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Edgar's Chronic Discrepancy Syndrome

According to Wikipedia:

Dyslexia is a very broad term defining a learning disability that impairs a person's fluency or comprehension accuracy in being able to read

Not wanting to offend those who indeed suffer from dyslexia, one must ask if Dave Edgar suffers chronically from such condition or does he simply not know his left from his right?

I’ll explain. TS, or Witness Two from the Mockumentary, states, as per PJ Files, the following:

“She wishes to clarify. On the 30th of April, Monday, at around 8 a.m. and when she was walking to the bus stop for the school bus that leaves at 8.15, a path that she walks every day when there is school, she noticed the presence of a male individual, at the back of Madeleine's house, on a little pathway to the apartments that exists there, looking in an ostensive manner at the house's balcony. This happened when she was walking down the street, on the left side, which was right in front of the balcony, and the distance between them was the width of the road”.

If you remember, Dave Edgar is seen many times in the video, giving precise and clear instructions to the various actors/actresses who play the various roles, with a big binder filled with pages of information with him, certainly fruit of careful and attentive reading of the PJ Files, so that he could correct and clarify, on the spot, any possible mistake, misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

We know that the person representing Witness Two’s mother isn’t a paid actress but a Brit volunteer

We don't believe the girl playing TS is TS herself. We think we know who she is, but as her role was played in innocence, we do not intend to say anything further, or publish comments naming her..

We have no information about the dogs, whether they were paid for or volunteered by some PdL resident.

Let’s then look at the footage on Witness Two:

Hmmm… didn’t she say “This happened when she was walking down the street, on the left side”?

Is it me or there is a clear and obvious discrepancy between her words and where she’s shown?

Do you remember the other very relevant visual discrepancy, from Edgar, in the same Mockumentary? Here it is:

If was to elect two words that characterize the Maddie Affair, I would choose the same as you: Coincidence and Discrepancy.

Or are the discrepancies just coincidences?

Update: Having received the following comment:

“Anonymous said...

The witness clearly states they crossed the roads with the dogs as they passed the apartment. The film still you show is further down the road so they are on the correct side.

I do not believe the witness saw "the abductor" as there was no abduction but you are clearly wrong here.

Mar 28, 2012 6:43:00 PM”

I don’t see anyone crossing a road. Do you?


  1. Pode passar por uma questão de lateralidade ou por ter visto os quadros, em espelho.

    Talvez por tudo isto foi mandado para casa descansar após ter assinado um compromisso de silêncio acerca do que "sabe".

    Problemas parecidos com a identificação das letras para se conseguir comentar.

  2. Ou viraram-lhe a foto e ele viu assim:

  3. A foto em que uma descarada ( sim, descarada ) aparece com uma seta atravessada na cabeça está com zoom.

    Edgar foi mais uma das vítimas....... aproveitaram para lhe dar algumas libras e fazer papel de tótó.

    ( E não de Tótó

  4. They didn't even spare the children from lying!

  5. Well spotted Textusa. What they sell trough channel 4, broadcasted at prime time ( and the time cost a lot in terms of TV) was supposed to be an account of the truth and an opportunnity to awake witnesses who could have seen something ... They don't only failed to awake hypothetical witnesses, they manipulated the all story and show where they are wasting the money from the Fund- two private detectives who don't even spend a minute to be bothered by reading the files or statements made by the witnesses they are using. A mistake that shows a very disturbing assumption- they believe, nothing can frame them, then they feel free to insult the public, the polices, governments and all agents of justice, who have to accept their discrepancies, coincidences, better saying.... LIES, MANIPULATIONS, without looking at them and see what they really are- NEW EVIDENCES, ENNOUGH TO REOPEN THE CASE AND CALL ALL INVOLVED( including that witnesses) FOR A PROPER RECONSTRUCTION IN ORDER TO CLARIFY EVERYTHING.

    I have no time to go back to the files and clarify some points. But if my memory is not in error, from 7:30 to 9:00, that place was quite busy with people going out and in for breakfasts ( including the Tapas 7) for the creche, for Tennis lessons, for the bus, to the Splash water park or to the beach. Why no other witnesses reported such odd guy positioned in such odd place? This to not think about a school near by, where any predator could stand and look for a target with much more success.
    Again, we have to swollen all Mccann's nonsense without questioning it, like if we had no brain to understand from where came all sights and witnesses conveniently delivered to the press or the police.
    Wonder what will be the excuse from Mccann's team, if that girl was called by the court to testify. " underage", they will claim. Underaged to tell the truth, but old enough to be used in a moccmentary, to fool the public.

  6. O facto de terem usado uma crianca para enganarem mais algum publico, demonstra bem o quanto este grupo respeita as criancas e as deixa a margem do seu negocio. O unico objectivo deste filme pauperrimo foi publicitar o Fundo e sorrateiramente pedir dinheiro. Nao serviu para mais nada, nem eles pretendiam que servisse para ajudar a encontrar a crianca. Eles sabem onde ela esta. E se os detectives nao sabem ou nao desconfiam, e porque Sao muito burros ou sem escrupulos, pois preferem passar por burros a perderem um salario facil, que nao custa nada a ganhar e largarem de vez, a palhacada em que andam metidos. Acabe-se o dinheiro do Fundo e veremos o que acontece. Alias, parece ja nao haver muito, ja que Mitchell tem estado bem apagado nos ultimos tempos. A coisa, ja nao da para todos, e duvido que o proximo livro tenha alguma saida, mesmo que gritem que esta a ser um bestseller. O publico, tem pouco de estupido e nao se deixa enganar 2 vezes pelos mesmos, por mais artimanhas que facam( a prova sao a quantidade de comentarios negativos, nos jornais, sempre que o publico e livre de emitir opiniao). Isto nao e o Harry Potter, embora eles desejem muito que o seja. Ha muito andam em circulos, sem imaginacao. O que pasma e ver como e porque os deixam andar assim.

  7. Ok, you've proven a point. but why? I don't see the reason for the change. With JT, the reason stands out. She wasn't seen by JW or G, so they had to make up a story to make it fit she not being seen. But with TS, I don't understand the why. She does says she crosses the street. All they had to do is have her cross it and see the man if distance to the man was problem. As you can see I'm totally for that this is all made up, but I just can't understand the why? Why Edgar? Why put her on that side of the street? Much obliged if you could do me the favour of an answer (I wish!)

  8. Tex,

    Is the woman Susan Hubbard? If so you've got it wrong. She's Canadian. Her husband is a Brit.

  9. They only hired problematic people. So, with all discrepancies is to confound about the whole situation .

    Note the mediocrity of the hired:
    drugs and lies;
    a man from South Africa with a device;
    the medium of the dam (which searched Maddie's body);
    the unfortunate pensioners Dupont and Dupont (Edgar and Friend)
    those who saw ........ but who live near them;
    Those who witnessed but after all are even their acquaintances;

    Their intention was always to become mediocre any event;
    has always been to fool everyone;
    was and is to make fun of all.

    Someone, quite rightly, question on here, as they were before the PdL? It's an excellent question.

  10. I think I never feel tired of reading this blog.

    I am full of curtains on, about the key; about the door, about the same answers to the interviewers.

    Plural form? No!
    Because after all is only an interviewer for five years.One?
    It's really only one interviewer, is really only a pro journalist couple,whatever age, whatever the gender and even nationality. They are all standardized products.
    Lucky, if missing a piece will be easy to find another that fits in there perfectly.

  11. The witness clearly states they crossed the roads with the dogs as they passed the apartment. The film still you show is further down the road so they are on the correct side.

    I do not believe the witness saw "the abductor" as there was no abduction but you are clearly wrong here.


  13. Gerry McCann was heckled by angry villagers in Praia da Luz who blame the disappearance of Madeleine for job losses in the town.

    Read more:

  14. Filming in Luz cost 5 thousand euros

    Diário de Notícias

    by José Manuel Oliveira
    07 April 2009

  15. Anon Mar 28, 2012 6:43:00 PM

    I've replied with an update to the post.

    Your feeble "I do not believe the witness saw "the abductor" as there was no abduction" to resemble a WH was just that... feeble.

    Anon Mar 28, 2012 6:12:00 PM

    As I say in the post. This is a RELEVANT discrepancy. hopefully will answer all your questions in a forthcoming post.

  16. I have followed you from day one and admire your work. I pointed that out as I had the statement recently had seen other red flags, eg on Mat 2 she saw a shape in his pocket, pimples from shaving. As you say you will always correct mistakes I thought you welcomed other views.

    I believe this child was used as a part of the cover up which includes some locals.

  17. Sorry Yes I see now after watching the clip, it has been a while. Ok, TS was coming from near the Murats villa and clearly says she was on the left. That is bizzare, surely Mrs Hubbard living there would know this is wrong.

  18. Mar 28, 2012 6:43:00 PM & Mar 28, 2012 7:40:00 PM

    You challenged us with a clear statement, not an hypothesis. Your words were adamant enough to show that you were absolutely sure of what you were correcting.

    If you've followed, as you say you do, from day one, you'd know that we don't make statements lightly, although our opponent's wish we did and have tried tirelessly to prove, in vain, that.

    Our reaction to your comment changes nothing in how we welcome criticism, and are willing to make corrections.

  19. Textusa I must congratulate you, you find the 'little descrepancies' as well as the much larger ones which just proves the Mccanns and their friends statements are full of inaccuracies, but why is nothing being done about them that is what puzzles me, when news first came out about the shutters and all the other 'facts' being wrong why did some greater authority not challenge the Mccanns? Instead they have been left to solicite donations, write books, give interviews surely they should have been made to take part in a reconstruction this would prove the impossibility of what they are all claiming happened.
    Your eye for detail is marvellous, you spot what others miss or just accept as fact. I'm sure SY check on these sites so I hope they take on board what you are saying and do some proper checking for themselves.

    Thank you sisters xxx

  20. Advocatus @ Mar 28, 2012 7:51:00

    Why would Hubbard know? Didn't she arrive in PDL after Maddie was abducted? What has the direction from where they should be coming from to do with living there? Shouldn't the child have known where she had been and be the one to correct Edgar?

    You came here to correct Textusa (the fact that you reacted means that another raw nerve was hit) and got your bottom spanked. Now you try to correct the situation by making polite incorrect comments. You just can't afford to keep away from Textusa, can you?



  22. Edgar is nothing but a puppet of the McCanns, Gerry's little puppet!
    He was acting under Gerry McCanns instructions(orders, to be more precise), Gerry wrote the "script" and he did not dare to change it one inch, Gerry is the BOSS, he writes the paychecks...

  23. Anon @ 10:34

    Disagree totally with you. Both Edgar and Gerry are puppets. Gerry is too small to have written the script, and I don't think he ever wrote a check from the Fund. Did the Fund pay many or most of his expenses? Certainly. Was by his hands that the checks were written? No. He had other orders from the puppeteer(s). He was to be busy making appearances elsewhere.

  24. Comeca a estrategia do vidente Madeirense? Novamente adiado, o julgamento de MAC, Para 18 de Abril.

    Vai ser acometido de uma serie de problemas intestinais, devido ao que tem andado a comer nos ultimos anos. Tal como os patroes, em 2007, sempre que a coisa aquecia, com a policia a querer pisar terreno incomodo.

    Quem e que anda a pagar a ID e o Marinho? E que este caso nao tem nada de " no win, no fee" e estes 2 figurantes nao saem de Casa sem garantirem um bom almoco.

  25. E a ID compareceu no tribunal de Faro ou deu entrada na urgencia de um hospital da capital com um problema discal? Nao e hoje a " deadline" para carregar de Volta aos legitimos proprietarios, os livros que tem andado a esconder?

  26. Both, Brit Susan and Tanner, as do the same way. They will ride in the OC. They say go to the left? Left = the outside of the ride?

    The Tanner crosses with two couples talking.

    April 30 ........... insisted. In April, 30?

    Was the man works with (a notebook) to call someone from within? The man works for the 5G?

  27. A PICTURE OF INNOCENCE- Dr Martin Roberts, Mccannfiles

    A wonderful post, recalling one of many things I feel odd on that father and on their last interview.
    The last memory of the last day of his daughter, is a very questionable picture which was not made available for the police in the prime hours( taking in account that in the PJ site, the picture from Madeleine, was recovered from her passport. Obviously, that means, this is what they show the police). If that picture was shown to the police, most probably will be that one, available on the PJ site, because the last one is normally the one used by the police to awake witnesses and give to the general public an image more close to the reality. Wonder also, why the Mccann's didn't use that picture, as the first picture of Madeleine on their Media campaign. Instead, they opt for the coloboma picture showing a baby Madeleine( maybe because that one has little chances to awake any witness and connect or report to the police what they have seen).
    Wonder also, why that picture become available only after Gerry went to Uk. He was seen in Rothley, around the candles lighted for Madeleine, but completely out of sense he feels obliged to tell the media that he didn't went to his house, he was just there to collect documents and fixe things with his work. Who believes?
    Why he don't want to be connected with house? Master fooling already.
    That picture was debunked at Pamalan and who have done it, looks an expert, and has many doubts about the picture being from May 3, in PDL. The luminosity, the position of the sun and the shadows.
    With a digital camera and a laptop, is very easy to manipulate a picture. You can put whatever you want in the background and play with everything.
    And Gerry was not seating next to Madeleine. Another inaccuracy for a strong last memory. Between them, was Amelie or they were all planted by magic photo- montage on the OC pool?
    I' m reading attentively, Dr. Roberts posts. It is amazing to see, how he is converging to the same ideas as Textusa.


  29. O MAC nunca mais sai do Funchal. Deve estar convencido que aquilo e outro territorio e para ser extraditado precisa de uma Ordem especial. Os beefs, bem gostavam que a Ilha fizesse parte da jurisdicao britanica. Assim sempre podiam corromper os equivalentes aos " cops" de Leicester, e ter a vida facilitada. Para evitar o continente, vai ter de andar anos a pagar a ID.
    Ai, Kate, Kate, quantos mais borda d'aguas vais ter de escrever e vender numa garage sale, para safares o Bruxo. Bruxo, Bruxo.... Mas pouco dotado...nao adivinha nada.

  30. I think, using what Anon Mar 28, 2012 6:29:00 PM said, that one word defines very correctly the McCanns and gang: MEDIOCRE.

    That includes you Advocatus.

  31. Another excellent article Textusa we read your blog everyday thank you for all your work.


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