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60 of Us

By May I

If a trio of journalists obtain an “exclusive” interview and speak directly to the people they are interviewing, one would expect some degree of accuracy with regard to the information they are reporting?

Mail Online -31 December 2007
“British witnesses: We saw two blond (sic) men on balcony next to Madeleine apartment”

By Fiona Barton, Dan Newling and Vanessa Allen

In the “exclusive interview” Jayne Jensen and her sister Annie Wiltshire speak of seeing “two blond men in their 30's, standing on the balcony of an empty apartment only a couple of doors away from the McCann's flat ….   One had curly was stockier than the other
No sign of pimples or ugliness; both were “tanned and in Bermuda shorts”
The photograph in the article points to this apartment:

This was on the afternoon of May 3rd; the day that Madeleine disappeared.

In the strange micro climates we have previously observed in Praia da Luz, these two have managed to acquire a tan in weather described as “pleasant with a cool breeze” in Kate's book. Or perhaps they have flown in from sunnier climes?
The sisters were “ immediately struck by the strange behaviour of the men on the balcony” 

What was the strange behaviour described?
“The pair... were standing outside the patio doors of a ground floor apartment, which had been unoccupied all week.”
According to Annie; “ One of the guys was walking down the steps and as I looked at him, he walked back up and started talking to the other one.”
Maybe I'm not so alert but this hardly strikes me as suspicious behaviour. The article goes on to mention that the apartment had been unoccupied all week, so it can be deduced it was 5C, and the photograph in the article appears to confirm this. Maybe the sisters had some way of knowing the apartment was empty, as Jayne had been in the resort a week before the McCanns arrived. Wasn't it possible that the 2 men had only just arrived the day they were seen on the balcony?
The sisters were in apartment 4L, which is a different block to the T9 party.

Annie explains why she found the situation odd:
“I hadn't seen them before. In May the resort wasn't busy. There were only 60 of us staying in the apartments and you got to recognise ALL the other people.”

She is very precise about the number 60 and US suggests a group with something in common.

Us is obviously both men and women given her comment about the men being strangers to her.
The blocks of apartments were reported to have 15-20 units, so she isn't referring to the number of apartments. Neither is she talking about US as doctors, as she and her sister are described as business women and the other couple she socialises with are a middle-aged barrister and a TV producer.
Tennis players maybe? But the tennis lists don't show 60. 
What about Mark Warner guest lists? More than 60 here.
So, what else to do the 60 have in common- not their age group nor the fact they have brought children. Or could it be everyone on the flight? Who would remember all of the passengers on a flight, unless previously known to them?
Or Tapas “diners”? With only 15 per night including the T9, according to Kate, that only allows for another 6 per evening. Could the additional diners be part of the 60?
There may be some explanation for this number, which is asked for by the authors of Maddie 129.
Question 68 asks why the Ocean Club manager mentions this as the number of people searching for Madeleine on the night she went missing, referring to an article by The Guardian. The authors obviously regard this as significant.
In fact, John Hill said ABOUT 60 Ocean Club workers and guests joined the search. Did he have a roll call, or did he just estimate the numbers? If he simply estimated, how did he account for the people who joined in the search of their own accord, when the news of the disappearance reached them?
How did Annie Wiltshire arrive at the same estimation?  Did John Hills share this information with her or is she simply repeating what she heard? She talks about 60 people staying in the apartments, with no mention of workers.

The sisters come forward to speak to the press in December because they claim their names were leaked to a Portuguese newspaper. They say they had alerted the police the next day but they were not interested.  Disinterest isn't confined to the Portuguese police, however. On their return home to England, they contacted the police, who did not respond until they contacted Clarence Mitchell.  Leicestershire Police then interviewed them for 11 hours and signed statements were obtained.

These statements will contain some very important information for 2 other reasons apart from the sighting of the 2 blonde men.

They said that they ate at the Tapas restaurant that evening.
They said that they saw Robert Murat outside the McCann apartment half an hour after the alarm was raised. This was said to be corroborated by the middle-aged barrister.
Kate's book, page 136, also reminds us that 3 of the Tapas 9 also claimed to have seen him that night.   
Can 5 people have made the same mistake? Actually, 6 if you count the “middle-aged barrister” who also backs Jayne’s sighting that night and also speaks to the police.
Strangely, on page 135, Kate describes Jane Tanner observing a man from the interior of a van. The police asked her to try and identify 3 men and say if they resembled her abductor sighting.
 “One was blonde and tall and the other too fat.”
Perhaps the police had taken more note of the sisters' sighting than they realised? The third man she was unable to see properly, so she couldn't be sure.

After observing the T9 at the Tapas, behaving reasonably, the sisters left to go to somewhere unspecified for a nightcap. 14 bottles of wine on the list for all the diners seems quite abstemious, so were accounts of excessive drinking an exaggeration? They seem to have been added by a different hand to the main body of the list.
On the way to the bar, they heard the hue and cry, so they must have left the Tapas shortly before 10pm. They must, therefore, have observed the checking or lack of it, by the group?
When the dining list was later released in the PJ files, the names Jensen and Wiltshire do not appear. The mysterious Irwin women do appear on the list, but no-one seems to have any recollection of them. The only possibility is that the sisters were at the table of another guest; under the name of the person who booked the table and that they left the group to go off on their own to another bar? 

Why are we spending time on the Tapas bookings when we assert there was no Tapas dining?
Because we want to demonstrate the anomalies that arise when trying to use it as a guide and forestall any “explanations” we may be offered as to the presence or otherwise of the sisters that night.

In conclusion, Clarence Mitchell uses the well- worn phrase that the information given by the sisters was “Very credible”, but as we can see, the men described do not fit the description of Pimpleman given by TS and Jeni Weinberger. Carol Tranmer, on the other hand, gives a description of a man she saw on the afternoon of May 3rd, who was Scandinavian in appearance (blonde?) and refuses to be convinced that the person she is asked to identify is the pimply man seen by TS.   

The statements of Jayne and Annie, taken by the UK police, are not available in the PJ files, but the review team from Scotland Yard must have had access to them.
Will they be interviewing the sisters again?


  1. Interesting, and here is the latest news of the review in a London newspaper

    will be interesting also, to read the interpretations and opinions from textusa blog readers, regarding this.

  2. Two more liars hired to create confusion. Any other criminal case, with much less inconsistencies will be open, re-investigated and the people involved on the lies " converted on persons with interest for the investigation and called to police desks to retell their stories".
    The game of that group went too far and they are not only insulting the memory of a little girl that has " no voice", they are insulting all tax payers from multicountrys.
    It is just my opinion, but I go with 60 for the number of the people involved on the swing and the cover up, since after all this years and after having read almost everything about that case, clearly there was something going on at the OC involving some guests and some expats Living at PDL or at the outskirts of PDL. What was going on, was the chain that tides all that people.
    Wasn't amazing the number of people that reached the resort in few minutes, almost immediately after the alarm being raised? I don't need a big exercise to conclude that this people were all there waiting for the alarm and the time for the alarm was methodical programmed by who knows that at later night the police has less ressources to do a deep and proper investigation because many police requests need authorizations and specialized dogs, who were not immediately available.
    The game of this guys was very dirty and deserves a strong investigstion. It makes me sick when I think that they even managed to involve and fool Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckman, who probably appear with their messages, honestly, after being requested to do that by people they respect and consider truthful people.
    How many, have that guys fooled, to cover their activities? AND STILL INSISTING ON THE SAME GAME WITH THE BLINDNESS

  3. Textusa

    Just saw this news:

    "Novos suspeitos no caso Maddie McCann"

    Segundo a imprensa britânica, a Scotland Yard entregou à polícia portuguesa uma lista de suspeitos no caso do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann

    As autoridades britânicas que estão a rever o caso chegaram a uma lista de "pessoas de interesse" que serão contactadas para prestar declarações sobre o desaparecimento da filha do casal McCann, em maio de 2007, da Praia da Luz, no Algarve.

    A lista, segundo os media britânicos, estará já nas mãos da polícia portuguesa.

    O caso foi encerrado em 2008 pelas autoridades portuguesas, mas a Scotland Yard voltou às investigações em 2011. De acordo com o responsável pela secção de homicídios da polícia de Londres, Hamish Campbell, estão a trabalhar no caso 30 agentes.

    Madeleine McCann tinha quase quatro anos quando desapareceu do apartamento que ocupava com os pais e os dois irmãos gémeos, num aldeamento no Algarve.

    Ler mais:


  4. Pessoalmente, não acredito em nada relacionado com este caso que não venha diretamente de um comunicado mandado a imprensa pela PJ. Portanto, esta noticia vale o que vale... Distração para preencher um fim de semana sem nada relevante nos UK e portanto mau para as vendas de papel.
    Mas há detalhes importantes que são uma pedra no sapato de Cameron e da SY, os milhões envolvidos na farsa da revisão, o numero de agentes alocados e o tempo desperdiçado. Portanto a SY e Cameron vão ter de descalçar o sapato e quanto antes, se não querem transformar-se na maior anedota da justiça inglesa.
    Bloggers e o publico que segue este caso, mesmo não se dedicando ao caso a tempo inteiro e tendo só disponivel as files libertadas pela PJ, sabem que a investigação se deve centrar nos Tapas 9 e em quem esteve no Resort ou próximo dele e fez questão de prestar declarações à policia em 2007, incluindo clientes do resort e Murat. Essas são as pessoas com interesse para a investigação ao desaparecimento de Maddie. Depois, como este crime se transformou num cocktail de crimes, há outras pessoas que com o decorrer do tempo também passaram a ter interesse: os jornalistas que ajudaram a gerir a mentira e a confusão. As pseudo- testemunhas que alimentaram pseudo-avistamentos e os que convenceram o publico a fazer donativos e a comprar um livro, supostamente para angariar fundos para uma busca que temos quase 100% de certeza, nunca aconteceu e nunca um centimo foi gasto para procurar a miuda no terreno. E no topo, Clarence Mitchell e Birch, porque simplesmente, por mais que alguém mereça ser ajudado e defendido, há limites para lá dos quais deixa de ser eticamente aceite e passa a ser de responsabilidade criminal, até porque nenhum dos dois é advogado. Não sendo advogados nem policias, o que estes dois fizeram, se como a PJ acredita, a criança morreu antes do alarme, foi ofuscar a verdade e dificultar a investigação. Não há desculpa para Mitchell. Além de que terá sido muito bem pago, e provavelmente com dinheiro vindo do Fundo Madeleine.
    Só espero que GA tenha a força e a coragem suficientes para nào deixar esfumar-se o caso que os Mccann moveram contra ele e que, com as personagens verdadeiras ou com atores, o dia e noite de 3 de Maio de 2007 sejam reconstituidos no OC. Os factos falarão por si e valerão mais do que todas as jogadas da SY para tentar sair do embroglio em que se meteu.

  5. From what we understand has been said, there are new suspects. TVI, in Portugal, has said that they were 5. Unnamed and it's not known where they are.

    I think I've quoted before a teacher of mine that taught me that any news needs to settle for 3 days. Only after that will we know what really matters and what doesn't.

    Anyway, we can always provide an opinion of what we think of today's news.

    First, we believe that there are many more than 5 people, named in the PJ Files, who will be able to help solve this shameless joke.

    As far as we can see, there are only two hypothesis for Campbell to come and say what he has said.

    It's either Cameron starting to put a closure on this case or it's another 195-new-leads episode.

    If it's the first case, then I would say that more than 5 people should be worried. Many are those, as we’ve shown, that are “people of interest” in this case.

    And we’re not talking about the fictitious two blond men referred by the sisters in the current post. We would be talking, for example, about the sisters themselves. And about the “60 of us” they speak of.

    If it's the latter, then we say.., bring them on. In this case, I hope the predicament that SY is putting itself in. It's telling the PJ, we have the suspects. If PJ doesn't make a move (which it won't in this hypothesis) then it will be insulting the Portuguese force. Once again. If it gets asked who they are, then it will be embarrassing coming up with names NOT in the PJ Files.

    As life is not black or white but a shade of grey, I would say that this would be a third hypothesis: a trial run of the first, covered up in the second.

    If the run goes well and the fighting back is controllable, then the first hypothesis it is. If, on the other hand, the resistance found is STILL to be impossible to overcome, then let’s ridicule the SY once again.

    Or in other words, a move that few know how serious it indeed is and many may mistake for ridiculous.

    But, shall we wait and see?

    An indication in favour of the first hypothesis is that we’ve noticed that Commander Simon Foy retired recently at an early age. Rats jumping a leaky ship comes to mind.

    That leaves Andy Redwood. Wonder if he's next?

    Recommend the reading of our Friends Reunited post.

  6. I agree Textusa, any news on that case need some time to be evaluated since up to now, most were fabricated to kill the image of PJ and feed the business of the Mccann's and their helpers.
    I too, just believe on what comes officially from PJ. But many, should be worried, because contrary to other cases, that one did not fade on the public memory and will never fade in Portugal.

    Jill published on his Forum, a letter sent to the Forum, hypothetically from H. Campbell on the behalf of R Brooks, endorsed to the head of PJ. A joke, in my opinion, but whorever wrote that was joking with the arrogance of SY and the behavior of the british authorities and Media, regarding Madeleine issue.
    Again, many must be worried and will do whatever they can to kill the first investigation, which should be the most close to the truth because evidences grabbed when the crime was fresh are normally more accurate then any that could appear now.
    I love, when they said that the suspects were already on the PJ files but were ignored. They are so ridiculous that they forgot that this investigation was the most expensive Portugal ever had, and all the hypothesis were deeply investigated, even the ones that made nonsense. The police did not leave any stone without being turnned, to the point that the President of the Republic come to the press to say that " everything that could be done, was done". Now that "British Eureka Syndrom" is amazing.

  7. ""Há mais do que uma mão cheia de pessoas de interesse que podem ser mais investigadas, mesmo para serem eliminadas" como suspeitas, afirmou o detetive-chefe superindentente Hamish Campbell, diretor do comando de homicídio e crime grave, em declarações transmitidas pela Polícia Metropolitana, nome oficial da Scotland Yard."
    In DN

    Se esta frase é verdadeira, " há pessoas que podem ser mais investigadas.... Para serem eliminadas como suspeitas". Isto nåo quer dizer mais suspeitos, quer dizer os mesmos suspeitos a serem mais investigados. Reconstituição da noite? Re-testar do material forense? Re-entrevistar suspeitos e testemunhas?
    Três coisas saltam à vista:
    -O silêncio de Mitchell
    -O não silêncio de Birch
    - As palavras de Rogério Alves na RTP: " hoje à tarde falei com o Gerry, depois de ter lido as noticias, que me disse que.... Infelizmente não parece haver nada para resolver o caso".
    Não sei se foram exatamente estas as palavras, mas foi esta a mensagem. Quer dizer que o advogado dos principais suspeitos anda a leste dos acontecimentos e vai procurar informações depois das noticias sairem nos jornais? Quando é que a Kate deixa de ser mentirosa, afinal não anda tão bem informada pela SY como quer fazer crer.


    well the mccanns are back on the front pages of our papers (again) maybe the "60" means that for the next 60 years they will dominate front page news whilst controlling comments from the public. I don't know what it is that the mccanns have on some people in high authority to get such support and coverage but it must be very damaging. They have so much power its amazing that the press and media release such stories in favour of the (suspected) parents especially in view of the leveson enquiry and gerry demanding press regulation on news reporting.
    I always feel uneasy whenever I see the parents on TV they have been so sparing with the truth in fact I have to change channels now and I have stopped buying the Mail which is full of clap trap about fake sightings etc. I despair at the state of the UK no wonder we have problems when SY get the ahead to spend so much money on a case looking for suspects or people of interest when there are so many suspicions surrounding the parents and their friends who should have been made to take part in a reconstruction. What about the dogs that have never got it wrong, what about their evidence?
    The pj got it right they suspected the parents as do the rest of us. Does the UK have a bottomless pit of (tax payers) money to spend on this case? What about the fund? or their internet shopping site? or Kates book? or their numerous interviews? What about the 48 questions that Kate refused to answer.....

  9. Halligen pleaded to Trafigura fraud.
    Sentence in June then extradition to UK
    Trafigura being investigated for oil price fixing by European body, along with others.
    Crooks fiddled by crooks?

  10. This Mccann saga should act as an example to the police of what happens when the media interveens and misleads the public, how it has given the Mccanns the power to manipulate the system via dubious backers. What a travesty it all is and what an insult to law abiding police officers and journalists that are not taken in by the spin and have been silenced by a corrupt estabablishment. The Mccanns know no shame and they will continue with this fake abductor story forever.
    SY and operation grange are akin to the BBC and the Saville cover up.

  11. Men are blond, women are blonde!

  12. Just found a ref in Vanished page30- he says search parties were formed and 3 parties of up to 20 locals and holidaymakers.
    Quite a coincidence of 60...


  13. The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie ...deliberate, contrived and dishonest but the myth ... persistent, persuasive and

    John F. Kennedy

  14. The sisters were just like Collins foiled with PJ File«s public release. If this didn't happen then these lies would have gone unnoticed. An anonymous hero is in the PJ

  15. Anon 13, agree totally!
    What intrigues me most about this case is that each detail the T9 have said is checked and rechecked in terms of logic and it's accepted that they have lied exactly because of discrepancies.
    But when it comes to people outside the T9 (OC, guests, PDL ex-pats) everyone is suddenly very forgiving about discrepancies.
    It makes as much sense the abductor coming in the front door and going out the window as the existence of a big table of 9 in a esplanade destined to support pool activity.
    But if one sees, there's very much in common to all the lies. The T9 lie to support the fact that there was the ludicrous abduction and the rest that the T9 did have dinner at Tapas and were negligent.
    About time the whole truth is exposed!

  16. Times today-Sean O'Neill
    Area to be investigated mentioned:
    Holidaymakers and staff of OC
    Mobile phone records
    Gaps in chronology of events

    Mail- Stephen Wright
    High level delegation of officers went to Portugal in March, confirmed by SY spokesman( but no other info about reason)
    tabloids are more sensational, saying she may be alive and implying Portugal not cooperating but there's something more to this?
    K and G looking miserable lately

  17. Dear Hamish C,
    Were went the 195 new leads announced by RW months ago? They just fade? They shrink into a " hand of suspects"?
    Well, very poor work for a team of 30 top polices with a huge badget. PJ with 1/4 of this ressources and the freedom to act and investigate whatever they want, they will had that case solved in a week.

    I love the silence from Portugal and from PJ. They are letting SY sink on their own mud. If a hand of suspects is not called to Portugal in a week to do the reconstruction and this be front news in all portuguese media, that means the suspects still the Mccann's and their friends and again they refused to do the reconstruction.
    That is the only conclusion from that SY mess, or are they combing UK, looking for ill people in a death bed, ready to accept to be the abductors under the exchange of some money allocsted to the review.
    The circus must go on.


  19. I think the time to prove that you were always right is coming Textusa!

  20. @ 19- I agree they can't keep covering this lie Textusa has taken pains taking effort to disprove what the mccanns claim as the truth about the dinners, checking, smith sighting. It is all here in her blog. SY should spend some time reading that instead of wasting their time believing the spin that mccanns sprew forth.
    The Tapas woman and Kate IMO have lied to protect their men and their careers because they were all swingers as well as liars and bad parents.
    Gerry appears the control freak, the pair show no emotion and their reading is scripted not the behaviour of distraught parents. Today was a new low for the media printing such rubbish as the abductor story which does not have one shred of evidence. The madness of it all !!!!

  21. " Annie explains why she found the situation odd:
    “I hadn't seen them before. In May the resort wasn't busy. There were only 60 of us staying in the apartments and you got to recognise ALL the other people.”

    This isn't consistent with the number of people present in the resort according to Ocean Club. This is how many holidaymakers were there during that week:
    258 people (Pag 618), 263 people (Pag 622), 288 (Pag 626), 292 (Pag 630) and 265 (Pag 275)


  22. Anon 21,

    In your link, Textusa estimates that around the Tapas pool to have been 60 people daily!!
    Was Tapas the HQ for swinging? The gathering point?


    'There is a possibility she is still alive': Scotland Yard identify 20 new suspects in hunt for Madeleine McCann - but Portuguese will not re-open inquiry

    Met police have named 'a good number' of potential suspects to speak to
    DCS Hamish Campbell says his officers have done 'fantastic' case review
    He urged his Portuguese counterparts to investigate their fresh leads
    Kate and Gerry McCann are 'very, very pleased' about the new list of names
    Madeleine went missing in May 2007 during a family holiday in Praia da Luz

    By Stephen Wright

    PUBLISHED: 13:31 GMT, 17 May 2013 | UPDATED: 09:52 GMT, 18 May 2013

    More than 20 new suspects in the Madeleine McCann investigation have been identified by British police.

    A Scotland Yard review of the bungled Portuguese inquiry into the three-year-old’s disappearance in 2007 has uncovered dozens of fresh leads, it emerged yesterday.

    They include ‘forensic opportunities’ and several ‘people of interest’, including Britons, who have not been eliminated from the case.

    Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, are said to be ‘greatly encouraged’ by the developments.

    But the Mail has learned that behind the scenes, a major diplomatic row is brewing because the Portuguese authorities are adamant they will not reopen the inquiry.

    Officials in Lisbon have told their British counterparts that under Portuguese laws, they can reopen the case only if there is new evidence.

    But Yard chiefs – who want the Portuguese to agree to a joint investigation – say their new leads could, if properly explored, result in new evidence and possibly the Maddie mystery being solved.

    One well-placed source described the deadlock as ‘a Mexican stand-off’.

    ‘It’s a chicken-and-egg situation. Significant new evidence can be found if the leads uncovered by the Yard are investigated. There are two major obstacles to a joint investigation: the money to fund it in Portugal and the loss of face they would suffer from having to agree to such an inquiry.’

    It is understood high-level discussions have taken place in the UK about the possibility of Scotland Yard launching its own investigation. British police do not have jurisdiction in Portugal, but they have the right to investigate and prosecute any British suspects linked to Madeleine’s disappearance.

    Should the Met decide to launch its own investigation, it is likely to send a formal letter of request to the Portuguese authorities – seeking its assistance in its inquiries.

    Last night a Yard spokesman confirmed a high-level delegation of officers travelled to Portugal in March, but he refused to comment on what discussions took place.

    The senior detective who has overseen the Met’s two-year review of the case yesterday confirmed his officers had drawn up a list of people who they say are ‘of interest’. Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell, the head of Scotland Yard’s Homicide and Serious Crime Command, said there were a ‘good number’ of individuals who should be questioned.

    He would not disclose the precise number but sources told the Mail that at least 20 potential suspects – including a number of Britons who were in the Algarve at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance six years ago – had not been properly eliminated.

    Mr Campbell urged the Portuguese authorities to investigate the new leads.


  24. (cont)

    He said: ‘There are a lot of people of interest. There are people who could be properly explored further, if only to be eliminated.’

    Madeleine went missing from her family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal in 2007 as her parents dined with friends nearby. The shambolic Portuguese inquiry was shelved in 2008 but Scotland Yard launched a Home Office-funded review of the case in 2011 following the intervention of David Cameron.

    Last year the officer in day-to-day charge of the review, Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, said his team had identified 195 potential leads after examining a huge bundle of material.

    Mr Campbell said it was ‘perfectly probable’ that information which could identify the suspect responsible for Madeleine’s disappearance was already in the Portuguese files.

    He reiterated a claim that Madeleine could still be alive. He said: ‘You only have to look at the case in Cleveland, Ohio, and the European cases. Of course there is a possibility she is alive.

    ‘But the key is to investigate the case and, alive or dead, we should be able to try and discern what happened.’ The McCanns, of Rothley, Leicestershire, have been kept closely informed of Scotland Yard’s review – codenamed Operation Grange – over the past two years.

    A spokesman for the couple said: ‘They have been encouraged from the moment the review started and are now greatly encouraged that police have drawn up a short list of people who they believe are of interest to the inquiry.’

    A source close to the couple said: ‘While they don’t want to raise their hopes too much, they are buoyed up by these revelations.’

    A Home Office source said: ‘Clearly not all the 20 potential suspects identified by the Met could be responsible for Madeleine’s disappearance. But the Yard are adamant that if they were running the inquiry here, these people would have been properly eliminated.’

  25. 20 suspects?
    SY is definitely involving holidaymakers and Ocean Club!
    There aren't that many eggmen or pimplemen to make up 20!!

  26. The Met could save themselves plenty of time (and money) by inviting the Tapas friends along with the Mccanns to take part in a reconstruction. Then it would be apparent that they are telling lies, the checking did not happen when it was supposed to, Jane did not see an abductor, Gerry and Wilkins never saw Jane but she said she walked past them when she saw the abductor. The friends said the Mccanns were at the restaurant just before 9.00pm so why did anybody need to check on the children at 9.05 the Mccanns state they were at the restaurant much earlier. Then we have the discrepancies about the time Payne visited Kate he said he saw the children and they looked like Angels, she said he never came into the apartment!!! such glaring lies. Then we had the shutters jemmied and doors locked. Then doors were unlocked and the shutters had not been jemmied. Are SY sure its 20 suspects? I would have thought it was the Tapas friends and the Mccanns that were the suspects - nobody else - nobody saw an abductor, no proof that an abductor ever existed. Dogs alerted on items only of the Mccanns - why do they need to spend all this money on operation grange. Today no comments are allowed on Mccann stories surely that says it all. Innocent... they certainly are not!

  27. Could '60' be the number of times each day the Mc's and their friends visit Textusa to see how close she is to the truth. Thanks Tex xx

  28. Anon #25,

    We think that 20 is a reasonable number of "people of interest".

    At least in terms of relevant "people of interest".

    We have the registry of 250 people staying at the resort on a daily basis during that week in PdL's Ocean Club.

    An unusually high occupancy for that time of the year.

    Were all swingers? We haven't the faintest idea, but remain convinced that the majority was.

    But to implicate all these people in the cover-up is to make a mistake as equivalent as isolating all the guilt within the T9.

    The T9 were, in our opinion as we've stated many times, the exclusive participants in whatever events that led to Maddie's death.

    We make this statement based on having a pretty good idea of what exactly happened inside that apartment just by reading the PJ Files.

    The files seem to tell us that only the T9 were involved in the events up to the moment Maddie died.

    However, as we've also stated many times, the T9 had little or no control in the cover-up process that followed immediately or in the subsequent way in which the events followed to keep this absolutely ridiculous story alive in an attempt to substantiate it as "feasible".

    So, if you divide 20 by the groups that indeed had a say, the Guests, the Ocean Club and ex-Pats, then you have around 5/7 people of each group as relevant "people of interest".

    Obviously, the Ocean Club, as the hosts they were, will have a greater number than the other two groups and of these, the Guests, as the real stakeholders, would outnumber the ex-Pats.

    If we were to divide the 20 into the three groups then, as a pure guess, 10/12 would be from Ocean Club personnel, 5/7 from Guests and 3/5 from ex-Pats.

    But the number 20 of relevant, we repeat relevant (in which we don't include these sisters), "people of interest" tells us also that the swinging party involved a number more near 250 than 60.

  29. UK Mail on Sunday : UK cleaners are suspects.
    Sunday Express : who soothed weeping Maddie? middle aged couple went into 5a to calm down crying Maddie. ???
    [ how strange she didnt tell her parents the next morning when she said that she had been crying]

  30. Tex @ 28,

    And Murat must be involved as well. The stall of his mother was very suspicious.... Too much work, too much involvement on the " after's" to be just an innocent and good heart family that decide to help.
    As the portuguese say " Não há fumo sem fogo" ( there is no smoke without fire).

  31. And the Hamish Campbell act was just another "bluff epysode" on the shameful circus.
    No movements in Portugal from PJ to look at any of the suspects proposed by SY.
    Pj knows that the nose of the CSI dogs was more accurate and speaks louder then any member of SY. The dogs already pointed the nose to the suspects.

  32. I find that on Jill Forum:

    I didn't had time to read yet but looks interesting from the main sentences:

    "Put yourself in the mind of a detective and work it out for yourself

    Or put yourself in the place of a parent, and ask:
    If you had let your child go on holiday with the McCanns and they lost her, would you accept their "

    Wonder if the Mcc's are going to sue the author or bring him to court to be silenced like TB.

  33. Anon @31

    Agree completely with your points.

    SY is awash with corruption and any request from them to Portugal should be treated as an attempt to lay their hands on the withheld files and forensic evidence so that these can be corrupted as well. This extract from the DM posted above confirms what this Review is all about.

    "Should the Met decide to launch its own investigation, it is likely to send a formal letter of request to the Portuguese authorities – seeking its assistance in its inquiries."

  34. The two ladies are liars and should be reinterviewed by the police about who asked them to lie and why.

    The number of guests that week both of MW and TC is in the public domain and clearly shows well over 60 guests for MW alone.

    It should be noted the main influx of guests flew on block from Gatwick, the Macs and Paynes did not.

    Why would anyone recognise all of the guests as being "in our group"?

  35. Anon 29, Mail on Sunday indeed with cleaners as suspects!
    Express article says police looking for this couple who are SAID to have gone into apt.
    Witnesses were at a restaurant until 9. - not Tapas and on balcony 9. 15 and also searched.
    Article says good cooperation between pj and SY.
    The article implies Mcs lying.

  36. Anons 29 and 35
    Could the couple mentioned be the Moyes?

  37. anon 36, the Moyes is the couple who are saying that they saw nothing strange at the crucial time, I am sure they are who Express referring to there, yes, they did a radio interview.

  38. Anon 36, from that post:
    "Susan Moyes was interviewed by Radio Stoke in October 2007. She described Madeleine's disappearance as “ a sad, unfortunate ACCIDENT”; a strangely muted choice of adjectives to describe a supposed abduction and an interesting word to use as an alternative to disappearance or abduction."
    I suggest you read this post:
    About the apartment above the McCanns.
    Anon 35

  39. Mirror article today (19.5.13) states re the apartment blocks "the officer blurted out the blocks 5,6,2 and 4 in that order"
    does anyone remember on a blog or a forum someone saying the answer to this mystery was 5,2,3 and 1 - only 50% right but odd all the same

  40. Mail today
    M -Yard hunts 6 British cleaners driving White van
    Suspects thought to number 12, not 20 as has been reported....low level workers, handymen cleaners and gardeners .. Some employed by OC on a casual basis..may have already been interviewed .
    Police keen also to trace cleaners ..offering services to ex pats.

  41. Need to edit my post at 1.06pm - the phrase was

    "5,2,3 and the 1"!
    Missed definite article.

  42. Anon 39, I think it was Paulo Cristovao who said that in his book.

  43. Textusa, in #28 wrote:

    " However, as we've also stated many times, the T9 had little or no control in the cove-rup process that followed immediately or in the subsequent way in which the events followed to mkeep this absolutely ridiculous story alive in an attempt to substantiate it as "feasible" "

    Yes, it must have been so, and I think that what some witnesses claimed Kate shouted to the group when she bursted into the Tapas after her 10pm check confirms it: - "THEY've taken her, THEY've taken her".
    Of course, the McCanns later fiercely denied that Kate ever said those would be interesting to have Kate explaining who were "THEY"...why "they" would she know that more than one person took Madeleine...? Why would she have chosen those words, unless she knew that "someone/they" were making plans to take care of things, but she did not expect such speed and had a shock when she realized "they" had alredy taken Madeleine, without her knowledge?

    "The first eyewitness account of the frantic moments after Madeleine McCann disappeared can be revealed today.
    Nanny Charlotte Pennington confirms that Kate McCann did scream: "They've taken her, they've taken her!"
    The mother's precise words have become a pivotal issue in the case, with Portuguese police questioning why she would automatically assume Maddie had been abducted.
    Mrs McCann's family have countered this by insisting they recall her shouting: "Madeleine's gone."
    "Friday 09 November 2007 190"

    "A new witness, who was the first to see Kate McCann moments after she realised her daughter Madeleine had disappeared, has given a dramatically different account of what happened that night.

    A waiter at the Portuguese holiday complex where the family were staying said instead of running back to the tapas bar where she was dining with her husband Gerry and friends, Kate McCann raised the alarm from the balcony of their apartment.
    The Portuguese man said that instead of running back to the tapas bar where the McCanns and their friends were dining Kate McCann screamed: "They've taken her, they've taken her, they've taken our little girl."
    This version of events contrasts dramatically with the account friends of the McCanns have given."


    "I don’t usually bet on Euromillions, my friend, but if I ever did, there would be at least four numbers where I would place my little crosses, to hit the winning key. And I bet that at least I would get those four right. As a matter of fact, I would even call it the Luz key.

    Those would be the 5, the 2, the 3 and the 1!"


    "Ao fim de meses de investigação, os dois inspectores da Polícia Judiciária destacados em Portimão acreditam saber o que aconteceu a Maddie, mas não têm como prová-lo. O chefe João Tavares olha para o mar da Praia da Luz com ar desiludido. Termina com a frase: se jogasse no Euromilhões acertava em quatro números. "Até lhe chamaria a chave da Luz. Seriam o 5, o 2, o 3 e o 1".

    É com este enigma que o ex-inspector da PJ, Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, termina 154 páginas de um livro dedicado a todos os colegas que investigaram o desaparecimento de Maddie de um resort na Praia da Luz."

    From Paulo Pereira Cristovão's fictional book, "A estrela de Madeleine" (The star of Madeleine)

    Rough translation, sorry if it's not top notch:

    After months of investigation, the two PJ inspectors assigned to the case in Portimâo believe they know what happened to Maddie, but have no way to prove it. Chief João Tavares gazes at the sea of Praia da Luz feeling disappointed. He ends with a phrase: if I gambled at the Euromillions I would get 4 numbers right. I wi«ould even call it the "Luz Key". It would be the 5, the 2, the 3, and the 1."

    "It is with this enigma that the ex-PJ inspector, Paulo P. Cristovão, ends 154 pages of a book dedicated to all the colleagues who investigated Maddie's disappearance from a resort in Praia da Luz."


  47. Uma entrevista a Paulo P. Cristóvão no 24Horas:

    Fonte: 24 Horas
    Jornalista: Sónia Simões

    "Ingleses só prejudicaram"

    "Livro sobre Madeleine defende PJ e critica a interferência britânica"

    "Depois de escrever "A Estrela de Joana", o inspector Paulo Cristóvão decidiu escrever a "Estrela de Madeleine" em homenagem aos colegas que trabalham no caso. O autor desafia o leitor a desvendar um enigma...

    Quando a Editorial Presença propôs a Paulo Pereira Cristóvão um livro sobre o desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann, o inspector da Judiciária só aceitou com uma condição: falar livremente sobre a investigação, mesmo que isso incomode o casal McCann e a polícia britânica.

    "Este é um livro incomodativo, mas sou livre de escrever o que a consciência me dita", confessa ao 24horas o inspector que conseguiu o sétimo lugar dos livros mais vendidos com a "Estrela de Joana".

    Paulo Cristóvão foi um dos inspectores que investigaram o desaparecimento de Joana e nesse processo conhece os passos dados.

    Em "Estrela de Madeleine – onde, quando, como, quem, o quê e porquê", o inspector baseia-se em conversas com colegas de trabalho, nas notícias, na intervenção policial e, sobretudo, na influência política a que a investigação "esteve sujeita".

    "Quando temos o primeiro-ministro de um país a dizer que vai falar com o seu homólogo sobre um processo-crime que está a decorrer, há influência", afirma. E é com base nessa influência e "interferência britânica" que o autor coloca os dois inspectores da PJ Francisco Meirelles e João Gomes (nomes fictícios) no terreno."


    "O livro começa com os dois inspectores a serem informados do desaparecimento de uma criança num resort na Praia da Luz. "A informação chegou tarde. Já havia uma televisão inglesa, a embaixada, a polícia britânica e um superior da PJ com conhecimento do desaparecimento, e só depois o piquete da PJ foi informado", conta.

    "Perdeu-se tempo e, depois, a polícia ajoelhou-se perante uma teoria que foi construída de fora para dentro. E os únicos prejudicados vão ser os polícias", acusa.

    Ao longo do livro, que Paulo Cristóvão prefere não desvendar, o retrato do trabalho dos dois inspectores não esquece a intervenção da polícia britânica: "Os cães, os laboratórios deles. Porquê?"

    Paulo Pereira Cristóvão confessa que depois de várias publicações sobre o caso, pretende trazer uma abordagem diferente e "pró-lusa".

    "Quero demonstrar que somos pobres, mas desenrascados. E que a intervenção inglesa só prejudicou o trabalho dos meus colegas", diz. E por isso o livro é dedicado aos seus ex-colegas de Portimão, Faro e da Direcção Central de Combate ao Banditismo."


  48. cont.,

    "A Estrela de Madeleine" termina com uma frase enigmática. Quem desvendar tem a chave do que o autor pensa sobre o que aconteceu a Maddie. Ainda ninguém conseguiu. Paulo Cristóvão convida-o a tentar já a partir de terça-feira.

    A "Estreia de Madeleine" pretende defender a PJ depois da chuva de críticas de que foi alvo?
    É assumidamente uma defesa da PJ, dos polícias que andaram e andam a trabalhar no caso e é uma defesa da própria bandeira nacional.

    Afinal, o que pensa ter acontecido a Madeleine?
    Imperativos legais impedem-me de o dizer.

    Acredita que este caso vai ser resolvido?
    Depende do que se entende por resolvido. O saber dos polícias está esclarecido, mas isso é diferente da demonstração processual. Temo que a fotografia de Maddie vai permanecer durante muito mais tempo na página dos desaparecidos.

    Fala de "influências britânicas" na investigação. Se a PJ actuasse só, o caso estaria resolvido?
    É tempo de a polícia voltar às mãos dos polícias....

    Como encara as críticas que o criminalista Barra da Costa teceu sobre "A Estrela de Joana"? [Em entrevista ao 24horas Barra da Costa disse que o livro tinha sido escrito à pressa para criar "uma verdade oficial"]
    Da extensa bibliografia com que o doutor Barra da Costa culminou o seu livro ["Maddie, Joana e a Investigação Criminal, a verdade escondida"], devia constar o processo do caso Joana – que é público – e o de Madeleine. A "Estrela de Joana" demorou 3,5 anos a ser escrito. O livro dele acaba como começa, com "a verdade escondida".

  49. Texusa has proved that the big round table does not exist or fit into such a small space, and why would they hold a pub quiz in such a small area especially where the mccann party totalled 9 adults (hardly fair) on other players also Tapas bar is just a small tapas bar area but could quizes have been held at Chaplins which was an ex-pat pub and a more likely venue and this is where the group went in the evenings? Also there was plenty of sickness within this group each night somebody was sick or their child was sick and missing dinner could this person be the babysitter for the group each adult taking a turn? The'quiz mistress' said there was one empty seat at the table perhaps there was always an empty seat (the babysitters seat). Gerry asked the quiz mistress Najoua to sit with them and she said that nobody left the table during the 30 minutes she was there so there were no checks taking place at that time, she could not recall seeing Kate during her 30 minutes could kate have been the babysitter that night for the group and Gerry was flirting with Najoua or perhaps he wanted an independant witness to state that they all had dinner at the tapas together.

  50. Express article is damning of Mcs as it says she was left to cry one hour on 2nd and an unidentified couple went in to comfort her.
    Why would anyone do that? Rather than go to OC reception?
    They could have been accused of burglary or worse,or terrified the kids. If they did find them unattended, why didn't they alert someone? Why no statement to Pj? Ks swearing reported too.
    This is a leak to press, not from SY. It could put a child at risk if she was alive, to alert them to people they were interviewing.
    I'm sure it's the Moyes.
    It calls JT sighting into question and says couple saw people and children eating at Tapas from their balcony. They didn't hear or see anything strange and knew nothing until alerted by Mc friend.
    The Mcs must be very worried about this unflattering portrayal.

  51. One paper describes a Mexican stand off between SY and Portugal. Another says it isn't and that there is good cooperation.
    Seems to me the Mexican stand off is between sections of the press!

  52. Anon #49,

    We believe that the children were watched over by Ocean Club's babysitters while the adults did whatever they did, or in other words, there was no negligence either on the part of the parents or the resort.

    You're right, that by "coincidence", a T9 adult was sick and had to remain in the apartments for some time during the evenings.

    This was concocted up to guarantee that the guilt would always lie within the T9. Remember that I thought initially that the swinging was contained within the T9. At the time of my initial theory, it didn't cross my mind that any of the guests were involved in things that they wouldn't like to be known publicly.

    With time, we've come to realize that the swinging within the T9 would have been the ideal to out the "truth", or how Maddie died, without outing the truth which was that it happened in while a large swinging party was going on.

    But if we hadn't realized that, and the "truth" was revealed, which would be a swinging party between the T9 and the T9 only, then the T9 could say "Ok, you've caught us but look, we weren't negligent... we had an adult to look after each kid every night. We lied to cover-up our hanky-panky...."

    Add to this, why then none of the McCanns were never sick? When was their turn? They would be then a very privileged couple within the T9: the only ones that got the kids checked by all and didn't check others kids, and the only ones allowed to have fum all the nights.

    The scenario you raise is that of an incomplete non-negligence. We believe that there was absolutely no negligence.

  53. Anon #51,

    We believe that we're before the "tabloid wrath" mentioned in our previous post, together with green light given to SY to go as far ahead as it can.

    Yesterday's enemies are today's allies and yesterday's allies are today's enemies.

    Something that happens in this issue with surprising frequency, so wouldn't be surprised if all changed tomorrow.

    The fighting is now done between tabloids. Those faithful to Cameron/Murdoch and those faithful to BHs.

    It's up to each one of us to tell which are which.

    The PJ, like the rest of us, are just spectators at this point in time.

  54. Textusa 53,

    Agree about newspapers wrath.
    Express article promotes total neglect, but also suggests nothing was heard or seen by people in a good position to do so.
    The twists and turns of the stories give clues about BH camps. It must be obvious to more people that only warring camps can explain these stories


  55. Thank you for identifying the source of the Luz Key - numbers 42;44;45 and 48! Very grateful.

  56. Anon #55,

    Could you please clarify what do you mean with your comment?

    Thank you.

  57. #55 - I was thanking the people who had identified the source of the numbers in my question at #39 - and identifying those people by the number of their responses i.e. #42 etc.
    Too many numbers!
    I still think it odd that the Mirror articles repeats two of the Luz key numbers quoted.

  58. Anon #55,

    Thank you so much for your answer.

    We had to be sure that you meant that you thought the comments #42, #44, #45 and #48 were referring to Cristavao's book, Maddie 129.

    He does quote 4 numbers at the end of the book, which he calls the Luz key: the 5 the 4 the 2 and the 1, which he does says if he had to place his crosses anywhere, such as the Euromillions, it would be on these numbers.

    Not everyone has read the book, which has been described as fact described in a semi fictional way, thus this explanation reinforcing your answer.

    Once again, thank you.

  59. We have stayed at the Ocean club,it is a very safe complex,with hundreds of families enjoying their holidays.I'd like to know why you think swinging goes on there,we saw no indication of that at all.

  60. Paulo Pereira Cristovão deve ter feito " o seu trabalho de casa" antes de escrever o livro, portanto saberá bem a que se refere.
    Hernani Carvalho, Paulo Sargento e outros, foram incomodados pelos Mccann e seus apoiantes, por defenderem a posição da PJ. PPC, aparentemente, não.
    Do caso que teve no Sporting, sobressaem 3 pontos em meu entender:
    1- tinha ou tem uma empresa especializada em seguir/ procurar/ investigar pistas( Ai, ai.... Algo que os Mccann e todos os envolvidos com o caso da PDL, não gostam, porque estes não são os tansos da M3 cujo cérebro se resume a uma carteira de notas de Euros).
    2- Rogério Alves conhece-o e sabe que tinha de jogar com cautela para não permitir que o saco rompesse e saísse cá para fora alguma informação que tenha chegado às mãos de PPC sobre o caso Maddie. Portugal é um país pequeno e depois da argolada que foi a entrada em cena de MAC para perseguir GA usando a Leonor Cipriano, PPC deve ter ficado atento pois o caso Cipriano também o envolvia. Não é dificil para investigadores do nivel destes chegar a fontes fidedignas de informação. Afinal, alguns terão sido espectadores passivos da azafama do 3 de Maio e foram obrigados a calar por serem " raia miuda". Quem garante que nunca contaram nada a ninguém?
    A dado momento, RA foi apontado como advogado de PPC no caso Sporting. Como Sportinguista, nunca engoli esta ligação. Algo atou RA a PPC e não devem ter sido as acusações relacionadas com o futebol.
    3- GA a dado momento disse no programa " Querida Julia" qualquer coisa que indicava que a PJ andava a perseguir ex-colegas. Infelizmente parece ser verdade, se considerarmos aquilo que a SY tanto apregoa, que a revisão do caso Maddie passou para a PJ Porto. Uma força com um fracasso abismal no seu curriculo, que foi a investigação ao caso da rapariga de Lamego, encontrada meses depois de ter morrido num despiste de carro.
    GA foi muito cauteloso ao comentar as acusações feitas a PPC no Sporting. Disse que tinha pontualmente investigado com ele o caso Joana e que era um bom investigador mas não o conhecia muito bem porque ele estava no Algarve e PPC pertencia a Lisboa. Pontualmente, participava na investigação da Joana.

    Tudo somado, acho que o caso de PPC no Sporting, foi uma perseguição por ser um ex-PJ que tinha trabalhado com GA. Alguém quis intimidá-lo talvez por temer o que ele possa saber e por poder ser arolado como testemunha numa eventual reabertura do caso, se GA não ceder as pressões dos Mccann no caso que moveram contra ele.
    Se Marinho Pinto, pode ser testemunha, Investigadores tambem o podem ser. Terreno escorregadio para os envolvidos no 3 de Maio.
    É só uma opinião de alguém que vai seguindo com o minimo de atenção as noticias.

  61. Tex or at 55 please could you explain what is the Luz Key numbers? -I cannot understand what the numbers mean. Thank you

  62. 59, when have you been there?
    There was one OC up to May 2007 and another one since then till now. I believe after May 2007, there is no swing at all.... and the clients dropped dramatically. The crise is being used to justify facts that had a little to do with it since it affects mainly the spannish and portuguese and the large maiority of the tourists coming to the OC were middle class from European countries with a good economy- British, Deutch and German.
    Then, what changes and becomes less attractive to this tourists? Not the weather, not the sea, not the golf, not the tennis, not the safety, not the hospitality of the place( i believe that even increased). I just saw one reason- the main subject of the holidays - the swing. The same subject that attracted so many in a low season to a third line offer of holidays in Algarve on May 2007.
    Who knows the Algarve, knows that more touristic areas are empty in a low season, why should be different with the OC? Which magic star were they holding to attract this tourists? One that cannot be openly used in Albufeira, Praia da Rocha or Vilamoura, because will be spotted and exposed. PDL, was perfect. Quite, having a comunnity of local and foreigner residents, who cooperate with the situation due to various reasons- some because that amount of people was good for their business as well ( supermarkets, cafés, restaurants, etc) and some because they were swingers as well. Everything was perfect until an accident involving one of the childs happen. That was a disaster and Gerry clear stated it to his family. An accident is what we can imply from the police files.
    Why they cover up an accident that happen millions of times in the life of the world with the same unfortunate end for the child? and why so many got involved on that cover up? That is the main question. By doing the reconstruction, the police will find the answer to that question and the case will be solved.
    About, the last day of Madeleine, I think the police have a clear idea since 2007. they just need the jigsaw to be settled by the right people and those are running away since minute one.
    Moita Flores said that the clue is inside the 5A and Olegario de Sousa said that the crime was totally english and was very dramatic for who had live it.
    If you can give any other good explanation that could justify so many people and so many nannies at the OC on May 2007, I have an open mind and most of us here.....I'm ready to change my mind, but only with a very good explanation. Not that rubbish pharmaceutical meeting, clones, Maçons, tennis, golf, etc.

  63. D.M and block 4, block 2, block 6 and view from 5.

  64. I too believe they were swingers its something they were all involved in and have all been prepared to lie for and refuse to do a reconstruction. The buxom quiz mistress caught Gerry's eye and the nanny being invited to UK for holiday with Mc's all very telling. There are others involved in the swinging that are being protected because of their positions the Mccanns have the dirt on these people and thats what is protecting the mccanns. Nobody else would be given the amount of support, publicity, newspaper inches that the mccanns have received they would have been fully investigated once the cracks in their abductor story started appearing. The big question is who else was on that swinging holiday and quickly fled once the worlds press arrived?

    With the recent sex revealations concerning celebrities and high ranking officials it seems that as people become more famous their sex lives become more sordid and made public. Something the mcs and their friends want to keep quiet respectable middle class doctors and their wife swapping activities. They did not look for Maddie on the night she 'vanished' instead they were too busy sorting out their time line and stories.


    "The woman’s statement continues: “We walked back up towards our apartment, a group had gathered on the corner. The McCanns were in bits, he was crying on the shoulder of a friend. She was screaming: ‘The f*****g bastards have taken her’. Finally, at around 4am, we said: ‘Is it OK if we go to bed?’ We directed this comment towards a man in a white shirt and jeans, who seemed to be authoritative.”"

    Well...since it seems the Yard is taking this "witness" seriously, will the Yard ask Kate who exactly are those "f*****g bastards" she thinks took Madeleine...?

    And, the "authoritative" man in white shirt and jeans...David Payne...?

  66. Anon #61,

    That's the $64,000.00 question.

    Only Paulo Cristovao knows for certain.

    We haven't given it much importance up to now. It's a too generic of a riddle within a case filled with others more relevant.

  67. Anon #59,

    The fact that you didn't witness an indication of swinging during your stay in PdL doesn’t mean is any way that it didn’t happen.

    First, because many things do happen in our lives right under our noses that we aren’t aware of, nor will ever be, so it isn’t enough to say something didn’t happen because you didn’t have an indication of its occurrence.

    Second, because it would have been absolutely understandable and natural you didn't witness an indication of swinging during your stay in PdL if it was going on, hypothetically, that is.

    Only if you were one of the swingers invited would you know it was happening.

    Those who practice such a lifestyle are very discreet and this sort of activity isn’t exactly advertised as tennis or watersports. It’s by “invitation only”, no stranger just shows up.

    What happens in “Vegas” stays in “Vegas” or, in the case of swinging, within the confinements of the group.

    Thirdly, you speak of “hundreds of families” which makes me assume that you were there in the peak season July/August, so, if that is the case, you’re comparing what isn’t comparable.

    One of the things that indicate there was swinging was exactly the unusual high occupancy rate for end April/early May.

    We believe that just like in Potins, as shown in our post “Pleasuring Posh People” (, the Ocean Club hosted a swinging event in the low season.

    As to other reasons that make us think there was swinging, please read the following post:


    The Moyes

  69. The Macs were said to be on an all inclusive family package holiday but so desperate to be there with their 'so into each other' friends they paid again for different flights,again for airport transfers, again for separate meals.
    So either the MW inclusive package is a front to cover other activities or the Macs had more money than sense by doubling the cost of their holiday to an out of season cold weather resort.
    Why would anyone do that?
    What was the attraction it certainly wasn`t to spend time with their kids.

  70. Most scandals evolve from either sex or money, when one considers how basic and budget priced the apartments at OC were, we can rule out money (plenty of that came later for the parents with their fraudulent fund scam ). They appeared a large 'respectable' group of adults with their children enjoying a holiday. The children were put in the creche everyday not much of a holiday for them. Posters often ask why the group bothered to take their children on holiday in the first place why not leave them at home - having the young children with them made it appear a family orientated group. If the Tapas group were innocent they would have come forward and cooperated and would not have been afraid to take part in a reconstruction by getting involved in swinging the group has had to cover each others back for fear of the truth coming out and reputations and jobs being destroyed. Whatever happened to Madeleine the group thought it more important to lie than tell the truth Jane Tanner has made a complete fool of herself over bundle man, pimple man and egg head its all lies covering up for their adult activities.
    SY should MAKE them do a reconstruction not ask them, then their lies would be so obvious that the mccann money making factory would be brought to a standstill. When will somebody in authority be brave enough to challenge the mccanns.

  71. I've just been viewing Gerry Mccanns body language 2 on youtube and he is sooooo guilty. What a coverup!

  72. A quarter of a century later and politicians, police and judiciary involved in the Hillsborough cover -up are still to be brought to account. But at least we know the truth- there was a cover -up.
    And maybe this one won't take as long to uncover.
    David Cameron spoke with authentic support for the truth about Hillsborough. Will he do the same for Madeleine?

  73. I was thinking how could the Jensens see the blond man acting suspiciously as they were not in the same apartment block as Mcs?
    Did they keep count of all balconies in that building? Why?

  74. It is possible that some of us may not know the Truth or see anyone brought to account in our lifetime. It may depend on those holding powerful positions, who may have been involved, that TM use to stay any true investigation and how soon they depart this life to enable the Truth to come out.


    A quote from Martin Brunt. It seems to be pushed that the Portuguese will not re-open the case as though they are being obstructive as well as referred to as bungling again:

    "Another source said that cell-site analysis of suspects' mobile phones, which is standard practice in all crime cases, was not done fully.

    That may have allowed Madeleine's abductor to avoid arrest.

    Scotland Yard believes it has unearthed enough clues to justify the Portuguese authorities re-opening their investigation, which was abandoned 15 months after Madeleine vanished.

    Portugal's new Attorney-General Joana Marques Vidal has so far refused to do so, but as a lawyer who specialises in child protection, she may eventually be more willing than her predecessor."

  76. Lets hope they re-open the case - and then get the tapas fiends back to Portugal for a reconstruction that will wipe the smirk off Gerry' face.

  77. Does the UK media ever read the pj files before writing about this case? and if not ...why not?

  78. Anon 75
    What a cheek. A lot of analysis was done but GA was refused permission to use certain phone records.
    I'm sure some would reveal what T9 up to.
    Portuguese will not take up an abduction scenario!

  79. Just a word for the tornado victims in the US.

    How small we are, how fragile life is, how hypocritically some live it.

    Our prayers are with all the victims, their families and with all the nameless heroes relentlessly fighting to save lives and help survivors.

    God bless them.

  80. What right does UK have to treat Portugal so disgracefully - Amaral should have been left to complete his investigation he and his team knew what was going on with the Mccanns since then we have been flooded with sightings of Maddie all around the globe none of them amounting to anything but plenty of evidence of a death in 5a why don't the UK press follow this up - this has been an opportunity lost. The Mccanns and their friends should be made to do a reconstruction and when they are fnally found guilty will Tony Bennett receive an apology for the disgraceful way they have treated him. We all know the Mccanns know more about maddies disappearance than they are saying and so do their friends so why all this prentendy abductor stuff?

  81. There will always be cover-ups we have had the Kennedy shooting, Monroe suicide, Princess Diana, and what really happened to Bin ladins body there is so much, I suppose this is just one more cover up, but one day it will be one more too many, because people are fed up with being lied too, fed up with the Mccanns, and being told what the estabablishment wants us to hear and believe, we have our own mind and we make our own decisions and this Maddie affair is yet another cover-up or whatever they want to call it, but one day it will come out just like all the other cover-ups and that will be the legacy these people leave their families being part of a coverup and not giving a 3 year old chiild a proper burial - they should all be ashamed of themselves that is if they feel shame or any human emotion.

  82. Anon #81,

    Please let us state in very clear terms that we're not conspiracy theorists.

    About Marilyn and Bin Laden we don't know enough about the respective details but we do believe that many stories about them are just that, stories.

    About JFK, as we've said in our post "10 Common Facts Between Two Global Lies" (, based purely on logic on what we're able to know, we're certain that there weren't only three shots fired against Kennedy's car.

    Why the US opted for the SINGLE bullet theory (the other two shots were identified as missed) or, more precisely, the SINGLE shooter theory, we don't know.

    A conspiracy involves a lot of planning.

    The best way to debunk a conspiracy theory is to see what would be needed to built up one.

    This exercise usually how evident people that use "conspiracy" do it more as clutter effect than anything else.

    What we defend about that happened in PdL is that it was a cover-up.

    The difference between a real conspiracy and a cover-up is the planning. In a conspiracy one acts, creates the event, while in the cover-up, one reacts, the best one can, following an uncontrolled and undesired event.

    An event so undesired that it requires a cover-up. The more undesired the event is, the bigger the cover-up. The bigger the cover-up the more people involved and greater their importance in society.

    What is being covered up in the Maddie case? We believe that it is to hide the occurrence of a swinging event.

    No, not to cover-up the little girl's unfortunate death. We're absolutely certain that the vast majority of the world's population knows that Maddie is no longer alive. And we're absolutely certain that ALL that matter know that fact.

    The reactive nature of the cover-up usually means that it's filled with holes in its construction, as its starting point is a completely unexpected one.

    To fill up these "gaps", lies pile up that only the willing blind fail to see.

  83. After just a few days this post has reached the top 10!! Congratulations!
    I'm sure the Jensen sisters are happy... not!

  84. Anon #81,

    Complementing what I’ve said in my comment #82, let me also say that a conspiracy has 3 fundamental elements: it’s collective, it’s planned and it has a unity of purpose.

    With any of these elements missing, then one is NOT before a conspiracy.

    Our blog is an example of what is, and what a conspiracy isn’t.

    Not in authorship, as my previous comment has made that adamantly clear, but in the ways it is attacked.

    We’re fully aware that we have a wonderful and dedicated support from the majority of our readers but we’re also fully aware that the BHs find, collectively, the blog, in the lack of a better word, undesirable and that the blog is to be constantly under collective attack.

    Once we don’t publish insulting comments, the BHs resort to their only option: the guise of “friendly” comment with a touch of clutter.

    Although collective, and planned (in terms of watching the blog closely and attacking it at every opportunity) we don’t consider to be the target of any sort of conspiracy.

    Why? Because these attacks lack unity of purpose.

    There are too many BH camps involved. And all with different interests. It’s more what separates them than what they have in common.

    The only thing they have in common is that each camp wants to keep its respective “flag”, or the people to be defended, the furthest away from the heat or spotlight that it’s possible to keep them.

  85. Oh yah, they will always say " the portuguese police refuse to open it". That sentence will be used by the British media involved with Madeleine saga, until we feel nausea, because it serves their own business: Maccann's propaganda, selling them as victims and the portuguese police as the guilty part, the criminals.
    That is the total inversion of the subject "JUSTICE". I hope one day, all those involved with that circus pay for what they are doing.
    Only the Mccann's can reopen the case and for that they just need to fill a form and spend few pounds in a stamp to send it to Portugal or ask one of their lawyers to do it under their names.
    They are so fake, so hypocrit... By letting that game go so far. Wonder what they have to say to their remaining children, one day, when they grow up. They had the power to reopen the case and allow the police to solve the disappearence of their sister but they choose to let Madeleine down and live under the fame and the money earned under her name and her tragedy. If I'm one of the twins, I will never forgive my parents after discovering their attitude.
    Shame on all involved with cover up.

  86. Textusa, your comments are right in highlighting the difference between conspiracy and cover up.
    A pre planned murder would require conspiracy. An accident would need a cover up

  87. Textusa,

    Found this.
    As I was reading this I was aware recently of people posting here who would say thank you for that information and such.
    I got the feeling that the authors of this were the same.
    I read this through the night.
    Sheer brilliance.

  88. Unpublished comment at May 22, 2013, 9:26:00 AM,

    We don't agree with the theory of neglect and prefer not to add the link, which is available on other blogs if people want to read it.

  89. I have read that it is not true that the case can be reopened simply by a formal request from the parents,that this is a myth. I have read that it will not reopened without new evidence.
    I do thik it was the case, however, that the parents allowed the case to be shelved, rather than act in a way with their friends which would have allowed it to continue.

    Can anyone clarify this issue about the reopening for sure?
    thank you!

  90. #89,

    Iam not a lawyer but I understand that the 3 arguidos in the case have the legal right to ask for the reopening of the case, that being the Mccanns and Robert Murat.
    I found this old newspaper article where Mr. Amaral's lawyer at the time (July 2008)said the following:

    "Quem tem legitimidade para pedir a reabertura de instrução ou reabertura do inquérito do caso "Maddie" são o "casal lesado", Kate e Gerry McCann, ou o cidadão luso-britânico Robert Murat, acrescenta o advogado de Gonçalo Amaral. Para o causídico, além dos lesados, "qualquer outra pessoa ou entidade" pode pedir a reabertura de instrução ou reabertura do inquérito desde que "tenha dados credíveis ou muito importantes que justifiquem a reabertura"."

    Those who have the legitemacy to ask for the reopening of the instruction process or the reopening of the inquiry of the Maddie case are the "injured couple"(lesado in portuguese, one who has suffered the damage or injury, not sure how to translate this in legal terms), Kate and Gerry McCann, or the anglo-portuguese citizen, Robert Murat, adds Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer. To the lawyer, besides the injured/damaged parties, "any other person or entity" can ask for the reopening of the intruction process or the reopening of the inquiry provided they have "very credible or very important data that justify the reopening".

    And, Mr. Amaral has said it many times, the McCanns can have the process reopened easily..."it will only cost them the stamp on the envelope", he once put it.

  91. so it seems that for anyone else asking for a reopening [ for example, British police] new evidence needs to be presented to Portuguese authorities, but the McCanns need not do this. This seems to refer to when they had arguido status [given Murat mentioned too, he was not injured through having a child taken]... so now that they 3 are no longer arguidos, they too would need to offer more evidence.
    Thank you so much for your post, it is a very complex legal situation.

  92. Their arguidos status was not forever lifted. Was suspended, waiting for more evidences to clear or charge them. They create that myth of being cleared from all suspicions and they case closed. The case was shelved due to the poor cooperation of the British authorities on the steps of the investigation that need to be done in Uk. Since, PJ realised that they will not get the cooperation they need, they shelved the case. A stand by until the environment becomes more favorable to a full and free investigation.
    The Mccann's create the myth of being cleared. They know, on the day the case become reopenned their arguido status will be "on" again, even because it is mandatory to have a reconstruction done by them or by actors and will take less then a blink for PJ to prove their lies. The story they delivered to the police it is physically impossible. That's why, they will never really ask the case to be reopenned.
    The Tapas 7, could reopen the case if one decides to tell the truth but they know that by doing that they will put themselves under serious risk of becoming arguidos.

  93. MET or SY can advise the couple and friends to come and make the reconstruction that day. Or night.Or dinners. Or .......

    Thus the process reopens automatically.

    Of course, if they are even interested in "knowing" what happened to the girl.

    Extradition is no possible. If C_R avoid Pinochet......

  94. Recently Murat said he would like to see the case re-opened and considering what a tight hold the Mccanns have about what is published concerning this case what was that all about obviously Murat didn't want the case reopened or he would have asked many years ago.

    If suspicions would found concerning the fund could that not be enough reason to re-open the case. There are many people who are not happy about this fund and the way the money has been spent on litigation cases, or the way the Mccanns have courted the media and misled the public surely this is classed as fraudulent activity on behalf of the mccanns and should be investigated and what of the many websites questioning the parents version of events, the pj files is a classic example why are the mccanns still allowed to flaunt their abductor story to which there is no independent evidence why is nothing done about any of this?

  95. If it was not for the internet we would know nothing of the duplicity and lies of the Mccanns instead we would read the spin that Mitchell and team Mccann feed our media. Thank you Textusa and all who want to find the truth x

  96. Murat, Mccann's, Sy, etc, can say wharever they want on the media about reopenning the case.... This is only propaganda to fit their business. The case will never be reopened if they don't fill the forms and formally request it to be done with the proper authoritie in Portugal.
    Pj only reopen the case if one of the arguidos or the witnesses decide to add new evidences to the case. And for this group, new evidences could be so simple as changing the statements they previous gave to the police and tell the truth, or be available for the reconstruction. Any other scenary to reopen the case by PJ,need the body or a complete reliable witness with forensic evidences to support the new evidences, or the FSS lab giving back all the samples to be retested in an independent lab.
    I believe, there is a lot to work on samples recovered in 2007. Somebody is preventing the official police to see evidences. The same type of evidences which arevbeing used daily, to solve other cases and frame the criminals.
    I don't believe PJ spent all that money( the most expensive investigation in Portugal) to find nothing. They found a lot and still holding that evidences until they get tired of some clowns and decide to use them. Time is the worst enemy for all involved on the cover up. Time grows and enlarge the criminal responsibility.


    McCanns suing Halligen? Hope so! That I would like to see!!

  98. I doubt that even the continual protestations for a re-opening by the McCann's or the Portuguese if they receive new evidence nor even SY with new evidence can re-open the case - until those who will be exposed are gone and I think most importantly, until the UK Government Agencies will permit it. 

    I think each one of these - UK Gov. SY. McCanns and Portuguese Gov. hold this case in limbo. Each one appears to block the other.

    As Anon@92 has said in their comment:
    " The case was shelved due to the poor cooperation of the British authorities on the steps of the investigation that need to be done in Uk. Since, PJ realised that they will not get the cooperation they need, they shelved the case"

    I fear that it is possible that even if anyone involved "breaks" they will be silenced or sued. Whoever they are if they have the urge to come clean may understand or have been made aware of this and must be suffering under this restraint. Just as TB has been silenced. Anyone trying to expose the truth in the UK will suffer the same treatment. Searching for the "abductor" is akin to a  form of silencing. The continuation of the Fund is something which has been and continues to be  "permitted".  The career change for Kate I think was "arranged". 

    GM and KM are already in a form of prison - a life sentence of control risks and I now seriously doubt that it was Gerry's wider agenda at all. 

    They ARE a form of "shield".

  99. The Mccann couple deleted their mobile phone history - what did they have to hide? Mitchell said none of the Tapas took their mobiles to dinner with them in the evenings could they also have deleted messages which would have proved that none of them were at the Tapas bar in the evenings?

  100. When the twins are older they could ask for the re-opening of the case for closure for themselves they will have read Kates book and presumably plenty of other news concerning their sister. Daft as it may seem these things do happen sometimes it can take years but one day somebody will get this case re-opened and get to the bottom of what happened in pdl and why so many people lied.

  101. I wonder when you work will finally get the recognition it deserves Textusa. You have spoiled many an agenda. Thank you for using your (our) voice so adequately.

  102. Anonymous 101,

    Agree totally with you! It's just so scandalous how the blogosphere completely ignores Textusa and the importance of her work!! It's as if shes a persona non-grata! I think two bloggers should be praised above all others for their effort: Joana Morais and Textusa.
    Everyone says they know JM but pretend that Textusa doesn't exist!! Why? "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?"

  103. Anon #59, did you by any chance during your stay come across a big round table at Tapas Bar? I'm sure it would stand out among the other small ones. Could you please check your photos of the holidays you spent there and see if you photographed it? If so, could you please submit that photo to Textusa for publication? I'm sure she would gladly provide you a mail for you to send it. If you have such a photo.

  104. 101 and 102 totally agree I have been following Textusa since Ironside posted. Myself and my friends are regular posters here we love this blog and tell all our friends about it and they are regular viewers as well - we especially like the way Textusa notices the smaller details that other blogs miss. She has a brilliant analitical mind and sees through the smoke and mirrors that Mitchell put in place to fool and confuse the public.
    We all know why the Tapas will not do a reconstruction it would prove being doubt that what they said took place could not have taken place their timings, Jane seeing an abductor and Jez and Gerry not seeing her but she saw them etc and also if they were innocent they would have nothing to fear and would have been keen to help in any way they could, just this one fact suggest they are all involved. They invented the negligence idea to enable them to create the abductor story. Without the negligence there could be no abductor.
    One day the truth will out, it always does!


    CRUCIAL files relating to Madeleine McCann’s disappearance are being kept secret by the Government to avoid a diplomatic war with Portugal. They contain discussions between Home Office ­officials and the Met over ­vital information on the case. But Home Secretary Theresa May and her staff have spent the past nine months preventing the Daily Star Sunday from obtaining the papers.

    They said there would be “specific detriment to the UK’s relationship with Portugal” if the four files were released. Ms May also claimed disclosure of three of the documents would “stifle discussion” ­between ­officials.

    But we understand the papers may show a difference of opinion between the Home Office and Met officers, who are reviewing the files on Madeleine’s 2007 disappearance in Praia da Luz


    John Hemming has condemned Hugh Tomlinson QC, the barrister who has led Hacked Off's call for state-backed regulation of the press, for his role in bringing legal injunctions on behalf of footballer Ryan Giggs and banker Fred Goodwin.

    The MP also claims that Mr Tomlinson helped to secure the 'secret imprisonment' of a woman simply for 'writing emails'.
    Mr Hemming also accuses Mr Tomlinson of playing a key role in Yvonne Goder being jailed after sending emails to the Law Society complaining that a solicitors' firm had defrauded her mother using the Court of Protection.

  107. "Desaparecidas 53 crianças em 2012"
    Foram registados mais 14 casos que em 2011. Situações foram todas resolvidas ao longo deste ano, garante Manuel Coutinho, da SOS Criança.
    Por:André Pereira -Correio da Manhã

    "O número de crianças desaparecidas em Portugal aumentou em 2012. Em dezembro foram contabilizados 53 casos, mais 14 do que no ano anterior. Segundo os dados do Instituto de Apoio à Criança, a maior parte das situações reportadas (32) dizem respeito a rapto parental, seguindo-se os casos de fuga (16).
    "Todas as 53 situações registadas no final de 2012 estão resolvidas. Em dezembro existiam 33 crianças desaparecidas e três por identificar, mas foram encontradas já este ano", afirmou ao CM Manuel Coutinho, secretário-geral do Instituto de Apoio à Criança e coordenador da linha SOS Criança.
    O rapto parental (progenitores que fogem com os filhos) é o problema mais grave no desaparecimento de crianças. Para Manuel Coutinho, trata-se de uma violência que está a ser feita às crianças. "A rutura conjugal não é rutura parental. Os pais não podem ‘coisificar' os filhos. O rapto parental provoca um sofrimento enorme às crianças, que ficam perdidas e sentem-se responsáveis pelo conflito entre pai e mãe", alertou.
    No que diz respeito às fugas, o coordenador da SOS Criança explica: "Ninguém foge de onde está bem. Por norma há sempre um ambiente hostil e essas situações têm de ser analisadas. Há também situações de jovens que fogem às más notas ou para ir viver com o namorado".

    (só o caso Maddie ficou por resolver, por certo não por falta de empenho ou por incompetência da PJ. O comentário 105 levanta um pouco do véu que ensombra o desaparecimento do Maddie. Quem e porquê, não quer a solução deste caso? )

  108. Anon. @85

    "Only the Mccann's can reopen the case and for that they just need to fill a form and spend few pounds in a stamp to send it to Portugal or ask one of their lawyers to do it under their names. "

    The McCanns, although they must have knowledge of what happened, have no way of re-opening the case. I doubt they are free to request such an action. They too, have oppressors.

    I despair - I hold my head in my hands and despair.

  109. I am anon 59,to the poster who asked me if i had any photos of a large round table in the tapas bar(now renamed The Pizzaria)why would i take photos of a table,we were on holiday to enjoy the Algarve not for taking photos of Tapas bar.

  110. Anon #109,

    To ask you to go on a holiday and take a picture of a table is ridiculous. To ask you if you had a picture where that particular object appeared for some reason (either you sitting by it or in the background) seems to be a perfectly reasonable request.


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