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To Follow Or Not To Follow

loopdaloop has left a new comment on your post "No More Doubts":

“Unfortunately Textusa you have read into this one wrong.

An investigative review means that they WILL be following up leads as if IT HAPPENED IN THE UK!

Which gives them more power.

Secondly, an abduction is what was reported so they will investigate that as Goncalo Amaral and the Portugese did. Once they realise that it leads to a dead end they will follow up the other leads!

I believe in Scotland Yard for this one! Don't forget that it was the British Police that helped the Portugese DEVELOP the 'accident and coverup' theory!

The evidence of Martin Grimes dogs is also not disputed in this country.

After clearing up the Stephen Lawrence case, Scotland yard will do the same on this one!!”

Posted by loopdaloop to Textusa at Jan 11, 2012 6:48:00 PM


Thank you for your comment, however the expression used continues, for us, to be as clear as it is read. I understand your point of view, and might even subscribe it, if not concurrent with other details that make us have opposing thoughts.

You see, at this point in time, there isn’t anyone in the “upper layers” of British Society who isn’t aware of what really happened, as there isn’t one of them who doesn’t know, and understand, the exact implications of revealing publicly whatever the truth is now.

Yes, because this particular truth evolves daily, forever changing by incrementing its disastrous consequences with each person comes into "the club”. Either privately or publicly. The truth, say, on July 7, 2007, to just name a date randomly, was completely different both in scope and personal involvements than it was to be on Aug 8, 2008, as it is different from then to today, and so on.

That said, when the British PM allocated the 3£ mill to the Maddie SY Review, he had only one of two objectives: either to “fry” the McCanns, and end the embarrassment, or whitewash the case and do the best possible for the said embarrassment to go away.

I understand that it seems, on a first glance, that the terminology “abduction” could have been used as the natural sequencing of the ongoing investigation. Picking it up from where it was left off, or to be precise, archived at.

But picked up from whom or where?

Not from the PJ, because in its investigation, it clearly doesn’t conclude that there was abduction, does it? To qualify its conclusions with that word, it's completely inadequate and abusive in terms of Police work.

If it has to follow something then it can only be from what the couple alleges to have happened. They did say it was abduction, and the first page of the PJ Files does say “rapto” (kidnap). But as I said in the post, besides the couple and friends, the rest of the world, in which are included their “friends”, let the “abduction” term drop pretty quickly.

To use the word “abduction” to express the pick-up point would make SY be following up on what the McCanns had to say on the matter rather than what their Portuguese counterpart officially concluded. And from what we read, that's exactly what is happening.

Between the PJ and the McCanns, I know who I’d believe. I’d rather go on investigated facts, then from desperate claims from people who bear heavily burdened consciences, but that’s me.

Also, when one is writing a high-profile document, such as this one is, that one knows that’s going to be meticulously scrutinized, such as this one would be, one is very careful with the wording used. Each word and each sentence is, as is being written, revised by more than a single pair of eyes.

So, the author, if he wished to express, as seems to be the case, the level of commitment to be made by those responsible for the Review, saying that although it happened somewhere we’ll treat it as if it happened right at our front door, using the word “events” instead of “abduction” (“as if the events occurred in the UK”) would have served fully that purpose, without being minimally controversial. But that wouldn't fully support the "Official" version of things, would it?

Also, there’s the question of the results being published or not. It seems that they won’t be, which, as I’ve said it doesn't surprise me in the least. Are SY investigations usually published? No. Are PJ investigations usually published? No.

But is the outcome, or RESULT, of the investigations, either by PJ or SY, usually known to the public? Yes, they are.

Even if just to say something biased and false, like the Portuguese Judicial System said about the Maddie Affair: there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute the couple.

We now know it to be a completely ridiculous statement, but at least something was said, a result presented, which apparently will not be the case, with the Review. Just to say if they’re to prosecute someone or not, in a case determined by the Nation’s PM and paid for by £3 million of British Public Funds.

By the way, to say that they won’t publish the result of a certain investigation means, to me, that they have published something of the nature in the past. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any expectancy would it?

Then there’s the resignation. Why?

Now throw in the Leveson Inquiry (what a sad, pathetic spectacle put on by the "establishment") and the Phone Hacking Hearings, put all in an oven and keep regularly checking how it’s cooking.

I repeat that we stated only an opinion and we would dearly love for it to be wrong and would be happy to apologise if it is.

We aren’t owners of the truth, and we welcome opposing opinions as we’ve shown more than once before. The only people who really know for certain are those "in the know".

We know that they know that we know. That they know sums it up for us as regards them.

We don’t sit here in judgement telling others that what we’ve decided has now become fact. That is a style used by many a Black Hat dressed in White from head to toe.


  1. The Leveson Inquiry is softening the public up for a possible trial by attempting to neuter any McCann argument that the press has prejudiced the ability to hold a fair trial.
    Leveson, as any Judge would, is scrupulously applying the legal presumption of innocence to the McCanns.
    Scotland Yard's investigation will uncover the truth. This may embarass the Labour Party but leave Cameron smelling of roses.
    Sometimes the law plays it long and lets people hang themselves by their words and actions. After the archiving of the case, the McCann's actions may be seen as incriminating, as gaps open up between what they said at the time and what they now say. It is this circumstantial evidence that can help join the evidential dots, particularly where the main piece of evidence, a body, is missing.
    Trust the system. The UK has a well established antipathy to child killers and no stone is unturned bring these criminals to face justice.

  2. Their favorite expression is "I thought it has been established that... so I don't understand why..."
    read it so many times that it has become nauseating.
    Keep on hitting them Tex!

  3. The Smiths are from Drogheda but Gerry Fagan is from Dundrum in County Tipperary.

    Some time ago Gerry Fagan was at Dublin airport and whilst waiting for a plane to Portugal he met a man doing exactly the same thing.

    Within minutes of the meeting Fagan shook his hand and agreed a million pound property deal in Portugal.

    The stranger Fagan met in Dublin airport and whose hand he shook was the McCanns businessman friend from Loughborough - John Geraghty.

    Fancy that.


    PS: Much pleased to see you have at last killed off Murat's self confesssed old friend Smith and all that 'carrying' business.

  4. I too suspect the McCann's are home & dry,it may sound far fetched but i think something/someone powerful is at the heart of all of this,& if the McCann's fall so do high placed personages.

  5. Why has Himself opted out???

  6. Textusa

    Yes - I understand this so well - we have obviously not attended to our lessons and are unable to speak by rote "Yes, it's an abduction"! I think many will fall and give up trying. Bit bit like the wheat left after harvest, very few standing.

    Anon. Jan.13,2012 7.23.00pm - I think Himself has become as many have - it is patently obvious that corruption is rife in England and Truth and honesty have been trodden underfoot.

  7. TTW4,

    Could you post the refs about what you say in your comment? That Fagan is not from Drogheda but Dundrum, and the airport meeting between him and JG?

  8. TTW4,

    It is the first time we're hearing both, as says Anon Jan 14, 2012 7:18:00 AM, and you know us, we only go down any path, with our backpacks filled with "supplies".

    That said, both, if confirmed, are unquestionably relevant.

  9. Gerry Fagan was born and raised in Drogheda, Co Louth, Fagan was one of five children. He was educated at St Mary's CBS and then joined a local firm where he worked in the accounts department

    What's your idea TTW4?

  10. I have the intuition that the Met are now at the end of the review and this must be a terrible pressure on the McCanns.I watched Gerry reacting on Cameron's letter to them (see Sky News) and he was not pleased at all.Later in Germany(or Spain) he seems to have said he understands people who commit suicide ( he did not say he understands people who commit murder and I bet he does).After causing a death, after concealing a body, a fraudulent fund, allowing Murat to be declared suspect, I fear that considering suicide could be a reality in their lives now. The death of the couple would not be that bad but I fear they could murder the siblings out all kind of reasons.
    The Tapas 7 are the ones who know what happened, they know that Kate is probably unstable, and they still are doing nothing to avoid new deaths. If the twins get killed, it will be also Tapas 7's responsibility because they refused to tell the truth.Those siblings are living at risk and if they die, Tapas 7 have to be brought to justice. Behind bars, all of them.
    If they tell the truth to the police on time, it will save the twins lives and it will save them a lot of money.
    A statement, that's it, no defence sollicitors, no expenses to get rid of the prison, they will keep their jobs and they will live at home.
    If it gets so far that the police will come knocking at their doors,it will be too late. They will be taken away as suspects, colaborators,not as witnesses.
    A trial will make them poor for the rest of their lives, defending themselves of a murder they did not commit, with the risk they will land behind bars.
    They are lost anyway but they will be less lost if they go to the police as witnesses.
    Politics changed in Britain, no Brown anylonger, and if those Tapas are at risk because of the truth, Brussels can help them. Or Amnesty International.

  11. Accoding to the Daily Mail in November 2007, one of the Tapas wanted to change his statement, telling what happened before,during and after diner that night, but he changed his mind. Daily Mail was writing about a "he".

    Is a lawyer obliged to tell the truth about his client to the police of can he keep silent about what he knows?

  12. I don't believe on any review. Everything was announced to fool the public and close the mouths of who was questioning the Fund and asking why the Mccann's received a huge support from the Uk authorities and the media.
    As GA said, the British have all evidences in the files. They know them since minute one. Then, what are they going to review? Their own work? Facing again the evidences and the excuses the British authorities gave to prevent the investigation to go further? Realizing again how stupid and questionable were some reports from the FSS Lab? They know why the reports were made like that. They know what they are hiding and why the phones of the all Tapas 9 were not investigated. That phones hold the clues that are colliding with what is in the FSS reports. imagine passing such information to PJ? A war just comparable to the fake reports about the weapons of massive destruction that allow the Iraq invasion.
    For me, Cameron and the Mccann's, on that issue, were two faces of the same coin. They acted in parallel while were trying to pass the idea of working on the opposite. The despicable Kate and Gerry will never step forward to criticize the PM if they were not absolute sure and complete confident that he will never do anything a against them. The lawyers, who hold the secrets about Madeleine and her parents, also hold the secrets about all PMs. When they don't hold it, they know all the dark ways which lead them to know such secrets. Inside the corridor of power, there is no light, only darkness and evil creatures who manage to criticize each other in open spaces but share the same meals and the same comfort while in private. A pile of opportunists and hypocritical cowards.
    What is a shock for somebody from the public like me, is watching that guys playing with the money that belongs to all of us, when at the hospitals, children are suffering due to a poor assistance and when responsible parents are loosing their dignity because they lost their jobs and the small properties they took the all life to achieve.
    These Mccann's with their Fund and their fake search, are an insult to all of us. Who support their faith is even more insultuous because shows a lake of respect to our intelligence. I'm glad that in Portugal that bunch of idiots has no support and not much publicity, no matter how much they payed for lift consulting and Isabels Ds.

  13. You know what is the best sentence to resume the all saga? The sentence the Public Ministry gave to excuse Socrates of being investigated about the way he got his University degree:
    " O Ministerio Publico decidiu nao investigar a licenciatura de Jose Socrates porque concluiu ter havido outros Mais beneficiados que o ex- PM".
    Why, that don't surprise me? The Mccann's protection follows the same recipe. Poor Madeleine and poor other UK children who under their bad star could one day face the same Karma.

  14. "Madeleine, a menina que envelheceu ficando eternamente menina". E assim que sera daqui por 30/40/50 anos quando alguem estudar este caso ou voltar a lembrar o crime que a justica nao quis resolver. Terao passado muitos anos, mas seremos sempre presenteados com as fotos usadas no marketing dos primeiros dias. Um pouco como a pasta medicinal Couto que lavou os dentes dos nossos pais e avos e lhes eterniza a juventude sempre que a redescobrem numa drogaria que o tempo conservou.
    Para nossa insanidade, ainda havera um Fundo e alguem insane a pedir em nome dele. Os gemeos tem o futuro garantido. Basta viverem como viram e aprenderam a viver.

  15. A verdade passa por três estágios.
    Primeiro é ridicularizada.
    Segundo, é violentamente combatida.
    Terceiro, é aceite como evidente"

    Arthur Schopenhauer

    Time will be G.A.'s best ally!


  16. Anon Jan 15, 2012 2:37:00 AM

    We do not wish or support physical harm of any description to befall the McCanns or their children.
    What we do want is justice to be done and for the McCanns and any other person involved to be brought to account.
    Justice should be tempered with mercy if any of the parties requires it, for whatever reason; whether it be threats from others or mental health issues.
    The severity of any punishment is is not a judgement we could or should make without full knowledge of the facts.
    Personal hatred has no part in a quest for justice. Hating injustice in itself is sufficient.

  17. I've accidentally deleted a comment. I would like to address my sincere apologies to the reader who made it, and ask him/her to please submit again.

  18. Anon at 3.16

    I hope SY read your comment, you speak for many. We need them to hear these things over and over so they can't get away with any more covering up. They will look like fools if the results of the review are not honest. We are witnessing so much corruption in our British police force and lost the trust of British citizens, that needs to be rstored.

  19. Gerry Fagan was in 2011, according to The Independent, from Dundrum: As to where he was born I have no idea.

    Way before 2007 Fagan gave an interview to a national daily or two. The articles were dry pretentious PR manufactured boring business pieces about how he had got into Portugal at the right time and how he had made his money in property price speculation.

    Later during the recent banking crisis it was revealed Fagan and his company had taken so much money from the banks, both in Portugal and in Ireland, that Oceanico, Fagans company, had become too big to fail.

    Failure of Oceanico would have brought about the collaspe of property prices right across Portugal. Confidence shaken as it already was meant Oceanicos financial woes might well become a Portuguese national problem. They think it's bad now in Portugal well with boys like Fagan and his cronies left in charge it so could have been alot lot worse.

    Whilst most were distracted or preoccupied with the other Portuguese property scam 'The Freeport Debacle', with it's political considerations, the banks acted together in complete unison. They were either told by their political masters (which I suspect is the real truth of the matter) or of themselves, as they would have you believe, determined to support Fagan and his fantasy empire of cards at all costs.

    Fagans business of golf courses, apartment complexes and clubhouse dodgy handshakes became a national concern and had to be rescued at all costs. Property prices underpinned Fagans company as they did the entire Algarve economy.

    The Mark Warners, the Murats the Oceanicos and the local populace had all had it good over the years. Too good in fact. Together they had created an unsustainable economice disater zone of gigantic it not UN proportions.

    The chickens came home to roost in Portugal much as they did and for very much the same reasons as they chose to find their way home to the rest of the ecs debt burdened economies. Recent events in the banking sector has shown there are plenty of Fagans around just there are democratic gvmts prepared to save their skins to bail them out with taxation punds, pounds or ecus.

    Geraghty as executive director of the building company Laing O'Rourke or maybe even in is own right doing a deal with a property man is not all that unuusal if you think about it. Apartments are built and money made but the land has to come from someone, and in this case that someone was Gerry Fagan.

    What could be seen as unusual is the fact that this deal was agreed and sealed with just one shake of the hand between two men in just a matter of minutes. It was a deal done by two men who we are told, prior to this one initial meeting, had absolutley no knowledge of the others existence, let alone their respective business interests in Portugal.

    Business interests are what the McCann case is really all about. If you still believe the McCanns and their group were on holiday that year in Portugal consider why it was Gerry McCann on arriving in Portugal in 2007 told David Payne he for one "wasn't''on holiday'".


  20. TTW4,
    You talk of Gerry Fagan as if he’s an Openheimer.
    “Fagans business of golf courses, apartment complexes and clubhouse dodgy handshakes became a national concern and had to be rescued at all costs. Property prices underpinned Fagans company as they did the entire Algarve economy.
    The Mark Warners, the Murats the Oceanicos and the local populace had all had it good over the years. Too good in fact. Together they had created an unsustainable economice disater zone of gigantic it not UN proportions.”
    I don’t see how this disaster would happen. However I do think that a financial disaster would happen, not in PDL, but because of PDL, in a certain week in 2007.
    Where are the refs that a deal was ever made between JG and GF? Who are you to say that they didn’t know each other? One owns a golf course the other hotels in a small town like PDL and they don’t know each other?!?
    Also your link is about one Gerald Moore. Fagan appears as a reference in a paragraph with a dozen other names: “Other beneficiaries of the deal include Spectel directors Conleth O'Reilly of Hollystown, Co Dublin, a director of Xerox Island; Brian Sweeney of Ballygonnell, Co Wicklow, a director of Siemens; Hazem Ben Gacem of England; GERRY FAGAN OF DUNDRUM, also a company director; Jonathan O'Connell of Monkstown, Co Dublin, a director of Trinity Biotech and Ned Sullivan of Sion Road, Kilkenny, who is a director of Glanbia.”
    That doesn’t exactly certify anything, does it?

  21. Those of you who know me will appreciate I'm sure the fact I don't usually reply to comments such as yours.

    Therefore it will come to noone, apart from you that is, as no great surprise in this instance I have decided to do just exactly that.



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