Sunday, 24 October 2010

Big Man Just Keeps Coming Back


On SIC, Gonçalo Amaral believes that the process will be reopened... and THIS TIME the words are not coming out of a McCanns mouth.


  1. Show the photos, please.

    Probably registed and ..... whatever!!!!!SIC!!!


  2. Any chance of a translation to English? Not all of it but the relevant parts?

    Even a Portuguese transcript to be run through Google Translate?

  3. I thought I saw this wonderful man on the verge of tears here. I wish I understood Portugues. God Bless Goncalo Amaral!!XX

  4. Paulo Sargento:

    ..... " perceber o que é que o senhor Procurador de Évora está à espera para, digamos, colocar cá fora as novas diligências que foram propostas , algumas dessas diligências foram propostas porque não foram exactamente efectuadas no âmbito do processo".....

    Paulo Sargento:

    ..... " is to understand what Mr. Attorney Evora is waiting for, say, put out here the new measures that were proposed, some of these approaches were proposed because they were not exactly made in the process. "

  5. G.A. is a happy day, a day that I consider important because we can not defend a democratic state, when we allow freedom of expression is
    curtailed as it was in my case.

    The reaction of my daughters, who have long passed, and when they learned of the decision, they were the first to know, they wept. But tears of joy.
    In these 13 months I was sent to the silence on this matter, I was humiliated in my whole family has had property seized, the inquest of my private life and my whole family which brought us almost to destitution.
    This disappearance, until I left the Police, I was an intervening factor until I left the Judicial Police ... then my life changed radically.
    I went from a stable, comfortable for a very weak, undermining even the very survival of my family.
    Keep a wish and I am sure it is an investigation to be reopened shortly.

    Today I have no doubt, was shelved for various reasons, mainly political pressures coming from UK, it no doubt.
    The investigation will be resumed and carried forward and will be justice. It's what we want.

    There are hundreds of hints, clues about a particular event. And it is this particular event that there are certain people who do not accept. They want to hide it.

  6. GA. - How? With great support! (2:19 seconds) Much support from Friends, Family, and with much love and affection within the family. It is not easy.
    I assure you and I do not want anybody to go through what I .... mainly my family has gone. And I doubt very much that this couple is so happy and so catholic as he says.

    G.A. - Look at the day it met, in which the lady (Kate) was at Praia da Luz, on 2 October, a few days ago, that day I did years and was also the day that pushed me over the head hence, the Department of Portimao, where he ran the investigation. I made a comment for My Wife,

    "These gentlemen do not do anything by accident. Something is happening. The father of Child is a man who is practical, a man with quick decisions and have the notion of Mrs. Kate have a problem admitting certain facts that ... happened. The fact that they have lost a daughter does not give them the right to destroy whatever the Family.
    Let it lies, not invent, not simulate, not invoking the name of God, to do harm to others.Because God is up there and knows what is going on. What would tell them is that they sincerely want to be as Christians, as Catholics, I tell them that actually do good.And I would also say that there
    "Tides that most sailors" as they say (meaning that things can not stay like this, that power can pass).

  7. G.A. - It's a happy day, a day that I consider important can not defend a democratic system when we allow freedom of expression be curtailed (limited, annulled) as in my case.


    By the reaction of my daughters, they were the first to know, but they wept tears of joy.

    In thirteen months I was sent to the silence on this matter, I was filthy (humiliated, insulted, slandered)


    english? spanish! Deutch????

    English and deutch with google translator. Sorry

  9. Transcript/Translation


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