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Maddie's Cube

This time last year we opened our 2012 season with our post “Textusa Is Giving Up On Maddie”, where we told you how far we thought the system would allow the truth to go and not an inch further

This year we will be doing almost the exact same thing. With a difference. This year we are going to take a whole lot of inches, even yards, away as how far we think truth is to be known. The Official Truth that is.

There's only one thing that's above the Law, any Law, and that's the TruthThat's why Law has to adapt to Truth and not Truth to Law.

As Official Truth is what the Justice System has deemed truth to be, it's superseded by Factual Truth

Societies do strive for the Official Truth and the Factual Truth to be one and the same. But we've seen that if there's a case where the two are as far dissociated as is possible they can be, that case is the Maddie Affair.  

It's only comparable with the JFK case but not even this one can compare with Maddie's. First, because it involved a conspiracy to kill a man and a conspiracy involves much fewer people than a cover-up; second, it didn't engage people from all sectors of society as happened with the Maddie case and lastly it involved national security (the assassination of a President of the US does justify all the secrecy put around the case) while in Maddie's we're all unable to see what possible and realistic threat to the UK or Portugal could be posed by a couple of doctors and their 7 friends.

We at Textusa strive to find the Factual Truth. The reason(s) why the Justice Systems of two Countries choose to ignore, discard or change it to come up their Official Truth, is for them to know. 

We remain respectful of their decisions as we respect all State Institutions, as is the Justice System, and in no way wish to set up any sort of parallel popular courts to pronounce an obviously illegal tar-and-feather condemnation.

We respect their decisions but we may disagree with them. As such we believe we have the absolute right to voice the reasons of our disagreement. 

And as long as the Official Truth remains distant from the Factual Truth we'll keep on voicing our disagreement.  

This post was going to be called “Great Readers Make Great Posts – 2”, the "2" because we've used the title before

It was going to have that title because we first thought of making the post up solely with the compilation of some of the comments that we received on our “These Bothersome Elderlies postAt the end of the post you can read the transcription of the comments we mean (*).

A blog that has readers like we do simply has no reason to make any sort of New Year’s wishesWe're sure that there are many people out there that can use an extra 3 wishes so we forfeit the use of ours and allow them to be used by those that need them the most.

These comments have hit the crux of what has been the Maddie Affair ever since the case was archived: what new evidence are we waiting for? What new evidence is it possible to find? Is there ANY new evidence, besides a confession, that CAN be found? 

Anon #29 almost nails it to a tee: find or stumble on the body, someone confessing or the lost scientific evidence that was sent to the UK making reappearance.

Anon #29 just forgot, in our opinion, the reappearance of a certain blue bag last seen photographed in a closet in a holiday resort in Portugal.

Other than these four possibilities is there any other? If so we'd be grateful if somebody identified them.

If our reader is right and the body has been cremated then we remain only with three possibilities and all of them depend on anything but randomness

And even if someone wants to confess who would they confess to? To police they know to have collaborated in the cover-up? That could be qualified by many terms and stupidity is one that occurs to me.

So we're left with the forensic evidence. The one from the Apartment, the one from the rented car and the one from the blue bag. The release of any of it is only authorised, I'm certain, by someone high in the hierarchy. Very high. Yes, THAT high.  

All this makes us conclude that there's NO NEW EVIDENCE to be found anywhere, not even with the  SY's 195 new leads.

So how is the case to unfold if all is in a rut? The Black Hats don't know and we also haven't any idea, as you'll see in the next post

But are we lost or giving up on the issue? No, of course not. We're still well on course and sailing on charted waters.

Let us tell you where we think the Maddie Case is at in this point in time. 

Remember our "The McCann Game, shortly out of tricks?" post back in 2009? The one where we said that in a Bridge game with each trick played it meant that each player held one less card and that meant that the mystery of your opponent's cards got closer to being disclosed?

The Black Hats currently have a big, no, huge problem on their hands. You see, they've run out of tricks. The fountain is dry. Completely dry. Playing the Hewlett hand again showed clearly that there’s nothing left in the bag. And the feeble way they played it shows how they don't know what to come up with next. 

So now we have the players, all holding their last card, all knowing exactly what card all other players are holding and all wracking their brains on how to delay the game by stalling or preferably stopping time altogether. 

All of them wishing how they could restart the game and all of them now regretting the arrogant, careless and nonchalant manner with which they threw those first cards on the table. Only when well into the the game did they start to realize the amount of mistakes made and began to try to reinvent suits, trumps and even rules.

All they know is that they CAN'T call it quits and that they are making things exponentially worse instead of better by letting time pass by.

Now they’re in a rut, we've already said so. We've also said they don't know what to do. They really don't .

To understand this you have to understand what is at stake. I propose that we play the Maddie's Cube.

Let’s first understand what is the Maddie’s Cube. Start to imagine the PJ Files as a cube:

The PJ Files' Cube publicly shows all the facts known by the Authorities

Please do not confuse Facts known with Factual Facts. All the PJ Files contain is a collation of evidence. For example, it’s fact that it contains many statements but as we know by now very little of them have true facts in them, but we also know by now each one of those lies constitute evidence.

Trillions of words have been written and printed about the case. The Maddie Affair is much more than the PJ Files. The Maddie's Cube is a much larger cube, and in it, amongst many things, it contains the PJ Files' Cube:

What is in Maddie's Cube besides the PJ Files' Cube? Well, we’ve all been aware that over the Maddie Affair has always hovered a bleak sky filled with Dark Clouds:

We’ve come up with the above 43 Dark Clouds, in alphabetical order:

01. Absence of Body

02. Algarve’s Ex-Pats Collaboration

03. Coincidences Galore

04. Diplomatic Interference

05. Diplomatic Pressure

06. Discrediting Dogs Campaign

07. Discrepancies Discarded or Ignored

08. Disinformation Campaign

09. Forensic Evidence Witheld in UK

10. Fraudulent Fund

11. Goncalo Amaral Slander Campaign

12. Guests’ Nepotistic Network

13. Hiring of Multiple Dubious Private Investigators

14. Hiring of Multiple Very Expensive Lawyers

15. Image Management Campaign

16. Immoral & Amoral Merchandizing Setup

17. Inconvenient Blogs Wooshed

18. Inconvenient Forums Wooshed

19. Internet Bullying

20. Internet Disruptive Actions

21. Jim Gambles’ CEOP Collaboration

22. Libel Terror Campaign

23. Misinformation Campaign

24. Misleading Blogs

25. Misleading Forums

26. Non-Existent Pictures of Tapas Dinners (BRT)

27. Non-Existent Pictures of Tennis Playing

28. Non-Existent Pictures of Water Sports

29. Ocean Club‘s Involvement

30 Ocean Club Staff Wooshed Out of Luz

31 PDL Anglican Priests Collaboration

32 PDL’S Ex-Pats Involvement

33 Photofits Withheld in UK

34 PJ Slander Campaign

35 Portuguese Justice System’s Collaboration

36 Portuguese PGR’s Collaboration

37 Public & Wealthy Figures’ Collaboration

38 Scotland Yard’s Collaboration

39 Statements Withheld in UK

40 Total Commitment of Algarve‘s British Press

41 Total Commitment of Whole UK Press

42 UK Justice System’s Collaboration

43 Withheld Credit Cards Statements

Have we missed any? Surely there may be more as we all know how fogs are frequent in the British weather, especially in the London area, so many may have escaped our eyes.

These Dark Clouds vary in size, importance, density, darkness, and number of “rain-droplets” each  contain, but they do have one thing in common and that is that they're all are inside Maddie's Cube:

Quite complex as can be seen. Each of these Dark Clouds merits a dedicated post, most of them more than one. Some we have written and published, others we have written and kept in our archives and many are still to be written.

So if anything else, the figure above shows our "friends" that come here from time to time and claim that we haven't anything else to write about, how wrong they are after 487 posts, including this one.

We realize that we could've added other Dark Clouds. We're sure you will point out some that have escaped us. One that came to mind was the Blue Bag. As we thought it could fall under UK's Justice System Collaboration, or under Forensic Evidence Withheld in the UK, or under PDL's Ex-Pats Involvement and even under Guests' Nepotistic Network we decided to leave the Blue Bag "cloudless", so to speak.

On the other hand we could have put all of the "Non-Existent Photos" into only one Dark Cloud but we decided to separate them, Tapas Dinners (BRT), Water Sports and Tennis Playing, because each absence means a completely different thing and has completely different set of implications

As we're on the subject of photos, have you ever seen a group of 9 friends, plus kids, who book their holidays together and have so few, or practically no holiday photos at all? Of the group I recall only the Paraiso photos and even in those the McCanns are missing. Pity no one remembered to take a picture when they were ALL walking all the way to The Mill on their first night in Luz as it might have been the only activity they did together. As a group of 9, that is.

Note that none of the Dark Clouds has the "conspiracy" word in it. This happens not because of our stubborness but because the word just isn't applicable. But if you look at the Dark Clouds as a whole you can easily see what indeed happened: a massive cover-up

And it's also perceptive, in our opinion, how "embarrassingly compromising" it would be to the relationship between Portugal and the UK if the diplomatic correspondence that went on in the Summer of 2007 between the UK Embassy in Lisbon and London  was to be revealed publicly.

The fact that neither the McCanns nor the remainder T7 also don't appear is because they're there but sprinkled on more than one cloud. However they had little or no power or influence in any of them.

As the violent storm it was, it grew in strength, it didn't just appear strong and violent. Not all clouds appeared at once as is obvious. 

This is how we think this would be Force 5 Hurricane spawned and became the devastating monster it became:

The moment Maddie died, those present understood the seriousness of the situation. I would say that it didn't take more than 10/15 minutes for the "Mother of All Dark Clouds", the Guests' Nepotistic Network one, to be sparked alive. After all, I'm sure it was quickly understood that it was the Guests' reputation that was at stake as it was the most dangerously vulnerable and who would suffer the most if ever it was to be known the goings on at the Ocean Club at the time.

The Guests' Nepotis Network cloud very quickly spawned both the Ocean Club's Involvement and the PDL's Ex-Pat's Involvement. That was when it was decided to go for the abduction scenario, to get Gerry to stroll around PDL with Tanner's daughter until he was seen, to decide where to take the body first and from there to where and when, to decide for the "group" to be seen dining that night at Tapas and to decide when and how the alarm would be given which, as we know, Kate mistimed completely her cue and spoiled the whole thing.

Once the most urgent matters were taken care of, the nepotism began. Still on the 3rd, the Guests' Nepotistic Network started to spread it's tentacles and quickly pull strings and call in favours and overdue debts. On the night from the 3rd to the 4th many a phone call was made and other Dark Clouds began to take form and grew in strength: PDL's Anglican Priests' Collaboration, Diplomatic Interference and Diplomatic Pressure, UK Justice System's Collaboration, Total Commitment of UK Media and Algarve's Ex-Pats Collaboration.

By noon of May 4th these Dark Clouds were fully developed, in place and fully acting. And they successfully contained what was to be contained. The world, yes, the WORLD, centered its attention on that British couple, both doctors, whose daughter had been abducted from her room while they were dining nearby with the friends they were spending their holidays with.   

Not a word about or a glance toward ANY other guest that could also be present at THAT resort nor about the unusual number of people there for that particular time of the year. Why should there be? The first combat was completely and absolutely won by a First Round Knock Out. The Adversary stood no chance.

Who was the Adversary? It was all of us worldwide but the UK public in particular as they are completely and utterly ruthless when it comes to sex-scandals

The KO was so lethal that the Adversary didn't even get the opportunity to understand that he was the opponent in a fight that he didn't know was taking place. We were all "floored" by sympathy towards the couple and anguish and heartfelt concern for the little girl we were told had been abducted.

Let History books register that remarkable feat very clearly. and we hope that the history books do because it was fact.

The remainder Dark Clouds formed with time and convenience, one after the other until it became a huge, huge storm. 

An uncontrollable one even though those that were at its helm thought they did. Time has shown they didn't.

Just do the maths: add up the number of people that each Dark Cloud may implicate and see how staggeringly big the thing really was and still really is, and probably many things will become clearer and clearer...

Now add the PJ Files' Cube to make the Maddie's Cube COMPLETE:

Its unquestionable complexity is quite similar to that of the Rubik's Cube

The Rubik Cube has 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 permutations possibilities and that is if you only turn its  sides. The number increases t519,024,039,293,878,212,000 if you disassemble the thing!

Like Maddie's Cube it's very complex, even mind boggling at first, but once its subtle mechanisms are understood it becomes a quite an easily solvable three dimensional puzzle. A certain Feliks Zemdegs from Australia solved it in an incredible 5,66 seconds!

There you have it. All you have to do is solve it:

But is Maddie's Cube as easily solvable as Rubik's Cube?

No, and VERY far from it. 

Not that its mechanisms haven’t been fully understood, because they have, fully and completely. 

However the solution requires humongous doses of Political Willpower & Courage that we don’t see be mustered in the near future:

When we say that it requires humongous doses of Political Willpower & Courage we are in no way attributing any cowardice to the current politicians

Those in power back in the summer of 2007, Blair, Brown and Socrates, did leave a lot to be desired in the areas of courage and decency on the Maddie Case

Current politicians now have this extremely hot potato burning in their hands.

All because of ONE thing.

That ONE thing has changed completely the whole game board. Really. It changed it so radically that it if applied to Rubik's Cube it would mean that instead of having the 519 quintillion (or just the  43 quintillion permutations depending on you disassembling the cube or not, as said above) it would have only ONE and only ONE possible solution.

That's what a staggering and earth-shattering change it does mean. 

You ask, as you're entitled to ask, with so many Dark Clouds, both named and unnamed, plus the PJ Files you're stating that all boils down to one single thing? 

Yes, I am. Being bold and beautiful.

Let me explain. Imagine that when whoever (no, we don't think the McCann letter did it) convinced David Cameron to go for the SY Review, "Redwood of SY" thought he had been invited to some sort of a "Big Fish Fishing Trip in the Middle of the Ocean", only to find out instead, already well into his adventure trip, that what he really had been invited to was a "Big Fish Fishing Trip in the Middle of the Desert".

I just changed ONE word. A SINGLE word. The word Ocean with the word Desert. Just ONE word.

And with that SINGLE word change instead of imagining "Redwood of SY" out in the middle of the sea pulling in, with the most modern fishing rod, the biggest Blue Marlin you ever saw, you imagine the same "Redwood of SY" with the same modern fishing rod embarrassingly sitting in the middle of a sea of sand under a scorching Sun and getting warmer by the minute, crying for water to... drink. 

Now, can you see the humongous doses of Political Willpower & Courage that is required to solve the Maddie Case? Thus far, "Redwood of SY", to rescue whatever dignity he still can, has pretended that the Desert dunes surrounding him are in reality Ocean waves and that the various tones of pale yellow of sand are but 195 possible tones of blue.  Preferably, as we've seen he avoids speaking about this particular "trip".

But pretending has a limit. The bait has all dried and shriveled up and the waves simply aren't moving! Smiling to the camera hurts more and more as the lips get more and more gritted. The Sun is ruthless and a man has to drink, hasn't he?

He shouldn't be too harsh on himself though. Many have fallen for the siren's call so he's not the first nor will he be the last.

What does an experienced sailor do when he knows he's about to enter into mermaid seas? He ties himself to the mast. Tightly and with orders to the only deaf seaman not to untie him until the ship has passed the deceiving seas and is on safe waters.

Apparently "Redwood of SY" was more entertained with his new fishing rod than with in being tied up, no pun intended. How now he must be thinking "Oh, if only I hadn't listened!".

But all about this ONE thing we'll leave for another time, in a story involving a horse, a polo mallet, an iron and Fred's fear of uttering a sound.

Even though we proclaim that the Maddie Case is practicallan unsolvable case for many reasons in general and the one we that we will deal with in the next post in particular, none of which happened on May 3rd, 2007, we’ll continue to fight and strive for Maddie's Cube to be one day solved:

Or even TRANSPARENTLY solved:

As we all survived the Mayan, and Hollywood, prediction of end of the world in 2012 let's now face 2013 in the eye and see what it reserves for us.

(*) Transcription of the comments that we received on our “These Bothersome Elderlies” post and referred to in the present post:  

"21. Anonymous said...

There is a discussion around, if the victims of the media will turn themselves against Cameron, in the next elections.

One is wondering if Gerry will take part in it.

Cameron did a great favor to the McCanns, the Yard in the case, and will they turn themselves against him?

The solution is to hurry up with the green light from Portugal, to start the process.

Dec 4, 2012 10:39:00 PM"

"29. Anonymous said...


Portugal doesn’t have nor does it depend on Portugal to give any green light to open the process. It depends only on Britain.

The process was archived in Portugal and will be reopened if any new evidence is produced or by the wish of the parents.

We know there’s no new evidence. Whatever may be new about the case lies in Britain.

These are the possibilities that I see for the case to reopen:

1. Find the body. I believe that by now there’s no body and that Maddie has long been cremated, so this isn’t even a possibility. But if there’s a body it can only be found if someone from Britain says where it is.

2. Someone confessing. That would be in Britain.

3. The scientific evidence that “disappeared” be found and sent to Portugal. That would be Britain’s doing.

So please don’t put the responsibility on Portugal to reopen the process. That responsibility is ONLY of Britain and not coming out saying that they have 195 new leads or that they are coordinating with the Porto PJ.

We all know who is guilty of what. We may not know the details of what exactly happened but have a general idea. No abduction, massive post-mortem cover-up.

We also know that only a British political decision will reopen the case.

You want the case reopened? Ask David Cameron. He’ll reopen it for you. If he wants to. He doesn’t. Not right now at least.

Dec 5, 2012 11:18:00 AM"

"31. Anonymous said...

Imo, nothing depends on Britain but on Portugal because the crime happened there and not in the UK. Who told you that there is no new evidence?

At the end of BBC Panorama The Last Hope, the journalist said that the Met had new evidence. If they had it, they must have sent it to the PJ.

And maybe Portugal has new evidence too and it is not talking about it now.

Where cremated? In Portugal? Using a crematorium without calling the attention of its owner? What a risk!

About the green light: I'm not accusing Portugal of anything. I'm saying that Portugal has to be ready with the review, with the information it is getting from the Yard and ,after all of that, it can give the green light in order to reopen the case, to make the reconstruction, to arrest the parents and some of the Tapas.

You got to realise that the final step has to come from the PJ.

The Yard can not talk now, before the PJ allow them to do so.That is what I mean with the green light.

I agree with you: The Met police must know a lot by now but they have to wait because it is a Portuguese matter.

Dec 5, 2012 1:55:00 PM"

"33. Anonymous said...


No you don’t agree on anything with me so don’t go saying you do because it won’t buy you any sympathy.

I was right in having been suspicious of your words about your utter belief in the SY and your "green light" from Portugal.

The crime did happen in Portugal so the majority of the legal proceedings will take place in Portugal. Other legal proceedings such as those related with the Fund will be in the UK. These don't need any sort of green light from anywhere but Britain so if SY has the new evidence you proclaim they should start at once to declare publicly that there was no abduction and that the Fund will be under immediate investigation. That will give a clear sign to all that the SY really want to solve this case truthfully. If they don't it's not because of the lack of a green light from Portugal.

The Yard can talk and do all it wants so the can the PJ. Neither force depends on each other for anything. If there was any sort of coordination between them the SY wouldn’t have come out publicly with the 195 leads that have apparently led nowhere except to the public embarrassment of the Met and goes to prove the forces act separately and independently.

You speak of BBC. Are you talking about the same BBC that broadcast the F-word slander against Amaral and then took ages to recognize, very unperceptively I must add, its error and didn’t have the common decency or politeness of publicly apoligising to the man they had so violently defamed?

The journalist, you say, said the Met had new evidence. Are we talking about the same Met that as of May last year until now has produced “195 new leads” that not only is an absurd number as the only thing it achieved was to ridicule SY itself?

And what new evidence? Please do by all means clarify on certain terms what you mean. You don’t have to prove anything. Just typify what kind of new evidence you think they must have.
Is it a new abductor? Two new abductors? A dozen new abductors? Because that’s as far my imagination can go outside the PJ Files.

As I see it besides a new abductor all the rest is in there as Textusa has been proving all along and comments like yours do try so hard to deride her readers from her writing.

You say if they had it they must send it to the PJ. Well why don't they start by sending all the forensic evidence that got lost somewhere in Britain? That’s not new evidence, that’s an old one that somebody conveniently hid in some cabinet.

After doing that why don't they also send all the statements that were withheld in Britain from witnesses like those such as JW?

Who told me that there was no new evidence? The PJ Files did. The PJ Files are very clear that there isn’t any new evidence to be found. The investigation was thorough and properly done.

The continuance of the existing evidence is what is required, to allow the investigation to proceed without outside influence and tie up all the little loose ends, like the forensic results and unsent statements, so that all accountable can be charged according to the law.

This with the legal proceedings in Portugal. About the Fund it's not required any forensic results or withheld statements. It's up to Britain to kick off that investigation

Dec 5, 2012 4:06:00 PM"

"34. Anonymous said...

You come up with the classic “it can’t be because it can’t be” reasoning about the body being cremated with your “Where cremated? In Portugal? Using a crematorium without calling the attention of its owner? What a risk!

Yes, I remember that one of the reasons the Black Hats presented for the man seen in the Smith Sighting not to be Gerry was “What a risk!

You have to change your tune I’m afraid. Who said it was in Portugal? Who said it was cremated? I said that it was my opinion and didn't refer a place and all that has the value of what it is, an opinion. And my opinion is that Maddie was cremated. Where I don't know but that could have been done in either Country, risk-free, based on my conviction that this cover-up had Top-Brass support from both of the Countries so if the body was to be cremated, it simply was. The “owner” knew very well what he was doing. And you want to know my opinion when it happened? Sometime shortly before Gerry said arrogantly “show me the body to prove that Maddie is dead”. But again that’s my opinion and although valueless I’m entitled to express it.

Soft spoken words may sound like music but if people listen closely it’s the hissing sound of a snake.

Dec 5, 2012 4:07:00 PM"

"35. Anonymous said...

Anon #33/#34 Brilliant post!

The fact that SY is not moving in on the Fund is the very proof that their investigation about Maddie has been biased from the start. All British Media have called one way or another the PJ incompetent.

It's been 18 months of worthless guzzling up our tax-payers money because they were sent not on mission to investigate but on one to end up with the results that they were set up to end and they've flunked completely!

By the way, with the forensic results and assorted statements they could also send the credit card records that were asked for. I bet those records would tell a much truer story than Jenny Murat despite all her want to get back at those that stabbed her and her family in the back!

Dec 5, 2012 5:45:00 PM"

"36. Anonymous said...

Anon 33

You raise a very interesting point!

I’ve heard time and time again about NEW EVIDENCE. It’s what is supposed to open the pandora’s box that is this whole issue.

Now that you ask you made me think.

What NEW EVIDENCE is there that can be found? We know that there was no abduction so anymore stories like the Hewlett one will stick as much as water on a peeled potato. Outside the abduction scenario there’s the evidence that will further incriminate those that were in PDL!

So you’re absolutely right. Unless there’s a confession or a formal accusation from the SY there will NEVER be NEW evidence to reopen the file.

It’s a purely political decision. If the British politicians are willing to commemorate year after year the “unsolved disappearance” of Maddie plus the inevitable comparison to Maddie of every child that disappears worldwide for many years to come with all the embarrassment it implies or they take action and restore dignity to Britain.

No tapas dinners means no abduction. A not credibly solved Maddie case means no dignity for Britain. It may not be outspoken but it will always be lurking over every Brit both in and out of the Country.

Dec 5, 2012 5:59:00 PM"


  1. Textusa, a police never tell everything when a case is not yet solved.
    They keep some results to themselves till everything is clear and they can use it.
    You always say that you work with facts but cremation is not a fact. It is an opinion.
    Like some people are convinced that Payne is involved in the death and I am not.
    My opinion is that he was the witness to what happened in 5a.She was dead or dying, accidentally or otherwise.
    According to a news paper in 2007, he was one of the Tapas who wanted to change his statement.
    You can see it at the end of the first BBC Panorama, his photo and Tanner's and O'Brian's.

    Tanner's daughter being carried by Gerry that night is not a fact but a supposition too.I believe it was Madeleine.
    The only thing that it is really a fact is that we have to wait.

  2. Complaining about no police force in the case: the McCanns were making smoke and mirrors, showing their innocence. They never expected the Yard to get involved in it.

    "Find the body and prove we killed her" that was also a sentence to eliminate any hope of the police, to find her body.
    Again smoke and mirrors, in my opinion.

  3. Censored comment from Anon:

    "Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Maddie's Cube":

    England put a terribe pressure on Portugal and on the PJ, which does not mean that the Portuguse police were not following Tapas 9 and specially the McCanns and relatives. From the first moment they knew there had not been any abduction, there were inconsistencies in the statements, Yvonne Martin had already recognised Payne and warned the PJ, and it is even possible that they asked England to follow the group. We don't know.
    Besides the PJ missed already the pink blanket and the bag and who knows more than they told.
    A dress to dress Maddie up, before burying her, a toy, socks...
    My hope is that the PJ found pink fibers (fibres?) in the boots of the car and that they found the same on Maddie's sheets.
    And I also hope that DNA tests have improved the last 5.5 years and I bellieve they did.


    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Jan 4, 2013 12:29:00 PM"

    The reason for censoring your comment was because we didn't exactly appreciate your sense of humour. If humour is a very difficult tool to handle just by itself, involving death in it has an added factor of difficulty. When done needlessly, its just off-putting.

  4. #1, The witness who wanted to change statement was never named to my knowledge, so this is also just an opinion, unless you can give a link. The lawyer at the time claimed political interference if I recall.
    People tried to guess. I think I read in some blog that DP FP and DW returned to Portugal in July to change statements to say no checks were made, but this didn't happen, as nothing in Pj files.
    You say it was DP and you may be correct but how are you certain it was him?

  5. I fail to see in what way comment #1 relates with what is in the post.

  6. What an amazing piece.
    Your prize I believe.

    Yes we survived 2012 and
    yet something has shifted.
    It is palpable.
    It seems the same old, same old
    is in place but then one sees something has shifted.
    The Delhi tragic rape and the riots and protests that have occurred as a result.
    Indian politicans that have been accused of rape have been protected in the past but are being charged now.
    This is a huge change.

    I see it everywhere, Hilary Clinton instrumental in the death of so many gets a brain clot.
    George Bush senior critically ill in hospital.
    Not that death is a punishment but they became ill at an interesting junction.

    Numerologically 2012 was a number 5 which is a number of conflict.
    2013 is the number of Service and Truth.

    Looking forward to the development of courage and integrity.
    The whole of mankind will benefit when this comes out into the open.

  7. For the benefit of those who have not read it yet, I draw your attention to a very perceptive counter-proposition to the so-called "Scotland Yard's 195 new leads" given by Johanna here:

    I sent a copy+paste to Scotland Yard and the PJ. So far no acknowledgement (...)

    PS Her "Theory" is also worth a read. Same blog.

  8. Anon #7 is a BH. Why are you posting a link to a blog that states that Maddie's death happened before the 3rd? The blog of someone that came here to insult Textusa just because she debunked Johanna's video that was a compilation of photos trying to demonstrate that Maddie had been carried dead to the beach. Your words are very polite but be careful, don't bite your tongue.

    Anon #1 is a BH. Textusa doesn't say cremation is a fact, she says if the reader is right about cremation, so why say she says it's a fact?
    You speak that DP walked in on Maddie being killed or already dead. Based on? Who killed Maddie then? Based on?
    You saying that Tanner's daughter is a supposition is a riot! After Textusa demonstrated in detail why it was Tanner's daughter, comes this person and says it's supposition! Typical BH tactic, trying to get us to discuss the same things all over again.

    Anon #2 is a BH. Commenting a post where it is said that the SY aren't going anywhere and brilliantly illustrated with the Redwood pulling the boat (Textusa your graphics team is just top notch!) you come here to say "they didn't expect the SY to get involved. A lot of good the Yard has done in the last 20 months! Please spare me!

    Anon #3 is a BH. What dress? You base that statement on what? And what toy? Like Anon #1 implies burial so no cremation and like Anon #2 is a believer that the forensics will save the day (the forensic evidence is in the UK so only the Yard can make them appear)

    I say Anons #1, #2, #3 and #7 are all BH and the same person.

    None discuss the content of the post. It looks like they were waiting for you to post something and they were ambushed and ready to fire regardless of what the blog posted.

    Sorry for the rant. Such a brilliant post (once again) deserves that those that appreciate it should make their voices be heard over the BH voices.

  9. Within 2 days the forensic holidays will be finished, in Portugal.
    Judges and prosecuters will have time for Madeleine and for us.
    My opinion is that they could not come up with a decision short for Christmas, New Year and the Three Kings. Short for the forensic holidays would start (December the 20th).
    It better to wait and to start it without obstruction in front of them.

    Hundreds if not thousands of sharp and helpful comments about the case can be found on internet. People analysing and trying to figure out what happened on the 3rd, which will be a huge help for the public prosecuter. A huge lot of work already chewed, helping Justice.

    How can McCanns'layers ever convince Justice that Maddie was abducted? That the parents are innocent?
    That the dogs and the Smiths are a bunch o liers?
    I prefer Carlos Pinto de Abreu who advised the parents to accept the PJ's conclusion and he would make their defense.
    The McCanns'lawyers will have to survive the PJ and the Yard and also to survive all of the good arguments that are on the internet.
    They, who accepted to be Kate and Gerry's lawyers and who, in their worst nightmare, did not expect the Yard to openly support the PJ, helping them, and who didn't expect that the PJ would decide for a revision.
    It will be tough for them and I wonder if they will make it.

    I see Isabel Duarte being brought to the Tribunal lying on a Red Cross stretch, so tired.

    After Brown, after painful lies in the British media, after so many other lies, after so many false statements, after so much injustice towards Madeleine and Murat, Portugal will shoot back.

    I'm proud of the Lusos, beautiful people!
    And I am not Portuguese.

    May God bless you all!

  10. Anon #9

    Could you please clarify what you mean with "the Yard to openly support the PJ"?

    Do you mean that SY has openly said that it agrees that Maddie died in the apartment as the PJ's Final Report indicates?

    If so, could you please provide a link?

    Thank you.

  11. BRAVA! Amazing post!

    Though, I'm afraid that I'm not as logical and pragmatic as you are...I just cannot bring myself to accept this:
    "we respect all state institutions, as is the Justice System"
    "we respect their decisions"

    My mind may say "you have to", but my heart says otherwise...I just cannot respect state institutions which are known to distort and disrespect the truth, which twist it to serve dark hidden purposes and conveniences! They are liars, they disrespect us, the tax payers that keep them on their jobs, the people they are supposed to serve!
    Sorry for the rant, by I have a hard time dealing with hypocrisy and politics, maybe I'm too idealistic...

  12. Bom dia.

    A escolha de CPA foi pel fama de bom advogado e por ser conhecido por alguns em UK.

    Para mim, nem CPA, nem RA e, até a ID não acreditam nos paizinhos da M.

    CPA não precisa deles;

    RA pegou no caso e largou; talvez tenha mais que fazer.

    ID, self made woman , pegou no caso por pensar que seria uma honra servir aquele casal inglês ( a submissão a quem fala outra língua).

    Não tenho de modo algum uma opinião favorável quanto à maneira de ser da senhora.

    Há seres " humanos" que por qualquer razão gostam de derrubar aqueles que se metem no caminho e não deixam que o seu " brilho" apareça. Normalmente, depois berram.

    Por outro lado, também gostam de "argumentar" coisas inimagináveis:

    *uns, podem sentir-se mal, ter insónias, estarem deprimidos, serem perseguidos e sei lá que mais.

    *outros, que são constantemente amachucados, prejudicados, deprimidos, perseguidos e ameaçados de todas as maneiras NÃO PODEM.

    Assim, penso que a mesma bitola funciona de dois modos diferentes e , sem quaisquer garantias para quem se tornou um alvo de ódio.

    O alvo de ódio é o obstáculo , no pensamento e fabulação para a senhora Tal e Tal, em alcançar o "prestígio além fronteiras".

  13. Brilliant post Textusa.
    Maddie case can be easily compared in Portugal, with Casa Pia. Not regarding the subject of the crime, but regarding the complexity and the extension of the people involved in the cover up. In my opinion both cases will be solved and the truth known only when the masterpieces die.
    The extension of the cover up in Maddie case, shows also according to my opinion, that the OC and maybe some other resorts across Europe, where a certain group of people use to spend holidays, offered a special type of holidays which tide in the same bouquet, people who apparently had no evident relation. They all are swingers or experienced that philosophy of life in some moment and were scared by the possibility of having that exposed if the police " and most scaring, the journalists, start digging that world". Maddie death was a collateral accident that became a huge problem and needed the involvement of important and high people to silence the sexual activities that were transversal to a certain group of British and other european nationalities. And the Tapas 9 and almost all guests in the OC know that transversality and how to use this as a tool for self-protection. Like in other type of "group organization", all members or followers know who use to have the same behavior, even if they don't know the people in person. When a problem happen, a huge movement of solidarity starts to help one of the members and avoid the truth to raise the public. That's why, is not a surprise for me having politics, business mans, doctors, lawyers, journalists, British, deutchs, germans, youngers, olders, etc, all involved in covering up an accident.
    Under such circumstance is easy to hide or get ride of a body of a small child. They just had to control the movements of the police and that movements where perfectly controlled by the diplomatic department. Only a special window of opportunity would had lead the police to discover the body, even if the investigators had strong suspicions about the place where could be stored. Without a top authorization, PJ could not invade any property and when starts making a lot of troubles, the coordinator of the investigation had to be replaced and a dark campaign against his work settled. In the middle time, the body was destroyed or probably stored in a safety place with help of people who don't need to pass any control while circulating between countries. Only that explains the arrogance of Gerry while asking PJ to discover the body.
    Early news in May 2007 reported the OC as a familiar place to British expats including Murat. Which attraction the Resort had to attract expat residents and not locals? I'm just applying logic. Could not be a good restaurant/ bar, since the Portuguese residents will not miss that attraction if available. Other activities were going on and forced the resort to contract nannies in a low season and have the resort almost fully booked.

  14. Anons #8 and #11,

    Please rant away. Here rants are most welcomed.

    We fully realize that the issue that we're dealing with is so sinister and without any sort of value standards that any common citizen is taught, that it infuriates any decent human being. So please feel free to express your anger. It only shows what a good heart you have.

    Our rivals live their life filled with hypocrisy and cynicism.

    You can also die whilst alive. If you sell your soul, you are already dead.

    That's why unscrupulous rich people search continually for recognition but they want approval from good people. Unfortunately for them, their behaviour is only appreciated by people like them.

    Their bucket has a gaping hole and nothing can fill it.

    Anon #11 your comment is the ideal to use on a post that has been whirling in my head for some time, so don't be surprised if one of these days you'll see it in a post.

  15. Anon #13,

    What a pleasure it is to write knowing that people like you are reading!

    Thank you!

  16. Textusa

    I agree with Anon. 13 - this is a brilliant post. A complicated situation explained.

    What I find deeply depressing almost to the point that I would like to leave this Country (UK) and not be associated with it in any way. Is that there are people in responsible positions, Government, Police, private companies, professional people and others in positions of influence who are actively working to discredit any evidence found or any credible statements which would helps to expose the Truth about the disappearance of a child. When the Met. Review started I was amazed that people really thought that this was “for real” and not a simulation. That they even provided the Met. with any information or names of witnesses that may help find the Truth, whatever it really is. We need to know. In all democracies Truth must prevail otherwise it cannot uphold the law. I am sickened with the UK it makes my belly shrivel to think that these people are sitting in their offices trying to push the evidence back into our mouths. That they are doing this behind our backs while putting their faces to us and lying. I agree with Anon. 13 that we will not know the real Truth until all those involved are dead. But when will this be, how can this ever be? The “business” whatever it is that is being covered, goes on. Which is a shame because of all those who have tried so hard and are still trying, in many Countries to help expose the Truth. Regarding the Indian Spring and Arab Spring etc. I had high hopes that this would eventually happen here in the UK. But no – it wont. Any peaceful protest is infiltrated by under cover Police to ensure that the protest turns violent so that the masses can see, yet again, a different Truth. (P.C. Mark Kennedy was an undercover Met. Officer who was exposed). We have our own Storm Troopers to keep us “kettled and contained”! Our young are not about to protest they are so involved with striving to live and earn one to get involved in protesting. They have been manipulated by our all-encompassing authoritarian Government, which has become a dictatorship. I despair!

  17. Sorry #8

    I am not aware of everything that Johanna has posted. Am-I supposed to?
    I judge articles on their own credit. May I? Also, I don't read everything. Do I have to?

    One of these days you might see me disagreeing with Textusa. At the moment I am smiling in appreciation...

    I have read J's "Theory" and the "195 New Leads" both of which I found pretty good in terms of argument. They are not scientific papers obviously. Which ones are?

    You could be right about other stuff Johanna has published though, but I say, let people express their views as long as they do so in an intelligent and educated manner.

    What do I think of Textusa? Well, in my opinion she is the finest mind on the web commenting on the Madeleine McCann mystery and the reputation management surrounding it. Even individuals of the intellectual stature of Prof. Dr. Paulo Sargento have quoted her on TV! I don't need you to tell me to shut up and kneel on her presence. Trust me, T. would not like that.

    I can see you are a staunch supporter of her! That looks good good on you but you must not feel paranoid or overprotective towards your "guru"- as it were.

    Textusa did not comment on my suggestion as you did. She published it. Who are you to suggest it should not have been posted?

    In my perception reality is not black and/or white. It is more like a Rubik's cube. There are many shades of grey (and combinations of colour) to it - unless of course one is wearing thick, dark shades and ignores the cube. For more about the cube see here:

    Have a nice day!

  18. Boa Tarde #12

    Era só para aplaudir o seu comentário e expandir um pouco.

    E igualmente interessante notar que o CPA em 2008 (na altura advogado dos MCs) deu "malha" no MP por ele ter falado a imprensa sem autorização previa da OA e ate escreveu:

    "A continuar, este tipo de atitudes gerará um circo mediático inaceitável, uma conflitualidade insuportável, o desprestígio da justiça, a indignidade dos profissionais do foro, todos, e a falta de confiança nas instituições, desde logo a nossa." (CPA)

    A meu ver quem escreve assim não e disléxico!

    Entretanto o MP na altura já bestanario... perdão! quero dizer bastonário...(lapsus linguae) aparece como testemunha chave em defesa do afilhado MAC contra o GA e vai ainda este mês entrar em palco em defesa dos MCs no julgamento do GA.

    Que e que se passa?

    Será aquilo a que chama a "submissão a quem fala outra língua?" ou aquilo a que os Britânicos designam de "gerência de reputação" (caríssimo!) ou ambas as coisas?

    Poderá também ser mais uma daquelas coincidências próprias de um meio pequeno com excesso de chacais por metro quadrado?

    Mais um cubo de Rubik a descascar...


  19. Maddie case show few things which deserve a deep work done by Psychologists, sociologists and criminologists in order to understand and explain the human behavior under extreme conditions at the point of reducing to nothing the importance of a child life.
    In fact, since the alarm, the all case is about the adults involved in the holidays and not about the real victim- the child who lost her life. I agree Textusa, 15 minutes were enough to understand that whatever happened to Madeleine was irreversible and life had to move on with minimum of collateral damages. Then 15 minutes were enough to set the cover up. Over the time, I start doubting who forced who and who decide what, regarding the cover up. If the Mccann's, if the Tapas 7, if some other guests or expats or if the OC, or all together. My doubts remain... Were the Mccann's the masters of the cover up or were them forced by others and by the circumstances to align with the all lies delivered on May 3? I still remembering the first appeal of the Mccann's in the TV with Kate reading a paper endorsed to the abductor that ended with the Portuguese sentence" por favor devolva a nossa menina". Was so impersonal, so cold, so fake that could only be understandable if we put on top of the table the real reason for the cover up- the adult games inside that holidays and Kate forced to play her second act, since the first was the alarm.
    Lies, hypocrisy and absence of shame is what drives the life of all involved in the cover up. The life of the little child means nothing inside their arrogance, their narcissism and their desperation to survive.

  20. Peço desculpa Textusa por este comentário que é um aparte e apesar de não está diretamente relacionado com o subject do seu post mostra o caracter e a arrogancia de alguns personagens a quem os McCann se colaram. Falo de Marinho Pinto, que está neste momento conspurcando a minha TV a defender-se no provedor do telespectador (RTP) de uma frase que terá dito no programa Justiça cega. O douto senhor terá dito no programa que aquilo que o Brazil mais exporta para Portugal são prostitutas. Gerou uma onda de indignação nos telespectadores mas fazendo jus da sua arrogancia mantém o que disse e reclama o seu direito a liberdade de opinião reforçando a idéia que há no Brazil e em Portugal quem promova esta emigração, contudo falhando a concretização de qualquer dado que fundamente tão grave e xenófoba acusação. Ficou mesmo indignado com o facto de haver quem se indigne. Afinal a liberdade de expressão só tem um lado, o dele, porque os que o criticam se o fazem são imbecis.
    O facto deste senhor se colar aos McCann e Estes consentirem mostra bem como são conservadores e retrogrados quando se trata de julgar e ajuizar sobre as actividades sexuais de terceiros. Se o Brazil e o maior exportador de prostitutas para Portugal, que dizer de um Resort que promovia ferias para adultos, tendo acidentalmente morrido uma criança nessas férias? Seria legal esta actividade? Seria compativel com crianças ainda que resguardadas em creches ao cuidado de nanys contratadas para ajudar os adultos a esconder e mascarar o real motivo dessas ferias? Grande hipocrisia.

  21. From anon.#11 to Textusa,

    please use my words where and when you seefit, my pleasure to oblige.
    (blushing now...)

  22. Anon #17

    I don’t think your comment shouldn’t have been published. It contains no rudeness and being published is in line with what I believe to be Textusa’s tolerant nature. I wouldn’t publish it if I was her but am not.

    What I’m saying is that it shouldn’t have been written at all and if it was it should have been submitted somewhere else as those of us that follow “Maddie blogs” are familiar with Johanna’s theory of death prior to the 3rd, which you should know as you said you read at least two posts from Johanna: her theory and the 195 new leads post.

    So placing and recommending that link here can be considered, and is by me, a premeditated disruptive action.

    Wish you also a nice day.

    Anon #8

  23. Textusa, is there also an evidence from the blue bag?
    (I am new in your blog).

  24. Anon #23

    Yes, we believe that there is a forensic evidence in that bag.

    In fact we believe that it would be the place where you would find the most forensic evidence per square inch related to the Maddie case.

    We believe that in it are pieces of clothing of those that were assigned to clean up the apartment of evidence of Maddie's death.

    So in it, amongst other things, I would say that you would find a pair of jeans, a pair of beige coloured pants and maybe a shower curtain. But that is speculating as only the current "bagkeeper" can tell you, and all of us, what exactly it contains. Unfortunately we suspect he's not authorized to say. Pity.

    But I can tell you what we believe to never have been in that bag and that is Maddie's body. First it was too small, second it was photographed in the apartment while Maddie's corpse was, in our opinion, at Murat's and third for the most obvious of reasons: it was, as we believe already filled with other stuff.

    Thank you for your question.

  25. I too, believe the blue bag has a lot of forensic evidences from who had deal with the body in the immediate minutes after the accident. The bag pictured by GNR disappear after the alarm and the owner never reported that incident to the police, which is a relevant detail. Inside it, a child blanket must be stored because the blanket is another piece that went missing after the alarm. In a famous program in USA, while confronted with mysterious disappearance lady Kate answered that the blanket is with Madeleine. That reveals two important things- who took it had access to the body after the alarm and was able to reenter the 5a without raising any suspicion to the police who delimited already the crime scene but did not delimited the movements of the tenants of the apartment and their close friends. More, police asked the Mccann's to leave the apartment and transfer their belongs into another flat( which is a normal procedure, taking in account that a diplomatic interference was already settled and police forced to search an abductor, even without believing a single word from the Tapas 9). Who reentered the flat was able to fool also Silvia( the responsible of the OC when the alarm was raised). Trough her words on her first statement we can see she also was not believing the abduction story. Then, who reentered the flat could not be a worker with a spare key( the new Kate version of the abducter). If was a worker, was with consent of the OC and the Tapas 9, following instructions delivered by the group.
    Since, who cleaned the flat and took the bag did not fly, I add to the contains, a pair of sandals ( early reports speak about footprints from a sandal more or less Kate size, which are also missing). Are the sandals a myth or an evidence quick silenced like the uncomfortable blue bag?
    I too don't believe the body was stored in the bag. Too risk to raise the alarm with the body inside the flat. When the alarm was raised the body was already in a safe location, where the police could not enter without a special permission. The expat residents in PDL and the OC knows the police cannot enter a property without a permission that could only be issued under strong suspicions by a prosecutor or a court. This will never happen on the first hours or even days.
    Trough the mouth dies the fish and Kate is the perfect example for that say. Oprah went no further with the questions that deserved to be posed after the amazing answer from Kate regarding the blanket. One should be, how the abductor was able to reenter the flat on the same night she claimed to be in looking after her sleeping twins with contort of Fiona Payne for a huge time and due to that and also to the darkness and coldness of the night, she was not able to cooperate with who was out searching her daughter and the potential abductor.
    What I find also amazing is the detail of having them refusing the proposal of the police to have the twins checked in an hospital and the refuse to move from the 5a into a hotel proposed by PJ at the portuguese costs. They refused the hotel and the laptop offered by PJ. Just applying logic, I find no good reason for innocent parents to refuse such offers. What were they afraid to? How that offers could collide with the end of the holidays of a couple which child was abducted by an evil Paedo? Never in a case, small details became so important.

  26. Bom dia!

    Eu concordo com o comentário 20 pois MP é um dos que faz parte do cubo.

    Reparem no programa Justiça Cega [Blind Justice] (transcrição no Blog de JM, em inglês)

    "..... AMP: ………..I believe that it is absurd to attribute... first of all to conclude that the child died,
    secondly to attribute to the parents that death.

    I believe that an English couple that is holidaying in the Algarve did not come here to murder their daughter. ........ "

    Ele diz MATAR a Filha. Só os proMcs utilizam isto!

    "um grupo em férias ........ virem cá para matar a filha"


    E, uma correcção a um comentário meu, num post prévio:

    "Pinto's daughter, Barbara worked for McCann lawyer Rogerio Alves."

    AMP = MP = Pinto

  27. "Unpublished Anon,

    We here at Textusa are firm believers that 21 months of lack of results, besides a very vague and very ambiguous 195 "new leads" referred to 10 months into the process and nothing else after that for the following 11 months, can only mean one thing: the SY is blocked.

    Blocked as in not going nowhere.

    Please add to those 21 months, the 15 months in which the PJ handled the process before it was archived, you'll have the process being handled by LEGITIMATE police personnel for 36 months now, and going.

    To those 36 months you have to add another 9 in which the McCanns did a meticulous translation of the PJ Files before putting out their Mockmentary.

    That makes 45 months in which many different people looked at the very same (supposedly the same as we know that the UK has seen evidence they never gave a chance to the PJ to see it) written evidence.

    We're not even taking into account the time spent on them by very dubious PIs hired either by the couple or in their name.

    Do you know of any written piece of work in the history of mankind that having been read for 45 months still holds any kind of secret? We don't.

    We have been very clear that we expect absolutely nothing from the SY Review and we'll explain why in even greater detail in future posts.

    So we take this opportunity to inform that like what we've decided to do with comments supporting death prior to the 3rd, we will no longer publish "hopeful SY Review" comments.

    Thank you"

  28. The SY review was a charade for UK internal consumption. Now, without the NOTW, without Rebecca B and without the Sun, the Mccann's were left on their own, more and more dependent of the money from the Fund, which will not last forever.
    The main objectives of the charade were keep fooling the public with the victimization cassette and trying to silence the multiple voices in the Internet who don't believe the abduction and ask the Fund to be investigated. Mccann's know, soon, what is largely discussed around the world will be discussed in all tables in UK and the picture is not very pleasant for the Mccann's- the world is fed up of them and UK will follow the same recipe. No money in the Fund will be enough to pay journalists, lawyers, PR advisers and all sort of Pierrots who don't mind to deliver sick and stupid stories, if payed. Their game is over but Maddie game is not over, since they failed to change the mind of any disbeliever and the blogs they silenced are just giants " endormant" who will wake up on the first signal. They failed to keep away the trillions of anonymous like me, who respect the life of their daughter and want justice. Now, they desperately want to fade but the case did not allow it to happen... Every time a odd case raise the news and comments are allowed, the public immediately connect Mccann's case with the new one for the worst reasons. To make their time even more hard, we can see they progressively were left on their own, abandoned first by the family and close friends and late by the opportunists who were looking for few minutes of fame... They are not anymore a profitable source and start been seen as a source of troubles. How long will take for the BHs involved on the cover up to start disclosing evidences( confessions) in a desperation try to reduce their responsibility in the all crime?

  29. Textusa, some of us are believers. And we have the right to think democractly.
    What is the use of your blog, if you only accept what suits your ideas?
    Very unilateral.
    I bet you will not publish this.

  30. I do now believe the SY Review is a charade, but the number of people now implicated in the cover-up must be growing exponentially, and they all have families who will be curious to know what is going on, and all the family members have friends ..... If the purpose is just to protect a few individuals, however important, surely it can never now be kept under wraps? Also I am interested in the death on 3rd May and not before that - Amaral says the same, but do you believe she died earlier that day, or in the evening? I am just wondering because of the McCanns making up the story about her reprimanding them on the morning of the 3rd about them not hearing the children crying the previous night and why they would need to convince people she was alive if she actually was alive? Sorry if I have missed something.

  31. @30, the McCanns were insinuating that the abductor was there the night before, he made her a cup of tea, hahaha,he had no time to wash her pijamas, and he went back to abduct her, on the 3rd.
    It is one of the most ridiculous part of Maddie's story.

  32. Anon #29,

    The use of this blog is that we get moving along instead of letting it get stuck discussing things that have already been discussed.

    We did not question in any way your beliefs. You're absolutely entitled to them.

    We only said that here is not the place for issues relating to your beliefs to be discussed.

    I'm sure that you'll find out there many sites with people who share your beliefs and where you can fully discuss them with them, while we here move continue to move along, slowly but at a pace set by us.

  33. Anon #30,

    The Paraiso pictures are what assure us that nothing was wrong at the time they were taken, thus Maddie was alive then.

    What we infer from the McCanns words or statements that you refer is not them trying to prove that she was alive on the 3rd but to reinforce the that they were negligent parents.

    No negligence means no abduction, so it was in their best interest to push that message as much as they could.

  34. Regarding comments #18, #20,

    Marinho Pinto (head of the portuguese lawyers bar, "bastonário", in portuguese) is a bully, a turd cladded in a suit and tie, polished by a very thin layer of varnish, which of course, cracks and peels off very easily and frequently! Whenever he is challenged or contradicted he throws a tantrum, he squeals and screams, he foams at the mouth, until he reduces the oponents to silence by leaving them in a shell-shock state!
    A BULLY, if I ever saw one!!!

    On the other end of the spectrum we have Mr. Gonçalo Amaral, such a calm, collected and composed person. I never saw him loose his temper on tv, not even when horribly disrespected and insulted , as was the case of his interview by Miguel Sousa Tavares(another bully).
    What a difference! The bully and the gentleman!

  35. The connection of Marinho Pinto with Mccann's shows well in what this parents transformed the death of their child, a CIRCUS. The guy suffer from the same disease, NARCISSISM and is not able to accept other points of view, even while to justify his ideas he claims democracy and the right of a free opinion.

  36. 2013 will be the year for child's remains recovery. Her remains are and have always been in the PDL.

    2013 will be a year of revelation, not of the courts of justice or men kind, but of revelation.

    Time will be always the biggest enemy of offenders and their supporters.

    The information was disseminated every where and well understood by now: everyone knows that there was no kidnapping, everyone who doubted has already clarified their doubts.

    This is a truly embarrassing case either from the human point of view, either from moral perspective.

    Happy will be the man that has been carrying his cross (GA) because he will be victorious. Will be a victory with no flags nor spotlights but with a sparking dignity that illuminate the darkness.

    Everyone, even those who resist, recognize the truth when they see it. We like the truth. The truth sets us free!! That is what we see when we look at Gonçalo Amaral (whether one like it or not!)

    This is one of the rare cases where the devil blushed with the amorality and perversity of the event. There is no victims here. Only different levels of responsibility. One way or another the bill will arrive one day...


  37. A.

    Disagree totally with you.

    There has been one physical victim, a 4 tear old child.

    There have been two victims who have had their lives in constant turmoil due to persecution carried out by legal bullying, Goncalo Amaral and Tony Bennett.

    There has been a small group of victims, those who were asked to help only to see they were used and some of them back-stabbed.

    There have been thousands of victims, who have seen their interest and sympathy be ruthlessly exploited.

    There have been millions of victims, who have been mislead by a either biased or either coward media.

    There has been a whole planet full of people victim of the most heinous of cover-ups.

    I don't recall a case with so many victims ever.

    May I ask you a small favour? Please don't use the letter "A." to identify yourself. It doesn't bring good memories to the blog.

    Mind you, if you insist, do use it. A favour asked is never a demand.

  38. There are no victims among ofenders and their supporters.

    Gonçalo is not a victim. He would be a victim of this complex web if he choose to shut up and went along with the system. He is delicate and calm at the surface but he has a strenghteness of a winner. He kept his dignity doing so.

    There are millions of victims every where that's how it goes. Life is not always fair and History is not known for giving compensations.

    It is extreme saying you don't recall a case with so many victims ever. Just think about how many victims NOTWorld have done with it's unethical way of doing media.
    A. is the way I want may profile is Anonymous. Have no idea why it dose not bring good memories to the blog.

    Anonymous then !

  39. There is another victims, Hewlett, the poor fisherman in PDL which name I didn't remember and a certain musician who use to play on the streets to have money instead of stilling innocents, just because was convenient to a certain group to have scapegoats when the circumstances became hot and because their look was odd, fitting their imaginary abductor. One have to ask them why the abductor should be a man, ugly, poor and with a lack of hygienically habits instead of being a Brad Pitt or fitting a story like Bonnie and Clyde. Even on that they show their amateurism and their child side, the bad guy has to look always like an evil monster, ugly and out of the beauty scenery, exactly like on the fairy tales. After all, was a fairy tale what they delivered to the police and want the world to believe.
    There is other millions of victims without name or face, the contributors to the fraudulent Fund, who were foolish because they have a good heart and got touched by the face and the tragedy of the girl. They contributed believing the money was to search the girl and not to pay Mitchell, Carter-ruck and other lawyers, if not also the fake sightings that kept the business alive. If each contributor had the real perspective of the business, at the beginning, I believe not a single Pond, Euro or Dollar had ever been dropped in the Fund account. The story of the Fund, is "per it" a serious crime that deserves a huge investigation and will give a lot of material to criminologists to work on it.

  40. I agree with comment 37!

    38: GA not a victim ??????????

    GA is also a Victim, and a big victim.

  41. Textusa, are you still backing that theory of yours, about Payne? Even after the PJ said that Kate killed Maddie accidentally?

    Amaral said that Maddie died in two different places and later I read about the stairs and about the broken skul.
    Myself I don't find it easy to have sex when 3 little children are around me.

    you put the responsibility of the death on Payne and it seems to have been Kate.

  42. Anon #41,

    I'll be more than happy to answer your question, but before I do that I ask that you back up the statements you made in your comment:

    - Where has the PJ said that Kate killed Maddie accidentally?

    - Where did Amaral say that Maddie died in two different places?

    - Where and what did you read about the stairs and about a broken skull?

    You don't have to tell me, because I certainly don't want to know, where, how and when you find it easy to have sex.

    However according to your words it seemns that any couple that has a child either puts her out in the yard or live a celibate life.

    There are things called doors and keys. I use them often. Try using them too and you'll see that the opportunities for you to enjoy a healthy and normal sex life will increase exponentially.

    Will wait for your answers. Then, and only then will I provide mine.

    Thank you

  43. After all, the ghosts still appear here and put words unspoken in the mouths of others.

      There is a name for the "playful ghosts."

      But I prefer to be far away from the beliefs of the DAM MAD MAC, this is a part of the cube.

  44. Kate having a hard time finding time for sex with 3 children around???!!!
    That's a joke, surelly! Those 3 children were out of the way for most of the time, dumped in the creches, cared for by the nannies!
    The whole bunch had nothing but plenty of free time for sex or whatever activities they fancied.

  45. Anon #8 & 22 Greetings! I start to like you as a virtual person...

    The thing to remember is that no animosity was implied in my comment. I am bemused with your reply but that is your opinion (if not your manners) and I respect the first.

    Now, this is not meant to "push your buttons" further but... you wrote (and I quote) that "those of us that follow Maddie's blogs are familiar with the theory" ... "placing and recommending that link can be considered, and is by me, a premeditated disruptive action". I see...

    What about those who do not follow Maddie's blogs or are not familiar with free, independent thinking on the subject? Those who only know what they read in the mainstream media?

    You couldn't care less about those ignorant hats, could you?

    Recently, I attended a Christmas party in London where the subject of Madeleine McCann popped-up. It seemed to me most people were grossly misinformed. All they knew was the "reputation management" they had read in the papers or the mockumentaries they had seen on TV.

    So, for the benefit of (some) of my brainwashed colleagues I recommended three or four websites/blogs (inc. Textusa's) and (for my own sake) changed the subject.

    Now, if you now come to me saying "we are already familiar with the theory blah-blah-blah" and ask me (ex-cathedra) to refrain from quoting other independent thinkers here then I have no alternative but to conclude (preliminary) that you are a rather selfish hat - and a rather feral one at that.

    The link was published for the benefit of those that were not aware of it. I estimate thousands of people visit Textusa's blog and many are not as savvy as you purport to be, yet you don't seem to care about those people but just about yourself and your fan club. Is not that sad?

    Have a nice week.

    Anon 17

  46. Who follows the Maddie Case has always read, or read better (past) Blogs about the subject. And read on both sides: Truth and Justice for this case, and those who defend at all costs the lies of the scandal.

    How many blogs are active?

    How long have they stopped?

    Well, they stopped because the UK institution only writes in favor of lies.

    And those who are in favor of lies and scandal in the country of origin of the couple, why stop?

    This blog is a reflection and research.

    If there were others with their own theories, I ask, why stop? All combined?

    There seems to be here by a certain jealousy or spite. And even some anger. Anger is bad for health.

  47. Anon #46,

    All I have to say is to "enjoy" Textusa and Johanna simultaneously is not possible. It's not a question of open mindedness, it's wanting to be at night and at day at the same time. Liking opposites is fine when we're talking about food or other sort of leisure. Maddie died, those who seek the truth are not looking at the case like flower smelling and choose which aroma pleases us the most. With Maddie there's no middle ground. You either believe there were Tapas dinners or you don't, you either believe that Fenn lied or you don't, you either believe that Smith saw Gerry with Tanner's daughter or you don't. I subscribe what Textusa has written this far. She has explained the whys she says what she does and I agree with what she has written up to now. I don't agree with what Joahanna writes. I can't because I believe in what Textusa writes. Recommending Textusa and Joahanna to the same person is not showing the various options (for that the person has google) it's confusing that person because there are no various options to a death of a child. Now please be consistent and go to Johanna's blog and recommend there Textusa.

  48. Eu falei em blogs no geral. Eu não me referi a nenhum deles em particular.

    Dei a minha opinião sobre este, que está activo.

    Ler os blogs e os foruns leva-nos a estar dentro dos pensamentos de cada um.

    Faz mal ler e, pensar? Faz mal ?


    I spoke with blogs in general. I did not refer to any of them in particular.

    I gave my opinion on this, which is active.

    Read the blogs and forums takes us to be in the thoughts of each.

    It hurts to read and think? It's bad?

  49. Happy New year, Textusa and sisters.

  50. I just popped in to see if your Christmas break was over. Thanks for a great post... your blog seems to never disappoint with something interesting to read.

  51. Textusa, you promised to reply my comment nr. 41.
    I gave you two links: youtube"Gerry McCann made arguido" and google "Madeleine McCann died of a fall of the stairs".
    I could not find Amaral's comment of Maddie dying in two different places.
    I'm wainting for your comment.

  52. Anon #41/51

    It seems your links got lost in the mail. Checked if they went to spam, and they're not there either. Please send them again.

    And no, I'm not googling anything for you.

    Provide the links as asked. That was the deal. Unilaterally set, I know, but that's life.

  53. Dear DO NOT PUBLISH.

    Thank you so much for your comment.

    Yes, it's indeed off-putting, but life is what life is, and you must understand that the BHs will use every possible method possible to drive away readers, as they've come to realize that we've set our own pace and we'll keep going until, as the Portuguese say, "our voices hurt". Hurt, as in our own throats, not as in our readers, mind you!

    They've threatened us. They've threatened our readers. They've used abusive language. What else can they do but try, through nice and polite language, to get us to discuss what has already been discussed and justify what already has been justified?

    About the new readers, of course they're most welcomed, but we're not writing for popularity.

    We write for future generations to read. Out of pure selfless citizenship, and that's why none of us seek personal recognition.

    Pardon the immodesty, but we're fully aware that we're writing an historic document. As such, we've even thought of closing the blog to the public and continue our writing without any distractions but decided, wisely, against it, at least for now, as our readers have been precious sources of valid information.

    So our technique is imagining that we write for only twenty or so of our most faithful of readers. But mostly, we write for ourselves. Not as an egotistical exercise but as one to clear our consciences as the anonymous citizens we are, in no way related with the events of PdL of having done something even if, in the end, it results in little.

    But what better way is there to live than with a clear conscience? I know not of one.

    About your suggestion, we agree entirely, But as you might imagine, it is a arduous task to sift the 487 posts and see those that fit the bill. If you want to do that, we would obviously take advantage of it, and put up the list.

    Once again thank you for your comment.

  54. www.the -evening -standard-now-the-Portuguese police-say-Madeleine-died-of-a-fall-down-stairs

  55. Anon #41/51/54

    I asked you to back up the following statements:

    1. Where has the PJ said that Kate killed Maddie accidentally?

    2. Where did Amaral say that Maddie died in two different places?

    3. Where and what did you read about the stairs and about a broken skull?

    For the first statement you seem to back it up with this youtube clip:

    The closest anyone comes to accusing someone of any killing is the Sky News reporter and he places the emphasis on Gerry rather than Kate: “Suspect of killing his daughter and disposing of her body… but neither HE or his wife…”

    Sorry but I don’t count a Sky News Reporter as PJ. So still waiting for you to back up this statement.

    For the second statement you say you can’t find the information. Don’t worry, we’re patient, we can wait. So still waiting for you to back up this statement.

    For the third statement the link you provided doesn’t work. Hope we’re not making you nervous. No need to be, we don’t bite anyone. It’s unhygienic to say the least.

    But I take you mean this link:

    “Now the Portuguese police say Madeleine died in a fall on a staircase
    30 September 2007

    Accused: Kate McCann leaves church in Rotheley, Leicestershire yesterday - still clutching Madeleine's favourite toy Cuddle Cat

    Madeleine McCann died in a fall down a flight of stairs at her parents' holiday apartment, Portuguese police claimed yesterday in the latest leak from inside the investigation.
    A police report has pinpointed a set of ten stairs leading up to the McCann family apartment's patio doors, it was claimed.
    The report was based on the findings of two British sniffer dogs which allegedly found the "scent of death" and microscopic traces of blood inside the apartment and on Kate McCann's clothes.
    Detectives have also been looking at another theory - that a former maid at the resort where the family were staying abducted Madeleine.
    Portuguese and British police have been told that the woman was sacked from the Mark Warner resort in Praia da Luz a few days before Madeleine went missing on May 3.
    Portuguese police reportedly believe Madeleine died after falling down this flight of stairs at the holiday apartment in Praia da Luz
    The sources were reported as saying there were "strong suspicions" the girl smashed the back of her head against tiles on the steps.
    "The only thing to investigate is how the body disappeared," said one.

    At least, and that's up to now, you've backed up ONE of THREE three statements and that was by showing us from WHERE YOU READ about the stairs and about a broken skull.

    It’s interesting to see that you take as fact a piece of news from 30 September 2007.

    So you must also take as fact that it was a maid that abducted Maddie.

    It’s exactly in the same piece of news. It has the exact same credibility.

    To believe in one and not believe the other is being hypocritical, which I'm sure you're not.

    For Maddie to have been killed on the stairs by Kate that would mean that the mother pushed, accidentally or not, her daughter down the stairs.

    There would have been a lot of blood. I’m sure anyone washing steps during their holiday would be noticed.

    A child falls down stairs outside so she gets put behind a sofa?

    Yes, there would have been blood everywhere on the stairs... but most certainly not behind the sofa. Or on the walls.

    But I forgot, she was abducted by the maid.

    Things don’t seem to add up. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll make us see the sense in all of this.

    So, we will keep on waiting for your backing up of the other two statements you made.

    And don’t worry, once that is done, you'll see that I’m a person to keep a promise.

  56. Your replies are as good as the posts Textusa.

  57. Interesting how people distort the information by attributing to PJ the spin created by the PR machine or the papers, to suit the agenda of the first or to save the sales of the second with sensationalist articles.
    GA and PJ were very careful saying the girl died probably due to an unknown accident. There is no logical reason for suspecting the parents or that somebody murdered the girl. With a child, even while supervised an accident could easily happen without giving an opportunity to any adult to react and prevent it. On the other hand a child falling stairs located outside will not pass unnoticed to other people in the resort and will gave a good reason for the Mccanns to explain the death. Then no need to conceal the body and set a fake abduction. How many people die per day due to accidents involving stairs? many....without any criminal suspicion.
    From my memory, what I could remember is one of the last press conference done by Olegário de Sousa (PJ spoke person) where he said that whatever happen inside the flat, was very tragic for who had living it. This means an irreversible accident with the children under supervision. If so, I easily understand why the twins were in a deep sleep that night. For two reasons: one to protect them from the the shocking trauma of having lost their sister and other to gave more time/ space for the adults to act. Children, even if they are small, they have a good perception about the tragedies surrounding them. knowing that, the Mccann's refused PJ proposal to have the twins checked in the hospital and never consented them being interviewed by Experts. A red ring for any investigator. That's why Moita Flores says something close to that- the story of the crime remains inside the flat.

  58. The BHs are scared. TB V Mccann's at the beginning of February is leaving some biting their nails. Mccann's and BH want a deal to prevent the case to reach court. Worried with possibility of having the all case analyzed and why not, " reopened in a parallel case".
    Some bullying is going on at Jillforum. The same attitude, some use to do here to distract, distort or just pass a message that suits the " cover- upper's" agenda.
    Using the famous words of a famous spin guy " a lot of work is going on behind scenes" and is not to search the girl or know what happen to her. "Money, money,money...." Katy Perry is so right on her lovely song.

  59. There is a very good article of Blacksmith's on McCann Files today.
    It is analizing the McCanns' "power".

  60. I am amazed its 2013 and still the Mccanns are unchallenged with their ridiculous abductor story. From the start the pj stated the apartment showed no signs of forced entry, no shutters broken the Mccanns lied about the shutters at first said the apartment was locked, then it was unlocked. Kate said there was a high shelf for cuddle cat, which there was not, all lies. The pair never searched for their daughter instead they were busy phoning UK to get their abductor story circulated in the press and set up a 'fighting fund' The vast majority of people that have followed this case know the parents are involved. Their story does not add up, their body language and crocodile tears shows their lies.They are busy suing people and selling books and tacky internet rubbish. Since Maddie 'disappeared' the Mccanns have used her name to make millions. The press are afraid of them, so is Cameron, SY has wasted tax payers money on a fruitless review. The Mccanns have proved without doubt just how corrupt our justice system is, how easy it is to manipulate a system with the right connections and PR and money. They will go down in history as the untouchables because those that should have done something stood back and let them get away with the most despicable crime, they are all cowards, fearful for their jobs,or their murky pasts being revealed each watching the others back the epitome of evil. RIP Madeleine you deserved so much more.

  61. Kate refused to answer all the PJ questions, Gerry answered all but one. ' Did Madeleine ever injure herself in 5a' he refused to answer this question because he like his wife knew she did injure herself in 5a. The Tapas friends lied to help the Mccanns. Oldfield said he checked on the Mccanns children but just listened at the door!!! Jane and her stupid abductor descriptions that changed daily, why were none of these people arrested for wasted pj time? The Tapas bar and Restaurant are two separate stuctures so how could either accomodate a large round table as the Mccanns claim. The Tapas bar was nothing more than a few chairs next to a pool area and the restaurant had plastic seethrough type windows, somewhere people popped into for a snack certainly not for an evening meal for such a large party.They went to the Mill or Chaplins. Amaral was too close to the truth so he was removed from the case, but he has not disappeared as Kate would wish. This is all kept out of UK newspapers we are spoon fed the stories that team Mccann want us to read.Nothing is reported on the Tony Bennett v Mccann case - nothing. Everything is so wrong when suspects in a crime are able to write books and rewrite facts and make money from a childs suffering. I cringe whenever I see the fake Mccanns they really do make my flesh crawl.

  62. The exquisite irony of Textusa, the consummate fantasist, demanding that posters provide evidence, is not lost on the sane reader.

  63. Anon #62,

    The idiocy of your comment surpasses any possible compliment. Thank you so much.

  64. Anon #62, what's wrong in asking people to back up statements they make?
    It avoids consummate fantasists like yourself that have nothing to add except to try to disrupt and put off readers. What a pitiful valueless life you live.

  65. #64

    What's wrong with it is that Textusa has never provided any proof whatsoever for her lunatic theories. The hypocrisy is quite staggering

  66. Anon #62/65

    End of conversation.

    Allowed this last comment as was response to a reader, and and decent readers must be shown respect, which seem to be the case of Anon #64 and not your case.

    Any comments for this Anon will not be published.

  67. comment #61,
    The many inconsistencies of Dr. Oldfield...


  69. "the English Police has six investigators analysing the work of the Portuguese Police since the process's been closed in order to find new leads.. They've found zilch. Till now. They found nothing that we could have done that might have led us to a different result, or diligences that we..."
    Carlos Anjos- PJ

  70. The last thing in the world the Mccanns want is this case re-opened, once its re-opened the first thing will be a reconstruction. The reconstruction will show them all for the liars they are. Why have the Mccanns been protected anybody else in similar circumstances would have had the full weight of the law to contend with, so why are Kate asnd Gerry Mccann so special. One day the truth will come out, it always does but until that day the Mccanns will be forever waiting for that knock on their door!!!

  71. Thanks Textusa et al - just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work it really is appreciated.

  72. By Martin Brunt, Crime Correspondent

    A senior Scotland Yard officer has been found guilty of misconduct in public office for offering the News Of The World confidential information in return for money.

    April Casburn, who ran the Yard's National Terrorist Financial Investigation unit, had denied the offence although she admitted calling the NOTW and passing on details of the inquiry.

    She said she did it because she was concerned that counter-terror police were being diverted from saving lives to investigate hacking.

    Detective Chief Inspector Casburn, from Hatfield Peverel in Essex, remained impassive as the verdict was read out.

    Prosecutors said she had tried to undermine the hacking investigation by offering to leak details to the Sunday tabloid.

    She telephoned the paper early on September 11, 2010 and spoke to journalist Tim Wood, complaining about pressure from Lord Prescott over the probe and giving the names of two former NOTW journalists under investigation - Andy Coulson and Sean Hoare.

    Prosecutor Mark Bryant-Heron told the jury at Southwark Crown Court in his closing speech: "With or without money, there is no reasonable excuse or justification.

    "The damage being done here is that the public are entitled to have confidence in the police and their procedures when they pursue sensitive investigations."

    He said DCI Casburn had behaved "disgracefully" and her actions had been "malicious."

    Mr Bryant-Heron continued: "Without wanting to sound like Humphrey Bogart, of all the papers in all the world who did she go to?

    'It's like having a criminal investigation and going to the suspect and telling them what you are up to."

    Casburn had told the jury she was "foolish" to make the call, but felt it was the only way of making her concerns public.

    She said that going to the press "may be the only option that's open to individuals."

    She said she had been off work sick with stress, was going through a difficult divorce and was trying to adopt a child at the time.

    She was angry that counter-terror colleagues were being used to investigate phone hacking and accused them of treating the inquiry as "a jolly."

    She described the Yard's male-dominated special operations department as "like something from the TV series Life on Mars" and said there had been "palpable excitement" over which of them would get to interview actress Sienna Miller.

    Her lawyer Patrick Gibbs QC said: "It was foolish, but she wouldn't look so foolish now if a bomb had gone off when a lot of counter-terror people were interviewing Sienna Miller and Hugh Grant."

    Casburn will be sentenced later this month on a date to be fixed and was released on unconditional bail until then.

  73. Anon #72

    Just watched Casburn news update and because she is in the process of adopting a 3 year old child (going through a messy divorce) that will be taken into consideration in sentencing. A convicted criminal allowed to adopt????


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