Saturday, 30 October 2010

"Tanner's Abductor", A Tale Told by a Special Friend


  1. LOL.

    Nice see You better.

  2. Bem........ com a ajuda deste amigo tão genial, este post é o máximo.

    Está de cair para o lado. Parabéns.

  3. Textusa

    Good to read your posts again.

    Doesn't matter which way he/they/ spin it nothing fits their version/versions of events.

    The more I think about this the more I turn my head in Murat's direction - don't know why - it's sort instinctive.


  4. Arguidos: pais e Murat

    Indemnização rápida dos media ingleses: pais, amigos e Murat (Murat também um bom amigo...)

    Silêncio suspeito: o de Murat, apesar do pseudo processo contra Tanner...vamos ver até quando dura a zanga do homem sem coluna...

    Cremação ou sepultura? That's the question....

    Eu desejo que tenha sido a segunda.... mas aquele desafio não me sai da cabeça "find the body and prove that we did it".

    Bluff ou segurança acerca do que nunca mais se encontrará...

    Mas eu acredito em crimes imperfeitos e espero que o telefonema para o Inspector sobre um sonho que a mãe teria tido, tenha alguma consistência que explique os vários regressos à PDL e as visitas à Igreja de madrugada.

    Porquê o regresso?

    i) conzinha-se algo...

    ii) ainda está tudo intacto...

    iii) controlar a firmeza das testemunhas e eliminar a possibilidade de second thoughts...

  5. Then, a mountain is going to deliver a rat on the court case Murat/ Tanner or they both are going to expose the rats?
    I also don't know why, but Murat spread the same bad parfum as the all Tapas, this is why:
    - he never sue the Mccann's or Jane.
    - his mother set a stall to grab information from the public( trying to know who knows what).
    - on 3 May night, there was mobile calls between Murat and Malinka, never well explained.
    - Murat rented a car for British friends ( his mouth always talking too much because he was convinced that the plan was working full speed and Gamble already buy the abduction scenary with PDL full of Paedos to be delivered to the Media like peanuts).
    - PJ search his property. Portuguese papers at the time reported that GNR dogs picked the scent of Maddie going to Murats house and on the side of his swimming pool. I believe PJ will not search the property without a strong reason (only the spin of a british journalist will be not enough to made them going in).
    - Murat arguido status was lifted togheter with Mccann's and not before. For some reason, portuguese justice connect them. It is absolutly certain that they got the help of a British guy living in Algarve, very confident with place and very close to the resort.
    For me the only question I have is: the crime was an accident or something planed because the girl was faraway from the angel they wished?

  6. This post is an excellent exercise to be done in Court: Murat/Jane.
    I hope a judge pick it to start peeling the orange. A lot of juice will come out.
    Have a nice day textusa. Be carefull because on the other side, the vultures love money and hate the truth.
    Your blog is getting power everyday trough your courage and the amount of people who visit it and read your posts. We agree that the truth is far away from a fairy tale and only a serious crime could mark the start point of many other crimes commited by the Mccann's after May 3.

  7. Simple (as most crimes are), plausible and LIKELY, that's what I think. I don't know about everybody else, but from picture 3 onwards, I really thought I was reading Gerry confessing. Brilliant piece!

  8. FINALLY, a TRUE reconstruction!

    Text, try and convince the rest to come along too, so that we all can see where and when they were that afternoon, evening and night. After all you're not a cop and the excuse that they'll be named arguido's doesn't stick with you, does it?

  9. Gerry McCann's answer when questioned by the media if he knew Murat before May 3rd:

    "I'm not going to comment on that"

    Why not a straightforward "NO"? Why leave the doubt in the air...?

  10. Text, why the choice of Murat's place to hide the body? I've also found veryyyy strange his non-action against the Tapas. His "libel" action against Tanner, is almost like any legal action taken by the McCanns: very prolonged in time, very devious, completely untransparent and very suspicious.

  11. OK. Isto faz-m sentido.

    Agora precisamos de saber como é que isto leva a Murat e depois ao padre anglicana e mulher.

    A Murat, cheira-me que deu chave para um covil temporário... com frigorífico. Ainda não sei quando e como entra a padre.

    Lá chegarei.

    Uma pergunda pertinente Textusa, achas que Madeleine ainda está na PDL? É por isso o movimento frenético o das idas e dos regressos?

    Help us to see!

  12. Acho que sei onde está, onde sempre esteve e de onde nunca saiu: na igreja. O que resta dele - quero eu dizer - é por isso que há movimentos de madrugada à Igreja.

    E estão a preparar-se para tirar o que resta dele de lá.

    É aqui que entra o Padre!!!

    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

    Se a polícia não agir agora, nunca mais haverá ADN. Ah! POis! O ADN fica nas cinzas, sim senhor, sr. Doctor!

  13. didnt the dogs search murats house? other than that, very plausable.i dont think the murat v tanner court case is true


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