Monday, 10 December 2012

That Time: Break Time

Well, it’s that time of the year.

That time in which tradition has the strength to force us to look into ourselves and onto others, both those near or very near to us and those a little further away.

That time to look back at the crossroads we faced and the reasons why we chose the path we did knowing that when doing so we forever shut close all the others possibilities never to know where they would've lead us to.

That time to try to amend the whys and the whatnot that made those that at an arm’s distance have drifted away and departed in the ebbs and flows of human contact.

That time to put a real value on what we give to friendship remembering that we’ll always be in debt no matter how much we keep giving because what we receive in turn is simply priceless and that’s why we want to keep on giving.

In other words, that time for our Christmas break.

Using a Portuguese saying, may you receive in double all that you wish for us!


  1. Beginning with the end of the post, what you want to others, then I can say that everything good will happen to the three Queens Magas this Blog.

    I thank you and wish you an exceptional Christmas season.

    I imagine it being a short stop I wish I also have a good end of year and a good entry in the new year, 2013.

  2. Quem se mete em atalhos, mete-se em trabalhos (rough translation trying to keep the spirit of the saying: He who chooses to shortcut, chooses a lot more to work out)
    That is the biggest lesson the BHs should take from all this!

  3. Loved the crossed-eyes and the tinfoil hats!! You three have the Merry Christmas full of joy that you so deserve!! Come back quickly!

  4. Nem reparei nos olhos "cruzados" , talvez por tanto e bom trabalho. Porque Vos dá muito e muito trabalho bastante sério e fundamentado sem dúvida.

    Eu gostava muito que não desistissem, como tantos já fizeram.

    Neither noticed the eyes "crossed", and perhaps much good work. Because it takes work, no doubt.

    I loved not give up, as so many have done.

  5. I could not have phrased it better! Merry Christmas to you Textusa and your fabulous team!

    Do keep up the good work and may the New Year bring some JUSTICE to those who have been made scapegoats for the peccadillos of the wealthy and powerful. Those with multi-million reputation management & legal teams. Those with political and ideological strings attached. Those two - you know who...

  6. The dolls are very beautiful, yet have crossed eyes are very funniest and have an air sweet and very friendly.

    Enjoy what You believe ! Christmas and whatever creed .

  7. You are the Magi, the 3 Wise Women who've come from the "East" who didn't, like all others, go after a Star but instead followed a very happy little angel watching all you've done in her name. I'm sure she blesses the day you three joined your strengths.
    I wish you what is impossible to double: all the peace, all the health and all the happiness. I don't wish you any richness because I think we've already found it: your humanity.

  8. Textusa will be referenced as one of the greatest detective minds of all time. She'll be the first non-fiction one. I hope one day to be able to put under the Christmas tree a book written by or about Textusa and her fabulous sisters! That day will mean final victory!

  9. Merry Christmas Tex et al xxx

  10. I would like to thank all the readers who make this blog what it is. Without supporters the blog would mean nothing, we would be talking amongst ourselves.

    Best wishes for a happy seasonal break with family and friends.

  11. I wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Textusa and Sisters, and of course, to all my fellow fans of this blog.

    (I will miss you day always starts with me having breakfast while visiting the blog! Oh dear, hope time will fly!

    Um Santo Natal para todos!


  12. Anon #4

    None of us see ourselves as quitters.

    But you must understand that the blog is far from being our daily obsession, as seems to be to some of our "readers" IYKWIM ;-)

    There are more important things that rob us time from the blog such as our dear ones and our arthritis, which, by the way, made making those tinfoil hats a true nightmare.

    So we continuously balance what's important whenever we spend time discussing the blog between ourselves. Or better said, when the blog topic pops up in the middle of one of the conversations between ourselves.

    We've written much that hasn't been published and have material to write almost as much, if not more, of what we've already put out there against all odds and expectancies.

    So, please do continue to be patient with us and our anarchical posting schedule.

    I would like to reinforce Sina J's expressed gratefulness of the blog to its readers. You are not only the reason but also the motivation. Your "quality", engagement and dedication is a such a great driving force that it would make it impossible for us to stop even if we wanted to, and with this, close the circle in answering Anon #4.

    Bless you all and Merry Christmas to you all, whatever creed you believe in.

  13. I am anon 4.

    And obviously I imagine that have their own life beyond arthritis. I wish, very sincerely, all good, every day.

  14. A book from Textusa? That wouldn't make the black hats very happy.

  15. That is lovely, Textusa and I will have to share it with my friends. A really touching post. May your own Christmas holidays be full of love and laughter. xx

  16. I was watching television and heard the title of a book: "Sudden death" I could thinking that she would tell about the death of M. In portuguese is " Morte súbita"

    Apanhei já críticas desagradáveis mas a BBC do J.S. vai fazer uma série, apesar de todas as personagens serem , ao que parece, horríveis.

    Because J. K. Rowling

  17. I am a little late but wish Textusa and Sisters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and also to all fellow posters.

  18. I know this will sound silly but for arthritic conditions (assuming you were being serious) keep away from animal products - including milk products. Go organic or "biologic" - Macrobiotic even if you can stomach that. I could and if I could anyone can. I did it for a while then kept only the idea of Yin/Yang foods and used them according to my condition and/or the seasons. Also I remained a vegetarian to some extent with fish (ex: grilled sardines...) and chicken (ex: pressure cooked with rice) thrown in now and then for good measure. I am also the proud owner of an electro acupuncture device (Google and you shall find) which I use on a daily basis (health maintenance points). Also I do some Ki-development exercises on a daily basis. See here: (no plug intended!)

    and here:

    I first got hooked into Macrobiotics when I learnt that both John Cage and Paul Simon (to quote but two musicians) got rid of their arthritis this way (and other things besides). Ki flow seems to be key! Ki is akin to "consciential energy" so if you put your mind in the affected areas, relax (deeply) and gently focus and manipulate the affected areas you should improve. You can never underestimate the importance of diet though. Diet plus "acupuncture" plus Ki flow.

    Also bearing in mind all the hatred (consciencial energy) that is directed at you by the "black hats" - you should ensure that your ki-shield and flow is up and running at all times least you become a victim of the so-called "McCanns' curse". Yours is a tough job. The pursuit of Truth is always tough not least because liers hate it (...)

    Renewed Seasonal greetings to you all.
    Many blessings!


  19. Anon #18

    Thank you for the information, I will follow up on it. My 'typing' finger suffers most so anything that will help is worth trying. I strongly believe state of mind has a huge influence on physical health. Being full of bile and bitterness is not conducive to a healthy body.

    Seasonal greetings to you also.

  20. K #18

    If the Black Hats are directing negative energy towards us through their hatred, they should do the exact opposite.

    If all their negative energy succeeds, then things in our lives will start to go wrong which mostly likely mean that we will seek refuge in the blog to distract us from "disgracefulness" will then befall on us, caused by them. So, the more they curse, the more we write!.

    If, on the other hand they were to wish success in our ventures, those would distract us away from the blog. The more we would channel all that positive energy in our direction on other things and that more likely would mean that we'd write less!

    You see, it's in their hands... or better said, in their minds.

    I thank you for the information but the arthritis is not that severe and serves me as an excuse to go visit my doctor who has been dear friend of mine for many, many years.

  21. K

    The good vibes she gets from her readers are shield enough for Textusa!

    A book from Textusa would send out vibes that I don't think the BHs could defend against.

    One day editors will realize that Justice for Maddie is more profitable than covering up her death.

  22. K since you bring up non-conventional energies it's said that what you reap is what you sowed.
    Textusa has to look inside herself and see what she's sowed to see what she's to reap.
    The same way the BHs should see what they've sowed and and see what they deserve to reap.
    Maybe there's more truth to that saying than many thought it to have.

  23. I’m not at all pleased with K’s comment. It brings an aura of mysticism and obscurantism to a case already saturated with misinformation such as Freemasonry nepotism, as freak scientific experimentation, as gigantic realty dealings and as detection devices to be implanted in children.
    I’m very suspicious of K’s comment. Textusa has been exceptional about this case. I say exceptional because she has always been very careful to always use reason and logic and stay away from any controversial subject that is myth-based. This is why she’s so much feared by the BHs. Note how K twists Textusa’s arthritis into a fable of curses. Why? To recommend Reiki? Or to continue to pass on the image that the Maddie case is for the tinfoiled hatted only? About that Textusa responded with brilliance with the post’s picture!

  24. Anon 23

    I don't see any bad intention in K's comment, I thought it was very considerate. Any knowledge that can be passed on is very positive.

  25. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to ALL.

    I hope 2013 bring more strength to who fight for Medeleine and GA rights and finally justice be served.

    Thank you for the great job, you sisters and readers, have done during the last year. Reading you was passionate- a morning addiction, called in my place " textusing".
    "What are you doing? What are you reading? What are you looking/ watching, etc, etc?"
    "I'm textusing"... And they know I'm absorbed and enjoying the read.

  26. Anon #23

    Understand your concerns but I agree with Anon #25.

    I also see no harm in suggesting for others to have positive energies. Everyone knows that a smile heals a wound and that laughter is the best medicine!

    May I suggest we all avoid health advice in comments so as it doesn't make this look like a hypochondriacs convention and we all enjoy the Holidays?

  27. The McCanns are again irritating people around.
    On a Sky News video, the journalist says "they(MCCanns) are far from convinced he (Cameron) kept his word".
    Cameron did already such a great favor to them, by involving the Scotland Yard at the couple's request (hah hah hah) and and he is harvesting ingratitude now.
    Typical McCanns, criticising around.

  28. Tapas 7 obstructed the PJ work and they could go to prison in Portugal.
    I think that if they lied to the Met, during the revision, they could go to prison in England.

    I hope they will, in Portugal or in the UK.
    Or even in Alcatraz.

    They can maybe pay for the fact they did not avoid the existence of the fund, supporting the McCanns cheating on naieve people.
    They did not report a death, perhaps a murder,they did not respect Madeleine.


  29. Was there ever an article , somewhere, where a person told that there were fights between Maddie and Kate, in 5A, both shouting at eacch other? Who can help me with information?

  30. Feliz Navidad Textusa y hermanas.
    Happy Christmas Textusa and sisters.


    Lord McAlpine is sueing Sally Bercow and she is being represented by Carter Ruck this will be interested because the magazine Scallywag back in the 1990's ran an article on McAlpine and the magazine was never sued by McAlpine. Carter Ruck is an interesting choice of lawyers for Sally Bercow considering their involvement with drs Mccann - they may not realise it at the moment but they are all involved in Levison, Savile, etc McCanns are involved as are Carter Ruck. This is Karma bringing them all together for the final show down and Texusa you were right all along with your analysis of this case.

  32. If any Portuguese news aytper reads this:

    Please an interview to Amaral!

  33. Anon 32 : He is under english e Pt gag.

  34. 33@, thank you and it is possible.
    he is also waiting for a green light or even for a green forest.

  35. 34 anon: If You google about him , last 24 hours..... appears news from 2008 , about a society Unipessoal that D sent close. No webpage, no mail, no nothing. But begin to appear...... The Pt gag begin December.

  36. Anon #33 and #35

    I apologise but I'm having difficulty in understanding your comments (you write English much better than I would ever write Portuguese, mind you).

    Could you resubmit your comment in Portuguese? That way with google translator I can understand what you're trying to say is happening with GA.

    Please take no offense in my request because none is meant!

  37. Anon #36

    What I believe that Anon #33 and #35 means is that GA has recently participated as a speaker in seminars in the University of Algarve and in the Juduciary Studies and that has not merited any mention in the news.

    There could be many reasons for that not have happened but from what I understand from the comment is that it's Anon perception believes that this "outcasting" may have a hand of GA's "friends" here in Portugal.

    As I'm sure he knows the course of action he intends to take and in order to let him deal with his own issues I ask that you readers, at this point in time, avoid this subject so as not to run the risk of causing any sort of interference that might not help him.

  38. Textusa/37

    Uma explicação completamente cheia de muito bom senso !

    ( esta é uma frase redundante, da minha parte, mas fica assim mesmo )

  39. Yes, thank you, Textusa. Yes, GA is a guy with integrity. He remains cool, calm and quiet, I have tremendous respect for him. We will direct all our positive energies in his direction and we wish him and his family a wonderful, blessed time over these festive holidays. And to you, Textusa team the very same. Happy holidays and keep well over the festivities with your families. May all your wishes come true and may you unlock the mysteries, one by one, in this case. You are doing a wonderful job. We will be looking out for more of your interesting discoveries. And to everyone, stay safe. We hope 2013 will be a super year for all who are looking for justice, long overdue, for this little girl.

  40. Textusa, I wish you a happy Christmas and I have to think of that school in the USA and of the parents, relatives and friends of those victims. Terrible disaster.

  41. Anon #40

    Words cannot encapsulate a hundredth of the tornado of emotions when one is confronted with the darkest side of humanity.

    It struck me the words of a child during the lunatic's unfortunately too lethal rampage "I want Christmas! I don't want to die, I want Christmas!"

    To the children who've taken their Christmas together with their lives and to the adults who also saw their lives cease just because fate made their paths cross with that of a man turned monster as well as their families and friends we owe them all the duty to make this Christmas an even more introspective.

    It's said that the three Kings of the East followed a star two thousand years ago. Maybe it was meant that this year instead of looking down at what is under the Christmas tree we should raise our eyes to the sky and admire the new 25 new shining stars.

    I know not what else to say before a tragedy of this proportion. Maybe best be silent in respect to all those fighting to come to terms with the pain, the grief and the disbelief.


    Halligen extradited to USA without the Maccswindlers having started any libel against him? This says a lot about who are really the big swindlers, fooling the public that contribute to their fraudulent Fund.
    Let's see if he really arrives to USA and if he is going to reveal the main objective of his contract. Was it to follow new leads or to fabricate new leads? After many months, SY did not come up with any factual news. Did they defrauded the British taxpayers?

  43. SUNDAY, 16 DECEMBER 2012

    "I'm back, but slowly, after a health problem. Still working in the book "The Mccann War". I have found some interesting things, in my research."

    In ( Paulo Reis).

  44. Tex and sisters thank you for all your work T 2013 will be the year the Mccanns will face justice.

  45. God bless this blog and its makers, God bless you all who seek justice for Madeleine Beth McCann.

    Merry Christmas everyone, everywhere!

    (So glad to read about Paulo Reis and his recovery! Some interesting findings, huh? I'm itching to read his book! God bless him too!)

  46. Bom dia.

    Não há nada como o Natal e o reencontro das " famílias!

    " Portimão:

    Decisão nas mãos do Tribunal de Execução de Penas

    Leonor pode ser solta até ao Natal

    Christmas "miracles":


    Court decision in the hands of the Executive Sentencing

    Leonor can be released by Christmas

    Joana's mother, the child murdered in Figueira, Portimão, has already served half the sentence and wants to go home.

    Mãe de Joana, a criança assassinada em Figueira, Portimão, já cumpriu metade da pena e quer ir para casa.

    E uma série de pedófilos com penas reduzidas e para casa..... CdaM.

  47. Este é o país da treta que temos. Fazem tudo pela metade. Ganhamos metade, trabalhamos metade, recebemos metade dos subsídios etc e por fim temos justiça pela metade. Havemos de levar um lindo enterro.
    Desejo de umas festas assim assim para não dizer metade.

  48. Anons #46 and #47

    I subscribe your astonishment. How is it possible that a person who kills her own child be allowed to walk in the same streets as us, law abiding citizens? It's indeed shameful I express my full hearted disgust towards all those responsible for such laws to be in place.

    My disgust doesn't mean in anyway disrespect. Leonor Cipriano was judged by a rightful Court of Law and received the sentence that rightful Court saw befitting to the crime she was guilty of. If the Justice System says she is to spends Christmas at home it is against my opinion but my opinion is also that she rightfully spends Christmas at home.

    I like you voice my protest and ask the Portuguese lawmakers to revise the current laws in order for cases like Leonor Cipriano serves the full sentence, which in my opinion also, is far too light for the crime involved.

    No, I'm not for the death sentence, but I'm all in for the definitive loss of citizenship rights, such as freedom, for certain crimes. What Leonor Cipriano did befalls in such category.

    As a citizen I respect the Court and as a Citizen I show my full indignation for the current law.

  49. Sou anon 46 e não sou apologista da pena de morte seja qual for o País.

    Mas, o que é certo e visível é que há seres que são a favor e matam os próprios filhos...................Estes são a " favor da pena de morte"!!!!!!!

    E, depois até pedem para sair quando atingem a metade da pena porque normalmente, estes, os piores são precisamente " os que se portam bem e são exemplares". Tendo como advogado , quem nós sabemos , e que até faz denúncias para o Tribunal dos Direitos Humanos , o assunto é bem mais grave.

  50. Another spin in CM on the behalf of the Mccann's. That portuguese paper is nothing else then a vehicle of shame regarding Madeleine crime.
    I don't believe the evil Cipriano will spend her Christmas at home. Which home? Unless she become a special guest in Rothley, nobody from her family want to share the same air. At least that was the conclusion last Christmas when the same spin came out.

  51. Mission accomplished? MAC escapes to Brazil "disappointed" with Portugal?


    Domingo, 16 de Dezembro de 2012

  52. Tipico de criminoso... MAC vai para o Brazil desiludido com o país em que nasceu... Êh! êh! Não será antes, foge para o Brazil porque quem tem cxx tem medo?

  53. Unpublished Anon, as we’ve said before, Blacksmith’s blog, like the barometer it is, is to be read not commented.

    One of the factors that influence a barometer reading is the wind, both in its direction and its strength.

    Only an experimented Captain knows how to master a vessel that has to navigate in seas with ever changing winds. Vasco da Gama was one. Not heard of many more since then.

    Modern Captains trust all that big machinery that they to support and back them in such seas and so think that they too can sail unscathed in them but arrogance and self-importance very seldom, if ever, don't end in disaster.

    But when the wind blows it whistles and an attentive ear can pick up the little changes of the tones of its tunes, irrelevant of how fickle it is about the direction it chooses to come from.

    For example the wind has told us that the singing mermaids that clustered around Tortuga have been ordered to silence and thus are no longer able to entice the sailors of ships passing by.

    We've also understood that it’s said that we all best not cross the Torment’s Cape as there is where that terrible monster Adamastor hides and who is believed is able to swallow whole ships with a simple gulp.

    However, by sheer coincidence, 500 years ago the Portuguese (that bothersome Nation again) heard the wind say the exact same words. And you know what they did? They sent one Bartolomeu Dias sailing to check out the story… and the story didn’t check out.

    Dias not only didn’t find any sort of Adamastor, as he took the chance and renamed the Torment’s Cape into the Cape of Good Hope, a premonitory name anticipating Vasco da Gama who would follow him on his way to India, and one that remains to date in South Africa.

    So dear reader, do enjoy your reading and by all means do judge what you read but please refrain from passing judgment on it.

    Do wonder why once proud and wild felines are now tamed cats being paraded around in some sort of sordid cage of an underground second rated circus failing the owner to see that besides selling little it only causes the crowds to go away further emptying the seats of an already empty house.

    Do wonder why so much frenzy in warning us all that there may be an Adamastor just around the next corner. Is it despair? It can’t be. Even the most fearful of Captains has overcome the Adamastor myth a long time ago.

    Do all the wondering you see fit to do but do not ask how the wave spreads across the sand instead wonder why it acts in such ways.

  54. MAD MAC "emigra" para o Brasil.....

    Para mim tb pode passar por não comparecer como testemunha. Mas também há outro aspecto: o Spiritism no Brasil.

    E o MAD MAC DAM pode querer tal como o casal entrar nas sessões do Tribunal por vídeo conferência. Diz-se que o casal também quer o mesmo.

    São uns engraçadinhos, puros frascos de veneno e cheios de maldade.

    Dia bom, para os Justos! Gente boa.

    Que não é o caso dos que acima referi.

  55. Hoje o jornal/tablóid dos horrores faz publicidade ao ex companheiro de L.C. , o L.

    O tablóid procura aumentar as vendas. lol

    Gente podre é o que o CdM gosta.

  56. Life is cheap in Portugal! The top penalty for murdering a person is, if I'm not mistaken, 25 years, and it is never served completely, never!
    25 years for a human life, 25 years for taking one, ten, a hundred or a thousand human lives, it's all the same, just 25 years! And, as if that wasn't alredy ridiculous and outraging enough, when half of the sentence is completed the criminals have the chance to go free!
    I do not advocate the death penalty, but I'm all for LIFE sentences!

    I am sorry to say this, as a portuguese citizen, but I many times feel that Portugal is a shity country with shity criminal laws!

  57. Anon #56

    If Portuguese law was written with the clarity of your comment many a lawyer would be jobless and the class wouldn't have the Country tightly secured by its... cobblers as it has and runs it at its own pleasure and, obviously, want.

  58. Unpublished Anon, you're welcome.

  59. From JBS today: “You either have a feeling for what your readers are getting from you, even if its mistaken, or you don't. The impression I get is that the READERS WHO MATTER matter feel the Bennett stuff has gone far enough and are actually beginning to wince.”
    Is it my impression or that has got Textusa written all over it?
    Are you two in some sort of duel and is this a response to your cryptic comment about ships, winds and mermaids?
    The part of making you wince made me smile.

  60. To me JBS is a cork, the cork that moves with the ocean waters. Or is it like a scale that drops to where it should be, or even talk, talk and knows nothing. He makes many errors of reasoning. Ah! And may be on vacation because the writing goes on a rampage every day.

    Para mim o JBS rolha de cortiça que se move ao sabor das ondas das águas. Ou é como uma balança que cai para onde lhe convém ou, ainda, fala,fala e não sabe nada. Ele faz muitos erros de raciocínio. Ah! E pode estar de férias pois anda a escrever numa fúria todos os dias.

  61. Anon #59

    You're presuming too much, in my opinion, with your interpretation of JBS's words. We're not mentioned so have no reason to flatter ourselves with that possibility. Besides, as you might imagine, us three tin-foiled hatted old coots do enough bickering and fighting between ourselves!

  62. About the monster Adamastor, a poem by the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa (in my opinion the best of all) who is very adequate in the Maddie case:

    "The Monster

    The monster who is at the end of the sea
    On the pitch of night he rose to fly;
    Around the wheel of the ship flew three times,
    Screaching he flew three times,

    He said: "Who has dared to enter
    In my caves that I won’t reveal,
    My black ceilings of doomsday? "
    And the helmsman said, trembling:

    'King John, the Second! '
    «Whose are the sails in which I graze?
    Whose are the keels that I see and hear? "
    Said the monster, and whirled three times,

    Three times he whirled foul and thick.
    "From whom comes the power that only I can have,
    I that I live where no one is to see me
    And dripping with the fears from the bottomless sea? '

    And the helmsman trembled, and said:
    'King John, the Second! '
    Three times from the helm he raised his hands,
    Three times to the helm he retied them,

    He said after shaking three times:
    "Here at the helm I am more than I am:
    I am a people who wants the sea that is yours;
    And more than the monster, that my soul fears

    And who whirls in the darkness of the end of the world
    Determines the will, that ties me to the helm,
    Of 'King John, the Second!'"

    Textusa and sisters, here at the blog you are more than you are:
    You are the people who want the truth that they made theirs!

    And to all of us who three times from the helm have raised their hands, please three times to the helm retie them!

    Merry Christmas and Bless all who seek the truth!

  63. Whatever happened to Madeleine, guilty or not, the McCanns will again face a terrible Christmas.
    It is something I don't wish my worst enemy.

    And Tapas 7's Christmas? Scared of the PJ and of the Yard?

  64. The McCann Files'page is not to be found on internet.

  65. Anon 62, I also think that Pessoa's poem fits the Maddie Case like a glove. They also played with our fear with their libel threats and high-risk-top-secret misleading but brave people like GA, Tex and TB have faced them and have shown they're all full of wind.

  66. It now emerges that Andrew Mitchell the MP that resigned over police allegations that he called them 'plebs' were untrue, the police lied (again). The met officer in question was not at the incident where he claimed he was nor was he outside Downing Street. This is another example of our corrupt police force, recently there have been numerous cases reported detailing how the met and other police forces have conspired and lied. The Operation Grange is another prime example of how the public are held in contempt by the police. Officers that are entrusted to perform their duty appear unable to do so and are clearly not fit for purpose.
    This country is run by corrupt and greedy individuals eager to please their pay masters. The Mccanns have covered all bases ensuring they control what is written about them in the media forcing their ridiculous abductor story onto an unsuspecting gullible public, they have scammed millions of pounds from the public to pay for their lawyers and pr representation. They know exactly what happened to Madeleine and Amaral was too close to the truth for their liking. The Mccanns only care about the McCanns they never cared about Madeleine, Kates book is about Kate typical me me me attitude. TV journalists that suck up to the Mccanns in their interviews overseen by Mitchell with pre-arranged questions, these people and others should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this saga to continue. Why have the Mccanns never done a live radio interview to get their precious message across, could it be because they might get asked some awkward questions. Their legacy on the internet is ' no comments are allowed on this story' typical mccann tactics! The greed and exploitation of team Mccann knows no bounds.

  67. Textusa and Sisters,
    In this particular harsh Christmas for the Portuguese I would like for it to be a turning point. I think modern society has reached rock bottom in its greed for possessing material goods. We’ve until now raced against each other, friend against friend, to see who had the most. We’ve given our children goods after goods and the only value we’ve instilled in them is that they should always be above and beyond with the latest gadgets and have more others have. And how did we teach them to reach these objectives of greed? By giving them the money to buy them. They’ve grown without values, in a society moulded by people like Murdoch and Brooks, Blair and Gordon, Kennedy and Branson, and so many others.
    I’m 50. I look at those younger than me, who with sorrowful eyes look at what they wish they would have but don’t know how to get them. They’ve learned to spend money but not on how to earn it.
    All the corruption around Maddie’s death cover-up revolves around people who worshiped money and luxury. No values but the value of gold.
    May this economic crisis wake people up to values that were lost in the last 40/50 years. If those values were valid the Maddie Case wouldn’t have happened. Not talking about the sex and not talking about the little girl dying. I’m talking that a society with values would never cooperate with the cover-up that followed.
    Maybe this year that we can’t spent so much time buying we will spend it on thinking about why we suddenly found ourselves in debt and have no money to spend. And instead of a sad Christmas, let’s transform it into the most important Christmas of our time: the Christmas of Values.
    If this Christmas miracle happens you’ll see that those involved will be outed by the Authorities and brought to Justice.
    I’m a dreamer, I know. But my thoughts are simultaneously free and priceless. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

  68. Anon 66 - what an inspiring post lets all hope that 2013 will be the year Madeleine finally finds justice.
    Thanks Tex and a very happy Christmas to you and the sisters xx

  69. A melhor prenda de Natal


  70. I don't expect any new news, till the end of this year. I listened to BBC Radio 4, "Today"of November the 30th.
    Gerry really sounds nervous, a lot of tension in his voice, which could mean that he is not counting on too much support from the Met police and from Cameron.
    After more than 5.5 years of trying to hide the truth, controlling the media but having internet against them, he is exhausted. Who would not be?

    I really fear for that family and I hope my intuition is wrong.

    My impression is that the McCanns are not so much in love with each other like they used to be at the beginning.
    We see them separated from each other, during the last performances in public.

    They are not even trying to hide it anymore.

    What was Maddie's cause of death?

  71. Anonymous 67.
    From a sweltering hot day in a mountain valley, strewn with vineyards I have to say what you wrote is very true.
    The only cross I have had to bear this lifetime is financial restrictions. Rather harsh in some ways. There is always food, but there is never a surplus. We grow a lot of our own and eat simply.
    I had some American relatives out a while back and was dumstruck at the kids. When we have gone out for a milkshake it is a special treat and we acknowledge it as such.
    There are not gadgets so the kids have grown up in nature.
    I sometimes feel they have missed out on what money can buy but when I look around I see that they have been spared by just that.
    They are not market driven at all.

    I give thanks for this.

    And to Textusa and all the other readers, I know I harp on optimistically that I feel truth will out - and I still feel that.
    Change is change and it is the only certainty.
    When the time is right this whole charade will come out.

    Wishing us all a Christ Filled season.
    May the white Christ Light and Violet Flame of Protection be with the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdom right now.

  72. Textusa hits Australia:

    BlacKCatRosie wrote:

    Paedophilia might be at the root of the case...but not from outsiders, strangers...
    I suggest you search for the "Gaspars statements" (Dr. Arul Gaspar and Dr. Katherina Gaspar), their statements are in the official portuguese police files. You might be surprised...

    Here: (the most interesting and intelligent blog on the case ever!)

  73. Kate's photos at the Carol Missing People. No Gerry. Kate sitting near her mother who also aged a lot.( The Maddie Case Files). I can't think of Mrs. Healy sadness and anguish. At the beginning she believed her children-in -law, she believed they were victims because the tourism in Portugal had to be saved. It must have been a real shock the moment that she understood the truth, Madeleine had died and the parents coverd up her death. Her perfect daughter probably involved in the girl's fate.
    Which parent wants to hear such a news?
    And I feel sorry for Mr. Healy, whose health is so bad.
    Madeliene's case has still to start.Because the PJ still did not decide to reopen the case.
    Kate's Via Dolorosa will get worse. Gerry's too.
    The PJ would never have started a revision, together with the Met police if booth had not seen already the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Somewhere I read, in 2011: the Yard wanted to prove something that they believed that happened.
    It means that the Met police believe in the PJ's conclusion. It is now just a question of proving it.
    Somewhere there must be a proof, otherwise they would not be spending such a lot of money in an useless case.
    But they have to organise everything well, before they reopen the process.
    Gerry keeps saying: "the vast majority of the people don't believe the media".
    He always forget to tell that the media are based on the PJ's work and conclusion.

    I notice that Kate and Gerry don't show up together in public.
    Two lone people together, with one goal: to hide a crime. I believe their marriage is destroyed.

    I hope that Tapas 7 came up with the truth and that they offered themselves to be witnesses to the crime, exchanging their true statement for a lower punishment.

    It is better to confront the police as a witness than to be made formal suspects.

  74. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of the people who are fighting for justice for Madeleine.

  75. Anon #73

    We don't want to encourage speculation and debate on the state of the marriage, nor the ageing process, which takes its toll on all us over 6 year period!

  76. Anon #73

    Also SY version of what happened may not be the same as PJ's. In fact we have an indication it isn't as they do have the 195 new leads or, by now, maybe more.

    And about the media basing their news on PJ's work and conclusions you have the perfect examples of Martin Brunt and Antonella Lazzeri to confirm that fact.

    I was being ironic in case you didn't notice.

  77. @76, Textusa,

    Carter Ruck is still living around the corner.
    The British media are not free, not even to publish a police conclusion.

  78. Anon #77

    I suppose you mean that the UK media exercise self censorship, fearing CRuck, in the publication of the conclusions reached by the PJ, even though it's in the public domain. That is not a law, it's an option. If you mean the British Press can't publish public British police findings, it makes no sense.

    The examples I presented aren't of publication of any finding but that of not only NOT using PJ conclusions for their reporting as well as distorting or making up facts.

  79. A Christmas message from Kate on McCann Files.
    Gerry didn't sign it.

  80. Once again ,Texusa,you know how much I appreciate your amazing "insights" into this "crime of the century"!!!!Please don,t give up on the likes of myself who didn,t fall for the parents lies,lies and more lies!,but are unable to ,for obvious reasons,do what you and your team produce!Have a lovely Christmas and New Year,Lynn.

  81. After reading Kate Christmas message on Mccannfiles, just a single word remains in my mind- HYPOCRISY.

    Specially when she says ...."We continue to wait and hope that the Portuguese authorities will agree to reopen the case so that the many lines of enquiry can be investigated."...."We desperately hope of course that the official investigation to find Madeleine will be reopened"...

    A strange sentence "shines" on the message, and if that is the message from a mother of a little missing girl at Christmas time, I have to read it with a pinch of salt and a lot of ????:
    " As Madeleine's parents, we won't be able to rest until we know that all that can be feasibly done to find her, and the person who took her, has been done."
    Well, I think the main objective of a mother should be find her child. From that sentence it appears that trying everything was enough even if at the end the girl was not found.
    And how she knows who took her was a person and not "persons". That abductor, male and singular always Intrigued me, specially since the reconstruction done by Paulo Rebelo and known by Kate prove that the abduction by a single person, under the circumstances described, was impossible .
    That is the problem... When you lie, you have to carry on with more lies leaving you in such ridiculous position. What a poor message at Christmas time...

  82. The PJ and Yvonne Martin advised the McCanns: "no media!" and they did not follow their advise.
    Since that time, they can not even break a wind without being noticed and criticised.


    Lady Kate "hopes" the portuguese authorities will reopen the case!
    I wish someone would make that woman and her husband swallow their recurrent balderdash, I wish someone would call their bluff and expose them for the liars they are by asking them why do they not make an official request for the case to be reopened, as is their right??? Why do they keep saying they're "hoping" for it to be reopened, as if they had no power and no options about it?!
    As usual the Mirror allows no comments from convenient! If they would I would flood them with my comments asking just that, why don't they take action and instruct their portuguese lawyers to request the reopening!


  84. Anon #82

    Other imagery can and should have been used to convey your message.

    Many a gross message can be said using perfectly polite wording and I'm sure you wouldn't use those terms with your grandmother so please do refrain to use them here.

    Thank you.

  85. Na mensagem de Natal de Kate há uma voz da consciência subjacente que nos mostra como o " não encontrar da criança " é um ponto assente e um assunto arrumado. Para descargo da consciência e cura do remorso, basta-lhes assumir que fizeram qb para a encontrarem. Como se houvesse um barómetro, um ponto de viragem que quando atingido delimitasse a meta do que uns pais devem fazer na procura de um filho.
    Só fica uma verdade, viver na mentira cansa e chega um momento em que é preciso preparar as águas para parar o barco. Sem admitirem a mentira, irão dizer-nos que o Adamastor se agigantou e que apesar de um esforço infinito, não foi possivel dobrar o novo Cabo das Tormentas.

  86. Anon at 81 - You are right in all that you say in your post, a brilliant post - Kate McCann attempts to hide the truth but she makes silly little mistakes every time she speaks out, she could ask for the case to be reopened but she does not instead she pretends she wants it reopened hoping for more money from the public and trying to look like the victim. What amazes me is why they have been allowed to continue with this farce of theirs for so long, there is not one shred of evidence to back up their abductor story yet they continue asking for money, and the amount of tax payers money that has been wasted on operation grange is a disgrace in itself ....these people know no shame.

  87. With the Bigfooty Forum picking up on Maddie and with posters being wise and saying things like “it is widely known here in the UK that pro McCann posters are well rewarded for sabotaging sites like this, no doubt by now you will have sussed who they are”, it means that with the time difference the BH’s are on a very hard shift. They have to work 24/7 just to keep updated and respond in time. It’s one hard-working Christmas for them! I imagine a cartoon-BHs crouched over computers with Santa's rejected bad elves helping out. Big sign overhead saying Xmas cancelled and one BH saying to another, “If it wasn't for Australia, we could have left it to the elves”

  88. I read on internet that the forensic recess in Portugal starts on December the 20th till January the 6th. And them regular work will start again.
    During the recess, all of the judges, public prosecuters will have time enough to read Kate's book. And to read all of the insults that the PJ and Portugal experienced with the McCanns and with the British media.

    I hope Kate will be confronted with that f......
    tosser, when a new interrogation comes.
    Or at least thet he will be present in the same room.

  89. K, thank you for your comment, but it would be somewhat incoherent of our part to publish it after what we said about the blog being confused for a "hyponcondriacs convention".

    As incoherency is originated and fed by negative energy we certainly don't want to contribute for that to be spreading especially in such joyous times with our loved ones.

    On the other hand, why show the "enemy" how we can oppose all its negativity it's directing against us?

    Personally, I'm a believer on what is convenient to believe in at the moment I'm supposed to believe in something, and right now I'm in the mood of believing in what goes around, comes around. And I'll add a little more faith in that and hope that when it comes around it will be double, or triple, the size of when it was sent.

    And I'm obviously not believing in that for those that wish us misfortune as they, as much as they do try, I don't pay much attention, but ti those who wish us nice things, as many readers already have and believe you're included in this number.

    Do have a nice Christmas!

  90. Met commissioner no longer quoted as using expression Leave no stone unturned! BBC online now refers to a ruthless search for the truth. This was said in relation to Andrew Mitchell and the "Plebgate" affair, where Mitchell was accused of abusing a police officer, a story now disputed. Hogan Howe has assigned 30 officers to investigating what actually happened, with this expression quoted in the news.

  91. Today is Christmas Eve.

    For that reason the blog will take a break within the break. Today and tomorrow we will not be publishing comments received.

    We hope we don't have that many to publish anyway as we hope that there won't be many as that would mean that you will do like us and cherish this time with your loved ones.

    Thank you for all your well wishing that the Textusa team spends a jolly good Christmas.

    Tonight I will raise my glass in a toast to all of you wonderful readers and to the truth we all pursue.

    Merry Christmas!

  92. No Christmas inerviews to the McCanns, no Christmas appeal this time?
    I bet they became muslims.
    What is going on?

  93. Bom dia!

    Eu não percebo a razão que leva os media a pretexto de qualquer notícia a colocar a foto de Maddie, apenas com , mais ou menos, 3 anos de idade.

    Ou, eu posso pensar que os jornais ingleses colocam estas fotos pois não acreditam na " progressão" da idade?

    Embora a colocação da foto antiga e não com a progressão possa ser considerada publicidade para o não esquecimento do caso ?

    Good day!

    I do not understand the reason why the media under the pretext of any news to put the photo of Maddie, only with more or less 3 years old.

    Or, do I think that the English newspapers put these pictures because they do not believe in the "progression" of the age?

    Although the placement of the old picture and not with progression may be considered for publicity not forgetting the case?

  94. Pleased to know the information has reached you. I have a great respect for your intellect and how you, over the years, have upheld the bastion of Truth, Justice and Reason with considerable aplomb and know-how. I know this may sound exaggerated to you but for such work Humanity (call it the Akashic Records then) is in debt to you and your sisters. Many blessings to all!


  95. K

    Now you force me to press charges against you for forceful and unnecessary blushing!

  96. Let us pray that 2013 will bring justice for Madeleine and for the victims of the McCann's.

    By the way, Mitchell disappeared and I guess he became too expensive.
    Kate's book did not bring so much up because a writer gets only 10% of his publication.
    The McCanns will need a lot of money for the trial.
    Prison is cheaper.
    If the book brought up one million, Kate received 100.000.
    Not much for her who needs new clothes, over and over again. And rings, and hair dressers.
    I wonder if they are willing to pay Tapas'7 expenses because they will need lawyers, hotels,etc.
    According to myself, they will not.

    An appeal to them: go to the police as witnesses and not as supects.

  97. On hi Radio interview, Gerry says they are confronted with internet (blogs) on a daily basis.
    He is reading you too, Textusa! Hi there, Gerry!

    He forgot to tell that Madeleine is confronted with her death through eternity.

  98. Happy new year, Textusa and sisters.

  99. Happy New Year

  100. Dear Textusa & Sisters

    I wonder if you could apply your privileged investigative powers to try and clarify the circumstances under which individuals have, apparently, been character assassinated by the McCann's team (as it were)?

    Recently, we had Paulo Pereira Cristóvão who I understand is a key witness for G. Amaral and was closely associated in some football biz with Rogerio Alves who turns out to be a back-up lawyer for the McCanns' alonside Isabel Duarte.

    I am also reminded of how (apparently) Metodo 3 (the McCann's former rent-a-cop outfit) paid Marcos Aragão Correia (lawyer, medium and ufologist)to divert media attention to the Arade dam (search for M.) and later (surprise! surprise!) became a lawyer for Leonor Cipriano which as it turned out (with or without the help of "Photoshop" software) seriously compromised the reputation of Gonçalo Amaral.

    To make things even more mysterious it seems Aragão-Correia is a nephew of Marinho "Photoshop" Pinto - head of the Portuguese bar and now a witness for the McCanns in the forthcoming trial in Lisbon. The mind boggles.

    I know, or rather suspect, that as a fine pragmatist you are not a great fan of conspiracy theories but... I leave the idea here anyway, in the hope you may decide to apply your investigative talent to it. You will know best...

    A. Reader

  101. Dear A. Reader,

    First, I’d like to thank you for your unmerited compliment. You make it appear that I differ from others and I don’t think I’m in possession of any sort of privileged investigative powers. I just owe obedience to my conscience. Either things make sense to me or they don’t. In either case I ask myself why and only when I’m pleased with the answer as to the why and the why not do I proceed. As you can see, it’s quite an egocentric process. Fortunately I have two sisters who are as egocentric as I am.

    About your comment, I too find odd the legal relationship between Paulo Pereira Cristovao (PPC) and Rogério Alves but that is as far as I go in finding it strange. I’m sure that Rogério Alves (RA) as the well renowned lawyer he is, exercises his profession with untainted ethics. I see it this way, the same doctor may treat two patients who dislike each other and that fact shouldn’t jeopardize the treatment of either one.

    It seems that it’s Isabel Duarte (ID) who is representing in Court the McCanns. I don’t know what the relationship between ID and RA is in regards with the McCanns, nor, honestly, am I interested in knowing. It’s up to the Courts to decide if there’s any sort of conflict of interests in PPC being a witness for Goncalo Amaral (GA) and RA being PPC’s lawyer in a completely separate legal process. I’m inclined to say there isn’t any as I consider RA to be far too intelligent to put himself in such a situation.

    By the way, I consider perfectly natural the legal relationship between PPC and RA. They are both publicly known of being linked to the football club Sporting Clube de Portugal, so it seems natural to me that the first would seek the latter for legal support.

    Much stranger is the MccCanns, a couple of doctors from England, to afford to pay one of the most expensive lawyers in Portugal, RA, and then have ID represent them in Court.

    About the family relationship between Marcos Aragão Correia (MAC) and Marinho Pinto (MP) I’m not aware they are related. Please do not confuse the term “afilhado” (as in “protegido” or “compincha”) with “sobrinho”. They have, as you know, distinct meanings and said the way you’ve stated it may start yet another myth.

    I’m too pragmatic to embark on fake conspiracy theories but not that naïve not to know that there are many real conspiracies. To name a fake one: Maddie’s death. To name a real one: GA’s Trial.

    Both GA and Tony Bennett are targets of a collective will that has united to cause them the utmost harm that legal “ability” may cause them. Neither are central figures of the McCann Affair and both have one thing in common: their foes have to be very careful on how they play their “legal games” because it may backfire.

    You see, their foes, which are common, are not in a situation of walking into any Court room and freely discuss facts that regarding the Maddie Affair.

    Thank you for you comment.

  102. To the deleted and unpublished Anon, it's a pity to see so much work go to waste.

    A piece of advise if you may. The next time you pretend to be a Mexican do grow a real mustache because fake one's are really easy to spot albeit the genuine poncho and sombrero.

  103. PPC, HM, do expeSSo, e RA são todos " Lagartos". Ou seja, são todos do Sporting.

    Bom dia

  104. Penso que a filha da senhora advogada estagia ou estagiou no escritório de RA.

    Clubes e Escritórios tornam-se um mundo muito pequenino.

  105. Anon #104

    As said, we're treading on sensitive grounds. Not because of "libel" effects but, most important, of "perception" effects.

    The wording "I think that..." when referring to possible relationships between people involved in the Maddie Affair should be avoided at all costs as it hinders more than helps.


    Is New Zealand made up of extremely thick people? It seems so. I say this because if I remember it well it was in New Zealand the last sighting before this one.

    It looks like they've run out of territory to see Maddie! Further than that only the South Pole!

  107. Anon #105,

    "Detective Sergeant Brian Cameron said they had a couple of leads to follow, but were unable to act on one until yesterday because of public holidays."

    So holidays get in the way of potentially serious crime????? Or any crime????

    "There has been contact between the Metropolitan police in Britain and Queenstown police, he said."

    So can we have MET backing this up?

    "The woman also called the 24-hour Find Madeleine hotline but was unable to reach anyone to report the possible sighting until New Year's Day."

    The Mc hotline closes for holidays??? More in the line of ‘you couldn’t make this s*** up’.

  108. 107, if a person reports "a sighting", the police can't really ignore it and the info has to be passed to SY. So if you want to spin things, get a friend to report a sighting of a fair haired girl and bingo!
    Instant publicity.

  109. Dear Textusa,

    Thank you for clarifying a few things for me. I refer to both your reply above and "The Maddie's Cube" - sheer brilliance, I must say but... I am not saying for I know you don't like praise which only deserves more praise... where was I?

    As for the relationship between the medium, ufologist and lawyer Aragão-Correia and Marinho Pinto, Head of the Bar, I understand the latter was close to the medium's father (António M. de S. Aragão Mendes Correia) when he lived/worked in Madeira and is, in fact, his godfather. I admit the use of the term "nephew" was misleading - indeed inappropriate.

    Aragão-Correia is Marinho Pinto's godchild not his nephew. However, I understand that according to an old Portuguese tradition the godfather is supposed to look after his godchild... should something happen to his biological father. Marinho Pinto seems no stranger to the tradition.

    In my humble opinion, Pinto should not have been allowed to be a witness for his godchild against Amaral - given his relation to the accused (Correia) particularly bearing in mind the prerogatives he used in court and which prevented him from being cross-examined by Amaral's defence - namely about those (alleged)"Photoshoped" photos that "proved" Leonor Cipriano had been "tortured" and which first appeared in an article Pinto was paid to write for the "Expresso".)

    Incidentally, what was Isabel Duarte doing there representing Correia? She made it look like a conspiracy theory...

    I am quoting from memory... so please correct me if I am wrong.

    On the subject of RA defending PPC I find your arguments faultless (as usual), yet I have allowed my inferential mania to say that "pre-unconscious elements" (Freud) may have been at play here...

    I am not saying this was the case (far from it) but what better alibi could one have if, having first found a way to make another's secrets public, then pretended to be his friend (lawyer)?

    It sounds to me as a perfect alibi but this is of course pure speculation, i.e. conspiracy theory and I am not supporting such trend myself.

    I do understand Rogerio Alves was accused of fraud, a few years ago, but I may be wrong (Google translation) original source here:

    That said, I entirely agree that a doctor can treat two warring patients simultaneously (one American, another Taliban, say) particularly when s/he has the interests of both in mind - at least the extremely well-paid medics in London's Harley Street always do...

    Anyway, back to savouring your latest article: "The Maddie's Cube". This one is quite comprehensive! Lots of food for thought there. Thank you!

    A. Reader


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