Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Words Of A Song - Another Quiz

Who is the author of the following song:  

"Cant Be There Where You Are"  

Funny how time drifts away 

When I know there's more to say to you 

Well I still think about you 

All the times we helped each other through 

I never really found the words 

Saying what you really need to hear 

All my life i've never wanted 

Anyone as I have wanted you 

 But I can't be there where you are 

No matter where you are 

I will still love you 

Through Winter, Spring and Fall 

And though I'll never see you sleep 

Your always in my dreams 

Your always in my heart 

I know we had to part 

I'm glad we made a start 

 Could it be that I was dreaming 

When I woke i found you drifted away 

Tried to hold on to you baby 

Now I know we just weren't the same 

But I can't be there where you are.......  

a) Steven Geraghty 

b) Matt Geraghty 

c) John Geraghty 

d) David Geraghty

Correct answer is c):


  1. This post is in the like of the Easter Bunny one, directed to a selected few...

    Apologise for that, but one must do what one cannot resist to do...

  2. Its a bit like musical chairs Tex.


    Father Pacheco Witness Statement

    It was John Geraghty a resident of the Parish who suggested the Keys to the Church should be given to the McCanns on the 7th or 8th May.


    Times 24th Sept 2007...John Geraghty also stored the McCanns car so they may have independent forensic tests.

  5. Thank you Phoebe.

    A St. Peters of Luz... the "beholder" of the key, of the church... or maybe many other keys.

    It's been said, that an innocent body laid in that church. I say many guilty bodies sat there, in private, and kneeled there, in public.


    Good morning Textusa...These were the good old days when everyone was on board.

    The McCanns I doubt have any faith, for if they did they would not be able to live the life they are living, To have faith is also to have fear and after what they have done they would fear to meet their maker. Instead they are happy to take money from anyone to carry on their life of deceit.

  7. I have found a question and is is a good one. Is it the same man, remember John does come from Leicester or just a coincidence?

    Do you happen to know what is Kate and Gerry McCanns connection with Mr Geraghty? The man that they left the Renault Scenic with. Is he a spokesman and representative for a company trying to build a 9 Million Pound extension to Glenfield Hospital in Leicester?


    Maybe someone has the answer...

  8. "John Geraghty A 68-year-old businessman from Leicestershire who now lives on the outskirts of Praia da Luz. Offered to store the McCanns’ hire car so that they could commission independent forensic tests"

    Hmmm have they done these tests? It's only been almost three years now...

    Gerry McCann outside Court "We're willing to support the re-opening of the case", but it has to be done by the right people...

    Fiona... we would do the reconstruction as long as...

    So many things they WOULD do... as long as...

    Yet, they show their faces in public. Quite a feat, I dare say.

    That John has stopped doing, must give him that.


    Very hard to find a photograph of our John. Here in this video he can bee seen reading a newspaper about the disappearance of Madeleine.


    Superinjunction Inquiry

  11. I have found something else of interest


    Gerry's work for COMARE - whose findings were used to support the Blair Government's 2007 Energy White Paper: Meeting the Energy Challenge - later used to defend the relaunch of a new generation of nuclear power.

    Why Gerry's Glenfield Hospital has been in receipt of over £17 million from the treasury over the last few years - and what suddenly brought down the £750 million Leicester Pathways Project in late July of which Gerry's Glenfield Hospital was to enjoy a significant proportion of.

    The construction company, Laing O'Rourke were appointed as design and construction contractors to the project (and Serco as the support services provider).

    And who should be a one-time Laing O'Rourke representative? None other than John Geraghty - the same John Geraghty who provided accommodation for the McCanns in Portugal (the McCanns famous Renault hire car was kept in Geraghty's garage at his villa near Praia da Luz).

    These details might yield nothing of interest - but it should be the duty of the British Press to investigate at the very least.

  12. I could be wrong Textusa but there seems to have been a strong bond between this man John and the McCanns. He seemed to jump in with both feet to help.

    Maybe the Cadaver dogs should have also gone to his home. A large Villa just on the outskirts of PDL.

    I am becoming very curious about John Geraghty...

  13. Friends
    The McCanns together with their seven friends, with whom they were dining on the evening of the disappearance, have been collectively referred to in the media as the Tapas Nine.[203] The group of friends, alone, have sometimes been called the Tapas Seven.[204] The friends are Dr Russell O'Brien and his partner Jane Tanner, Dr Matthew Oldfield and his wife Rachael Oldfield, David Payne with his wife Dr Fiona Payne and his mother-in-law Dianne Webster.[205] All nine attended a private meeting, at a Rothley hotel, in late November 2007.


    We are all blighted


    Listen to McCanns words.

    'There is no evidence that Madeleine is dead.

    There is NO evidence to implicate us in her DEATH?


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