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The Best Answer?

By May I

Someone has recently drawn my attention to this page on Yahoo Answers.


McCanns are protecting their secret life!?

McCanns- this is a message for all you would be investigators-focus on who was at the resort and who was sitting at the table the night Madeline(*) disappeared, find pictures, speak to staff- Don't believe that all have been accounted for!
Look for a very high up city senior executive with connections to an influential MP.
I know he was at the table that night but his name has never appeared in any press articles. His MP friend has close connections with Clarence Mitchell whose initial task was not to help the McCanns but to avoid dragging this Senior Executive into the events.
This senior executive was there to engage in a swingers party, which those at the McCann table were apart of.
Investigative Journalism should uncover the rest.

Posted by Chaz
2007-10-11 02:32.39.

Additional Details
For those who think this is just another go at the McCanns you are wrong. The press are very worried about dealing with this story and the facts I have listed.

The government got involved by default an MP doing a friend a favour, hence Clarence Mitchell has been detached from any link with the Government.

I have printed this because I believe once we get through the lies surrounding the events of the night, and these are lies, we will reveal the truth as to what happened to Madeline.”

Comments on this page:
This is what happens every time team McCann get involved and try to deflect the message back to searching for Madeline.
Let's get everyone telling the truth first and go from there.

I am not questioning their secret life, more than that they have not told the truth. How can we get to the bottom of this if they don't divulge everything?

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trancebabe is right. If you know something, you should speak. Otherwise, what you are saying will be considered another rumour and will die here.

Edit: thanks Tim :-) Still hot like summer here … I thought it would be a wise decision to put a hat on for sun protection.

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* the spelling of Madeline is given as it appears on this page

The important thing to note is the date of this page. The PJ files had not yet been released.
If Chaz was correct, he/she had to be either an “insider” or be connected to an insider. There was no other way of knowing who the guests were on that holiday and in particular, their dining arrangements.

By insider, we mean a person at the resort at that time. Team Textusa, on the other hand are outsiders, in that we were not there and have no personal connections to anyone involved. Unless, that is, certain people have deceived us.
We do not believe:
- there was any dining at the Tapas that night,
- in the existence of the large, round table,
- that the children were neglected, either partially with checking or totally with no checking at all.


  1. Pode nao ter nada a ver com o post em questao, mas como penso que ha sempre alguma logica quando se escolhe um nome sob o qual se assume uma certa identidade, e por alguma razao quem escreveu o post cometeu sistematicamente o mesmo erro ortografico no nome de Madeleine ( Madeline) deixando de ser por isso um erro, passando a ser provavelmente uma traducao... Aqui vai o que a net nos diz sobre o nome Chaz:

    'Chaz meaning and name origin'

    Chaz \chaz\ as a boy's name. Pet form of Charles (Old German) "free man", derived from the use of the short form Chas. Actor Chazz Palmintieri.

    Cheira a Alemanha ou Holanda e a alguem que estaria no Resort e mandou, disfarcadamente, um recado aos McCann ou a quem participou no cover up.
    Sempre me intrigou a seducao dos McCann por estes 2 paises. A Holanda viveram la, mas isso nao justifica tudo. Ao olhar para as listas de hospedes disponiveis nas files da PJ, vemos maioritariamente ingleses, mas isso tambem nao quer dizer nada, uma vez que parece que era politica do Resort, ter os alojamentos espalhados pela Vila precisamente para fomentar contactos e interaccao entre hospedes, residentes e ate gente dos arredores. Portanto, alemaes e holandeses tambem deviam estar por ali naquela noite e os McCann sabiam, por isso fizeram viagens a Alemanha e a Holanda com um cariz diferente das que fizeram a Espanha ou Marrocos. Alias, fiquei sempre com a ideia de que a viagem feita a estes 2 ultimos, foi so para disfarcar as que eram mandatorias- Alemanha e Holanda.
    Segundo revelacoes feitas a TB e ja tornadas publicas por este, naquela noite haveria um homem de negocios a jantar no Tapas ( Pode nao ter havido jantar para os Tapas 9 ali, mas nao quer dizer que outros nao estivessem la a jantar) que abandonou o Resort em surdina ao amanhecer de 4 de Maio, viajando para a Suica. Sera a este que Chaz se refere?
    Adensa-se o misterio ou talvez nao, ja que os McCann tem uma palavra magica que usam com frequencia nestas situacoes, COINCIDENCIA.

  2. From Jillhavern forum:

    Mon Sep 05, 2011 7:58 am by Stella
    Thanks to the Portuguese Police and the release of the guest lists, we have now come to piece together, that one of the people socialising with Kate and Gerry McCann that week, is very closely related to the Right Honourable Margaret Hodge MBE, MP.

    Margaret and the late Sir Henry Hodge, were extremely close friends of Tony and Cherie Blair. It was the Hodges who persuaded the Blair’s to move to their street in Islington in the 1990’s and several of the strategy meetings in the early days of New Labour, took place at the Hodges’ house.

    According to Kate’s dairy, SUNDAY, JUNE 17: 'Cherie Blair (then the Premier's wife) phoned to find out how we were. We talked about everything in general, including about them leaving Number 10. She agreed as well to make a 20-second video clip for our broadcast on YouTube about Madeleine and children who have disappeared. I also had the chance to speak to Tony (then Prime Minister) who told me that we weren't to hesitate to ask him if there was something he could do to help'.

    Influential people, famous names, huge amounts of money and someone in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s no wonder this investigation was a bit of a non starter.

    According to the Daily Telegraph today, Tony Blair is the Godfather of one of Rupert Murdoch’s daughters. Well, well, well... "

    Could that be related with this posts?

  3. This had to wait almost two years until Textusa came along.

  4. Good morning; good day.

    If we search in this blog we can find more.

    So, Apr 3, 2012 7:09:00 AM, not 2 years. You can find, for example 2001/09 some to read.

  5. Hi anon 7:09,
    From where did you pick the 'almost 2 years"?
    From Oct 2007 is much more then 2 years and after this 4 years and all material discussed in many forums, clearly, who follow that case can separate myths, diversions, speculation, from accurate and interesting information.
    I believe, some out of the Tapas 9, know what happened and they disclosed clues in the Internet and use the Internet as a vehicle to communicate between them. If not, what else can we retrieve from:
    "Edit: thanks Tim :-) Still hot like summer here … I thought it would be a wise decision to put a hat on for sun protection." it is from somebody in Oct 2007 in PDL. By saying "still hot like summer here", means he / she was there in the summer as well ( an expat living there is my conclusion). The McCann 's had left just a month before( Sep) with the arguido status on them and a wave of fears on all who in some way, know something and kept that information out of police knowledge.
    Remember the "3 arguidos"? The first forum the Mccann's targeted because important information was being discussed there.

  6. copied from JH. forum , i think

    " We also know from the Portuguese Police files that he mysteriously jetted off to Switzerland, where he lives, early on Friday morning (4 May 2011), apparently cutting short his holiday just as news was surfacing that a child had been abducted from Praia da Luz."......

  7. Anon 9:07, I'm Anon 9:00

    What I meant to say is that it was thanks to Textusa that the swinging side of all this surfaced again. I was wrong, and it wasn't two years, but a year later. I checked my records and Textusa first refers swinging in a post JM's blog in September 2008 (I think first it was as a comment that JM turned into a post). Then it was published in 3A's and it had then extreme reactions supporting it and insulting it about the same time. It stuck because I thought how ridiculous a comment it was to justify that the swinging scenario wasn't possible because G. Brown wasn't pretty enough. So Textusa has been fighting for the past 3 and half years and now it's fnally slowly starting to surface. Thank Textusa and all who've helped you!

  8. Sorry: is 4 May 2007

    " We also know from the Portuguese Police files that he mysteriously jetted off to Switzerland, where he lives, early on Friday morning (4 May ...


  9. Sorry anon 9:44,

    The swing sceanario was the first 'hot spot' kept on top of the table, immediately after the case raised the media( meant week one). At least, in Portugal, with Barra da Costa being invited by Jose Rodrigues dos Santos to comment the case since day one, in RTP at prime time, clearly stating that the swing was what connect all that people in the Resort. Later, he badly dismissed that. Was not convincent while dismissing his first comments. I had always the impression that he had pressures to come along and dismiss what he said before. For some reason, Mccann's and Mitchell always overtaked that issue without any comment. Like the Smiths sight, 'too hot to be touched'. Their behaviour regarding that can't be dismissed and is very relevant.
    What else could attract a large number of tourist couples to a resort in a low season, when was not even Easter holidays? Not the monuments, the water parks, the tennis or even the Golf.

  10. Anon 9:44

    All you say is true. But before everyone starts saying that they always believed in the swinging, I remind you that all you said was engulfed by the negligence theory. Textusa has stood alone defending this all this time!

  11. If the list of guests at the resort is public, it should not be too difficult to find out who is this "very high up city senior executive with connections to an influential MP".

    I could not care less if he is into swing or not...

    Let's have a name, please!

  12. What is the ref to sun protection? Could it be a ref to The Sun newspaper? Or to M's sunhat in the pool photo?

  13. 11:13,
    Pericles, you can do your own search and quickly reach a name. I think some clues were given already and I believe are not too far from the person the post was speaking about.
    If I could remember well, the guy sent an email to TB claiming he had some pictures of his children, took on May 3 with madeleine on the background. If so, those pictures could be the last pictures of Madeleine, took by a person out of the Tapas 9. Why, these pictures never reach the media( a good opportunity for the Mccann's to prove Madeleine alive on May 3)? Contrary to Brian Kennedy( which involvement with the Mccann's still a mystery for me) that guy never stand up to say he was there and what the mccann's are saying is true? If the abduction really happen and if the holidays were to enjoy the Sun and the sea, he had no problems to come forward and support a poor couple who lost their child under the hands of an evil stranger.
    Some people are holding important information, not only to protect the Mccann's but to protect themselves from what they think could be a condemnable behavior to some public. And I think, that is what is on the base of the crime that starts immediatly after the accident.
    Remember, Marinho Pinto didn't contradict the hypotesis of an accident happening and be the cause of the death. I was waiting him to say, is ridiculous to think that a couple came to the Algarve with 3 toddlers to neglect them ( because, is really ridiculous to think that all group neglected the children ), but instead he goes along with the accident, the death and he just questionned the theory of who believe they don't call a help to recue Madeleine. But he failed to explain, how the body disappearead after the accident and forgot a very important fact: whatever happen, was dealt with doctors who know how to give first aid and evaluate the situation.
    If there is nothing an hospital could do to save her? If what happened could lead the police to an investigation involving what was going on inside the resort, the accident will be just one small part of the iceberg with all exposed.

  14. May I

    If you believe children were not neglected you believe children were supervised by someone.

    If kids were supervised there was no need to medicate them to sleep. However, even Kate has recognized that twins might have been drugged due their difficulty on rousing from sleep. If twins were drugged it might have happened before madeleine disappeared, not after, don't you think?

    Let me be more precise, if the older child die in the apartment do you think parents would drug the twins after losing a child taking the risk of being caught? They had no idea how police would proceed during the coming investigation, do they? Would that be too much?

    If Madeline and other kids were supervised by an adult how did she die then? You seem to believe kids were not neglected at all.

    If Madeleine's gone due a domestic accident: why not call an ambulance? Taking her to an hospital? What in your opinion may be the fear that an autopsy could show? No medication, not neglecting,...wnat then?

    Why would be so difficult to hide possible swigging activities from police?

    You believe that parents might have had a great number of helpers outside of the Tapas 7. Even, Mrs. Fenn? After all if children were supervised how did she heard Madeline cried for almost 70 minutes? Never happen?

    Do you agree when I say that the more persons you bring in on a crime scene the more is that someone will open their mouth? Even accidentally, due police pressure? Inquiries? You think is easier to lie and cover up a death corpse to cover up swinging activities?

    Do you know this Chaz ? Is this a reliable source? Or are you speculating?

    If dinner never happen and McCans & friends were not in Tapas bar having dinner where were them at the same hour?

    Sorry having so many questions.

  15. Advocatus @ 2:35
    You're so transparent. Always asking the same questions over and over again. Pretending not to be a native speaker doesn't fool anyone. You've read the blog so you know all the answers to the questions.

  16. Anon Apr 3, 2012 2:35:00 PM
    Reply from May I:

    No we don't know who Chaz is
    Yes, the more people involved the greater risk someone will talk.
    Please read up about Mrs Fenn and Textusa theory. I'm not here to spoon feed every answer.

    They were busy doing other things other nights and nannies took care of children.
    That night they sedated the children to keep them out of the way while they worked on anjd acted the abduction theory which included them having gone to Tapas that night. They are doctors, children were never under any danger
    They thought the police were stupid and would buy their story, so VIP swingers would be kept out of it.
    Accidental death doesn't mean no one is to blame and that consequences would follow.
    That's it for now as I'm busy today

  17. Advocatus,

    Concerning your long unpublished comment submitted Apr 3, 2012 5:37:00, the game you’re trying to play of getting us, through a very juvenile but patronising form of questioning, to repeat what you already know is like kids who want to be told the same story every night.

    With kids it's endearing but with people like you is, literally, wasting time.

    The character that you’re trying to incarnate is very similar to Fawlty Tower’s Manuel. There, the character is funny by Cleese’s genius, while your pathetic impersonation of a persistent and stupid latino is not only far from being achieved but truly offensive to many and only reflects the patronizing xenophobic rationale with which the UK handled this matter and made a muck of it as can be seen.


    A good post highlighting the lies regarding the gap of time at the late afternoon/ beginning of the evening of May 3. When they delivered their first statements, they were not aware about the camera and the records at cafe Paraiso.

  19. If the holiday was a holiday booked to indulge in some particular "life-style", that although not against the law is disapproved and condemned by society, then why would the participants take their children with them?! Why not leave them with relatives back home (in the case of the Tapas9) or leave them with their mother (case of the ilusive "shadow" gentleman)?
    It's disgusting to think that they might have taken their children as a "front" to make it all seem just an innocent family holiday!

  20. Anon Apr 4, 2012 12:19:00 AM

    Because it would look odd if so many people that age group on holiday and no children and because it would look odd to their own families for them to be going on holiday without the kids.

    About your disgust, providing the children were not involved as spectators and were properly cared for elsewhere, then there is no reason to condemn people for an activity that may not be to everyone's taste but is not illegal and does not betray the trust of a partner in the way marital infidelity.

    Also you imply that the swinging involved only the T9 and another male. Nowehere is it referred in the post, either by us or by Chaz, that the "shadow gentleman" was alone, or that the swinging was limited to the T9 plus one.

  21. I have read this post and been thinking about it for a while. I also thought about the children and came to the same conclusion. What has been coming back to me time & again, was Gerry's words on the bus? "...I am not here to enjoy myself". Convinced by friends to join in, maybe for the first time? Unfortunately, tragically Madeleine has disappeared, as we were made to believe on May 3 2007. A VIP with connections quickly flees the scene of PdL and leaves and heaps all the media attention on McCanns, instead of being caught in some act. I wonder if this was true, why the McCanns didn't just fade away after a while. KM relates in her book how Cherie Blaire and later Tony Blaire phones her, the lady to make small talk, the husband to make sure that she is ok. These phone calls, does seem strange.

  22. Anon 12:19,

    The swinging probably involved as well, some expats living in PDL or around. If we look to some statements of the cleaners, while questioned if they saw a stranger in the Resort, they said they saw nothing abnormal but is common to have people who were not guests, inside the resort. They don't name any one, means this people are not disrupted workers who were called just some times and are not portuguese residents, because this must be well known by the Portuguese workers. No any of the cleaners add what must be a reason to justify the presence of this foreigners - the use of the facilities of the resort, like the swimming pool. If so, the pool was not the attraction for that visitors. What else could be?
    I'm not so sure about the swing practiced in a place like a Resort not being illegal in Portugal. In the resort is not like in a private house. Attract guests and make profits due to that, is not the same as having a group of friends who practiced that inside their houses. I think, is not clear for me that the OC will not have serious problems with the authorities if that was discovered. They will got a huge fine and they will have they IRC ( business taxes) changed and strongly increased because the places were sex is promoted need a special authorization from the municipality and other institutions and have high IRC. And children were not allowed, obviously. Then, by promoting that type of holidays, the OC committed a crime against the state because didn't payed the taxes according to the activity.
    If the kids were not allowed, this will raise suspicions on the neighbors and quickly reached the police who probably will check the resort and discover the activities. Then, by coming with children, the business worked well...each couple fool their own families and the resort fool neighbors and the authorities. To avoid any problem, they provide a 5 stars service for the children with well equipped clubs, plenty of nannies ( see the creche activities divided according to age groups like a proper school) and a lot of activities to avoid the kids to get bored and disrupt the adults world.
    The Algarve is empty in a low season, for normal holidays. If that resort offered the same holidays as others, must follow the same pattern, empty. Then what justifies the contracts of so many nannies, plus tennis coaches etc? They will not contract that people if they were not sure about a certain number of clients that justifies the investment. And that kind of business doesn't need publicity or a big investment in advertisement...the message pass mouth to mouth and quickly reach the public interested in such holidays, without following the normal channels. Is like a drug, who wants it, knows where and how to get it.
    The business was perfecet for the OC and his guests, until an accident with a child happen. There started the nightmare for everybody and everyone has to do his/ her best to avoid the main reason of the holidays to reach public domain. All have something to loose, if the objective of the holidays were known, starting by the places where they live, they work or their own family. The trouble increases if the victim belongs to a group of doctors involved in sex activities, who were not able to rescue the child. At the time, they were just ordinary Drs like many others in UK and Portugal. They will shock the public opinion.

  23. 8:10,
    The phone calls are not strange because they happened after the Mccann's started their promotional campaign with help of the media. Politics were fooled on the same way as the normal public, and we all were fooled by them in some way.

  24. The best barometer about the activities inside the resort and what happened to Madeleine, was the behavior of the OC regarding the nannies: THEY WERE SENT OUT OF PORTUGAL IN A BLINK, TO AVOID THEM TO TALK TOO MUCH.
    That behavior indicates the nannies know what happened and under the pressure of polices and journalists could disclose some secrets and tell the truth. This is a group of workers that have little to loose by telling the truth, then need to be out of the spotlights and very well controlled. I will be not surprised if by investigating the Fund, police discovers money going to the nannies to keep their mouths zipped. One was a special visit in Rothley, when the mccann's come back. That must be a person with a lot of interest for the investigation,to discover what happened to Madeleine.

  25. Anon Apr 4, 2012 8:10:00 AM,

    We take the "no fun" expression from G. McCann, if it happened as its “said” to have happened, as expressing the anxiety felt by being the first time in such a high-profile organized event.

    Swinging is no different from any other close-knitted, secretive society, like the Freemasonry, so nepotism abounds there, which is natural and human.

    Why benefit a stranger when you can help a friend? And that will much likely if that friend shares with you a secret, isn’t it?

    So it was important for the McCanns to put on a good show, or at least not disappoint, so as to be accepted into this exclusive and, I repeat, high-profile group, thus the “no fun” expression.

    However there’s the possibility of that video not being before PDL, because it’s not dated and we’ve been fed a lot of counter-information to last a life time.

    If, and I repeat the if, it isn’t from their trip to PDL, then it would mean that in PDL they were already fully integrated in the group.

    I maintain my opinion on what was of Gerry’s words, as the video, in our opinion, was taped before the introduction of the couple to the group, be it in PDL or anywhere else.

    The release of that video had one sole purpose which was to create a negative aura against Gerry, thus reinforcing the negligence theory.

    Does Gerry merit a negative aura without the negligence? What do you think my opinion is of a man who cooperates with the cover-up of the death of his own daughter?

  26. About the video... Who recorded that video? Apparently who didn't appear on it. Fiona Payne.
    Wasn't interesting that a group who recorded such rubbish, has no other movies( at least public known) about their activities during the holidays? none showing the children.... Nothing.
    Who use to record rubbishes like that, is normally addicted to mobile records and is very strange for not having more interesting movies to help the public remember or recognize Madeleine.
    The movie could be recorded in any trip somewhere in the World, including in Rothley, when Gerry goes somewhere to play Golf.
    They look a group very close to each other who use to meet together quite often. In April/May, was in PDL, but before was in many other places, out of their own houses exactly to avoid suspicions. That is part of the investigation prevented to reach PJ and needs to be done because Madeleine exists 4 years before May 2007 and to understand what happened to her, the police needs to know how/ what was the life of that girl and who live close to her, before she disappeared.
    To engage a swinging activity, people have to be very confident about who is involved, which doesn't mean knowing very well everybody. They need to know well some and be very sure that who engaged on that is living it as a philosophy, a kind of religion or drug addiction. Who do it, accept it and by doing it becomes immediately part of the group. No further questions inside the activity and there is no such thing of being nervous because was the first time. The first time happen long ago, not in PDL.

  27. Available at Mccannfiles ( have a look):

    "The following exchange of correspondence (see below) between Johanna, who runs the website Unterdenteppichgekehrt, and David James Smith, a UK journalist, was published online about a year ago. For any new readers of this site, who have not seen it before, it is an enlightening insight into the workings, and attitude, of at least one UK journalist and the collaboration that existed at a time when Gerry McCann was still an arguido and subject to the rules of judicial secrecy.

    The article Kate and Gerry McCann: Beyond the smears was significant in placing the preferred 'official' timeline into the public domain - immediately following the secret meeting that took place in Rothley, on 14 November 2007, between the McCanns and the Tapas Seven."

  28. Apr 4, 2012 12:19:00 PM,

    Fiona Payne does appear in the "airport bus video",where Gerry used foul language in front of the ladies and the children. She's sitting next to her children and makes funny faces at the person filming, which I think is her husband David Payne.

  29. No more posts from Pat Brown? So much publicity for so little.
    I hope, she is not one more character who just use Madeleine disgrace for her own promotion. It is really disappointing to see her traveling to PDL with a lot of noise and then just publish 2 or 3 posts on her blog. That is exactly what the Mccann's and their lawyers love. A lot of noise for nothing. They will use it on their first opportunity.

  30. You are correct 11:49,
    Who recorded looks D Payne not F Payne.
    Thanks from 12:19.


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