Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Welcome Volunteer Posters

Metodo 2 has received through the "DO NOT PUBLISH" system a request from a reader asking if she could publish a post in our blog.

Out of the most censurable of vanities we've agreed.

We've even twisted our own arm, and conceded to the request.

 Other blogs have “Guest Authors”. An example we wish to follow, and which Textusa has been one, from time to time, in Joana’s Blog.

 But we've thought of taking this concept a just little step further and have two different types of “external” writers.  

"Guest writers", who we invite to have their writings published here, and through them, in a colective effort, enhance the quality of our Blog and help convey the message out there.  

"Voluntary contributors", readers who, identifying themselves with our Blog and its ideas, feel that they can make a valid contribution to it, that in the comments box might not be given the adequate relevance.

As an independent post, visibility is obviously greater, and the greater the visibility the wider the horizon it reaches.

This was the case of Paula Ardenois, whose post will be published next.

If like Paula, you wish to create and publish something for in ou Blog, please feel free to do so and write your post to the following mail:

Do include any pictures and links that you think adequate, or, if you don’t know how to, just mention where to place them.

It's not the quality of the style that counts but the quality of the content. This Blog welcomes diversity.

One assumption: intelectual honesty.

One rule: respect.

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  1. It goes without saying wipe your 'Plates of Meat' before entering.


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