as a metonym for the British national press.

    Good day to all.

    Now i will begin the day searching for the news........

  13. Anon #9,

    Thank you for your comment. We are in no way suggesting the McCanns are involved in any activities connected to Yewtree.

    This is investigating people for sex offences, either connected to Savile or other strands.

  14. “It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Mark Twain

  15. Anon #14,

    Thank you for that quote! So appropriate!

    Will put up on the blog's front page.


    Esta é de hoje. Não percebo Se vai ficar mais RICO

  18. #9 and #11,

    "Leicestershire Police Force"

    From: DC443 J.N. HUGHES
    To: SIO, Operation Task
    Department: Main Crime Unit
    Date: 16th May 2008
    Subject: Background Information- Gerald McCANN

    "A search of the local section of the child abuse shows a registration number 19309 in the CATS system. A consultation with the DC Soand from the department in question confirms that this is just a file reference, but as a complement to Operation Task system for the purpose of reference."

    Why would Gerry McCann have a registration number in the local section of the child abuse files?! Why would it have been created, even if it is explained as being a "file reference" and a "complement" to Operation Task...?!
    Is it commom practice in every case of missing children to create registration numbers and files of the parent(s) in the child abuse section of the local police...?
    Could this have any connection with the Gaspars statements?

  19. The 2006 link from guardian seems interesting, written by a young Carole Cadwalladr about the PR Guru MC.

    Rob. M have think better and not want Max C? Or... what?

    "18/07/2008 – Max Clifford has written a letter to PRWeek expressing his disappointment in the actions of Robert Murat....... "

  20. Anon #18,

    First let me compliment in your resilience and persistence in your attempts in recycling Maddie-clutter.

    I don’t know if “recycle” is the adequate word.

    Recycling trash is a endeavour filled with good intent and should thus be encouraged and nourished.

    On the contrary, the recycling of Maddie-clutter is far from being good intentioned, innocent or naive as we both know.

    One thing we’re certain and that is Humanity has rarely seen a case with so much clutter. So much so that we had to grade clutter.

    There’s the “first-grade” clutter, such as the Tapas dinners (and respective Big Round Table) and Mrs Fenn, just to name two among the many we’ve already debunked.

    To this kind of clutter, as you know, we’ve dedicated some time and effort. As said, it’s much we’ve debunked and there’s still as much to be debunked.

    There’s the “second-grade” clutter. We won’t identify any at this point in time as we’ve still to look adequately at them. They’re interesting but their relevance has relegated them to a more opportunistic time in the future.

    Then there’s the “trash-clutter” or the kind that, although absurd and senseless, does instigate our most basic instincts, basic fears and basic hatreds thus being highly effective.

    Among these, as we have time and time again alerted, is the alleged omnipresence of paedophilia, free-masonry and scientific experimentation in the Maddie Affair.

    Gerry’s registration in CATS is an example. As are the Gaspar’s statements that you, by coincidence, also refer.

    Why does Dr. McCann have that specific registration? We don’t know and, honestly, we don’t care. An “Establishment” that is able to produce a LEGITIMATE archiving dispatch and is able to ward off the most logical action on the part of the Social Services in accordance with the “OFFICIAL Truth” is obviously able to produce a LEGITIMATE and OFFICIAL document that serves their intent, whatever it may have been and which, as said, in this particular detail at this particular time, couldn’t care less.

    We say we “couldn’t care less” because from what we've been able to determine up to now we simply can’t find any relevance to this. However if it turns out to be significant, then we'll change our minds, although we don't think that will happen.

    We’re ABSOLUTELY convinced that there was NO paedophiliac misdoing relative to the Maddie Affair. The Gaspar statements, as much the basis to the Maddie’s-paedophilia-connection as Mrs Fenn is to Maddie’s-negligence-connection, are quite easily debunked.

    CATS registration covers different categories of child abuse if I remember from researching it. Not all areas or police forces used it..

    CATS, as far as we know, is opened in any case of child abuse or if a partner agency, like social services asks for it to be opened.

    If Maddie was said to have been taken by a paedophile, a registration may have been set up, to record or check details if and when that person was apprehended.

    Abuse could also relate to physical abuse of other kinds.

    Maybe they were open to the possibility that the parents could have been a risk to Maddie, but the fact the file is empty suggests nothing was found.

    If the question the PJ asked Kate was based on some information they had about a request to a relative to take over the care of Maddie, this could also have been a reason to set up a registration number. We’re sure this question, which she refused to answer, was asked for a reason. Like a good lawyer, you never ask a question like that unless you already know the answer.

    If you want a reason for Gerry’s CAT system registration we would venture the hypothesis that it was the exact same reason why Dr Payne had to put up with the stigma of being perceived as a paedophiliac and that was that they were both told to put up with whatever the Decider BHs decided they had to put up with.

    To finish, let me tell you that our recognition of your persistence in the attempt of filling the blog with “trash-clutter” is not a compliment as might be perceived but rather an highlight of how telling it is.

  21. upssssssssss the Mirror and the pressure:

    A terror sympathiser PHOTO medium

    And Lord Justice Leveson BIG,big photo.....

    from today

  22. Tabloids on the attack. This was from last 28April:

  23. I see a comment about Leveson reducing the sentence of a terrorist.
    Reading the piece, he may have a good legal reason, but it shows newspapers are now gunning for him. Their fear seems to have been replaced by derision. Why has their fear so suddenly diminished?

  24. Anon 22, maybe because they're winning the war? Kate's latest pics, just before the marathon, showed and refreshed and carefree woman. My opinion is that Cameron has backed down. After all he will only be a PM for the next few years and there's a whole future ahead that he has to protect.

  25. Deny, deny, deny. Always deny. Even if its ridiculous to do so.

  26. Sounds good to respond firmly to some . The work of this team, this blog can not be destroyed. Your work is unique.

    Good afternoon

  27. Sounds good to respond firmly to some . The work of this team, this blog can not be destroyed. Your work is unique.

    Good afternoon

  28. Seems , really, the press is complaining about LL even the terror man appears ugly and LL appears with pomp and circumstance.

    I can think the "press" says to LL that he can say nothing because the image is almost a picture..... from a museum.

    Press is a big power with a lot of money and they don´t want loose more sells .
    Economics, Press and power, the main emphases that prevail ..... in empires. Whatever they are.

  29. You're sadly mistaken if you think wallis is referring to the McCanns,he said only yesterday on twitter that he has always had alot of sympathy for them.The truth of Maddies disappearance will never be brought to light.

  30. If NW said to feel sympathy to couple Mc is because he only knows what UK press publish. Or, he knows M. is no more with us .


    Far from being a malign influence, Rupert Murdoch has helped to transform Britain

  32. Lá está. Gostos diferentes; interesses e não é só o desemprego dos jornalistas pois há que deseducar as pessoas e leva-las a pensar o que os lobbies querem.

    Para amenizar tanta afronta e, tanta diferença que nos leva aos seres normais a um estado de impotência......

    Do Cabaret, a Lizza Minelli e Joel Gray " Money"

    It's a desperation. They are always safe

    Good night

  33. Your transcript was timely!
    Steve Hewlett is doing a TV programme about Murdoch on channel 4 at this moment and there was an article by him in the Observer today.

  34. Steve Hewlett tells the story of Rupert Murdoch's 40-year battle with

    In the wake of the phone-hacking scandal, Rupert Murdoch has been accused
    of corrupting British media and contaminating politics. Yet the caricature
    image of him as the 'Dirty Digger', the sinister head of a global media
    empire, in fact obscures deeper, more significant truths - not least about
    Britain itself.

    Rupert Murdoch can be seen as an agent of change, a revolutionary almost,
    who has been a vital part of the transformation of Britain over the last 45
    years. He rode the wave of social change that swept a gloomy postwar
    country into the modern world and his ability to understand what people
    wanted and give it to them made him rich and powerful. Yet his part in this
    cultural, political and industrial revolution also brought Rupert Murdoch
    into conflict with the establishment and vested interests in all their
    guises. It may even have ultimately cost him his life's ambition - to see
    the business he has built carried on inside the family by one of his
    children. Steve Hewlett tells the story of Rupert Murdoch's 40-year battle
    with Britain.

    Why Harry Evans endorsed Rupert Murdoch's Times takeover
    Share 4

    When looking back into history it is often amazing what turns up. No matter
    how much people may previously have trawled the past, a new piece of
    evidence is suddenly caught in the net.

    So it was with Steve Hewlett during the making of his TV documentary about
    the life of Rupert Murdoch, which will be shown tonight.*

    While inquiring into the controversy that has always surrounded Murdoch's
    acquisition of The Times and Sunday Times in 1981, he considered two

    Did the owner of The Sun and News of the World receive help from the then
    prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, to buy two more national newspapers? Did
    the Sunday Times's then editor, Harry Evans, really oppose Murdoch's


    He found no evidence of Thatcher's involvement. But, as Hewlett reveals in
    today's Observer, Evans did endorse Murdoch as the best of the bidders.

    Hewlett was interviewing Gordon Brunton, the Thomas Organisation executive
    who negotiated the sale of the papers, about Evans's role. As the leader of
    a consortium to buy the Sunday Times (but not The Times), Evans was part of
    the bidding process.

    But Brunton first surprised Hewlett by saying that Evans eventually backed
    Murdoch and then astonished him by producing a letter written by Evans to
    prove his case.

    That hand-written note, marked "personal and private" and dated 21 January
    1981, has never been revealed before. Here's the full text:

    Dear Gordon,

    We at the Sunday Times much prefer to be independent and regard the ST
    consortium as a viable proposition for that title. But it does not include
    The Times; and I've therefore taken soundings among my staff between the
    'corporate' bidders represented by the most frequently mentioned names.

    There's no doubt that Maxwell, Lonrho and Goldsmith are bottom, and
    therefore quite unacceptable.**


  35. (cont)

    Between Murdoch and Rothermere***, it is Murdoch [underlined] who is
    preferred by a wide margin. This is not a scientific poll, but I believe it
    represents opinion fairly - and between Murdoch and Rothermere I myself
    would choose Murdoch [underlined] for a variety of reasons (though as you
    know I believe systematic safeguards are required).

    This is for information and not for any public use. A number of important
    journalists here will no doubt want to explain their own views more fully
    than this brief indication of preferences between Rothermere and Murdoch.

    Yours, Harold

    It is a great find, no doubt about that. Hewlett has landed a scoop. But I
    feel - in fairness to Harry Evans - that it doesn't condemn him as a
    hypocrite, as some might be moved to believe on reading the letter. It
    requires context.

    In exploring this matter 10 years ago, when writing my press history, Press
    Gang, I also discovered that Evans had eventually supported Murdoch (though
    I never knew about the note to Brunton).

    I wrote that Evans final gave his consent only after his own consortium bid
    had failed, and continued:

    "Some of his journalists were upset that he did not try to thwart Murdoch
    and later accused him of bad faith. Hindsight can be cruel. Evans, who
    later acknowledged that his judgements made in that period were 'the worst
    in my professional career', sincerely believed he was choosing the least
    bad option then available." (p.332, paperback edition, 2004)

    I don't think anyone would disagree
    than Maxwell, Lonrho and Goldsmith.
    (£25m to Murdoch's £12m) but he was
    wouldn't provide an assurance about
    that was the deciding factor.

    And it is important to recognise that Murdoch stuck to his word. The Times
    has never turned a profit and he has accepted millions of pounds of losses
    over 32 years to continue publishing the title.

    *Rupert Murdoch - battle with Britain, BBC2, 9pm

    **Robert Maxwell, media tycoon, acquired the Mirror Group in 1984. Lonrho,
    a multi-national company controlled by Tiny Rowland, which acquired The
    Observer in February 1981. Jimmy Goldsmith, billionaire financier, owner of
    French weekly L'Express and publisher of short-lived British news magazine

    ***Vere Harmsworth, the third Viscount Rothermere, chairman of Associated
    Newspapers, publisher of the Daily Mail, and father of the current Lord

    Posted by
    Roy Greenslade
    Sunday 28 April 2013 11.18 BST

  36. Today begins the April Jones case.

    I'm very curious about the trial of the case April Jones.

    The person arrested denies kidnapping, murder and denies also be obstructing the course of the investigation.

    In this judgment there is no body, as we know.

    M. denies any involvement and obstruction to justice.

    About the case that happened in 2007:

    no body because ............

    who refused to help the Research ...................

    who has contaminated ..............

    who washed the 5A ...................

    who lied ...........

    who made contradictory statements or false ..............

  37. 29 April 2013 Last updated at 10:26 GMT

    April Jones case: Jury selection process in Mark Bridger trial starts

    The jury selection process in the trial of the man accused of murdering missing five-year-old April Jones has started at Mold Crown Court.

    Mark Bridger, 47, from Machynlleth, Powys, denies abducting and murdering April, and intending to pervert the course of justice.

    April went missing as she played with friends near her home in Machynlleth on 1 October and has never been found.

    Her disappearance sparked one of the largest police searches in UK history.

    Mr Bridger, wearing a short-sleeved blue shirt and tie, sat in court flanked by two prison officers.

    The trial is listed to last until the middle of June.


    April Jones murder: Jury to be sworn in ahead of trial of Mark Bridger

    29 Apr 2013 07:53

    Mark Bridger will go on trial at Mold Crown Court this week accused of the murder and abduction of missing five-year-old
    April Jones

    Mark Bridger, the man accused of killing five-year-old April Jones, will go on trial today.

    Cerebral palsy sufferer April went missing on October 1 last year while playing on her bike close to her home in Machynlleth, Powys.

    Bridger, 47, was arrested the following day.

    Despite a massive outpouring of public support which saw hundreds of people join specialist search teams in the hunt for April, her body has never been found.

    The search operation, led by Dyfed-Powys Police, was finally called off earlier this month.

    Bridger, of Ceinws, is charged with abducting and murdering April, and of unlawfully disposing of and concealing her body
    with intent to pervert the course of justice.

    He pleaded not guilty to the allegations on January 14 at Mold Crown Court.

    The trial, also at Mold, is expected to be occupied with legal matters and jury selection today and is due to open later this week.

  39. Bom dia!

    Casos com Crianças também impressionam. Eu digo também porque qualquer caso infeliz seja com quem for é terrível.

    O corpo de Tia S. foi descoberto dentro de casa ao fim duma série de dias e, por causa dos cães.

    O corpo inexistente de M e de AJ .

    Nestes dois casos "ninguém obstruiu o decurso das Investigações ".

    Buscas intensas nestes dois casos: um, em Pt e, o outro em Uk.

    I am very curious also coment. 34!

  40. Good morning, Textusa

    I don´t know if this is of any interest at the moment but, when in doubt, is better to share.

    "Scotland Yard's Madeleine McCann quiz bill soars to £4.5m"


  41. Uns são filhos de........
    Outros são filhos de............

    22 April 2013 Last updated at 15:50 GMT

    Missing April Jones search ends, almost 7 months on Em Uk .

    Uma Criança não vai ser mais procurada.

    Outra está sempre a "aparecer" mas também não é procurada.

    UK tem leis diferentes para estes dois casos?

  42. Headline BBC news, North Wales child abuse investigation. Operation Pallial.

    Going back many years, 87 people involved. Cover up acknowledged. More to come.

    High profile people acknowledged to be involved in Wales care home abuses.

    It isn't anything to do with Mcs and in our concern about abuse and justice for victims, what we we don't want to do is link the Madeleine case to paedophilia (or with the non existent abductor or with the T9) but this does show things do emerge decades later.

    As we've said before, we're patient. Very patient. We do hope for a closure as soon as possible (and as we've said now would be the best timing for David Cameron) but will remain steadfastly ready for truth to be officially accepted only many years from now (if Cameron opts to continue to waste tax-payers funds on an "Alice-in-Wonderland" ridiculed pseudo-investigation).


    Some interesting comments and the amount of money spent on this case is an utter disgrace.

  44. IMO haute le grange, yewbridge, Levenson and Madeleine are all linked.

    The parallels between Amaral and Lenny Harper are uncanny.

  45. A solução encontrada para A. Parece ser uma copia do caso de R e de J. Misturado com EH.


    As iniciais de 5 crianças

  46. Anon #44,

    Isn’t it Yewtree and Fernbridge? Haven’t you amalgamated the two by saying “yewbridge”?

    And we also believe that it’s Haute La Garenne in Jersey and Operation Grange is SY Review thus you also have amalgamated both into your “haute le grange”.

    We don't think Maddie case is linked to the others mentioned. If you have any substantial evidence to that effect we would like to hear it.

    If it’s just a gut feeling, I’m afraid that it’s policy of the blog not to give those much credibility, even our own.

    There may be links between Jersey and other abuse scandals. The parallels between Lenny Harper being frustrated in his investigations in Jersey and Goncalo Amaral can be drawn in the way you suggest.

    What we know is that Leveson's recommendations were supposed to meet The McCann Test.

    We don't know exactly what the test is, but may be to make sure the press only publish what meets the approval of the McCanns, who made the front page of a newspaper very recently and presumably, met the test, as it was favourable.

  47. Textusa, I'm a reader from the US and have just discovered your blog. I wasn't much into Maddie after 2007 and while searching for something unrelated to the case I stumbled on your blog. Good that it happened as your posts are real eye openers!
    If what you say is true, and I confess that I'm amongst those who think you are, then we're before a scandal of a gigantic scale. No way the lid will cover this boiling pot forever.
    Remember all the hype generated when that man said he was the one who killed Jonbenet Ramsey? It will have been nothing compared with when this case pops right open.
    Hope your work will have the rightful recognition it deserves!

  48. Anon #47,

    Thank you for such kind words. In fact, I've noticed a growing number of readers coming from the US (blogger dixit).

    The United States is currently the 3rd Country with the most visits (40K) following closely Portugal (43K).

  49. Bom dia!

    Ontem deixei aqui um coment apenas com iniciais.....

    O caso de April, sem corpo:

    parece-me que a solução foi uma cópia e colagem do caso bréton que incinerou os corpos dos filhos..... E também misturado com ossos encontrados nas cinzas. Pode ser a combinação da Elm House com bréton.

  50. Many thanks Text!

    with "googlês" can be like that:

    "Good morning!

    Yesterday I left here one coment only initials .....

    The case of April without body:

    seems to me that the solution was a copy and paste of the Breton case that incinerated the bodies of the children ..... Also mixed with bones found in the ashes. It may be the combination of Elm House with Breton."

  51. There is one link Op Yewtree and Op Grange. That's Hamish Campbell who is now temporarily in charge of Yewtree after Peter Spindler's departure.
    Campbell also in charge of Dando murder inquiry.

  52. Anon #51,

    Thank you for your comment. It made us look again at the info. We recommend the reading of our Friends Reunited post!


    CORONATION Street star Bill Roache has been arrested on suspicion of raping an underage girl.

    The veteran actor — Ken Barlow in the ITV soap — was held at his home in Wilmslow, Cheshire, this morning.

    Roache, 81, will be quizzed by detectives over an allegation he raped an underage girl in Lancashire in 1967.

  54. So today we had a session:

    appeal to the formation of vigilantes;
    appeal to the complaint, denunciation;
    appeal to sightings;
    appeal to bother any girl like M.
    appeal sub liminal and free advertising for the purchase the book;

    It seems that David C. Today was also the same program.
    This meeting seems to lead to the truth falsified.

    A troll very well known and old enough to be grandmother put a social network that only the killer knows the truth.

    This couple is so fantastic the lies and fantasy that I'm afraid to think of what is coming.

  55. And if UK choose also to construct a case April/ Joana C. ?

    A lot of copy and paste.


    Madeleine McCann's Parents 'Closer' To Truth

    Kate and Gerry McCann Kate ask the public to remain vigilant as they
    talk to Sky News about adapting to life without Madeleine.

    Madeleine McCann's parents say a police review into their daughter’s
    disappearance is making “excellent progress” as they mark the sixth anniversary
    since she went missing.

    In an interview with Sky News, Kate and Gerry McCann asked the public to
    remain vigilant about possible sightings and talked about adapting to life
    without Madeleine.

    Madeleine was nearly four when she vanished from her family's holiday
    apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal on May 3, 2007 as her parents dined at
    a nearby tapas restaurant with friends.

    Friday will mark the six-year anniversary of her disappearance.

    "With the review the Met have been doing over the last two years I think we
    are closer to finding out what happened," Gerry McCann said.

    "But for Kate and I until we find Madeleine or the person responsible then
    we're still miles away."

    He also said of the review: "We certainly feel they're making excellent

    The couple, who will mark the anniversary with a service in their village, said
    although they struggle with various occasions, including Madeleine's birthday,
    they are coping with her absence.

    "It's a horrible, confusing, uncomfortable situation to be in. As time's gone on
    we've obviously got stronger and you do adapt to living in that situation," said

    She said their home is full of photos and other memories of Madeleine.

    "She should be here and we should celebrate with her but we still celebrate
    her and her being part of our lives."

    Gerry McCann said that seen from a distance his family is like any other. The
    couple, from Rothley, Leicestershire, also have twins.

    "Twins do everything that other eight-year-olds do, and they've been a
    tremendous source of pleasure and joy for us," he said.

    "They're so adaptable and it's a matter of fact to them that they've grown up
    with their older sister missing."

    The couple thanked the public for their "tremendous support", and urged
    people travelling abroad to keep vigilant about possible sightings
    of Madeleine.

    "Someone knows - not just the people involved in the crime. Other people will
    know as well, or will be strongly suspicious," said Kate.

    Her husband added: "The key message is - if someone thinks they've seen
    Madeleine, contact police straight away."

  57. Thank you Textusa from UK for your interesting and factual blog - you are fab xx Finally this case will be solved and I believe you are so close to the truth.


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