Saturday, 15 May 2010

An Understandable Charity Event

Well, they will definitely need some cash for the upcoming legal battles, and I don't think the Fraudulent Fund has enough of it, especially after what I imagine to be the Carter-Ruck bill...

It seems that they were able to close a blog under the infamous "leaving no stone unturned" motto.

Unfortunately, it seems that Maddie was NOT under that blog. She might be under another though... so let's not lose hope.

Leave no blog unturned I say! Meant stone, not blog, sorry…

But back to this so opportune event, if Gerry and Kate have another daughter, I would suggest that they call her "Sue"…

It's certainly the word that they most liked to use to threaten others, but might be just the same word they'll start to hear very soon...

So please, people, pay up. They REALLY need it.

But do keep in mind these details:


  1. Hi Tex you have to admit its a good move. Google McCann Cancer Fund and there they are, the Mccanns nestling amongst other Mccanns (not related) who are fund raising for cancer. No bigger audience will you find than the victims of cancer.

    Only problem is they are unaware that Mccanns is a Company and NOT a Charity.

  2. Run, Gerry, run!!!!

    You can run, or bike, but you can't hide forever...

  3. hi tex and iron! please can you explain (me) why the mccanns are telling the whole world Maddie has been abducted because of the evidences in the appartment and nobody tell them to shut up?
    while PJ say it has not been an abduction because there is no evidence of it?
    Thanks ! have a great weekend!
    XO Claudia

  4. Claudia,

    That is a question that one day, we hope soon, many will be ashamed to answer.

    And that people like you and us, will be proud to not only have said "I told you so" as to be able to say "You were only blind because you CHOSE to be, so stop whining and take it, if not as an adult to you proved worthless to be, as the rat that you were always, and will never cease to be!"

    Claudia, your courage motivates us daily. Thank you for reading us.

  5. Hi TEXTUSA readers, if any of you are having Twitter problems ie. LOGGING ON...please can you leave a message. Thank you.


  7. The Pink Ribbon:

    Hi,D.! HI,I.!

  8. The Pink Ribbon:

    Hi,D.! HI,I.!


    An interesting article.

  10. “I have no doubt we will be able to sustain a high profile for Madeleine’s disappearance in the long-term” (Gerry McCann, 28 June 2007).


    Good morning TEXTUSA readers.

    The Express with Tex. 'STROLLER'

  12. I just Read this out of an online newspaper (9 may 2010)
    "Mr McCann, a consultant, compared the experience to that of fighting cancer."

    Taken from comments section on JKHs blog.

  13. I find it disgusting that Mc Cann(LTD)thinks what he is "going thru"is as bad as having cancer ,as someone in remission i take offence at that,I didnt CHOOSE to get cancer,he CHOSE to neglect his children then bury one of them

  14. Anon 1.39 I know it hurts like hell but remember we are dealing with pure evil here....

    ..One thing I can tell you, today, MacMillan are a little wiser and have more knowledge than they did 48 hours ago. What they choose to do with this knowledge is up to them.


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