Sunday, 1 August 2010

A Narcissist’s Reaction to Disaster

by volunteer contributor Anynomous (*)
When disaster knocks on a P/N’s door, first and foremost, whatever happened was NOT his fault.

Therefore, he shares no blame.

If the blame lies solely at his feet, then expect to be kicked and kicked hard.

And if it’s in your direction that he kicked the blame towards, to the outside world the P/N will be your savior, protecting you at all costs, but behind closed doors he will be trying to drive you to an ultimate sacrifice, a “social suicide”.

His reasoning is that he knows you are trapped in a situation of your own making.

Or that he’s manipulated into thinking that it’s of your own making.

But this driving is not for self-protection, but self-glorification. You, apparently are unable to avoid going down a spiral of self-destruction, although all his “efforts” to help you, but unable to as the external threat is too great.

It’s either your blame or the blame of others. He’s just a humble hero.

A P/Ns react backwards to everything you or I would do, they are like a mirror image.

Do not be surprised or shocked when the P/N exploits catastrophe in his life; and what he believes he can get away with.

To him you are not a person but an object and mean nothing to him, your mere existence is to be exploited.

Human feelings do not exist in his Universe. Any disaster that enters a P/Ns life illness, bankruptcy, even the death of a child means nothing; it is only something to be used for his or her aggrandizement.....

Understand this and you may understand the night May 3rd 2007.

(*) Intentionally misspelled. This contribution came in unidentified, so we decided to call him/her by a misspelling of the “anonymous”, so that you have an entity to which you can refer to, if you wish to do so, when referring to this post


  1. I had thought I knew everything there was to know about the Mccanns, I now find I know nothing about them at all. What a revelation.

    We have seen McCanns mask slip, the day he almost spat in the face of Sandra' Ask the dogs'he was standing outside the courtroom and he was furious...some excuse was made he had to return to England ,duty called...what is McCann a surgeon? what was so urgent he had to return, his mask was cracked and in need of urgent repair.

    Docmac, if you are around love to hear your opinion. I am, to put a word on it stunned with what we are now hearing.

  2. Belinda Styles1 Aug 2010, 21:33:00

    This is my first time of posting and my last, my husband is a psychopath and has tried to get help.he lies for the sake of lying and if I ask him why he will say 'because I am a lair'. if we go to a party he will tell the most outrageous stories to be the centre of attention, he is a dictator and the children and I are terrified of him when he slips into one of his rages and shows his true colours.

    Belinda, sorry I have changed my last name in case anyone knows me.


    Same old same old....

  4. This is all very interesting but what about the bleedin' shutters they said were broken, more bleedin'lies.

  5. Lad... are you as young as Paula?!?

    Because to get through all the McCann lies, we'd start today, and your greatgrandchildren would still be reading about them...

    Let's go easy here. From what I see, many a Pandora's box is being opened here at this time...

  6. Lad... are you as young as Paula?!?

    Because to get through all the McCann lies, we'd start today, and your greatgrandchildren would still be reading about them...

    Let's go easy here. From what I see, many a Pandora's box is being opened here at this time...

  7. 'Its a disaster,theres been a disaster' the first words uttered by Susan Healys son in law. Susan thought there had been a car accident.

  8. Dr.Gerry also said to his mother in law' Its very important that you understand Madeleine has been taken from her bed'

    Susan is the only family member Kate nor Gerry mentioned the apartment having been broken into. I wonder why? Susan that night had no knowledge of broken shutters.


    LapDog Mitchell

  10. Ironside

    What can I add to this excellent summation? There have been various discussions in the past on the subject of McCann's narcissism, many of which I contributed to. But none have condensed what is so patently obvious into such a concise and hard-hitting slap in McCann's egotistical face.

    Brilliant article.

  11. Hello Docmac and thank-you for your reply.

    I can see now what happened, there was no conspiracy, no cover up..who ever Mccanns contacts were they knew him and they believed him ,it was as simple as that.

    The following day family and friends were eating from his hand telling the world how the window was jemmied...It mattered not whether it would later be discovered to be a lie...McCann had got the fact there was a break in into the public domain.

    Gerry Mccann would never harm his daughter or be involved in any kind of cover up. Gerry was their mate they liked him AND they believed him.

    If at a later date thoughts or doubts entered their mind about their friend ,they would look at him and think 'NO' not Gerry.

    Later when the dogs came in and suspicion was cast over the Mccanns maybe for those who had helped it was too late and a little Goverment meddling was called for.But nothing more than that.

    So easy to see when someone shows you the light.

  12. A psychopath will abandon those who have stood by him at the most critical moments in his life.

    Jane Tanner, a good example, Textusa explained how Mccann betrayed her one dark night on the streets of PDL. Tanner, was bled dry by Mccann and the pleasure for him would have been unquenchable. Why did Mccann treat Tanner this way? very simple, he felt like it.

  13. If Jane was a friend and Mccann squashed her like a fly,what does the psycopath do to his enemy?

    Goncalo Amaral is the enemy and he must be destroyed.

    The psychopath has no feelings, therefore it matters not who the enemy is, it was just bad timing for Goncalo.

    Goncalo,IS Mccanns victim, he is enmeshed in his destructive web.

    McCann is unmoved and loses no sleep, he is waiting,waiting with his ruthless and venemous manner to destroy his prey, because his prey knows the truth .

    In the psychopaths Universe there is room for only one truth, HIS.

  14. I read this and thought Gerry and Goncalo it made me shiver.

    Anyone who has ever observed a cat playing with a mouse before killing and eating it has probably explained to themselves that the cat is just "entertained" by the antics of the mouse and is unable to conceive of the terror and pain being experienced by the mouse, and the cat, therefore, is innocent of any evil intent. The mouse dies, the cat is fed, and that is nature.

    Source: Psychologist Martha Stout

  15. Ironside

    Personally I would be wary of saying there was no conspiracy, but that's just me. More like easily led by a P/N into a 'pact', later sweetened by a token 'loyalty' payoff, if you remember.

    In a situation that bears no relation to this case, and under completely different circumstances; I recall the disbelief and joy of the staff of a South African internet company some years back. The company had just been sold to an American concern and each staff member received R1 million as a token of appreciation. A lot of money in anyone's book. The owner, however, walked away with enough to buy a trip to the International Space Station and still come away with well over R3 billion in change.

    Despite the great wealth and renown of this now famous billionaire, there was always the chance that one ex-staff member might have stood up and said "hang on, but..."

  16. Samantha

    What a chilling observation. May I post this elsewhere with your consent?

  17. August 3rd, it seems likely that we'll overcome the 50K mark.

    Such a nice round figure would merit a post thanking all the readers, commentators and posters, but that, I believe, goes without saying daily.

    The message is flowing, spreading, reaching new and RELEVANT ears every single day... and that is what matters.


    Just for the record I do not believe a child has EVER been abducted from their bed. The step father here already talking in past tense and the mother thinks her daughter may have got up in the night to play with a cat.

    The safest place for your child is in her home, in her bed.

    Here we have a step father and a new baby...

    Something stinks and it is not Sardines...

    Goncalo Amaral, if I could ask him would be looking very closely at the parents as would any police officer who knows ALWAYS check the parents out first.

    This child IMHO is dead.

  19. Quote: Author unkonown

    Denial also takes place at the national level. There are many things that the United States as a nation denies (i.e., things that most Americans deny). For example, we talk about concepts like freedom and democracy without full awareness of the many historical (and current) examples where we have denied these gifts to other people. Probably the most difficult thing for Americans to admit to as a nation is that their President is evil.

    Looking for evil in the wrong places – class prejudice
    For many, perhaps most people, evil is something you find in prisons or slums. They simply do not think of people who have money and dress nicely as being evil. But successful psychopaths do not end up in prisons or slums. They can be bankers, physicians, professionals of any stripe, politicians, even leaders of nations.

  20. A message for docmac.

    I enjoy the works of Martha Stout and she has many quotes to make you shiver.

    I am more a 'forensic' armchair detective and know much about insects and bugs and how their nesting on and in the body can give times of the year when a body was dumped what season stuff like that and for how long.

    Here is another quote from Martha.

    We must each learn to see through the erroneous thinking that buttresses the socially acceptable idea that "we are all capable of being either an Idi Amin or a Mother Teresa". Evil is a choice, but to understand when and how it becomes a choice, or how conscience can become our choice, we must understand how our environment works to magnetize us around the notion of evil through the pole of the conscienceless. We need knowledge, scientific knowledge of psychopathy.


    John Mccann and the Billboard

  22. Powerful words, Samantha. Wish I could write like that! Thank you.

  23. There suddenly seems a lot of interest from our American friends about the Mccanns, better late than never. Or, maybe the timing is just right, what we now need is an American Daniela , a well known author in this field to write a book on the Mccanns. I hope someone suggests this and soon.

  24. I am sure that you both, your expert guest writers and all readers will recognize Mr McCann here:

  25. Tex and Iron i don't understand a bleedin word of whats going on here but from where I am standing all these educated people are saying Mccann is a bleedin liar is that right.

    Well we know that but how does that help madeleine?

    I wish I could understand you lot better i feel 'george raft' slang for draft but also daft.


    This has the 'McCann ring' all around it...The door was 'Ajar'...she had a wonderful turns out the child has not been seen by some for weeks.

    Docmac thank -you have received the package.

  27. I stumbled upon this blog by chance, well not quite true, I was guided here, there you are you see we all for no reason at all tell a lie, it just slips out.

    The conversation here is good and reminds me of after dinner mints and Brandy(the best Brandy). I hope we may all sit and drink late into the night as we debate with clarity.

    One thing to remember, if I may, a Narcissist is not always a Psychopath, but a Psychopath is always a Narcissist.

  28. Lad,

    Please do not let yourself be put off by the jargon. Just take it as if it’s just one fancy Rabbit and Pork, that you although you don’t get the details you get the idea.

    How it helps? Well it might just titillate enough the mind of some influential enough that will utter, in inner circles, “enough is enough”.

    When that influential one shall one day say that, not one, nor two, but many, many, will suddenly see that one light that although having blinded them all this time, they pretended not to see.

    Then, the guilty will be adequately condemned, and we all can proceed with life.

    Hope I was clear as mud.


    Do take a chair by all means. The fire is glowing, and drinks are served to the taste of guests. Myself, am more of a Cognac gal, and will have a Courvoisier V.S.O.P (yes, I do have filthy fantasies involving a Remy Martin Louis XIII, but my lips have yet to commit such a sin…). Will an Asbach Uralt do?


    We have now moved on from abducted from her bed. A family member ,ever helpful, thinks after speaking to the mother, Keisha got up and went to play with the cats she loves so much and he thinks someone 'got her' from outside....

    Yes I see....

  30. Found your link from twitter very interesting.



  31. Narcissists love to push boundaries, their aim ,to crush and disable.

    Goncalo Amaral, still does not 'get it' he does not understand Jerrys logic, the book ' The Truth of the Lie' was out and selling. The feedback, the book was 'Rubbish''full of lies' it was of no concern to the Mccanns.

    Despair,denial,anxiety,frustration even fear would have flashed through Jerrys mind.

    Control, he was losing control, a narcissist wants his victim curled in a ball, dropping in despair.

    Goncalo Amaral will never understand what he did to make Jerry Mccann so mad.


    At least something good always comes out of something bad...No one seems to believe the parents when they cry abduction anymore.

    We have the Mccanns to thank for this...

    There will NEVER be another Mccann SCAM....and for this I am truly thankful

  33. Footprint Magic...“One who walks in another's tracks leaves no footprints.”



  34. A Caixa de Pandora que Blacksmith sabe abrir.:

  35. Hello'H' and is it not strange how in the end they all seem to look alike.

    Who can forget Simpson putting on the gloves and showing they did not fit to the jury...HIS SECRET... drinking Orange Juice to inflame his arthritic hands ...

    Defence lawyers were in on it but for all the fame,it did not do Johnny Cochrane much good did it?

    Karma gets them all in the end.

    Bundy and Mccann when reaching the car seem to have the exact same expression.


  36. Also many thanks for the photo 'H' looking to see if there is a BUNDY type shot...I am sure there must be.


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