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The KEEPER of Souls

By “Volunteer Contributor”, Marilee (Florida)
Haleigh Cummings, Madeleine McCann and Keisha Abraham all have one thing in common, they are young missing children, presumed dead and all three claimed by their parents to have been abducted from their beds.

In all three cases, the families are suspects in their daughter’s disappearance.

You’ve shown how the psychopaths and their ability to, even after disaster has struck the very foundations of their lives, carry on as normal.

Here, in the States, some are beginning to notice how alike the Cummings and the McCann case have become.

The Cummings are a bunch of drug peddlers, the McCanns, respected Doctors.

But something has come to light, the Cummings even though their daughter had been’ abducted ‘carried on their daily lives of pushing drugs, the McCanns holidaying in the Algarve, did not let the ‘disappearance’ of their daughter stop their fun, they continued to play tennis and jog.

Their behaviour to you or I may be weird, it is not normal, in fact, it is very abnormal. BUT not to the psychopath, this is a normal reaction and trait.

This brings me to Theodore Robert Cowell Bundy, maybe this name is unknown to you .  

Bundy, or ‘Ted’ as he liked to be called raped and murdered young students on campus, his youngest victim just 12 years of age.

We will never know the true figure of how many he slaughtered some say it could be as high as one hundred.

If you search ‘Wikipedia’ you will see a photograph of Bundy in Custody, the year, 1979, look at Bundy's face he is laughing, there is similar footage of Dr. Gerry(*) McCann, laughing, getting into a car moments after being made a suspect. Both men accused and BOTH men find it amusing.
Ted, like Gerry, both were very well liked.

Ted was a law student and Gerry a medic.

In the real world we believe that these kinds of people do not commit crimes, they are honest and law abiding.

BUT the psychopath can be our son, our father, our uncle, even our President.  

Ted Bundy was known as ‘Mr.Charm’ well respected and when first a suspect no one believed a word, this was the ‘All American Guy’, BUT inside, Bundy was a cold calculating killer.

There have been many discussions as to whether Bundy was a Psychopath or a Sociopath, the difference? Not much, they both have to be in control but the Sociopath feels his own suffering.

The day of Bundy’s execution he is said to have cried and prayed all day. The tears would of course have been for himself.

I’m not even suggesting Dr. McCann is a mass murderer. Not by a long, long shot, I want to make that very clear.

BUT Bundy and Dr. McCann apparently do have a LOT of traits in common. That can be observed. Bundy said even when he was arrested ‘They have no proof, there is no evidence to link me to these crimes’

Comments from friends and family, the cops were trying to set him up and the press were just ‘Sensational Journalism’ Ted Bundy wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Bundy, arrogant and in full control, aware he was under surveillance, washed his vehicle right under the noses of police, removing ALL evidence.  

Bundy followed the officer who was on to him and goaded him in the street, sound familiar?

Dr. Gerry McCann has said many times his daughter was abducted, what does Dr. McCann think has happened to his daughter if this were to be the case? ONLY a psychopath would make the comment ‘There is no evidence she has come to any serious harm’.

A normal father would be thinking the worst.

As Bundy said ‘They have no evidence’

But Dr. McCann, one day they found the evidence and Theodore was electrocuted in front of his victim’s families.

When asked if he had any last words, Bundy said' Tell my family I love them'.

Of course Bundy did not love anyone but himself.

(*) Marilee, it’s "Gerry", as in Gerald, and not "Jerry", so I took the liberty to correct all.


  1. This blog goes from strength to strength, this is how we do our research. This is the last interview with Bundy. Watch Bundy and the expression on his face and how it is everyones fault but his own.

  2. Something else they had in common, Bundy had his girlfriend organise a FUND for him and yes the gullible folk who believed him paid into it.

  3. Pufffffffffffff ! I must write in portuguese,sorry!

    But what i write is not important so You do not need the translator.

    Mete medo ! Ler o que vem nas palavras de Marilee, Flórida........ upsssssssss ; tudo o que descreve e caracteriza ( eu até acho que há mais pontos em comum do que o /a Anon. pensa). Tocam-se mesmo!

    Terrívelmente assustador pensar que perto de nós esteve alguém assim.

    O Mr. Charm ( quase = a McCann) assassinou fria e calculosamente jovens, muito jovens. Matou-as.

    ( No Ir.~o , apedrejam até à morte uma adolescente violada.= sem consentimento. E não me enganei a escrever o nome do país. ) Desculpem este desabafo. Obrigada pelo vídeo mas sei que nem o conseguirei ver.

    Como encarar psicopatas ou sociopatas para quem seres HUMANOS são apenas objectos e os
    " objectos " são coisas...a serem usadas, como alvos de violência tremenda e para auto gozo.
    Seja o Mc Charm..........

    Mesmo a emocional.
    Seja o McCann............

    Claro que apreciei bastante todas estas palavras e raciocínios, mas que me mete medo, ai sim.

    Se causa medo ! Mas, sem dúvida, há que dizer tudo o que no post foi dito. Parabéns à Equipa de efectivos; de voluntários e dos comentaristas.

    (não, não me estou a incluir).


  4. McCharm, I like it.

  5. A psychopath cannot love and people are to him only objects. Madeleine was his to do with as he pleased, he saw it that way and will always see it that way, he will not change,simply because he cannot.

  6. mc Despite your advice I used the translator and I think what you say is important.
    It gives hope that there are normal people in the world like you.

  7. Many thanks spreading the news about Haleigh did not know much about the little girl Madeleine but catching up fast. What a story and you are right very similar.



  8. Thank-you Marilee for an amazing insight, I had not heard of Ted Bundy. The two photographs of Bundy and Mccann getting into the car with police guards is quite, quite chilling. I would almost say deja vu.

    By the way found you on twitter.

    I will look in again. Awesome

  9. A nice day to All, NICE PEOPLE!

    Thank You anon 11:00...........; thank s to Flórida; to Indiana (USA). The McStory must be known .

    Oh, yes on twitter ... very good .

    Only someone like Blacksmith says:postscriptum !


  10. me, again!

    To thank Marilee ( oh, i almost spell bad the name ) because i do not know nothing about McCharm.

    And Yes, the smiles.............. the behaviour......


  11. Thank you Marilee, you have drawn a very astute and fairly convincing parallel, imo. Makes my blood run cold.

  12. The police have once again been to the home of Keisha removing carpets and other items of interest. If they now take cadaver dogs and they pick up on a death scent will the parents still be roaming around free? Will the mother be able to say 'The dogs are unreliable, ask the dogs? This will be very interesting to see.

    I find this blog remarkable for the first time we are able to compare the Mccanns with other parents who have said the exact same thing.

    Well done.

  13. These latest posts have given me goosebumps.
    I have always thought that police should have concentrated more on Gerry than on Kate. To me he is like a master pupeteer.

    Here is another example of someone who protests his "inocence" using the same kind of expressions as Gerry and Bundy, from today's Mail online:

  14. Marilee why has it taken so long for the Americans to pick up on the Mccanns? We needed you so long ago and maybe things would not have gone so far. Poor Maddie.

  15. Thank you anon 10.42, how sad, I had forgotten about Billie-Jo.


    No donations for a criminal people.

    I cant figure you guys and how the McCanns are not fried meat.

  17. Cada vez melhor! Os comentários também são sempre bons e dão mais leituras. Como o meu não inglês jamais ajuda , era isto que quereria ter dito ontem:

    "Makes my blood run cold."

    Sim, sim .Foi o que senti acerca das perversidades dos 2 Mcs, o Charm e o Cann.

    Já que a investigação foi abruptamente parada com pré preparação , que haja blogueres e comentaristas a contribuir .

    Impossível não ficarmos contentes com os textos de mentes brilhantes.


  18. Já agora, a repercussão no meu blog " das cópias e colagens":

    A visitor from North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
    viewed "palavras escritas: Mete medo! Ah, pois!" 8 hours 10 mins ago

  19. Anon I am reading the article in the Mail you so kindly posted. I almost choked on my full English Breakfast (Kate will know what I mean,dont you Katie) when I read Sion Jenkins had written a book and for the first time he speaks of his 'Prime Suspect'

    Sad for Sion he did not have a 'Jane Tanner'...but he himself saw the 'Killer'...

    Quote from Jenkins.

    In it, for the first time, he mentioned his own prime suspect – a man he says he saw in the hall of his home in Hastings, East Sussex, on the day of the attack.

    Read more:


    Was this letter a cruel hoax OR did the Mccanns arrange it?


    Eyes for Lies and his or her blind spot on the McCanns who now seems is not such a 'HOT' case. EfL never fails to spot the sociopath nor the psychopath but Gerry Mccann slips pass his/her radar everytime.

  22. Também eu andei a ler o artigo sobre a desgraçada jovem agredida até à morte com um bastão de ferro?

    Quem colocou o link, fez bem pois está de acordo com o post de Marilee.

    A seguir, olho para a coluna do lado direito e reparo em mais uma crueldade :

    com vídeo.

    As crueldades físicas e as emocionais.

    Grande Marilee

  23. totallyconfused10 Aug 2010, 14:28:00

    I have always thought the Father was odd with his 'you have no can't pin this on me' attitude and his constant annoying smug expression. As a mother, if it was me, in that situation- rip my house apart- ask me anything- just find my baby. That would be me.

    Not to be too pointed, but the McFraud's got 'into bed' with Jim Gamble- or as he is also know, our Paedo-Finder General. (Not to be confused with Peter Mandelsohn who is the Paedophile General- there is a subtitle difference). Gamble's empire is falling apart. Gamble has been screaming like a child for 7 years about the danger of the internet to our children and stranger danger. These cases highlight the real truth; danger to children is in the home- a loose wire, a pan on the stove with the handle sticking out, a person who hides their real personality.......

    When I was 9 I made a statement at a family party- I was of course stared at like I was from Mars. 'It is not possible for any two people to fully communicate because the interpretation of words is unique to each brain- therefore, no two people will fully understand the thought patterns of each other- but what a great goal to try and achieve- oh, and given the premise, that means no one really knows what my brain is trying to get me to communicate'.

    If I was Kate, I would be the Cummings and Abraham cases, the mother's 'choice' of companionship is being questioned...

  24. TC, you really must be a Guest Author one day, we have a lot to learn from you.

    I appreciate you are a busy lady but hope you will think about it.

    All my love to you and your family.

  25. Reporter Chris Freind is updating his blog, the moment he has it in order I would suggest this blog contacts him and maybe you can work something out together. Meanwhile a quote from Chris.


    McCanns Needs To Come Clean---Now!
    I have championed Don Imus keeping his job. I have defended Barry Bonds' achievements. I stood up for the falsely accused Duke lacrosse players long before they were cleared. I complimented a Governor, whom I disagree with on virtually every policy, because he had the guts to take responsibility for a weather-related calamity. And I even stated that Paris Hilton was wrongly jailed, receiving unfair treatment because she was a celebrity.

    But no matter how much I try, I simply cannot find anything worth defending about Gerry and Kate McCann. Or the complicit paper tiger known as the British Media.

  26. I know you guys may not be familiar with the Bundy case thought you might be interested in the story.

    I know its slightly off topic but good to know the guy and what he was capable of.

  27. What is it with the Mccanns and windows?

    It seems now the Mccanns backer is also looking for a 'Window of Opportunity'

  28. Himself, a perfect match!
    Thank you!

  29. Himself, a perfect match!
    Thank you!

  30. 'Ask the dogs Sandra' dogs now being trained to find hidden graves.

  31. I have just found your link from twitter. I have no words what incredible work.

  32. Video - Article - Family friend, Allison Anderson, reads a brief statement from Kiesha's family...

    SOOOOOO McCannish it creeps me out.

  33. Gerry's connection to Gamble is, in my opinion, more likely due to Gamble's former occupation rather than anything to do with the CEOP. Gamble was the head of the anti-terrorist intelligence unit in Belfast and handled informers.

    Paedophilia is the red herring in the case, IMO. It is a "look here, not there" tactic.

  34. Good morning anon 11.25 I agree I do not believe Paedophilia rears its ugly head in this case.

    The McCanns are so well protected it makes one wonder just what is behind it all. Even the death of a small child and its cover up could not possibly warrant such high profile protection.

    But Mccanns profile will not let him fade away into the sunset he must be in control and will not rest until he has ALL information about him and his dear wife. PJ continue to resist his psychopathic needs and long may they do so.


    Good morning guys,Haleigh Cummings and here we have the grieving family celebrating Haleighs life.

    Haleigh was called Americas Madeleine, snatched from her bed,

    We all now know this was not the case, in both cases and both families are hiding where their childs remains are.

    Most think Haleigh was thrown into the lake where crocs would have had her. Nice family, real nice.

    The Mccanns also have made it very clear their hiding place will never be found.

    Misty Croslin has failed Polys and the Sheriff knows she is lying but without a body she remains free of all charges, like the Mccanns no body, no crime.

  36. Anon 11:25, Anon 7:41, agree.
    I've always wondered why other people were busy with Kate McCanns future.


    "No decision has been taken on Kate's future yet. She hasn't approached, or been approached by, any children's charities." (Mitchell)

    "An outcome similar to Holly and Jessica is possible. I don't want to, and I can't, talk about Robert Murat but some journalists who worked with me in Soham, and that were now in Portugal, saw resemblances between that case and Robert Murat. And I won't say more." (Mitchell)

    "This is my job now. I can see this becoming my full-time career, with this whole issue of child welfare and opposing paedophiles."
    (Kate McCann)

  37. McCann interview with Paxton...ME ME AND MORE ME.

    McCann only likes to be interviewed by women ,he can use his 'McCharm'...Here Paxton does not smile nor is he buttered up by Mccanns arrogance..His face (Paxtons that is) not unlike the expressions of the reporter in the Bundy interview. Complete disbelief for what is coming out of Mccanns mouth.

  38. Found this on the net makes for interesting reading.

    1. Kate McCann is a childishly jealous wife, and Gerry not capable of receiving and understanding emotions of others: The following will bring insight: The very short police statement of Chekaya the fitness instructor who is believed to have made a quiz on the night Maddie is believed to have vanished on 3. may 2007. This was a Thursday, the holidays were going to end in short time. Now read the very short statement at police of the fitness instructor Chekaya:

    Najoua Chekaya’s short police statement, 14 August 2008

    Najoua Chekaya arrived in Portugal on March 2007, recruited in England to work for Mark Warner, according to her statement to the PJ, in May 2007. Just a curiosity, the translator was Robert Murat. She described her daily working routine, as an aerobics instructor and said that when she arrived at Ocean Club, she was asked also to perform a “Quiz Game”, at night (09:00 pm), at the Tapas Bar, twice a week – every Sunday and Tuesday. On May 1, 2007, after the “Quiz” was finished, Najoua was invited by Gerry McCann to sit at their table, to have a drink. She was there for 15/20 minutes, between 9.30 and 9:50 pm. There was just casual talk and she doesn’t know if Madeleine’s mother was at the table or not. During that period of time, nobody left the table, but there was an empty chair. Who has been sitting at that chair, Najoua didn’t know

    Every SUNDAY AND TUESDAY – which means that she made the quiz on 1st may at 21:00 and was invited to the table by GERRY at 21:30, she stayed only 15 to 20 minutes which means until 21:50. ‘Kate McCann’s mobile was next activated six times, in rapid fire, between 22.16 and 22.27, after she had returned towards Apartment 5A after dinner. The antenna traffic proves that these calls were not made to any of the “Tapas 9”.’

  39. cont...

    Miss Chekeya stated that one dinner setting was unused and that she could not remember seeing Kate McCann (Who of the Tapas 9 was still there?, she only states unused dinner setting and that Kate was not there). 22:30 – 23:40 During these 70 long long minutes the neighbour of the mccanns, Mrs Fenn heard Maddie crying and sobbing for her Dad. Fact is: Kate Mccann herself stated that she exactly at THAT night 1st of may (remember: she doesn’t refer to it as the quiznight because this was on Thursday after the Mc Canns) didn’t sleep in the same bed with Gerry, but in the children’s room because SHE FELT A LITTLE IGNORED THAT NIGHT BY GERRY. It doesn’t seem it was only a little that she felt ignored if she decided to put a clear signal or even be disgusted by the behavior of Gerry and sleep in another room. It seems that she left the table BEFORE or WHILE Miss Chekeya sat herself to Gerry’s table because she got angry and jelous. Gerry stated that at that night of 1st may (not the quiznight) he returned to the appartment and went to bed and Kate slept in the childrens room because he snores and he didn’t comment the next morning on her ignoring him in the night. Very strange statements and obviously not fitting together.
    Kate must have been in or outside the appartment while making the calls getting the handy which she left in the app, (trying to reach somebody?) at 22:16, 6 times within 17 minutes. Was it her friend Amanda she tried to reach or just somebody close to her listening to her problems and anger with Gerry? Its a late time to make a call just because of nothing. Gerry must have come back while or after Maddie stopped crying, because she cried for him until 23:50. Did he stay sooo long because of the quiz-girl? The good looking girl who was perhaps alone in the end with a few or only Gerry? Did he perhaps not even sleep in the appartment?

  40. cont...

    Does Kate even sleep? Or just get up very very early and trying to reach her friend at 7:36 in the morning 2 times, 1 hour later Amanda calls back. Was Amanda sleeping the night before, and Kate needed help or advice so desperately that she called Amanda when she knew Amanda was probably getting up? Again its early to call somebody for no real reason. Gerry MC Cann receives a lot of calls during the day, his phone switched off, because all the calls are received by the combox. He checks the Combox at 15:50. Did he get back to the App shortly before 15:50 because his handy was still there (he left it there before Tapas)? Or did he sleep such a long time? Why did he not check or answer the calls until afternoon?
    Did Kate want to communicate with Gerry without talking to him personally? Shortly after her calls, he receives calls which are all not answered or checked until 15.50 the 2.may.

    Madeleine stopped crying for her Dad at 23:50, she started shortly after her mothers phone calls at about 22:30 . Did she wake up? Did she cry for her Dad and not for Kate because they have a disturbed Mother-Daughter relationsip, or because her Mother tortured her when she was fustrated and alone and Gerry flirting with another girl? Did she while doing this kill her ‘by accident’? In the living room near the sofa perhaps? The sniffer dogs marked both blood and cadaver odour on the tiles in the living room behind the sofa. Or in the parents room at the wardrobe at the foot of the parents bed? Did she try to reach Gerry by a friend over telephone? Trying to tell that she found her dead with vomit in her mouth or she just didn’t wake up in the morning dead because of sleeping pills Gerry gave her daughter? Perhaps she tried to make Gerry feel guilty of something which makes them complices.

    There were no odours of blood or cadaver in the bed of Maddie. This means she either died in Living room or in the parents bedroom where the blood odour was found. Did Kate after cleaning the blood hide the Body in the wardrobe of the parents room and sleep in the children’s room or wait there until Gerry came back thinking of a story she could tell? Did she tell it perhaps to her mother and some close people by phone? That she found Maddie dead and Gerry not here? What should she do? Call the Police? No wait for Gerry to come back and tell him first, we stand behing you whatever your decision. Nobody would believe a mother killing her child or hitting it, not Kate? And Kate she is such a loving Mother and Maddie blablabla was a difficult child and bla bla bla. HAve the Mc Canns been advised to hide and get rid of the body? Or did they decide all by themselves. Were they afraid that the sleeping pill they or Gerry perhaps gave her would be found or in Kates case perhaps a knockarea at the head? Fact is: After that night on 1.may there were no social get togethers with the others of the Tapas 9 including the children, or Photos of Maddie shown with other people of the events these days. Also the only witness who should have seen Maddie is her nanny at the Creche 20 year old Catriona Baker. Her Statement has not bn made officially I think, she does ot say what she exactly did with Maddie that time.

    If Gerry went back to the room exactly at 23:50 shortly before the time when Madeleines crying stopped, the time he comforted her perhaps?


    McCann the Movie director and the actress who ended up on the cutting room floor.


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