Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Textusa's Phone Hacking Scandal #2

Today we continue with our absolutely fictional phone hacking of fictional phone calls.

Phone call #2:

F: Any news?

G: Still none…

F: Damn! Well, since we last talked, like I said, I got a couple up in Alvor willing to go to the police to say they saw a man, Saturday night, stepping out of a van and carrying a child up a hill. For now at least, we’re keeping the abduction story alive. For the next couple of days or so. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for S hurries up and shows himself!

G: Do we still need him?!? I mean, now that we have the physical sighting of the abductor we were so desperately looking for, couldn't we just get this all over the papers? By tomorrow this time the whole world will be leaving no stone unturned looking for this man! Right? Now S is no longer that fundamental, right? If he now appears, good, he’s confirmation, if he doesn’t, we now have these people that will send everyone searching for…

F: You stupid?! Where in the hell did your friend find you?!?

G: What? What did I say wrong this time?

F: Need I explain???

G: Well… yes…

F: Alright then… tell me, who knows the Alvor couple went to the police?

G: Well, you

F: Do I, you idiot? Do I? No, I don’t! I don’t, you don’t, nobody does but the police and the couple! I’m not supposed to know, you’re not, nobody else is, except the police and the couple that went to the police! If the story hits the headlines tomorrow where would the cops think the papers got their story from?!? Can you tell me?

G: The couple?

F: So, according to you, the couple goes to the police, and then heads straight for the papers, is that it?

G: I was going to say yes, but the way you’re putting it, I’d better say nothing, right?

F: Damn right you should say nothing! What credibility do you think the cops would give the story then?!? Sure, they would follow it up just to say that they did, and quickly put a check mark on it and dismiss it as just another loony sighting looking for their 15 minutes of glory… by now, I bet they’ve already received dozens of calls from real loonies, people who’ll swear on their mother's grave that they’ve seen your daughter… and we know that besides your wife, very few other people can say that, don’t we?

G: Yes, K’s visits are lasting longer each time. I’m starting to fear she may break up

F: Yes, we’re all worried about her. Why don’t you tell her to write a diary?

G: How’s that?

F: It’ll keep her mind occupied, won’t it? And you never know, these things tend to sell, and it may cover some of the damages you lot have already caused, let's hope she's better in writing than she's in reading notes
G: That’s a good idea; I’ll tell her to start one up, you never know, it might be another thing she's good at…

F: Do be careful of what she writes, though! We want no trouble! She can whine and play the martyr all she wants, but there are lines not to be crossed, understood? If they're ever crossed, you have problems, big problems, understood?

G: Yes, loud and clear… So is also clear that we still need S… but at least now with the Alvor people, the PJ has a solid lead to go after, right?

F: Yes… but no… as we expected the PJ aren’t paying too much attention to what these people had to say… It keeps the story alive, but that’s about it.

G: Why?

F: One thing is for the abductor to be going on foot the night he abducted Maddie, that’s when he was able to be seen close up… another is to set him up again going between hideouts two or three night afterwards, and again on foot, and again crossing with strangers so that they could have another close look at him, right? Not exactly the most credible of a very scenarios, is it? The best we came up with was for the man to abandon a van in the middle of the road and then go up some hill holding the girl… that means that the details about him couldn’t be as precise as the ones we’re expecting from S, could they? S is the key to this whole thing, understand?

G: Yes, I was really face to face with S, and they couldn't be more than two feet away from J's daughter, so I can see that in this case there is a much bigger distance between them and the “supposed me”, plus the man is going in the opposite direction as well, while I approached, passed, and and only then went away from the Ss. No, no comparison whatsoever. S is the one that will hopefully get us all out of this mess…

F: That’s why S appearing would be so, so important, but he has to make his appearance damn quick.

G: Why?

F: The longer he takes, the more time the PJ has to start to get curious, and the more time they have, the greater risks we run, and that just can’t happen!

G: No, that would just be disastrous

F: We can control the press, but only up to a certain point… Now, we’ve only managed a small margin of time. S is essential; he just has to show up!!!

G: What if he just doesn’t? Any man in his place should have come forward by nowYou know the man, you think he might be afraid to get himself involved or something of the sort?

F: No, no… he’s a serious man. My guess is that he’s not making the connection. I don’t remember all the people that I crossed with that day, do I, so why should he? For all he knew, you were just a father taking his daughter home for some reason, right? But he’ll come. He’ll come because he has to come, even if I have to go to D. myself and bring him here by one ear…

G: But what if he continues not to show up?

F: I’ve been thinking about that, and it’s not only if he doesn’t come. He’s already taken too long, hasn’t he? We have to keep the story alive no matter what, and the only way I see it is to find ourselves a sacrificial lamb

G: What?!?

F: Well, it’s the only way to keep this alive, isn’t it? We can’t keep coming up with sightings can we? We have to give the cops something they can work with, something they can sink their teeth in… otherwise they’ll soon be sinking them where we don’t want them to. We can’t allow the PJ to derail a single inch from the abduction! If S shows up soon, real soon, then maybe a scapegoat is not needed… but even so, with all this time already gone, even with S speaking we no longer know how the PJ will react with the information he has to give him. We just have to keep the pressure, and keep the pressure hard, and the only way is to give them a real suspect. One that they’ll have to make it public, that they are forced to announce it to the press. That way, they will be entertained, the press will be entertained, and everyone keeps their noses away from us, until I figure how I to get S to speak…

G: Hey If you’re thinking of me or my wife, let me warn you that…

F: Warn me?!? Warn me of what?!? Are you, by any chance, threatening me?!?

G: Well… no… I…

F: Let’s get something clear right now, shall we?!? You lot were the ones that blundered this whole thing up, right?

G: Yes…

F: So if you were the ones that blew this whole thing up, you are the ones to get it if anyone is going to get it!! It’s you people and nobody else, understand?!?

G: Yes... but…

F: No buts about it! This isn't open for discussion! If you haven't understood the seriousness of the situation let me tell you, so that we understand each other, and you go and tell your friends, that this whole abduction story is not, I repeat, not to protect your arses!! It’s protect mine, and those of my people! You, my friend, count very little here and are to do and act as you’re told and exactly as you’re told with no improvs! You and your friends are the smallest of the smallest fish in this pond, have I made myself clear?

G: Yes…

F: It’s already been arranged that you’re to have a spokesman, so there's no more chances of you blundering this even further! You stay put, and continue doing what you’re told. If we ever decide that you, or your wife, or any of your friends are to take the fall, you just take the fall! You take it, and that’s that, understand?!?

G: Ok, ok, I understood, no need to get so upset…

F: Now, about the scapegoat, if we had decided that it was to be you that we thought should take the fall, we would’ve done that on that night, but we didn’t do that did we?G: No…

F: You want to know why? Not because we like you, because we don't, but because the tabloids would have picked up the scandal with you being doctors and all, and once they’d picked it up God knows where the whole thing would have stopped. If this was in the UK, we could still maybe control it, but here, we wouldn’t know what the pesky Portuguese reporters would start to find out and what would they do with it. The abduction was the only way to divert all the attention in those critical first hours and days, and once it was started it just can’t be dropped, can it!? We don't like you, but it seems that we're stuck with you, but don't push your luck, because if we run out of options, it will be your neck that we're going to go after, so you'd better understand that well!!

G: Ok... ok...

F: So, no, for now, we’re not thinking of anyone from your lot for patsies. Not that many of us wouldn’t like that… but you people are the basis of the whole abduction story, aren't you? You’re basically the abduction, aren’t you?

G: Well.. I…

F: Oh, do shut up. No it won’t be any of you. But are we very, very clear on who is pulling the strings around here, on who calls the shots and on who threatens who?

G: Yes…

F: And since we’re on the subject, let me also clarify that me and my people not only are to be completely not involved in this, as we're to remain that way, got it? To assure us just that that we’re going to launch a massive smearing campaign against you guys, on how you are nothing but irresponsible drunkards who pushed their luck too far, and so forth… and to make things certain, we’re going to throw in suspicions that you and your friend may be paedos. It’s the sort of thing that the tabloids love to sell, and a permanent reminder to you guys not to step out of line… The idea is that if anything goes wrong, whatever goes wrong stops right at you doorstep, and leaves me and my friends out of it, understand? You caused the problem, you handle the consequences! We're just assuring that nothing comes our way... Anyhow, JG has already got a social worker to say that she recognizes your friend from somewhere, but isn’t exactly sure where from, you know, that sort of story... they're making it up right now, and they're the experts…

G: He’ not going to be happy, you know.

F: I couldn’t care less for his happiness… he damn well ruined mine didn’t he?!?
G: Listen, me and my friends just want to get out of this as much as you do…

F: Good, good... We were thinking of M for the patsy.

G: What?!?

F: Who else can we use? Any of the locals, it wouldn’t stick. That wouldn’t buy more than a couple of hours… Same with the ex-pats that don’t know what we were up to, nor were aware of what was set up here. If we were to choose one of them that would make us lose all the support we’re gaining from them… We want someone that will be credible enough to entertain the cops until we find a way for S to speak… Any of the OC would rat on us, so we have to have someone who knows how much is at stake and also has something to lose if he speaks… M is ideal… besides, when S comes and says he’s seen you on the other side of town, they can’t pin anything on the man, can they?

G: Just seems like a huge stab in the back, after all we asked him and his mom to do that night…

F: Well, between you and me… if the cops find any traces of your daughter in his place, our problems are over. He knows he can’t speak, so he’ll just have to take it like a man, won’t he?

G: Have you told him?

F: What? And help him prepare to runa away? When you pick a lobster out of an aquarium to go and tell him that it's his turn?!? His mum is pretty clever and suspicious as hell, you know…

G: How you thinking of doing things?

F: You tell your friend J to go and tell the cops that’s him. He’s been showing himself around quite a lot hasn’t he? All she has to do is say, that’s him, and that's it!

G: Ok, that doesn’t seem a hard thing to do…

F: Ok, do keep an eye on that wife of yours. She can’t break. If she does, we’re all doomed. Meanwhile I’ll figure out a way to get S to talk… even if I have to talk to him myself… wait a minute, that’s it!



  1. In the "Textusa's phone hacking scandal #1" someone made a comment wondering if F could be Fiona(Payne), I suppose must be that Fagan person. I had no idea who this man might be, so, I looked him up in Google and found this:

    Maybe others who, like me, are less knowledgeble of the "who's who" in the complex Madeleine McCann saga were wondering about him too...

  2. More on "F":

    He is connected with the hotel "Estrela da Luz". G. Amaral and his team were interested in one of the surveillance videos of the hotel that might have caught "the stroller" on camera, but guess what? Someone made sure the PJ would never get the chance, it got whipped out quite hastily...
    According to this, the Smiths were staying at the "Estrela":

    Coincidences, coincidences...

  3. Hi anon @ first comment, after reading again Textusa post, your comment makes sense. Not sure if was Fagan, but I think Textusa spot on. Is quite clear since the beginning of the saga, that they had an important help from some people from the expat community. Must be somebody who had some economical power, who rans properties and who shared with the group some special activities that were going on inside the OC.
    If that fictional story touches the reality, means, the S and the lady from the Social Service, were all part of the same bunch and used by F to frame Gerry and his friends and keep him on the right track.
    What is not clear for me is " the S crossed with G on demand or G headed that way knowing there was a huge probability to bump on S because who advised him to go that way (F) knows well S routine and was sure that they will cross each other at that time of the night?
    Interesting ... Sometime ago, some blogs reported ( true or not) a libel case opposing Murat and Jane Tanner. If there is any, is kept under Gods secrecy because no any paper reported it. Strange, because I' m sure that story will sell like rain. Contrary to that, TB and GA libel's are having a lot of publicity. Who is behind that publicity? Team McCann obviously.
    If M is not suing JT, the fictional story gets a lot of logic . Is a fact that he and his mother got to close to the case to be just innocent neighbors of the crime scene, trying to help the police.
    I'm dreaming or I read in a paper when M becomes a suspect that the dogs(GNR) found traces of the girl near M pool?
    And who was the guy who delivered to PJ the draws showing some transformations made inside Murat house to raise more suspicions on him? Was it F or somebody related with him?
    Well done are brilliant and your posts lead us inside Agatha Christie world.

  4. The link from the first comment is not valid.

    I too thought it was Jane.

    This makes such sense because throughout the case, we speak of the protection the couple have had but actually they have been made guilty by all accounts and yet protected by all other accounts. Does that make sense? Everyone now knows they are guilty and yet nothing happens until the day when they need to take the fall and they have already been worked into a situation from which they cannot escape.

  5. Nao tem nada a haver com o Post de Textusa, mas nao resisti. Pode ser que se abra o caminho para a transparencia na justica e para resolver o que o passado deixou muito mal pendurado:

    'A ministra da Justiça enfrenta agora a prova mais dura deste início de mandato. O mapa judiciário vai deixar um rasto de descontentamento '
    Por:Eduardo Dâmaso, Director-Adjunto-CM

    'Uma coisa, porém, é certa: nestes parcos sete meses, Paula Teixeira da Cruz já conseguiu, sem dinheiro para distribuir, repor a credibilidade do ministério e levar alguma paz ao sector. O Ministério da Justiça deixou de ser um instrumento de guerrilha contra juízes, procuradores e polícias. Deixou de ser a arma usada para partir a espinha à investigação criminal. A ministra podia não ter feito mais nada, mas só isso já é muito, num país que ao longo de seis anos teve um ministério vergado a desígnios que não primaram pela transparência.'

  6. Su, Google 'Fagan Algarve' and you will get the information related with link. The guy is the owner or the developper of many tourist properties in Algarve, including Golf developments. After all, what G loves best? Golf. Not Tennis. The tennis was to fool the police. He have been in the Algarve before, to play Golf.

  7. Pode ser que GA consiga reabrir o Caso Maddie e levar alguns personagens a falar em tribunal.
    O caso Face Oculta que e outro embroglio de altas proteccoes, ja pos uma testemunha a contar o que sabe. Por isso esta sob proteccao policial.
    Venham as do caso Maddie. O pais que as acollheu e deixou saborear o Sol do Algarve, merece ser respeitado e saber a verdade. Ha sempre um vizinho, um amigo, que viu qualquer coisa e calou durante 5 anos. Nenhum segredo perdura indecifrado no tempo, sob pena de comecar a corroer consciencias. Acho que a corrosao ja comecou, por isso os advogados e spinman's andam tao activos nos bastidores.

  8. I saw the Oceanario Development on sale in a stall, during the properties Faire in Dubai. Was after May 2007. The properties were advertised like if the place was in Spain, because the stall had a mention of the Spannish Algarve. Strange for me, as a portuguese. I made a complaint regarding such huge mistake.
    Fooling the public. At their best.
    Estrela da Luz, was also what they were advertising and some people of the public started make connections with PDL and asking if the place was not close to where the British girl disappeared. They said NO. The girl and the abduction was not a good Plot for that particular businnes, special in a country thousands of miles away from Portugal.
    Fooling the public is never a good idea because you raise discussions into some points you want to divert from.


    ( Letter from Pat Brown Lawyer, about her book).

    I still not having an opinion regarding the real reasons of Pat Brown heading to Portugal. A lot of ?????? in my mind.
    I hope, she is going there to really help the truth, Amaral and the official investigation. I hope she didn't become another character selling her faiths to the Mccann's and leading the public to desbelieve/discredit justice. I don't like the part of the letter where the lawyer refers to the dogs and the polygraph. Of course, dogs can't be used in court but they are a useful instrument that helps the police solving many cases, then what was recovered after the dogs activity cannot be dismissed. Needs to be analysed.

  10. I too am not comfortable with Pat Brown and her intentions. I strongly feel that it is a huge mistake to announce her investigations in Portugal to the world. She should have kept it all under wraps, she should have come incognito, do whatever she has to do and leave incognito. She would have much more freedom of movement and less chance to be followed around and harassed by the media and/or the McCann "helpers" in the Algarve. I fear for her safety (if she is indeed genuine, not a McCann instrument, that is).

    Another strange thing, her lawyer's "cease-and-desist" letter is addressed to Isabel Duarte, at Carter-Ruck in London!

    Isabel Duarte


    6 St Andrew Street

    London EC4A 3AE



    Isabel DUARTE??? IN London, at the Carter-Ruck's address???
    Is it a mistake? There's a Isabel HUDSON at C-R, isn't it? Would Anne Bremner, a "top defense attorney" as Brown names her,
    make such a mistake?! As far as I know, Isabel Duarte does not work for C-R and has nothing to do with the removal of Brown's book from Amazon.
    What's going on?!
    Fishy, fishy, very fishy...

  11. I don't remember anything about any traces of Madeleine found in Murat's house, pool, garden, etc., and, I think the man that came on tv talking about the layout of the house was the man an engenier who built or made some renovations in the house, who talked about the existance of a "caixa-de-ar"( air-box)under the house, mainly under the living-room area. The hole, he said, in some places was up to a metter high, suggesting it could be used to hide a child...

  12. Just read the Met review has so far cost us tax payers over 2 million pounds. I would like to see some transparency in this enquiry, its so obvious the Mccanns are heavily involved in Madeleines disappearance.
    Are the Met leaving the Mccanns until last to be interviewed before finally arresting them and their tapas friends.

  13. Anon Feb 2, 2012 9:16:00 AM

    Pat Brown said...
    FYI, there was an error in the originally posted WCI blog due to accidental cut-and-paste. The recipient of the letter at Carter-Ruck IS Adam Tudor.

    By the way, I agree with your comment.

  14. QUOTE : "Fooling the public. At their best".

    Oceanico and Fagan were rumoured to have gone bust in 2009/10 ironicaly just at the very moment the banks moved in with their shedloads of cash.

    As Fagan is still there - after a fashion - we can now conclude it unfortunately proved to be exactly just that - an ugly but nonetheless very welcome rumour.


  15. QUOTE from TTW4 “QUOTE : "Fooling the public. At their best".”
    My QUOTE about TTW4 “Fooling the public. At his best"
    Once again, TTW4, says something without justification “Oceanico and Fagan were rumoured”
    Where is this rumour from?
    On what is based “ironicaly just at the very moment the banks moved in with their shedloads of cash”?
    Even when TTW4 quotes he “forgets” to say from where.
    Textusa, I don’t understand why you’ve censored Advocatus but keep on posting comments from his alter ego, TTW4, or is it the other way around?
    If they aren’t the same person, they play for the same colour: Black. His attempts to attack Fagan, based on nothing, are just another attempt to befriend the blog.
    I’m not defending Fagan in any way (I know little about Fagan, except he co-owns OC), I’m attacking explicitly TTW4 MO!


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