Friday, 21 May 2010

Not Blogging Today

Life is made only of important things.

We do tend to get distracted with distractions.

A friend is in need, so this blog will pause for today. And “today” will be extended to the time we feel that our friend no longer needs our wings.



    For all of those who have broken wings. No there is someone, somewhere who ALWAYS cares.

  2. Nice words from SweetSide!

    In " googlês":

    wise words and the right attitude. The power of tenderness and affection are so strong. But if J. wish to You courage ...... me, too, and great strength.

  3. Tex

    Que o universo te retribua tudo o que lhe tens dado ,seja através das manifestações de amor,carinho e respeito para com os teus semelhantes,seja pela postura de quem luta por um mundo mais justo e mais belo.
    As minhas parcas forças estarão contigo.
    Coragem e respeitosos cumprimentos


  4. Lindas também as palavras de RR ...

    parcas forças?


    Para quem está necessitar.


  5. RR

    Your words left me wordless. Anything will either seem corny or vain, so I'll minimize the emotion they contain, the relevance they have and the strength they give, with a "thank you". If I were to strectch these two words to make them the size your words merit, each and every letter would be ripped apart.


  6. Maria,

    You're always balm of strength. Be it in good and following winds, be it in tempestuous seas...

  7. Textusa,
    Ha sempre uma luz ao fundo do tunel para nos iluminar o caminho. So precisamos de estar receptivos para a podermos ver.
    Faco meu o beijinho e o voto de coragem da Joana.


  8. no idea what´s going on but I want to let you know I´m missing your posting and whatever happenned I´m with you in my thoughts!
    Hope all goes well!
    XO Claudia

  9. Kind words never fall on stoney ground.

  10. Thank You Text! Also!


    I am glad to see TTW4. I miss You!

  11. Thank You Text! Also!


    I am glad to see TTW4. I miss You!

  12. Thinking of you, Textusa...

    "In a world as wrong as this one, all we can do is make things as right as we can." ~Barbara Kingsolver

    (I'm sure you are doing all you can, and the last thing you need to worry about is blogging. We'll be here when you get back. Stay strong.)


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