Friday, 10 May 2013

Bloody Hands, Silver Coins and Loud Silences

At the end of Mr Bennett’s trial we said that we would abstain from commenting until all was settled.

There was the question of how much Mr Bennett had to pay to be agreed upon between the parties.

It seems that an agreement has been reached. The Black Hats have agreed to take a substantial cut in the amount to be paid by Mr. Bennett in exchange for his silence on the issue for the rest of his life. Making him, as you know, the only person in the entire planet that can't speak about the case.

So now we’re free to comment and provide our opinion about what happened.

And what happened is that some people got their hands dirty with blood. Really, really dirty.

Before we gross you out, let us quickly explain that there are two kinds of blood. There’s the normal blood, the one that’s red in colour, flows in our veins and oxygenates our body, and then there’s the unjust blood.

The unjust blood, or blood of the innocent, has no definite shape, form, colour or texture. It may, as it happened with the unfortunate Maddie, be the same as normal blood but is usually completely diverse from it.

In the case of Mr Bennett the unjust blood took the shape of silver coins and a violently forced silence.

I’m speaking directly to all those who took upon their hands to engage on a crusade to right the wrong they witnessed, either directly or by indirect party, that happened in PdL: the completely unaccountable death of Madeleine McCann.

These people, personally carrying such a heavy burden on their consciences or mandated by those who carried such, rolled up their sleeves and took up “arms” to fight for justice for Maddie.

But by hiding what indeed what was going on when that death happened, their departure point for this "crusade" was based completely on a wrong.

Yes, what was going on was absolutely unrelated with the toddler’s unfortunate demise but in the effort to hide it they lost track that two wrongs never made a right.

And as the second wrong, the cover-up, was already well under way when they decided to act, their act was doomed to fail. But their thirst for a conscience-cleansing made them overlook this incontrovertible fact.

Under the banner of justice these self-righteous fundamentalists have, with Mr Bennett's trial, become their own nemesis, the biggest and sturdiest vehicles of injustice.

They have persecuted an innocent man. A man whose innocence is well known to all those who helped set up the system that would persecute him.

A system set up to protect an optional lifestyle from neighbouring and completely unrelated events that led to the death of a girl.

The same system that has ended up sentencing an innocent man.

One may not agree with what Mr Bennett believes to be the truth as to what happened to Maddie but one is absolutely sure that it was the truth as he saw it and nothing but that truth that moved and motivated the man.

One disagrees with his version of events? Then one only has to contest.

To silence him is to recognize, publicly, that what he had to say someone found the need to censor.

History has proven time and time again that censorship is only a temporary panacea to stop truth from coming out which inevitably it does.

Insult, and even slander, is like the Portuguese say, clay thrown against a wall. It will only stick if there’s reason for that to happen, otherwise it will fall on to the floor.

Other themes, of gruesome nature that I will refrain from identifying, are self-censored and this censorship is voluntary, never enforced.

Whenever we witness enforced censorship we know with certainty that we’re before stifling of the truth.

The interesting side to censorship is that it raises awareness to the truth. The exact opposite effect intended.

And that is what happened with Mr Bennett. From now on his silence will speak much, much more than ever his words did.

Thanks to you, Black Hats, he has become omnipresent. In the back of everyone’s mind he’s temporarily “the one they silenced”.

And most ironically what you have achieved, with permanence, is that when the lid pops off this pan, he will be remembered as “the one they shamelessly and hypocritically tried to silence with the help of the British Courts”.

You, Black Hats, by your doing and your doing alone, have created a hero. He may now be forcefully silent but his silence is deafening loud.

About the lid popping off, or the closure of this case, the current times have been, as we’ve been saying lately, very interesting.

Cameron as the astute politician he is in political games, has now most likely come to the conclusion that his war against the media was a lost cause and is now resisting Leveson recommendations and Hacked Off - which Gerry McCann was a spokesperson for.

Cameron is supported in his opposition by the majority of newspapers, who don't want state regulation and we must say that we agree with them.

Apparently he’s stopped making an enemy of Murdoch.

After the outing of the affair between who represented the McCanns with Leveson’s side barrister, the Leveson Inquiry has attracted some derision.

The McCanns by siding with Cameron have provoked the tabloid wrath, which is very, very lethal. The couple, as we keep highlighting, are small fish in such a big pond. They haven't, and never had, any fighting power and, it seems, they've outlasted their use.

So now we have two, Cameron and Murdoch, of the three parties involved apparently interested in putting a closure to this mess.

The third party, the powerful Black Hats are the only obstacle left. We’ll see how strong a fight they will put up, and they will put up a fierce fight we are certain of that.

Our final words of this post go to those we intended to communicate with by writing it, the “WH”, or pretendy White Hats. Those who are far from what they pretend to be and whose agenda is far from being what they say it is.

Mr Bennett’s coins and silence are the unjust blood on your hands. A blood that will taint your hands no matter how much you wash them. Normal blood can be cleansed but the blood of the innocent will remain on you forever. And we do mean forever.

You have fallen in the commonest trap of this affair. In an effort to help, you’ve become a stakeholder.

Now, you’re no longer contributing to the “cause” out of will but out of necessity.

The day Mr Bennett wasn’t acquitted in Court was the day that you lost whatever little innocence you still had because of the integral, albeit hidden, part that you were, and are, of the system that had an innocent man sentenced unjustly.

And it was the day you began to hope no one will ever find out your true role in all this mess.


  1. and this is all kept out of the British papers, currently the Mccanns have a steel hold over what is and what is not published about them, but you are right Textusathe truth will surface maybe it will take years but eventually the mystery of maddie will be solved and again it will be the innocent ones the children of the tapas friends will feel shame for how their parents behaved on that fateful holiday when they all decided to lie. The twins will feel the shame knowing their parents lied to them for years. The media will have a field day as they have with recent British cover ups dating back 40 or more years it will all be exposed and more - time is immaterial they can never keep this silent forever it is far too big that is what they wanted worldwide coverage of their scam. They have shown us human behaviour in one of its lowest forms and their greed for money.
    Good article Textusa - thanks.

  2. More people should be aware that their donations to the mc$$$ fund have done nothing more than pay for litigation cases, it is fraud on a worldwide scale. Tony Bennett questioned the abduction scenario the same as 99% of the general public do they try to silence us with 'no comments are being accepted' on articles, and no surprise that Gerry jumped on the Leveson enquiry another attempt at silencing the news. What the Mcscums really, really want is to silence the internet but that will never happen.
    The mccanns invited the media into their sordid corrupted world because it suited them and their agenda but they cannot silence everything forever. Tony Bennett stood up to the scheming mccanns and they tried to imprison him, that just shows what type of people they are, with parents like that poor maddie never stood a chance!

  3. For me it was distressing to read this article mainly be at play the life of a man who was silenced in Uk.
    The only person who tried there and openly to alert the silence around this case. Naive or not, he tried to alert the public to the blindness of UK.

    Anyway, for me he deserves my respect and consideration.

  4. I am in awe!
    Brilliant piece, Textusa, as always! This one is to read and re-read, to let each and every word sink deep into our souls.

    God bless Mr. Bennett, they might have crushed him finantialy, but I hope they have not crushed his spirit!

    "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

    Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963
    US black civil rights leader & clergyman (1929 - 1968)

  5. The weight of that innocent blood will be borne by many, until, in due time, it comes to rest upon its rightful bearers.

  6. This is a perfect example of censorship and trying to silence what is in the media. This woman was responsible for promoting the causes she was trying to ban.

    Mary Whitehouse
    Constance Mary Whitehouse, CBE was an English social activist known for her opposition to social liberalism and the mainstream British media, both of which she accused of encouraging a more permissive society.

    Chuck Berry's novelty song "My Ding-a-Ling" was one of several pop songs to receive Whitehouse's disapproval in this period. She was unsuccessful in trying to persuade the BBC to ban it, but her campaign to stop Alice Cooper's "School's Out" being featured on Top of the Pops was successful. Cooper sent her a bunch of flowers for he believed the publicity helped the song to reach number one.

  7. Outstanding post!

  8. Over 2 years ago we did some posts on Daniel Morgan's murder:

    - National Habits (

    - National Habits II (

    - Looking at the Future Today (

    There is to be a sixth inquiry, in a case of police corruption and alleged involvement in his death. Daniel was about to reveal police corruption.

    Although this happened 2 decades ago and it seems unlikely anyone will now be prosecuted for a brutal axe murder, people will be under close scrutiny.

    Sometimes going back to old posts is good so that our line of thinking is clear to new readers.

    No, we're not clairvoyants. Just simple and law abiding citizens that we've always said we were.

  9. Textusa - brilliant post you say what others are afraid to say - bravo for freedom of speech and bravo for Textusa x

  10. You beat channel 4 news. The Morgan case had been in the press, but what channel 4 just aired was a more detailed analysis and interview with former Met Commissioner Lord Blair (not Tony)
    Possible police involvement in the murder is as bad as it can get.
    Blair said the Met (SY) had tried to " Clear corruption away from its ranks"
    Alistair Morgan, brother said " We aren't going to get justice but we want to know why."
    5 previous inquiries failed because the police witheld information.
    The role of News of the World journalists will be scrutinised.

  11. Cops ‘fixed it for Jim’
    — West Yorks Police's Savile probe clears officers
    — Victims accuse cops of whitewash over sex beast

  12. I've just submitted a comment about the Savile cover-up. Would like to quote first photo's caption:

    "Hidden in plain sight ... sex beast Jimmy Savile"

    I hope one day it will also be front page:

    "Hidden in plain sight ... Maddie cover-up"

  13. From same article:

    Blind prejudice

    By SARA PAYNE & SHY KEENAN, Sun Justice Campaigners

    THERE are none so blind as those that won’t see.

    The police didn’t find evidence of collusion or protection for Savile because these police are just too anti-victim prejudiced to see it.

    It was not just Savile’s fame that kept victims silent.

    It was the police prejudice toward victims of child sexual abuse and the prejudiced nature of the police’s unhealthy relationship with Savile.

    There needs to be a fully independent enquiry into this matter to properly, and without any prejudice, look into the real effect of all that public police love and trust towards Savile — and what effect that had on victims’ ability to come forward.

  14. In my opinion things went as far as they did with TB, including the sentence was that he was unexpectedly stubborn. The BH expected him to back down. To exactly the same he did in 2009 which was to accept those conditions. Who wouldn't under the circumstances?
    But this year, he just went on as far as he could. He showed bravery in his convictions. The BH expected him to back down before the trial and he didn't. They were left with a ridiculous amount to be paid by a single individual who was only defending an opinion, while others were stating the same and not being persecuted.
    TB is a hero by own right. He fought valiantly for his cause. God bless TB!

  15. The Times - headline today
    Met police accused of underworld conspiracy-
    Corruption within Scotland Yard has enabled a vast criminal network to operate in London for two decades with virtual impunity, a court was told.
    3 Metropolitan Police officers have accused some of their colleagues of leaking police intelligence to alleged criminals, tampering with evidence and attempting to frustrate prosecutions.

    This is a case in the High Court in London.
    Anyone remember Ian Hurst's evidence at Leveson? No?
    Because his statement about corruption at the highest levels in the police made no impression on Leveson. It's all gone quiet on that.
    Did anyone see channel 4 last night where a solicitor in Cleveland was awarded massive damages from Cleveland Police for false imprisonment? The same force where the chief and deputy have recently been sacked for fraud
    The UK police service must clean up its act as it now seems we have serious criminals operating in their midst.
    We deserve better than this. It's beyond belief.

  16. Guardian today
    "Murder review will investigate Met corruption allegations"
    Daniel Morgan's brother Alastair said
    " through almost 3 decades.... we have found ourselves lied to, fobbed off, bullied, degraded and let down time and time again...."

  17. Anon 11 and 16, guess both your comments answer the BH question as to why would the cops involve themselves to protect the McCanns... Because they have done the same before, time and time again! How many cover-ups is the police involved in?!? Shame on them! I pity all those honest officers who work in the Criminal Justice System thinking that's what it is. It just isn't! Are they wasting their lives?

  18. Anon #17

    Do we EVER waste time on ideals? I don't think so.

    Large institutions tend to be more corrupt the further they become political.

    Institution in which their Boards/Directors/Chiefs are appointed are most likely to the existence of nepotism, the front door to corruption.

    The only thing we can do is continue to fight in exposing such distortions of the intent with which these institutions were created.

    We're absolutely against any sort of anarchy and feel that these institutions are needed in any civilized society.

    Institutions are never bad, it's some of the people in it that are.

  19. A comment that didn't enter our mail box and was among the unpublished comments in blogger (comments waiting moderation).

    Our sincere apologies to the reader who made this comment.

    Publishing it now so that the number order of comments is not altered:


    "The Streisand effect is the phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet."

    "It is named after American entertainer Barbra Streisand, whose attempt in 2003 to suppress photographs of her residence inadvertently generated further publicity. Similar attempts have been made, for example, in cease-and-desist letters, to suppress numbers, files and websites. Instead of being suppressed, the information receives extensive publicity and media extensions such as videos and spoof songs, often being widely mirrored across the Internet or distributed on file-sharing networks."

    Wikipedia should create a page for the McCann effect...

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at May 10, 2013, 4:51:00 PM"

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  21. Tex at 20 great news and I wonder how many times the tapas and mccanns have read and worried about your truthful blog!!!
    keep up the great work the end is near for the mccanns.

  22. Just found your blog.Only been looking at the case for a few months. Wanna say I totally GET you.Takes a lot of thinking but you make the most sense of anything else I have read.Kudos to you Textusa...Keep on keeping on!

  23. Yet another brilliant post Textusa,you may remember me as the pensioner who took a taxi from Cornwall to London in the very early hours to support a good man ,Tony Bennett V MaCaans!! Every time I see an interview with Kate (Thankfully,she is now able to be interviewed without "groping" her arogrant husbands thigh!!) I still cringe that the person interviewing,is so grovelling,and await the time Tony is shown the respect he deserves in his honorable determination in seeking justice for Madeleine,unfortunately at huge personal expense.I can not thank both you and Tony enough for keeping the "crime of the century" alive and kicking !Mr Mitchell ,how will you ever wash the blood swilling around the lies you have to spout at exactly who,s command?

  24. Anon #22,

    Thank you for your so kind words!

    It's so gratifying to know we're reaching new readers with each passing day!

  25. Lynn,

    Of course we remember you. Thank you for being a regular reader and commentator.

    We remember all our readers who have been kind enough to comment throughout the time the blog has existed and we are very grateful for that.

    Obviously, the readers who have identified their comments, such as yourself, are easier to recollect.

    But we remember not only those that have shown an outstanding faithfulness to us, but also those that for some reason, which concerns them alone, have stopped commenting, at least here.

    Some, we know the reasons why they “came on-board” in the first place and why they left while about others we can only make an educated guess as to their reasons.

    As we’ve always said, our readers have always been both an inspiration as well as a very valuable and cherished source of information.

    Yes, we’ve had many that have attempted to disrupt in a very polite and educated manner but many of those, unwittingly, have been very clarifying and revealing.

    Our gratefulness to our readers is immense and words can’t express our heartfelt gratitude.

  26. Textusa, from the stats @20 it must be very encouraging for your team to see that out of the top 10 posts 4 are from 2013 and other 4 from 2102!
    Of the 4 from 2012 only 1 is more than 1 year old!
    7/10 clearly shows that your blog is definitely on a crescendo!

  27. Fantastic stats Tex - we love you x. The truth will surfice.

  28. "The same system that has ended up sentencing an innocent man."

    Wrong, I'm afraid - have you even read the court judgement? The case solely concerned whether Bennett was in contempt of court by breaching an earlier court order to which he had (probably unwisely) agreed.

    The judge found that he had breached the court order, therefore he was in contempt of court, and that is why he was sentenced. Simples.

  29. TB will not be forgotten - he stood up and was counted.  TM used the intricacies of our Libel law to persecute TB to deter others who would dare to disbelieve their version of events. It is possible that TB may have to pay for many years, sums of money to the McCanns. BUT ultimately he will possibly have the knowledge that his contributions will end up in Portugal going towards compensation to Goncalo Amaral.

    Evil has shown it's face.

  30. Censored comment:

    "Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Bloody Hands, Silver Coins and Loud Silences":



    Bennett's money will be paying Carter Ruck's bill. Amaral won't see a penny of it.

    The McCann's didn't have to use the intricacies of the libel law - Bennett shot himself in both feet by being in contempt of court

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at May 12, 2013, 7:14:00 PM"

  31. With all the recent revalations about Saville and the disgust of the public that nothing was done about him by those in authority this is what will happen to the mccann saga except it is much bigger they have openly defrauded the public via their fund. Kates book is another fairy story nothing like what really happened it was written for the twins. The public see through the mccanns but for some reason the papers fawn over this dubious couple that know far more about their daughters disappearancethan they let on. Whether Tony Bennett was guilty of contempt of court or not he was there because he made valid points about his and our suspicions of the parents the same as the rest of us do and to silence him is a disgrace. What was the judge thinking ? Saville's victims were silenced but eventually they all got to tell their sordid stories about him and the same will happen to the mccann parents. I was checking twitter #mccann and the comments against the parents everybody doubts the mccanns and I cannot believe the establishment has managed to keep the lid on this circus it is waiting to explode people are sick of the mccanns, they never searched for their daughter instead they get pleasure from litigation cases. Tony Bennett's trial should have been the start of the reopening of this case why he should have to pay a couple of schemers like the mccanns one penny is beyond the bounds of justice. The mccanns should be made to explain themselves and stop hiding behind CR and mitchell and anybody else stupid enough to think they can support liars like the mccanns.

  32. Stuart Hazell pleading Guilty to Tia Sharp murder. So will we be spared cadaver dog evidence finding her body?
    I'dike to add that for the family, this is the best outcome, as they have suffered enough.

  33. @31 Bennett isn't paying the McCanns one penny - he's paying their lawyers about a tenth of their originally demanded legal costs.

  34. @33

    Was the case Carter-Ruck vs Tony Bennett or McCanns vs Tony Bennett?

  35. @33 bennett should not be paying anything he has said no more than the rest of us! The whole case is nothing more than a farce whereby the mccanns make examples of people to stem the flow of suspicions against them, if anything the suspicions are growing daily. British newspapers have been silenced by the mccanns - none of this is reported in the press ...and why not it is big news!!!

  36. The front door was lying open, the window had been tampered with, the shutters had been jammied open..or whatever you call it and Madeleine was missing.

    All lies. When is something going to be done about the Mccann lies.

  37. Tony Bennett was found in breach of undertakings, and the judgement of the Court must be accepted.
    He may have agreed to accept the undertakings under some pressure, as the law favours those who can afford to use it to their advantage.
    Had he been able to obtain legal representation, the outcome may have been very different.
    The point is that Mr Bennett only repeated what was already in the public domain.

  38. @34 The latter, of course - he was given a suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay a small fraction of the legal costs. It could have been worse.

  39. @38

    So you agree with me, I hope, that if the McCanns (or the whole mean circus mounted around them) hadn't moved on Mr. Bennett in the first place he wouldn't have to pay a single penny to anyone?
    The amount Mr Bennett has to pay is not the end result of this years trial but the end result of a whole persecution process against him by the McC machine.
    He has to pay because he was in contempt of court BECAUSE he agreed under pressure to undertakings BECAUSE the McCs persecuted the this man for saying what everyone else was saying.
    If the money goes to CR, to a local charity or to pay a mortgage is irrelevant. Lawyers represent people. And CR were representing the McCanns.

    From 34

  40. @39 After "because he was in contempt of court" you missed out "BECAUSE he continued to say what he'd agreed not to say".

  41. I believe our media is forbidden to write anything other than the mccanns version of the abduction. They print sensationalist stories about ficticious sightings which are fabricated lies by team mccann. When the truth comes out newspapers should be banned because this is a good example of how they do not report the news instead print whatever is asked of them by mccann pr representatives. Why no mention of the Tony Bennett case, or all the other irregularities concerning mccann version. Why no proper investigative journalism? Newspapers have become nothing more than a propaganda mechanism for the wealthy to influence the reader. After all the criticism the BBC has received with revelations of sex scandals it should have learnt it lesson but still it contuinues to spread lies and fawn over the mccann parents.

  42. @40

    I'll rewrite that part my comment:

    He has to pay because he was in contempt of court BECAUSE he continued to say what he agreed not to say BECAUSE he agreed under pressure to undertakings BECAUSE the McCs persecuted this man for saying what everyone else was saying.

    I hope that now we're in FULL agreement.

  43. @42 Well, he didn't continue to say the things BECAUSE he had agreed under pressure to undertakings.

    I would agree to "...because he was in contempt of court because, rather stupidly, he continued to say what he agreed not to say, after he had agreed, under pressure..."

    In case there is any doubt as to where I am coming from, I hope Amaral succeeds in his case, which is taking the matter a stage beyond where Bennett left off, i.e. a full libel trial, and the attempted settlement suggests that at least one of the parties doesn't want that to happen, which is interesting if that party is the McCanns.

  44. @43

    Thank you for demonstrating how uncomfortable Tony Bennett's sentence makes you feel. Your attempts to isolate his final sentence from McCann wrongdoing is useless.
    Please don't say Mr Amaral's name so vainly. He's been betrayed enough without the likes of you saying they want his best. You don't.

  45. @44 You have no idea how I feel about Bennett's sentence, or what I want for Amaral, other than what I have said, which was true, but obviously that didn't stop you making up what you imagined I felt and wanted. No surprise there.

    It was obviously you who was uncomfortable about Bennett's sentence, because you left out the salient facts concerning it.

  46. The SY Review is now going into it's 3rd year!

  47. @46 So far, it has, incredibly, cost approximately twice as much as Operation Yewtree, which has been far more productive, resulting in several arrests to date.


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