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D. Prousa's "Analyse des Vermisstenfalles Madeleine McCann"

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"Analyse des Vermisstenfalles Madeleine McCann" is written by German author and psychiatrist, Daniela Prousa.

It is essentially an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) of the McCann’s given accounts regarding the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine McCann.  

Prousa examined in detail how the McCann’s make sense of and perceive significant events in their lives, namely the events conceived on the evening of May 3rd 2007, the night Madeleine disappeared.

She obtained data from many written and visual expressions of the McCann’s, via their blog on their website, media statements and interviews and television appearances.

During her study she asked curious and critical questions of their accounts, actions and emotions – verbal and non-verbal – such as “What is this person trying to achieve here?” and “Is something leaking out here that wasn’t intended?”

Through her analysis, Prousa concluded that Madeleine McCann died because of an accidental fall off the sofa, either immediately after her parents left the apartment or shortly after Gerry McCann’s check at around 9.10pm.

Further, she believes that it was Kate McCann who initially found Madeleine and that Gerry came in later to support her in covering up the accidental death of their daughter.

In her book, Prousa refers to the opinions of criminal psychologist Dr. Christian Ludke. Ludke, who has regular contact with parents who have lost a child due to crime, warned early on in the McCann investigation the McCann’s behaviour was pointing towards them being involved.

During interview he explained that in his experience parents in such circumstances as being posited by the McCanns “are under massive shock, were helpless, were insecure, withdrawing themselves.” ”They have an inner struggle, blaming themselves for possibly not have looked enough after their child.”

Conversely, the McCanns “live completely different, often harmonic.” Already after a few days they went jogging, as if that was a normal thing to do, they always came together.” ”These parents took matters into their own hands instead of leaving matters in the hands of the police.

They distanced themselves from their two other children by going on a European tour, that to me is very strange.”

The interview with Ludke can be read on Madeleine .  

Prousa also cites Dr Gonçalo Amaral. Amaral initially headed the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, he was removed from the case in September 2007.

His central thesis was not dissimilar to that of Prousa’s. He too considered the idea that Madeleine died because of an accident in apartment 5a and that her parents along with several others colluded to cover-up her death. Amaral also published a book, "Maddie: A Verdade da Mentira" (Translates, Maddie: The truth of the Lie).

The McCann’s along with their solicitor Isabel Duarte were successful in banning this book. "Maddie: A Verdade da Mentira", that can be read in English.

Whilst Prousa’s book prima facia appears to make for good reading, readers should be mindful that IPA is concerned with trying to understand what things are like from the point of view of another person, to take their side, to stand as far as possible (which is never completely possible) in the shoes of the chosen individual.

People often struggle to express what they are thinking and feeling, there may be any number of reasons why they do not wish to self-disclose, particularly in public. Thus, the researcher has to interpret the person’s mental and emotional state from what he/she says.

No matter how objective one tries to be, subjectivity remains a problem in IPA.

That said, I will certainly be amongst the first in the queue once Prousa’s book has been translated into English.

In the meantime I would welcome the thoughts and opinions of German readers. Analyse des Vermisstenfalles Madeleine McCann can be purchased from Amazon’s German web site.

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  1. The Mccanns are not going to like this one little bit...Paula also mentions writing a book, will this be soon Paula?

  2. Paula seems to be Spot On.I would be interested to know Paula if you believe the thesis of Amaral? and during your study of the Mccanns will you be in touch with this author, sounds as though you maybe able to help each other.

  3. Anon.,

    We in this blog aim only to please truth and justice. If the McCanns find here displeasure, it can only be then for reason strange to truth and justice...

    About Paula, hopefully she'll answer all, but let's respect her youth and the project, which I believe to be collective, she has on her hands.

    Reading her post, and having called the attention of such an intelligent girl, only makes my ego swell beyong human measure.

  4. Paula can you let us have some information on Ludke? many thanks and your opinion also. Sorry to bombard you Paula but you have made many of see the light.Fascinating stuff.


    In her book, Prousa refers to the opinions of criminal psychologist Dr. Christian Ludke. Ludke, who has regular contact with parents who have lost a child due to crime, warned early on in the McCann investigation the McCann’s behaviour was pointing towards them being involved.

  5. Wonder if Carter-Ruck is called to frame the author of that book in German.
    Wonder if the Mccann's are going to hire another lawyer in German. Gerry must run and assalt the Olympics looking for money to pay so many lawyers.
    Wonder if a German court will allow the book to be forbidden and will attempt against the Freedmon of expression.
    I would like to be a fly and see how many times the bizarre Mccann's bumped their heads against the wall, in Rothley, screeming and insulting the author of their new nightmare.
    I hope soon, very soon the book become available in Portugal, translated in many languages, but special in Portuguese. Will be for sure a good Christmas present for two people- Judge Gabriela, who bring back the dark time of the scensorship by allowing Amaral book to be forbbid, and The Attorney general, Mr. Pinto Monteiro, a shame for justice and for the country.

  6. Another criminal expert concluding that Madeleine died on May 3, 2007, under the surveillance (or not) of her parents.
    Another criminal expert showing the British authorities that the Fund launched by the Mccann's IS A FRAUD. WAS A FRAUD SINCE MINUTE ONE and STILL A FRAUD. A crime on top of other crime. That crime is not different then some done by corrupt bank managers who attact people saling fraudulent products and fooling their clients. In a time that the world is facing a huge economical crash and people were called to make savings and use their money in a properly way, the British government allowed two neglect parents ( criminals according to the investigation) to set a Fund and ask donations based in a lie and in a crime involving their own child. And don't even check or control the use of the money.
    The public deserves to know where went the money since was asked to look after Madeleine and not to pay lawyers or private detectives.

  7. Bernie Madoff , a pysochopath hid behind his mask of sanity. Sooner or later a psychopaths mask has to slip so they can tell how clever they are. It is no good being GOD if nobody knows.

    Madoff told those he thought were closest to him and to whom he could trust. Bernie was wrong in his choice. Maybe one day it will also be known MCCann is is also the biggest lone fraudster we have ever met. McCann has reeled in some very wealthy backers the same as Madoff, they trusted and believed in him the same way they do Mccann.

    Time will tell and when Mccanns mask slips, who he tells, will they remain silent or not, or maybe they are 'in on it'...therefore Mccann is safe but if one day he tells his children the truth...the twins may think of THEIR SISTER MADELEINE.... and the twins may make a decision that could put their father in prison for the rest of his days.

    Of course you may say Bernie Madoff was different, his was a business...but please think, what is the Madeleine Fund...??????? and what is really going on behind the mask?

    At least Madoff paid money back to his investors, Mccann just takes and takes and takes.

    This is the story of Bernie Madoff.

    In what has been described as the largest investor fraud ever committed by one single person, Madoff defrauded thousands of investors out of just under $65-billion in an elaborate Ponzi scheme, paying returns to investors from money paid by other investors, not actual profits. By moving funds in such a way, Madoff created an image of money that rivaled his own as a man of good character. The illusion of consistent, high returns, lured thousands into a deal too good to be true, offered by a man too good to be true. According to the media portrayal of events, Madoff described the investment fund as “one big lie” to his sons, who promptly informed the authorities. Madoff was arrested the next day and his assets were frozen (as were those of his wife and sons later on). In the aftermath, Madoff had succeeded in ruining the lives of thousands, driving some victims to suicide. He ended up pleading guilty to eleven counts of fraud, money laundering, and perjury, among others. Although Madoff ran his companies with an iron fist and claimed he was solely responsible for defrauding clients, investigators were unsatisfied that one person alone could hide fraud on such a massive scale for so long. Subsequent investigations have so far placed six former associates under criminal investigation,2 while multiple lawsuits are underway against Ruth Madoff and her sons.3

  8. I am looking at this now from a different angle. Tanner, was she used by Mccann for one reason and one reason only.Rainbow said McCann MUST be investigated because he was the last one to see Madeleine. Tanner crying in PDL , why was she crying and why did it matter where Mccann stood,? it was of little importance to him, all that mattered was Tanner and her seeing Madeleine, proving to the world it was TANNER who last saw Madeleine and NOT McCann.

  9. Red Flags and Bloggers. There is change in the air, you have become to realise you are living with a psychopath, you live and breathe him. No, you think not?

    It has been sometime now since we have heard anything from the Mccanns, notice your breathing? you are breathing clean,fresh air, the fog that clouded your mind has cleared and the Mccanns have become distant.

    The forums are now empty and you are enjoying your life, living in the sunshine , drinking with friends the way you did before the Mccanns entered your world.

    If tomorrow,the McCanns become headline news, for whatever reason, you will find yourselves back in the fog,back at your keyboards, you will not be able to breathe, you will stop thinking in your rational manner.

    The 'Toxic Pyschopath' will be back in your life, WHY? because you have let him in and you are once more his victim ,inflamed by his lies, you may even develop body disorders such as rashes and hives,become depressed, your family will become second place as you post your anger onto forums, fight with your cyber friends. Faceless people,with nicks, strangers, you may pass them daily in the street and never know.

    Think,think and learn from people who are now starting to post on this blog.

    Understand a psychopath will not, cannot change but you as bloggers can, you can start to watch the Mccanns like you watch an insect, think of the Mccanns as insects and watch how they move without really going anywhere. Understand and you will no longer feel anger, you will be able to breathe.

    Change your attitude and rest assured you will inflame the Mccanns because THEY will not understand, all their work has been for nothing, their Godlike Universe will crumble around their feet.

    The Mccanns read every single word said about them on blogs, they feed on your hatred for them. They are addicted to you like a drug. Take away the drug and what happens to the addict when he no longer gets his fix?

  10. Fears for little girl lost Keisha Abrahams - 6 year old may have been aducted from her bed [dt]

    Sad how this little girl deserves her own space but how long before the Mccanns cry 'this is what happened to us' There is a step father and new baby me this does not sound good.

  11. The King Ghob of the Castle of horror's in Lourinha is in prison accused of the homicide of 3 people. Pj did not found the bodies yet but the mobile calls become very important evidences to connect that evil criminal with the murder of the 3 youngers. He tried to play a dirty game with police and was caught. There is no factual evidences to incriminate him, since there is no bodies, but the circunstancial evidences were ennough to put him in prison and the mobiles become very important subjects to help the police investigation. Circunstancial evidences were dismissed in Mccann's case, even if they are strong. An unacceptable exception for any civilized and democratic country.

  12. No news on Keisha.

  13. The book of Daniela Prousa is already translated for english?


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