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COLOBOMA 'The Good Marketing Ploy'

The McCanns had problems conceiving. 

Madeleine was eventually born on May 12th,2003, after IVF treatment. 

Gerry said: It was incredibly special because we had been waiting for a long time. After many years of hope, the birth of their beautiful Madeleine made their lives complete. However Gerry has commented that Madeleine was 'Close' to the perfect child..'

Only close why not perfect? A baby you have longed for, has 10 perfect toes and 10 perfect fingers a healthy pair of lungs and you do not find such a gift PERFECT? 

Madeleine was born with a defect in her right eye known as Coloboma. A Coloboma is caused when a baby's eye does not develop properly during pregnancy. The eyes develop between the fourth and anything up to the fifteenth week of pregnancy.This condition occurs in about 1 in 10.000 births. 

Madeleine only had one eye affected ,this is called (unilateral)her right eye. The Coloboma would have been noticed at birth. Maybe this is what Gerry meant when he said 'close' to perfect. 

Medical staff after having noticed the possible keyhole-like shape of the pupil would have called on an Opthalmologist (eye doctor) to carry out a full examination. The opthalmologist would use an instrument called an opthalmoscope to examine the inside of a childs eye. The Opthalmoscope is held close to the eye but will not touch it. A baby will be given a general anaesthetic as to not cause discomfort. 

This examination will allow the Doctor to find out how much of the eye has been affected by the Coloboma. It will be hard to tell how much a childs sight has been affected until they are older. Small children are unable to communicate in words how good their vision is. The hospital will also carry out other examinations to check on your childs health. 

Mostly the Coloboma only affects the iris and children will often have fairly good vision. However, bright lights may be a problem because the iris limits the amount of light entering the eye and the retina may not work properly.

Too much light entering the eye can also cause image to be distorted. If the Coloboma goes further back into the eye then the child could have more visual problems especially if the retina is involved. 

Sometimes, children with Coloboma MAY have other health problems. It would be very unfair for me to suggest this, as I have no knowledge of Madeleines medical history nor do PJ as this was denied. 

It does show though the need for regular checks when a child has this condition. There is no treatment for Coloboma. However, a child with Coloboma will receive SPECIALIST CARE at hospital during the early years to monitor the effect of the Coloboma and their eye health. 

The frequency of these checks will depend on the childs needs. Children who have Coloboma can be more at risk of Glaucoma (increased eye pressure) and retinal detachment. There are treatments for both of these conditions. 

If a childs eye health is stable and there are NO further complications then a child will have six monthly eye tests up to the age of seven years. Tests are with an Optician or Orthoptist. Sometimes cosmetic contact lenses may be considered at a later stage. These can help make the pupil look round rather than keyhole shape. 

The McCanns two Doctors, and yet, have never used the medical term for Madeleines eye defect 'COLOBOMA' 

Even more strange it is also absent from Madeleines passport. Here we have a child with an eye problem that needs six monthly checks. Checks that the McCanns have not once mentioned to the 'abductor' an eye condition that at a later stage could cause problems to Madeleines health...

The Mccanns insist Madeleine is still alive so why has this not been mentioned? 

 One of the last interviews the Mccanns made they were asked about Madeleines unusual eye...Gerry replied 'Oh she will be wearing contact lenses by now' 

Read the above once again...Contact lenses are only considered much later...later than seven years of age...Gerry McCann is a Doctor he and his wife would know this...

Not to be out done..the same questionw was answered by Kate...'Oh, it is just a fleck you would have to be really close to even notice it' 

Gerry Mccanns comment 'We knew the abductor could do something to her eye, but it was a good marketing ploy' 

Coloboma that made Madeleine the 'ALMOST' perfect child . 

Coloboma that gave birth to the massive campaign. 

Coloboma that the police warned could sign Madeleines death warrant was not even worth mentioning on Madeleines passport by her parents. 

Also to add , two doctors ,who claim to have been the McCanns family doctors both gave statements to Leicester Police , neither of which seem to have met Madeleine. 

Their remarks, appearing more like character witness statements for the McCanns than detailing the health of Madeleine or the twins. 

If Madeleine had any health problems this would also seem to be another 'Pact of Silence'.


  1. I'm really disappointed by our journos in as much as NOT ONE of them has had the bottle to ask the parents about Madeleine's eye.
    I believe that the 'Eye poster' with the black keyhole was entirely a 'Good marketing ploy' for Gerald.Maddie's 'Coluboma' was not mentioned on her passport or the decription given out by Interpol. I once had a lecturer who had a Coluboma and believe me, it's not a brown fleck but deepest black and very noticable.

  2. http://justiceandtruth.ning.com/video/sandra-felgueiras-wtf

    More deceit from the McCanns

  3. http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/article.asp?ID=12246

    Gordon Brown Paedophile?

    It has become very clear in the last couple of weeks that no matter if Conservatives win the election they will be taking over the protection of the evil Mccanns.

  4. Coloboma. Kabuki syndrome?

  5. http://www.cafamily.org.uk/medicalinformation/conditions/azlistings/k10_1.html

    Thank you anon..here is some info on Kabuki syndrome. I know that a lot of people are upset when it is suggested Maddy may have had a health problem and I repeat I am not suggesting this...But, her eye would have needed regular check ups for her own benefit.

  6. Correction concerning my comment Coloboma 'The good marketing ploy': 'Ironside's great article' at Textusa's great blog.


  7. Ironside, I guess something went wrong with my comment (before the 'correction' up here), I'll try again.

    Thanks to your article, I did respond Coloboma. Kabuki syndrome? I was thinking about it before, read about it, but didn't post, because, as you say, it's suggestive.

    I have always been wondering why the Mccanns never mentioned Madeleine's health. It would be the first thing I and imo any other parent (and 'not parent') would do, even if the child is in good health.

    The perfect pair and the close to the perfect child. Bizarre.


  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u3wUsb3KQg&feature=related

    Video explaining the strategy of the McCanns and Madeleines Coloboma.

  9. http://search.aol.com/aol/search?q=is+there+a+cure+for+coloboma+of+the+eye&s_it=topsearchbox.search&page=2&nt=SG2&oreq=b33466034e474974afc5015a443357ae

    COLOBOMA and treatments

  10. Coloboma Cleft is usually caused by incomplete embryologic development in utero. An iris coloboma is the most common eye coloboma. In these cases, the pupil will often look like a keyhole or anupside-down pear. Arizona eye care says that rare eye conditions should be given immediate attention.


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