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The ENIGMA of Jennifer Anne MURAT

Jennifer Murats son Robert ,was made an ARGUIDO May 15th, 12 days after Maddie vanished. 

Jennifer, like her son reads and speaks Portuguese fluently. Jennifer found out about Madeleine from her daughter Samantha, who lives in Exeter. 

Samantha telephoned her mother to give her the news. 

And Portugal? was there no news on Portuguese radio or television? 

Jennifer also the same day May 15th, made a police statement. However, Jennifers statement reads more like her life story. It is really quiet extraordinary. We hear of Robert at just one month old . She speaks of property in ruins and the rebuilding of. 

Jennifer also speaks of Roberts personal life, the breakdown of his marriage to DAWN and mentions his daughter. Jennifer even discusses Roberts sex life, or lack of ,as she told him not to bring anyone back to the house to 'sleep'. 

Roberts widowed mother then goes back in time to speak of Roberts eye injury and an injury to his knee when a child. 

Jennifer then seems to remember the reason for being at the Police Station,she tells her story. Because she had been in Portugal for a long time and knew many people she decided to mount a 'POST' to collect information in order to be able to determine things about the subject and thus could channel them to the competent authorities. 

For three days ( Fri. 11/05 Sat. 12/05 and Sun 13/05) she was at the 'POST' mounted near to the cinema . Having obtained some information, that she gave to Robert who, in turn, gave it to the police. 

Her idea was to try to sensitise people not to feel intimidated by the presence of Police and lead them to give all the information they knew. 

At this juncture, I feel I have to make a comment, for as Bizarre as this case has become I find this the most BIZARRE of all. This was a police investigation , an elderly lady is allowed to collect information and pass onto her son who in turn passes onto police. 

Jennifer now turns to the night in question May 3rd 2007. Jennifer says she was at home all night with her son. About 19h50 she went to 'Batista' supermarket to buy bread. This is Jennifers police statement.

However, in inteviews she has said that she returned at 20.00 after walking her dogs, returning to the house the same time as Robert. 

Later,having also eaten,they sat in the kitchen talking long into the night. Finally ,at almost midnight they went to their rooms. 

Jennifer is questioned a little more and she explains that while they were talking in the kitchen, she recalls having heard a siren ringing at least once. Although not usual,she also did not 'connect' because it could possibly have been an Ambulance. 

Robert Murat told Martin Brunt that he too heard a siren that night. 

Martin while in PDL did two things ,he asked everyone who knew Murat if they had seen him the night of the 3rd. no one had seen Robert that night. He also asked everyone he could find if they had heard a siren that night. No ,he found no one who had heard a siren. 

Jennifer Murat has accused Metodo 3 of bribing witnesses ,to change their accounts and has said she fears they are working to frame her son. 

Jennifer also testified to the BBC's PANORAMA programme that her son had never left the Villa and branded the McCanns friends 'LIARS'. 

The Murats home CASA LILIANA'S garden was dug up, the pool drained. 

Nothing was found. ROBERT MURATS remark 'This is the biggest Fuck Up on the PLANET'. A remark to this day I find puzzling. 

The meeting with BRIAN KENNEDY, the McCanns backer and Robert Murat even stranger. What they spoke of we shall never know. 

I do have one thought and that is Jennifer ,Roberts mother. Jennifer was a nurse and speaks fluent Portuguese., Did Jennifer try to help the Mccanns in some way ?, did she do something illegal out of kindness. 

Two different stories as to why she was not at home before 8 pm... 

Was Robert Murat framed to silence his mother? Mother and son ,sitting in a kitchen,in total silence, afraid ,waiting ,and the only sound was a siren .Jennifer thought may have been an Ambulance, now why would she think that?


  1. Iron,

    You know (our readers don't) that we disagree with Murat's role in this affair.

    But, this is food for thought. There is the mistery of where Maddie was that night.

    We know for sure that there was some local help. Murat?

    Have to fit in various pieces that when this character is brought in, seem not to fit.

    Lets let the info sink in. all I can say at this point is that I'm slightly less in disagreement. Just a tiny little bit, mind you.

    Thank you.

  2. Good morning Tex. They are thoughts only thoughts. I found while reading through witness statements, from those who knew Robert well, if he was seen the night May 3rd. They ALL said no, had he been there, they would have remembered.

    Each person that was spoken to all said the same thing how good Robert is and he would do anything for anyone. Jennifer the same.

    The British Press tried to make a story about Robert 'hanging around' but thats what Robert did ,he was a translator for the Police. He was there in case he was needed.

    Reporter (and I use the term lightly)Lori Campbell had a bad feeling about Robert, she found him evasive and he reminded her of Ian Huntley.

    It was as though they were talking about two different people.

    I had a thought and the thought was, what if Robert was acting evasive around reporters not because he had anything to hide but because he was protecting someone, his mother.





    Hewlett has been dead for four months but only now has this become news...What will the spin be???

  5. Maddie perv dies with his secrets

    Published: Today

    A PAEDOPHILE who was a prime suspect in the hunt for Madeleine McCann has died - taking any secrets he had to the grave.
    Convicted child rapist Raymond Hewlett, 64, died of throat cancer and was cremated at a pauper's funeral in Germany four months ago.

    His ex-wife Susan, 64, and children in Telford, Shropshire, were unaware of his death.

    Missing ... Madeleine
    Two private detectives hired by Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry went to Aachen, Germany, at least three times in a bid to interview Hewlett.

    But a source said: "He always wriggled out of it, saying he was too sick to see them. He was never eliminated from the inquiry."

    Maddie, of Rothley, Leics, was three when she vanished on holiday in Portugal in May 2007. Ex-soldier Hewlett bore a close resemblance to a straggly-haired man seen lurking near the McCann apartment.

    He was in Portugal when Maddie was snatched and left for Morocco three weeks later. And he told a pal he knew gipsies who sold children to perverts. Hewlett's German second wife Mariana, 35, refused to comment.

    Read more: ... z0kfr5f2g0

  6. In the Police file it is reported there is an unmatched DNA from Ap.5A.It does not belong to any of the McCanns or Robert Murat. Did they check Jennifer Murat? Maybe they should have.

  7. We want to know more about his circle of friends and the places they
    frequent. During the evening of the disappearance, he remembers having
    heard a siren shortly after 10.30pm. He was then in the kitchen with his
    mother. The next morning, at around 9 o'clock, he asked a passer-by what
    had happened, and that was how he learned about Madeleine's
    disappearance. He then decided to go and offer his help.


    Murat hears about Madeleines disappearance in the street. Jennifer said her daughter phoned to give the news..

    From the book 'The Truth of the Lie'



    Robert Murat witness statement includes 'Confrontation' with the Tapas 3

  9. From the book 'The Truth of the Lie'


    His mother has set up a desk near the Tapas restaurant in order to gather
    and give out information about Madeleine. We don't know if this
    woman's actions are philanthropic in nature, or if she is hoping to keep
    up-to-date with all the information circulating about the case.


    Phone calls between Martin Brunt and Robert Murat


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