Friday, 6 January 2012

Fancy meeting you here!

By May I

Fancy meeting you here!

Walking up a mountain path on a remote Greek island, I bumped into a Greek guy I knew from my local pub - we both happened to be visiting the same place. “Well, fancy meeting you here!”, we said. No doubt many have had the same experience, but Praia da Luz was full of such strange coincidences. Take Jane Tanner and Russell O’Brien; they bumped into Charlotte and James Gorrod; their neighbours and acquaintances from Exeter. Charlotte does not have appear to have mentioned that she owned an apartment in the resort and that they would be going on holiday there. I wonder if they said FMYH!?

Nicole Cox and Emma Berry; partners, respectively, of Raj Balu and Neil Berry had never met before the holiday, but discovered they had both worked for the same company.
Well, fancy that!

Then there was Philip Norman Allen, an officer from Thames Valley Police - on secondment to the Criminal Investigation Support Dept.- whose family happened to be staying with the Eveleighs at their Salsalito guest house, shortly after Madeleine’s disappearance. Salsalito would later be searched by the PJ. Would you credit it? Philip had some interesting conversations with Robert Murat. He later explained to the PJ that his superiors knew he was staying in PDL. He had met Robert Murat previously, to discuss the purchase of an apartment. However, the holiday apartment he had bought three years ago at the Vila Baia wasn’t yet ready for him to stay in. This property was part of the Oceanico Group’s portfolio, which just happened to be the same group who owned the Estrela da Luz, where strangely enough, the Smith family had an apartment.

The Smiths came from Drogheda, County Louth, where Gerry Fagan, owner of the Ocean Club also came from. I wonder if they ever bumped into each other and said “Don’t I know you from somewhere?Drogheda - “Well, how’s that for a coincidence!

I wonder how many other FMYH moments were there in April/May 2007 in PDL...

The video:

And the lyrics:

"Didn't I say?
Didn't you say?
Didn't we say?
Didn't who say?

Didn't you say you were off to China?
Fancy meeting you here!
Yes, and didn't you just board an ocean liner?
Fancy meeting you here!
Didn't we agree that our affair was too frantic,
And we'd both feel good divided by the wide Atlantic?

Weren't you yachting off the Riviera?
With Onassis!
Fancy meeting you here!
Was it jolly roaming the Sahara?
Dry, but laughs!
Fancy meeting you here!
If you don't think I have missed your lovin',
Let's get this clear, dear!
I just think it's fancy meeting you right here!

Did you say that you enjoyed Alaska?
Loved it, loved it!
Did I get a note from Madagascar?
Wrote it!
You're a good girl!
Didn't we divide our little world into sections?
A clean break!
But love has sure affected both our senses of

Say, tell me somethin', how did you ever lose that
Wealthy, that big fat Persian?
'Twasn't easy!
Fancy meetin' you here!
Did you take that African excursion?
I blew it!
Yeah, for the local zoo here!
If you don't think it's a kick to see ya,
Let's get this clear, dear!
From the way my heart is wildly beating,
What we had is more than worth repeating,
My arm, girl!
And it's more than fancy meeting you right


  1. Blackwatch over at Sargeants Inn had loads of co-incidences.
    My god he had a total array of join the dots and who knew who and what was affiliated to what.
    Regrettably his site was taken down a few months ago.
    I hope someone in the investigation could just check in with his collation of amazing links.

  2. The swing is what resumes so many coincidences in PDL., like the Drugs addicted who all converged to the same wall to grabb what they need. Wonder how many coincidences they had before, in Uk, in places where the swing is also a master. And wonder how many, coincidentally where sharing the same holidays as the Mccann's, somewhere under Mark Warner umbrella.

  3. ufaaaaa......... realmente tantas coincidências!

    Foi na PdL mas quase parece passar-se no livro/filme "Crime do expresso Oriente" onde Poirot utiliza toda a sua perspicácia no interrogatório aos 12 passageiros do vagão de luxo do Orient Express. "

    Contei (espero ter contado bem):

    Dá 12 também?

    Jane Tanner
    Russell O’Brien;
    James Gorrod;
    Nicole Cox
    Emma Berry;
    Raj Balu
    Neil Berry
    Philip Norman Allen,
    Robert Murat.
    Gerry Fagan,

    Fora os outros.

    Admiro a Vossa paciência com todos os pormenores pois dá imenso trabalho.

    Sem dúvida que todo o levantamento de dados é que nos ajuda a ver melhor ..... ufaaaaaa

    Só Vos posso dar os parabéns! E, agradecer também.


    Check this page, on 19/02/2010.

    Read the text on the insert "At The Scene":

    By Ben Ando, BBC News

    Kate and Gerry McCann sat close together to face the barrage of cameras and microphones IN THE BASEMENT ROOM AT FREUD PR IN CENTRAL LONDON, where the press conference was held.

    Under the table, she held his hand as they answered questions that focused, largely, on their frustration at the authorities' attitude in Portugal and Britain.

    And both seemed at times close to tears, as they described how "heartbreaking" they felt it was to see leads generated by their investigators not followed up.

  5. Boa tarde!

    Os textos de May I também merecem comentários.

    Será por ser fim de semana?

    Além dos textos complementa-os sempre com algo de belo; normalmente poemas .

    E, os complementos que escolhe são sempre adequados, como o caso deste vídeo.

    Bem sei que está sol mas também está frio: por onde andam?

  6. Eh,eh, many people from the same "neck of the woods" holidaying at the same resort, at the same time, merelly by coincidence, of course...cough, cough...coincidence, pure coincidence, nothing sinister here, folks! Ah...OK then! But...thinking it over I'm inclined to agree with Kate McCann: "One coincidence, two coincidences – maybe they’re still coincidences. Any more than that and it stops being coincidence."
    Thank you, Kate! Never truer words came from your mouth (or pen)!


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