Sunday, 4 March 2012

Food For Thought.... With Appetizers

Not being ones to run away from any of our responsibilities, let’s warn all our latest critics that when they criticize the opportunity, objectiveness or even the eventual distastefulness of our latest posts, they’re not critizing just the authors of the blog, but the entire Textusa family.

The blog's authors and its esteemed readers. Mind you, we think everyone should be subject to criticism, and we're not complaining about that, but just clarifying who is being criticized. Just that.

Let me explain, by recapping the events about what has been published lately, which, by coincidence, happens to have one central figure: Mrs Fenn.

It all started when we decided to do a post Where Have All The Gentlemen Gone?, image based, whereupon we wished to exemplify how odd was the behavior, or its absence, by a man that did not help an elderly woman carrying two shopping bags, up to her apartment.

At the time, Advocatus, gleefully jumped up in fun clapping in approval like a three year old before a puppet show.

But then, he was one of our best buddies, one of the gang, or so he thought.

He has, since then, and mainly by our doing, radically changed his attitude towards the blog. Clapping included.

Anyway, it was the blog authors’ full responsibility for that post having been published.

Let’s keep a scoreboard so that we can all follow what we're trying to say:  

Then we posted the Unpublished PJ Files, a post for which, the blog authors’ assume full responsibility for its publication.

And it was from then on that the “Fenn Frenzy” began to pick up pace.

On MMF the Unpublished PJ Files, got some comments that merited, on our part, the writing of our Colouring Hats post.

We consider the publication of this post to be of “shared responsibility”, between ourselves, loopdaloop who started the thread at MMF and Panda.

In this MMF thread, Panda brought into discussion what we disputed: the credibility of information, heard directly by Panda, based on a friend of Mrs Fenn, Edna Glyn.

It seems we were wrong. Panda, through a couple of comments to the post, corrected us.

It seems that it wasn’t information based on Edna Glyn, the friend of Mrs Fenn, but one, still heard directly from Panda, based on the friend of a friend of Mrs Fenn.

This originated our FOAF post, whereby we reacted to Panda’s already mentioned corrective comments.

We simply questioned what credibility such a "clearly identified" source could offer to the whole debate, which was NONE, and highlighted the amount of misinformation that the exact same source brought into the issue, which was IMMENSE… and INTENTIONAL.

So this FOAF post is in our opinion a shared responsibility between us and Panda.

Then, by own decision we decided to publish the Famous Last Words, a simple, image based post that we thought appropriate and befitting with thematic that was being dealt with: Mrs Fenn’s and her interaction with the Maddie Affair.

About this post, a reader asked us to translate the subtitles of the images posted.

We not only did that, but on our Famous Last Words (Full Version) took it a step further; and published the whole transcription of the SIC video. It’s another post with shared responsibility, in this instance between us and this particular reader.

Then another reader noticed that in the SIC video, it could clearly be seen that Mrs Fenn doesn’t bend down to place any shopping bag on the floor, apparently passing it to someone who doesn't ever appear.

We looked at the footage again, and noticed that that detail wasn’t the only one wrong in in the Mrs Fenn’s sequence of unloading her shopping. We showed exactly that on our Magic Is In The Air post.

Shared responsibility, between us and another reader.

A third reader then points out the absurdity of using a car to drive to a supermarket just down the street.

We agreed and added to our response, in our Wide Open post the fact that the 5G apartment's door appears wide open with no apparent or visible reason for it to be in that position.

Another shared responsibility between us and our readers.

And this is where we now stand on our scoreboard:

Not exactly...

Because we’ve had another reader point something out to us about the decorative tiles that can be seen by the 5G’s front door and on which appear to written “CASA DA WENDY”, or “WENDY’S HOUSE”. We’re not sure about the “WENDY” part.

To this reader, our fourth helper, we ask a little patience because we have to write this post right now. But just goes to show how attentive and participating readers we have!

As can be seen, the sequencing, the opportunity, the objectiveness and even the controversial question of  taste of our latest posts in which Mrs Fenn seems to be the central figure are only due to the great interaction between the blog and its readers.

It remains to be our sole responsibility on what is published and what is not. We’re the ones that, in the end, do click on the “publish” button and nobody else.

It’s also up to us to choose what we write about and what we don’t, so we’re not, in any way, diverting criticism away from ourselves onto our readers. We’re sharing it with them. Putting our reader right by our side, where s/he is to be, as s/he is indeed part of this family.

Constructive criticism should make all of us learn aand make each one a better person. Destructive criticism should make all of us proud, because the amount of vitriol it contains is in the direct proportion of the amount of pride with which it should be received: the bigger is the insult from an intentionally ignorant foe, the bigger is the compliment it indeed represents.

So, if anything can be called interactive, is what’s currently happening in the blog.

This makes us immensely proud, and, once again, we thank our wonderful, wonderful readers.

We love to interact with you, and promise to continue to do so.

Now, because it does deserve a mention, I would like to say a few words about if the eventual distastefulness, or not, of having published posts about a deceased person, in this case, Mrs Fenn.

As you saw, I answered, the quickest way possible, to Joana’s comment, a blogger which you know how much I respect, that the fact that a person passes away doesn’t exempt it, here on earth, from its earthly sins.

We do sincerely ask for a soul to rest in peace, but the deceased person’s actions, and especially its consequences, don’t cease to remain accountable, if they’re accountable. Obviously we think that Mrs Fenn’s actions are.

This said, let me get to what I promised to do, and that was the food for thought post.

We would like to point out to our critics that they completely missed the point of our posts. They were not about Mrs Fenn.

She has appeared in most, if not in all of the posts, but it was all about HOW Mrs Fenn is shown in that particular news report done by SIC.

Mind you, we do think that Mrs Fenn’s participation in them are obviously is not to be discarded, as they tell much, so will most likely be subject for future discussions, but what was, or is, at stake was how she was portrayed, what the viewer was shown.

Journalists do they job, they don’t pretend to do it. Like soccer players don’t pretend to score a goals or ballerinas pretend to do a fouetté rond de jambe en tournant.

They do it, it’s their job, and it’s with what they feed their families.

But, as was shown, we were shown a rigged piece. The single fact that Mrs Fenn takes a single bag out of her car and then appears with two, demonstrates, clearly, there was editing, and, even if only locally, scripting.

We were shown a powdered up product, a journalistic flair to make the product more attractive to the viewer.

In more precise wording, image manipulation, subtle, almost unnoticed, but there.

That means there’s a difference, however minor or relevant, between reality and the message shown.

And once you change reality, you misinform.

Let’s be honest, it happens all the time, and is, most of the times, harmless. The ratings dictate such procedures, to which we witness daily.

Want an example? The TV presenters’ make-up when they appear before the cameras.

Is that a major misinformation? No, it isn’t, but it’s misinformation nonetheless. We all know that it’s there, but how often do we forget about it? Then how surprised we really are when we see what they really look like when meet them in “real-life”

Let’s now focus on to the SIC video.

The storyline with Mrs Fenn was basically to show an elderly lady indignant with what the British newspapers had said about her, and simultaneously show her executing an everyday activity such as carrying her shopping into her house.

Anything wrong with that?

Apparently not. It’s done all the time, isn’t it?

She even may have had to have gone shopping, she may even had some renovating works going on in that apartment, and she may even have liked to leave the door wide open for some reason… but the question one MUST ask is why powder up Mrs Fenn?

After all, the message supposedly to be conveyed was that of a woman angry with false news report about her. That’s it.

The words she said when standing between the cars should have been enough, shouldn’t they?

TV airspace is an expensive resource, so why waste it on grocery bag carrying and walking in an apartment with a previously opened door?

Mrs Fenn is the central piece of this news piece, but is far from being the central character of this story. Much less in late August 2007.

To powder up the McCanns, would be comprehensible, but Mrs Fenn? Why bother? Or better yet, why?

Did any other "supporting role" character, besides Mrs Fenn, get the same sort of “benefit”? On SIC,  SKY NEWS, or in any other TV Station? No. No other.

But it’s not about Mrs Fenn that we want you to think about. We want you to think about two other pieces of information that it’s in this particular TV news piece.

The news report, is apparently false in it’s title: “Maddie Case - McCann’s couple neighbour denied being heard by the PJ”.

Yes, Mrs Fenn, verbally, only denies that she’s ever spoken to journalists, doesn’t speak about going or not to the police.

But by saying that what the journalists have written was total rubbish, having these journalists written that she’s to speak, or had spoken to the police, then she’s, in effect, denying that she has done that also. She’s indeed denying, there and then, that she has spoken to the police.

Which we now know to be false, but that is the main issue of this news report, so it’s what we expect the piece to be about. Not the falseness, the denying. No one, but herself and about another hundred, or more, British and Portuguese citizens (many more Brits than Portuguese) knew she was lying then...

But now read the last part of the transcript:

“As for the McCann couple they’ve a rented house in Praia da Luz until the second week of September. Despite having left attending the Ocean Club, Kate and Gerry continue to shop at the nearby supermarket. This Wednesday the car was parked a few meters from Robert Murat’s door, the English businessman who still remains as the sole “arguido” in the process.””

There are two issues with no connection with the news report and completely irrelevant to its purpose:

First, the McCanns are continuing to shop at Baptistas.

Second, the McCanns parked that same afternoon their car just a few metres from Murat’s house.

Why bring up these two issues completely out of the blue? Want to think about it for just a minute?

The fact that the couple has a house rented for another two weeks, can be considered of general interest, but the two things just mentioned make absolutely no sense whatsoever being mentioned, on August 22nd, 2007, on a news report about an elderly woman denying something.

Did I say that TV airspace is expensive? Very expensive, indeed?

I did? Sorry, I’m like Mrs Fenn. With the passing of time, memory seems to fade quicker by the day…


  1. SIC doing their little job to divert the attention from the central characters at the time- the Mccann's.
    Murat was the only official suspect, but the Mccann's were under scrutiny of the police and journalists who start questioning their behaviour and setting the puzzle.

    MC has on her blog, two posts that could help understanding better that. One about an interview to Sandra Felgueiras, who was working for RTP and is known to be the Reporter who interviewed more the Mccann's. She talks about her crossing information and setting the puzzle to understand what happen to Madeleine. I believe, she as a person has an individual opinion that differs of the opinion she passed to the public, as a journalist.
    The second post is about Isabel Duarte and her curriculum. That lawyer, for public eyes, she appears later in Maddie affair, but in fact she was always there, since she always worked very close to the lawyers Bar (Rogerio Alves and Marinho Pinto). She also works for universities giving some pos-graduations to journalists and having always a word on media issues. We can imagine the pressures on editors and journalists, coming from people who frame them behind scenes, abusing the power they have.
    Now, I understand why GA was removed from the PSD list to be a candidate for a Municipality in Alagarve. Isabel Duarte worked on the pass in the office of Marques Mendes, who was very close to Manuela Ferreira Leite. the PSD President at the time.
    From UK, Mccann's spokesperson used Gordon Brown to frame Socrates, while in Portugal the Mccann's lawyers were meticulously chosen to control the water in the opposition Party(PSD). Just in case, the wave changes, like happened.
    A cold look at all this chain highlight two conditions:
    who advised the Mccann's to hire that portuguese lawyers knows well the nature of the crime and where they need to work- in image, in political control who at the end will control justice and in the media. SIC belongs to Pinto Balsemao, who was already elected PM by PSD. No surprise to see SIC doing his job to help the Mccann's cleaning up the mud. Mrs Fenn , is obviously a master piece, due to her age and the position of her flat. If the flat belongs to her, or if she was another character dragged to the scene by convenience, is what still not clear for me. the tile saying 'casa da wendy' could be irrelevant if she loves the tale of Peter Pan and decide to homage that character or if she has a very close relative who has that name- a granddaughter, for example. In fact, I never read anywhere that the flat belongs to her. I read, she came regularly to PDL and use to spend long time there. could be in that place or in another place. The fact she said, she was already there for 3 months, also open red lights for me, since when she said that, was August 2007. Going back 3 months, we land on May. Was she on the flat before May 3 or just after May 3? Cont

  2. Cont:
    Also the renovations on her flat, look very suspicious for me, since old people tend to avoid having their space troubled with dust and disturbance. unless it was some maintenance really necessary to improve the quality of the day life. Is one more thing pointing on the direction of the flat not belonging to Mrs. Fenn.
    Keep up your analytical work Textusa. I think you are in the right track and you will make history.
    Pat Brown, a criminal profiler who decide to visit the crime scene to achieve some conclusions, is arriving to the same points you arrived long ago, by analysing official documents, interviews and media articles.
    I think Rogerio Alves handed the case to Isabel Duarte because he knows the Mccann's are involved and the girl is dead. This will be a shock for the portuguese, when the true story comes to day light and he has important aspirations in one of the most popular portuguese football teams- Sporting. The Sporting supporters will never forgive him for the roll he played in Maddie saga. Sometimes we heard in the cafe's people justifying the historical bad moment of Sporting, with connections of that lawyer with Mccann's and the Sporting. They said, is Madeleine soul doing her little justice, because Sporting is going from worse, to worse, to worse, no matter if they replace the president the coach or the football players. And he(RA) was paid with money grabbed to search Madeleine, when her parents are not interested in searching her. The type of lawyers they choose, are the best barometers to explain in which field the Mccann's are working. No any lawyers specialist in working close to the police and having the case reopened. And were is the Petition they advertised long ago and claimed to have thousands of signatures? Is conveniently stored in a draw, or destroyed, just in case a judge ask them to show it and make a pertinent question 'why they bothered the public and after didn't use it?'

  3. For me it’s really strange that the McCanns should park their car near Murat’s. If there was any place in the world I wouldn’t park my car would be anywhere near the only suspect of kidnapping my child. If I was with the twins for obvious sreasons, if I wasn’t with the twins to avoid taking justice into my own hands!!
    Besides, the entry to Murat’s is in an inside road, and the main road is curve and there’s plenty other spaces to park the car. Why there?
    Is SIC trying to tell us that the relationship between the McCanns and Murat are much more friendlier than they should be? That they park their car there because they have no reason to fear Murat. That they park there because they have things to deal with Murat? It makes sense if Murat was the first house to where Maddie’s body was taken…
    About the supermarket? Was it to legitimize Fenn’s shopping? Like saying everyone in PDL buys there, including Fenn and the McCanns?

  4. Why do the "WENDY" tiles look much older than the 5G ones? Is it the light?

  5. I don’t think journalists are even near stupid. It’s a cruel world, and they’re at the bottom of their professional food chain. When this thing blows up they’re the ones that will get the blame, and that bit about the car being parked near RM will serve for them to defend themselves. They’ll be able to say “You see? We’ve tried, to tell you that things were not as they seemed. It’s obvious the McCanns and Murat had something going together, otherwise they wouldn’t park their car there! It was there for all to read, it’s not our fault you didn’t read it!!”
    Check every tabloid news and check if there isn’t in the middle of the bulsh*t, a paragraph, a phrase that condemns in clear terms the McCanns. It’s there, so they can all say, “we always thought there was something funny with the couple… all you have to do is read our articles with real attention. It’s all there!”
    The supermarket, I go more for making the connection between the McCanns and the OC. They were no longer there, but lived their lives around it.
    This was in late August. The McCanns were made arguidos in September. ALL OPTIONS were open. The British tabloids at this time even attempted to point the finger at the couple. No one knew to which side the balance would fall.
    You have to see this was done with two intentions, if the neglect caught on, to reinforce it with Fenn, but on the other hand, if things turned bad for the McCanns, lay out the carpet for Gerry having taken Maddie’s body to Murat.
    If neglect caught on, no one was to know that Fenn had gone to the PJ, because the files were never supposed to have become public. If the McCanns were to be really prosecuted then Fenn would be a heroine, and everyone would understand her lying in this report as being protecting herself.
    IMO I think the BHs missed in this period the opportunity to expose what really happened and all could’ve been dismissed as a household accident. With the connections that had been already established, the McCanns would have been booed at the airport and would now be remembered as that couple that panicked after their daughter died and tried to fake it into an abduction almost got away. I even think the population would understand that after they were caught in the web if their “white lies” they would understand. But who decided went for the other option, which I think they now regret.

  6. With:
    - Why are they questioning the door was open?
    - I always leave my door open when I have people working inside. Perhaps they weren’t workmen. Perhaps were conducting a little surveillance. Perhaps it was hot. Mrs Fenn had to struggle 200 yards with the shopping.
    (what a little surveillance?!?)
    - Driving would have been preferable to struggling with the bags of shopping.
    (if she pushed a shopping trolley it would be a nice walk and wouldn’t struggle a yard)
    - I think textusa's been on the Wacky Backy !”
    - Even pointing out he could have a smoke on the balcony instead of downstairs? Why not?
    - And maybe Mrs Fenn didn't like people smoking on her balcony. Smoke can drift in.
    - I just wonder why this is being discussed at all”
    - Mrs Fenn, a woman over 80 years of age, goes in her car to do some shopping; There appears to be someone in her apartment and the door is seen to be open. The man goes downstairs for a cigarette.
    - Exactly thats why I asked if anyone understood this
    - I do find a lot of her postings pointless and over analytical to the point of nonsense
    - I think from my own experience Textusa is devoid of subjects to discuss which would interest her Members so posts items without thought.
    - Yes I completely agree, her previous post was a clip by clip analysis of Mrs Fenn opening and closing her boot
    - I think that Textusa needs to get out more!
    We conclude that:
    - Afternoon NBY, I think that"s one thing MM can be proud of, FINDING INTERESTING TOPICS and REASONED DEBATE. “This is why we have such a large Membership and "visitors".”

    I'll csll them Black Hats, to compliment them. At least they'll use their heads for something...

  7. Hello, I'm the poster that first mentioned the decorative tiles outside the door of Mrs. Fenn's apartment.(I wrote my comment in portuguese). It reads, as far as I could tell, "CASA DA WENDY". Now, after reading the comment posted at Mar 5, 2012 7:59:00 AM which said:
    "the tile saying 'casa da wendy' could be irrelevant if she loves the tale of Peter Pan and decide to homage that character or if she has a very close relative who has that name- a granddaughter, for example.",
    made me think my first comment I considered the possibility of that panel having been put there by a previous owner and Mrs. Fenn just "inherited" it, and maybe that's really the case. In her statement to the PJ, Mrs. Fenn confirms she has that apartment since 2003 (which I suppose she uses on an on and off bases, not as a permanent residence)and that SHE DOES NOT understand the portuguese language either in its spoken or written form. This could indicate an indiference towards the portuguese culture, she owns proprerty in Portugal, but she does not mingle with the locals, she moves only inside the expat community and feels no need to learn the local "lingo". Would someone who does not speak portuguese and seems to have no intention of ever learning it (remember she was there since 2003) choose to name her house in portuguese?! Why "CASA DA WENDY", and not "WENDY'S HOUSE"...?

    "Mrs Pamela Fenn 20 August 2007
    Mrs Fenns statement, taken in Praia da Luz on the 20th of August 2007:

    Included in the files as a witness statement.

    Being of British nationality and in spite of living in Portugal, does not have knowledge of the Portuguese language in its oral and written form, therefore a police interpreter is present, UEVE VAN LOOCK. Thus, according to the facts noted in the files, she says that she has lived in the apartment since 2003, which is located on the upper floor, immediately above the room from which the child disappeared."

    Anyone knows from which part of England Mrs. Fenn came from?
    Googling for WEndy Fenn I came to this:

    Check out #13, Wendy S Fenn, from Nothingham, under "other occupants" there's an Ian R Fenn...Mrs. Fenn's son is named Ian. See:

    ("Her son, Ian claims that Mr McCann visited her personally to apologise for all the unwanted attention.")
    and also:
    (..."its garden is overgrown and the hedge, in contrast to those adjacent, is unkempt and bedraggled. “I keep asking the Ocean people to cut it,” says Ian Fenn who inherited the apartment above from his mother, Pamela, who died last month.

    Mr Fenn, who lives in England, visits the flat monthly and has witnessed its transformation from white-washed holiday home to a ghoulish, run-down tourist attraction. “There are always tourists who stand outside and get their friends to take their photograph outside 5a,” he says wearily. “They find some ghastly attraction in being pictured at the spot when a little girl was abducted. Gerry McCann did come up to apologise to my mother for all the unwanted attention – which was incredibly kind as he has endured a grief and pain that no parent should ever have to withstand.”"

    Maybe I'm only chasing ghosts here...or maybe not...with this case everything is possible!

  8. NO, the body could not have been taken to Murat's, I don't think so! His house was searched high and low, the garden escavated (unlike the McCanns Rothley home, go figure!), inclusively with search dogs and not one shred of evidence was found! No indication at all that Madeleine had ever been there, dead or alive!
    Now, about any other EMPTY places Murat might have had in his real estate portfolio...that's another ball game...

  9. Anon Mar 5, 2012 12:15:00 PM

    You cannot make such a peremptory statement.

    Murat's house was searched, by dogs, I believe, three times. altough the second time I'm not sure.

    The first time, which was on the 4th, I think, the house was searched for an ALIVE girl, which scent is completely different from a dead one.

    The second time, about 10 days later, when RM was made arguido, the house was searched, I think, I'm not sure with dogs. No scent found.

    Then when the British dogs came, they also searched Murat's house, again no scent.

    Now, between the first and second searches, I guarantee you that Robert and his mom cleaned thouroughly the house.

    You also have to take into account that how the body was handled inside 5A, where it lay first unattended on the floor, and then put into a closet, and, lastly "dropped" in the backyard, and the way it was most likely received in Murat's, where it was expected, and in a place already prepared for the body to lie. Murat's mother I believe has a nursing background, so, I'm sure didn't take lightly this issue, so probably prepared things very carefully, and was sure to clean everything thouroughly. And when those dogs walked in, looking, I repeat for the scent of a live girl, she must have cleaned to the point of obsession all places, wihich were few and identifiable, and that's why no scent was found.

    To say NO the way is to discard very lightly the most probable, in our opinion, first destination of the body.

    The question however, is not that. The question is that at the time Murat was the ONLY suspect, so it remains very strange for the parent's fo the supposed victim to park their car near the suspected abductor of their daughter.

    Thank you for your comment.

  10. Anon., Mar 5, 2012 10:15:00 AM

    Well spoted! The blue colour of the large square tile is faded when compared to the 5G tile. This one is much more exposed to the sun, rain, etc., should be weared out too. However, the numbered tiles that identify each apartment might not have come from the same factory as the one naming the apartment, that one most likely was put there by the owner, and was made on order, maybe the person who comissioned it chose a faded tone ob blue(s) to make it look like those were old, antique tiles.
    Or, has the Ocean Club been playing around with the tile numbers of the apartments...?

  11. The REASONED DEBATE continues at MMF. Been a long time since I read the word “crapola” but sounds familiar from other sites. With the exception of Badboy’s comment, who is immediately mistreated, I’ve read more interesting threads at JATYK2 and PFA.
    Are they trying to use Textusa to discredit MMF? Right at the end it seems that AnneEsse understands that they’ve completely out of line and appears almost to be afraid of Tex’s backlashing… :

    This is complete and utter, pointless nonsense which IMO will damage Textusa's credibility. Basically, it's just crap. I bet Gerry McCann is reading it and laughing his head off, and rightly so.

    Yup! and it wont be long before we are being called black hats lol

    How can anyone writing this unadulterated shit expect to be taken seriously in future? What does how Mrs Fenn did her shopping have to do with getting to the truth of Madeleine's disappearance? What possible value does this pointless crapola add? Rubbish, total rubbish. I bet Sir Gerry is laughing his head off at Rothley Towers, and for once, he is right.

    Not Born Yesterday
    I didn't understand the reference to black hats either! If there's anyone else who is similarly challenged, this might help.
    As for Textusa, perhaps she is trying to illustrate how some people see conspiracy theories and intrigue everywhere when there is actually nothing untoward.

    Just looked at the shopping bag/boot mystery and it's perfectly simple:
    she must have lifted both bags with one hand - put them on the ground and closed the boot with both hands. Then picked a bag up in each hand. Why on earth is that meaningful? It's not the 1st of april.

    Exactly. It's just pointless shit that will get Textusa a bad name. It addds nothing at all to the search for the truth... pointless shit. I bet Sir Gerry is laughing his head off.


    Please (Badboy) share how these things will help us in getting to the truth about what happened to Madeleine.

    I've only just read this plus the mentioned blog, someone is quoting some of the conversation said on this post in the comments section!

    Didnt take them long did it?

    Just had a look, but I reckon Textusa can take it. She's made of stern stuff!

  12. Parabens anon das 12:09.
    Brilhante analise e provavel correlacao dos factos. Neste caso, nada parece inocente e fruto do acaso.
    Tambem acredito que a sra. Fenn conhecesse bem Robert Murat e a mae.

  13. Off-topic but very important, GA about the SY Review:

    "As you know, Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered a re-evaluation of the investigation in England about the disappearance of Maddie. How do you see that decision, admitting that the British will hardly have access to the research in Portugal?

    The decision of the Prime Minister has been misrepresented. The McCanns have spoken of a reassessment of the "sightings" of the child. But what is known is that Scotland Yard, appointed to review all the investigation, has put aside the pseudo-sightings, focusing on the files that are shelved. The elements of the Scotland Yard have been working with an investigation team from Porto (Porto because the Algarve and Lisbon teams had already been involved), and what is known is that the "affair" is not going very well for the McCann side."

  14. Anon Mar 5, 2012 3:45:00 PM

    But to the question:
    Do you believe that someday we will know what happened, beyond any doubt?

    His answer:
    Someone will find a politically correct and diplomatic solution.

    Which is what Tex has been saying, SY will either not come to a conclusion or to only partial truth, the politically and diplomatic correct one...

  15. Someone could find a politically correct and diplomatic
    solution for what happened to Madeleine, but then they will end up with another crime, not less condemnable, not less accountable- the Fund created in the name of a death child.
    When the Fund was born, Madeleine no longer existed. Millions of people were fooled around the world in a time when Bank managers and politics are facing justice for playing dirty games with money that not belong to them.
    I can't see any diplomatic and correct excuse to allow the fraud beside the Fund, pass without the Mccann's having to pay for that crime. Unless the British taxes can be used to pay back all the contributions done by honest people, because the Mccann's already spend large amounts with lawyers, detectives and other games. Is that, where Cameron is planning to use the millions he allocate to the review? If so, I can imagine the riots back in UK because that will be the biggest insult a PM could do to the citizens.
    The Mccann's and ID, will face already a huge bill with the books they kept against the court decision. Most probably, they destroyed the books and Amaral and Guerra e Paz, will not miss that opportunity to make justice.
    No surprise, there is fears on the Mccann's field and again they are trying to runaway from their responsibilities. They will not attend the coming trial as witnesses. God knows why... As witnesses they cannot lie or refuse questions.
    I hope the court ask the reconstruction to clarify the doubts and force them to do it.
    Fears also on the Tapas 7 field and this is extensible to the BHs.

  16. Thank you anon 12:09, for your comment.
    I'm the reader who questioned why the house is called "Casa da Wendy" and if the flat belong or not to Mrs. Fenn. From your research, I can imply it belongs to her and Clearly the name Wendy is not because of Peter Pan or her granddaughter. Wendy seems to be Mrs. Fenn first name and the tiles are clearly a Portuguese tradition.
    Can we assume, the lady was more involved with Portuguese issues then what she intents to show to the police?
    I also, tend to believe Murat was involved in Maddie saga. His statement about the way he heard about Maddie being missed and how he got into the OC, is not matching the statement of another witness, who end up making a big effort to clean up Murat- J Carpenter. They had no time to synchronize their statements before being interrogated by the police. Clearly one lied, or both lied.
    I believe also Mrs. Fenn knows well Murat and his mother. If she spend so many time in PDL, there is a high chance to be a friend of a very popular British guy who lives near by and use to go to the OC regularly.

  17. Anon Mar 5, 2012 5:47:00 PM

    According to the PJ Files (pg 2412), Mrs Fenn full name is PAMELA ISOBEL FENN

  18. Thanks, Textusa.
    Then my question remains, who is Wendy?
    I have to read more about Mrs. Fenn, when I get some time to do it.
    Is she the owner of the flat?
    From anon 7:59 and 5:47.

  19. New post at Pat Brown blog, about hiding and moving bodies.

  20. For who has time, watch again the documentary made by GA. here is the link:

    -No any reference to Pamela Fenn, showing her statement to PJ was irrelevant to help the police finding what happen to Maddie. The abduction was impossible, due to the the conditions of the crime scene. this conditions speak further then what Mrs Fenn delivered months after.
    -The cuddle cat was found by GNR on top of the bed from where the Mccann's claimed Maddie disappeared. How is it possible the Cuddle cat being marked with forensic evidences ( cadaver scent), while the bed has no any evidences from Madeleine?
    - The neighbour of the Mccann's in the last Villa ( a judge) repported to PJ what seems to her a strange behaviour regarding the scenic. No matter if was night or day, the boot of the scenic had always the gate open. She knows that because to come out from her Villa, she always had to reverse at the end of the road, where was loccated the villa of the Mccann's. What is strange, is that the Mccann's reacted to the statement of that neighbour,without knowing she had given any statement to the police. They justify the blood and the smell on the boot with a beef meat they had left there. They probably suspected the lady had seen their suspicious behaviour regarding the car and decide to justify it.

    - If you see the main door of the 5A and the slide doors of the living room, you realize that to open them even if they were not locked, will make noise that could wake up the children and lead them to cry. The main door has no handle and even unlocked needs a key. the use of the key makes noise on the locker to open it.

    - The window is easy to be open from inside but cannot be closed from outside, unless a potent iman was used to slide it back to a closed position. The abductor, to pass with a child trough the window, needs to jump on the bed. seat on the window, slide from the window to outside. Impossible to do all that steps holding a child, without leaving many different evidences around.

    Nothing was found to support the abduction. The Tapas 9 and the BHs are in troubles. I believe the judges will request a reconstruction and the case to be reopenned. Now there is pressures coming from the public opinion and different sides related with justice to credibilize justice in Portugal and solve polemical cases that were wrongly archieved. The previous Attornney General ( Souto Moura) made huge critics to Pinto Monteiro and his decisions.

  21. I think the whole question is well summed up by textusa... in my own words, why would a lady that refuses to speak to the press and deny ever being cross examined by the police, agree to do a re-enactment of something as unimportant as coming back home from shopping? If she couldn't stand being pestered by the press, why would she agree to something as silly as these video clips show? What was the goal?


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