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Very Pertinent Question

Sunday May 10, 2009
By James Murray

A WOMAN was seen acting suspiciously outside Kate and Gerry McCann’s apartment just an hour before their daughter Madeleine was abducted.

The slim, Portuguese-looking woman in a plum-coloured top and white skirt with long, dark, swept-back hair acted furtively when she was spotted at 8pm on May 3 in 2007 near the Mark Warner Ocean Club complex.

She was standing under a streetlight at a crossroads only 40 feet from where Madeleine was sleeping with her brother Sean and his twin sister Amelie.

Investigators are being urged to find her to see if she was in any way connected to a pockmarked prowler seen several times outside the apartment in the day leading up to the kidnap.

Details of the mystery woman have only just become known after a Sunday Express investigation into the baffling case was alerted by an elderly British woman who has lived in Praia da Luz on Portugal’s Algarve for more than 30 years.

Speaking from her villa near the Ocean Club, the woman, who has asked not to be named, recalled: “On that night I went to the supermarket at the bottom of the road just before it closed at 8pm.

“As I drove past the entrance to the Ocean Club I saw a woman standing opposite Apartment 5A the McCanns were staying in.

“Even at that time of night the streets were deserted, so I was surprised to see someone there. I remember thinking it was unusual because it is just not the sort of place you would hang around.

“As I drove up to the junction she stepped around to the other side of the street lamp as though she didn’t want me to look at her. She was not carrying a bag or a mobile phone. I thought she might have been waiting for a lift but no car came along while I was there.

“I turned right and could see quite clearly she was looking at Apartment 5A.

“As I approached another junction a small, brown car, with just one English-looking man in it swung round and nearly hit mine.”

When she heard that Madeleine had vanished she asked a relative to inform the police about her sightings.

More than 30 people have so far phoned in about the artist’s impression shown on a Channel 4 documentary last Thursday of a scar-faced man seen loitering outside the McCanns’ apartment

Does anyone know, by any chance, of “an elderly British woman who has lived in Praia da Luz for more than 30 years", and “speaking from her villa near the Ocean Club” says that she drivesto the supermarket at the bottom of the road” and has “asked a relative to inform the police" about a "man seen loitering outside the McCann´'s apartment"?

Hmmm... an elderly ex-Pat, living in PdL/Lagos for more than 30 years that drives down to the supermarket down the street and has a relative that has spoken to the police… I bet you’re thinking of Mrs Fenn aren’t you?

Don’t be silly! Mrs Fenn lived in an apartment, the G5 right above the 5A, and not in a villa, right?

Besides that, the relative that spoke to the police wasn’t asked to do so. She did it after contacting other relatives in the UK, remember? And she hardly described the man she saw as a "pockmarked prowler” / "scar-faced man" but rather to be a blonde one, albeit the incomprehensible insistence on the part of Leics Police to have her say that she had seen him with glasses when she hadn't, remember?

No, it just can’t be Mrs Fenn. Why? Well, first and foremost I just can’t see any reason for her to do something like that. Can you?

But sure seems to have been an unusual concentration of elderly ex-Pat ladies, that live in PdL/Lagos for more than 30 years and that drive down to the supermarket down the street and that have relatives speaking to the police about Maddie… isn't there? One very special little town, isn't it?


  1. Sounds like Jane Tanner, Wilkins said he saw her outside the apartment's in a purple top. Hair sounds right, she looks swarthy could be seen as Portuguese.

  2. Jane Tanner sort of looks portuguese...dark hair and brown eyes.
    The ex-pat lady who lives in a villa near the OC could be Jenny Murat, she and her late husband came to Portugal a long time ago, I'm not sure if indeed her late husband was not born in Portugal...Mrs. Murat, that's who immediately popped into my mind, not Mrs. Fenn.
    I understand Mrs.Fenn only bought her apartment in 2003.

  3. The author of the article says it all about the credibility of the story. Murray, the substitute of Antonnela L.
    As usual, the bad guy could not be English, no matter if the official police said in a press conference that the crime was totally British. Now a portuguese lady, maybe to answer the criticism of people like me who always questioned what made the Mccann's be so sure that the abductor was a men.
    I'm surprised that the old British lady didn't see the Portuguese lady standing near the 5a with keys of the flat in her hands. Sorry, this is for next article, when the trial GA V Mccann's become more close.
    We can predict them... Soon will be sights of potential abductors holding suspicious artifacts who could be easily mistaken with a bunch of OC keys, including the one from the 5a.
    The only old British lady, living in a villa next the OC, that comes to my mind, is Jenny Murat, the mother of Robert Murat. Is the article, a message to the Murat's, to keep quite and easy?
    I still not believing the Murat's are clean on the all saga. The stall settled by Murat's mum, looks very odd under the circumstances and for some strong reason(other then only the suspicion of a British journalist) the police made him suspect along with parents.

  4. One hour before Madeleine was abducted, lands the lady near the 5a around the time the group was travelling to the Tapas to have their dinner, or when the first controls on the children happen. None bumps on the lady? Jane tanner, who has a special gift to see miraculous images, was not able to spotted that lady?

  5. NEWS ALERT!!!

    I just heard on SIC Notícias that according to a portuguese newspaper (sorry, forgot which one, with the excitement, silly me, maybe JN, Jornal de Notícias) the SY and the Porto PJ have REOPENED THE INVESTIGATION!

    Good news? Or the beginning of the end of "the mother of all whitewashes"...?

    Mr. Amaral said in his interview to newspaper " O CRIME":

    "Q.-As you well know, the Prime Minister David Cameron, has ordered a re-evaluation of the investigation in England regarding Maddie’s disappearance. How do you assess that decision, admitting that the English will hardly have access to the investigation in Portugal?

    A.-The decision of that Prime Minister has been twisted. The McCann couple has spoken of a re-examination of the child’s “sightings”. When, in fact, what is known is that Scotland Yard, who were appointed to re-evaluate the whole investigation, has set aside the pseudo-sightings, focusing instead on the investigation process that remains archived. Elements from the Scotland Yard have been working with an investigative [Judiciary Police] team from Oporto (Oporto because Algarve and Lisbon have already been involved),AND WHAT IS KNOWN IS THAT THE "AFFAIR" IS NOT GOING WELL FOR THE MCCANNS."

    Let's hope Mr. Amaral got his information from good and reliable source!


    Yes, I was right, it is JN (Jornal de Notícias) that advances this news.
    No wonder the newspaper has its website "down"!
    Tomorrow it will be a hell of a busy media day, eh, eh...let's see what the british media will do with alert or radio silence...?

  7. WHAT THE #$**+ is going on???

    According to Correio da Manhã the PJ will NOT reopen the case!
    Who/what to believe?!

    Better wait and see what the morning will be a sleepless night, "ai, que nervos"!!!

    Sorry for all the commotion, Textusa

  8. Anon Mar 8, 2012 10:44:00 PM

    Mrd Fenn, according to her niece lived in the Lagos area for about 30 years, and moved to OC after her husband died in 2003.

    That's the woman that Textusa is talking about.

    To my mind came Gail Cooper, but she's not known to drive to the supermarket nor has a relative that has spoken to the police.

    Murray's source is either Fenn or he's being sloppy and is using Fenn's story.

    If he's being sloppy, then it seems that Mrs Fenn name could be used by anyone who desired to do so...

    But there are too many coincidences. Remember Tanner's tears on the mockumentary? This is when that video came out, and they were pinning it on Tanner. Wilkins says she saw someone around that time with a purple jersey, now it's plum colour, easily mistaken by late night lighting...

    Why use a carbon-copy story of Fenn, or was the original cooperating?

  9. Anon Mar 9, 2012 1:31:00 AM

    Radio Renascença says it may be reopened...

    Correio da manha says it won't...

    The Portuguese do say that there's no smoke without a fire...

    Let's see how things develop, shall we?

  10. it's just coincidences after coincidence!

    No, it can't be Gail Cooper... isn't she the one that sees everything "unfocused"?

  11. On my way to work I heard on Radio Comercial that the case could be reopened. It was the first news, in fact!

  12. This lady in the purple top with dark hair, sounds like Jane Tanner. Surely they would have checked that possibility out. The description and timing sounds logical for it to be her. Either Jane or the old Lady, would have volunteered that information already if it were. I would be focused on the little brown car driving erratically, who was in it? It does not sound right that the lady was waiting there to meet someone to go somewhere, without a purce or handbag. More like, someone from close by who is checking something. I wonder what key points this peron could see from this vantage?


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