Thursday, 28 June 2012

Summits & Silences

Real negotiations are always done silently


  1. Is what the McCann's are doing with Redwood.

  2. Até agora não consigo descodificar este post, através dos desenhos.

    O anterior aponta para a falta de consciência. Falta de consciência para mim define pessoas com mau carácter.

    Depois, desde ontem leio notícias sobre uma mulher condenada a 16 anos pela morte da filha.

    Hoje li mais acerca disto. Esta criminosa foi testemunha abonatória de dois homens que fizeram de tudo para difamar um Cidadão de Portugal.

    Então, o M. P. pede a absolvição dos dois homens que difamaram outro Homem.

    Mas este Homem não tem sido só difamado. Ele foi alvo de ameaças e de perseguições e de isolamento dos seus amigos. Este Homem não pode conviver com os seus amigos.

    Sendo assim, concordo que as verdadeiras negociações são feitas em silêncio, por pessoas sem carácter, para ajudarem os ricos e os poderosos.


    Until now I can not decode this entry through the drawings.

    The previous post points to the lack of conscience. Lack of conscience for me defines people with bad character.

    Then, since yesterday I read news about a woman sentenced to 16 years for daughter's death.

    Today I read more about it. This provides confidence criminal witnessed for to two men who did everything to discredit a citizen of Portugal.

    Then, M. P. asks the acquittal of two men who slandered another Man.

    But this man has not only been vilified. . He was the target of threats and harassment and isolation of their friends. This man can not get along with their friends.

    Therefore, I agree that the real negotiations are done in silence, for people without character, to help the rich and powerful.

    So, i believe the silence is not nice .

  3. We can all see through Gerry the Showman and his verbal bodyguard Mitchell. The two fools who fool no one.

  4. I suppose you're including in the show-off press-conferences about 195 new leads... They did try their best to sell the product but it was too rotten even for people with no shame.

  5. Anon @ 3:33,

    A dita criminosa, há muito que não merece uma linha ou um único minuto de atenção, mas continua a poluir as páginas dos jornais com mentiras que servem os interesses de quem lhe dá uma importancia que ela não tem. Mulher sem classe como os oportunistas que a usam.
    Para mim, o caso Pereira Cristovao no Sporting tambem tem o tentaculo oculto deste polvo. E muito suspeito, tanto barulho por um crime de polichinelo e depois o advogado que o defende..... Hummm, cheira muito mal....


    The above article on the mccanns carries the usual ' no comments are being accepted' but medication is obviously bothering Kate. In this eplilogue to her book of lies she is attempting to distance the mccanns from drugs. there has been nothing in our media about drugs and mccanns so maybe SY are hitting on the sedation theory and kate is attempting damage limitation. Also she glosses on gerry's reading material as if it is not significant but considering his daughter was supposidley abducted by phaeophiles why would he be reading such a good. I believe his other book was about forensics strange choice of holiday reading. Looks like the net is closing in on the Mccanns.
    Kate looks at breaking point now, she looks stressed up and needs to clear her conscience. Gerry appears as calm as ever.

    She is turning on the media again perhaps their phones were hacked and they are worried about that. Now Murdoch has turned his back on UK they have lost the support his group gave them.

    Whatever happened to Madeleine the Mccanns did not want an autopsy.

  7. There is a ecent video of Jim Gamble on youtube,where he talks about the Madeleine case.

    "Jim Gamble on Panorama Australia-Madeleine-The Last Hope-May 17th 2012"

    (when you hear him saying "kisses" you should understand "cases").

  8. Anon @ 10:54:00 PM

    From that point on it sounds very much as though he is saying 'K did it'. There was plenty of waffle that has nothing to do with Maddie's case used to answer the questions that he wasn't being asked and avoid the questions he was.

    I got the impression he was appealing to the McCanns to come clean because someone will crack and they would be better off ending their silence and own up to what they did.

  9. Of course the Mcs phonees were hacked, both CM and G Mc don't deny it and say only 'they don't THINK their phones were hacked'. What a get out card when the evidence comes to light. CM's phone was hacked so why wouldn't others connected to him in one of the highest profile cases in the UK avoid being hacked.

    Brooks knows so much and the Mcs are now silent because she could and probably will tell all.

    I believe the Mcs new that there was going to be a UK review and had to get an open letter in the papers before it was announced so it looked as though it was instigated by them.
    Things don't happen that quickly so the MET team must have already been assessed, interviewed and in place by the time that letter appeared.

  10. Anon Jun 28, 8:59,

    Thanks for sharing with us the article.
    The article from J Murray and Tracey K (2 of Mccann's Media propaganda), speaks about " drugs" found on ( a deliberated confusion or again showing a poor homework from those Mccournalists) the flat ( at the beginning of the article) and the villa( at the middle of the article). Well.... To give some lines of Antena to the Mccann's they don't even care about the contradictions they were writing. What a shame. But what is also relevant is the silence of the Mccann's after a so confusing article. None jumped to the front line to highlight that contradictions. They left the story in a limbo, believing the public only retains their words against the claims of any drugs.
    In fact, if my memory is correct, such medicines were found on the villa and nothing was found in the flat. What surprised PJ was not what was found in the Villa, no matter the amazing excuse gave by Kate about her father and the Parkinson medicine, what surprised Pj was the absence of any medicines in the 5A immediately after Maddie disappeared and the way the flat appears so clean and tide. In fact, no any parents with small children goes to a foreigner country for a week, without SOS medicines ( very friendly and safe) like painkillers and fever controllers. Calpol or any other antipyretic medicine, must be part of a kit of any responsible parent with small children. The Mccann's were doctors and responsible parents, like most of us. Why, they had no medicines in the flat? I believe they took some with them, because Kates father while trying to help them, show us they were responsible parents and they use to give calpol night to their children (when need, I presume). Then, where went the Calpol night they took to the holidays, and why?
    Because the twins did not wake up with all mess and the Smiths saw a guy looking like Gerry holding a sleepy girl ( which could not be Madeleine, because nobody with a pinch of sense walk on the streets, in open eyes, carrying a body) , I believe all children (except Madeleine) were under calpol night that night, to help them deal with a very painful and panic situation. That's why, no medicines were found on the flat. The calpol night, together with behavior of the twins will head all Tapas children to the hospital and the all Tapas will have a problem.... Found a convincent explanation for having all children sleepy in a night they claim another one was abducted.
    The absence of any medicine, together with the behavior of the twins, is very suspicious. The Mccann's brought the Media and the diplomacy to the crime scene, exactly to set the circus and leave no space for the police to work free. They played since minute one, as victims, not from the abductor, but from the police. They main target was not the abductor, was the police. Making sure that all steps of the police were under their control. A BIG, BIG SIGN OF GUILT. one more step showing the police that investigating them is going to the correct direction.

  11. On that video, Jim Gamble is saying he would be shocked if the McCanns were involved in the disappearence. He did not say : "they are definitely not" or
    "I believe they are not". He leaves open the possibility that they are. He also says the PJ started wrongly, that in the UK the police start investigating on a different way, starting with the parents, cleaning the floor in front of them. He also says he is happy with the Met getting involved in the case and he believes the case will be solved in his life time.I regret the reporter did not ask him how his health is doing."Thanks for asking. The doctor guaranteed me that I will reach 110." He must know how things are going at the Met.

    About the medications, I don't believe Kate's father left them in Algarve, as left overs, in case of.Pharmacies control the amount they sell, according to the recepies. A sick person always takes his medicines with himself.

    If even Charles, Diana and Camilla's phones were hacked by the SUN, the McCanns' were too.

  12. I also believe medication is at the heart of this because as mentioned we all take medicines on holiday especially when travelling with small children just in case we may need them, because the Mccanns decided to dispose of all their medication looks suspicious and then Kates keeps referring to how she believed the abductor sedated all the children. She has made herself look even more guilty than she already is. The twins having hair cuts within days of Maddie going is all rather odd especially as drugs can be detected in hair and Gerry also had a haircut days after he said his daughter was taken by paeophiles what father could even think of having a haircut at such a time. Another thing is how insistant the Mccanns were about Madeleine never being called Maddie. I recall Kate said at one interview something along the lines of ' Madeleine would get very indignant whenever we called her Maddie' so they did call her Maddie, but why deny it?

    Perhaps the Mccanns and their friends were all taking recreactional drugs this is why they were all prepared to lie and Maddie accidentally got hold of some and swallowed them,this would have shown in an autopsy so they felt the need to dispose of all medication claiming they did not use any medicines. Kate has always seemed detached from reality, not answering the pj questions at interviews. Maybe she cannot function alone Gerry is definitely in charge and running the show.

    I hope Rebecca Brooks does tell all, its about time somebody said what really went on during that holiday all the lying and whitewashing and covering up.

  13. Anon 1:24

    I consider valid your opinion with the exception of "Maddie accidentally got hold of some and swallowed them". That wouldn't explain the traces of blood found and where they were found, would it?

  14. Continuing commenting about Jim Gamble,he says he would be shocked if the McCanns were involved and he adds "but I am a human being".In other words: human beings make mistakes.
    Further he says : "It is not so much the Portuguese police failed".
    translation: "the Portuguese police did not fail, I know what they found out is true".
    About Amaral's book: "unprofessional and unhelpful". Gamble did not say "it is a bunch of lies".
    Why unprofessional if Amaral wrote it for ordinary people? It was not a thesis at an University.
    And helpful to Amaral.

    He reffers again to "relationships change"and I believe he is talking about Tapas 7. He hopes Tapas 7 will come forward. So do we.

    But one thing intriges me: talking about foccusing on one perpetrator (Amaral)whilst the real one is at large, for years and years.
    What does he mean with that ? The real perpetrator one of Tapas 8?
    That's why the Paynes were the only ones with a monitor? Where is David Payne?
    Or was Gerry the perpetrator?

  15. Now I remember Amaral's words:

    "David Payne might hold the key of the mystery"

    And what was Amaral's goal on his book when he published the Gaspars'statements?

    If Madeleine died of sedation, because she had difficulties to fall asleep, it was not necessary to dedicate a whole charpter to Payne. A few sentences would have been enough.

    Is Payne the one who is still at large?

  16. It is possible the bloodstains were due to a resuscitation attempt.

    Being doctors the group would have access to drugs and they would be knowledgeable about them.

    Kate mentions the stain on one of the childs clothes. Her book is not about Madeleine its about paedophiles and her belief that her children were sedated she also says she did not sleep properly for the first couple of nights after Maddie disappeared. She attempts to plant ideas into the readers mind.If she were truly distraught she would not have slept at all. Does she not realise what she is saying? Her narsissic behaviour and detachement imo point to an unbalanced woman possibly on some type of medication.

    Why did they all get their hair cut Gerry and the twins and probably Kate as well was it to remove traces of drugs that forensics would have found had they tested the family for drugs. Calpol or whatever for the children and stronger drugs for the group. If madeleine's body had been subjected to an autopsy and she had taken adult recreational drugs this could be why they were all so keen to cover it up.

  17. Jun 29, 2012 12:33:00 PM

    About medicines the McCanns took with them to Luz, I know I read somewhere (in the files, I suppose) that the police found some antacid pills, omeprazol, which Gerry claimed was for his own use, for a stomach condition he recurrently suffers (maybe esophageal reflux). I suppose we can assume that if he remembered to take his antacid medicin he would probably take other kinds of medicin for common ailments, like colds, sore throats, fever, etc.

  18. Moita Flores spoke about the 10, 12 people who used to visit the apartment.
    Which apartment? 5a or the second one in which the McCanns lived for a short time?

  19. I have difficulties to believe the PJ have absolutey no idea where the body is. I believe they know and for some reason they don't tell it.

  20. Kate can say whatever she wants on her book. Her behavior, immediately after raising the alarm speaks more louder then any of her words:

    If the abductor sedated the kids, why she didn't let PJ take them to the hospital for tests? The drugs could be potentially dangerous for the toddlers. PJ wanted them in hospital just for prevention, but the Mccann's refused to sign the authorization and the twins were left out of any hospital care.
    Which mother under the circumstances of having lost one of her child's to the hands of a strange and having a strong possibility to have her remaining child's drugged by the same strange, refuse the help of the police and the care of an hospital? Only if she did not love her children and don't care about the risks of their life, or if she knows exactly which drugs they took and has the situation controlled. She knows, and even the attitude of checking if the twins were breathing, with Fiona reporting it to the police, was planned just to reinforce the idea that the child's were drugged, but by the abductor. The problem was the police who at the time was already not convinced of any abduction.

  21. Anon Jun 29, 2012 1:24:00 PM,

    We’ve never said or implied that Maddie had taken recreational drugs. This is pure speculation.

    About death by non-recreational drugs, most of the people in UK have used Calpol for sick kids. Doctors used to suggest it, so I don't know why there is such an obsession about whether the McCanns used it or not.
    Agree with Anon Jun 29, 2012 1:58:00 PM that death by drugs (non-recreational) is not compatible with where bloodstain traces were found, not even, as suggested by Anon Jun 29, 2012 5:28:00 PM, due to a resuscitation attempt. That would mean moving the couch, a rather unlikely action within the suggested scenario.

    We don’t believe that Maddie’s death was caused by drugs, accidentally or otherwise. If you believe that to be the case, there are many sites that will welcome your point of view, please take them there.

  22. Anon Jun 29, 2012 4:00:00 PM + Anon Jun 29, 2012 4:11:00 PM
    “That's why the Paynes were the only ones with a monitor? Where is David Payne?”

    The monitor was used at the Tapas dinners. We’ve proved here that there were no Tapas dinners. So if there were no dinners, what was the monitor for? There’s absolute no proof that even on May 3rd that there was a “Payne monitor” (it seems even that Tanner also speaks of a monitor up on a wall I think). Those who speak of its existence are both the T9 and Tapas staff, which are very unreliable sources to say the least.
    The fact that you bring in the Gaspars means that you’re trying to revive here the pedophilia shadow. We believe that the Gaspars are “convenient” witnesses, much like JW, TS, Derek Flack and many others.
    We don’t believe that Maddie’s death was in anyway related with paedohilia. Nor do we think Payne is a paedophile. If you believe that to be the case, there are many sites that will welcome your point of view, please take them there.

    Amaral was sacked in September/October timeframe. When he started to understand the clutter he was facing, as we now understand, he was taken off the case. Much evidence, namely the rogatory interviews, came in after that. It’s been 5 years and even if our main guidelines have remained stable we’ve had to “update” our thinking. To ask the man to know everything is ridiculous. To take his book as the “Maddie bible” is to be intentionally misleading.

    Which is what I think the blog has been a victim of lately: a disruptive attack. One showing an effort, trying to divert us from our path by bringing in old and discussed myth and speculation. An effort like that we always take as a compliment.

  23. Textusa, @ June 30, 8:44am wrote:

    "We believe that the Gaspars are “convenient” witnesses, much like JW, TS, Derek"

    I feel the same too. Since the first time I came aware of the Gaspars statements I felt that there was something fishy about them, specially the statement of Mrs. Gaspar. I failled to understand how she seemed so worried and disgusted in her statement about the gestures and words she witnessed between Payne and Gerry M., a situation that she took seriously enought to make her go to the police and tell, and yet she took almost no action or precaution to make absolutely sure that Payne would never get near her daughter. She was perfectly o.k. to have him bathing the children (her daughter included), even after the suspicious event, only warning her husband to keep an eye on Payne at bath time!?
    That is NOT the reaction of a concerned mother, is it? I would make sure neither Payne or Gerry would have the slightest chance of getting their hands on my child!
    Another aspect of this story that makes me suspicious is the lack of action from Payne about the statements. A couple of people cast serious suspicions of paedophile behavior on him and he does absolutely nothing about it?! The statements are all over the internet for everyone to read them, he is branded as an alledged paedo and what does he do? He crawls under a rock and plays dead, not moving a finger to defend his good name and reputation! No counter argument, no libel action, nothing!
    Well, maybe Payne is a good christian to the extreme...he just turned the other face...
    Nah...I'm not buying that! He must have a very good reason to be perfectly o.k. with having his name forever associated with paedophile practices, it must serve a bigger cause, big enough to make him sacrifice his name...


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