Friday, 30 March 2012

A Child Abused

Hands up all readers that call the 2009 McCann reconstruction a Mockumentary?

Why? Because you don't believe the witness statements it was based on?

From PJ Files:

Deposition of T. M. S., aged 12, a resident in Luz, on the 9th of May 2007, 4 p.m.
Page 800-804, volume III of process 201/07.0GALGS

Her parents are separated, she initially resided in Monchique, and now in Praia da Luz, since 2005, at the address that is stated above, with her Mother.


She wishes to clarify. On the 30th of April, Monday, at around 8 a.m. and when she was walking to the bus stop for the school bus that leaves at 8.15, a path that she walks every day when there is school, she noticed the presence of a male individual, at the back of Madeleine's house, on a little pathway to the apartments that exists there, looking in an ostensive manner at the house's balcony. This happened when she was walking down the street, on the left side, which was right in front of the balcony (…)


After crossing, she caught the bus and went to school and her mother went on the beach to walk the dogs.

When she returned from school, at around 5.30/5.40 p.m., after leaving the bus, she walked a different path, because the bus has a stop on the street where she lives, and therefore she doesn't need to walk down to the 'Ocean Club'. She didn't see the man again at that time, nor did she see him again until the 2nd of May, Wednesday, after the bank holiday.


From her statement, on Monday, 30th April, 2007, TS is at Rua Dr. Francisco Gentil Martins, at around 08.00, to catch a bus to school.

As per page 800, TS was a student in the International School of the Algarve (ISA), located between Lagoa and Porches:

Upfront, one would expect for the school bus route, within the various towns where children are picked up, to be defined by the various stops chosen by the parents.

Private school transportation services are not cheap, so I imagine that the monthly expenditure of a child being transported from Luz to ISA to be significant, to say the least.

Paid for school buses pick up the children right at their front door for obvious reasons of practicability, comfort and safety.

Practicability because it’s less to walk, comfort because you and your child can wait inside and have her leave only when the bus arrives, which on a rainy day is priceless, and safety because you accompany your child up to the moment another adult takes care of her and in the afternoon you can wait and have that process reversed.

TS does acknowledge this when she says “has a stop on the street where she lives” in the afternoons. Why would ISA have two different bus stops for this particular child? We see no reason why.

Only for public transportation is one obliged to walk to a pre-designated location called a “bus stop”, in rain or sunshine. If you pay a private school for a transportaion service you should get a differentiated and personalized one.

It’s completely illogical, just speaking in terms of being a private school student, in this case from ISA, for TS to be at 08.00 at Rua Dr. Francisco Martins to catch a bus that departs at 08.15.

But it’s not there that it stops being illogical for her to be where she says she was for the reason she says.

Let’s assume that in the morning ISA’s hired transportation service doesn’t pick up TS where she lives but in a bus stop located near the pathway behind Apartment 5A, implied in her words when she says “after crossing, she caught the bus and went to school”.

One could say that the amount of children to be picked up in PDL is such that it justifies a centralized picking up/dropping off point and that would be near the crossing between Rua Dr. Francisco Gentil Martins and Rua Direita.

But then, why the different bus stop in the afternoons?

As we demonstrated in our post “Even Geographically, the Abduction Theory is Absurd”, to go in or out of PDL by car you have to use either Rua Direita or Rua Primeiro de Maio. Both these roads connect to EN125, which is MANDATORY to use if want to go either EAST or WEST.

So if the bus doesn’t make any sort detour inside PDL, which we expect it did but apparently it doesn’t (sorry ISA for this negative publicity, but it’s not our doing), then it’s MANDATORY that it follows the route EN125 – Rua Direita – Rua Primeiro de Maio – EN125, or the same route but the opposite direction, EN125 – Rua Primeiro de Maio – Rua Direita – EN125.

Logic dictates that the first would be used in the morning and the other in the afternoon and much more so if the bus also picked children up in Burgau.

So what we’re basically analyzing is what walking route someone would take from where TS lives to Rua Primeiro de Maio or Rua Direita whichever is nearer.

We know that TS, at the time says she lives in Rua Joao Reis, in Luz

This street is located as per picture below:

So TS would have two choices, either turn left at Rua do Ramalhete and head straight to Rua Primeiro de Maio, as shown in blue or turn right and follow the purple route to Rua Direita.

The purple route even has a shortcut as shown in yellow:

Neither option goes anywhere near Apartment 5A or the Tapas. This is the completely illogical path that TS apparently uses to catch a private school (the International School of the Algarve) hired bus every morning, and for which her parents certainly handsomely paid for:

So why was TS at 08.00, on a school day, walking down Rua Dr. Francisco Gentil Martins?

Because she said she was.

That doesn’t mean that she was. And if she wasn’t, it means she lied.

This is a very sensitive post.

I can tell you it was not pleasant to write, but like when disciplining a child, what must be done has to be done

And it’s a child that we’re talking about.

TS, the witness mentioned in the post, was an 11 yr old child when, on May 9th, 2007, made her statement to the PJ.

And we have strong reasons to believe that she lied. Not only because of what is said on this post, but also what will be said in future ones.

It's difficult to accuse a child of making something up in such a serious matter.

But do remember that you, like us, think that the "Cutting Edge" to be a Mockumentary because you, like us, don't believe the witness statements it was based on.

Including that of a "credible" and "reliable" 11 yr old girl.

This post does put us in very difficult position because we’re showing the falsity in someone who wasn’t accountable for her actions.

But whoever put her up to this was, and is. Her parents to start with, and whoever else participated directly or indirectly in having a child go to the police and lie about the events involving the death of another child.

We said in our last post that the child that played TS in the Mockumentary was TS herself. What we didn’t say is that the TS you see, who is 13 at the time the video was made, is not the same TS who lived the events portrayed, as that TS was, as we’ve said, only 11.

You go tell a 13 yr old that she’s 11, and you’ll understand the difference immediately.

This to say that today, TS is a 16 yr old teenager, who certainly surfs the net, and most likely has read us from time to time.

And that is the problem. She, unlike me and you, doesn’t read the blog out of passion or curiosity, but out of need, out of fear.

She’s at that age when she’s fully conscious of what she’s done. But unlike all other participants she was too young to be fully conscious of what she was then doing, but too old to be ignorant of what role she did indeed play in this farce.

I hope her parents realize that when they accepted for TS to lie they placed a heavy burden on this child for the rest of her life.

The same thing goes for all those that convinced TS’s parents that it was alright for her to lie.

To have her lie to obstruct justice about a death of another human being.

And all was aggravated when they again agreed to have her participate in the Mockumentary.

Nobody could foresee, on May 9th, 2007, the worldwide phenomenon this would become, although even then, there were strong indications that we were before something never witnessed before.

But there’s no excuse for allowing TS to have appeared in the Mockumentary.

Time will pass, and the various participants will pass with it. But the last of the survivors will always be TS.

I say this was clearly abusing a child. At least one child was indeed abused in the Maddie Affair: TS.

To TS, let me make myself absolutely clear that although I’ve mentioned you in this post, and will mention you again in future posts, it’s my conviction that you’re absolutely blameless.

I truly hope that things get solved soon, so that all those responsible and accountable are still around and do face the nightmare that they created and are so cowardly running from.

In their running they’re just further weighing your already too heavy burden. If they are to stop this farce and face responsibility, almost all the weight would be lifted off your shoulders.

Once again, it’s up to them. I expect and want nothing from you, because, as I said and believe, you were a victim, and all victims deserve outmost respect.


  1. A first read only. My reaction was shock by the use given to another child on which you were careful and sensitive not to place the name. But the name is widely spread in the world of net.

    The picture you chose, no doubt corresponds to my emotions that arose during the reading.

  2. Sem qualquer intenção de refutar ou contradizer a análise e as conclusões tiradas, assim como a gravidade de utilizar mais uma criança para para manter a tese de um raptor inexistente,gostaria de salientar algumas alegações feitas ao transporte da escola internacional, que poderão levar a uma desvalorização do trabalho e da análise feita.
    Não conheço Escola em causa nem o seu método de transporte, apenas posso partilhar a minha experiência com os transportes de uma escola internacional da região de Lisboa que os meus filhos frequentam.
    A Escola é que faz o esquema e o itinerário das paragens de acordo com o número de alunos e de autocarros. Nós pais pagamos não tão pouco como isso, mas temos que nos cingir ao estipulado pela escola.
    No caso deste colégio específico dos meus filhos, as crianças só são deixadas à porta de casa se forem menores de 10 anos.A partir dessa idade, se não tiverem irmãos mais novos serão deixadas na paragem mais próxima de casa, onde temos que as ir buscar.
    Outro aspecto que para mim não é anormal é o facto de a paragem da manhã e a da tarde ser em locais diferentes.No caso dos meus filhos, de manhã mesmo que com menos de 10 anos tínhamos que os levar para a paragem destinada pelo colégio. De tarde se viessem no 1º autocarro, ou seja assim que as aulas terminam, são deixados á porta de casa, mesmo que maiores de 10 anos. Se tiverem actividades extra curriculares e vierem no segundo autocarro tenho que os ir buscar á paragem mais próxima de casa estipulada pelo colégio.Também a paragem de manhã não é no mesmo local da paragem da tarde. São em ruas adjacentes porque os autocarros fazem itinerários diferentes consoante os alunos que transportam. Comigo é assim uns dias são deixados à porta de casa outros tenho que os ir buscar.

  3. MG, thank you for your challenge.

    I also don’t know the transportation arrangements by ISA, and exploring the site I didn’t find any information on the subject, so I’m relying exclusively on TS’s word as to what may have existed in 2007.

    TS does provide some clues which indicate that I’m within reason on my analysis.

    Notice that she says, about the afternoons “because the bus has a stop on the street where she lives, and therefore she doesn't need to walk down to the 'Ocean Club'”, she doesn’t refer any exceptional condition for this to happen, and appears to be stating it as a habitual occurrence.

    The street where she lives is internal, and requires a detour into a cul-de-sac. In your case, you say that the dropping off at your front door is conditioned by the quantity of the students dropped off, so it seems to be a decision to be made by the driver on a daily basis. Following this line of thought, TS’s school bus would only make a detour exceptionally, which is not inferred from TS’s words but on the contrary, there seems to be a consistency.

    Also, about the morning bus stop, it would be logical, if the need to concentrate into a pre-designated bus stop, it would be logical to be located by the Church square. The location implied by TS when she says “after crossing, she caught the bus and went to school”, is either in Rua Dr. Francisco Gentil Martins itself, or, as said in the crossing between this street and the Rua Direita. None are logical.

    Also you have to take into account that your experience portrays a different reality than the one analyzed, yours is in Lisbon, another is the ISA who has to cover all of the Algarve. Once again I base this solely on TS’s word. If ISA provides transportation as West as Luz (we don’t know if other towns further West, such as Burgau or Sagres to name two towns we’re familiar with due to the Maddie Affair, also have ISA students) we have to assume that the same service to the East, North and in between. This means that while in the Lisbon area factors that supported the decision of enforcing a pre-designated itinerary are certainly different from those in ISA. I see three upfront, population density, traffic congestion and market procurement. In this last point, I may be wrong, but I think that there are many who wish to enroll and are rejected by the private school, who I believe have criteria by which they prioritize the enrollment.

    My answer has been long, and I confess that I’m not satisfied with it, because my analysis and answer are based only, in this subject, based only on TS’s words, logic and the common perception that private school buses don't usually use bus stops.

    However, not withstanding further investigation on this subject, our belief that TS has lied is NOT, obviously, based solely on the bus routes.

    If for anything else, it proves that if there’s a reason for TS to be on that street at that particular time, which we still don’t see, then the left side of the street is indeed the correct side.

  4. Se este autocarro e o da escola, leva mais criancas, e nao parara ali so para apanhar TS. Haveria por certo colegas de TS por ali. Porque e que TS nao as mencionou para reforcar e validar o seu testemunho? Porque e que mais ninguem veio dizer ter visto o mesmo, sobretudo depois do testemunho ter sido tornado publico, depois do mediatismo do caso e de Madeleine ser durante longos meses, motivo de conversa em todas as casas da PDL?
    Mais... TS diz que apanhou o autocarro e a Mae foi para a praia passear os caes. Pressupoe que fez o percurso com a mae e que a Mae tambem Tera visto o homem e porventura tambem o Tera achado estranho e terao comentado as duas. Entao porque e que so TS testemunha a policia e a Mae nao? Aqui parece-me um claro uso da crianca com dolo. Sabiam que era menor e portanto se algo corresse mal era inimputavel. A Mae, a prestar-se para o mesmo papel, corria legalmente Mais riscos.
    Este testemunho, e uma mentira medonha. Entra em choque com o que outros turistas disseram a PJ, so que TS quando fez o seu testemunho, nao sabia nem leu o que outros disseram a policia. A hora coincide com os pequenos almocos. Havia de certeza mais gente a circular para a Praia e para ir tomar o pequeno almoco, alem de empregados do OC. Ninguem viu nada, nem TS fala em ter visto Mais ninguem.
    Os personagens desta historia primam pela singularidade de quererem viver momentos "fantasticamente" unicos, a uma so voz. Sao todos protagonistas unicos, de momentos unicos. A comecar por Jane Tanner.

  5. Perhaps she crossed the car park at Baptista supermarket to the main bus stop on R. Primerio de Maio where you can see school children every morning. It is a common short cut for residents.


    The school has total amount of 283 students, and the annual fee goes from 3,500€ to 10,000€. I don't know if it includes transportation but normally this is charged extra. Not everyone needs it.

    The ex-Pat community is mainly made up of people that don't have children to go to school. Those do who have normally it's because one of the parent's has a job here in Portugal. I'm not seeing any more than 1 or 2 children from Luz attending ISA.

    Agree with Anon 1:38. If there was a fixed bus stop, TS wouldn't have been so generic when she's so precise about other details. She seems to be an assertive little girl. She says where the pharmacy is, for example, states the exact amount she has spent, so I think would have said "the path that I walk everyday to the bus stop in by the Church". She's too vague about where she catches the bus. She says she crosses by the pathway and after crossing she catches the bus. If you read her words literally, the bus stop is at the Tapas entrance!

  7. If there is few children from PDL attending ISA( which I believe is the case) I don't see any reason for the bus to not pick them from a bus stop more close to their houses. The story of the bus, looks to me, clearly an excuse to put TS at that location and legitimate her statement. GA didn't gave any importance to that witness. PJ knows who lies. The question is to understand why that witnesses lied and who dragged them to the case. I will be not surprised if that girl and her mum is connected in any way with Hubbards.

  8. MG you make a good point. Every idea should be challenged and very different to what I've witnessed in other, the Sisters accept to debate fully their posts. My contribution to this is to reinforce what Tex has said about difference of "offer" and "need" between where you live and ISA. For example, you speak if students catch the 1st bus then... which means that the quantity of students to transport justifies the use if more than one bus. I'm also not aware of the ISA reality, but I don't think they have more than one bus round trip a day to Luz.

  9. Genuine challenges can only help the fight for truth.

  10. Maybe she did not use the school's private bus(es), but the public one. I have no idea if there is a public bus route that connects Luz with the place were the school is, there might be one, for the portuguese workers who do the non-teaching jobs at the school, cleaning,cooks, vigilance, etc., and that come from villages like Luz. Perhaps not all of the expats whose children study at the international school can afford the extra payment for private transportation, the school's tuition fees only must be a huge burden. Could this be the case of this girl? If so, the different stops for the bus on the way to the school and back from the school could make more sense, in many cases, for public buses. Due to transit restrictions, like one-way roads, the bus stops on one street on the way to, but has a stop on a different street on the way from. I don't know if I'm making any sense to you, but this is what happens near my house here in Lisbon, I catch the bus across the street of my house on my way to work, but on the way back the bus stops on the road that is in the back of my house, and I have to go all the way round the block of buildings to get to my door, because they're both one-way roads. Hence, on the way to work, I have a stop on my street, but not on the way back.

  11. Anon Mar 31, 2012 11:23:00 AM

    TS specifically says "school bus" and not "bus to school".

  12. Bom dia. Good morning.

    A grande questão que aqui eu coloco não passa pelo transporte escolar.

    Passa pela utilização de uma criança por adultos não responsáveis. Claro que, os de UK, que ali vivem devem conhecer-se todos. Nem que seja através dos conhecimentos e conversas antes de reuniões de pais no colégio ou através das profissões deles.
    O transporte escolar é mais uma das muitas montagens McCannianas. Mas nunca conseguem ser credíveis.

    A miúda há muito que deve andar na net a fazer pesquisas. Normalmente a curiosidade leva a colocar o próprio nome e, ele está bem à vista de todos. Como lidará ela agora com isso ?

    The big question that I put here does not go through school transport.

    Go through the use of a child for responsible adult. Of course, those of UK, who live there should know that all. Even if it is through knowledge and talks before parent meetings at school or through their professions.
    School transport is one of many assemblies McCannianas. But they can never be credible.

    The girl long that must go on the net to do research. Typically takes the curiosity to put his own name, and it is evident to all. How she now will deal with this?

  13. The School give national and British curriculum. Means, they could have portuguese students from PDL as well.
    The school site says they provide a bus school with fixed bus stops in many towns but they could have intermediate bus stops which are not mentioned.
    Even, if so, I still not understanding why the bus stop for that school bus should be near the OC and not near to a more normal place.
    Suddenly, in May 2007, the OC became the center of PDL.


    We can see on the above site, there is a public transportation serving many schools in Algarve( public schools, I believe) . ISA is not on the list of the public transportation. The kids have to use the bus School or private cars.
    In PDL, the public bus while collecting kids, stops at the Church. Why the bus from ISA stops at a different location if the streets were reported to be narrow? In the morning, the bus tends to make their ways easy. TS wants us to believe, ISA bus took the more complicated routes. That is the only way to place a odd guy spotted by a odd witness in a odd location. Exceptions or coincidences? Mccann's on their best.
    Any chance of having the Hubbard kids sharing the same School as TS? Maybe, there is the oven, where that sight was baked.

  15. Sem querer retirar a atencao sobre este post que e da maxima importancia para o esclarecimento de pontos parallels que ajudaram a criar entropia na investigacao, nao sei se viram o Sexta as 9 da Sandra Felgueiras, ontem na RTP1 e o anedotico papel a que se presta a TV publica( paga por todos nos) quando serve de balde de lexivia para a lavagem de criminosos como o Rei Ghob.
    A publicacao daquela carta, foi vergonhosa e anunciar aquilo no telejornal dizendo que ele respondeu a todas as perguntas ( que repostas? Para se inocentar e Mais uma vez tentar culpar juizes e PJ pela sentenca que recebeu?) e claramente um servico contra a justica e um insulto as vitimas. Os Corpos nao apareceram, mas o tribunal provou os factos de que e acusado, no entanto a RTP Prestou-se a um servico de lavagem vergonhoso. Tera Sido so peles audiencias ou e porque o Juiz Rui Teixeira, que me parece ter Sido o encarregue por este caso, e " persona non grata" para os arguidos da Casa Pia?
    Por aqui se ve os jogos de interesses que gerem alguns casos e nem a RTP e a Sandra Felgueiras consegue manter-se a margem.
    Quando e que aparece um jornalista de investigacao a ligar os elos das testemunhas do caso Maddie e a razao porque apareceram e porque desde que os McCann fugiram para os Uk anda tanta gente interessada em desacreditar as decisoes dos tribunais portugueses?

  16. Coach services usually provide door-to-door services.

    Anon @12:58 you've stolen my thoughts about yesterday's show. When the news anchor Rodrigues dos Santos said "King Gohb reveals where the bodies are in the letter exclusive to RTP1 and you can see next after the news". Then came Sandra to say that the convicted murderer says in the letter "I don't know where the bodies are". I felt physically sick with total absence of ethics. Today's journalists may dress well but it's in the smelliest gutter that they work.

  17. I can imagine what the families of the victims feel while watching the poor nonsense program from Sandra Felgueiras yesterday- completely rapped. And watching Jose Rodigues dos Santos, announcing exactly the opposite they passed in the program, just to attract audiences, is taking the media to the most dark side. No surprise, they are loosing shares everyday. Fooling the public and insulting us, is something that we the public should refute in every way and locations, we can do it.
    I use to buy all the books from JRS, because I like him as a writter. But after yesterday, I will think 2 times before spending one of my Euros in who so easily disrespect the rights of the victims. Or he was fooled by Sandra Felgueiras and that should have consequences, or really, RTP was doing a service to somebody and again one convicted criminal( perhaps one of the most monstrous in our days) is being used by some individuals to discredit justice.
    That case really damages any strategy the Mccann's lawyers could use if Maddie case got to court, and everyday they are more close to end up in court, since GA and some others refuse to shut up and let the Mccann's go away. Until now, the strategy was dismissing the dogs, contradicting forensic evidences and specially claiming that " there is no body, no evidences of death, no crime". Two convicted cases now without bodies.... A sharp attack on Mccann's strategy. In fact, it is easy to get ride of a body. Difficult is for the police to found it, specially with that lawyers who teach their clients to shut their mouths in court and with all contra - information generated by dark forces who want to cover the truth.
    Was amazing to see the pathetic Marinho Pinto, in front of FMF, RR and Alberta Marques Fernandes, not refusing the possibility of Maddie dead due to an accident, but then not allowing the next conclusion: the fact that the body disappeared and not any ambulance was requested to provide medical aid to the girl, if an accident happen. Even the most stupid answers are admitted, since no one keeps the Mccann's inside the flat with body of their daughter and them knowing who/ how she was removed from there.
    I love Alberta, when she challenged Marinho with at least the crime of concealing a body. As usual, he swollen the words and believe his mission was accomplished. Pathetic.... And are we all, paying his salary in the lawyers Bar, to have the guy insulting us and disrespecting the rights of our children and our rights.
    The Minister of justice has a lot to do to moralize justice again and kick out all that mercenaries.

  18. Something Gerry Mockmentary didn't show but was commented on the days he was filming in PDL, was the reaction of the Hubbards daughter, who was playing the roll of Madeleine being abducted. The girl fall in tears, screaming and shauting, forcing the performance to be delayed for another day/ night. She was in a used environment, close to her mum, who I think played Kate, because the actress hired to do it was not used at last ( who knows, maybe due to the reaction of the girl who was supposed to play Maddie), and even, after little surprise issues, the girl reacts and was impossible to perform what the master chef Gerry had on his mind.
    If that could be used as a copy of what could have happen in the real night, sorry to say that dear Gerry, but to move your daughter out of the flat in a quite silence, she must be out of her sense( death, since I see no logical reason for her to be drugged).
    Taking in account the words of Maddie granny, saying she will scream if stranger got closed.... Out of your toughts, you really gave some bites of what could reveal a proper reconstruction.... Impossible for anybody to stoll a child under the circumstances you describe. Even, when they know all the characters and were teached to play, they get scared and ruin all the plans.
    No any journalist has balls to confront Gerry with that reality and he overpassed it, very conveniently because fooling people is his business.

  19. Textusa, 11.26,

    Thank you, I stand corrected, I really must read the posts more carefully before commenting, sorry!
    Yes, I see, she mentions a bus stop, where she catches the school bus, maybe it means that the private buses from International School use some of the public buses stops, for convenience.

    However, I also went and checked the child TS testimony to the PJ in portuguese(PJ files), sometimes things are twisted somewhat in the translation process, and I was right, waht she said in portuguese is not what is in the english translation (see below).
    I was also surprised to read that she gave her testimony without presenting ANY identification document(s)!?
    Who's to say she was who she said she was??? Without any ID with a photo she could very well be anyone standing-in for the real TS, or even just an invented "character"!

    In the original statement, in portuguese (TS speaks portuguese fluently, she gave her testimony in portuguese), it says:..."No dia 30 de Abril...quando se dirigia para a paragem do autocarro com DESTINO À ESCOLA, que parte às 08H15,..."

    ..."apanhar o autocarro com destino à escola" is not the same as "apanhar o autocarro da escola", a case of "lost in translation" perhaps...
    what TS said to the police, in portuguese was, "to catch the bus that goes to the school"(meaning: com destino a, with destination to), not exactly the same as "to catch the school bus".

  20. Soory forgot to add to my comment @ 7.12pm,

    I have always felt it is a shame we do not(our police does not)tape the statements of witnesses and suapects, and that those are not transcribed as the actual dialogue, in the first person narrative. It would be much more accurate, one would be able to see what someone REALLY said, the actual words used. The way it is done, transcribing from the first person narrative to the third person is bound to induce in errors and distortions, and maybe that was the case with TS's statement. This way we will never know what she said, how she said it, which words she actually used.
    Hope I'm not forgetting anything else I wanted to say...sorry!

  21. Re: bus routes
    1. Praia da Luz is a bit far away for people to use public transport to travel to ISA, be they students or workers.
    2. Traffic restrictions are IMO the only possible reasons for getting on and off at different bus stops.

    A good point was made in this comment section. TS's mother was with her, so why no statement or mention of her having seen/not the "man".

  22. Further to my comment
    Re: bus routes

    I should have checked the original PJ files before commenting. It turns out that the person who commented at
    Mar 31, 2012 7:12:00 PM
    is right and there is a mention in the statement that the mother didn't see the man.

  23. Anon Mar 31, 2012 7:12:00 PM

    “Vir aos autos na qualidade de testemunha. Que compreende a Língua Portuguesa, já que se encontra em Portugal desde os dois meses de idade (há cerca de onze anos). Ainda assim encontra-se presente uma intérprete ALICE DIAS AVAKOFF.”
    “Comes in as a witness. That she understands the Portuguese language, as she’s been in Portugal since she was two months old (about eleven years). Even so an interpreter DAYS ALICE DIAS AVAKOFF is present.”

    Nowhere is it stated that she spoke in either Portuguese or English. Irrelevant of what language she used, we can be assured that what was read and signed by this witness was fully understood, so the content, in Portuguese, is correct.

    Let’s look at what else she says about the buses.

    “No dia 30 de Abril, segunda-feira, pelas 08H00 e quando se dirigia para a paragem do autocarro com destino à escola, que parte às 08H15, trajecto que faz diaramente quando tem aulas...”
    “On April 30, Monday, at 08:00 and when she was heading to the stop of the bus bound for school, which departs at 08:15, path which she makes daily when she has classes...”

    Here we get into semantics.
    Does one always say “paragem DE autocarro” (which she doesn’t) when one wants to mention a generic bus stop or can one also say “paragem DO autocarro” (which she does) with the same meaning, although the correct translation is indeed “the stop of the bus”?
    In my opinion, it’s irrelevant because of what she says next: “autocarro com destino à escola”/”bus bound for school”.
    I’m not familiar with the public transportation system of the Lagos area, but I’m willing to make a wager as there’s no PUBLIC bus that passes PDL and goes further than Lagos. And I’ll triple the wager in saying that there’s no PUBLIC transportation that links PDL to Porsches, passing by ISA.
    If the bus stop to which she’s referring to was PUBLIC, then she would have said “the bus bound to Lagos, where I then…”

    “Quando regressou da escola, pelas 17H30/17H40, após sair do autocarro, fez um traecto diferente, pois o transporte tem uma paragem na rua que dá acesso à sua habitação, não necessitando de descer em direcção ao “Ocean Club”.”
    “When she returned from school, at 17H30/17H40 after exiting the bus, she made a different path, because the transport has a stop on the street that accesses her house, not needing to descend towards the "Ocean Club".”

    So why would a PUBLIC bus have a different stop in such a small trafficless town such as PDL in the morning and in the afternoon?
    Even if you take into account possible one-way street limitations, going into a cul-de-sac is absolutely absurd.

    I thank you for your comment. In fact it seems that the translation needs some attention. Promise we will base our next posts directly from the Portuguese version.

  24. Once again, many thanks to you, Textusa!
    Your work is much appreciated.

    p.s., what do you think about the absence of an identification document for the witness TS? Why did the police accept the deposition to be made without any id? Maybe there was one of the parents present, but then, why no reference to him/her? I don't think the PJ hear/accept the statement from a minor without a parent or other legal guardian present, and I suppose that person would be mentioned in the statement. The minor could not sign any legal documents, such as a police statement, not without proper authorization from the guardian, and I believe that person would have to sign too.
    I think this is so weird...

  25. Anon 11:10,
    The absence of an identification on the day she gave her statement, means nothing. The girl went to the DIC of Portimao to give her statement. To do that, she need to have the date and the time pre-arranged with police. Most probably, when she contacted the police as a witness and the police book the time for her statement, she presented the ID and was identified. This is something that always happen following the first contact. When she went to Portimao, she most probably forgot her ID ( in Portugal, pre- teenagers don't take the responsibility of carrying an ID) but because she was already identified by the police, there is no need to present any ID at the time she gave the statement. But, police can't lie. If she came without any identification, they have to report it, but this doesn't mean the police didn't know who she was, or there is any illegality. For me, looks a normal situation. The police can't dismiss or refuse the statement of a witness just because the witness can't be identified at the moment. They will go trough the identification after. Which on that case, I strongly believe, she was identified before, when she asked to be a witness.

  26. Just a curiosity: if you search Escola Internacional do Algarve and you click on the pin that give you the google map/ location, you can ask directions from PDL to ISA. The Google map give you a start location in PDL at Farmacia da Praia da Luz which is located( I think) in the Rua Joaquim Teixeira. If you click on the additional icons provided by google( a car, a bus and a pedestrian) you will see that there is no information for the bus. By car is around 42 kms/ 37 minutes. My interpretation is that there is no public bus to ISA but the " ISA bus " stop is at the pharmacy. Otherwise why the google direction provided by the site of the School gave the direction of the pharmacy and not the Church? Is the pharmacy near the 5A? No.
    Then, if she went on the bus at the pharmacy and she went down Rua Francisco Gentil Martins, she headed to Rua Joaquim Teixeira and not to rua Direita or to any way close to the OC. When she passed the OC, she was already in the bus. Wonder how she noticed a guy standing there and looking to the 5A in few seconds, which could be the duration of the bus trip in front of the 5A.
    If she took the purple route and Rua Direita to go to the pharmacy, then she passed in front of the OC, but this is the long route. A non logical choice for the morning, when people have to rush in order to not miss a transportation.
    But, I see from the map, that the street where she lives is not far from the OC and she lives in PDL for quite long. Good chances to know the Hubbards and Murat, who also lives near by. I think, when she gave the first statement, Murat was not yet arguido but the abduction was already the only theory accepted by the Mccann's and who help them? I don't know why, but I had always the feeling that Murat helped the Mccann's with many logistic. TS could be dragged as a witness to support the abduction theory and when the Tapas 9 start feeling attraped by the police they start loosing the control of the situation and were forced to ruin part of the plan by putting Murat on the center of everything.

  27. Just to add to my previous comment about the google map. If you look at the location of ISA, is on the outskirts, not inside any town. One more reason for not be served by a public bus. Any bus that goes there, is only for the School. In Portugal, public buses are not provided if there is a low number of clients. I don't think, a public bus was provided to take children's to a private school. TS must be on a school bus, and Textusa is right " DE" or "DO" is irrelevant.

  28. To Anon who sent in an unpublished comment on Mar 31, 2012 11:33:00:

    Thank you for the information you sent and which was useful, as it confirms what we have also found.

    We don't usually publish personal details of people unless their name has already appeared in the public domain, such as making a statement, a press report or reporting a sighting.

    There may be good reason to use these details in a future post, if we feel justified in doing so.

    We have a lot of information which we have found or have been sent, which is important in helping us to formulate our posts so we thank you for your contribution.

    Hope you understand.

  29. Anon Mar 31, 2012 11:10:00 PM

    That's possibly a legal technicality, and as we've said before, we don't play legal games here.

    I'm sure the child did not go on her own to the PJ.

    Another Swedish interview with more lies and the main message from Kate:

    " please read my book"

  31. Anon Mar 31, 2012 12:05:00 PM
    "The School is served by 9 private charter coaches from: Budens, Lagos, Portimão, Silves, Messines, Albufeira, Vilamoura, Loulé, Faro and many other stops en route."
    From the Headmaster:
    "The School occupies a nine-hectare site on the main East-West coast road in the central Algarve, approximately 30 minutes from Faro International Airport. The School's own Bus Service is a safe and convenient network covering all areas of the Algarve",-Algarve-Portugal.html
    Purpose built school on a large site in the central Algarve about 30 minutes from Faro International Airport. Fully equipped laboratories, computer suites, School Library, gymnasia, Dining Rooms etc. Spacious sports field and multi-purpose sports areas. School Bus Service with charter coaches serving the whole Algarve region."
    "The school serves the municipalities of Aljezur, Lagos and Vila do Bispo via its shuttle bus service."

    Could you please provide a link to where you found "the fixed bus stops"?

  32. Anon Apr 1, 2012 1:35:00 AM

    Using google maps for all directions from anywhere to Luz you'll get the pharmacy. That's just the default location for Luz.

  33. I do see attempts to divert attention from the fact that TS has lied and that some adult put her up to it, to buses, Murat and the Hubbards.

  34. Textusa,

    By the arrows shown on google maps Rua Direita is a one way-street from with direction towards Lagos. This would make the Rua do Ramalhete the one to be used to go the opposite direction. If ISA’s transport doesn’t pick their students from their doorstep, then I say that TS would be picked up in the morning at the end of the purple route, and in the afternoon be dropped off in the crossing between Rua do Ramalhete and the cul-de-sac where she lives. No logic to go the way she says she goes.
    One thing I found really odd in her statement is she saying that in the afternoons she doesn’t need to go to OC. Why mention OC? Shouldn’t she have said something like her grandparent’s old apartment because that’s the reason she looked into the pathway or say Maddie’s apartment because it was where all the attention was turned to. Why make the connection between that apartment and OC, unless she knows very well how much they’re interconnected?

  35. Then, the Pharmacy in PDL is the master center for directions, not the OC or the church. For a good reason, Google use it.
    Trough Google directions, the way in or out PDL, is trough Rua Direita.

  36. Is Rua Direita just one way?

  37. While, the witnesses are debunked, it is amazing to see that on one way or the other, they have high chances to be connected with Mccann's or with who knows them well. No Portuguese witnesses. No witnesses of other nationalities, a part the British and even the British are very special.... Or they live close to important characters in PDL or in Uk. Remember Mrs. Olly, who spotted Maddie in Marroc with a lot of noise in the media? Her husband knows some of the Tapas 9, was later reported by some Media.
    A child, like TS will not get involved on that saga without the intervention of an adult. Who bring her in to the story, had a strong purpose of baking evidences to support an abduction and confuse/ entertain the police on the first days.
    Any intelligent person, if living near by, will stay away of the abduction story, because contrary to us who post on the Internet and base our assumptions on the information we read, who lives there had the opportunity to see the crime scene in locus and see with their eyes how impossible was the abduction under the circumstances presented by the Tapas 9. No break in... The window is too high for an abductor alone.... For two, means too much movements for a girl who didn't wake up and somewhere between the bed and the moment JT saw the abductor, the abductor had to change the position he carried Madeleine because the head was facing a different side in the bed then the one described by JT.
    All that information, we got it over the years, by reading and comparing everything, but for who who live there, most of that information was available on the first days and highly questioned/ commented. Why that girl came forward with her lies? Must be under desperation cause, by the adults who in some way shared with Mccann's the " facilities" provided by the OC. They are not independent witnesses... And I don't know how they can live with what they have done and carry on a normal life, knowing that a little girl is out there without the right to have a proper funeral.

  38. Anon Apr 1, 2012 11:37:00 AM

    Looking at aerial view, it appears to be so from the Church up to the first major crossing if you come in from Lagos. It has a triangle on the ground. If coming from Lagos, you have to make a right turn and Rua do Ramalhete is the first on your left. It's the crossing where the Mill is.

  39. A reader has sent us the ISA brochure.

    It says:


    We reserve the right to suspend, without prior notice, any pupil who behaves badly on buses. The bus contracts are negotiated on a yearly basis. Therefore transport commitments are for a full School year. The bus service is operated by a specialised company being the bus route in the morning and afternoon at the stop chosen by the parent. The school may change during the academic year the conditions of this service due to unforeseen circumstances or due to not enough pupils making use of a specific route or bus stop. The school reserves the right to make any changes to this service informing parents accordingly timeously.

    Making use of the bus service one way only (morning or afternoon) does not imply a reduction in the cost.

    Any fines issued by the traffic authorities due to the pupil’s negligence by not wearing the seat belt or walking around in the bus whilst in movement will be ascribed to the pupil or respective parent, the school not assuming any responsibility thereof."

    Then in a different page, it lists the stops for the various buses:
    "Nº 5 – LAGOS
    A - Burgau
    B - Porto Dona Maria
    C - Branca Azul
    D - Praia da Luz
    E - Boavista
    F - Lagos (S. Gonçalo Hospital)
    G - Lagos (Fire Department)
    H - Lagos (Post Office)
    I - Chinicato (EVA bus stop)
    J - Odeáxere
    K - Mexilhoeira Grande"

    This page has the following note:

    "“Note: The above mentioned bus stops are always on authorised locations to collect and drop passengers travelling on public transportations. The School reserves the right to alter the above mentioned bus stops during the course of the School Year. It is not obliged to guarantee specific routes as they may have to change as a result of road works, construction work, alteration in pupil numbers and the terms/conditions set by the Transportation Company or others.”

    Thanks to the reader that sent us this.

  40. Reading the brochure:

    "The bus service is operated by a specialised company being the bus route in the morning and afternoon at the stop chosen by the parent."

    Then it lists a list of stops. This could mean that the parent is limited to choosing from one of mentioned stops.

    This can mean that in Luz there is a pre-determined stop. Being Rua Direita a one-way street, then it makes sense to have two stops. One in the morning, the other in the afternoon.

    But it doesn't make that much sense to drop TS in the cul-de-sac, or even in the middle of Rua do Ramalhete, making other children walk from there, and make her walk all the way to somewhere near the Church in the morning.

  41. I think you are right, Textusa, the parents have to choose from a fixed stop, according to their conveniences. On top of that, in Portugal, for safety reasons a bus can't stop in a street if there is not a properly bus stop, well signalized and with enough place for people to wait and go in and out from the bus. Then, the bus stops must be fixed places.

  42. Anon Apr 1, 2012 1:50:00 PM

    Please don't put words into my mouth that I haven't said.

  43. Sorry Textusa, that is what I understand from the previous comment ...'This could mean that the parent is limited to choosing from one of mentioned stops'.

    And for me make sense, since the brochure has a not saying 'The above mentioned bus stops are always on authorised locations to collect and drop passengers travelling on public transportations.' Could mean, that the School bus use the same bus stops as the public transportation, no matter if during the school year this bus stops could be changed, not because the parents want it, but due to major reasons( street work, less number of children, etc).

  44. Anon Apr 1, 2012 4:01:00 PM

    My big sis thinks I may have been a bit hard on you and that you were probably interpreting what I was saying in your own way.

    To clarify, if I had the info I know have I would say that TS would be picked up using the purple route, and be dropped off at the intersection between the cul-de-sac and Rua do Ramalhete. However, it's not to be discarded the frontdoor possibility.

    Thank you for your comment.


    I hope TS has a look on that video and shake her conscience.


    Arrepiante. Ate onde vai a " desumanidade".
    Sempre as criancas vitimas de quem as devia proteger.


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