Monday, 24 May 2010

Thank You

My most heartfelt gratitude for all your expressions of concern and care. Such kind and motivating words they were.

We, in this blog, must be doing something right for you to feel that we deserve such elevated compliments.

About our friend, our support continues and we won't falter in our effort, with our wings, to keep him as dry and comfortable as we possibly can.

It’s always a hard to discover that our heroes are only human. But when we realize that they were always just human, it makes their heroism even greater.

t’s in the furnace the third part of “Debunking Body Disposal”, which deals with the question about if the carried girl was dead or alive.

 It's a complicated and sensitive post.

Death is as s difficult subject to write about as it is to face.

By the way, this natural aversion to death is of capital importance in proving that THAT girl was so very much alive.

Fascinating is the human being, as it can tell us, in silence, so many things.

And doctors are the ones to know these things first, aren't they?


  1. Textusa,

    Good to see you back. I hope all went well.

  2. Anon, thank you.

    All is well, until it ends. Life is so much other than the avoidance of death.

  3. great to see ya again tex! :-)
    XO Claudia


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