Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Magic Is In The Air!

Thanks to Anon's comment at Feb 28, 2012 12:23:00 PM, on the "Famous Last Words... (Full Version)" post:

"Notice Mrs Fenn at 00:20 on the video:

She takes a grocery bag with her right hand, turns, doesn't bend down to put it on the floor, and then turns back and with her right hand, reaches up to what we think is to close the trunk. She must've given the bag to someone. On the next shot, she appears to carry the bags all on her own? Who did she pass the grocery bag to? Where is that person? ALL STAGED!!!"

Mrs Fenn, goes to the back of her car, opens the trunk with her RIGHT hand...

... lifts the trunk hood with her LEFT hand...

... showing clearly she has no shopping bags on EITHER arm or hand...

...she then bends over to pick something up from inside the trunk with her RIGHT hand...

...which happens to be ONE, and only ONE, shopping bag, which she holds with her RIGHT hand...

... she then turns to the RIGHT, not bending a single bit, her handbag almost falling of her LEFT arm, showing that she has ONLY that object on that particular arm...

... she then turns to the LEFT, and with her free RIGHT hand, starts to close the trunk...

...and continues the closing action...

...until she closes it completely...

...then, continuoulsy, turns to the LEFT, starting to head away from the car...

... with not ONE, but TWO shopping bags, one in EACH arm!!!


and we were all thinking that Tapas Restaurant's MAIN attraction was the QUIZ NIGHTS!!!


  1. She seemed so indignant with the press, but was in fact very cooperative with this TV Station, taking part in as in many takes were necessary to shoot...
    Bags, man, open door... all staged indeed!

  2. Then, mrs. Fenn had a car in PDL with a British Plate, I presume.
    Did she drove all the way from Uk to PDL on that car, at her age?

  3. Em écran total, ao ver o vídeo, a matrícula parece-me ser 57-51-AT.

    Pode ter sido um carro emprestado ou, então uma questão de patriotismo: assinalar o facto de ser uma Cidadã de UK.

    Penso que a grande questão não passará por aqui.
    Esperemos para ver e ler.

  4. Ola mc, tambem gosto muito do seu Blog. Sempre que posso, Passo por la.
    Tambem me parece uma matricula portuguesa, mas nao vi muito bem.
    Tinha a impressao que as inglesas tem fundo amarelo.
    Pode ser um carro emprestado. Mas a senhora e entao uma surpresa. .... Mais amiga de rua do que parece no depoimento que fez a policia, embora ela tivesse de fazer compras como qualquer pessoa.
    Pelos sacos, parecem compras de supermercado.
    Nao ha um supermercado mesmo a frente do OC? O Baptista.
    Com um supermercado perto, vai de carro a outro para comprar tao pouca coisa?

  5. Anon 9:33
    Nice post!

    In fact, why does Fenn use her car to buy two grocery bags when she has the Batista Supermarket, that's mentioned, just down the road? She seem to be able to carry her bags without any problem, and I'm sure that she would have one of those shoping trolleys for small shoppings as she seems to have been doing!

  6. Could some kind person please inform me of the relevence of Fenn and her shopping habits and skills?
    I'm lost.

  7. 11:25:00
    About Fenn's relevance, please read previous blog's posts, namely our Christmas Reading one, of early December last year.

    Her shopping habits are irrelevant. The way media has presented them is what matters. What you see is a person getting out of a car, pick up her shopping bags and head home.

    But the devil is in the detail, or details, and what you see, is not exactly what is shown for you to see. It's a staged script. Why? That is the relevant question.

    Everry piece of a puzzle fits neatly into place. When it doesn't it's because it's not part of that puzzle. It's up to each one of us to form an opinion why they want you to believe that Mrs Fenn's pieces are part of a puzzle, when they obviously aren't.

  8. I think the Baptista market has a shopping delivery service. Surelly an elderly lady like Mrs. Fenn would use it...but, she could also have been to Lagos or Portimão on other business and also made some shopping there. By the look of the supermarket/shop logo in the bags( something red/orange)it is not from any of the major supermarkets we have in Portugal (not Modelo, Continente, Jumbo. Anyone knows what the Baptista bags look like?Also, the shootage might have been heavily edited, we're shown certain cuts of it, not the whole thing, maybe that explains why we don't see who she passes the bag to and how many bags were handed over, it could have happened twice but only one frame was used. Maybe Mrs. Fenn companion did not want to be filmed, was indeed all staged for filming purposes, she is following a script provided by SIC film crew, you know, "now, Mrs. Fenn, you do this, you'll go like that, come this way", etc., etc.! Who's to know, maybe she passed the bags to a SIC crew member! All is possible...afterall the SIC news anchor introduces the piece by saying that although Mrs. Fenn was heard once again by the PJ, she denies having spoken to the police, but, do we watch any footage of her actually saying that? NO, all we see and hear is her denying ever having spoken to journalists! Was that bit edited? Strange, since it was what we are told by the anchor man the piece of news was going to be about!

  9. Could Mrs Fenn have been giving the Sun an exclusive with her obviously staged shopping trip, she probably was, this week there has been another police arrest of the Sun staff for corruption.

    James Murdoch has gone, the media now has to change its reporting habits no longer is it acceptable to print misinformation simply because it is presented by a PR company in exchange for an exclusive photo opportunity favour, those days are long gone.

    All information presented to the public via the press is now under scrutiny, thanks to the internet we have freedom of information, speech and opinion.

    The accounts of the fund have been scrutinised the behaviour of the mccanns is questionable Kate and Gerry and their money making private company, where is the transparency of accounts, what has the money been spent on - has it been spent on media and litigation case. we are ALL aware of this fraud and now SY need to find out why this was allowed to happen.

    This Mccann case has been nothing more than a worldwide scam from the beginning, this is why there are so many blogs and websites wanting answers and justice 5 years later, we all want justice for Madeleine and we want to know why it was allowed to continue.

    All those people involved in this should face the consequences of their actions.

    Thank you to Textusa.

  10. Perhaps Mrs Fenn was posing for an exclusive' photo opportunity' for the Sun which back in 2007 was normal practice quite acceptable.

    Since those days several arrests have been made of Sun newspapers staff on charges of corruption.

    No longer is it acceptable to present the facts that PR comapnies wish them to be presented as in the case of the Mccanns, the internet has given us freedom of speech, opinion and most importantly information. This does not sit well with the Mccann couple they try to present themselves as the victims in dire need of more donations for their public company whose accounts are not transparent and very dubious and need to be open to scruntiny.

    The time has come to put an end to this farce five years ago we believed the rubbish the PR people spun but since then Kate and Gerry have presented a very different picture, a greedy couple obsessed with litigation cases, their time will come but please let it be sooner rather than later. In all fairness we are sick of the mccanns, their PR spin and money making making machine they have wasted so much police time both here and in Portugal, we all want a reconstruction and proper opening of the case and SY do your job and arrest them.

    Textusa thank you xx

  11. Explica-me como se eu fosse realmente estúpida porque, muito honestamente, não percebo onde é que queres chegar com isto? Prometo ler o post do 'Natal' para te tentar entender, mas acho de um incrível mau gosto usar a Senhora Fenn, falecida, para provar um qualquer argumento, que até agora e pelo menos para mim, não é discernível.

    Joana M.

  12. Joana,

    On very simple terms, as you ask, either Mrs Fenn lied or she didn't.

    If she didn't, then, besides proving that there wasn't a child checking system, neglect exists.

    If she lies, as we belive she does, then not only is there no neglect, as, there's someone, supposedly respectable, lying for people who she, supposedly doesn't know.

    Besides other facts that we shown and we hope you read as you say, we find it strange for soemone, the upstairs neighbour, first be heard, on August 18th (109 days after the facts) by a British Tabloid, then on the 2oth by the PJ and on the 22nd deny speaking to journalists, on an obviously edited video.

    If you don't find that strange, we do.

    Why the video is edited, provides us, with valuable clues as to what really did happen.

    The fact the person in question has passed away, doesn't, in my opinion exonerate her in any wrong doing she might have done.

    If it's bad taste, what can be said to what has been done with Maddie's memory by so many, and not only her parents?

    Nothing moves me against this particular person, nor against anyone else in this case, as you so well know.

    I hope I answered your question. As we've said before, we're stating our opinion. If we've said something untrue, we'll correct it, as been the case before, and if we've disrespected anyone, including Mrs Fenn, please show us where and we'll promptly apologise.

  13. Bom dia a Todos, Boa Gente!

    Bom dia, JM!

    Eu penso que, daquilo a que estamos habituados com as Sisters no blog de Textusa, tudo se passa por esperar pelos próximos capítulos.

    Há sempre, pelo menos para mim, um certo suspense. Já comecei a entender que os posts poderão parecer inócuos mas, a seguir costuma saltar uma surpresa.
    Se a surpresa é especial ou não, vai depender apenas de quem o lê, acreditando ou desacreditando.

  14. Hi Texusa
    In a nut shell, is Mrs Fenn's evidence a true account, or has she lied in order to support the neglect issue?
    But why would she lie? Has she been 'got at' by dark players?
    Does her evidence really provide fuel to the neglect fire? does
    Hearing a child cry constitute neglect? It may indicate a child being ignored....

  15. Perhaps the case will be about Britons, living in another country, would take them (like all people) to join around : expats with holidays´ british.

    Probably someone may have asked, to Mrs F. ,a small favor which at the outset was harmless.

    Also the media disclose the news as it is more convenient to ..... to help make it right? sic

  16. In order to support the mantra that "there was no neglect" - although there is no evidence for this thesis - all the evidence contradicting this thesis has to be rubbished. If this means calling an elderly lady who never had anything to do with the McCanns and whose only fault was to worry about a crying child, a liar then so be it. This is not only twisting the facts to support a theory but is rewriting the files.

  17. Anon Mar 2, 2012 11:44:00 AM

    The fact that you says "In order to support the mantra that "there was no neglect" - although there is no evidence for this thesis" clarifies that you don't read what's written in the blog, because the no neglect is not based only on Mrs Fenn, but on many other facts, such as the fake Tapas Dinners and inexistent Quiz Nights (read the blog if you want to know more).

    Yet you say "If this means calling an elderly lady who never had anything to do with the McCanns" when the only certainty you have is that she was elderly. From who or how do you know she doesn't know the Mccanns, or from who or how can anyone say she does?

    To read adequately something is not to rewrite anything or twist any facts.

    Expected your attack, but not this quickly. You do accompany us 24/7. Fascinating.

  18. Intuição e investigação não tem qualquer mal.

    Intuir e investigar para além dos ficheiros da incompleta investigação não tem qualquer mal. Infelizmente, a Equipa da PJ de P. foi impedida de continuar.

    Ainda ontem ouvi GA na TVI, programa da manhã, louvar quem tem intuição e faz jornalismo de investigação. Embora caso de ontem não fosse o de Maddie.

    Eu gosto do que aqui escrevem.

    Onde está o mal ? Não há qualquer investigação oficial, como sabem.

    Também tenho a certeza que aqui não estão a desvirtuar a investigação incompleta graças aos dois parceiros políticos.

    Aqui também se baseiam nos ficheiros e não os alteram e nem os desvirtuam, pelo contrário.

  19. hi Textusa

    These may seem odd....but then so I am so who cares!


    Listen to the words in full.

    And also:

    First they came for the Jews
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for the Communists
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left
    to speak out for me.

    Martin Niemöller, 1892-1984

    Never stop fighting for the truth!!!!

  20. Mar 2, 2012 9:21:00 AM

    In a nut shell, is Mrs Fenn's evidence a true account, or has she lied in order to support the neglect issue?

    Please read the blog's content.

    But why would she lie?

    Probably for the same reason all others lied, to help cover-up what happened that evening. The reasons, only she would know, or, if that is the case, whoever convinced her to do it. I'm only stating facts, which I have yet to see them being denied (only my conclusions of them have been disputed, but always on very subjective and personal based opinions, I must emphasize)

    Has she been 'got at' by dark players?

    This isn't Star Wars, nor do we find any motive for jest in this matter, as I've said before. The memory of a child has been disrespected, as well as the citizens of two european countries.

    Does her evidence really provide fuel to the neglect fire?

    If you read the blog you'll see that the answer to that question is very easy to find. But however easy it may be to find, there always has to be a will to go and look for it, which, from the kind of questions you ask, don't seem very much interested in finding.

    Hearing a child cry constitute neglect?


    It may indicate a child being ignored....

    Then that would mean neglect. Please get your act straight.

  21. Textusa has been always a one-of-a-kind blog. It's a place where we can see that things are thought out. The only way to fight it is with repetitive questions. I don't know about others, but I've found my place here on a daily basis and intend on not going anywhere. I don't find it distasteful in any way, and in that I disagree strongly with JM. Things with Fenn don't add up. Things with Tapas don't add up. Things with many other things don't add up, and Textusa is just showing that. It seems that Textusa is able to make people bipolar: be nice everywhere else, and not so nice with Textusa. I follow Textusa from a long time ago and trust completely her instincts. Great job, continue fighting the way you have.


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