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What is the most outstanding feature of Pimpleman?

His nose? His pimples? His sheer ugliness?

No, none of the above.

His most outstanding feature is the fact that he’s outstanding.

Really. He really stands out. He stands out like a sore, throbbing thumb.

A lonely man standing on a deserted street staring obsessively at an apartment from which a 4 yr old girl would be allegedly abducted from, stands out like a peacock on the front yard of one's small house.

And that’s "our" Pimpleman.

Seen three times by three independent witnesses in the exact same place and thrice observed looking fixedly at apartment 5A. So say JW, TS and Derek Flack.

He’s also seen twice at the same time of day, 08.00, although on different days and different places. So say JW and TS, two of the three people mentioned above.

In total, he’s seen by three people. The question is why.

Why do only three people see him?

Let’s start with the place where he’s seen by the three: Rua Dr. Francisco Gentil Martins on the opposite side of the Tapas Bar, Pool & Tennis Courts entrance.

He was seen there on May 2nd at 12.30 (TS) and 15.00 (JW), and also possibly on that same day at 11.00 (DF). Derek Flack raises the possibility of the 11.00 encounter having been on May 3rd.

We know, according to the Ocean Club computer lists in the PJ Files that there were registered as staying in the resort the following amount of people:

- Pg 618: 258 people, 248 adults, 10 children

- Pg 622: 263 people, 253 adults, 10 children

- Pg 626: 288 people, 277 adults, 11 children

- Pg 630: 292 people, 280 adults, 12 children

- Pg 634: 275 people, 265 adults, 10 children

That averages a day, 275 people, 265 adults and 10 children.

We know that many children were registered as adults, so shall we say that there were 230 adults staying in the resort a day on that particular week. We know that there are 3 pools in the resort. Let's also throw in the beach. We can then estimate that about a quarter of those people used the Tapas pool & tennis courts. Around 60 adults

So out of over 60 Ocean Club tourists, only one, I repeat one, sees a peacock in the front yard of their house: JW.

Lest we forget TS is an Ex-pat and Derek Flack a Brit on holiday on his own apartment.

Add to that number the people hired in overstaffed Ocean Club, both British and Portuguese. As far as we’re told, we had the following activities going on inside the Tapas complex: Bar, Restaurant, Crèche, Tennis. and Pool.

Shall we add 20 people to our 60 adult tourists? That makes it 80 people just linked to the resort. And no one sees Pimpleman besides JW.

Pimpleman is said, by the three witnesses to have been standing on the other side of the ONLY entrance to that complex:

Nobody stakes out a house for just a minute or two. One arrives, sets oneself up to watch, watches and gathers up information. It’s a process that takes time, otherwise what’s the use? So we must assume that each time he was seen, it means that he was where he's said to be for a significant amount of time.

For example, on May 2nd, one must assume that between 12.30 and 15.00 he stood there for long periods of time. Long periods of time to be noticed and if you add DF’s 11:00, then extend that time even longer.

I would say that any of the referred times to be of significant movement at that entrance. People going in and out to the pool, people coming for their children for lunch and coming back to leave them at the crèche, people going to lunch, people going to tennis, people going to the bar...

Pimpleman was standing just on the other side of the road during “rush hour” and one, and only one person, JW, out of all the resort’s tourists and staff, notices the lonesome man staring at what is now the most famous apartment in Praia da Luz.

If you happened to have been one of the two men walking in the picture below that a day or two before Maddie disappeared saw a lonesome man staring at the apartment she was staying at wouldn’t you’ve reported the odd character to the PJ at once? I certainly would have.

JW, our OC tourist apparently notices the man only because he had unnerved her for some unexplained reason 3 days before, proving to have a much better memory than Derek Flack that in the same time span seems to forget so much...

JW is with her little daughter at 8.00 in Rua do Ramalhete. By the direction she’s walking we assume that both are heading for The Mill for breakfast, because nothing else is of interest for a tourist to see in that side of PdL.

But if she wasn’t, I would say that at that time the daily “Breakfast Pilgrimage” to The Mill would be taking place. That was the exact same route taken by the T9 for their first dinner, remember?

I would expected that at that hour Rua do Ramalhete would have been somewhat busy with all the tourists that had to use that road to head to and from The Mill for breakfast. At least not the deserted street that is portrayed in the Mockumentary.

But here one has to be serious and not blame all those who passed there at that hour. First, because the man doesn't exist, and even if he did there was no reason to find a man in any way suspicious just because he’s standing on a sidewalk.

Even with all the hysteria that quickly developed it would absolutely comprehensible that if a 1000 people saw him then and there, none would have reported it because he would've just been but one of many others who were seen and not noticed standing alone on a sidewalk for the most diverse of reasons in PdL that week.

A different scenario altogether is for him be standing alone in a pathway with both hands up on the wall staring at an apartment at 08.00, like TS states she sees Pimpleman. Although a walking pathway, only a limited amount of people do use it. Basically those from the two building blocks.

Yes, he could be waiting for a friend, or some other explainable reason, but the fact remains that he would be noticed. And when news broke out that it was in that apartment that Maddie had been abducted from then all those on their way to or from breakfast or to the creches who would've certainly noticed him would have flocked to the PJ to tell.

For much less did CFT, Mrs Fenn’s niece go to the Police. Unfortunately not the PJ as we know by now.

And talking about CFT, it’s also very strange that from all those apartments in Apartment 5A’s building block and also from the block next to it, that no one happened to see a lonesome man in the pathway leaning on a wall looking at the apartment.

I mean, when I'm on holiday I do have the habit in the morning of looking out the window to see what the weather is like, and if I have a view, to come to the window and appreciate it. And those two apartment buildings do have a wonderful view overlooking Tapas... and the pathway.

But no, no one sees a man looking very suspiciously at the apartment from where a little girl would disappear from, only a 11yr old girl who happens to be going to school. Or so she says.

And what about the McCanns?

With all the tennis, jogging, going to pick up Maddie and the twins to and from the crèches, going to Baptista… certainly they would have noticed Pimpleman every time they went in and out the house to get and to leave the equipment for the sport they were about to practice or just did do. Or the supermarket shoppings. Or the children for lunch...

Gerry remembers a guitar player on the beach but fails to notice a man staring at his apartment. 

The picture above, from the Mockumentary, filmed from Apartment 5A shows how suspicious Pimpleman would have appeared to be to the McCanns whenever they left the apartment...

Whether it was Gerry or Kate, who went to pick up Maddie for lunch on May2nd surely must have  literally bumped into the man and must have crossed ways with him as close as Derek Flack did!

Lastly, but not least, something our readers have pointed out, where is the Portuguese community of PdL? The last time I looked, PdL hadn’t gained yet the Gibraltar status, and if that were to happen, I think Albufeira would come first on the list.

No Portuguese see Pimpleman. In fact, in all the Maddie Affair, the only Portuguese we hear about are either linked to the Justice system or to the OC. A ghost town filled with people.

Nor do any other tourists from all the many buildings surrounding the Tapas Entrance or overlooking Rua Dr. Francisco Martins. Nor tourists nor Ex-pats. Only one tourist but from the other side of town who happens to be on that particular street although he doesn’t remember exactly why and, as said, an Ex-pat going to school.

So many people and only three see the man. Mind you, it could have been five, but two other people that were with them, Christine and TS’s mom, just, like the rest of PdL... didn’t.

I’m trying to remember what’s the term to qualify these five people… Oh yes, now I remember, it’s cobblers.


  1. Impressive also the amount of clients in the OC in a low season. Something very interesting must be going on to attract so many clients.
    In fact, contrary to some locations in Algarve, which have born and grow up due to a "tourism boom", PDL is a old fishing village with history. Must have a lot of locals living there and sharing the streets with tourists.
    The Portuguese, who were known for their addiction to the coffee break " bica" and love to chat to anyone, specially to people familiar to them ( Pimpleman, as a usual musician in the streets, was familiar ) reported nothing to the police, even after the break in of the story by this 3 witnesses.
    I Remember the case of Cabo Costa who rapped and killed 3 girls ( neighbors of him). He was familiar to the victims and to the neighbors. Never raise a suspicion. People use to look at him as a respectable person. When the suspicions start and his name raise the surface, people came forward to the police to report what they saw and could be important for the investigation. Was the contribution of real witnesses, together with other evidences that lead the police to catch him.
    The Portuguese, from PDL, saw nothing. And after 5 years and an unsolved case, none was blessed by a minute of good memory to remember something that could add a piece to the investigation.
    The only conclusion for me, is there is nothing to report because what happened " happened under other circumstances " ( Kate words) with the all Tapas controlling the situation and the streets, waiting for the moment the stroller could act and walk, just enough to be seen by very fewv persons ( the Smiths).

  2. Pimple is not alone because here we can see like they all are

    I am the person who needs read and reread to understand the english.

    Probably i will come here again not today, not tomorrow . I must read like a school girl.

  3. Back to one toothbrush for 3 children: this story was made up in order to give a excuse to Gerry to go back to Rothley, for some reason. I blelieve he went back to destroy traces of something.Photos, videos?
    Also bringing back his dark coat, light trousers and black shoes which were seen by the Smiths.They were probably smelling death. And somebody stole his wallet, at a British airport, with all of his credit cards...

  4. Is it just a coincidence that the Pimpleman as depicted here is a ringer for Gerald McCann?

  5. Poster number 1 is correct is all that she says firstly none of the locals saw anytghing because there were no abductors wandering around and secondly being a quiet fishing village almost crime free is a complete contrast to how the mccanns have portrayed pdl.

    The mccanns have ruined this little fishing village with their wild tales of abduction and peadophiles.

    Cadaver was found in the apartment and most murder victims are known to their killers the percentage is high in the top 90's. Nobody had any reason to go into an apartment and take just one child and that being the biggest and noisest one when there were two babies. The Mccanns and their friends have covered up for each other.

    Their whole is story is fabricated lies they should all be locked up. Madeleine was never abducted and blanket bloke and pimple person simply do not exist.

  6. What a silence from the noisy Mccann's ( in 2007/8/9). We still not knowing what is the big event that summer to raise awareness, And they already miss one, the European football championship, where they could have set a stall to sell tshirts and rubber bands.
    And Antonella Laze....stop showing up pretending to be under the pain the Mccann's failed to show us.
    Where is the new epidote on the old book, updating us on the Redwood review? Is he digesting the 195 leads, together with the DNA profiling from the missing girl found on the boot of the Scenic? He will be sick and away for quite long. Was yet not discovered the antibiotic that could kill bacterias responsible for lies, inconsistencies and compromised evidences. He must had read the files, properly and all, to get the accurate picture before jumping to the front of the Media with ridiculous hipothesis. This is what happen, when you eat before tasting what is in the plate... You have to deal yourself with a lot of chilli and undigested stuff.

  7. Any news from Operation Grange? I miss the McCannfiles.

  8. Whilst I don't want to be pessimistic but the fact that we hear nothing from TM can mean the opposite - that they are busy. Alternatively, one which I hope and pray is not correct, is that now that Operation Grange is underway and taking Redwood as stating the truth, TM may have finally got their last piece of the jigsaw, confirmation that they were not involved by the Met, no less. Thereby no reason to continue to "raise awareness". :(

  9. Lev Enquiry:

    ......' any new System of regulation for the press would have to satisfy the Mccann's...'
    Source: Financial Times( available at Jill Forum)


  10. @ Anonymous said...
    what is TM?

    Jun 25, 2012 3:42:00 PM

    My apologies - abbreviation of Team McCann.

  11. That is what the Leveson is saying, not what the Met is finding out. One thing has nothing to do with any other one.
    That handsome judge is a trash.

  12. I am just thinking, if the Met review is bona fide, how will they decide which crime to prosecute first? Murder/manslaughter, fraud, perversion of the course of justice, libel, slander, never has there been such a case. There will be material for criminologists for generations to come.

  13. It is possible that the Met do not know what leveson said. We have to warn them.

    is this their address?

  14. We have to apologise to the McCanns, singing

    "God save our gracious Kate #
    Long live our noble Kate"#

    (much longer than Madeleine did).

  15. The police and Yvonne Martin said:
    "No media!" but it was convenient to the McCanns to make a mess of it in order to intimidate the police and to hide the truth. The more mess they made, the better but... for a short time. Around 25,26 August 2007 there was an interview to Gerry(Scotland?) where he said he wished there was less media attention. It was after the dogs. It became much worse, like tunnel d'Alma in Paris, when the McCanns were on their way to the Faro airport.
    Princess Kate was scared to death.
    But they asked for it.
    They knew how the British media are.
    And the media are now waiting for their window of opportunity to crash the McCanns. There will be revenge on a legal way, specially after they had done so much to support the McCanns.
    The revenge day will come, sooner than they think.
    The media are one's worst enemy.We can see how scaring they are, when we follow the Leveson Inquiry. After the Sun had published about Brown's son illness, Mrs. Brown kept her friendship with Rebekah Brooks because she forgives more than Jesus does.Servilism of politicians can not have limits.It would destroy their carriers.

  16. Anon 25, 7:29,
    On that case nothing, is separeted. There is a link connecting everything,'the manipulation'. Obviously, what comes out from the Lev Enq will have an impact in the review, specially if the Mccann's come out as victims of the Media. Their Pierrots, will use that conclusion to extrapolate and issue a declaration of innocence, reducing any wrong finding to a dismissed poor evidence.
    Contrary to other victims of the Media, the Mccann's called them and use them as partners to marketing their business. Only that explains thousands of Euros/Pounds on their Fund, in less then a week. They are the real peackocs standing on every corner of that case.

  17. From my point of view, all that silence from the Mccann's is a strategy settled by the Metro police to prepare a declaration of innocence without finding Madeleine or geting bothered to, at least, present a convincent explanation for where she could be.
    When Sandra Felgueiras invite them for an interview, they refused it on the grounds that the Metro police advise them to stay silent during the review. True, or not, that excuse put the Mccann's at the center stage with them holding the Metro team trough their b***s.

  18. Not only silence of the McCanns but also of the media.The McCanns are scared and the issue is empty.I even did not read anywhere a comment about Kate's new edition of her book.After her book, there is nothing new the papers could write about the story. And I don't believe the Met are protecting them.Protection would come from Rebekah, who got in trouble herself and who betrayed the couple.It is not possible to use Kate Gerry again, like she did before.They will bring no money.
    It would be a new huge scandal if the Met would protect the McCanns, after having spending millions of taxpayers. This time they will come up with the answer which, by the way, is already known.Kate looked really old and sick last May, very dry skin.I think she must regret the words "f...... tosser", when she wrote about a PJ detective. She never expected such a turn around in their lives.

  19. Who can explain me a photo that I have seen several times:
    the wall of the living room, full of little spots(stains) and the courtains too. Are that bloodstains?
    It seems the Mccanns washed the courtains but did they dried up before the police arrived? Did the apartment have a drier?

  20. Things are changing in the UK but I don't believe Murdoch lost his power.
    I still hope News of the World hacked the McCanns phones.
    I believe they did.

  21. I have a correction:
    On Joana's I wrote that I missed a part of BBC Panorama,The Last Hope, showing three photos, O'Brian, Tanner and Payne.
    But those photos are still there, on the first Panorama from 19 November 2007. I made a mistake.

  22. Thanks to the freedom of speech avaiable on the internet and brilliant blogs like Textusa's, we are all able to have access to more information and form our own opinions.
    The Mccanns wanted only their version of events published via Murdoch's News International but now the abductor version has imploded on itself.

    pdl was a small sleepy village and in May it would have been out of season with not too many tourists. Crime rate vertually zero. Why would an abductor go into an apartment and remove a child from her bed? Why would anybody risk that? When the parents are supposidley regularly checking. Why did the Mccanns say the shutters were forced, when the were not?
    Why did Kate delete so many phone calls?
    There are so many 'why dids' but after Maddie had disappeared for only a few days why did the Mccanns say they would hold a large event to raise awareness and it would be before the first anniversary of her disappearance. How did they know she was not going to be found?
    When they were made suspects why did Gerry say 'we are ruined'. Why did the Mccanns and their friends have to lie, what really happened to Madeleine?

    These are not the actions of innocent parents.

    At the time many of us were taken in by the media frenzy and believed the Mccanns were the victims but now we can see we were the victims of their manipulation and greed.

    Levison has shown how ruthless the press can be in getting its own way. High profile individuals co-operating with the likes of Murdoch simply because they were afraid of bad publicity and the damage it could do to their reputations and careers. It was important to get the press involved and feed them stories and photographs of Madeleine much younger than she really was. The little toddler that caught everybodies imagination it was a good marketing ploy and worked well for the Mccanns.

    The Mccanns are fake they are full of lies and with the passing of time these lies have become even more evident, they can never silence the free flowing information on the internet.

    The time has come for this circus to end. No longer is it acceptable to publish rubbish. There should be transparency with the fund and all those involved in this sordid afair should be brought to justice.

  23. "We are ruined", I think he thought of the money. Again poverty.
    I wrote the Met asking for news, telling them we are impatient.

  24. call youtube

    2007 08 25 gerry mccann attacks media in Endiburgh BBC

    Before the conclusion of the dogs.

    they regretted already the media circus and did not expect it to run out the hands.

  25. Nothing was mentioned in the media about the guy that Gerry was supposed to have given first aid on the plane back to UK from pdl same trip as the suspicious wallet incident. On that same trip Kate also said on their way back to their accomodation in the evening when gerry returned they found a drunk man in the road.
    These three episodes are all very suspect put about by the Mccanns covering for something else that happened on the trip.
    Why did the media not publish photos of the guy gerry helped on the plane. There was no follow up...nothing. At the time I thought how odd all those three things were and to all have happened on the same trip would suggest that something else quite significant happened that day!

  26. Come on Mccann's, give me a good answer for my questions:

    -In a low season, out of Christmas, Carnival or Easter, the Algarve is empty. Even, Albufeira, Praia da Rocha and Vilamoura are empty. Why did an abductor headed to an empty town to snatch a foreigner girl that could not be there and could never arrive?

    (He must have came with you on your luggage)

  27. To the person who asked about the photos with the spots/stains on the wall:

    -I suppose those were police markers to identify where samples were found and to be possible to photograph those places.

  28. "That handsome judge is a trash."

    Jun 25, 2012 7:29:00 PM

    Who? Who? What "handsome judge"?!
    Leveson??? Someone needs to visit SpecSavers, and not a moment too soon...

    (sorry, no malicious intent, I just could not resist it...naughty me!)

  29. June 25, 4:59:00PM


    Are the Windsors out of the throne and the McCanns in??? Who died and made the King Gerry and Queen Kate?!
    "...satisfy the McCanns"!!!???
    Now I've seen it all! If a pig flies by my window right now I won't blink an eye!

  30. Judge Leveson is an attractive and handsome man, he speaks a wonderful English, he is really gorgeous.I like that kind of man.
    Unfortunately he is a trash.N

  31. Blogeditorial notice:
    Never in my mind it crossed that I would be reading a discussion about the physical appearance of Leveson. About Leveson or anyone else. As you might imagine, this is not the adequate place to discuss such. If this were a forum I believe that I'd "lock" the thread. As this is a blog, it's my duty to warn readers that no further comments about Levenson's or anybody else's physical appearance will be published. Not even in reply to this one.

  32. I believe the Mccanns are very quiet at the moment because they are no longer in control. With Brooks and News International facing a court case and the ongoing met case operation Grange being under scrutiny the met are aware that it is no longer acceptable to whitewash cases. There is more and more transparency with all cases for example the Barclays Bank have questions to answer over fixing interest rates when once these individuals would have been above suspiction. News International are being investigated and Rebecca Brooks is on very thin ice, no doubt she knows too much about high profile people so they will all be hoping she gets off but the Mccanns are something different. They have deliberately misled and fraudulently taken funds from the public. There were no reviews or mention of Kates paperback hitting the shelfs, nothing at all, not even an interview with grovelling Lorraine Kelly.

    Their time is coming the gravy train is coming to an end and now they must all face justice and about time!


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