Monday, 26 July 2010

Summer Recess


  1. Nice time ! Good hollydays (?) And all the best.

  2. Gone fishing I presume.....but not for anything you may catch on a rod.


    Gone Fishin...Have a great time you guys....I heard a mention about a visit to PDL or is this a forum myth?

  4. Just remember big drop offs on Algarve beaches and pretty rough but i've seen lots of fish whilst snorkelling .



    The 'Maddie' effect

  6. Ironside & Textusa sighting #1
    A cashier in a supermarket saw two suspects fishing in the middle of the desert. Mrs Ionly Mindmy Ownbusiness, 39 said that what called her attention was that one of them had a little blond girl on the tip of the fishing rod. She started as a 3 year old, but, on a bat of an eye, almost as if computer generated became 10. After pressing the reset button, she came back as 7, the 10 year old image was only supposed to be shown in 2014, and not yet.

  7. Have you both coordinated with Gerry where and what you may fish? If not, please do pass by your nearest Carter-Ruck Office for approval of catch, otherwise, ANY FISH will be considered as presenting NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that it was anywhere EVER near ANY water. If you say otherwise, you liable to face legal action.

  8. A Mr. Mike Rotch, 37, from Dumblemore, has reported having seen the ignominious pair trying to sneak into the 3rd Annual Maddies Sightseers Convention, in an undisclosed location but maintaining the tradition of being near a supermarket. They were easily detected when, although bringing the traditional blond 4 year old blond, they were dressed in pyjamas while she had an overcoat.

  9. Hey mate, please don't 'Carp' on about it...if they are lucky enough to catch some sardines they will do it with TLC and they will be able to say 'There is no evidence this sardine as come to any 'arm'

  10. You two be careful in sorting out the fish. First, are you sure you’re allowed to touch all the fish you caught? There may be some untouchables and looking, even if slightly at them, might get you into real big trouble.
    Second, be aware that all that you want (or HAVE) to throw out might be mistaken for something else. As anyone knows, anything that smells bad IS baby nappies. If I were you, I would rent a car, preferably a Renault, and put all the trash on the boot. That way, anything there rotting away can, no, WILL have a perfectly reasonable explanation.

  11. Se precisares de morcões* para a pesca já sabes onde os encontrar :)

    Para quem não é pescador 'morcões' além de ser utilizado num sentido pejorativo, tipo: "Oh, seu morcão!" particularmente na gíria Portuense, entoado como "murcom", é também o nome dado às larvas das moscas usadas como engodo nas pescas em água doce. Pescadores mais para o Sul chamam-lhe asticot, enfim pneirices! Como é lógico, adoro pescar, com morcões obviamente!

    As larvas de mosca, são utilizadas na ciência forense como uma ajuda estatística para calcular a hora da morte aproximada de um cadáver em decomposição, comparando o tempo médio do desenvolvimento larval até a fase adulta, de mosca. Sempre se aprende alguma coisa com as múltiplas séries do CSI.



    *Larvas de mosca em Inglês é Maggots

    Deixo uma imagenzinha para os mais corajosos

  12. Bit late to wish you fun fishing I know - you have probably caught quite a few sea bass by now!

    Be very careful because as Doctor's would readily know from their medical training - sea bass can emit a scent similar to, if not exactly the same as, cadaver.

    Happy hunting.



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