Thursday, 6 December 2012

Oh, Max!

Max Clifford the "PR supreme" was arrested today on suspicion of sexual offenses. Max represented Robert Murat for free, after request by his family and spent time with him and Aunt Sally. He said Robert couldn't afford to pay him.

This relationship ended on July 18th, 2008, with Max disappointed with Robert's behaviour. 

Simons Muirhead and Burton took over from Max to represent Murat. Max was very miffed and spoke out about it.

Max said at the Leveson Inquiries that his phone had been hacked by NOTW. One must wonder what this tabloid got to know about the Murats.

I think Jenny Murat should get to her keyboard/typewriter/pen and finish that book as quickly as she can!


  1. I know who is enjoying that movie, Amaral and his colleagues from PJ. The guys this people were/ are connected to is amazing.. Is it possible that they all manage to connect with the crap of society in both countries- Portugal and Uk? In Portugal MAC and Leonor Cipriano, in Uk a bunch of Paedos.
    Who believe the Mccann's and Murat were not hacked by the NOTW? They insist in fooling people. They were hacked and I strongly believe the journalists discovered many shadows, if not the all truth about May 3 2007.
    2013 , will be an important year for Amaral and Madeleine. Wonder if the Mccann's will not do everything they can to change again the date of their trial V Amaral. January is not a good time for them.
    I too, wish a full and quick recovered to PR. His contribution to that debate now will be very important and very welcomed. I will buy his book. He have passed some time in PDL, must know that there never have been a BRT in the Tapas.
    I hope everything is ok with Joana Morais. She and Textusa, have been my reference for all this years. I miss her posts.

  2. Em UK andam muito ocupados com os mortos e com aqueles com mais idade.
    Parece não ser o caso deste Max C depois de ter lido sobre ele na Wikipedia .
    Ele, pelos vistos, conhece os gostos de muitos.

    De qualquer modo, os mccanns são novos e, a vez deles será daqui a 30 anos pelo que se vê.

    Desculpem não usar o tradutor.

  3. Comment n . 1 :

    I ask to You: Why all blogs, from both sides , stoped ?

    Only Textusa Blog is working!

    And i don t talk about Ilness or dead Friends.

  4. July 18, wasn't that just a few days before the PJ Files were publicly released?

  5. Jenny, come quickly with your book, before they swallow you. This group are experts in harrassment.
    Insane seems not interested in your case.

  6. From:

    .... " In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Clifford ran and took part in discreet weekly adult birthday parties for his friends and clients in South London.[26] This brought him into contact with various madams and prostitutes, a connection which still serves him well in his business to satisfy the often bizarre needs of his clients, as well as an early warning system of interesting behaviour of various persons.[1]"

    'Max knows more secrets of the rich and famous than anyone in the world'

    Max knows where the bodies are buried.

  7. I didn’t know Murat had a PR!!! Or has one for all I know!
    What the hell happened in PDL?!? Could anyone tell me where anywhere else in the world people accused of crimes hired PR people other than with Maddie?
    Sure, people with money hire lawyers, expensive lawyers. But PRs/Spokespeople?
    And conveniently altruistic all these gurus suddenly became by working for free?
    It’s CR now Clifford. Did Simons Muirhead and Burton work for free also? If Murat couldn’t afford Clifford could he afford Sm&B? are they still working for free?
    And Murat being all pals with Brunt? Did they go to school together?
    We don’t need Textusa to tell us that there was a massive cover-up of gigantic proportions! It’s right before our eyes! And it’s not a couple of middle-class doctors and an Algarve realty agent that would move so much power around.
    The solution lies in Britain’s Achille’s Heel: Sex Scandal. In this case doing all possible with avoiding one: High Class Swinging in Luz.

  8. This post has links:


    "Clifford also spoke about representing Robert Murat, the Algarve-based property consultant who was falsely suspected of involvement in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in 2007: ‘The British media destroyed him… He was almost suicidal, he didn’t have any money but I took him on.’

    Clifford helped Murat to win an estimated £600,000 in libel settlements, mostly involving tabloid newspapers. ‘When it goes right it’s imm-ensely satisfying, as it was with Robert Murat,’ he said.

    The well known publicist is currently handling PR for Shrien Dewani, the man acc-used of ordering the murder of his wife during their honeymoon in South Africa. Clifford said he had recently received death threats over his involvement in the case, but he strongly believed Dewani was innocent. ‘I’m 100 per cent convinced it’s untrue, without any foundation at all.’

    Clifford also spoke out about Prime Minister David Cameron’s Big Society initiative, appearing to agree with criticism that it is merely a cover for the Government’s cuts. The PR guru said: ‘I think this whole Big Society is a PR exercise because a lot of people are going to be struggling."


    Message to the McCanns about the Media - Max Clifford

  11. Max still in custody. Maybe SY beating a confession out of him !
    Afterwards he can compare notes with Leonor Cipriano!

  12. You're on a roll Textusa!
    People are flocking to your blog!
    The Bothersome Elderlies post has just made top 10 and with no help from Insane!
    Curious how long this one will take to reach the top of the charts. Not long I think.

  13. "A Met spokesman said: "The individual (held today) falls under the strand of the investigation we have termed 'others'.

    "We are not prepared to discuss further."

    Gary Glitter, comedian Freddie Starr, DJ Dave Lee Travis and a man in his 70s, reported to be former television producer Wilfred De'Ath, have been arrested and bailed as part of the probe.

    Last month Scotland Yard said it was dealing with about 450 potential victims, the vast majority of whom claimed they had fallen prey to Saville"
    Sky news about Max C

    Another Casa Pia. If the met do a proper investigation, soon they will arrive to the swing in PDL and the all Maddie story will start make sense.

  14. piece by piece its all coming apart, the McCanns have attached themselves to the Leveson inquiry attempting to silence the media. Phone hacking has been going on for years Charles and Camilla's phones were hacked years ago, obviously the McCanns phones were hacked so they turned to PR companies to give them a good image and CR to protect them they look as if they have split up now always apart, the strain of their lies finally got to them. Max Clifford is as well known in media circles as Mitchell. Murat had Clifford, McCanns had Mitchell clash of the media men, these two know too much and now one of them is being silenced!

  15. Wikipedia doesn't present a good picture from that guy. In fact what shines is an absolute absence of character from a guy who based is life in conning others and feeding the public with fabricated stories. Most involving sexual scandals. How that guy become a top PR in Uk is what shocks me, because this says a lot about Uk as a society. How long have been the Uk citizens jeopardized and manipulated with stories of some groups that the only interest was to serve their own agenda.
    What comes out from the Lev Enq is nothing compared with what have been the life of that guy. And he was payed and became rich, driving a personalized rolls Royce, while living under the spectrum of the lives he destroyed. He must have grown a big bunch of enemies, who I hope use good methods now to expose him. Not good for Murat and team McCann, since the guy tend to use previous information to get profits and save his skin. I can see why Gerry is trying a full protagonism in the parliament.... To obfuscate or intimidate who could have the temptation of disclosing any vital information against them.
    From Wikipedia, two things stands at my eyes:
    "Clifford has given assistance to clients who wish to conceal their sexual orientation from the public. Clifford claimed that he has been approached twice by major football clubs to help make players present a "straight" image.[16] In an interview with Pink News reported on 5 August 2009, Clifford said that if a gay football player came out, his career would be over: "To my knowledge there is only one top-flight professional gay footballer who came out - Justin Fashanu. He ended up committing suicide. I have been advising a top premiership star who is bisexual. If it came out that he had gay tendencies, his career would be over in two minutes. Should it be? No, but if you go on the terraces and hear the way fans are, and also, that kind of general attitude that goes with football, it’s almost like going back to the dark ages."[17] Clifford has said so far none of his clients has been outed." INTERESTING POINT OF VIEW. IF WAS LIKE THAT WITH A GAY FOOTBALL PLAYER, IMAGINE WITH A BUNCH OF ORDINARY DOCTORS FROM THE COUNTRY SIDE WHO TRAVEL TO A FOREIGN COUNTRY TO ENJOY THE SWING.
    "In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Clifford ran and took part in discreet weekly adult birthday parties for his friends and clients in South London.[27] This brought him into contact with various madams and prostitutes, a connection which still serves him well in his business to satisfy the often bizarre needs of his clients, as well as an early warning system of interesting behaviour of various persons." IT IS NOT THAT THE OLD FASHION ORGIA WHICH IS NOW REPLACED BY THE MODERN SWING? SEX, PROMISCUITY AND HOT AFFAIRS, SEEMS TO BE THE WATERS WERE THIS GUY IS A GOOD SWIMMER. WONDER WHY THE PEOPLE RELATED WITH A LITTLE GIRL WHICH WAS SUPPOSEDLY ABDUCTED IN A SMALL VILLAGE IN PORTUGAL, NEED TO HIRE HIM.
    MADELEINE WILL BE THE BIGGEST SCANDAL EVER HAPPEN IN UK HISTORY. NOW I START UNDERSTANDING THE EXTENSION OF THE COVER UP, THE INVOLVEMENT OF SOME TOP PEOPLE. WHEN WE LOOK DEEPLY AT THEIR LIVES, WE SEE HOW ORDINARY AND POOR WAS THEIR EDUCATION and how tiny is the line that separates this ViP from some high criminals who pass long years in got the right connections, while the other stands alone.
    I hope Portugal has de balls to reopen the case and frame all that perverts who decide to question and discredit the authorities of a country that was not perfect, but is far a wonderful place to live.

  16. Ballet Rose, Ballet Rose, is what drives the life of that guy.
    I hope somebody invites Moita Flores to comment the last developments regarding Lev Enq, Saville and that guy.
    Moita Flores was a criminologist and wrote the story of Ballet Rose. He must understand well the shadows of the world where that people love to live.

  17. Max Clifford out on bail

    The Metropolitan Police confirmed that the allegations against Mr Clifford, 69, were not related to the late BBC presenter.

  18. Nothing is ever what it seems, the Mccanns have taught us that. This arrest comes soon after Jenny Murat's comments concerning Kate treating Robert unfairly and stating she is writing a book. Clifford represented Murat until 2008 (quite a while!) the Levison inquiry has just finished with Gerry McCann taking centre stage (as per usual) spouting on about how he and his wife were hounded by the press, even though they manipulated the press for their own ends it suited them to feed stories about the fake abductor, establishing the fraudulent fund thanks to the press coverage of the Madeleine case it made the McCanns very rich without the press 'intrusion' they would be in jail now. Could be Clifford through his media connections and information on McCanns could detail how the Levison inquiry became a mockery with the involvement of the suspects Kate and Gerry,why was Murat not part of the Levison inquiry, what of his evidence why was that not requested, why take the word of the Mccanns two accomplished liars who hitch their PR wagon onto anything that involves victims. Why are the Mccanns afforded such freedom?

  19. It seems many influent and (in)famous people in Her Majesty's kingdom were living in a castle, one they thought was a big sturdy impregnable castle...but the castle turned out to be a house of cards and is all tumbling down!


    Just a few snippets:

    "Clifford boasts of the wealth of personal information he has on celebrities: ‘I’ve got all the evidence. I’m the one who’s hidden it from the world. I know where all the evidence and the proof is…That’s why I have such a good relationship with the people I work with"

    "1. Max starts off by saying as long as they (the stars, rich & the famous), are not messing around with little kiddies, then he doesn’t mind, no problem at all in creating a false image"

    "2. Later on he admits, one his clients a UK Tory minister (Alan Clark) was having sex with a 14 year old & her mother, but somehow Max forgot to mention that to the papers, when he fed them the story."

    Worth reading the whole article, but a warning, do it before you have lunch, it might cause your stomach to turn...

  21. No comment from the side of the Scotland Yard, about the Operation Grange. Already 3 months after the last time.
    How long do we still have to wait till we hear something worth while? We have the right to know, we are paying for the revision.
    Who is behind this delay?

  22. Max was representing Mark Kennedy, the undercover terrorism officer now in trouble for relationships with women in groups he infiltrated. Kennedy now suing police for failing to protect his interests when he worked undercover.
    Max has made enemies of politicians and says Andy Coulson became an enemy. His sex parties would give him interesting stories.
    All this in a Guardian interview in 2011 with Simon Hattebstone

  23. Será que o Clary não é assim muito dado a coisas de cama?

    Ou o Max C. e mais uns tantos é que sabem e fazem mais?

    Até foram incomodar um senhor que neste momento tem 80 e tal anos por casos ocorridos nos anos 70 e 80.

    Andam atrás dos mortos, dos pré-mortos e dos que sabem das vidas íntimas dos outros. Bem, o Max tendo de arranjar entretenimento para os gostos dos seus clientes, sabe de tudo. Ele também deve ter feito o mesmo. Saiu com fiança mas eu penso que assim foi porque ele vai contar mais coisas.

    Tudo isto é para não se falar da pedofilia mais recente? Anos 90, por exemplo? 2000....... 2007......... 2012..... ?

    Does Clary is not so much given to things in bed?

    Or the Max C. and a few more is what they know and do more?

    Even were bothering a gentleman who now has 80 or so years for cases that occurred in the 70s and 80s.

    Walking back from the dead, the pre-dead and those who know the private lives of others. Well, Max has to get for entertainment the likes of its customers, knows everything. It should also have done the same. Out on bail but I think it was just because he will tell you more things.

    All this is not to mention the most recent pedophilia? The 90, for example? 2000 ....... 2007 ......... 2012 ..... ?

    Foi boa ideia a numeração dos comentários pois ao clicar em cima, a página desloca-se imediatamente para aqui.

    Obrigada e BFDS!

    I wish a very nice weekend.

  24. I entirely agree - of Mrs. Murat finishing her book ASAP for the benefit of white and black hats alike. I am trying here to sound as impartial as I can.

    Meanwhile, I read Max says he is innocent. They all do, don't they? Still he could be...

    Also, it is important to bear in mind that many of these so-called "children" may turn out to have been over-developed Lolitas which the poor male of the species may have found difficult to resist. He should have been kept his Adam's apple in mind. This is what happens to stupid males when their intelligence is solely focused below the belt. I say hang him! If he is guilty that is!

    I won't be too surprised if, at some stage, Clarence Mitchell is arrested for the same sin but of course I am sure he will not (cough).


  25. Dows anyone know what has happened to Joana Morais? Has she also been defeated by the McCanns?

  26. To contact Joana Morais:

  27. Thank you Anon #26.

    Anon #25 what happens on other blogs is none of our business nor is it to be subject of debate here.

    Thank you for understanding.

  28. I wouldn't be surprised to see Mitchell in the press on similar charges as Clifford, these men make their money from promoting those that would/have be found guilty of moral wrong doings, it is familiar ground to them, and as the old saying goes 'if you sleep with dogs you will catch fleas' and what can be truer than the actions of the mccanns and their cold and money making behaviour since 2007.

    Kate and Gerry are mixed up in this with the Leveson investigation, phone hacking and numerous other 'stunts' to portray themselves as victims when in fact they are nothing of the sort.
    Genuine victims do not have a voice or a PR team, do not have a fund and do not have media moguls such as mitchell at their beck and call.
    SY has been made fools of by the Mccanns the inability of our justice system to seek the truth is ever evident when suspects such as Kate and Gerry are allowed the freedom they are afforded when there are so many suspicions concerning their version of events.

  29. Will Max opened his mouth and the new and upcoming detainees are also an easy consequence when he was asked? Did not know anything about the pink Clary?


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