Monday, 30 January 2012

Where Have All The Gentlemen Gone?

... at least, in Portugal, Praia da Luz, August 2007... there were none, it seems!


  1. google translator:

    In this video images I feel that Ms. P. Fenn, 81, was really very upset with such harassment and, most likely, because it denied having spoken to the PJ.

    I almost venture to say that she has been the second victim of the couple .

    In 2007 what had happened to this lady! Despite his 81 years of age there took their shopping bags.

    As the man, seems to take material from wall painting in hand. Lady should be very self sufficient and she preferred to be carrying the groceries. Does the man offered to carry the bag? Or not?


    Nas imagens deste vídeo eu sinto que a Senhora P. Fenn, com 81 anos, estava mesmo muito perturbada com tanto assédio e, muito provavelmente , devido a isso negou ter falado com a PJ .

    Quase me atrevo a dizer que ela terá sido a segunda vítima do casal.

    Em 2007 o que lhe havia de acontecer a esta Senhora ! Apesar dos seus 81 anos de idade lá levava os seus sacos das compras.

    Quanto ao homem: parece que leva material de pintura de paredes na mão. A Senhora devia ser bastante auto suficiente e preferiu ser ela a levar as compras. Será que o homem se ofereceu para carregar o saco ? Ou não?

  2. Yes! I agree with " ... at least, in Portugal, Praia da Luz, August 2007... there were none, it seems! "

    But probably this is not about the painter but about others men, no? Men and women around...

  3. Anon Jan 30, 2012 6:29:00 PM, wouldn't be natural for the man to offer to help carry the bags? After all, Mrs Fenn wasn't supposed to suffer from arthritis? Isn't all a bit to "theatrical"? The man didn't help because Fenn was supposed to be filmed walking into the apartment like any other person does into a house they own. There are discussions about if that really was Fenn's house.

  4. Oh, I see.

    Is to the public believe fictional productions, public Uk and Portugal.

    All that has been produced and continues to be performed by fictional productions is better, with this "reality", to be evaluated about the intentions of not gentlemen.

    I appreciate the answer to my comment.

    Thank You!

  5. ... at least, in Portugal, Praia da Luz, August 2007... there were none, it seems!

    Certainly NO ENGLISH GENTLEMEN WHATSOEVER!!! Even Clement Freud decided to disgrace our nation, along with Mr Kennedy, Mr Geraghty etc etc et cetera - hey! Has anyone ***noticed*** just how many Irish people are involved??? Including the Smiths, and a Mr Fagan? I'm sure I am forgetting ***dozens*** more. As an Irishman too, I am shaking me head...

  6. It is by Ian Anderson

    I will say no more, but consider please the DEPTH of "Knowledge"... It ALL applies to now...

    Meanwhile back in the year One --- when you belonged to no-one ---
    you didn't stand a chance son, if your pants were undone.
    `Cause you were bred for humanity and sold to society ---
    one day you'll wake up in the Present Day ---
    a million generations removed from expectations
    of being who you really want to be.
    Skating away ---
    skating away ---
    skating away on the thin ice of the New Day.
    So as you push off from the shore,
    won't you turn your head once more --- and mak
    e your peace with everyone?
    For those who choose to stay,
    will live just one more day ---
    to do the things they should have done.
    And as you cross the wil
    derness, spinning in your emptiness:
    you feel you have to pray.
    Looking for a sign
    that the Universal Mind (!) has written you into the Passion Play.
    Skating away on the thin ice of the New Day.
    And as you cross the circle line, the ice-wall creaks behind ---
    you're a rabbit on the run.
    And the silver splinters fly in the corner of your eye ---
    shining in the setting sun.
    Well, do you ever get the feeling that the story's
    too damn real and in the present tense?
    Or that everybody's on the stage, and it seems like
    you're the only person sitting in the audience?
    Skating away on the thin ice of the New Day.

  7. What that mean's?
          "Very early on, I think it was my then deputy who is
           now the director, found a way of reaching them, I think,
       or something happened probably three days after       Madeleine went missing.  We also helped with issues
    around their -- I think their return to England at some       point."- Leveson Inquiry: Tim Toulmin, Mccannfiles

    "something happened probably three days after Madeleleine went missing"- What is that? What happen so early? at this time the public was all in chock and believing every single word of the Mccann's. Nobody was criticizing them, no bad articles on any paper, then why the PCC got involved ?

    What looks like a fact is that: "     So it wasn't as if there was no contact between the  two parties but the system does require a complaint and  while they used the anti-harassment service, I don't   think there was a complaint about those defamatory  articles ...."

    Then, the Mcaann's never officially complaint against the articles at the time they were published. How can they bring individuals to court, 5 years after on the grounds they were defaming them?

    At the time they don't want to upset the media because the media was a strong part on their campaign to sell the abduction story and Madeleine as a trademark to touch the hearts of potential donators.
    All a campaign to be used in the appropriate time, like the statement of Mrs.Fenn, which for me, was nothing less then the old lady answering a request from the Mccann's. "a little help without major consequences", that's probably the way the OC or somebody on the behalf of the Mccann's, sell the story to her. Innocently or at the exchange of some money( the Fund was health at the time), the old lady decide to bother the police with a story that never happen. When she realized the dimension of her mistake, she tried to dismiss it, just saying she didn't contact the police. Obvious, she did. Amaral reported it on his book but didn't give a stage to that witness. That is the prove, as a witness, she is irrelevant. But to the case, her behavior was not irrelevant. If my suspicion is correct and she testified to answer a request from the Mccann's, how many other situations happen on the same way?

  8. 2 musical links to have morning coffee by!


    Note the ad-libbed words...

    "in ancient times"

    You got that right Ian!!!

    Mit Orchestra... a lifetime later...

    Read between the lines, the words...

    Speaking of which, the Team McCann anthem...

    Happy and I'm smiling,
    Walk a mile to drink your water
    You know I'd love to love you,
    And above you there's no other

    We'll go walking out
    While others shout of war's disaster
    Oh, we won't give in,
    Let's go living in the past

    Once I used to join in
    Every boy and girl was my friend
    Now there's revolution, but they don't know
    What they're fighting

    Let us close out eyes;
    Outside their lives go on much faster
    Oh, we won't give in,
    We'll keep living in the past

  9. I tried to find that video of Mrs. Fenn saying "it's all rubbish", but no luck. In McCannFiles it is not available either, when you click "play" you get a mesage saying it was removed by the user (YouTube).
    If I recall the video well, I believe that what Mrs. Fenn was saying is that she never said anything to the media, not to the police. "I never uttered a word!", I think that's waht she said, without adding if she meant the police or the media. I bet she meant the media, because it would be very silly and futile to deny talking to the police when her deposition is on record in the police files, now, for everyone to see it.Unless... but of course, at the time she had no way of knowing that the files would one day be made public, she felt she could deny it all...?
    "Pamela Fenn says 'It's all rubbish!'"

  10. Adv. I’m getting rather displeased with your songs and reading between the lines stuff. If you have something to say or add to a discussion that’s a different matter but I don’t like the way you're trivialising the blog.

  11. The poor old lady whit her handbag all the way down her arms, and the guy has a free hand to make sure that his glasses are in place and not offer to help... what a farce!


    "A imprensa britânica só tem publicado disparates"

  13. If you don't read between the lines in this case you will get nowhere, because nobody is spelling things out - on all sides. That will have to wait for court. If you cannot understand the lyrics of Mr Anderson, write him an email. I would imagine most people here would have no difficulties. Here's another one for you, theit album, Thick as a Brick, 1972.

  14. sition is on record in the police files, now, for everyone to see it.Unless... but of course, at the time she had no way of knowing that the files would one day be made public, she felt she could deny it all...?

    Neither did the McCanns... Back in Rothley...

    From the Telegraph, the day they made a break for Rothley in Sept 2006... You spot the clunky spin miles away...

    Some forensic scientists [govt spin merchants] have begun to question some of the evidence against the couple - supposedly samples of Madeline's blood found in the boot of the car they hired 25 days after the disappearance, and the "death smell" allegedly found on Mrs McCann's belongings by a police sniffer dog.

    There is suspicion that tiny DNA samples obtained from the McCanns' apartment - and compared with the blood found in the car boot - could have been contaminated. [right...]

    One of Britain's leading forensic scientists, who asked not be named, said: "If they are spots of blood, it could not be from a car used by the McCanns 25 days later. That doesn't make sense.

    "The blood would have dried [not if the body was frozen then thawed out on a hot drive elswhere...] and it would not transfer as spots unless the child is alive. It would be fragments [of dried blood].

    "But that is not what the police are saying they have. This is the prevailing view among other forensic scientists I have spoken to." [then man up and name yourself, we all know the fss was nobbled then shut down...]

    John Barrett, a former Scotland Yard dog handler, also indicated that the trained dogs used in an attempt to detect a "death smell" on Mrs McCann's Bible and clothes were brought in too long after Madeleine vanished.

    The crucial scent lasts for no longer than a month, he said. [totally untrue lies...]

    The McCanns are expected to appear before the public prosecutor in Portimao, Portugal, this week. They could face restrictions on their movements and, possibly, charges.

    The McCanns, both 39-year-old doctors, are said to be "deeply alarmed" by the turn of events after they were interrogated separately by Portuguese police for a total of 24 hours on Thursday and Friday.

    Portuguese sources said police were using a "war of nerves" in an effort to make Mrs McCann "crack" and confess to killing her daughter.

    Her two interrogations last week - the second lasting 11 hours - were described as "aggressive", with officers said to be "exploring her weaknesses".

    Media reports said the couple used their right to remain silent and refused to answer "more than 40 questions". Friends insisted they answered all questions put to them. [their friends are liars then...]

  15. Crying refresher and a you tube comment...

    See comment from notbornyesteraday...

  16. A is being rude with the ‘Thick as a Brick’ reference to Anderson’s album! His cryptic style is hacking me off! If he has something to bring to the debate then fine, if he has any evidence then he should contact the Portuguese police but if he wants to play games then may I suggest he finds another playground. He has the option of sending a PM to the blog if he really does know something. He is not endearing himself to me.

  17. A. if you want to make light of a serious subject, please use your own blog to do so. Thank you

  18. Sorry Text,

    The present goings-on are well below par.


    How come the MCS engaged the wife of the PCC to assist them in their plight right from the start?

    How come the PCC intervened within 2 days of MMC having got lost in PTL?

    View today's Leveson Enquiry

  19. Thank you Portia! I really admire Textusa's patience. Or wisdom... The things she has to put up from people that will do anything to disrupt. To pollute and conquer?
    Answering your questions, like Textusa has been showing, you have to ask yourself another question, in my opinion: how much power did you have to have to engage PCC within 2 days in a foreign country? Answer that, and you've answered yours, I think.

  20. A is being rude with the ‘Thick as a Brick’ reference to Anderson’s album! His cryptic style is hacking me off! If he has something to bring to the debate then fine, if he has any evidence then he should contact the Portuguese police but if he wants to play games then may I suggest he finds another playground. He has the option of sending a PM to the blog if he really does know something. He is not endearing himself to me.
    Jan 31, 2012 7:17:00 PM

    With respect you don't even give yourself the dignity of a name, so I don't know if I'm communicating with one anon or ten anons. You will find I have contributed a few bits 'n' pieces. What have you done but submit whinging adverse criticism? This case is in the doldrums, in case you haven't realised it yet - however thrre will be fireworks soon enough. Personally I find having to spell everything out like a child's game gets tiresome. And it is invariably the blessed anons that echo the 1972 album. I had to repeat myself half a dozen times on the upcoming Bennet showdown, and still half the anons don't get it. Finally to moan about me being cryptic is a joke, this being one of the most serpentinely cryptic Maddie sites on the net. More baby steps, eh?

    So over to you, you have a blank screen in front of you. I'm interested what YOU can bring to the debate.

  21. LEV ENQUIRY - O maior processo de lexiviacao do planeta. Olhem para o que tem dito as personagens inquiridas ontem e hoje? O PCC envolvido no apoio ao casal 3 Dias depois da crianca desaparecer. Responsaveis do PCC a responsabilizarem a policia portuguesa dos "leaks" que atrairam jornalistas avidos de notices. Como e que alguem com responsabilidades Tao elevadas pode proferir acusacoes Tao levianas e ao memo tempo defender Tao descaradamente o casal? Ocupando o lugar que ocupavam, tin ham no minimo a obrigacao de ter lido as entrevistas do casal e dos seus familiares onde se contradiziam relativamente as condicoes em que foi encontrada a cena do crime. Afinal foi sobre as condicoes do cenario de crime, que assentou a conviccao do casal em como a filha tinha sido raptada. Estando alteradas estar condicoes, tudo o que nelas assenta tem de ser questionado ou transformado em irrelevante. Parecem todos " Ecstasyados". Ninguem questiona o casal. A todos foi posta uma corda ao pescoco, por Mitchel e a Carter- Ruck que Hao-de saber os podres desta gentinha e usar os seus segredos da forma que mais phew convem. Uma vergonha, e ao que os Uk Resumiram Estas palhacadas- o caso Maddie e o Lev Enq.
    A maior anedota de hoje foi o sr do PCC a dizer que o caso Yates nao e comparavel ao caso McCann. E esta, heimm?

  22. Advocatus,

    Game over. Blame it on the nose, if you want.

    There’s nothing cryptic about this case. It’s simple and straightforward. Always was. In fact, the only baffling thing about it is how such a simple and straightforward case was able to gain and maintain such an enigmatic aura. But a simple attentive look, as simple as the case, is enough to understand that that is not even that baffling.

    To misinform, it's not to be cryptic, but to be cryptic, most of the times, if not always, it's to misinform.

    The only big question that will remain unanswered (as many small details of the case unfortunately will) is the why the parent’s did what they did, but that’s not cryptic, it’s just sick and morbid.

    Nice try. If it’s any consolation, we were flattered. Momentarily.

  23. Advocatus/Gerry M.,

    "Confusion is best"

    That's it, right? All part of the deceiving game.


  24. Hi Advocatus,
    This is the way I see your posts here: A little to do with Madeleine at moment. Maybe, some to do with the Mccann's and a lot to do with Tony Bennet and the coming trial.
    Whatever wrong he have done, he has his explanations and was quite quind to explain it on the space he dedicated for that. After your complaint about your posts been prevented or deleted from the site he is allowerd to post, I went there and had a look. I see there, many posts criticizing him and telling how they believe he will lost the coming battle. They were not prevented or deleted. Then, there is the place you can pass your message and see what he has to say to you. You know, the truth has only one face but the reason could have many faces. There is many reasons, if you want.
    I'm not defending Mr. Bennet methodes but I respect the reasons behind his decisions, specially because I don't live in UK and I don't face the same frustrations as the people living in UK, regarding the Mccann's issues. I think, is not easy to deal with some circumstances, special if you have a brain to think by yourself. You need to have a lot of calm to read some rubbish articles posted on papers, supporting the Mccann's, while your are prevented to disagree just because on such articles the general public was not allowed to express his opinion. The behavior of the papers, open the doors for active people to act and find a way to have his point of view noticed. A normal situation to balance the things. In 5 years, the Mccann's had a way to stop that and gain some dignity, just by reopen the case in Portugal and made them and their friends available for the reconstruction. So easy, if they were confident on their innocence. They choose the wrong way ( court libels),and God knows why.
    What the Lev Enquiry is showing is a huge whitewash on Mccann's affairs. The statements of some people, if UK is a democracy, will be enough to open another Enquiry to question why the Mccann's got such support from a so high level and very quickly after the girl had disappeared. I think, having the PCC supporting the parents of a child that mysteriously disappeared, 3 days after she went missing is serious and suspicious. Specially because the parents were the last people who saw the girl, the journalists physical involved on the reports said they were reporting the truth and the police ( SY and PJ) find enough evidences to suspect the parents. Who is Mr Meyer from the PCC to say what he said yesterday, about the case? What he knows to support his accusations against PJ and to defend the Mccann's?
    If, he was talking just of harrassment, how can he says the Mccann's case is not comparable to the Yates case? The only difference I see, didn't live the Mccann's with a good picture: They feed the media with so many fake stories that put themselves on the 'criticism shoe'. They tolerate it because on the other side there was monney falling on their Fund account, quick and magically. The problem starts when the public decide to refuse to contribute for a questionnable Fund and at the same time refused to give up on the crticism. Just see what happen on the papers articles when the public is allowed to comment- there is not a small band of fanatics, but a big group of responsible people who don't believe the stories of the Mccann's and people surrounding them.

  25. "Confusion is best."

    The best place to hide a pebble is in a pile of pebbles.


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