Friday, 9 April 2010

Responding To A Sniper's Request

On the 3A Forum:
Post subject: Re: The Smith Sighting - Textusa
Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 8:25 pm
Do we have a good estimate for the distance between the Smith sighting and 5As? I've seen it on maps but can anyone put a figure to it. And has anyone actually tried to walk it? If we had this figure to hand, we could then work out how long he must have been missing for, to see how credible that is. I'm an avowed Smith sighting sceptic but happy to consider all options!

The distance, from apartment 5A to the Smith sighting area, is approximately 400 metres or ¼ mile, as shown:
If walking at 3 km/h, a leisurely strolling speed, would take a person 8 minutes to cover, there and back, at that speed, 17/19 minutes.

If walking at 4 km/h, a normal human walking speed, would take a person 6 minutes to cover, there and back, at that speed, 13/14 minutes.

If walking at 5 km/h, a determined walking speed, would take a person 4 minutes to cover, there and back, at that speed, 9/10 minutes.

The expected behavior would be a determined walk until nearing the sighting area, where a normal walk would be advisable, and once seen return at a 5/6 km/h speed.

That would mean an absence of 10/12 minutes.

I call to your attention that the above calculus did NOT take into account variables that YOU are likely to come up with such as limping, sliding, hopping, skidding or having a wooden leg,

Please do NOT thank me.

I qualify your attitude in the 3A Forum as too comical.

Must compliment the Mods for their patience.

So let's keep our interaction to a minimum. Non-existent would be fine.

Do entertain yourself.


  1. Hi Tex, have you taken into account the shoewear? Trainers or flip flops? Because you see flip flops can slow you down, one can so easily slip from ones foot and then you would have to stop to put it back on.

    Otherwise I am happy with your maths.

  2. I have always assumed Kingfisher is none other than Dr Gerald McCann himself. His oh so reasonable acceptances of facts that we all think we know - oh, but, just think if this was what might have happened, wouldn't that shed a different light on things?? Just his subtle little way of distracting us from what we were thinking about - so subtle in fact that we really don't notice.....

  3. I had not thought of that ,I do certainly think he is a pro wearing the clothing of an Anti...Bren was sniped for producing information from 2007. This information is vital because it is when the event took place.

    We must all return to the night of the 3rd and stay there if we are ever to untangle this web of deceit.

    Thanks anon...


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