Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Sewer Video

(May 18th, 2010)

We can clearly divide the “Sewer Video” into two sets: - from Picture 1 to 23, going from Apartment 5A to PdL’s "Kelly’s Triangle":
- from Picture 24 to 44, from this Triangle to the sewer:
Picture 45, doesn't fit in either, as is just a nice view of the rocky seaside West of PdL.

I like to call the first set as the “Gerry’s Pictures”, and the other as… well, as the “Sewer Pictures”.

Gerry’s Pictures” are, I’m certain o that, engraved in the Doctor’s brain, and he’s remembering what he thought and what he felt in each one as he’s reading this.

However, he hasn’t, in my opinion, ever seen whatever is depicted in the “Sewer Pictures”.

I’m of course ONLY talking about from Picture 25 onwards, because, as I’ve said before, one day the credit card statements will prove that the McCanns knew quite well Kelly’s Bar, and respective Triangle, as per picture 24, and at least from there all the way down to Chaplin’s.

I’m totally conscientious that what I’ve just said and the way I’ve just classified the video is rather controversial amongst the White Hats.

But that is what I think, and hopefully will justify why.

But first, based on the pictures taken from the video I do have to correct some previous statements. One is that that entrance (B) is clearly NOT a private one, and anyone can access the beach from there:
The other is that, as per Picture 45, the rock surface is relatively flat so it doesn’t present the risk of falling that I thought it did.

In the dark, and in normal circumstances, I would avoid it, but having to, it wouldn’t stop me, it would just slow me down.
On the other hand, the same picture indicates that there aren’t any crevices to hide a body, at least anywhere near PdL.

Also, not linked to “body hiding”, but rather confirming what I've already stated more than once, but worth repeating as many times as possible, Picture 16 shows that “The Stroller” had yet another opportunity to avoid the Smiths.

There are stairs to his left, which lead to a parking area, which he could have used:
If at the distance shown he claims that he didn’t see AND hear the Smiths, one can only assume that he, not only was dumb as a doornail, as he is completely vision and hearing impaired.

But on this post I wish to concentrate just on the “Sewer Pictures”.

As can be seen below by the representation of where the Pictures 21 to 43 were taken, that particular area was passed with a very fine tooth comb by the photographer:
The picture with a “?”, is Picture 44, that shows the sewer itself. It’s not clear its exact location, nor can we determine from where it was taken.

But both these details, at this point, are not important
The first impression one gets, is that this is a biased photographic documentary.

The pictures were taken and compiled in a sequence with the very clear objective to prove that the body was taken to, and hidden in, the sewer.

For example, only the second entrance, or entrance (A) of my previous post on this subject, is taken into account on this video.

It would be interesting to see what could be seen from (X) or found in the nearby area, or not seen nor found, if one heads for the beach by first entrance, or entrance (B):
I would like to clarify that I use the term “biased” not in a critical way but just stating it as fact.

We’re all biased; one way or another, and I think to be completely legitimate that whoever sincerely thought that the body was hidden in the sewer, should take these pictures the way he/she did to clearly prove his point of view.

No criticism on my part about that.

 It’s up to the rest of us to have a sufficiently open and critical mind about the subject. We should challenge its assumptions, confirm its possibilities and verify if all limitations were taken, proportionally, into account. In other words, have the theory submitted to the test of honest confrontation.

That is what I expect from you with each and every article that I write. If it passes the test, we then should consider its content as FACT. But, if not, discard it, as painful as that might be to do.

The human being is evaluated not by the number of falls but by the speed by which he gets up from each one of them.

Coming back to the pictures, I tried to number them but ended up with incomprehensible garble of lines, numbers and triangles. So to understand the sequence by which the pictures were taken, I coloured the triangles according to the scale shown:

As one reader quite correctly stated, to hide the body in THAT sewer, you had to know the area. Very, very well, as said.

Personally I agree. Not only the high grass in front of the second entrance (A), but that whole street, the Rua da Calheta.

Only after a thorough and adequate reconnaissance could any of the Tapas have minimum knowledge of THIS sewer and its location. As it is hidden by shrub and high grass, finding it could only have resulted from a milimetric search of that particular area.

This immediately raises the question of who did that exploring, and when.

The Tapas were filmed at Paraíso Bar at 18:15, with the exception of the Kate and Gerry McCann.

The couple could have could have been searching while this filming took place, but that would mean that Gerry and Kate were the SOLE responsibles for the death of Maddie.

That, or that their friends, knowing about the unfortunate event, had decided NOT to help, demonstrating an alienation from the couple that contradicts the solidarity shown in the following hours, days, months and years.

Also, if Gerry and Kate searched alone, did they search with the twins or did they leave them in the Apartment 5A with Maddie’s body?

The possibility of Gerry doing it alone, would, as I’ve shown, prove that he simply didn’t do it, as he’d be the ONLY one to know where the body would be, and would be the ONLY one to know where to pick it up again, and most importantly, uncertain if he could.

It simply wouldn’t be enough telling any other Tapas that “you just go by Kellys’s, turn right, at the end of the road turn on the second on your left, and then somewhere in the middle of the high grass in front of you, there’s an open sewer, and there, you’ll find Maddie.”

IF there was a search for a hiding place for the body, then it’s more than probable that the Tapas participated.

They had to, otherwise the whole thing is totally absurd.

So our search story has a beginning: 18:15 at Paraíso’s Bar. From there, arrive at Apartment 5A, around 18:25/18:30. Hear the news, accept the news, and hear the strategy. That would make the break up into “search parties”, to be around 18:50, and I’m really taking these people to be cynical and heartless to the point of being used to watch one of their kids die, with no emotional waste of time, just cold-hearted reasoning.

The parties then spread out all over PdL. One heads for the rocky beach, and arrives around 19:05, at the “Kelly’s Triangle” area. The search for a hiding spot then begins. This is what they faced, knowing only that behind the houses on the left, is a beach:

Just as a sidenote, wouldn’t you, if you're looking for a hiding place for a dead child, just see how busy the place where you stood was, and just look somewhere else? I mean, as far away as you could from the busiest part of town?  But let's disregard logic once more.

They would have gone on to the first entrance (Pictures 25 to 30), look around, go along the path to the beach and back (no pictures). Then move on to the second entrance (Pictures 31 to 44), where they looked around once again, in every possible nook and cranny, and then, in a stroke of luck, find the sewer.

Let’s discard the possible suspicions raised by the fact that a pair (could be more than two) of foreigners were looking around for, say, a pair of glasses, when none had EVER been seen in the place before, as if you notice, between Pictures 31 and 32, there’s car that is in one and not in the other, so there seems to some human activity around that area, so IS NOT isolated at all…
I’m feeling really benign, so and I’ll say that whoever did all the above described didn’t take more than 30 minutes.

And let’s ALSO suppose that one of the members of THIS particular group, the one that found the sewer, was Gerry.

Otherwise we’d also have to take into account the time needed to call him there and see for himself where he was to hide the body that night. What time is it, then? 19:35.

Call off all other search parties, and back to the Ocean Club.

Arrive there at 19:50/19:55. Hopefully no other party was further out than the one that found the sewer... for example, if another had gone as far as the “Millenium Restaurant”, then we would have to add an extra half-hour just to wait for them to arrive… 19:55 it is then.

That leaves one hour get ready for dinner, agree on all the schematic of time checks, and dinner arrivals, at 21:00, and have good old jolly Gerry taking Maddie to the sewer at 22:00.

In between, bathe the kids and put them to bed. Also, by some accounts, have a bottle of New Zealand wine…

Plausible? I would say no, but won’t be a spoil sport.

 Possible? Will just smile for now.

One thing we can agree on is that ONLY through an adequate and thorough reconnaissance of the PdL beach area West of the “Kelly’s Triangle”, would it be possible for the body to be placed in the sewer.

This is a VERY IMPORTANT assumption. I’m not questioning its feasibility, just agreeing and stating its necessity.

Let’s move on then. To take us to the sewer, we only have the sequence of Pictures 41, 42 and 43:

From these, we can deduce that the sewer is located somewhere in the red area below:

The concentric circles of 10 metres show that this whole area is located 30/40 metres from nearby houses. At least it’s nearer to them than the fishing boats.

This means that the sewer is KNOWN the local residents, and it has certainly been used for many a game by the local kids.

To attempt to deny this fact is to completely ignore life in small villages. Many a “treasure” has been hidden in that sewer. Many a pirate has fought, there, the battle of his life for many a day in a row…

So, once it was known that a little English girl was lost somewhere in the town, I’m quite certain that those that live in those nearby houses, looked FIRST in THAT sewer.

And then they looked under each one of those boats. And checked if the sheds weren't broken into.

No question in my mind about that.

But we have no way of knowing if those people even knew that Maddie was gone that night. We don’t know who exactly is referred by “locals participated in the search”. We know that employees of the Ocean Club did, we know some others did also, but we don’t know if the Rua da Calheta’s residents did.

After all, Robert Murat and his Mother, living much closer to the Ocean Club didn’t, so I’ll concede that these residents, slept soundly, albeit somewhat extra movement in their neighborhood, and even if woken up by someone shouting Maddie’s name, just turned to the other side and returned to sleep.

So I will say that it is possible that those who searched for an ALIVE Maddie in the Rua da Calheta were strange to it, and had no clue about the sewer. But let’s go back a little in time.

The Smith Sighting took place around 22:00. Let’s benefit "The Stroller", and say it was 21:50. From there to the sewer area , shall we say it would take him 10/15 minutes. After all, it’s dark, and he’s only been there ONCE before. That makes it around 22:00/22:05.

This is how entrance (A) would look like, as well as the high grass in front of it:

Imagine yourself trying to find a sewer in these conditions, one that you’ve seen for the FIRST and ONLY time late that same afternoon.

Pretty hard task, wouldn’t you say? But possible, and when you want to hide a body… well all sacrifices MUST be made.

Then the mobile rings (if it rang before, then one wonders what would he do... Drop the body? Continue to look for the sewer? Return with it?)…  

Kate has given the alarm.  

Gerry has to hurry back. HURRY BACK.

But it’s a minimum 20 minute walk from where he is…

What? You say it wasn’t dark at all? Well, we’ve been told that there could have been a full moon, but that wouldn’t…

No, it’s not the moon? Then what? I see that YOU are an attentive reader.

Picture 35 clearly shows two very important things: a canine problem… and a lamppost:

That would mean that that area would be illuminated:

Or if even ill-illuminated:

Won’t even go into the possibility young couples being there using those benches for some romantic fun, because that would just hamper this whole theory needlessly, so let’s leave them out of this, shall we? If one wants to do those kinds of secret things, one doesn’t choose an illuminated spot, does one?!?

So now we have Gerry, placing a body, at around about 22:00, in an illuminated area, where dogs seem to exist, and be a nuisance, 500/600 metres from where he was staying, not having the faintest idea when or if he could come back to pick it up.

Apparently, and according to his friend David Payne, it seems that he got a window of opportunity around 04:00 a.m. That’s only six hours for a lump of freshly dead meat (that is, in reality, what a human dead body becomes) release its smell right up some canine noses…

But, why not? If “coincidence” is the McCanns middle name, “inexplicable” must be their family motto, so we’ll assume that ALL PdL stray dogs could have had their noses blocked by some mysterious disease, so we shall proceed.

So what PROVES that there was no body placement in the sewer (as if any more argumentation was needed…)?

The assumption on what ALL this is based on: RECONNAISSANCE.

That means that whoever determined that the sewer to be the ideal spot for a temporary body hideout would have realized that the “Kelly’s Triangle” area was one that HAD to be avoided.

And for someone that was heading from Apartment 5A to the sewer, the “Kelly’s Triangle” was easily avoidable:

Either they explored the area, or they didn’t.

No two ways about it.

Simply NO EXPLANATION for going down the Rua da Escola Primária.

Oh, you now say that they only concentrated their search on the beach area, and didn’t have the time to certify themselves about the various accesses there.

Well, another unreasonable, lame, explanation.

For the Tapas, from the Ocean Club to the "Kelly’s Triangle" area, and sewer, there is only ONE logical path, that can originate from the either points that we know that the Tapas are familiar with: the Ocean Club entrance (1) and the crèche (2)

As you can see, nowhere near the Rua da Escola Primária, where the Smith Sighting took place.

Any which way you look at it, the place of the Smith Sighting is a completely “UNNATURAL” location to be seen if one is hiding a body, at 22:00, on the night of May 3rd, be the destination the Church, Beach A or Beach B.

No, the Smiths did see a man carrying a child, but that man was not hiding or disposing any body.

The ONLY justification for a man to be seen by the Smiths carrying a child dressed like Maddie, is that the Rua da Escola Primária is the ONLY route that one can take if one wishes to pass by “Kelly’s Triangle”, the busiest spot in town, and give the impression that one’s heading out towards the beach.

There is simply NO OTHER explanation.

I did say that this video was enlightening.

But NOT because of all I’ve stated above. That, I already have one way or another stated in previous posts.

No. It’s because the moment I saw it, I thought to myself “HERE IS THE SMITH SIGHTING COMPLETELY EXPLAINED”.

 By the pictures it contains? No, those are only helpful to justify this and that detail, and in that, have been, and will continue to be very useful. So what is common between the “Smith Sighting Stroll” and the “Sewer Video”?

Both prove the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they were intended to prove.

The "Sewer Video" intended to prove that the body had been disposed of at the sewer, but ended up proving exactly that of all possible places, it wasn’t the sewer.

The "Smith Sighting Stroll" intended to prove that there was abduction, but ended up proving that there wasn’t one.

And the stroll, in proving that there was no abduction, leaves as the only other possible explanations for Maddie to be missing to this day, to be manslaughter or murder.

Both the stroll and the video are completely backfired messages.

Fortunately for the truth.



    Book by Albert Moisiu

    Have only just seen this.

  2. Will certainly read it. Thanks Iron!


    I have read while Corner was doing this video at the same time the dogs were in the apartment. Have no idea if this is true or forum myth. One thing for sure Kate is high on something..

    What mother describes the most awful moment of her life in this way?????


    McCanns best moments

  5. Wonderful work Textusa. Totally agree with you. The Smiths were used to fit an abduction theory, and I'm not saying that their sight did not happen. The sight could be true and could be one of the tapas carrying a child with pyjama Kate described to the police, but not Madeleine. Madeleine did not disapear with that Pyjama. She disapeared leaving a tshirt behind and taking the shorts, trousers or underwear which hold evidences the all group wanted to hide. The body was in a place where they know, no dog could spot it in the first hours ( a house and after a car to move it to another place far from the crime scene). They could have used a house near the OC Club to translate the body into a car in a blue bag ( even if somebody saw it, will not find that strange at the time. After may they have a click but with all media exposition and with what hapenned to Amaral, who saw it did not came yet forward worrying to be used by mccann's team and end-up involved). This operation was done quickly to avoid leaving traces of the body on that house ( they are doctors, they know the risks and how to avoid it).
    Gerry will not leave the body in an unsafe place. When they raise the alarm they were absolute sure that the body could not be found that night and the day after. What they were unsure, is about the attitude and the decisions of the police- they could leave them free or arrest them all, imediately. Imagine them arrested and the body waiting for them to be moved somewhere. When they ring the alarm, the body was already somewhere with somebody who knows what to do. The huge search of the police and the amount of journalists aparentely disturbed their plans, but in fact help them with plan B- The Renault Scenic, the villa da Bela Vista, etc.

  6. The McCanns as Doctors know the significance of 48 hours and stomach contents.

    They would say the first 48 hours were the worst, many times. Not because they were worried about her being found... or maybe they were, after 48 hours stomach contents are not so easy to detect in fact highly impossible.

    Inside 48 hours, this would have proven Maddies last meal was NOT milk and cookies.


    Forensic Information.

    Not the first time a criminal has used the time of the victims last meal to prove they were still alive.

    Kate did just that...milk and cookies...

  8. Above link not working.

    48 Hours and the significance of Mccanns 48 hours were the worst.

    Skin Colour Top^
    The colour of the corpse will also help determine the time of death from about 48 hours and onwards. From approximately 48 hours after death, bacteria begins to breed on the skin, giving the skin an evidently greenish tone. The tinge starts in the lower stomach area, spreading outwards and affecting the hands and feet last. Approximately 4-7 days after death, the skin will acquire a marble-like appearance, as the veins in the body become closer to the surface, thus becoming more easily visible.
    Copyright 2004-2005 Thinkquest Team 00206
    Blood Pooling Top^
    The pooling of the blood can be a vital clue in determining the time of death and is known as hypostasis. This occurs when the blood ceases flowing, settling in the lowest parts of the body and in turn, causing the skin to become pink and red in colour. This process is complete in up to 6 hours after death. The main use of blood pooling analysis actually lies in helping to determine the death manner (noting that the location of the blood pools indicates the upright position of the body at the time of blood pooling) The process does however, form a method of predicting the time since death.

    The Digestive System Top^
    The digestive system and gut contents of a victim can provide important clues to the time of death of a victim. Chewed food will firstly pass through the oesophagus and then down into the stomach within seconds of the initial swallowing. After 3 hours, the food then leaves the stomach and heads toward the small intestines. 6 hours after eating a meal, the food will have traveled half way through the small intestines and begin moving through the large intestine. Where the victim's small intestine is empty, it suggests that the victim ate his or her last meal approximately 8 hours before death. The digestive process usually takes a bit more than a day, but it can be affected by sickness, liquid intake, fear or drug intake.

    Pathologists also briefly note that correct level of food digestion corresponds to its location in the digestive system. In the rare case that a clever murderer wishes to delude investigators by attempting to bring forward the time of the victim's last meal (giving them an explanation for where they were at the victim's time of death), he/she may manually feed processed food (resembling that of chewed food) into the victim's stomach. If this is so, the food collected in the stomach will be much less digested than ennormal, since the periodic motion of the stomach stops after death. The food may indeed appear slightly broken down, due to the presence of the stomach acids, but any abennormalities are otherwise detectable. In older people or in those affected by the effects mentioned earlier (sickness, fear, drug/liquid intake), the efficiency of food digestion alters and it is left to pathologists to determine if the extent of the undigested food is great enough to suggest the mentioned scenario.


    AFTER 48 hours they relaxed.

  10. Ironic Expression as McCann used Maddies eyes for his campaign just days after her death.

    Had Maddie been found within 48 hours there would have been proof she had died BEFORE she was abducted.A doctor would know this.

    McCann has said we believe it was a 'LIVE' Maddie taken from the apartment. Strange thing to say.


    Forensic info.

    Truth Lies In The Eyes Top^
    The eyes of a victim can also hold answers to the time of death, as a thin cloudy film is developed over the eye within 3 hours after death has occurred. The eyeballs become softer as a result of less fluid pressure behind the eye and the degree to which this has occurred can be used as a measure of the time since death. Again, a less common procedure for deaths that evidently occurred out of the limit of several days.

  11. Wait a minute, if I ACCIDENTLY killed someone, why would I want to hide the body?

    If I INTENTIONALLY killed someone, I'd obviously make sure it didn't look like murder at all.

    Author unknown..

    But a good question if a child died in a domestic accident WHY would you need to hide the body?

    Children die in the home every day, they ARE accidents.

    What accident did Maddie have that warrented such a cover up?

  12. From Twitter

    macmillancancer We’re the beneficiary charity of Etape, but bikers can raise funds for causes they wish.To raise concerns pls contact

  13. I'm gonna come out and say it, this is from my ever-developing theory, which thanks to you guys, and a couple of other authors on the comrad sites, I have almost completed! (I will put up a blog with my entire theory soon)...

    Madeleine was dead when she was moved out of of the apt. She was put nearby at the .... and it was 'assumed' by Kate and Gerry that she WOULD BE FOUND that night... this is why she did not go and search, and Gerry only searched 'later'...this is WHY they kept on saying, and keep on insisting that 'she was alive when she was taken'...think about what I've just written... it makes perfect sense...Should Madeleine be found, she would be dead therefore... THEY didn't do it! Do you see? At 4.30pm approx. the body was moved from....... to a more discrete location.
    I am Copyrighting C and Registering R my Theory!

  14. Marty,

    Don't want to cool down your enthusiasm, which is motivating, but do create your own blog and please don’t add, at least here, to the already existing confusion. I know you are well intended, but there are TOO many people coming up with their own theories, which they have the right to do, and its not my intention to make them stop, but they end up confusing people. People who write should give a thought about this. If they are writing to help, or to feed their own ego.
    Both T & I seem to be, at least for me, on the right track, so please don’t distract them or us. Create your blog and I’m sure T & I will link you up. About registering, many have used T & I's ideas as their own. Haven’t seen either of them complain. Not because they are stealing them, but because they make sense, and people just think they were there from the beginning.

    Text, I didn’t see the lamp. Got me there


  15. Yes makes perfect sense..they HOPED she would be found. But when she was'nt they moved her...but why?..Why move her, why not wait for her to be found?

    The statements May 4th would I imagine not have taken place if Maddie had been found in the early hours. Who would question a bereft parent?

    Also Marty had she been found this early ,cause of death would be known . If there was no sign of sexual assault or harm to the child
    why would a 'paedophile' take her?

    Kates remark on May 4th ...Madeleine had a sunburn mark on her right forearm...

    Tennis court photo shows red marks on Maddies right arm
    McCanns NEVER say and do anything without a reason.

    Their comments on the 48 hours...were they waiting and hoping she would be found?

    Five days later Kate washes the soft toy...the same day they are given the keys to the church.

  16. Guys, I'm sorry I really don't want to add confusion - apologies but I just get very upset about this case! I was joking about registering and it wasn't a veiled comment about stealing ideas etc. I hope I am forgiven? Anyway, yes I read your blog with huge interest and I can see how much work in research you do, which is commendable! When I write up my theory I will 'source' everything in it, so that the reader can see it's not just 'idle talk'! Thanks again.

  17. Then Textusa. Gerry know well 'Gerry Pictures' not from night or day May 3, but from previous 'promenades' to Kelly's Bar and the Chaplins. PDL is a small village and May, a quite time for tourism. This means no many tourists around. That means there is a high probability of the Smiths to have meet the Mccann's or the Tapas before May 3, at one of this bars. I have to read again what is available about the Smiths before my next post.

  18. Anon, nice point, the one about Gerry meeting the Smiths.

    About knowing th epics before May 3rd, no, he doesn't. He walked that path for the first time that night.

    He probably used to dine at Chaplin's and go to Kelly's to start the night.

    You have to consider the difference of the groups. The Smiths took their toddlers with them, while, as Iron and myself believe, the Tapas left one in the Apartment with the kids while the others, all adults, went for fun... So most likely that the time going into these places were different.

    However, they could have met. Do you memorize all people in a bank, or other public place, unless they act oddly?

    Marty, you're more than welcome, and please do state your ideas. As you can see, I'll only agree if I think I should, and tell you why. If I disagree, well... the worst it can happen to you is get to a "special" post...

    KY, thanks for the defense, but don0t worry, both Iron and me have spouses that are too jealous to let us enjoy even one minute of whatever possible glory.

  19. Tex... here is a snippet from a statement, his name Rex Morgan...May 3rd he and his wife were on holiday in their Villa. Two men called collecting for money (to help young girls),Mr.Morgan gave 10 Euro and was given a receipt. Both men did not match Gail Coopers description. Nothing suspicious about either man.

    You have many maps where exactly is this manhole Mr.Morgan is talking about in relation to the Mccanns apartment.He seems to be talking about the evening of May 3rd...I know there were road works at the time .

    Rex Morgan

    I would further like to say that in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine, I saw a manhole with a cover removed.

    This manhole is situated on a junction of a road that runs parallel to the supermarket near to the Tapas Bar and the McCanns apartment. The cover along with the surround that been removed and placed to the side of the road.

    The road is lit by street lighting but I believe you would not have seen the hole and anyone could have fallen in.

    I returned the next day and noticed that the cover had been replaced. I am concerned that she may have fallen down the manhole and was not seen.


    FOI concerning Madeleine

  21. Hi Textusa,
    Is that video one you made?
    If not did you ask the maker's permission to post it? And if so why no acknowledgement of the maker?

  22. Iron,

    Long day... had promised myself that I would only post at the end of this week, so I have a "Sulking Fred" to gulp down... and it ain't a cocktail.

    About the manhole, will look into it, although, must confess, with not a whole lot of conviction.

    Maddie didn’t leave the apartment alive on the night of the 3rd. If she did, she either left with Peter Pan or with one of the monsters of Disney’s Monster Inc.

    The Black Hats have done a pretty good job. They’re having the White Hats all “hysterical” going after “leads” like pigeons after bread at Trafalgar Square.

    The fact that one finds a “gun” it doesn’t necessarily mean that it was used to “shoot” Maddie.

    Remember that to the question “why did the chicken cross the road”, 99% of the times, the correct answer is “just to get to the other side”. Only 0,00001% of the times is the correct answer "to be abducted by aliens".

    Unfortunately for the Black Hats, Fred doesn’t allow me to touch, not even with the tip pf a borrowed toe, the “hysterical line”.

    Sometimes I wish he would.

  23. Daoud,

    No, I was not the author of the video. The video was posted by Joahanna in the comment box of my post:

    In the post,

    I clearly referred that fact, and placed the link of the video:

    The author seems to be an impartial69:

    who, as I said, I think he did it with the best of intentions.

    Not quite clear what yours are.

    No, I did not ask permission, simply used this information as many other that readers have provided me. As far as I know, YouTube videos are public.

    By the way, you or anybody else can use whatever I write, as well as the images I’ve created.

  24. Comment placed on missingmadeleine forum:
    "From Jeanne D'arc MCF

    For your information:

    Textusa has taken my
    video without permission or giving credence to me as the creator and
    dissected it in a most arrogant and condescending way. I am not happy
    about this. The video was in no way meant to prove as fact that a body
    was hidden in the sewer outlet after the Smith encounter. It was meant
    to show the one path that to me seemed the most logic SHOULD it have
    been a body that was transported that evening to a SHORTTERM hiding
    place. I have always spoken of a child and not a body, but Textusa
    apparently does not speak german and cannot use a google translation

    Textusa made a number of blatant mistakes in his post from
    locating the sewer outlet wrongly to interpreting a streetsign
    deliberately false and giving a completely exaggerated time for the
    walk between the OC and the sewer.

    I posted a reply that has so far not been published but I would like to distance myself from his allegations here as well.

    it seems that a couple of bloggers recently see the need of pushing
    their ego's with the one and only THEORY as to what happened that
    night. I have also written about my theories and have always accepted
    other peoples views and adapted if proven wrong. Never would I use the
    theory of somebody else to dissect it and use it to prove my own. These
    are childish games on the back of the one and ultimate Truth."

    The forum in question has placed many of my posts on its pages, without my authorization.

    So have other forums.

    To all I thank. And please continue.

    And have received pretty harsh comments in all of them.

    I stand by ALL the conclusions I made from the video, posted on a public site, for all to see and interpret. Including that where I say it's not clear where the sewer is.

  25. Hi Tex...forget the manhole cover. It is of no importance except to Rex who had sleepless nights thinking Madeleine was down there...So many who cared for the evil that is now so evident.

  26. Textusa, I think your theory is touching hot points and some people are already not feeling confortable on their chairs. Amaral got the same when he almost reach part of the truth.
    Most of the pictures of the video are available in Mccannfiles and in many places in the Internet. I even take the risk to say that all people who went to PDL to understand what happen to Madeleine, read Amaral book and walked the path reported on that video and made their own theory.
    The most important points are:
    -There was no abduction at all that night- The crime scene prove it.
    - The girl did not wonder off by herself. A huge team with a huge and very specialized search did not find her. By herself she was not able to go far and most probably will go to a place which she knows- The OC.
    - Making the above possibilities impossible, the last lay on her parents and the friends. The group who were in charged of her protection and did not assume their responsabilities. Since she was real and not a cartoon girl, as her abductors tend to be, we have to understand why she disapeared leaving no traces? What her body could hold which need to be out of police eyes?
    The last sad history in Spain, remind me Madeleine. A father, who is a child predator and a disturbed mother who end-up the life of 2 childs. At least this mother showed some dignity- she confessed the crime and her childs will rest in peace in a place where, who loved them, can pay some respects, bring flowers and pray.
    Madeleine still out there, but not alive, as a very convenient and profitable campaign want the world to believe. Who are the other parents of a lost child, who start a raising Fund few days after she went missing and after raising millions did not use that money to offer a ramson to the evil abductor? Instead, they feed expensive lawyers to clean themselves. That give us all the adjectives we can use to describe the commitment of this parents.
    Go ahead Textusa and Iron with your work. I'm reading Amaral book again and the files to revisit facts I forget. What you pretend to do is a great work in science, trying to exclude from the story what did not make sense. In science we call it 'trying and error'.
    The main characters avoided the reconstruction, a very important step in crime investigation, and part of the process of 'trying and error'. But everything have an explanation even if at the end there is no enough evidences to prove it, and a explanation based on facts. That explanations can open new lids and touch somebody to break the pact.
    I hope somewhere there, inside the pact, somebody will develop a heart, big then a brain, and brave enough to come forward and tell the truth.

  27. Hi Textusa,
    Thanks for your reply - my intention was (and is) straightforward: to elicit answers to the questions I posted, no big mystery there.

    My point is that if I were to devote a longish blog to a disection of someone else's work (video, article etc) I would a) credit the work in question to its author and b) contact the author beforehand for both permission and feedback.
    Just seems like common courtesy to me, and in the age of the email quick and easy to do

  28. Good morning Tex and Daoud, the day here in Greece is going to be a scorcher . I am off to the beach with the kids. If I may and have read what seems both sides to the story Tex has explained how he came to have the video through Johanna...

    From what I can see this blog is going from strength to strength and it seems clear to me Tex has explained and apologised.

    I also hope I add my little bit to this blog by introducing my interest in Forensics.

    I appreciate all work on this blog and would like to send my special thanks for the video and the person who made it.

    I hope I have not butted in to a private conversation . If I have please forgive me.


  29. Sorry Tex have just turned you into a deepest aplogies to your husband Fred.

    I think i had better go to the beach with the kids before I change someone elses sex. LOL


  30. One more point reading 'Martys' theory. Marty there was a good point made by Iron.The statements would probably not have taken place on the 4th of May.

    The stomach contents: would then have been Madeleines last meal at the creche. Kate lied about milk and cookies to show Madeleine was alive at a later date.

    Must fly one of my little ones cannot find her sandal. I just love being a mum xx


  31. Dauod,

    Take your point. I’m not writing a thesis here, so please don’t ask me for footnotes, references, bibliography or to follow templates, as I prioritize content over form. Yes, respect is due where it’s due, no question about it. And have tried, whenever I use outside information, to link up the adequate source.

    I do not know who is “Jeanne D'arc MCF” is, nor who is "Impartial69". Don't know if they have blogs, but apparently Jeanne does. I think I visited Johanna’s blog once, but not understanding a word of German, didn’t return, out of ignorance of the language.

    For this particular post, any new information I used was taken from comments on the comment boxes of THIS blog. And that includes the video.

    A video, once placed on YouTube is in the public domain. Common "net" knowledge.

    The complaining is NOT about the use of the video, as it was placed here before, as a link as I said, and nobody complained THEN about permissions or any other other type of abusive use of it.

    If people cannot realise that once their work is in public it will subject of discussion, then simply do not place it...if you cannot face your critics, then do not post...

    Jeanne complained about people (me) using own theories to contradict the theories of others, as if my behavior was an unacceptable and unethical. So what was the video then? Didn’t it contradict what I had just stated in the post?

    But, unlike Jeanne, I praise the act. I find it completely legitimate for Johanna to have done so, and thank her for having given me the opportunity to confront my ideas with different ones.

    About the facts referred that I have stretched, distorted or exaggerated, I think that it’s self evident the desperation of the accusation.

    Besides, let me tell you that the contents of the video prove NOTHING. As we don’t know where the sewer is, all said afterwards is baseless (I am really curious where the thing really is, by the way...).

    The content aonly helps CONFIRM that NOBODY would be carrying a body of a dead child down Rua da Escola Primaria.

    That I could prove without the video.

    What the video PROVES, and that is what I really would like to get across, is that sometimes we do things that end up resulting the EXACT OPPOSITE of what was initially intended.

    By the lack of opposition to that, I think I acheived my goal with the post.

    THAT is what is IMPORTANT: backfired messages. In proving that, both the iillumination and the dog-sign are not only not required as they're, in fact, completely irrelevant.

    I’m long past the age of ego-massaging others.

    Another thing, responding to a subtle accusation from Jeanne, let me make it CLEAR once again, that besides those comments that have a "DO NOT PUBLISH", ALL remainder comments ARE PUBLISHED. If not on this blog, then on the Trash Can (see Malignant Centre, below the followers).

    As Fred tells me, at least in your blog behave like the housewife you aren't, and keep it neat and tidy.


    Metodo 3

    Irish family may have been the last to see Madeleine ALIVE...


    John Stalker and the tapas 9 'Big Secret'.

    Something that holds them together but would be very embarassed if this got out.

    I believe John knows what that secret is.

  34. Link mal function..

    Irish family's Maddie quizFrom VERONICA LORRAINE
    in Praia da Luz

    Published: 03 Jan 2008
    PRIVATE detectives hunting for Madeleine McCann are to quiz an Irish family who may have been the last to see her alive.

    Martin Smith, his wife and children told cops they saw a man carrying a little blonde girl in Praia da Luz on the night Maddie vanished.

    Investigators from the Metodo 3 agency hired by Maddie's parents Gerry and Kate are preparing to travel to Ireland to interview them.

    The family, from Drogheda, Co Louth, believe they saw the man taking the sleeping tot down to the beach at the Portuguese resort.


    The Smiths were leaving Kelly's Bar - 400 metres from the McCanns' apartment - between 9.50 and 10pm on May 3 last year.

    They flew home to Ireland the next day, but when the times of Maddie's abduction were revealed, the family remembered seeing a man, 5ft 7in to 5ft 9in tall and dressed in beige, carrying the child.

    Significantly the description matches that given by Jane Tanner, 37, a friend of the McCanns.

    Mr Smith, who has already spoken to Portuguese cops over the sighting, said yesterday: "I'd talk to anyone to move this investigation on. I think about Maddie every day."

  35. So much problems because of a video which is already old and largely known? Come on.... the problem is not the video, but the conclusions you achieve Textusa. You touch points which some people did not like.
    I don't believe on any abduction. Don't believe on Gerry carrying dead Madeleine that night, down the street to dump her somewhere. Imagine if somebody stop him just to ask 'what is the time?'. A dead child is easy to recognise, even at night with full moon and the street lights. Gerry is clever enough to avoid that risk. If he was spoted by Smith family that night ( which aparentely is true because Amaral gave some importance to that, even if he said that at the beginning PJ dismissed it because at the time they reported the sight, Gerry was at the table) he was carrying other child. Maybe to fit the abduction scenary if he had the feeling that PJ buy their story. I think,since the beginning they had the feeling that GNR and PJ did not believe them, this is why they avoid telling the bar's zone and the Smith's sight. If the Smith's recognised him and PJ found Madeleine on the first days, they will be accused of Faked abduction with Smith's statement.They were very lucky because she was not found and their diplomatic support worked well, pressuring and interfering with investigation. But at the time, they don't know it, then they need to avoid that sight and any relation with bar's, specially if gerry went to one of them that night.
    Well, I will be accused of having also my own theory. But if the Mccann's were allowed to have their theory without evidences, to use it to treatned people and to raise money, why we have to keep ours in a draw?
    From the discussion come the light. At least we discuss facts and evidences, not fiction.

  36. Everyone still BLIND to the fact McCann has plans for next year...where does that leave Madeleine?

    McCanns blog..

    Update: May 18th, 2010
    I competed in the Etape Caledonia on Sunday, May 16. Due to mild conditions, excellent pacemaking (especially Duncan Morrison number 1172) and a following wind the whole way round, I managed to come in well ahead of expected in 3 hours 51min 27sec. I finished 171st out of over 3500 finishers so there is not much room for improvement next year!

    Thanks to all who have sponsored me and especially Andy Renwick, Alan Crombie, Paul MacIntyre and Michelle Jeffrey for support on the day and donating to Madeleine's fund.



    Mitchell moves on up...

  38. Anon 3:55,

    Thank you for your enlightening, and motivating contribution.

    One thing, and ONE thing ONLY are we certain of: there's ONLY one and only CORRECT THEORY as to what happened that night.

    It might be yours.

    My posts, have been contradicting my own, posted above... so when I come up with an updated one, I promise I'll post it here first. But if you get it right before me, well, that's a time saver.

    Between you and me... the McCanns could save us a lot of writing, couldn't they?

    It's nice to know that people who care, like you, read this blog

  39. Gerry Knows one year ahead that Madeleine will still missing on May 2011, this is why he published on his blog, such interesting sentence:
    'there is not much room for improvement next year!'

    And the British authorities .... BLIND, BLIND.
    And the British Media FOOLING, FOOLING....

  40. John Stalker led the inquiry into the "Shoot to kill" policy that existed in Northern Ireland. Big Joe McCann, who resembles Gerry McCann physically, was a victim of that policy. Joe McCann was shot in the back and unarmed.

    I believe what Stalker knows has to do with Gerry's family and the work of British intelligence.

    I think it is long past time we stop calling this a conspiracy theory and start dealing with what is staring us in the face.

  41. Anon 3.33...Thanks for the info and that takes care of Mccann. But there is more. An ex PJ (not Amaral) had a source in Scotland Yard who knew something about the group. The PJ told what he knew,its out there for all to read... this will be covered at a later date. I believe John Stalker was that ex PJs source.

    Good morning Tex and readers...

  42. Was Jose de Freitas the contact in Scotland Yard? He was not allowed to go to Mr Amaral's hearing as a witness for him.


    I cannot understand how a body after nine days did not leave an odour in the home.

  44. The ex PJ who shall remain anon for the moment, would not give his source for obvious reasons. But he was not afraid to say what was behind the 'Pact of Silence' in his opinion.

    I know I sound cloak and dagger but there is method to this blog and we have yet to reach that stage.

    We go back to the night in question and the days before and after. AND that is where we shall remain.

  45. Anon @ 8:14,

    A portuguese man died ( natural) in France. He was living alone in a flat, in a busy building. His body was discovered more then an year after his dead, only because he stop paying the electricity and the water which was normally payed by automatic bank transfer ( the money finish on his account). When the workers went the flat to disconnect the electricity and the water,they discovered the body, so dry that was like a mumia. No any neighbour noticed the smell of the body.
    Mccann's are Drs. they know what to do, to preserve a body. Gerry on his first trip back home, was reported he went to the hospital he work to fix some issues related with his long stay in Portugal. Was only this, or hi get some chemicals available to Drs. in an hospital but hard to buy outside?

  46. Good morning Anon 8.14 how fascinating and thank you. I hope Samantha posts today she seems to know something about forensics and maybe she can explain.

    I had been away for a couple of weeks and a rat had chewed the cables of my car and had died there. The smell when I opened the barn door was horrific I shall never forget.... That terrible smell of death.

  47. LEWIS PR the new master of MITCHELL the PONCE have pulled their twitter page...

    Seems they cannot take the heat..twitterers advicing them of the lies of Mccanns PR Guru.

  48. Of course someone did send them your article about the biggest Turd...have no ide who that could have been. Good move though.

  49. Textusa some interesting comments here on the Ex PJ officer and a contact in the met who iron thought might be John stalker. Can I ask did you ever do a post or clarify that any further. I know John Stalker mentioned the big secret and an ex PJ ( or some other portuguise guy) said on national tv about swinging. I was always certain that John stalker knew about the swinging which is why he said it was an embarrassment rather than an illegal act.


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