Saturday, 19 June 2010

Thank You

My friend is back home. Please extract from this simple phrase all the emotion it contains. Thank you all that wished my friend well.


  1. hallo Tex ! great news! God bless!
    XO Claudia

  2. Good morning My Dearest "daughter's heart " ,Cláudia !

    Hallo Meine schöne Tochter angenommen , Cláudia

    ( google translation)

    Tu " mamacita portuguesa" !

    Guter Freund, Freund des Textus, die zu unserer Freude wieder

    Hello friend or friend of the Textusa who returned to our joy. Always Friends !

    Good morning, good day Text! Now I think, You feel better ,SO:

    we will must have again Método 2 in action.

    Método 2: action , please !

    I am very glad and happy .

    Kisses to all my Friends ( my " hija" , Tu também).


  3. Glad to hear it, Blessed Be!


  4. Some good news at last!!
    Look after yourselves.

  5. Well that is good news....some serious twittering needed here I think...Just off to chat with some birds LOL

    Lets have a look in the archives and remind ourselves of Kates confession...always a good place to start...

  6. Happy Summer Solstice everyone. The instant of the solstice actually occurs at 1228BST today, Monday 21 June 2010

  7. Yes, Happy Summer to ALL FRIENDS!

    I listen 12:23 (PM)

    Big hug to each FRIEND X X X X X X

    E, parece que há golos até mais não, Vou ver quantos .
    Neste momento 7 golos. Ah, mas que grande solstício! ( não, não aprecio futebol. Foi apenas uma curiosidade)

    Kisses to SweetSide and SweetText!

  8. Good to see Portugal kicking back


    Hi to Ironside or Textusa,

    I have been reading your site for a while now and also that of Joana's and find them both extremely interesting. I have never commented before as I don't think I have anything useful to add! However, I saw this link to some photos - - which you probably already know about, on the thentherewere4 site amongst some comments on one of his posts. One of the photos has bothered me ever since. It's the one of Madeleine in the red anorak - photo number 47/48. What do you think? She looks so much older than 4 I reckon. The whole saga is so bizarre.


  10. SM, thank you for your nice compliments!

    About the picture, yes, she looks older, but also yes, could have been just 3. If I showed you this picture about another 3 year old, you would just say "She looks so much older in this pic, doesn't she?".

    I haven't found, up to now, any evidence to indicate any planning in the death of Maddie. All seem to indicate that it was manslaughter.

    I may however change my opinion if I have reason to while analysing the information. You know I'm not one to shut up.

  11. The McCanns did the same as the Smarts (Elizabeth) they released a lot of photographs of a much younger Madeleine ...the Smarts a much younger Elizabeth..Why? to confuse. Why would they want to confuse the public in the search for their daughters? I think this is why you are confused SM,the whole exercise was confusion and delay tactics for reasons known only to the McCanns.

    Hair samples found in the apartment, NONE were the length of Madeleines hair in what is claimed to be the her last photo.

  12. Still after the Smarts eh Ironside?
    Why can't you just be glad the child is home, and leave the parents be?


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