Thursday, 28 June 2012

How Black Hats See Things They Won't See


  1. Good example Tex - thankfully more and more being are seeing the 'purple house' - this is why 'comments are no longer accepted' is on all Mccann news stories.
    The public do see and the public want justice for Madeleine.

  2. No matter how much they say otherwise the house is still there for all to see. Even if they demolish it, those who've seen it will never forget that they saw it and will question why it was demolished after so much denial that it existed. The demolitions that occured only have made things worse for those who pretend not to see!

  3. Exactly like the children tale of the naked king...everybody saw it but no one dared to point it out! Only the innocent eyes of a child saw the reality and spoke up: "the king is naked!"
    In this case, the number of "children" with uncluttered vision who point out what is obvious for anyone to see (or should be) grows and grows, thank God and blogs like yours, Sisters!


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