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Kate Marie Healy dry eyed asked without emotion to no one in particular 'Please do not harm her,please do not hurt her. 

Kate, wearing light make up, a flick of mascara, licked already moistened lips... golden hair freshly washed and framing her face made her first 'Oscar' performance. 

Kate dressed and ready to face the world,her face to become more famous if possible than Lady Diana.

I shall stop there, because this is the only likeness of the two women. Diana was a 'Mother' Kate Healy is not and never will be. 

There,on National TV stood a woman,a mother, who was proud of the fact she had left toddlers alone because she claimed to have received thousands of letters saying 'Don't worry Kate, we have all done it'.

This woman, who we have yet to see shed a tear, red swollen eyes or dark shadows from lack of sleep. This woman wanted to 'LOOK' good for her audience into whose homes she has become so well known, like it or not she is there and invades our a bad marriage without the income. 

Kate has never cried for Madeleine,the simple reason being she cannot, Kate is without emotion,an Ice Queen. 

When questioned about the night' Why did you not come when we were crying' her natural reaction was to raise her hands fist like and perform a grab and shake movement. 

Not quite the response from a loving mother. 

Kate told her mother if she had large breasts and a heavier build she would attract more sympathy. 

Kate an only child, a daddys girl,only thinks of herself and her selfish needs. Some say in the latest interview from Portugal, Kate looks strained and tired of the lies. 

I disagree,I believe Kate has always been a liar, a bad one but a liar none the less. 

Gerald McCann is her lap dog and always has been...what Kate wants , Kate gets. 

BBC Radio have decided 'Mother Earth' should invade our homes on 'Mothering Sunday' Kate will once again try to show emotion she does not feel, for a daughter who has now been dead nearly three years.

Madeleine does not have a resting place to call her own, a place where her siblings can leave flowers or say a prayer,does this bother her mother Kate Healy as such a special day approaches? No. 

Kate will be as usual thinking of herself and the words she will say to an audience tired of her lies,tired of her third rate acting. 

For those of you lucky enough to still have your mums, you will be busy buying gifts and cards for this 'Special' lady. 

For me, it has been the first Christmas, the first Mothering Sunday I can no longer share. While remembering a mother who has given life, may have also taken it away. 

If ever a woman was born NOT to be a mum, it was Kate Marie Healy.



    More proof, if needed, that IT IS Kate McCann who wears the trousers.

  2. Transcript with thanks to JJP The New 3As.



    Gerry McCann The biggest fear for us is that it puts Madeleine in danger. I think there are many...

    Kate McCann It makes the chances us of finding her much more difficult.

    SF When you think about dangers what kind of things do you think about?

    Gerry McCann It's very difficult isn't it in terms of... Because until you know who's taken her you've no idea and there's been many different scenarios by which children are taken and have been held for very long periods of time including years and to the outward world they seem to be living a normal life. I think with a young child in particular the chances of taking them to a new environment and their adapting is greater.

    SF You confess that you think that some of these leads should have been better investigated. Last week the Portuguese Public General Attorney said that all the leads that were recently reported to the PJ after July 2008 were totally investigated and none, none were sufficiently reliable to re-open the case. Why do you think that the General Public Attorney would say that if this wasn't true?

    Gerry McCann The first thing we have to do is to look at the information. But from what we have seen so far is the same thing has been written about each individual piece of information and there is no evidence of the, in the information that's been disclosed. But, you know, its not acceptable to the parents of a missing child for everything to be discounted. You know, it doesn't matter what the information, its just discounted and that's not acceptable. And if it is better for us as a family for the file to be opened, then that's what we'll press for.


    Dave Edgar On five or six occasions we have followed really positive lines of enquiry.

    Sandra Felgueiras Do you still believe that it's possible to find Madeleine alive?

    Dave Edgar Of course it is. Of course it is. No body's been found. In my experience of these cases, if the child's been killed, they dump the body virtually straight away because obviously these people don't want to be associated with the body.

    Sandra Felgueiras From all (have been through????) all of this time there is any (fact???) touched you most, that you kept thinking about it, could have been her?

    Gerry McCann I mean the things that are the most obvious are the sightings on the night of a child being carried, two separate things in Praia da Luz. But since then I don't think there's been anything that I've really, there's been one or two that we've looked at twice.

    Sandra Felgueiras Can you tell me which were they?

    Gerry McCann I can't remember the specific...

    Kate McCann There was one wasn't there? I don't know if that was Amsterdam or Brussels [Portuguese voice over] and that was what we had to look at it a few...

  3. Dave Edgar is correct, but then Madeleine was not abducted.

  4. I have read BBC are releasing voice overs from this coming Sundays talk with 'Mommie Dearest'to the background music 'The LOOK of Love' by Dusty Springfield.


    The Look of Love...The words of this 'Classic' song echo in no way,shape or form any love that Kate had for Madeleine.

    The latest interview,when asked, Kate cannot remember one single important sighting. I can, a sighting that was so important DNA was taken from a drinking cup to see if it was Madeleine. Kate smirks as she replies once again showing the kind of woman she really is.


    The Tongeren 'Sighting'

    Dr.Amaral mentions this in his book. The book the McCanns claim helped stop people searching.

  7. Ironside. I'm sorry for the Mccanns Amaral's book hasn't been translated in English yet.

    I wonder why their 'friend' Mr Mitchell doesn't keep reminding them about the sightings.
    Too busy reminding the general public, I guess.



    This is a mother, if anyone holds a place on BBC radio for 'Mothering Sunday' it is Claire Blair.

  9. Hi anon,I had thought the Mccanns would have the decency at some point to want Madeleine laid to rest in sacred ground(I say decency with tongue in cheek) for neither know the meaning of the word. I now realise this is not the case and the arrogance is the knowledge that she will never be found.


    People are writing to complaints dept...but protests are falling on deaf ears.


    Running for money..NOT for Madeleine


    Before the 'Good Quality Wristbands'



  15. Twitter are reporting BBC have pulled the forum of Aled Jones.Complaints about Kate McCann speaking on 'Mothering Sunday' it seems are not welcome.



    BBC not sorry enough, as a child neglector is celebrated on 'Mothering Sunday'


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