Thursday, 8 April 2010

A Mathematical Analysis of Maddie Sightings

From what I’m led to believe, and I am, as are all of us, under attempted forced leading, to believe there have been many, many, MANY Maddie sightings.

Of which most could only have resulted from ludicrous (just love the word) hallucinations. She’s been seen, always under tight control of rude, public-shy adults, from skiing down the white slopes of the Sahara to camel racing in Norway.

Each one ALWAYS assuring THAT THEIRS is the TRUE Maddie sighting.

Unquestionably so.

In pyjamas or in a long dress, barefoot or with Versace shoes, there are, apparently, innumerous records of these sightings on Police files.

And we’ve also been told, time and time again, that the same evil, mean and spiteful Police have refused to follow these valuable leads.

If only the Police had the good-faith and willingness to work as has been demonstrated by the various PIs already contracted…

These allegations of Police misconduct have not only been said in tabloids, as also, we all remember, in an Official Court-Room.

But let’s leave passion aside, and let’s look at this phenomenon mathematically.

Let’s start by supposing that there have been FIFTY Maddie sightings.

Could have been more, could have been less, but let’s not argue over that.

Let us suppose also that, yes, ONE of these sightings was in effect, TRUE. Yes, let’s suppose that Maddie WAS seen ALIVE somewhere two miles from nowhere.

Mathematically, this means then that FORTY-NINE of the sightings are confirmed false.

Simple math: if ONE is TRUE, the rest ARE FALSE. FORTY-NINE people who've sworn on their own soul, on those of their forefathers and mortgaged the ones of their brethren, have, after all, blatantly, and intentionally lied.

So we have, in the McCann's BEST CASE SCENARIO, a 98% probability of a Madiie sighting being false.

We can conclude then that 98% of the people who are reported to have reported sightings are evil, sick and mentally perverted, with no respect whatsoever for others, a total disrespect for the ordeal and anguish that the McCann couple are going through.

Shame on you, you shameless, cruel and egotistical maniacs.

A complaint against you should be placed at the nearest Police Station, for intentional obstruction of Justice.

I only don’t recommend to the McCanns to do exactly that, because they are so awfully busy stopping, rightfully so, the obstruction of Justice represented by Gonçalo Amaral, that we all know that when he’s not drunk he’s being disgraced. Busy doing that, and attending running events. Busy, busy, busy.

And that is ONLY is if ONE of the sightings is to be TRUE. A thing, unfortunately for all, yet to be proved.

What tragedy it would be then for ALL to be fake. What terrible, terrible pain THAT would mean to the McCanns. My heart goes out to them. Poor, poor McCanns. No, let me rephrase that. I don’t think JUST two “poors” is really enough, so here goes an extra meaningful one: poor McCanns.

Just like extra-cheese on a pizza with no extra charge.

Not only is their daughter missed so much on a daily basis, as they are constantly being mislead by these obnoxiously criminal… criminals.

Let’s go back to statistics. Summing it up, the last desire from the McCanns is to want the Portuguese Police to spend resources, both in means and in personnel and all associated costs, on a 2% gamble.

I know that no money is too much when we’re talking about bringing back Maddie ALIVE. It’s like betting ALL one’s possession’s in that Everton will win next year’s Champion’s League. Very, very, very unlikely, however, possible.

The only way to guarantee that Maddie is found is to investigate each and every 6.709.159.242 individuals that constituted the world population at that fateful evening, and exclude only those that can provide a solid alibi.

Obviously we can exclude from that investigation, the McCanns, couple and remainder family, the Tapas Seven, Clarence Mitchell, John Geraghty, Rosiepops, Dave Edgar, Metodo 3, Isabel Duarte, Marcos Aragão Correia, various UK and Portuguese politicians, the Leicester Police, Rosiepops and friends… etc.

But do add on, for margin of safety, all those that were born one-year after as they MIGHT not have done it but they might know someone who does know who did it.

I don’t think it’s feasible. Honestly. It looks easier than to have Everton win next years Champion’s League, but if you would just stop for a minute, you’d have to wipe out the Amazon just to have enough paper to put all the statements down.

So the safest bet is to go for that 2% gamble.

It seemed so important in January, and I DO want SO MUCH to help THAT effort, that I’m now eagerly asking what has been done since?

How are things at this point, and from from where can I pick things up?

Has Gerry found out finally who the really competent people are so that I can throw in a few sightings of my own?

The McCanns were willing to support the reopening of the process, weren't they?

Has Isabel Duarte, or whoever that has the competence filed a petition for that effect?

I WANT TO HELP! What? Oh, it’s been only a little over two and a half months. These decisions have to be taken very carefully, and seriously. After all Maddie has been taking whatever she’s been taking for that last almost three years, so she can handle five or six months more of whatever she’s handling.

Even a year. Or more.

After all, according to Mum and Dad, she’s the one giving Hell to whoever is RAPING her in some dark dungeon and not the other way around…. ehehehehe… wink… wink… wink


  1. Good evening Textusa, strong and harsh words. But true words. The Mccanns when hearing of the years Jaycee Lee Dugard was raped and fathered children by her abductor,what were their words,struck down in horror begging that this could not be happening to Madeleine. No. the words from the Mccanns were 'Inspiring ,it is an inspiration and gives us hope that Madeleine is out there'

    Madeleine WAS a baby has anyone any idea what a man could do to such a small childs body?

    And yet LOOK in this interview, Gerry McCann is smiling about children with their abductors.

    Yes Textusa it is a harsh post with a sense of humour where needed.But it is the facts and these are the FACTS the Mccanns want us to believe.

    Thank you for putting the truth out there and showing what a FARCE this Circus really is.

    No parent would act this way if their child had been torn from them. Only a mad man...and I believe Gerry Mccanns is more than a little mad. The Mccanns are evil I can think of no other way to describe them.


    So many lies and you can see them laughing as their lies are believed.


    They are like Punch and Judy, a double act...He hums it she sings it..


    Mccanns dining in their own back yard.


    Why was Madeleine made a Ward of Court. Why did the Judge say Madeleine had been abducted without a shred of evidence?


    The McCann Strategy

  7. TWEET

    Senior Police Officer involved in Hollie Greig paedophile case to be named tonight.


    Censor of the Internet has been passed


    I CANNOT emphasise this enough..

    Gerrys words. There IS NO evidence that Madeleine is dead.

    Theres NO EVIDENCE to implicate US in her DEATH:


    Leicester Police have a PayPal button to the McCann FUND...A FUND built on an abduction alleged by the parents.


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