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Madeleine The Silent Witness

This was an article from the 

Daily Express,
reporter Padraic Flanagan in PDL August 28th 2007. 

KATE and Gerry McCann are the subjects of a vile whispering campaign, which has led to them suffering a daily torrent of smears. 

As they still try to come to terms with the loss of four-year-old Madeleine they continually face new accusations, including that they were responsible for her death. 

And despite the couple’s swift, strenuous and increasingly exasperated denials to every one of the allegations, they have failed to dampen the appetite of the Portuguese media for new smears. 

The lies include: Kate’s guilt Portuguese TV reporter San­dra Felguiras is said to have implied during one live broadcast recently that Mrs McCann could have murdered her daughter. 

A source close to the couple’s family described the comments as “outrageous”. 

Drugging their children 

The McCanns, both doctors, have been accused of “drugging” their children to make them sleep so they could go out. 

The claim came from unnamed police sources who doubted Madeleine’s two-year-old twin brother and sister could have slept through her abduction. 

Last week magazine Tal&Qual suggested they accidentally killed her with an overdose. The couple say they have never used sedatives on their children and never would. 

Wife-swapping holidays 

A retired detective claimed, without foundation on a TV programme, that Kate and Gerry were “swingers” who enjoyed wife-swapping with the friends who were their dinner party companions. 

Despite a lack of evidence, the claim was picked up by local newspapers. 

 Excessive drinking 

Rumours that the couple and their friends were drunk when they should have been looking after their children began among holidaymakers in Praia da Luz and were picked up by local journalists. 

The McCanns deny they drank on May 3, when Madeleine went missing. 

Children left to cry 

Neighbours at the Ocean Club are said to have told of the McCanns leaving their children while they went out to enjoy themselves, including once in a town 15 minutes’ drive away. 

Kate and Gerry insist they ate every night at a restaurant less than a minute from the flat. 

Killed in the apartment 

Various newspapers and television stations have discounted the abduction theory, and claim Madeleine died in the apartment, through the negligence of her parents or murder. 

Journalists who made the claim cannot explain why detectives might think this. 

A body in the hire car 

Other newspapers have reported the existence of forensic evidence that Madeleine’s body had been in the family’s rental car. 

This claim re-emerged at the weekend with reports that the scent of a corpse had been discovered by a sniffer dog on the hire car’s key. The couple rented the car five weeks after their daughter disappeared.

Emergency call delay 

Portuguese newspaper Diario de Noticias cited an unnamed holiday resort worker who falsely claimed the McCanns opted to contact the media and a priest before police. 

The McCanns issued a denial to a baseless story. 

Intercepted phone calls and emails 

Diario de Noticias also said police had “intercepted” communications between the McCanns and their friends which were said to provide “decisive proof” that Madeleine was not kidnapped. 

The McCanns handed police all their phone and computer records soon after the crime. 

Friends under suspicion 

The newspaper 24 Horas claimed members of the holiday party were “under surveillance” in Britain as part of the investigation. 

This is strenuously denied by British and Portuguese police. 

Forged birth certificate 

Local media has even claimed Gerry was not Madeleine’s real father and had used his position as a doctor to alter details on her birth certificate illegally. 

This is said to have caused the couple particular hurt because all three of their children were conceived by IVF. 


A lot of accusations from what we call the Gutter Press. Many of these accusations, when Police files were released ,still stand. 

The McCanns have not been charged because of their connections. Had any other parent acted in this way while on holiday they would be in prison,of that I have no doubt.

Refusing to answer Police questions and telling blatant lies. Happily admitting neglect. NEGLECT.I do not believe ever took place. 

But, without neglect the 'abduction' could not have happened. Therefore, the truth of what happened to Madeleine must have been far worse . 

A simple domestic accident, children die in the home every day the parent is not charged. 

A domestic accident, does not call for the parents to hide their childs body. 

A domestic accident would have drawn nothing but sympathy for the McCanns . 

Whatever happened Kate has said many times in the early days ' Why did I do it, why did I think it was safe?'  

What did Kate do she thought was so safe? Something she did in Rothley was SO safe, but in PDL turned into a tragedy? 

If I today, ring the police and tell them my child has been abducted and my friend witnessed the abduction. Would I be believed, does it even sound credible? No, it does not. But this is what happened . 

Staff members have also been fired from the Ocean Club. Their only crime, they maybe saw things they should not have seen. 

The McCanns were seen breakfasting in the Millenium , they deny this ,why? What could be wrong with having breakfast outside of the apartment?. 

Another staff member saw a cot in the Mccanns room Wed 2nd May. By the 3rd the cot was in the room Madeleine is alleged to have been taken from. Once again Gerry McCann denies a cot was ever in their room. 

Mrs Fenn heard a child screaming Daddy,daddy Tuesday May 1st. Once again the Mccanns deny this ever happened. 

The story, is the McCanns 'STORY' pure fabrication , but some players, the Mcanns cannot control , staff members of OC who tell a different story. 

If the McCanns had been charged with neglect ,these staff members would have been powerful witnesses to at least prove the McCanns are liars. 

Prove the Mccanns have lied about small things and you cast doubt as to what really happened to their daughter.Doubt is enough in a Court of Law. 

There is also another witness who has the starring role 'Madeleine' the 'Silent Witness' she knows the answers to ALL our questions. Madeleine died in apartment 5a, she never left there alive, as the Mccanns like to insist. 

A dead child cannot say why she died, but her body can tell how. 

The McCanns did not want Maddies body to speak for her, so they moved it to another place. 

Kate has already told us why, she did something that she thought was safe. What Kate , what did you do?


  1. 1) Maddie died because of sedation
    2)Maddie died because of sex abusing
    3) Maddie died because she had an accident
    4)Maddie died because of drugs

    whatever was the reason of Maddies death,Kate and Gerry were scared of losing the other children,jobs,house and even going to jail,so they had to cover it up
    in MHO !
    XO Claudia

  2. Good points Iron.

    Some of this points, Mccann's already admitted, direct or not, in the last interviews. The twins could be sedated. 3 years after, they said to Sandra felgueiras that they noticed the strange behaviour of the twins on May third night. If there is no traces of a stranger in the flat, who could sedate the twins? Just one logical answer- The people who had easy and normal access to them ( the parents). And the way used to sedate them must be a normal way (something in the milk or a syrop) since no any of them cried offering resistence to a more harmful methode. AND THEY DRINK THE MILK OR THE SYROP WHEN THEY ARE AWAKE, before going to bed ( if not early, to allow the parents clean the mess).
    I can't imagne an abductor with a small window of oportunity, busy, preparing milk or giving the syrop to 3 kids and the 3 kids very cooperative. Sleeping kids cried a lot when forced to wake-up and take a syrop( this is my experience with mine when I have to control their fever). But this couple of doctors want us to believe that their kids are diferent. I don't know what this attitude highlights more... if the bad parenting... if the bad skills of two doctors.

  3. "The McCanns deny they drank on May 3, when Madeleine went missing."

    How could they deny drinking on that day???!!! They started drinking even BEFORE they left to the Tapas, they told they had some New Zealand wine in the apartment after the children were put to bed!
    This one most certainly cannot fall under the "lie" category, it was not a media invention, it's the Mccanns own admission!


    "Local media has even claimed Gerry was not Madeleine’s real father"...

    This one, hummm, I've always felt there's something to it...the portuguese paper which made that claim, "24 HORAS" was never sued by the McCanns, despite some "threats" of the possibility of it happening. The paper even claimed to have found the "bio" father in Manchester! To this day they never took action against that paper! Why not? If Gerry McCann ever had a reason to feel deeply hurt and outraged about any media claims or accusations this would be a BIG one, in my opinion. One legal battle he would easily win, if he indeed is Madeleine's biological father, isn't it? A 100% success case, for sure...easy money going into the "fund"...or was there some reason for him not feeling 100% sure of wining this legal battle?...
    To this day "24 HORAS" is still waiting for the McCann legal action, and I recall that the newspaper editor was not in the least worried about the possibility of being taken to court...his words when asked about it: -"bring it on!"
    Strangelly enough, the only portuguese paper the McCanns took legal action against was "TAL e QUAL"( can't remember why), a newspaper that was going bankrupt, and it was a well known fact, they knew the legal action wouldn't go anywhere...

  4. Claudia,
    it's not just Kate and Gerry who fear...all the "Tapas" and others who are still hidden in the shadows fear my opinion.

  5. I wish I had a better memory, sadly I have a memory that resembles more and more a "swiss cheese"! I mean, in connection with this, I remembered something from the old "3 Arguidos" forum:

    "Staff members have also been fired from the Ocean Club. Their only crime, they maybe saw things they should not have seen."
    There was a participant on that forum that wrote about that terrible night of the 3rd of May 2007 and about what went on in the Ocean Club. She wrote in a manner that revealled that she WAS THERE and witness it all, terrible things! She wrote something in the lines of: " if you had seen what I saw, if only I could tell what really happened and what went on your jaws would hit the floor!"
    I have no idea what she meant or if she was for real, maybe it was just a teaser, but it seems she "disappeared" from the forum after that.
    Someone familiar with the old 3 A's recalls this too, in more detail?

  6. "The McCanns were seen breakfasting in the Millenium , they deny this ,why? What could be wrong with having breakfast outside of the apartment."

    Not suitable with their claim that it was too far to walk to with the children for diner, as they did on the first night, and hence the decision to let them alone in the apartm?...if it was not too far to go for breakfast then it was not too far to go for diner...

    It's just like the claim that they were not sure if they(the group) would be able to get a table at the Tapas bar on the 3rd( I think Gerry said it in an interview), when it was also said the a "solid booking" was made at the Tapas for the whole group for the rest of the week( Rachel Oldfield did it?).

    Twists and turns...lies, lies and more lies...

  7. Telegraph Dec.14th 2007.


    Minutes before his daughter Madeleine disappeared, Gerry McCann told a fellow holidaymaker that he and his wife would have stayed in with their children if they had not been holidaying with friends.


    Martin Grimes is called to give evidence.

    Many thanks to Anna

  9. It is simply ridiculous to assume that a 'pedophile predator' took Madeleine when two smaller children were in the room. Simply for 'value' sake...the two smaller children would be worth far more than Madeleine...So this 'theory' is just idiotic.

    I like the fact that 'dogs don't lie', because we know people do, so Eddie and Keela's findings PROVE it more me and a lot of other people too.

  10. Anon 10.59 they did have an out of court settlement with the Daily Express. This article shown here was removed. Some are smarter than others and have copies of things the Mccanns do not wish to be known about their group.

  11. " Alipio Ribeiro janta calmamente com amigos num restaurante em Lisboa( 3 de Maio)... pelas 23:30, o telemovel oficial, cujo numero so e conhecido por um circulo restrito, toca-lhe no bolso...A esta hora, atraves do telefone, so pode ser caso grave. E era. Fala o embaixador britanico em Lisboa, John Buck. Os 2 homens nunca tinham sido apresentados. O diplomata da que uma menina inglesa de 4 anos foi raptada...e oferece-lhe toda a colaboracao das autoridades britanicas...
    O embaixador John Buck conhece de cor os mais sombrios corredores do poder britanico . Ele foi director, em Londres, da unidade de monitorizacao de media ( Media Monitoring Unit)- um departamento de grande importanciapara o governo de Sua majestade: tem antenas em todo o mundo que ouvem, veem leem e coleccionam todas as noticias que podem ser importantes para os interesses britanicos...Os altos funcionarios desta unidade tem uma impressionante agenda de contactos... influenciam decisoes governamentais- e isso da-lhes poder. Na altura do desaparecimento de Maddie, o director desta departamento ... e Clarence Mitchell....
    Gerry .... com um unico telefonema conseguiu por em movimento as mais altas esferas britanicas. Ligou do OC para ... Alistair Clark... importante colaborador do partido Trabalhista... Tony Blair ia abandonar a lideranca do governo... e o seu ministro das financas, G. Brown, era o candidat mais bem colocado para o substituir. Alistair e um influente conselheiro de brown. O amigo Gerry Mccann trabalha para o governo: faz parte de um comite de especialistas de ambiente e saude- COMARE( Committee on medical aspects of radiation in the environment)... e dele depende, em parte, a aprovacao de projectos sensiveis, governamentais e privados, de energia atomica e tratamento de residuos perigosos.... A GNR e a policia judiciaria ainda nao sabem de nada, mas em Londres a tragedia da familia Mccann ja e conhecida. Antes mesmo do caso chegar as autoridades portuguesas, cai na redaccao da poderosa... Sky News... G.Brown ainda nessa noite, fala ao Telemovel com Gerry"
    ( A culpa dos mccann- Manuel Catarino

  12. O'Brian, Oldfield and Payne all living close to Mccanns at some point in Leicester. The GASPARS claim to have been very good friends with the McCanns. I find it hard to believe if the Gaspars knew the Paynes they did not also know O'Brian and Oldfield.

    Dr Russell James O'Brien: 36
    [apartment 5D - Ground floor]
    Ms Tanner's partner, he lived near the McCann's in Leicester before moving to Devon. He left the dining table for 25 minutes to look after his young daughter, who was ill. In August 2007 he had to defend himself against "untrue" reports in Portuguese newspapers that he was to be named as a suspect.

    Dr O'Brien, who works in the Peninsula Medical School at the University of Plymouth's Exeter campus, lived near the McCann's in Leicester before moving to Devon with Miss Tanner

    Dr Matthew David Oldfield: 37
    [apartment 5B - Ground floor]
    An endocrinologist at Kingston Hospital Surrey, he worked with Gerry McCann in Leicester before moving to London with his wife Rachael. He checked on the McCann children at 9.30pm, but did not look to see if Madeleine was in her bed.

    Together with his wife and Dr Russell O'Brien, he was one of three witnesses brought by Portuguese police to a meeting in July 2007 with Robert Murat, then the only named suspect, to discuss discrepancies over their accounts of what happened that night. They had said they saw Murat near the apartment but he insisted he was at home all evening.Mathew Oldfield is an internist/endocrinologist.

    Rachael Mariamma (sic) Jean Manpilly Oldfield: 36 [apartment 5B - Ground floor]
    Recruitment-consultant and mother of a 22-month-old daughter. She spoke for the first time in Aug 2007 to dismiss "hurtful and ludicrous'' reports which suggested police had intercepted phone calls and emails between the McCann's and their friends which contradicted earlier statements they had given. She said: "They are throwing mud and we are not able to defend ourselves." Ex Corporate Tax Lawyer. Admitted as a solicitor in November 1996. With Richards Butler for 6 years and Blake Dawson Waldron, Melbourne for 18 months. Spent time in retail and Polo Ralph Lauren and John Lewis before entering the world of recruitment. Rachael's maiden name is Mampilly

    David Anthony Payne: 41
    [apartment 5H - first floor]
    David Payne is a senior research fellow at Leicester University. he helped run the Find Madeleine campaign. Last week he spoke for the first time to say: "We know they didn't do it. One of our party saw Madeleine being abducted. We were waiting for something to happen but didn't in our worst nightmare think it would be this."
    David Payne is NOT a senior research fellow at Leicester University. That was a temporary post which ended in 2003. He is a surgeon at Leicester Royal Infirmary, specialising in strokes.,
    The source said: "David Payne saw Madeleine at around 6.30pm ]

    Source: Pamalam

  13. Anon 11.17...her name was VERA...

  14. Marty, I want to know what the cot was doing in the other room and which child was sleeping in it and why?

    I am happy to think neglect did not take place, only simulated , there is enough proof one of the tapas was 'OFF' sick each evening.

    Simulated neglect to prove abduction. But why, what the hell happened to Madeleine?


    Marty if you are around there are a few details here and you will see what I mean about 'Simulated neglect'

  16. I could be wrong, but I have the feeling that they planned to get ride of Madeleine that holidays. This is why the all things hapenned on the last oportunnity( some journalists who follow the case since day one, insist in a point- They were travelling back to UK on the next day).
    The plan worked too perfect to be arranged on the last hours of May 3


    The faked timeline for the simulated neglect.

  18. VERA always posted on Martin Brunts crime blog...have found an old post of hers.


    Investigators wanted to confuse the 10th Latin American and Caribbean "Tapas"

    "The refusal of access to the content of messages received by Gerry McCann before and after the disappearance of her daughter Madeleine, or the refusal of nine Tapas return to Portugal, will not prevent the inspectors to make progress in their investigation," said an official of the Judicial Police yesterday after the disclosure of the Tribunal's decision on the Relation of Evora.

    According to the same source, with access to the content of messages received by Gerry McCann, "the investigators wanted to confuse a character still in the dark but that the police knew to be linked to the case."

    Some inspectors even speak of 10th Tapas.

    The existence of a tenth character, known Gerry and Kate McCann, is a fact also supported the United Kingdom where a member of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has confirmed that "officers were sent to Portugal same suggested a few possibilities among the British who live permanently in the Algarve region. "

    Yesterday, a Court of the Relation of Evora came to support the decision of the magistrate criminal Portimão, Pedro Frias, had banned the access of investigators from the Police Judiciaire the content of written messages (SMS) received by Gerry McCann.

    According to the document, the father of Madeleine McCann has received 14 written messages on May 2, the day before the disappearance of her daughter, from a phone number officially unidentified. The same laptop is at the root of 4 other messages that Gerry McCann received after the disappearance.

  19. cont...

    Gerry and Kate McCann have always refused to disclose to investigators the content of messages, that has not prevented the police to obtain this information.

    It is the use of the contents of this information, especially in a trial, which is questioned by the decision of the criminal magistrate.

    According to the same document, the first stop of Justice publicly disclosed so far, investigations of the Judicial Police, following the disappearance of Madeleine, doing well on the possibility of crimes of abandonment, endangerment, murder and concealment of a corpse.

    As a reminder, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and Leicestershire police have cooperated in the investigation of the Portuguese authorities, as was confirmed Patricia Scotland, Minister of State and Attorney General for England and Wales.

    If the judge's decision prevents the use of donated prior to the disappearance of Madeleine, it has not prevented investigators to take note of calls and inspectors to know who talked to whom.

    The men of Gonçalo Amaral, now replaced by the inspector Paulo Rebelo, also had the opportunity to conduct wiretaps after the disappearance of Madeleine and while the couple and his friends were in Portugal. Once the couple and his friends returned to the United Kingdom, PJ British authorities expected the continuation of work but it is still uncertain whether all the information could be provided.

    According to the interpretation given by the magistrate Criminal Tribunal 1 ª Portimão instance, Pedro Frias, the Portuguese law, upheld by the Court of the relationship, investigators can only use the data obtained in real time. In practice, it would have taken the investigators have obtained a permit before the disappearance of Madeleine.

    Pedro Frias did not refuse the use of or access to all eavesdropping or recording made in connection with the investigation, but it does investigators the right to use the content of SMS sent and received by the McCann couple before May 3, 2007.

    The Public Ministry and the Judicial Police also wanted to ask the three operators of mobile telephony exist in Portugal - TMN, Vodafone and Optimus - listings in digital media (CD or DVD) of all communications on the couple and friends for the period April 28 to September 9, 2007.

    The urgency of getting the image of a "Tapas seven" united and strong

    The announcement by the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) cancellation of the reconstruction requested by the Judicial Police, indicating that this decision was the consequence of the refusal of four friends of Madeleine's parents to make their trip back to Praia da Luz, caused a huge outcry requiring Clarence Mitchell to react.

    If the cancellation of diligence was not a real surprise, the confirmation of the PGR that there would be four witnesses to refuse to cooperate formally with the Portuguese authorities raises a question: why the other three have they accepted, Unconditionally, to cooperate with the Portuguese authorities?

    The question becomes annoying, especially after that information is arriving in the British media, responsible couple communication McCann was quick to say that finally the entire group did not want to return to Portugal ".

    Without ever addressing the note Prosecutor's office, the specialist in handling the media sought to justify the decision by the couple McCann and her four friends, wanting at any price calm public opinion and pass the image of a strong and united group against the Portuguese police, forgetting that voluntarily investigating the disappearance of Madeleine is a joint work with the British police.

    Translation from S-O-S Maddie.

    Posted by: Vera, Essex 29 May 2008 11:17:46

  20. Why were buccal swabs taken from Rajinder Balu and Neil Berry? TT9 and people known to have had access to the apartment were obviously swabbed, but why these 2? They also had dinner with the 2 sisters Annie Wiltshire and Jayne Jensen, who claimed to have seen Robert Murat on the night of the disappearance.

  21. Excellent article Ironside.

    Can't get over how someone supposedly a friend say this and get away with it?

  22. 'She's Gone, Gerry, Madeleine's gone!'...How odd is this? Wouldn't the natural thing to say be 'I can't mind Madeleine/Madeleine is missing!/Madeleine's not in the apartment!'...


  23. I still not understanding why Murat and Malinka lied to the police about their Mobile calls and their connections? Could be panic... But, two with panic?

    The point is: For the same case, the arguidos were treated and investigated in very different ways- Murat had his house searched, his cars checked and his mobiles and computers confiscated and analised. Malinka aswell, but was reported that Malinka deleted several material from the disc of the computers. Why?
    The Mccann's, also arguidos and the main suspects, had almost nothing searched and checked. The flat, the villa and the car( with important evidences pointing to a dead Madeleine), but all the rest was not searched or investigated. Their house in Rothley could hold important evidences to understand what hapenned to Madeleine. Their Bank accounts, their medical records and special Madeleine medical records, their computers and mobiles. A crime or an accident never hapen isolated. There is always a set of facts which hapenned previously and left the crime or the accident to hapen.

    But we know why 3 arguidos on the same crime were investigated in a different way: John Buck have done his homework and Mitchell, paid by British taxes and by the money raised in a fraudulent Fund, continue this legacy.

  24. Marty,
    We can add the other powerful sentence:" We let her down, we let Madeleine down".

    Was not the abductor. Kate was very clear- WE( she and Gerry or the all Tapas?)

    Dogs don't lie. They said, a body was in the flat 5A and evidences were recovered matching more then 50% Madeleine ADN.
    Whatever was the abductor and the reason for an abduction, a dead girl is useless. An abductor NEVER EVER will take a dead girl. Only in Mccann's fairy tale such morbid abduction have a place. Or we have to rethink and reset everything and put another scenary on top of Gerry table- an abductor carrying a recently dead girl for 'organs traffic'. On that scenary, a cardiologist and a surgeon were a must. Interesting that the Tapas, never put that scenary on top of the table. They don't want only an abduction... they want a selected abduction ( ABDUCTION A LA CARTE).

  25. Is Raj Balu the same Raj Balu who is a director of Cooper Tuff specialist immigration consultants with company registered in Ilford and office in London?

  26. Many say posting old articles has no purpose.

    The articles can never be old, or have little importance. May 3rd Madeleine lost her life. We must remain there and around the days that followed, nothing else matters.

    Slowly but surely we will study the statements of Malinka and Murat and understand why they said what they did. Also who was behind blowing up Malinkas car and why....or shall we say a theory why...

  27. Ironside, agree. Posting old articles is very useful. Thanks to your info and that of others the case won't fizzle out and more and more people become interested.
    Maren NL


    Childs body found buried in sand...

    There is that magic timeline again...The McCanns and their 48 hours...

  29. Tues.June 26

    From Kates Diary...I ask again what did you do Kate?


    I'm so sorry if I/we let you down. I hope you know how fond of you we are and that we would NEVER do anything intentionally that would put you in danger' of any kind. You are so precious to me. You make me so happy and I miss you so much. Please God, please Mary, keep watch over our sweet Madeleine. Keep her safe and sound and bring her back to us soon!

  30. Yes Raj Balu is the owner of Cooper Tuff - the immigration law firm.

    He is the Barrister who backed up the claims of Jayne Jensen and her sister Annie Wiltshire. I've been in touch with Jayne and she confirms this.

    Swabs were taken because an Ocean Club employee said they saw Neil Berry in the stairwell of apartment 5a. Berry was the British man in the stairwell reported by the Daily Mirror.

    Jensen, her sister, Raj and Berry dined and drank together on occasions.

    I'm still trying to get confirmation on why Jensen and Wiltshire's holiday stay was extended from 21st april - 05th of may to 21st april - 12th may somewhere between 2nd and 3rd May.

    The Ocean Club guest list on May 01st shows them down as staying from april 21 - may 5 but changes on may 3rd.

    It's in the police files volume 3. page 615.

    Jayne and Anne are also down as playing tennis on the same courts as gerry on the afternoon of may 3rd (police files, volume 3, page 658.

    They stayed in the apartment block next door to 5a - overlooking the courts and tapas bar.

    raj is here:

  31. Doughnut,

    Quite interesting information. Care to drop as a contact through a "DO NOT PUBLISH" comment or tou our mail?


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