Monday, 9 January 2012

No More Doubts

If you go to the SY site, and search for “abduction” + “maddie”, you will find the following entry (it seems that this link, if clicked directly, gives an error message. Do go directly to the SY Webpage and do the query... it should get you there):

If you click on that link, a word document (228_288_Op Grange Remit) pops up. Do open and read it:

Op Grange Remit
The support and expertise proffered by the Commissioner will be provided by the Homicide & Serious Crime Command - SCD1.

The activity, in the first instance, will be that of an ‘investigative review’. This will entail a review of the whole of the investigation(s) which have been conducted in to the circumstances of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance.

The focus of the review will be of the material held by three main stakeholders (and in the following order of primacy);

The Portuguese Law Enforcement agencies.
UK Law Enforcement agencies,
Other private investigative agencies/staff and organisations.

The investigative review is intended to collate, record and analyse what has gone before.

It is to examine the case and seek to determine, (as if the abduction occurred in the UK) what additional, new investigative approaches we would take and which can assist the Portuguese authorities in progressing the matter. Whilst ordinarily a review has no investigative remit whatsoever- the scale and extent of this enquiry cannot permit for such an approach. It will take too long to progress to any “action stage” if activity is given wholly and solely to a review process.

The ‘investigative review’ will be conducted with transparency, openness and thoroughness.

The work will be overseen through the Gold Group management structure, which will also manage the central relationships with other key stakeholders and provide continuing oversight and direction to the investigative remit.


Now, the phrase “It is to examine the case and seek to determine, (as if the abduction occurred in the UK)” is very, very clear.

There are no “ifs ” or “buts” about it. SY is investigating an ABDUCTION. That's their guideline on the issue.

If my memory serves me right, as of late 2007, the media, and everyone else, has been very careful to avoid the term “abduction”, rather replacing it with other more ambiguous, but truthful, terminology, such as vanished, missing, etc…

Now we have it in black & white. From SY itself. To say that in 2012, may be a blunder, but it isn't innocent.

The Met commissioner has resigned since this announcement. He did say the outcome may not be published. It doesn’t surprise me one bit.

All those of you that still had a glimmer of hope that the SY Review would bring some truth to the Maddie Affair, please be reasonable, do stop having it.

If you thought that there was a serious investigation going on to serve justice, please read the above and I suggest that you start to realize that there is a serious investigation going on, but to whitewash the case.

But you know me; I'm patient and will wait for you to come to that conclusion by yourself...

Lest we forget, £3 mill were allocated for this.


  1. Boa tarde!

    Li o post de manhã mas nem tive muito tempo para ficar na net.

    Isto, a " oficialização" não espanta a ninguém já que tem sido essa a preparação " oficiosa" para Fevereiro ( se acontecer.....?????? ) e para alimentar o Fundo .

    Só com a Vossa pesquisa nós tomamos conhecimento e , devido à Vossa eficiência a tal " notícia" tem a data de ontem, ein?????!!!!!!! .

    Sempre em cima dos acontecimentos.

    Parabéns e obrigada, Sisters!


    google tradutor ( pior do que eu, suponho)

    Good afternoon!

    I read the post in the morning but I did not get much time to get on the net.

    This, the "official" is not surprising to anyone since this preparation has been "ex officio" for February (if it happens .....??????) and to supply the Fund.

    Only with Your´s knowledge/research we knew quickly.

    Your´s research and your efficiency due to such "news" is dated yesterday, ein ! A must!

    Always on top of events.

    Congratulations and thank you, Sisters!

  2. There is only one person that can solve this murder case, and the mccanns know it. Let's wait just a little longer.

  3. Anon 5:05

    Thank you for your comment.

    It is NOT a murder case that has to be solved. The loss of life in this matter is easily solvable. It just requires minimum will.

    What is at stake, is a cover-up. That, at least from where we stand, seems not a task to be solved single-handed. Or, at least again, its solution lies not on a single person. But if you happen to know wiser, please feel free to share.

  4. Surely Cameron wouldn't have the nerve to donate £3 million to the McCann slush fund in this economic climate? Would a Freedom of Information request be a possibility, to ascertain whether SY are only investigating "an abduction". They must be concocting the evidence for it, if so, because there was certainly no existing evidence for an abduction. Is that what is taking them so long?

  5. Comment from May I:

    What is the point in blogging we may ask ourselves.
    To achieve an outcome, to express frustration and outrage or just a passing interest? For me, the first 2.
    When to give up? I don't know but not yet

  6. A message to Leveson.

    FGS Leveson bring this inquiry to a close. It's getting embarrasing for the observer. We have junior reporters like Sanderson given a grilling with stupid questions he can't possibly answer then on the other hand we have Simon Toms, the solicitor at NI group who can and all he is required to do is hand in a statement in response to questions he can craft answers to. Enough is enough already, this is cringe-making and pathetic.

    The question asked of Hohan today about 'going after' people who had been targeted once this was all over was so ridiculous that a child in a classroom would not have asked. Of course he would answer negatively, would he really incriminate himself? Leveson is a fool or a puppet but I suppose he is being paid well to be the clown.

    Stop insulting us Leveson and pass the message to your paymasters.

  7. Clearly, the review is a washing up and the Lev Enq is part of the same washing up oterwise the Mccann's will be not allowed to seat at the Enq and open their mouths to deliver more lies. Their presence there was abusive and was an insult for the real victims of the wrong behavior of some Media.
    No matter that, I still believing one day, somewhere the Truth will raise the surface and justice will be served, even if the perpetrators don't spend a day in any prison. Sometimes the day life and the condemnation of having to face your remain childs, your relatives, your neighbours and the anonymous world that crosses your days, knowing that they know " YOU ARE THE ONE WHO COMMITTED A CRIME AGAINST YOUR OWN CHILD AND FOOL THE WORLD TO LIVE UNDER DONATIONS RAISED ON THE SHADOW OF THE SAME CRIME" is the best way for justice to be served. The world knows already how the power tried to pervert and prevent the investigation. WHY? is what shocks me and what raises an incommodative doubt inside my mind. Why they were protected in a cover up full of inconsistences and bad mud, to be polite, because the real adjectives are " ridiculous" and "criminal".... Can't be because a child died due to a domestic accident, in a foreigner country, no matter if the child was left attended or unattended. The crime must be more serious with a proper investigation exposing a large range of influential people in UK, to allow a so disgraceful cover up.
    What was the motive of the PDL holidays, must be the reason behind the protection and the cover up. And I'm not thinking on any Medical/ Manson or political conspiracy. Something very simple but simultaneous, very embarassing or shocking to a conservative society, aglutinates all that people in the same places transforming an hypothetical coincidence in a " no coincidence at all". Then, having a child diyng due to an accident was just a question of time. It happen in PDL but could happen in any other country, including UK, at any time, because such type of holidays should not include any child. Were adult holidays and according to my point of view, the children were take there to fool relatives, neighbours and the police because the childs can hide the real purpose of the holidays a nd they are young enough to not understand the real mean of the holidays. Imagine a Resort in a beach small town that allow young and middle age couples but there you don't see any children. That will raise suspicion at the police eyes. The Resort will be investigated for the type of Holidays, even without any serious crime associated. I'm talking about the swing, which for me, is the real motive behind everything, including the cover up. The OC will be shut down and full investigated with a scandal, long ago(before Maddie) if childs were not allowed because I don't believe in Portugal a Resort or Hotel is allowed to promote such type of activities without having a proper licence and paying high taxes for that business. Then, the presence of children help both parts, the holidaymakers who can fool their close family and friends, and the resort, who can fool the police and offer a type of holiday that no any other resort/ hotel is offering in the region. That explains the existence of a well setted creche service and the apparent fully booked resort, even in low season. What the guests are looking for, was not allocated to sunny or hot days. The weather, the beauty of the place, is irrelevant, since they can meet who they want, peraphs enlarge the group, in a safe place. Remember, Gerry saying they feel free to leave the children unattended because abductions are very rare and the place seems very safe? That sentence, was maybe one of the few ones, were there is no lies. The place was really a safe place. (Cont)

  8. Cont:
    Only people looking for a special type of holidays aproaches the Resort and that leaves an enormous pile of evil strangers miles away from that place. Safe for abductions, but not safe for domestic accidents.
    What powerful people do if due to an accident somebody hide a body and a police investigation needs to go deep and cross two countries to solve the case? peraphs nothing, if the wrong behavior was a characteristic concerning only the group involved in the crime. But, what happen, if the investigation has a chance of exposing no only the behaviour of that group but also the behaviour of influential people who have civil and social responsibilities and shared with group, in PDL or in another places, the same behaviour? That people, WILL DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN, EVEN THE MOST EVIL AND RIDICULOUS HELP, TO COVER UP AND AVOID A PROPER INVESTIGATION. Any investigation on the Mccann's will bring the police to the places were they use to spend holidays. If most of that places had in common the Swing with childs around, the places will be investigated and some names of their guests will be exposed. That investigation must be prevented and the best way to do that it is sending a rat, who knows most of the secrets of the dark power, to help the couple. Mitchell, was the best choice for that.
    What went wrong on their plans, was the public interest on the case. People that didn't give up on the truth and keep doubting the parents and questioning the support. Another strategy had to be setled to close that mouths. SY with a fake review and a simultaneous media Enquiry. Another coincidence? No... Another master effort to close the inquisitive mouths of the public who has brain and access to accurate information. I don't even believe, anybody from SY is wasting any time in a review. Cameron, announced millions of pounds to be transfered in to that review, but I'm very sceptical. I don't believe a single pen was transfered. Is he going to spend money reviewing papers and a case that was already investigated and build up by British police as well? No. That is too danger because he had to go against the British police and label it with incompetence at some point. He can't have it in both ways. Then, when was the British police incompetent? in 2007/ 2008 when due to the evidences help the portuguese to suspect the parents or now by dismissing all the evidences to withewash the crime? Cameron was tied and the Lev Enq, was the fresh air to untied the knot. The only money that is being wasted is the money spent in the Lev Enquiry with a biased judge that seats on the same table has one of the parts, the criminal part.

  9. Textusa, besides will, it requires courage. Little have what it takes. We're ruled by very small people, and I'm not talking about height. This economic recession has shown that, and their arrogance will blow on their faces.

  10. If Scotland Yard do go ahead with a whitewash, it will be because it was requested from a higher authority.

    The Mccanns have made many 'slip ups', the most obvious is keeping the Maddie case such high profile, in doing this they have collected so much 'extra baggage' along the way.

    What may have started up as a 'Tapas friends covering for other friends' has now escalated into high profile court cases,phone hacking, Leveson inquiry, book deals, Cameron's involvement etc etc and the longer it is allowed to continue the more 'baggage' it will collect.

    Ultimately something will give and the truth will out it always does and those guilty will be held responsible.

    This has become much bigger than just 'Kate and Gerry' who incidentally through their body language appear to hate the sight of one another, but because of events they are stuck with each other. It is all one big mess but everything happens for a reason and because of the actions that group of people took on that fateful night they are all in this together, nothing like this will ever be allowed to happen again, the Mccanns have inadvertantly told the world of their fraudulent fund, greed, online store, the inconsistencies of events, Jane Tanner has proven herself to be a liar, its all there for the public to pick over and question through their exploitation of the media in plain black and white.

    Online news articles relating to the Mccanns often have the comment 'we are no longer accepting comments on this story' because people have seen through the lies and deceit, a few years ago all the comments would have been sympathetic towards the Mccanns, but this is no longer the case.

    Those guilty of covering up the Stephen Lawrence case have been named and shamed and the same will happen with the Mccann case, sometimes these things take years to get to the truth, but what is time it is nothing more than a blink of an eye and those involved have to live with their lies on a daily basis but ultimately the truth will come out.

  11. You have to laugh. From the Guardian this morning about John Edwards statement.

    "He also revealed that the paper now has a strict policy of not publishing any pictures of Sienna Miller unless they are taken at a photocall or film premiere".

    What a shame she will now fade back into obscrurity after her minutes of fame at Leveson Inquiry. What photocalls, what film premiere? I'm betting there won't be any. The papers can now give some payback and not revive her poor career and the weak public interest in her. How did photographers know where she was going to be anyway when they were 'chasing' her? I don't suppose she or her agent had informed the press?

  12. "Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead".
    Benjamin Franklin

  13. "Three or more can keep a secret, if their heads are the prize".

  14. A.

    Each of the three will then live each day hoping the next day won't be the one that one of the other two won't sell the secret in exchange of the safety of own head... and maybe start thinking that if he were to anticipate the other two...

  15. Anon 9:58

    I find as adequate the following quote from the same genius: as we must account for every idle word, so must we account for every idle silence.

  16. The Met is treating it AS it was an abduction in the UK.That was what Tapas 9 said in 2007.The Met will departure from the abduction theory, from the apartment 5a,they will conclude that there was no abduction, they will agree with the PJ.They have to depart from the crime scene, not from those false statements. A crime scene tells a story and it told that Madeleine was not abducted.That is enough, more than enough. The British police was very reserved towards the McCanns, we can read it on Kate's book and Cameron and Theresa May were fed up of the couple.It can not be that everybody in the UK is a paedophile.
    I trust the Scotland Yard, they are doing their job well, I think.
    If their intention was to whitewash the McCanns, we would already have heard it from Amaral, who trust them and who said they have a lot of experience in fake abductions.
    If the abduction was fake, what really happened to Madeleine?
    Give the SY the time and they will give the answers to the world.

  17. Anon Jan 10, 2012 6:44:00 PM

    As I say in the post, I'll let time and facts determine which of our different opinions is correct. Thank you for your contribution, it's full of optimism and I just wish that you're right and me wrong.


    Interesting link above.

  19. Anon.,
    Jan 11, 2012 7:35:00 AM

    It's incredible how that article is still available to viewing online!Eh,eh,eh...Carter-Ruck missed that one!

  20. When the SY review was announced, I noticed with some dismay that one or two radio news reporters mentioned the 'A' word in place of the usual 'missing' when refering to Madeleine's disappearance. Maybe they'd read the SY document and thought 'hip hip hoorah, we can now give the McCs our full support'(our media luvvies seem to love this pair for some reason).

    Thankfully they seem to have returned to a more objective choice of languagewhen reporting this case.

    Give the SY time. Don't forget, the Portuguse were initially investigating an abduction. This is what's being reviewed. Many, many people believe there was no abduction. If SY decide otherwise it will be interesting to read their findings.

    If this review is a cover-up, the corruption will become transparent and obvious to too many people, and the already tarnished image of SY and UK will be in the sewer. This is an opportunity for the SY to redeem itself. Let's wait.

  21. Unfortunately Textusa you have read into this one wrong.

    An investigative review means that they WILL be following up leads as if IT HAPPENED IN THE UK!

    Which gives them more power.

    Secondly, an abduction is what was reported so they will investigate that as Goncalo Amaral and the Portugese did. Once they realise that it leads to a dead end they will follow up the other leads!

    I believe in Scotland Yard for this one! Don't forget that it was the British Police that helped the Portugese DEVELOP the 'accident and coverup' theory!

    The evidence of Martin Grimes dogs is also not disputed in this country.

    After clearing up the Stephen Lawrence case, Scotland yard will do the same on this one!!


    interesting interview.
    Are they going to sue the French Author?
    The world didn't buy any of their lies.
    How Cameron manage to face his "partners" in Europe when they all suspect Uk government is involved in the cover up and the withewash of a crime which victim was a vulnerable UK child with less then 4 years old? He has no credibility.

  23. There is no way that whatever British investigation will find the McCanns guilty, even of some slight misdemeanor. It has become impossible because so many high placed idiots shoot off their "sympathy, nothing but sympathy for these pathetic parents. The white wash is a necessity to save the face of so many "importasnt" people.

  24. "Fundo dos McCann no limite
    Busca por Maddie custa três milhões" in Correio da Manha, hoje.

    O pasquim do CM a dar tempo de antena a nova jogada de marketing do casal. Ready to ask more donations...
    Com que entao 3 milhoes gastos em campanhas publicitarias e detectives privados. Alguem viu alguma busca no terreno? NAO!!! Entao para que foram as campanhas publicitarias? para promover a imagem do casal e o livro das mentiras.
    Parece que o livro nao foi um bestseller ao estilo Harry Potter, por isso estao de volta a campanha das esmolas para pagarem os honorarios insultuosos da Carter Ruck e dos varios "Mittchellands" cuja unica busca que fizeram deve ter sido para localizar quem se indignou e enviar uma das celebres cartinhas. Custou o preco de um selo ou a infinesima percentagem que vale na factura da Net, uma mensagem em correio electronico. 3 milhoes, da para muito selo e muita hora a surfar.
    Coitaditos, o Fundo caiu para os 145 mil. e depois? desaprenderam de viver como o comum dos mortais, a custa de um salario honesto? Nada no Fundo foi honesto. Todo o Fundo, foi e e um assalto aos bolsos dos contribuintes. Nao usaram armas de fogo, nem precisaram de fugir a policia. Foi por isso, ainda mais desonesto... usaram as armas dos Media como o Pasquim CM ou the Sun e Daily Mail, para convencer os mais vulneraveis, ainda que cepticos, a prescindirem de alguns Euros/ Pounds/ Dollars dos seus ja magros salarios em prol de um Fundo milionario, feito para alimentar as sevicias de quem nunca cooperou com a policia oficial na unica busca que era realmente legitima- a busca da verdade e do cabal esclarecimento sobre o que se passou no dia 3 de Maio de 2007 dentro do 5A do OC.
    Sabem quando o Fundo foi montado? a 15/5/2007. 2 semanas depois da crianca desaparecer. Por essa altura, qualquer pai ou mae de uma crianca realmente raptada, estaria desolado/ destruido, transformando as 24 h do dia em 48, numa luta sem treguas contra o tempo, ao lado da policia para localizar rapidamente a crianca. Qualquer pai/mae, teria agarrado com garras de leao a recompensa oferecida por alguns jornais e te-la-ia alargado, nem que para isso tivesse de vender bens como a casa de Rothley, numa tentativa de aliciar o raptor ou um qualquer cumplice/ testemunha. Viram-nos alguma vez, fazer qualquer esforco nesse sentido? NAO!!!
    Entao, queridos editores do CM deixem de insultar quem trabalha honestamente e prescinde de tanta coisa a favor do bem estar dos seus filhos. Deixem de insultar os leitores. Quando estes senhores vos baterem a porta, numa nova estrategia de marketing, mandem-nos trabalhar... e isso que eles precisam para aprenderem a respeitar o publico e o verdadeiro significado de se ser Pai/ Mae.

  25. I have fewer doubts every day. The leveson inquiry seems part and parcel of a bigger farce. Every day the Mccanns are mentioned there, how come they have become the most important 'victims' in the inquiry? The inquiry is going back to 2000 and they are still the most important people? Milly Dowler's parents were real victims and they are no longer mentioned.Their job is done in terms of getting the public on side to see as newspapers being the bad guys. What about the corruption in the police force?

    What further confirms my opinions is the apologies to the McCanns trotted out by every journalist or editor who has written about Maddie if not abiding by the abduction scenario.

    I'd like to know how much of the SY 'review' is being spent on the Leveson inquiry. I find it hard to believe the two events are not connected.

    My irritation watching the Leveson inquiry often turns into pleasure that it is so transparent it is showing itself for what it really is.

    The cart before the horse? Surely a better way of dealing with the matter is to prosecute those guilty and charged of offences then set out to change underhand reporting using illegal means.

    An offence is an offence and we have laws to deal with that already. I'm guessing the finding of this inquiry, when eventually released, will be to bind the hands of reporters to protect those who have the power to keep their own bad news out of the press.

  26. They are preparing their back for Lisbon trial. All goes around the main aspects getting media respect back with official support and threatening the inconvenient who might dare to shake their state of victory. They are thinking about the next step. Fist we take London, than we take Lisbon!

    If one was not so short-sighted could see that this is like the Hotel California "once inside you can never leave".

  27. They soar on the wings of an eagle.
    But, alas, like all majestic creatures they get tired and frail, and as they become burdensome upon the back of a sick old bird they will fall from a great height with a thunderous thud that will awaken and cause the worms to turn.


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