Monday, 25 October 2010

Personal Tragedy

A father wakes up, and finds his 24-year old daughter dead, lying on the floor of her bathroom.

Apparently she had been deceased for hours.

She was last seen saying good-night at 23:30.

She practiced sport, and was on the final stretch of her education, a life just starting to be enjoyed that was brutally taken away.

Nothing to be angry against, nothing to blame, nothing to point a finger to.

Nothing, just absolute puzzlement and pain.

I didn’t know her, only the little brat around her daddy’s legs or on her mum’s lap, realizing only now that you became so quickly a woman.

 I don’t know the ratio of genes you inherited from either your father or your mother, but just by doing simple math, the result could only be what it was, a 100% of goodness.

Maybe that’s why God was so eager to have you near him, as soon as was possible.

To both of you, my friends, that God chose for you to remain behind, I could only wish that pain was measurable, so that I could cut one huge chunk for myself of what you’re carrying right now.

To my readers, I know you understand the silence.


  1. Lamento IMENSO esta situação de desespero e de perda para a Família da Jovem .

    E, para os Amigos próximos que estão a sofrer também muito.

    Somos mortais e tragédias destas fazem-nos relembrar que todos o somos: adultos, jovens, adolescentes e Crianças.

    Percebo o desespero e o silêncio,Text.

  2. Yes this is how we feel when we lose someone precious to us - how I feel too - God wanted them nearer to him.

    It is in silence we remember them.



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