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TEXTUSA, may well be on holiday BUT anyone who has any information they think may be of importance has my mail.

I have this morning received something I think you will find of great interest. Someone ,who has asked for me not to give her name and this is always respected, made arrangements to go with her family to The Ocean Club, but before booking needed some details, she has small children and the arrangement , for an ALL inclusive holiday...this means the ONLY place you may eat breakfast and your evening meal is at the MILLENIUM.

This lady in all her innocence was confused as she understood you could also eat at the TAPAS (ALL INCLUSIVE) but, it appears this is not the case.

Paul Gordon and his family mentioned the ALL package deal and the fact he could ONLY manage to eat twice at the TAPAS bar...WHY? because OCEN CLUB ::::::ONLY have arrangements with the MILLENIUM for eating arrangements ALL inclusive in the package deal.

This is part of JANE TANNERS statement and read very carefully when she is ASKED if the TAPAS BAR is included in the price.

TANNERS STATEMENT _________________ we saw Kate running when we were at the Café Parisio or whatever it was, Kate was running along, we saw Kate running along the beach, so she’d obviously gone for a run. Actually I think that was before, I think that’s, yeah, that’s when we were still on the beach, so it was before we’d gone to the café that we saw Kate running”. 

4078 “Right. So it was before teatime?” 

Reply “Before, yeah. So it would have probably been before five, it would have been sort of, either before, definitely before half past five I would have said we’d seen her, yeah”. 

4078 “And she was on her own?” 

Reply “She was on her own, yeah. Erm, so, yeah, the, sorry, Russell, Matt and Dave went up to, back up to the complex, for want of a better word, to play tennis, because we sort of said ‘Well’”. 

4078 “You’ve got to?” 

Reply “’You’ve got to because’. I think Russell and I are probably more sort of laid back and just go with the flow a bit, but some of the people on the holiday were quite sort of ‘Oh we’ll ask, we’ll get this’, you know, a bit like booking the Tapas Restaurant every night, I don’t think it would ever have crossed Russell and my mind to try and get a block booking, but, erm, you know, I think they sort of”. 

4078 “Once somebody has you feel obliged to go along with it?” 

Reply “Well, I think, yeah, I mean, and we actually did have a conversation, it’s one of those ‘What ifs’ as well, I can remember on the morning of the, Thursday morning by the tennis, at the tennis, somebody in our tennis group had tried to book the Tapas and they couldn’t get in because it was already full. And I can remember thinking at that point, and I just felt, you know, ‘Good’, because they were bloomin’ awkward by booking it out. And they were sort of saying well it’s a bit ridiculous that they couldn’t have got in because they’d booked, they’d tried to book in, you know, they’d been there at nine o’clock to book in and they still couldn’t get in. So, we did, at that point, I can remember having this conversation was ‘Oh shall we go somewhere different’, but it never happened, but. And Kate was, I think Kate was there then, I can’t remember who else, but we did actually say ‘Oh shall we, shall we go somewhere different’. And I think almost at that point we had considered it, but I think the problem was the kids were so tired after having such full days, I think it was more ‘Well it’s worked every other night’. But I know definitely from my point of view I felt quite bad that we were taking this, you know, this block booking every night and it was affecting other people using it”. 

4078 “What were the other options then for eating, was there a good option close by?” 

Reply “No, it was just the Millennium, well in terms of ones that you wouldn’t have to pay extra for, it was the Millennium, which didn’t really start until, I think it was half seven or something, so, you know, by that stage it was, we could have, we could have gone there, so I think. And our kids are probably more, I don’t know, (inaudible) our kids as they are growing up, but we tend to drag our kids with us more, you know, they have never really had a certain bedtime as such, I think”. 

4078 “So they adapted more?” 

Reply “They adapt, they’re more adaptable, yeah. But I think, I normally would have pushed that, but I think because Ella had had the complete, the night before, because she was so tired, so completely lost the plot, we thought ‘She’s tired, lets just, you know, stick with it as it is really’”. 

4078 “And the holiday was all inclusive?” 

Reply “Yeah”. 

4078 “Does the Tapas come under that bracket?” 

Reply “Yeah, yeah, that’s, that’s did, yeah”. 

4078 “Right”. 

______________________________________ QUESTION: " AND the holiday was ALL Inclusive?" TANNER ANSWERS: "YEAH" QUESTION: "DOES THE TAPAS COME UNDER THAT BRACKET" TANNER: "YEAH, YEAH, that's that's did, YEAH"

 --------------------------------------- Breakfast was taken each morning in the MILLENIUM because it was ALL included in the price...The first night they went to the MILLENIUM was because it was included in the price..... e.mail.....

From THE OCEAN CLUB confirming THE TAPAS is NOT part of the HOLIDAY package deal.


Thank you for your interest in a Mark Warner holiday. 

Further to your enquiry, please note that the Millennium Restaurant is the only restaurant that we have allocated to us to include the meals.

Although there is no option to choose restaurants we can request an apartment as close as possible to the restaurant. Regarding the cots, please be aware that they are travel cots and we do not charge for them.

Hope this helps. 

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or on 0871 703 3880 0871 703 3880 . 

Alternatively I am happy to call you at any time to discuss. 

Kind regards, 


Silvia Batista Specialist Ski & Watersport Consultant

 ------------------------------ NOTE: There is NO OPTION to choose Restauarnts.


 Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2010 16:08:33 +0100 
Subject: RE: Eating Accomodation 

Dear xxxxxxxxx 

The Tapas restaurant can be used by Mark Warner guest too. They do serve salads, burgers, sandwiches, chips at lunch and then in the evening is pizzeria. 

We do not allocate the apartments at time of booking however, we can request an apartment closer to whichever restaurant you prefer. 

 Hope this helps. 

Many thanks, 


PROOF of Jane Tanners lie when asked if the TAPAS was part of the package deal.

TEXTUSA BLOG, thanks the person who sent us this piece of information and there is NO fear her name will ever be disclosed. It is an important detail , one more piece of information to fit this very complex puzzle. One more piece of information that PROVES how easily JANE TANNER lies.


  1. The all story is a cocktail of lies.
    Kate was under maternity leaving when she went to PDL, then no way to be in contact with 6 cadavers on the week before, as she told the police to excuse the evidences found on her clothes.

  2. Hi Ironside

    Yes this is certainly one confused lady! I wonder if she does it on purpose, trying to confuse the questioner with contradictory statements, interruptions and incomplete sentences.

    However, she does say in her reply to the question "What were the other options...."
    Her reply was "No, it was just the Millennium, well in terms of ones that you wouldn't have to pay extra for .....

    Even so, it's very confusing, maybe the rules have changed since?

    What might be interesting is when she states later that we tend to "drag" our kids with us more. Poor children - not a word I would use to describe parenting.


  3. Good on you Ironside on being able to dechipher what JT actually says/means. I know it's hard, sometimes, to recall specific events, and she is obviously (from her statements), a very nervous person, in that she finds it hard to string a sentence together and seems to contradict herself in every statement, but not sure I would like her as a witness in a court, whatever side she was on. Can you imagine the confusion, and the confusion (in this case) any Portuguese translator has?! If this wasn't such a tragic case, it would be laughable.


  4. Hi, sorry I know this is an old post, but I happened to come across this and another blog from someone who was on holiday at the same resort around the same time, who said that both the Millennium and Tapas were included in the package. So whatever else Jane Tanner might have said, this part could be true.

    1. Anonymous 6 May 2016, 07:07:00,

      We recommend the reading of our post "Cinderella of Luz" where we mention Andrew Oxlade's experience in the Ocean Club.


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