Saturday, 28 January 2012

Textusa's Phone Hacking Scandal #1

We have something to confess. Besides all we’ve said about what we thought and think about the Leveson Inquiry, we have to tell that it affected us personally.

You see, we hoped we were going to be summoned to the phone hacking hearings. The Levenson Inquiry dashed our hopes. Once this one started, the other circus' matinee was over...

You see, us Sisters, have to confess that we’ve fictionally done some fictional phone hacking of our own.

We had my eldest grandson, who we pretended to be an electronics genius, to come up with a contraption made up of empty cans, a couple of wire coat-hangers, a fan, an old spark plug Fred had in the garage, and an electric cord, with which we made believe that we could tap on any phone conversation. Provided it was fictional, of course.

What we can't understand is why we weren’t summoned to the hearings. The fact that all our hacks are FICTIONAL should have been an added reason for us to be summoned. After all, wasn’t most of what we heard in them total and absolute FICTION?

No we’re not speaking about the Leveson Inquiry. That’s as fictional, if not more, but not hardly the place to discuss fictional phone hackings… just fictional journalistic ethics. Now, THAT is one enormous fictional subject even in the non-fictional world

Our fictional hacking should have also being subjected to question, no question about it. But it wasn’t. So we’ve decided to share with our readers all our fictional tapes.

Today we publish the first of a number of fictionally hacked fictional phone calls:


F: Has he shown up yet?

G: No, not that I know of…

F: The Portuguese cop hasn’t given you any indication that he may have contacted them?

G: No.

F: Our cops know nothing also… Why, in heaven’s sake, did he have to fly out the next day?!? Damn it!!..

G: Are you sure that it’s the Ss?

F: From what you told me, it can only be them! It was a big family, right? The woman was pregnant, right?

G: Yes… just like I told you, it was a big group, a couple in front with a woman, as I said, pregnant, then the older couple with the toddlers, and then by the stairs the youngsters… not exactly sure how many... Let me see… two… then four, and then three or four. That… makes it either nine or ten

F: There aren't that many big families around here, so they have to be the Ss alright. The man was (description of S), right?

G: Yes and the woman was (description of S’s wife), like I've told you a thousand times… when I stopped at the crossing, one of the older couple said something to me, I'm not exactly sure what or who said it, if it was him or her, I don't remember which... but I do remember that it was clearly Irish, that I'm absolutely sure of. Listen, I practically ran over the man and his entire family!! And talking about that, you know, I'm starting to a worry about something...

F: What is it?

G: What if he recognizes me?

F: Isn't that what we want to happen?

G: No, I mean, what if he recognizes me... as in ME? All this circus is making my face much too familiar to everyone... If he had gone to the cops on Friday, when he should have, he obviously wouldn't be able to tell me apart from anyone else, but he didn't go, did he? As time passes on so are the chances of him going to the cops saying that's ME he saw, and not some abstract abductor, you know... He did get a pretty damn close look at me, I tell you... What do we do if he says that it was me?

F: So? What's wrong if he does? Don't you have all your friends saying that you were with them? And the Tapas people that confirm that? The only problem I see of him saying that, is that most likely the police won't take his statement seriously, and that's a problem, them thinking that he's just another joker with visions, so let's really hope he doesn't say that, ok? If he does, we can only hope the cops do take him seriously and think he's using your, as you say, familiar face to describe the kind of man he saw. I mean, besides your accent, you have no other uncommon feature that makes you any different from any other "normal" man, now do you? With your current popularity plus what your friends and Tapas have said and continue to say, we shouldn't expect any problems. It will never cross anyone's minds that you could be... you. Damn S and his travel plans, by now this all could be done with!!

G: You were pretty happy when I told you the first time who I had bumped into… remember? Remember you said that it had been a pretty darn good stroke of luck, you even said it was a typical case of "luck of the Irish", that I had run into S, who you just happen to know, and not into any of the locals!!

F: Yes, yes… but who could have guessed that they would be flying the next morning?!? I’ve already confirmed that the Ss were here, the whole lot of them, and that they did fly Friday morning back to Ireland. But what on earth’s sake is keeping him from coming?!? It can’t be that he doesn’t know by now about your daughter

G: What? With this entire circus? He’d be the only living soul in the whole world to miss it… He will come, I’m sure. He has to come!

F: Yes, but until then we can’t just sit still, can we?!? No way can we allow for the PJ to start poking their filthy noses where they shouldn't… You never know what they do if they found out or just happen to stumble on what was going on. I’m starting to get calls from people who are getting very, very nervous, and when these people get nervous they get nervous, if you know what I mean…

G: I understand, I understand… if I couldn’t afford the scandal myself, I can just imagine what would happen to some of those that were on the resort if it what we were all up to was to be known…

F: Yes… we had a pretty good thing going until you lot spoiled it all up. Can you just imagine the amount of time and effort it took us to set up something like this?!? And the money and trust that I'm losing with this thing?!?

G: He’s already said he was sorry…

F: And?!? You know what I feel like doing with him and his sorrow?!? Do you have the faintest idea of the size of the scandal this would be back home if we weren’t we were and knew who we know?!?…

G: Calm down, calm down… you did say that on our side all was taken care of?

F: Yes, yes… our Government has guaranteed that they won’t ever allow for this ever to be known, and the Portuguese Government is being dealt with, if it hasn’t happened that already…

G: So that means that the PJ is also up to speed, right?

F: As I told you, I don’t know what has been done, nor do I know what kind of control they have over the PJ or any, but from what I’ve followed with the Freeport and the Casa Pia, the cops on the field are not that controllable... in this Country the control seems to be made more on an upper level...

G: Meaning?

F: Meaning we can’t run any sort of risk. Our cops are our cops, their cops are theirs, and the less they know, and, very important, the less they discover, the better. No one has guaranteed us that the PJ will remain silent if they discover what was going on here…

G: But we weren’t doing anything illegal

F: No, we were NOT, were we? But you did agree to lie about your own daughter’s death, didn’t you? And it didn’t take a lot pushing as I remember…

G: We would all be jobless in the bat of an eye… and our house…

F: Listen, I’ve been thinking, until S finally decides to speak, we have to keep the abduction story alive. We just have to maintain the pressure in that direction without letting go so the PJ isn't able to go in any other direction but abduction! Absolutely no other direction, understand?

G: From the first minute I’ve understood that!! I did my bit, didn't I? Walked until I was seen, didn't I? J has said she saw a guy passing with a girl in his arms, didn't she? And the rest of our group has confirmed that we were on the binge down the road… there’s not much more we can do, is there?

F: No, that's why we'll need to create another S, won’t we?

G: How’s that?

F: You go and see what your friend J told the police what she saw, you know, clothes, general description of the man…

G: That’s easy… she described me.

F: What? She’s an idiot?!?

G: No, no… she had to… from the apartment to M’s, somebody could have seen me, and things would have matched, right? Pity nobody did see me then, otherwise we wouldn’t be needing S right now would we? And I point out that now that we have S speaking also, hopefully soon, J's and S's description of the abductor do match, don't they?

F: Right And no, we wouldn't be needing S if someone saw you going to Ms... You’re right, you’re right… Anyhow, what we have to do is find someone else that has also seen you. Whoever it is can’t be from Luz or anywhere too near this town…

G: Why?

F: Are you daft? How many nights have there been? Three? Four? Wouldn’t the abductor have gained the most distance from here by now?!?

G: I don’t see why the abductor couldn't have seen me around here, I mean S did see me here didn’t he?

F: Yes he did, but that was on the night she was supposed to be taken, right?

G: And?

F: And?!? Don’t forget that S DID see you. He can show up any minute, right? And we DO want him to show up, don’t we?

G: Sure do!

F: So where would we have this new sighting now here in Luz? We already have two different places where he was seen, the one where your friend J says she sees you and the other where S sees you too. When S shows up, don’t you think that having a third location in such a small town is kind of pushing it a bit too far??! The abductor is an abductor, not a grasshopper jumping around with a little girl on his back…

G: But couldn’t it be someone also coming out of Kelly’s just like the Ss?...

F: Do you think so??!? First, that would mean that Kelly did have a life when the idea is for this whole town, which includes that place, to be as lifeless as a desert; or isn't that the supposed reason why you people kept yourselves in the resort all this time? Then this new witness would have to have left Kelly's precisely between not being noticed leaving by the Ss, because if they’re asked about that, they'll have to say that they saw no one leaving with them, because they really didn't see, did they?; and be able to still follow the Ss in time to reach the stairs to see the abductor, right? right? But that's not all, and this would be what would set all alarm bells ringing from here to where you're from, you'd also have the fact that is this new witness would come only now forward. You see what would happen? When S does show up, then we have both witnesses that have seen the abductor, here, in the exact same place and on the exact same night, taking both exactly an "eternity" to come forward and speak!! What do you think the cops would think about that with all the exposure we’ve been able to get around your daughter?!? That Luz is filled with retards?!? It would obviously look rigged! You know what they say, one coincidence, two coincidences – maybe they’re still coincidences. Any more than that and it stops being coincidence.

G: I like that phrase.

F: What phrase?

G: That one about coincidences…

F: What?! You like the phrase, do you? Well do feel free to use it that I won’t charge royalties, ok? I’m talking serious here and you’re paying attention to a catch phrase?!? I’m beginning to think that you’re beginning to like the role you’re playing... that you think that you’re some kind of a funny joker or something of the sort, aren’t you? Do I have to remind you that we’re talking about your dead daughter?!?

G: Sorry…

F: Let me think, will you? We have to have someone seeing your daughter being moved from one hideout to another… don’t worry I’ll find someone. Beige trousers, right?

G: What? Ah… yes, the trousers were beige, yes. But if want be sure, you can always go check, in the tennis bag, what trousers I wore that night... the jeans are J's, the others are mine.

F: The tennis bag has already been dispatched back home, to keep it safe from prying eyes...

G: Oh, of course, of course... we can't take any chances now, can we? It was already enough for us to have called the cops with the bag still in the apartment! What idiots! Then leaving the damn trousers on the bed! My heart almost stopped when I walked into the room with the GNR, and saw them just lying there!!!... How pathetic we must have looked like when we threw ourselves on the floor crying like babies... but that was the only idea I got to distract them... twice! Once so the trousers could be taken off the bed, and the other to get the trousers and the bag out of the apartment! Twice! It resulted... but what a blunder that was...

F: Blunder? Blunder was you lot ever setting foot on Luz! That was what was THE BLUNDER!!!


  1. Fictional...? Yes, in the sense it is not the transcript of a REAL phone call, but... the chills down my spine as I read it told me that the "scenario" is very close to reality...
    Brrr...Textusa, you're psychic!

  2. Still I could not take time to read the article with all the attention it deserves.

    In a first approach, it seems to me that they know each other avoid ....... to hide what's behind ALL of the events.

    For here, in my country, is the opposite: the evils guys give the face together to benefit them.
    The all events from PdL as the UK.

    Ainda não consegui ter tempo para ler o artigo com toda a atenção que merece.

    Numa primeira abordagem, parece-me que eles evitam conhecer-se....... para esconderem tudo o que está por de trás dos acontecimentos TODOS.

    Por cá, no meu país, é o contrário:

    as más pessoas dão a cara e juntam-se para os beneficiar.

    Vão beneficiar TODOS os acontecimentos na PdL e em Uk.

  3. This case, now, the Mc´s case Is something like

    " "Something goes wrong in the kingdom of Denmark," Hamlet alludes to corruption, betrayal, incest, revenge and killings occurring in the kingdom. "

    Only must be a big scandal where the couple is
    chess piece insignificant at first, before the events in PdL.

    After these came to be of vital importance ......

  4. This sounds about right. Eager for the upcoming chapters, hoping that they'll be as fruitful as the Tapas Quiz series.

  5. Textusa, with each posts of yours you uncover a bit if the truth, but I think you do another kind of public service that few realize: rattling the BH cage from inside!
    I imagine they're pulling hairs from skulls by the handful to try to discover who the is the bl**dy mole among them. Even if you weren't in PDL then, and I hope you were because that means that we're getting these gems right from the source, they won't believe that you aren't. You posts fight the BH from both sides, the outside and the inside!

  6. Anon Jan 28, 2012 1:50:00 PM,

    As much as I might spike people's curiosity, I'm not from inside anything, my agenda is simple, truth, my objective, citizenship.

    For that reason, my words, and those of the rest of the team, are no longer ours the minute they're published.

    Besides that, you'd be surprise how boring I am.

  7. F, for Fiona? She seems to be one of the brains. Her husband organized the " very special holidays". The couple must know well the type of holidays going on there and the implications for all guests if the reason of the holidays was uncovered.
    F, always appears to be very close to the Mccann's and taking care of Kate when G is away. Something that by logical circumstances must be deserved for J, since she was the one who publicly shows up talking about the abductor. F, also seat on the beach with Kate conforting her ( Kate reported it on her book ).
    For another strange coincidence( or was it not a coincidence?), while reading the statement gave to PJ by the lady from the UK social service ( she was describing what she saw in the very early of May 4 when she went to the OC to offer her services) I noticed that something called her attention- DP was wearing clothes matching the clothes of the abductor described by J. Then, more then one from the group looking for a witness and playing the abductor? One with girl and one without? to confuse witnesses?

  8. Marinho é testemunha
    O bastonário da Ordem dos Advogados, Marinho Pinto, será testemunha do casal McCanncontraGonçalo Amaral, no processo cível que os pais de Madeleine moveram contra o ex-coordenador da Directoria da Polícia Judiciária de Portimão, apurou o Correio da Manhã.

    Marinho Pinto disponibilizou-se para testemunhar, presencialmente, contra o ex-coordenador no julgamento que estava marcado para começar na próxima semana, mas que foi adiado pelo juiz que deferiu o pedido dos McCann para que fossem ouvidas várias testemunhas inglesas por videoconferência. Gonçalo Amaral ganhou, na Relação, a providência cautelar contra a publicação do livro "A Verdade da Mentira", onde defendia a tese de que Maddie tinha morrido no Algarve. Os desembargadores consideraram que a proibição da publicação do livro violava a Constituição.

    Digo eu: A confirmacao do que ha muito se suspeitava, provando que o publico nao e estupido e sabe cheirar o 'esturro' onde ele existe.
    Desde quando este senhor pode ser chamado como testemunha? o que e que ele sabe do que se passou a 3 de Maio de 2007 na PDL para poder testemunhar contra a PJ? esteve la? ou e mais um oportunista a procura de protagonismo para destruir a imagem da policia e do pais?
    Sempre gostava de saber que passado mal resolvido com a policia tem este senhor para odiar tanto a PJ e os juizes? So falta os Mccann's chamarem tambem o Miguel Sousa Tavares como testemunha para o ramalhete ficar completo. Isto so credibiliza mais GA. ele estava na pista certa e por isso sao necessarios tubaroes para o destruirem.
    se calhar comeca a ser tempo de cada um de nos comecar a escrever a Ministra da Justica porque na realidade este bando de escroques que nao defendem os direitos das criancas e se pavoneiam pelos corredores da justica, envergonham-nos enquanto povo e nao dignificam a nossa bandeira nem a nossa Historia.

  9. Se Marinho P( recuso-me a considera- lo Dr) pode ser chamado como testemunha, acho que o Inspector Goncalo A tambem deveria chamar Manuela Moura Guedes como testemunha. Talvez ela saiba porque o "inlustre bastonario" se meteu ate as orelhas no caso Maddie e no caso Joana, porque foi chamado o vidente da Madeira e porque quiseram silencia-la no jornal da TVi.
    Manuela M G teve txxxxx para transformar o Marinho na figura mais bacoca que foi entrevistada nas nossas Tvs.

  10. Muito bem dito , anon 5:03 p.m.
    Ele oferece-se e já não é a 1ª vez.

  11. Blacksmith bureau is revealing that none of the Tapas 7 will be called by the Mccann's as witnesses to testify on the coming trial. Per contrary, Marinho Pinto will be there in person, as witness ( witness of what)? wasn't amazing that the only witnesses who could know really something ( T7) will be not there?
    I don't need to do a big exercise to understand where is going to be used the money from the Fund- a lot of clorox to whitewash the Mccann's. INNOCCENT PEOPLE DON'T need to move the world to prove their INNOCENCE.

  12. Shake Rattle & Roll
    As Performed by Gerry And the FaceFakers
    Written by Charles Calhoun

    Get out from that kitchen
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    I believe you're doin' me wrong
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    Well you never do nothin'
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    Shake rattle and ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  13. Nao e este senhor MP que diz que as nossas cadeias estao cheias de gente que devia estar ca fora? pois e.... se calhar, porque ha muitos que andam ca fora e deveriam estar la dentro. Ele e um bom exemplo de quem deveria estar la dentro. qual e o interesse dele no caso maddie e joana? porque e que nunca teve uma palavra no caso Rui Pedro? porque o ultimo cheira a pedofilos nao e, enquanto os outros dois foram assuntos domesticos e este senhor esta na justica para defender pedofilos e todo o tipo de criminosos. Para gente assim, a PJ e um inimigo a abater, principalmente os policias que nao se deixam corromper e nao se calam.
    Ai Portugal, Portugal, no que esta gentinha te esta a transformar. E nao parece haver ninguem com coragem para denunciar tantos perversos.
    espero que o novo advogado de GA tenha a coragem de questionar o envolvimento destes Pierrots neste caso.

  14. também gostei deste comentário das 5:50:00 PM.

    Bem. Amanhã vou ler este post devidamente; saborea-lo com toda a atenção. Já o li mas quero reler .

    Mt.º obrig.

  15. Blacksmith bureau is revealing that none of the Tapas 7 will be called by the Mccann's as witnesses to testify on the coming trial. Per contrary, Marinho Pinto will be there in person, as witness ( witness of what)? wasn't amazing that the only witnesses who could know really something ( T7) will be not there?

    In America, there is an expression about beans - See "Casablanca" - 1942

    Gerry: If that plane leaves the ground and you're not with me, you'll regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.

    Kate: But what about us?

    Gerry: We'll always have Rothley. We didn't have it before...we'd...we'd lost it until you came to Casablanca. We got it back last night.

    Kate: When I said I would never leave you...

    Gerry: And you never will. Not while I have the evidence. But I've got a job to do too. Where I'm going, you can't follow. What I've got to do, you can't be any part of. Kate,I I'm no good at being noble, ignoble maybe, just a wee bit, but it doesn't take much to see that the problems of THREE little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.
    Someday you'll understand that. Here's looking at you, kidnapper.

    Pinto beans?

  16. Mike Sullivan, Crime editor of The Sun, who wrote McCann articles about UK police going to Barcelona recently.
    Also article about how John O'Connor, ex Flying Squad supported the review and believed it would find something.
    3 other journos also arrested plus 29 yr old male officer from Terrorist Policing Command.
    Corruption and conspiracy.
    Just gets worse, or maybe something will come out of this? He boasts on 2006 blog about dinners between journalists and police. Maybe not a wise move, retrospectively?

  17. Mike Sullivan, Crime editor of The Sun, who wrote McCann articles about UK police going to Barcelona recently.
    Also article about how John O'Connor, ex Flying Squad supported the review and believed it would find something.
    3 other journos also arrested plus 29 yr old male officer from Terrorist Policing Command.
    Corruption and conspiracy.
    Just gets worse, or maybe something will come out of this? He boasts on 2006 blog about dinners between journalists and police. Maybe not a wise move, retrospectively?

    You know why they're called the "Flying Squad"?

    Just remove the "F"...

  18. " Crime editor of The Sun"

    There's an oxymoron if ever I heard one!

  19. I returned !

    An offer:


    from Cesaria Evora

  20. Desde quando o Bastonario da Ord dos advogados pode ser testemunha num caso destes? Se nao ha um impedimento legal, devia haver um impedimento moral. Ja o disse a proposito do mesmo caso, o ex Bastonario Pires de Lima, quando Rogerio Alves se apresentou como advogado dos Mccann, sendo ainda Bastonario.
    Mas quem disse que estes mercenarios tem moral? Como cheira mal o dinheiro que muitos doaram julgando ser para ajudar a crianca a aparecer. Afinal e para a manterem bem escondida e reduzida a um objecto que se vende consoante a necessidade financeira do momento.

  21. Oh Marinho, porque e que nao te apresentas tambem em pessoa, la para os lados da Lourinha a defenderes o Rei Ghob? Mais um desgracado a ser esquartejado pela PJ nao e?
    Es um insulto para todas as vitimas.

  22. To the Portuguese poster who is beating up Marinho Pinto, we understand your frustration but please respect Textusa's work. This is not a post about that person!

  23. Also article about how John O'Connor, ex Flying Squad supported the review and believed it would find something.

    Actually I've always rather rated this Irish geezer. Of course I always 'read' this sky-high BP timebomb 'between the lines'. Unfortunately, he is perma-muzzled. I see him all the time on SKY pontificating, and most of his comments make sense. On the face of it Mr O'Connor is VERY good at his new Clarence-like brief. Behind the rosacea facade however, I bet he is a right old handfull in the confessional. I would expect that if has any honour, taking those 33 pieces must be most troubling. If JO still has any sway with the Sweeney, perhaps he could have a word?

    Regarding the Scotland Yard bullmerde. Have a listen to this chappie, I think he has it all sussed!

    If you are a seasoned observer, Mr O'Connor is as see-through as a cheap condom.

    By definition he is bought and sold, that is why he sells his soul to Murdoch's SKY tee-vee.

    Come on John, don't let the ol' country down!

    Advocatus - a fellow Celt.

  24. Corruption in Scot


    Land Yard

  25. Sorry to disagree with you anon 8:09. Since that guy decide to get involved in the case in a very disgraceful way, I think readers have the right to show their indignation in the places where Madeleine is respected and where people fight for her rights. I can't see why the posters of the Portuguese readers, regarding that guy could disrespect Textusa's work. Unless you get discomfort with them, for any special reason.
    In fact, the guy is the one which is an insult for all the honest people who follow the laws and try to live honestly and he is the one who disrespect not only the work of Textusa, but the work of all people that has a brain to think freely and a nose to smell the rats.
    Instead of remaining in silence and let the Caravan go with all the pirates - this is what they want- we should highlight THEY ARE THERE AND QUESTION WHY THEY ARE THERE.
    That guy thinks he is the best and all others are stupid. Very typical... Do all the readers know that his daughter is working for Rogerio Alves and perhaps her salary is coming out from the Madeleine Fund?
    On Madeleine case, many coincidences stop to be coincidences long ago.

  26. Now the Smiths have been already corrupted by the Mccann's. Their money and their special lawyers know well how to do it.
    The Smiths already learned how to dismiss previous statements and contradict themselves. After all, at the back mr. clarrie knows well his roll and will be easy for him to sell the idea of the group been confused, chocked by the situation, rescuing the Smiths from the mess they previously delivered to the police.
    I really don't keep any hope on this witnesses if for any reason they will be called to court. They need to have an extra courage and be people with " great character" to face the beasts and tell the truth.
    I wish I could be wrong.

  27. ..."Through it all, they have also had to contend with a sustained campaign of harassment conducted by a small band of fanatics convinced they had a hand in their daughter's disappearance." By Robert Mendick, Chief Reporter 8:20AM GMT 29 Jan 2012- the Sunday Telegraph

    " Mccurnalists" are back in stage on the day that a football supporter was arrested on the grounds of being racist. What were the articles made by British journalists regarding PJ or who don't believe on Mccann's fairy tales? PURE RACISM, PURE XENOPHOBIA.

    Who don't believe on them has no rights to express their opinion. WAS IT MCCANN'S WORDS, A BIBLE THAT MUST BE FOLLOWED BY ALL THE WORLD WITHOUT QUESTIONNING ?
    How can that Mccurnalists quantify the amount of people who don't believe the pair and qualify them as "small band of fanatics"?

  28. A very interesting discussion is hapenning at Joana Morais Blog, highlighting the connections of many characters.

  29. "Through it all, they have also had to contend with a sustained campaign of harassment conducted by a small band of fanatics convinced they had a hand in their daughter's disappearance." By Robert Mendick, Chief Reporter 8:20AM GMT 29 Jan 2012- the Sunday Telegraph...

    I thought you could comment normally on Telegraph articles, but apparently not this one?

    Now curious.

  30. Exactly, anon 30 7:54.

    Why the articles published in Uk related with Mccann's are systematically barred for comments? Is it because there is a " small band" who don't believe them?
    What a biased article.... Like almost all others, after Sep. 2007.
    Looks like the Mccann's asked the trial with TB to be delayed(was persponded for after 8 Feb). They have done the same with GA. A strategy to have both trials happening more or less at the same time? What are they afraid?


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